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We will begin in about 40 minutes. Greetings! :) you are super early :) CAme early to get the download me too @Benjamin, wanted to get a front row seat - so checked in early! It's just a 13 or so page PDF wow... hold on to your horses... internet is going wonky I've reset everything... but not happy right now with Cox internet @Winifred, do you have an e-mail or a skype address...might want to connect to discuss shopping carts with you - as it seems like you have some good experience in that area! sure: We will be starting in about 20 minutes Greetings, @Kerry! spent a good chunk of today looking at various carts. Has anyone used FoxyCart? Never used FoxyCart In the past I used to just build my own PHP shopping carts it felt easier I really really don't like 1ShoppingCart. But it's one of the few that will use PayPal for subscriptions. MOst of the other carts want gateways that aren't available to Canadians I"m not comfortable enough in PHP. Last one I built from scratch was in ASP. And that was before PCI compliance! Hi Sanford, Winifred and of course "The Prof" Winifred - so you are looking for a "subscription" selling system? Got to down this cup of coffee so I can be ready here I had to nap earlier and now I am drinking coffee too I'm looking for a bunch of soluitions. One site sells digital products, event registrations, memberships. One site sells physical products (and needs ofine payment). One oh... a nape would have been nice nap is the webinar open yet or just the chat? I have not checked not nape just the chat one site sells event registration coupled with physical products I'll start up the webinar in about 4 minutes or so it was nice but hubbys cell phone kept ringing those are the ones I have on the books right now I practically fell asleep at my computer earlier... doing updates is boring! one of my other choices is to combine Cartweaver with WordPress.

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BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley KerryCarron BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley WinifredDay BenjaminBradley KerryCarron WinifredDay KerryCarron WinifredDay

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and I had to do them all again cuz WP came out with 3.0.0! oops 3.0.3 First time on the chat -- new member. Looking forward to this so much!! Pugs has now settled down under the desk so I guess that means he wants me to start Welcome Susan wow lots of chat going on before we even start today :) Hi everyone I dis force myself to go to Zumba though... I think I am down 2 pounds... yay! Hi Susan welcome!!! hi Hi jotce... is theis Jeeves joyce or joice? I'll be right back... gotta run grab some water Is the webinar on? I have that it has not started yet..?? not yet So you show...Waiting for Organizer... Hi Rio... hey I meant to thank you for the naked child... uh stylesheet @Brian he just stepped out to get water webinar to start voice soon, now just chat Hello Ok...thanks Kerry...what a crazy day... 2 Skype calls for the past 4 hrs @kerry lol your welcome that is good tho right @brian? starting it up now HI everyone There she is...the GoToWebinar Gal... @Susan the best thing to do for your rst webinar is open the chat in one window and the webinar in another... I actually use two different browsers... If you can separate monitors... nice photo benjamin :) @Kerry - in this case it was more re ghting rather than prot building.. :( I am still waiting for my iPad for a second monitor @Kerry my webinar pops up as a separate app?? Hi everyone Hi Jerry! Love the new Gravatar Benjamin! Hi everybody! argh my toner ran out... cannot print! Hi Sherry! I can only stay for 1 hour today. Local politics calling me back for a meeting. hola oh hey just an aside Intuit launched a new service that looks interesting http://

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@Benjamin did they capture that while you were in OK? hmm!!picture looks like steve jobs on a calm day. Hello All! Hi James... u a new member? or just using a whole name today? LOL... too funny Cool Rio and all, check this one out I found today. Potential customers can schedule their own meeting with you by clicking a button. Hi Debbie, are you wearing your iThemes shirt? @Jerry... cool ... I will use that! I've worn it but not tonight :0) For the newbies Pugley is his dog... we often hear him jingle his collar during webinars... just part of the family oops it is Pugsley Hi all from the Windy City. Just joined WebDesign. Looking forward to a good course. Oh Jerry that looks like the tool for me! Thanks Hi MJ_McL, welcome @Jerry - Similar to ? And then there is another free one I don't remember the link for. Yep, that is me. Marquis deSaude? Good evening all @Kerry: I have to get an afliate link for it! @jerry looks interesting @Jerry how much is it, I just glanced... and @Brian, you said there is a free one? @Kerry - Yes..I am trying to nd the link. Hope this isn't too far over my head. New Member on board Hi, all. Have I missed anything? Hi everybody! Hi All Hi everyone @BillG don't worry... even if it is stick it out and get what you can... network with those who share here and you'll be surprised what you catch Hi all can you tell us what will be different from what the last developer course? Hi Deborah, BAR and Roz... welcome jroberts I too slept for about 3 hours - not intended, but must have needed! great. thanks!


for newbies... open the chat in one window and the webinar in another... I make my chat only as big as the chat box and I make the webinar a bit smaller to see it all - use 2 monitors if you can Prof- just wondering -- will there be a break at all during this webinar? good evening everyone Hello everyone @Roz me too! But it was planned Hey, Kerry. How's it going today? Hi Arelthia good to see you @Roz, good to see you today. @BAR I had to upgrade all those sites again after WP released 3.0.3 its good to see that chumbo has an ofcial site now Hi Kerry Good Morning People.... :-) hi Mal Hey all! Hi Kerry! I am SO listening for THAT @Benjamin @kerry, my new nutrition tip - as you said you lost 2 pds - congratulations!...My tip: non-salted almonds from whole foods - tastes great - and can cut out other bad fat! :) Hi Amy welcome!!! @Kerry - You really know how to have fun, Kerry Hi Amymiller, hi Mal saving time updating all the sites would be convienient It's 00:00 UK time - im ready! :) thanks @Sanford and Brian Do you have a list of basic Linux commands. I have a very extensive list but it's way too much. For example I need to know how to move back one level or jump back to the root directory. @Amy in case you missed it, it helps me to open chat and webinar in separate windows or monitors when able Hey all OK I just got back with my P-Can Thanks Brian. I just heard about Tungle today. What is used for? Do you want us to submit questions? Hi All! yea for breaks. I will be able to feed the kids-at some point Would it help to "collect" questions there? yikes... be sure to select open in new window if you click it or you lose the chat @Winifred....missed getting your e-mail and can't get back to top of the chat, I'll ask again for it at the end of the chat. Hello peoples.

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Girl Friday Brian Gatley CoachB RichardB BARowen BARowen KerryCarron Valerie KerryCarron Sanford3 JanFox FrankMetzger Brian Gatley Mona Pennypacker KerryCarron BARowen MalHerring CoachB Rio Girl Friday Jerry Kayne Venu Sanford3 KerryCarron Janie Nina! MalHerring Chip Riggs CoachB Brian Gatley BARowen Christine Sherry KerryCarron Judith MalHerring Brian Gatley CoachB oooo...Benjamin add "_blank" Checking in from bankrupt CA. :) good evening Coach Hey, @CoachB. The chat took your name this time. Where: @Sanford are you on Skype right now? Hi friends! Hi Valerie! @Kerry, I can open it Hello everyone, good to see y'all! Hello All @CoachB - there has been an impostor in your place for some time ;) Hello @Sanford yes please Where is the download, BB? I'm in the chat room and I'm not seeing it. Can someone tell he how I stop the chat room telling me my name is protected? Yes, so far so good. You may be spared CoachB2, B3 and more. Hi original @CoachB Hi everybody, this is my rst course with!! Hey CoachB: hope you have enough quarters to feed the Internet meter Hello Everyone @kerry...opening now. @BAR right above where you type Hi all howdy web designers! actually it seems to work again now... Greetings All. Often imitated, never duplicated. Right where my mouse is pointing... This is what I see: WordPress Developer Course - December 9,10,11 Hello to everybody from New Zealand. @Mal -- put in a variation of your name and try again Hi Nina! Thanks for all the tweets and ideas... I tried but I don't think I got too many newbies for you all Welcome Girl Friday I've used the prole button and registered MalHerring so lets hope that carries on working.... :) Hi Nina! New girl, Girl Friday? Wow, you're just asking to be sent out for coffee. :)

