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SCRIPTURE REF: 2 Kings 9:1-37 (divide the reading between two groups, 18 verses per group). Jehu his name means Yahweh is he - He lived in the time of history where Israel was divided into two nationsJudah and Israel. Judahs king was named Ahaziah, and Israels king was Joram (the son of Ahabking with which Elijah was prophesying against, i.e., that he and his descendants would be wiped out). At this time as well, Elijah had already been taken up to heaven by chariots of fire. - He was a commander under Ahab, the father of King Joram. 1. Jehu is anointed with oil by Elishas servants/disciples and is given a task to fulfill (v1-10) When he was anointed, he was soaked in the oil, the Holy Spirit. 2. His companions asked about the incident (v11-14) When you spend time in the presence of the Living God and get soaked in the anointing, there is a change in you that can is manifested in the physical! I believe Jehus friends were asking What happened and he might have replied Oh you those kind of people, but his friends would not accept his answer because they saw something in Jehuthey saw the anointing of the Holy Spirit! When Gods anointing is upon you, hindi ka na magsasalita, kasi kitang-kita ang pagbabago sa iyo!

Example :Graces experience. 3. Jehu begins doing the task at hand. (v16) What did Jehu do? After being anointed by the prophet, nagpasakop siya sa Panginoon at sinimulan ang pinapagawa sa kanya. Ilan pos atin na kapag sinabihan ng Panginoon na gawin ang isang bagay ay agad na sumusunod? Example :Daddy kapag inuutusan ako. Delayed obedience is disobedience. 4. Jehu encounters two messengers sent by Joram (v1720) The more you come closer to your destiny, the more the enemy will send his troops to let you compromise, to discourage, and to stop you from pressing on! The two messengers ask him Do you come in peace?. What does it mean when someone asks us if were at peace with them? DI po ba ibig sabihin eh kampi ba tayo sa kanila? Whose side are we on? When we make a decision to follow Christ and do His will, there will be people sent to make us compromise. But if the anointing of the Holy Spirit is upon you, imbis na tayo ang madadala, tayo ang MAGDADALA! Example: music Its getting hot in here, clothes (use the creation of man and woman story), homosexuality (having a womb) 5. Joram himself confronts Jehu (v21) Before you used to face cadets, lieutenants. But as you increase in your relationship with God,

habang tumataas ang rank mo sa kaharian ng Diyos, ang itatapat sa iyo ng kaaway eh yung ka-rank mo. Hindi niya itatapat ang isang cadete sa iyo kung general ka! This also shows ang limitasyon ni satan. Kelangan pang utusan ang kanyang mga tauhan. Bakit? Kasi hindi siya Omnipresent! Hindi siya All Powerful! Limited ang kaya niyang gawin sa iyo at sa akin. Look at the book of Job, nung tinanong ni Lord kung saan siya galling, anong sagot niya? From going to fro the earth! Di po ba napakasarap na an gating pinaglilingkuran na Diyos ay isang Makapangyarihang Diyos! 6. Jehu attacks Jorams mother (v22) Read that again. Why did Jehu speak of Jorams mother, Jezebel? Sabi nga eh laitin mo na ang lahat wag lang ang Nanay ko, kundi square tayo. When Jehu talke about Jorams mother, he was saying I am ready to fight. Todo na ito! There is an anointing that doesnt run and hide when the enemy comes in like a flood! You are more than a conqueror! God can do exceedingly, abundantly and far above than you can ever imagine through you! Dont be intimidated by the enemy! He already lost the battle 2,000 years ago on the cross of Calvary! 7. Jezebel hears of Jorams death and of Jehus coming. She painted her eyes and beautified her face. Jezebel is a spirit of section. If you have passed the obstacles to your destiny, to fulfilling your purpose, the enemy will throw in one more and that is a seducing spirit.

Ex: Joseph and Potiphars wife; the music today; the videos; the movies; 8. The eunuchs are men whom the king castrated (to render incapable of regeneration; removal of testicles) so that he can have sex with the queen without impregnating her. They are TOTALLY unproductive! When you entertain sexual perversion, when you give in to the messengers and Jezebels, you become just like the eunuchsUPRODUCTIVE. In John 15, Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. Any branch that does not bear fruit, or that STOPS bearing fruit, will be cut off from the vine (verse 2). Are we bearing fruit? What kind of fruit are we bearing? Are they not what our Lord would want seen in His vineyard? Have we stopped bearing fruit? 9. The key All of us have been given a task by the Lord. We are commanded to go and make disciples of all nations. You have to go into the inner chamber and get soaked in the oil of the Holy Spirit! If you read the chapters following our text, you will see that as time passed, Jehu forsook the Lord and did what was evil In the sight of God. Why? Because he was satisfied with his one-time anointing! We should crave for more from the Holy Spirit! David said in the book of Psalms, As the deer pants for the waters, so my soul thirsts after thee.

Some of us are fighting NEW battles with OLD anointing, and it seems like were losing. We need a fresh anointing!