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Lesson Plan

Subject Class Enrolment Time Level of Pupils Theme Topic Focused Skill Integrated Skills Previous knowledge Language focus

: English Language : Year 2 Nuri : 20 : 8.00-9.00 a.m : Lower-intermediate : World of Knowledge : Colour : Listening : Speaking, Writing : Pupils already learnt about colours of rainbow : Wh- Questions: 1. 2. What colour is the apple? Where is the dragon?

Educational Emphases

: Thinking skills comparing and contrasting

Cross-Curricular element : Constructivism, multiple intelligence Teaching Aids : colour cards, balloon, slideshow presentation, sentence strips

Content Standards: 1.3 1.7 Understand and respond to oral texts in a variety of context. Listen to and enjoy stories, fables and other tales of imagination and fantasy and predict outcomes, and

draw conclusion at a level suited to the pupils ability.

Learning standards: 1.1.2 1.3.1 Able to listen and enjoy simple stories Able to listen to and demonstrate understanding by answering simple Wh-Question

Behavioural Objectives: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: a) b) c) d) listen to a simple story and sequence the story. Retell the story using their own words Give different ending to the story Differentiate colours

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Stage / Time Set Induction (5 minutes)

Content 1. Song: What colour is the sky? Its blue (3x) What colour is the sun? Its yellow (3x) What colour is the grass? Its green (3x) What colour is an apple? Its red (3x) An apple is red, the grass is green, the sun is yellow, the sky is blue

Teachers Activity 1. Teacher gives several balloons with different colours to pupils.

Students Activity 1. Pupils receive a balloon. Pupils listen to the song.

Rationale 1.To arouse pupils interest. 2.Introduction to the topic


2. Teacher plays a video of a song.


Pupils sing the song with teacher. Pupils raise their balloon when their colour is mentioned in the song.

3. Teacher sings followed by the pupils.


4. Teacher plays the song again and asks pupils to raise their balloon when their colour is mentioned. E.g What colour is the sky? (pupils with blue balloons raise their balloon) 2. Teacher introduces the topic.

Presentation (10 Minutes)

Story: Tiaras Trip (Appedix A)

1.Teacher reads a short story to pupils. 2.Teacher talks about the story with people. 3.Teacher pastes sentence strips on the white board. 4.Teacher distributes colour card. 5.Teacher divides pupils into groups 6.Teacher asks every group to send a representative to paste the right colour card for the sentence strips.


Pupils listen to the story. Pupils divide themselves into group.

1.To allow pupils to talk and give ideas. 2. To encourage pupils to spell



Pupils discuss and interact with group members to answer the question on the white board.



Every group of pupils send a representative to pastes the colour card.

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E,g, Tiara sees a sea, the sea is ___. (pupils need to put blue colour card to the space.) 7.Teacher discusses and drills the answer with students.

Stage / Time Practice (20 minutes)

Content 1. Worksheets:

Teachers Activity 1.Teacher divides pupils into pairs. 2.Teacher gives two different worksheets and a set of crayon to every pair.

Students Activity 1. 2. Pupils sit in pairs. Pupils interact and discuss with their partner.

Rationale 1.To encourage pupils to asks WH questions and answer it. 2. To encourage discussion and interaction.

Worksheet A and Worksheet B

(Appendix B and Appendix C)

3. 3.Teacher instructs pupils to ask each other questions to get the colour of their worksheet. 4.Teacher demonstrates using the sentences what colour is the dragon? and it is green 5.Teacher discuss the answer with pupils. Production (25 minutes) 1. Guided roleplaying 1. Teacher divides pupils into 4 groups. 2. Teacher gives each group a picture and a script of a new ending of Tiaras Trip. Every group has different a picture and a script. 3. Teacher gives pupils 10 minutes to practice 4. Teacher calls the first group to present. Closure (5 minutes) 1. Riddles: 1. Teacher asks riddles to pupils.

Pupils attempt the task and colour their objects in the worksheet.

1. Pupils sit in group. 2. Pupils discuss their role play with teachers guidance 3. Pupils present their roleplay.

To reinforce pupils understanding.

i) I am orange and rabbit likes to eat me. What

1. Pupils listen and answer to the riddles. 2. Pupils tell the teacher what they have learnt that

To recap and to summarise the whole lesson.

2. Teacher summaries the whole lesson.

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am I? ii) I have many colours and you can see me only when it rains. iii) I am blue and salty, in my tummy there are so many fishes.


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Appendix A

Tiaras Trip One day, Tiara dreams about going to the forest. In there, she meets a green dragon. The dragon asks her to ride its back. They fly high in the blue sky. Tiara can see the yellow sun. Tiara can see the blue ocean. When they get down, the dragon brings Tiara to its home. Its home is pink. Tiara meets the dragons mother, it is brown. The dragons mother gives Tiara fruits to eat. The grapes are purple and green, the apples are red, the bananas are yellow and the carrots are orange. Tiara eats a lot. She falls to sleep. When she wakes up, she is her room.

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Appendix B (Worksheet A) Listen to teachers instruction







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Appendix B (Woksheet B) Listen to teachers Instruction







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