Geoff from Ireland Hi All

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I'm dumb @BAR nuh uh! found it @Brian - you rock! Hi Nina Hi everyone! Hello All Hi Test hello all! Ah ha! Hi Everyone! Hi everyone! red up ready to learn good evening all Hello! yes thanks nope I attended the review I came! yes I was here Christine ... I'm from NZ too! Gonna be tough doing day three No did not Didnt make it didn't make it watched the replay did not I missed it. Did not make it. Did not nope - wasen't a member.... :( did not make it did not make it Didn't no did not make it did not make it nope did not make it did not

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Did not make it Yes I was there did not make it Did not I did not make all of it. Did not make it. didn't watched replay did not WOW!!! Love all the new names...@Nina! You rock with getting all these new folks!!! I was here Did not make it did not make it did not make it did not make it didn't make it, but have been at other web developer classes no, did not make it, but I've seen other videos earlier in the year didnt make it Did not make it but watched parts of the video did not make it I see the blue screen that says "Web Design" is that right? Don't think CoachB2 or B3 did either. glad to be here! I'm listened to the recording. I think that was what you went over. sorry I'm late no Didn't did not make it nope, wasn't there for that missed roll call and got an X by your name ;) I made it AGAIN ! lol man look at that 78 people in the chat AWESOME Welcome to the family newbies! You had better work on your tardiness... OMG 92 people now Finally found the chat room. I see 82 Welcome Alan now 93

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87 from here 94 See what knocking $200 off the price does? Yea! only 78 in Canada SWEET @Brian yes sir, I renewed for sure! sweet WPMU 76 here Besides, Benjamin is AWESOME! Hi people I'm new here I see dead pixels. I love MU sites I use them all the time Great for auto blogging welcome @Anne! Hi Anne welcome! yay...i've been wanting to do that and good for domain mapping Wow you better get in the buffet line early right -- should the screen be changing??? Hi Anne, I am new too :) @Debbie - are you still on MU or are u using 3.0+ ? @Winifred....just sent you an no need to repost your e-mail address. @CoachB more importantly lined up at the bar... where's the beer? This is the classic Prof intro slide Greetings @CoachB! I use 3.0 and change over to MU @Sanford I'll check later! Hi newbies! You're gonna love how well Benjamin goes over stuff. You don't need a bar to have beer. Mini-fridge under the desk or beer helmet with funnel straw. (Hands free model) oopps - thats never a good thing - PC rebooting.... Damn you Windows7 Crashing was NOT my idea.... :-) Question about precluding WP_prex submitted. I started using Coda a few weeks ago... LOVE IT! PC closest equivalent is NotePad++ Can you tell us again what the Windows version of Coda is, or is there one? Fantastico Manual Notepad++ Fantastico Any chance this recording will be up in advance of tomorrow'ssession? May need to leave early tonight. :( @Amy read post before yours

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Since you - Manual Howzit? From Down Under SFTP MANUAL! Both manual and Fantastico depends on the host @AmyLMiller Notepad ++ and FileZilla is recommended script or manual, depending Fantastico It is PuTTy -- shows on the handout What tool do you recommend for the PC, for us not Mac useres Es no muy fanstastico? I just had a client using fantastico, I switched his server cus I could not get at anything! PuTTy is for SSH access, no? Thanks Did I hear Phantom of the Opera Music with that ...install Fantastico "installed right"? I'm still on a PC - can anyone tell me what to buy if I want to change to a Mac? @AmyMiller Netbeans is good too and free! Putty was a character on Seinfeld, no? I just moved a site that was done in 2.5 and totally upgraded to 3.01 What was the SSH one? for the PC users @Kerry, fanstico installs don't block access to stuff. @Phillip and easy one to start with is iMac, or a Macbook if you want compact @Phillip buy an ATM are the windows les mentioned on the pdf? for us Mac users BARowen => Windows is Putty A bit...I use FileZilla. What about Coda? Is it free? I just use wget I like WS/FTP as a client. no experience with large FTP uploads Coda is $100 It's worth it. My new favorite way to install a site is to do my pre-set that I've saved as a backup with backup buddy. So freakin' easy, it's not even funny. @Valerie me too with BB... @Benjamin will do that later for FTP @Thanks Kerry, Coach - lol Can you back up a minute? Where are you at? CoreFTP is also a nice program

TimothySchneider manual

WinifredDay Brian Gatley Valerie KerryCarron Girl Friday CoachB David Perednia KerryCarron Brian Gatley Alan Jordan1 Brian Gatley WinifredDay CoachB Judith CoachB Brian Gatley Brett Brian Gatley AmyLMiller Brian Gatley Doug Brian Gatley CoachB KerryCarron David Perednia Alan Jordan1 Girl Friday Brian Gatley Novice KerryCarron AvaL Valerie David Perednia CoachB mikemp Philip KerryCarron Girl Friday

I can't gure out how to set up SSH access on my host's cPanel SSH access within Coda I'd love to use SSH, but I don't have shell access. @Valerie just ask for it, most hosts will provide I'm lost already...where is he?? I prefer to FTP. I get to drink beer while I watch the pretty les cross the screen. You can also use putty for Windows SSH connection to the server to enter the wget command @Girl he is just downloading WP from within his FTP (he is using Coda) @GirlFriday...he is using SSH in Coda to install WP to his server. Looks like DOS command line commands @Coach - FTP is WAY slower! magic! @Brian I have plenty of beer. what would you do for a subdirectory? :) @Coach - :) @Alan Linux I am using File Manager and it is faster than FTP and just a hair slower than SSH I speed the only reason for uploading via SSH? @Amy - yes @coach :) me as well How much is your time worth? Speed will help you get to your mistakes faster. @Benjamin, is it not also more secure (for when you need it) On most hosts you need to request SSH permission Asked: Using GoDaddy is it possible to install WP in a root directory, not a subdirectory? I'm just used to FTP I guess; this code makes my eyes cross (I'm a graphics gal, not good at code)...thanks! @Alan - don't install WP on GoDaddy... ;) How do you login 'via SSH' @Alan... don't host with GoDaddy, unless you have NO other option Where do we enter the code? LunarPages costs extra. Can't remember how much, though. They prefer you not use ssh without an agreement that you recognize that impropper use of SSH will mess up your server Does Hostgator allow SSH? Yes @Alan Jordan1 I recommend you change to a different host @CoachB yes so SSH is just another way to upload les vs. FTP?

Brian Gatley Robin KerryCarron David Perednia Girl Friday mikemp Jude24 KerryCarron CoachB VirtualSharon Roz-Fruchtman Alan Jordan1 KerryCarron KerryCarron Valerie Brian Gatley CoachB KerryCarron VirtualSharon CoachB HRH Joyce (Jeeves) CoachB Joyce Roz-Fruchtman David Perednia Jude24 KerryCarron Jude24 KerryCarron HRH Joyce (Jeeves) mikemp Valerie MelanieMartin KerryCarron mikemp AmyLMiller vickycarlton

@AvaL - it is like a DOS window...remember those? I use FatCow. Don't know about getting onto SSH though. @Girl works similarly but not the same I've used Hostgator and HostMonster ssh without problems how much is Coda? anyone know? $100 Is the SSH username and password the same as your FTP info? @Girl it will appear to work the same same way Ah, DOS... those were the days.... i still remember some of my dos commands ;). My rst program I wrote were on... PUNCH CARDS Can't post, even when I change my username it says it is protected. What's the deal with this? @Phillip, I use hostgator and webhost for life. Some of my client use GoDaddy. @Jude, you need to choose SSH vs FTP on some FTP/SSH clients (software) @Roz I see you Shell access looks like it's worth the $24 per year LP charges. @Virtual - ah...punch cards...4tran? is there any unremove if you screw up? @Alan explain the risks of GoDaddy and convince them to change yup Not that I would do that of course. hi again Me too your backup @Kerry, I've changed my username three times already. No. There is no unremove with ssh so you need to be very careful and know what you are doing. @Kerry - but are the username and password the same @Jude yes Thanks! YW thank you @Benjamin: will the xes you talk about apply to SimpleScripts, too? But, Roz, you are posting...? Why is it that I don't want to use admin as the username? @Valerie... hehehe TX Is Fantastico less secure? @virtualsharon, your showing your age, I might have wired a punch machine or maybe i was dreaming

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BlueHost, I think @Melanie security a hacker will go to admin rst They need therapy Ah...I see. my cPAnel wants me to Manage SSH Keys ? I just got a client call from someone running 2.8.4 looking for an update all the cPs I use don't have Fantastico! Is it an American thing?! Anybody know if Builder and ithemes plugins are ready for new WP version? @Benjamin yes, you have to wait for your host to get the upgrade from fantastico who needs to get it from WP rst yes indeed! @Amy yes... I ususally update Fantastico install once I get it install. @WinifredDay The rst time you use SSH the system will ask if you wish to exchange SSH Keys. Say YES and from then forward you should not be asked. How about Simple Scripts? if a client has hosting with someone that has fantastico, we can still bypass that and use either SSH or another method correct? The problem that I've had is that I have to spend 20 minutes doing update queries. @David so I don't need to do anything in cPanel before using PuTTy? Thanks @Kerry. @Amy WP always upgrades rst, then the plugins and themes upgrade... typically the good developers have already known about upcoming changes and are ready @WinifredDay You should not be asked about SSH keys again unless you use a different computer, monitor or change your key on the server @David THanks! @Kerry what's the process to allow SSH at Hostgator? Sorry Benjamin, this looks great, learning so much , so (too) late here, and work deadlines ...will have to follow this on video casts... Best wishes to everyone!!! Ireland out! :0) @coachB call them and tell them you want SSH... they ip a switch to allow it... I use their chat support at hostgator you ll out a support ticket requesting SSH bye Paul @Coach - or shoot them an email bye Paul... we will miss you If I install with Fantastico on a dev server can I move it easily with BackupBuddy or am I better off doing it manually from the start? @Kerry for each WP install per account or only once for the account (iei, subfolders covered by the root folder access) @Bob - you will get all the same les that Benjamin is showing.

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Brett Jerry Kayne Alan Jordan1 KerryCarron Brett KerryCarron CoachB CoachB Brian Gatley KerryCarron AvaL Brett Valerie Alan Jordan1 KerryCarron Brett David Perednia Anne Brian Gatley Alan Jordan1 Alan Jordan1 Vee123 Alan Jordan1 Sanford3 AmyLMiller Roz-Fruchtman Brian Gatley mikemp Debbie Miller Alan Jordan1 David Perednia Alan Jordan1 Brian Gatley CoachB mikemp KerryCarron Brian Gatley Judith

Does the Hostgator SSH access give reseller account access to all the sites on the account or is that extra? Kenosha WI paper @CoachB - Hostgator has great chat support! @Bob I copied in BUB and moved to an intal w/o Fantastico Guess Coach was answering my question before I asked it @Coach each one @Brett I have ESPN @Kerry - how did you remove the les? @Brett I dunno but I am going to nd out... Just got a reseller Does Simple Scripts also do this? I like ESPN2 Yup Simple Scripts does it too. Why not just change the extent of the les or @Brian... I don't remember... I did not see them, I am going to go look now I've used HG Chat several times and they are great. I'm sure we can nd out from them easy enough. Worth checking on though. Change the permissions to root Does Cpanel leave installation les too? Can you uninstall WITHOUT the les? I sometimes start with a 1x_ prex 2x_ for an later change, etc. is the password in wp-cong in clear text? Or, you could put the les into a zip folder an unzip later if necessary. Nice! Whoa, whoa...what did you just do? How did you randomize it? So does anyone still want to install with Fantastico? long and how much do you have to change with a Fantastico install? @Brian: no. makes me think twice How does a hacker nd the pattern? If someone hacks your system to get table access they already have enough access to delete your database or erase les. How does he identify the generic install of wordpress? HACKED! R.I.P. What's best practice on table prex? @Benjamin what is the url to see if you can see the fantastico les? Think your client will hire you again if that happens? ;) How do you change wp_ after it's been up for awhile

TimothySchneider is renaming enough?

VirtualSharon WinifredDay Girl Friday Debbie Miller mikemp mikemp Debbie Miller Brian Gatley KerryCarron JohnB Eliana Rio Brian Gatley KerryCarron mikemp CoachB Mike Cannon mikemp KerryCarron Judith Debbie Miller KerryCarron Tracy Judith Alan Jordan1 Brian Gatley HRH Joyce (Jeeves) CECdenver Jeremy StevenS AmyLMiller Brian Gatley CoachB KerryCarron

on any given day i'm insecure unless Fantastico was used to install something other than WP How do you know what your ISP is using to install WP instantly? Yes good question Judith @GirlFriday: you usually make a choice in cPanel So you know, because you choose it Can I change the Security Keys on a WP Site that been active for awhile? Ouch...this hurts! @Benjamin, I moved a wp site with BB, it was a fantasico install... when I move it, is it no longer considered a fantastico install? Are going to cover other install methods, if we don't use Fantastico? I use Simple Scripts to install my site, and I don't see any text les left from the installation. So is Simple Scripts safe? @Judith the fastest way is to use backupbuddy if you have it, its a lot trickier to do it manually @JohnB - Use SSH, File manger, or FTP as he has shown. @John, he alreaddy covered manual and he still has the BackUp Buddy install @Eliana: all these scripts use conventions that the bad guys know FYI, from Hostgator, you can "Enable Shell Access" from the billing tool under View Hosting Packages. Debbie, yes Thanks Coach @Benjamin, no because I changed them when I installed with BB so how do you change it @Mike C thanks @Benjamin, it would appear an easier way to change it is to Backup with BackUpBuddy and restore wish I knew this ages ago! ugh. Beats getting hacked though This takes 20 minutes, if you've got a lot of data. @Tracy - well worth $197? how do we know if we have been hacked? Is there a reason you wouldn't run a script the change the prex and double check to make sure you got them all? Does changing the password regularly help to prevent WP fantastico hacks? This is great, though, because if you inherit xing an existing site, you can sell "securing" their site by taking these minor steps. I am pretty sure I manually installed, but I have the wp_ for all my tables. Is that possible? @Joyce - you will usually know fairly quickly if you have an active site. So if I have a backupbuddy zip I SSH it to the site? HRH your site doesn't work

CheriP mikemp Rio Brian Gatley Deanna1 Judith CECdenver Jerry Kayne Guest mikemp Jerry Kayne Judith Alan Jordan1 David Perednia Rio TimK AmyLMiller KerryCarron WinifredDay TimK Brian Gatley FredNJ mikemp Valerie TimK KerryCarron tim w mgeyman1 Judith WinifredDay Sanford3 Roz-Fruchtman tim w MelanieM mgeyman1 Guest

So, sites with lots of les in them already won't be harmed to changing the table prexes? @Amy - yes @Kerry that sounds like a great idea if you dont have ssh acsess, fantastico to install > BackupBuddy to x DB issues and also change the wpcong le @Jeremy - no where do you nd the database to check that? so should you put up a maintenance le while doing that change Is there a reason you wouldn't run a script to change the prex and double check to make sure you got them all? Benjamin: can you do this after the site has been up for a year or 2? How/where do you access phpMyAdmin? :-) rst thing you want to do is back it up! No data loss But won't your site be down while doing this Strongly suggest you back up your database rst. So, rst change the table prex in wp-cong.php, then change the table prex in each table using phpmyadmin @cheriP I discovered the hard way that if you don't do it right you can destroy your WP instal so make sure you always backup your DB rst can you drop all the tables and let WordPress automatically set them up with a new table prex? @mikemp-So is it still not secure? Guest? C'mon we are on a rst name basis here, change that name! ;) @TimK works for a new install; not so good on an older site! yes @TimK - if you want to dump all your data...? When updating to a new version using auto update, will your le names change back to the Fantastico names? @AMy - if you didn't change it, it's set to wp I just work in the middle of the night. :D I'm talking about new install @Winifred why would changing table prex effect an older site? I see all my installations, and they all have the same username.. yikes this is excellent! @Valerie - other parts of the world it's not the middle of the night @Kerry he asked about dropping the tables and having WP recreate them maybe fantastico ain't so fantastico! :) Geez... not good... I have sites up for a long time! I would have to spend countless hours to do this. Yikes I need to change my les i'm doing manual install from now on... Dreamhost uses a "one-click" install.

KerryCarron David Perednia

@Winifred oh... @tim w mostly admin, I bet wp_ is also the default table prex for WordPress installs using SSH. The exception here is that you get a chance to change the prex before the tables are set up. New here.. :) does this mean they have the same generic les? Can you upgrade an existing install with ssh? I have a LOT of sites that I need to x LOL when you update your site with new versions do the FILES resort back to wp_ model...anyone want to pay to have all of their fantastico sites changed? How do I change the username from admin to a new more secure one Dreamhost uses a "one-click" install. Does this mean they have the same generic les? @guest all WP core les are the same so what you ask is really apples and oranges @Dandy wp_ has nothing to do with les. Those are database tables Do you need to log in in order to be able use "your own screen name here" in the chat? I used to be able to use my name. with Backup Buddy? Do you know how many people run large SQL Server databases and never change the default settings? Same problem. No, new updates read the wp-cong.php le to devine the correct prex There is a plugin that will change the database prex for you, I forget what it is @Melanie - create a new user with admin access. then log out and back in as that user. then you can delete the "admin" username. @Brian - i'm trying to understand how hackers can remove/change tables in our database. 1st step is that they need to hack our password right? Funny thing about this chat. Sometimes it lets me use my name, sometimes, I have to sufx it. Thanks Nina ditto to @MelanieM's Question? I checked and I do NOT have the Fantastico les, so I did set up manually? So should I still go in and change the prex? Is there a tutorial on using Coda? Is anyone else hearing an echo in Benjamin's voice? @guest - yes the one click install is likely using fantastico or simple scripts Hi Michael - there is a plugin that supposedly works "sometimes" @Alan yup, it is the chat software, and happens occassionally Thanks, CECdenver! its an SQL inject attack Test @BARowen - no @Benajmin - so you deleted the index.html le?

Chel Guest Anne Debbie Miller Dandy Brian Gatley MelanieM Guest KerryCarron WinifredDay Roz-Fruchtman Judith Alan Jordan1 David Perednia Michael Cannon Nina Jeremy Alan Jordan1 MelanieM Sanford3 AmyLMiller Girl Friday BARowen CECdenver Brian Gatley KerryCarron Guest TimK Chel Bautista Brian Gatley Sanford3

Nina KerryCarron Michael Cannon KerryCarron Brian Gatley Valerie Brian Gatley KerryCarron Steven_S KerryCarron MiKemp Rio KerryCarron KerryCarron karen Debbie Miller Brian Gatley Steven_S Steven_S

have to scoot out for a bit - somebody take great notes! ;) hi Chel... it worked @Brian, HAH! You're delusional, I saw you posting on the WebDesign forum at 3:45 AM ;-) bye Nina That was my evil twin brother! ;) Designers/developers are often nightowls. That was only 13 hours ago. breaktime soon, too much coffee Chatroom is blocking my name again. What doi we have to do to "log in"? @Steven add a new name BUB rules! @coach the 'enable shell acess' doesn't work if youre on reseller hostin with Hostgator... MiKemp uh HUH! @Rio well THAT sucks are the plugins activated or no? I need to use Backup buddy to move several sites to a new host @MiKemp Ditto @Kerry Thanks I like the idea of setting up quickly, if I need to show a client, then go back and validate WHY security is important by closing these holes that they probably didnt even know exist. Raises my value steven, alter yur name @Steven exactly @Steven - absolutely...the moment I mention a "secure WP install" the client asks...what's that? Whoa again. What are you doing? Sorry, natural blonde over here. FYI. . . you have to buy Backup Buddy. did you just "make up" the le importbuddy.php? @Amy went to his site domain w/o anything there For moving to a new server whats the best way with out setting the name servers @Benjamin Do you know what the minimum memory requirement (PHP.ini) is for BackupBuddy? I've had problems running BackupBuddy on some servers due to memory requirements. The guy who installed my site didn't say anything about that. no les uploaded yet This is an INCREDIBLE tip. I did it from my machine to a server using BackupBuddy, but this is even better!!! @Alan sometimes chat makes you change your name more than once. I think the record is jenny8675309 will this method work from a local install? what if their old site is still on their server and active?

TimK KerryCarron Brian Gatley AmyLMiller Alan Jordan1 Roz-Fruchtman KerryCarron Debbie Miller David Perednia

Brian Gatley KerryCarron Valerie CoachB Al_Davis waywardsister

Alan Jordan1 Michael Cannon Debbie Miller MiKemp Rio Steven_S

. . . and you can copy info from amazon's server @Roz that le is available in the plugin or on the site WOW I did not catch all that @Al_Davis: I develop locally and BUB to production all the time @roz importbuddy.php comes with backupbuddy You probably won't get the chance to show them all this detail, but you could give them a doc that would list some of the security steps you are including such as encrypting security keys,stealth db @waywardsister, can do it and it will set it up on a new server... the site won't show up on new server until the DNS is changed at the registrar So are you just copying it from one existing site to a new one? So just a quick way to install again somewhere else? I used it last night to ftp a backup from one host to a new host. No problems. It was easy. @amy yes, exactly @kerry... thanks! Don't you have to create the database rst? @MiKemp- excellent thanks! you then only need to change the general setting in the admin area @BobP - yes You can download an course in using Backup Buddy. The databes is brought over too Are you going to cover how to install WP locally or to a dev server? database Generic site would save loads of time THat is the problem I'm running into I have live sites I need to move to a new host I can't get over how BRILLIANT this is! if you had installed via fantastico, could you use backupbuddy to "copy" your website and then use backupbuddy to put it BACK, but change the prexes then? i thought u could do this... nice Do you replace all the default WP Content? This is brilliant!

TimothySchneider @Roz also a link for importbuddy.php is in the backupbuddy plugin settings

KerryCarron AmyLMiller Arelthia KerryCarron waywardsister BobPatterson Al_Davis KerryCarron MiKemp Alan Jordan1 Jerry Kayne Michele Jerry Kayne Judith Debbie Miller Valerie VirtualSharon

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TimothySchneider ah-ha! so if I have a clean site with all themes and plugins, I can FTP to a client's server. brilliant! AmyLMiller Rio Frank Metzger vickycarlton KerryCarron This stinkin' chat room is only refreshing every 30 seconds or so. Then I have 30 things to read at once! @Bob yes you create the database rst and then enter that info into the importbuddy script How Cool! so can we get all the ithemes thru shh too? @Jerry you still have to create a db but yes, it imports the db info into the new one

Jan Fox Rio MiKemp Steven_S MiKemp CECdenver Brian Gatley KerryCarron karen Jerry Kayne Brett MiKemp KerryCarron Rio

I need to go back to watch bb videos again....amazing! @virtualSharon, I believe that was what kerry said she does @Benjamin: would you talk for a sec about your preferences for setting the table prex? Number of characters, mix of numbers, lettters, etc. Isn't that what WPTwin supposedly does as well? BB does scheduling and other things though. @AmyMiller: mine refreshes instantly, pretty much how do you handle the cong le settings @AmyLMiller - Reload browser window. @Steven yes similar so- all that stuff about using shell or fantastico - is moot if you use backup buddy? it replaces all that? Thanks Kerry Need a script to grab the latest Builder every time. @Karen - yes CEC it does the settings in the cong as you set it up, I think step 2 So @benjamin, your site has everything you might need when developing preloaded, you just BB it over and then activate what you need and delet what you dont? cool Wow!!!! Very nice! yes, very nifty. thats brilliant!!! Thanks @Brian. yes, Great! Then we go through licensing the plugins? I did a website migration like that and it was quite painless Yes Perfect Sense! @Steven_S -- that was what I was thinking, too so can we poplutate the stage domain with ithemes thru shh? super idea is that correct the cong le is updated during the import? Damn Comcast acting up again ! Just lost the last 5 mins ! that will save so much time Very Nice! yes, done that... and yes, it does take ages Makes sense - are we coming back to the SSH install and conguring a new wp-cong.php SimplePress is a beast with FTP @Brian yes it does! Benjamin: although Kerry helped my question is this. If I have to move a site to a new, empty domain, do I only use BackupBuddy or do I have to create a database on the new host 1st?

karen Coryan1 mgeyman1 Al_Davis AmyLMiller Guest CoachB TimK Frank Metzger Jude24 vickycarlton HRH Joyce (Jeeves) CECdenver MJ_McL MelanieM Clayton waywardsister MalHerring Brian Gatley KerryCarron Jerry Kayne

KerryCarron Alan Jordan1 Alan Jordan1 Valerie CECdenver KerryCarron MiKemp TimK KerryCarron TomD Jerry Kayne MalHerring Philip Girl Friday vickycarlton Roz-Fruchtman mgeyman1 Craig mye Brian Gatley KerryCarron Brett MiKemp jhickey1 TimK HRH Joyce (Jeeves) MelanieM waywardsister Brian Gatley Roz-Fruchtman karen KerryCarron MiKemp karen dandylew

or IS! Do you have a list of the plugins that you recommend? Better yet, is it possible to download your base site conguration? @CoachB, with something like GravityForms, the license is the same, the iThemes licenses still have to be updated on each site. what about the cong le? @Jerry yes you create that db on the new host @Benjamin: would you talk for a sec about your preferences for setting the table prex? Number of characters, mix of numbers, lettters, etc. WordPress will populate tables as needed CEC as you install with BackupBuddy you will add that info @benjamin: would backupbuddy be fast from a localhost on my work computer to a the host server Thank you Benjamin and Kerry For those that dont have backup buddy - get it - it rocks same salt list on both Are all of these instructions INCLUDED with BackUp Buddy?? I can follow you but would need step by step... Can I get a copy of that zip le, so I don't have to set up the staging domain, I will buy backup buddy if you send it to me! But where does "importbuddy.php" come from. Do you just create a le called importbuddy.php or does it start out as being a physical le? do the permissions of the les stay the same from one site to the new one Do you delete plugins from within wordpress not via FTP @Girl Friday - BB is very simple and easy to use. @Benjamin does the BB new install keep the same salt keys? @Roz Importbuddy is created when you create a backup with Backup Buddy. @Craig - yes the prex can only be 3 characters? you download import buddy.php great I can now take off my coat and boots! came in the door and straight to class! so I need to delete which les after I have set sites up using backup buddy yay! @jhickey1 - no @Brett ~ I own backupbuddy, but have never installed it yet. If you do it via backup buddy - do you have to put new security keys in each new install? @Roz I keep a copy on my desktop but you can download it from within the backups page of BB on your site... do that before you go to move it @Roz - practice with it once or twice and you'll learn to love it say that again about the keys! So you need a domain name to use just for something like this "setup" site

Roz-Fruchtman JanieT Brett Alan Jordan1 Chel Bautista karen MiKemp CoachB KerryCarron HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Rio Sanford3

@Brett - you are saying the backup buddy has to be installed on BOTH servers. WordPress Blog 1 and WordPRess Blog 2? Backupbuddy always makes me do a manual unzip, so I'd still have to upload the unzipped les manually @Roz, Just read the instructions closely. You will see when it asks you to download importbuddy.php. It's easy. @jhickey no. This is recorded right? Got in late. I am so sorry - i missed what you said about the security keys? @Dandy - could be local @Roz easier to make backups when you install it. @Janie upload it via the cpanel can som,eone remind me how I make my plugins invisible to my clients? @karen its always smart to change the secret keys @Benajmin or @Anyone, so does Benjamin keep a Generic Site(with all his Themes and Plugins, etc.) and then use Backup Buddy to Migrate it to his New Domain/Website? @karne yes re-do the security keys on the new install @Mike - I'm gonna make a test blog to fool with all of this - (backup buddy and some of the other ithemes plugins). @JanieT same here, have to use le manager to unzip Upgraded to ToolKit today. Had not realized I spent so much money singly. Do you have to put the new keys in every new install via bbbuddy? I apologize for asking you to repeat that! yes If you use backup buddy, does it create a new database for the new site? You eat fast @Roz, call me when you wanna try it... I can walk you thru it bon apetit! @Sanford - I nd that each site is different and WP is constantly changing, so I don't keep a "standard" install. @HRH Joyce (Jeeves) just add an empty index.html in the plugins folder @Benjamin -So I installed manually but I still have the wp_ prexes. Does that mean it's not secure and I need to change them? kerry I will call you too! @Kerry, thanks. I'll surely keep that in mind! Grateful!!! @janieT if you are having problems unzipping, you can go into you cpanel le manager and unzip it on the server without manually uploading each le maybe a couple of pets for Pugsley too Prof, Kerry might have some Wang Chung Ferry Chicken left over what you got? I'm hungry

KerryCarron Roz-Fruchtman TSchneider Roz-Fruchtman karen TSchneider Eliana2 MiKemp KerryCarron karen Brian Gatley Jeremy AmyMiller HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Roz-Fruchtman Rio CECdenver CoachB JanieThom


@karen backup buddy has nothing to do with the security keys (except that it will duplicate the ones you copy over because everything is an exact copy). They are changed manually. Does that happen with manual installs? Ahhh! Jeremy, how would that help - I am building client sites, but dont want to install BUB and GF and have them mess with it Thanks.! I'll try the cPanel method of unzipping But you have an option to change during the install. I've not been that active using my @ithemes @backupbuddy treasures in 2010. 2011 will be the "year of productive!" ;) Do you record with Chrome? I am going to migrate a static site to a word press installation. Consequently there will be signicant changes to content. How much/how long will this affect my SEO? we can use your pdf le to apply annotation to the videos *If I installed a multi-site*, and I changed the wp prexes, and then I created a new site, is everything okay for that new site. I did this for http:// chat keeps making me change my username @HRH Joyce (Jeeves) - sorry i'm new to that. Thanks @Brian - but is that what Benjamin does - is to keep a Generic Site with all Themes/Plugins, etc....and then use Backup Buddy to Install Every New Site? My brain is already on overload... and I already was familiar with this stuff how can i create a pw protected prole here in cbox? They have Camtasia for Macs now @Sanford that is what I have started doing Janie it stopped its shenanigans after I added HRH to my name I have to set up VCR to record Apprentice. Finale to night! @Clyde1 it's screenow what keeps someone from seeing the wp-cong.php? haha @Lance le permissions @Chel - type in your name and then click on prole in the lower right hand corner. thank you and that is a good thing! I can't get signed in on my Mac - hacving to use a clunky windows machine. Why is that? @Janie that's a chat bug. I nd it's nicky to left handed chatters. No sweat Jeremy, we are all new at something or the other :)

AmyMiller AmyMiller HRH Joyce (Jeeves) AmyMiller JanieThom Brian Gatley Roz-Fruchtman Clyde1 jhickey2

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KerryCarron ChelBautista Judith KerryCarron HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Roz-Fruchtman JoshLong Lance2 JanieThom KerryCarron Brian Gatley Lance2 KerryCarron Lawrence CoachB HRH Joyce (Jeeves)

ChelBautista Sanford3 TSchneider Brian Gatley KerryCarron StevenS_ Joyce HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Debbie Miller MiKemp Girl Friday ChelBautista JoshLong HRH Joyce (Jeeves) MiKemp VirtualSharon HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Brian Congleton KerryCarron Valerie CoachB ChelBautista MalHerring stc_Janie vickycarlton AmyMiller MJ_McL StevenS_

Thanks Brian Thanks, @Kerry! I think I will start doing the same! @Lawrence mac working here. @Lawrence - because Windows is "clunky"? ;) @coachB lol If we setup a multisite installation, is it possible to "spawn" clones on one of the sites easily? you have to let it know who is boss joyce lol Joyce For uploading to HostGator with Backup Buddy to transfer a site do I change the DNS rst? What kind of sandwich? If you already have mulitple WP sites on the same ISP, can you 'merge' them together with the multiple site install? I am so weak on this stuff! How would I know which usernames are in the database? If they are installed automatically. I've installed and overwritten some WP installs yum! damn go away Benjamin! AAHHHH!!!! I"m so sorry I asked! yum. uh no, pls stay you arer the prof YUM @Steven multisite is GREAT for afliate marketers, lots of systems out there that can beniit from that Yum. I had a baggie of carrot sticks. @Lawernce. if you're on a Mac, scroll down the chat page and nd the slot to insert your credit card. Macs are more expensive. LOL you're making me hungry.. it's morning here oh my days - Prime Rib.... We dont get that over here.... :( yummy I only dream about beef anymore:) I have run into that multisite messes with DisplayBuddy plugins. Had to uninstall. Enjoying some nice pasta and meat ! Great thanks. I don't either, but I have a client that needs protected intranets for different projects. Always the same pages/categories. It would make my life easier if they can spawn sites @GirlFriday - no...multisite is a complicated install that messes with your permalinks. @GalFriday, you can import the data. Kerry what are you cooking today?

Brian Gatley Alan Jordan2 HRH Joyce (Jeeves)

MalHerring WinifredDay vickycarlton KerryCarron KerryCarron MalHerring Girl Friday WinifredDay stc_Janie HRH Joyce (Jeeves) MalHerring KerryCarron HRH Joyce (Jeeves) MalHerring Brian Gatley JoshLong MelanieM1 Al_Davis1 ChelBautista MalHerring MalHerring MiKemp KerryCarron HRH Joyce (Jeeves) MelanieM1 JoshLong KerryCarron Jude24 WinifredDay MelanieM1 MJ_McL ChelBautista JoshLong HRH Joyce (Jeeves) KerryCarron Al_Davis1

still - heading over to Canada for christmas so i'll get some then... :) @Mal where in Canada? anyone using 1and1? HRH pot roast (Orxy meat) oops (oryx) Ontario - Thunder Bay... :) @Brian thanks! @Mal Calgary here are you in UK, HRH? Another night owl? mmm- hope my husband plans on feeding me sometime soon, I am glued to chat and class and came in straight from the door Not made it over to Calgary - I hear its gorgeous though @Mal going to any hockey games... love that Thunder Bay team... they used to come to WI a lot when we lived there stc-Janie - night owl yes, UK - no- Canada Im in the UK.... Just think...the chat is recorded reading ;) Am I the only one that sets up wp sites inside of godaddy? @Mal Toronto here @ MAl @ Winifried Toronto here haha.. thanks brian for the heads up! HELL YES Im going to a hockey game love hockey @Josh: probably @Josh hopefully... and hopefully you will change that Toronto too Oshawa generals here. Yeah, I'm working on it:) GoDaddy hosting is baaaad I do GoDaddy, too @Josh I wouldn't host a static HTML site with GoDaddy. Great registrar; lousy hot. GoDaddy is the worst @JoshLong. I also use GoDaddy generaly yah, so i heard Thank you Go Daddy is ok for domains @Mal I used to be a captain of a woman's team... we sucked but it sure was fun... I miss it Q for those who don't like go Daddy...what makes them a bad host?

David H ChelBautista Janet WinifredDay KerryCarron Rio TSchneider ChelBautista JoshLong Laura HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Jan Fox ChelBautista CECdenver KerryCarron ChelBautista WinifredDay Brian Gatley ChelBautista Philip David Perednia HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Alan Jordan2 CECdenver KerryCarron JoshLong CECdenver MelanieM1 Debbie Miller

I host all my sites at GoDaddy w/ no probs people here are so good in multi-tasking. LOL GoDaddy is waaay toooo sloooww Dealing with tech support for hosting issues is a nightmare. They put far too many sites on each server. @Al a lot of stuff like the security of Fantastico as well as does not play nice with WP @winifredDay @Mal Lethbridge here Network Solutions is more difcult that GoDaddy... I try to stay away from those two if I can. who's network solutions? network solutions WAS a nightmare. good call. How is Dreamhost? namecheap is also quite good for domains @ChelBautista I can only listen or read or type, not all 3! I use hostmonster.. owned by dreamhost too @Tschneider I agree DreamHost is OK, but I like HostGator, mainly for simplicity and their chat support same here jan.. hahah.. struggling! I use GoWestHosting @Kerry - agree. I was able tot try hostgator for a client Godaddy limited the number simultaneous visitors my sites could get - when I hosted with them Servers can have tens of thousands of ports anyone remember that host who would not let me move my client to a different host- well I promised him a horses head in his bed for Christmas- he let me move it @Chel Network Solutions was one of the rst domain registrars. They are expensive, and a pain in the neck! If you're buying domains from GoDaddy always google godaddy coupons there's almost always one out there 15 - 30 HRH, wow @phillip seriously? % I've never paid full price maybe Korean My current host TMD Hosting is really slow too. I'm having a bad go around with them at the moment. Just got a new account at Host Gator and I'm transferring all my sites @JoshLong - yes and I think that they still do that Big problem with GoDaddy is that they will close your site down sometimes if even one spam complaint is received.

Philip Alan Jordan2

WinifredDay Rio MiKemp Laura KerryCarron Philip HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Mister Blakely HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Alan Jordan2 Debbie Miller Alan Jordan2 julie MJ_McL KerryCarron Al_Davis1 MiKemp Rio julie JoshLong KerryCarron Jude24 KerryCarron Jan Fox Debbie Miller tim w Jude24 Brian Gatley KerryCarron MalHerring KerryCarron AmyMiller Brian Gatley MalHerring CoachB KerryCarron CECdenver

I have so many domains with GoDaddy, they called me last week to offer me a deal anyone else just loose audio? no no audio is good @Debbie I have an afliate link for Hostgator if you want it Audo ne (actually I told him I would report him to better business bureau) - it worked. HostGator is by far the best in my experience....they are insanely helpful too yeah Hostgator has been superb If you use GoDaddy a lot for domain registration go to http:// and become a reseller. Kerry I already signed up with Host Gator They own it. raskspace cloud is really good @Rio. Yes. Are you on Comcast ? @debbie cool you will love it anyone use media temple? @Julie: what's the cost at Rackspace? @MJ no Im on shaw, but its back now it depends on what you use it for coda vs. text mate, any thoughts? Those security keys can also be changed at any time What is "SALT"? @Jude a spice ;) I love Host Gator too, great chat support as well. I hope so, right now they have been really slow in support tickets as I'm having them move 30 sites Can I do all this right now in cpanel? AHHH ok @Josh - Coda, but I have never used Text mate. @Debbie, use their chat, their support thru email is MUCH slower what if they have added a WP User in the DB? and they won't teach you as you go so you never know what they did so you can do it later) and they are not as adept IMHO @Kerry-Actually a mineral ;) @Jude24 - or do those keys change access for all DB users? Kerry's s spice girl. @amy, lol yes What is the mechanism that blocks script injections

CECdenver Debbie Miller Girl Friday JoshLong CECdenver KerryCarron Robin Alan Jordan2 Billie HRH Joyce (Jeeves) tim w AmyMiller KerryCarron Ron JoshLong Judith JoshLong Debbie Miller

Firesheep argh @Kerry I will, I was just responding to a ticket. Today I was told they are backed up from their Thanksgiving Black Friday special do you have to re-set anything else after re-setting auth keys? That is sweet!!! Get Blacksheep to prevent Firesheep invasion as well @Debbie let me know if I can help... I just moved about that many sites twice for 2 dif clients Change it to what? Do you have to change all of the lines, or just the word "salt" how does changing teh tableprex change anything on your site? I guess I just opened wp-cong.. opened with notepad. What's Firesheep? poof done! I use the plugin Login Lockdown. Is it secure? That is worth the entire program itself! Even afliate cookies Thanks @Kerri, Thanks I have 12 Multisites from a VERY important customer I'm trying to get off my current old host I'm going to buy my own Wireless Internet things for my laptop - anyone got any ideas on which one to buy - for secure wireless? where did you get the coda salt to change it Newbiw ? How do cookies get on your site? What did you copy and paste? LIL just prevents brute force cracks @Debbie I have not dealt with multisite much but would love to help and learn too Is Firesheep like Firebug in Firefox? Wordpress generates cookies on it's own so to speak. @Amy it is a Firefox extension that let's some also login into any account you have logged into if you are both sharing the same unsecured network @Sherry Cookies are programmed by the builder of the site as a way to save information, and make life more convenient for users. @Kerry resheep and balcksheep id=10118 @Amy yes I did not deal with multisite much until this client, talk about fast learing @Alan Jordan2 THX! @CECDenver - Thanks.

Paul sideradesign Hi, I'm late Sanford3 Billie Sherry Robin Lori KerryCarron AmyMiller Brett CECdenver Brian Gatley Alan Jordan2 MiKemp CECdenver Debbie Miller Sherry AmyMiller

KerryCarron Debbie Miller Brian Gatley KerryCarron CECdenver KerryCarron AmyMiller Brian Gatley Debbie Miller Brian Gatley AmyMiller Brian Gatley Brett Alan Jordan2 Brian Gatley AmyMiller ChelBautista KerryCarron Brett Guest AmyMiller Debbie Miller Alan Jordan2 Brian Gatley vickycarlton AmyMiller KerryCarron AmyMiller ChelBautista MalHerring MalHerring Brian Gatley ChelBautista KerryCarron MalHerring

@Debbie that is the best way to learn, I think now I'm good at multisites @Debbie - am running my own MS and am enjoying it. @Debbie that is how I am with Backup Buddy now, lol And that's any unsecured network even the one in your house if it's not set up with security @Brian I love your new setup... very cool ahh @Kerry - Thanks. @Brian I have several ideas for MU sites that I want to setup for myself, just registered some new domains for the MU sites It is working well. Anyone with Multisite also using DisplayBuddy? @Amy - no You got logged out I've had issues debugging php, but I understand that there are environments that make debugging easier. Tossed his cookies lol Cool @Brian LOL @Brian LOL Exactly It looked like you copied more than just the key. How much of the key code has to be copied? Suhweet! Yes Amy I have a multisite that I use the DisplayBuddy plugins on If you're doing this on a clear wi can they see the change of the key? @Guest - All of it...CTRL or CMD A I put up mu site at 2.8 or 9, upgrading to 3.0 was nightmare! @Paul - no problems? It was totally messing with my featured images. @Amy aren't you glad you are a member now? Truly priceless and for $200 les! yes! would u know if somebody else is logged in to your wp-admin? if they have setup a user though - the salt key is not going to help as they'll just log back in right? would you not need to check the users rst? @Vicky - that is what I heard and is why I waited until 3.0. oh kerry, i've been lemming to purchase this training for the longest time and it's a good thing i waited.. this is a huge discount! @Mal so go delete that user... u have admin privledges yeah - i gured that - just wanted to conrm and highlight to others really

Paul sideradesign this probably impacts bbpress users if login is integrated?

KerryCarron Rio tim w Alan Jordan2 Brian Gatley ChelBautista

@Chel and you have $200 extra dollars to spend on the dev suite from PluginBuddy! @I just do dene the autosave to false changed in cpanel- clicked edit, went got new key.. pretty fast You could paste into Notepad, the universal hi-bit stripper. @Rio - Autosave use to play havoc on my site, but seems to play well now since 3.0 @Kerry - this is actually a last minute buy too.. I was waiting for a client to pay me.. and he did! 4 hours before the sale ended.. LOL.. and there's no Paypal button on checkout.. I was panicking ye @Tim W - Please elaborate. yesterday.. LOL Yes, Devsuite for PluginBuddy is next! I like autosave... @Chel see? everything happens just as it is supposed to and now you are a member... welcome to the community, we love growing the family! setting dened i guess are applied immediately with no restart of services needed? lol that is funny I always spell edite that way too while typing fast Saving a post while updating wp-cong...not a good mix of drinks. yes, welcome all new buddies wp-cong in your wordpress site. Use cpanel to view, highlight wp-cong, that click edit. Open up and get new key, that paste and save. I hate those so I used your dene thingie would zero work instead of false Yea Post Revisions to 5 or False....!! More than one time, the revisions have been helpful to me. I have it set as 3 why don't you want revisions? I hate those post revisions I set to two, and that saved a client's butt one day. if you had post revisions tru and then set it to false you still need to clean out your DB though right? and the UI oh and it is taking db space... interesting Saves the client from themselves though sometimes. @brian true:) cool WP Optimize @Brian LOL i have older clients who would just be confused by the revisions anyway. what is default?

Alan Jordan2 ChelBautista ChelBautista Roz-Fruchtman KerryCarron MalHerring KerryCarron Brian Gatley HRH Joyce (Jeeves) tim w Judith Judith Brian Gatley Alan Jordan2 HRH Joyce (Jeeves) AmyMiller KerryCarron MiKemp Rio JoshLong KerryCarron Brian Gatley JoshLong Rio Debbie Miller KerryCarron karen AmyMiller

WinifredDay CECdenver Brian Gatley Alan Jordan2 KerryCarron David CoachB Brian Gatley KerryCarron AmyMiller Guest ChelBautista Alan Jordan2 HRH Joyce (Jeeves) debbie Brian Gatley AmyMiller ChelBautista Roz-Fruchtman VirtualSharon CoachB ChelBautista CoachB Brian Gatley KerryCarron Brian Gatley Roz-Fruchtman AmyMiller Jan Fox HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Arelthia KerryCarron Valerie

nothing saves some clients from themselves I do like them on client sites b/c I've had some clients really muck a page and it;s nice to have it to go back to I have clients who didn't even know revisions were way down there. I agree that we don't need 50 revisions, but it can save your backside when there's a glitch in the system, or I make a mistake. I like the idea of limiting to 5. @Brian that is true Can you delete selected revisions? Rather than a complete clean out of revisions? My chat is running about 10 seconds behind the visual. Benjamin answering questions before I 'm seeing them. @David - there is a plugin for that...I will wait until Benjamin shows it. @coachB try to refresh the chat @Coach refresh your browser Why would you want to change the cookie domain name? how soon will this recording be up? @Brian When you look at revision comparisons, they are HTML side-by-side. Is there a way to look at this in a visual mode? Benjamin reads minds- stop thinking CoachB Didn't you skip the info on WP_SITEURL, Blog URL and Moving wp-content folder With his schedule the next few days, it may not be up until this weekend...but at least by rst of next week. @debbie - I though it was just me. ok thanks I once had a problem with memory uploading a video. i could use that for my brain Darn have to leave for appt. Hope this session get uploaded before tomorrows session.... @Alan - I'm trying to remember which program can be used for that See everyone tomorrow! brain...memory...brian... @coachB see ya tomorrow! C-ya Coach Bye @CoachB see ya! Yeah for my brain Bye CoachB Bye Coach I hate the trash too I hate it too!

CECdenver Debbie Miller Jan Fox Roz-Fruchtman KerryCarron tim w ChelBautista Brian Gatley Debbie Miller WinifredDay ChelBautista KerryCarron Alan Jordan2 Debbie Miller Brian Gatley MalHerring MalHerring stc_Janie KerryCarron AmyMiller stc_Janie JoshLong Alan Jordan2 Brian Gatley KerryCarron MiKemp KerryCarron Roz-Fruchtman stc_Janie Brian Gatley MalHerring tim w Brian Gatley KerryCarron tim w Roz-Fruchtman WinifredDay Brian Gatley Roz-Fruchtman

If you upgrade the memory limit do you still have to upgrade the post upload limits to upload larger les wow See ya CoachB How do you DELETE stuff? Trash can is annoying. I delete and then go delete the trash, what a PITA cool, @Alan - SourceGear DiffMerge can be used to see html code side by side Take the trash out on Saturday? YES!!!! That is Great!! perfect! shouldn't we throw trash everyday? Why did I not think of this... I SO still think too much in the box! @Chel Thanks. Now that is a code I like! @Kerry - so true. I just broke my test site lol this stuff is gold @Mal hope you had BB, lol I am not understanding debugging. has sound gone? oh yeah, trash is getting coded out. @Chel does it convert it to visual, like a WYSIWUG interface, or does it just display html side-by-side? Will this take care of post_title -> post_title-1 -> post_title-2 with post_title the same? stc no, still have sound Yeah, and they're never even that clear when they try to 'splain what happened. @Brian it should Benjamin - Please show code again to get rid of trash. oh, it's back Didn't know what the DB is holding? damn inverted comers... lol 0 days is once a month? dene(EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS, 30); @Benjamin does it matter where in the cong you place the dene? what is best to use? @Brian - what if you want to DELETE. That's what I don't see in the PDF. @Roz set it to 0 @Roz - Ditto Winifred Thanks @Winifred. Was not sure... THANK YOU.

Paul sideradesign trash is useful, but the UI needs improving

stc_Janie Roz-Fruchtman Brian Gatley ChelBautista

oh yeah, I broke the .htaccess on a MU install Thanks @ Brian. @stc - ouch! @Alan - I haven't used it much. I think I saw that one of the videos in the ithemes Forums -- Brian provided that there I think. I just used it to see the changes I'll be making with the Builder le What Kerry asked.... ouch indeed...xed it though once I gured out what I'd done and you only modify the .htaccess le when you're done modifying the cong le correct? @Benjamin does it matter where in the cong you place the dene? I dont have a .htaccess le - i can see dot les in other directories @Brian something missing from you code for trash ... colors ar wrong in my le What if you need to get in again? Fantastic! @Kerry - wave your hand higher And when you want to for example update the SALT keys then you need to remove that until you're done and then replace it correct? @Kerry - ; ? Benjamin - will this actually block us out of it too? @Chel Thanks. FYI @Amy this doesn't stop you from getting in and editing with Coda or Notepad+ +. It stops folks coming in FROM THE WEB @Brian for the empty trash you posted in the chat @winifred - thanks @amy you still have access when you log in via ftp Are you missing a ; got it @Benjamin does it matter where in the cong you place the dene? @Brian where? @Bejamin - does it matter where you place these in the cong le? @Brian I must have something in the wrong place dene('EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS', 30); @Brian need single quote around the days? can someone re-post that code for the .htaccess le??? I deleted my stick note by mistake...thanks then would you put a blank index le so no one can go to the move les can we see that deny code again please? Its in the PDF

MiKemp stc_Janie stc_Janie CECdenver KerryCarron MalHerring KerryCarron AmyMiller Jan Fox MiKemp CECdenver Brian Gatley Mister Blakely Alan Jordan2 WinifredDay KerryCarron AmyMiller Rio Brian Gatley CECdenver MiKemp KerryCarron AmyMiller KerryCarron Brian Gatley KerryCarron Brian Gatley Girl Friday Judith MalHerring HRH Joyce (Jeeves)

Paul sideradesign I think it needs to be before /* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

Brian Gatley KerryCarron tim w Brian Gatley Brian Gatley KerryCarron Alan Jordan2 Sanford3 Guest Rio KerryCarron WinifredDay MalHerring MalHerring KerryCarron CECdenver Brian Gatley Brian Gatley KerryCarron CECdenver Brian Gatley Lori KerryCarron Alan Jordan2 VirtualSharon Rio Brian Gatley AmyMiller MalHerring AmyMiller Girl Friday Alan Jordan2 WinifredDay

@Kerry - Codex does not include single quotes. @Paul LOL, well that makes sense, lol can I change my data base names in wp-cong, and add new dbs If you add one you have to add the other. <Files wp-cong.php> # Order Allow,Deny # Deny from all </Files> @Brian it is all blue in my le and does not look like the other dene items Moving the wp_cong le out of the default directory seems like a good security precaution. It's inaccessible to browsers. Is this on the PDF? In which le is this move notated? that only works when you have WP installed in the root right, not when you have it installed in a subfolder like ? @Paul of course! @Prof if you do that, does it screw up BackupBuddy? Thanks Brian - I couldn't see it in the PDF going blind I @Mal wait until tomorrow! does moving the cong le slow anything down? And if it ain't there, you are out of luck. But Test and Blue are the "root" for the wp installs. @Brian technically there is only one root so you can't have more than one website installed in a hsoting account and still move the cong le technically what do we have to do if we're using BUB and our wp-cong.php is moved up one directory? @Brian yes "technically" Can you customize the name of the wp_cong le? if you have more than one, but only put ONE of them up in the root, that would work, wouldn't it? @Paul I believe that you can add folders that BackupBuddy will backup @Alan - No @Benjamin - What is the code again for moving the wp_cong le? Do you *have* to move it if you've secured it in the .htaccess? How does WP know where to nd it? can you explain what the .htaccess le does? Is there a table where you can change the pointer name to the wp_cong le? what about installing WP into a subdirectory with an obscure name? rather than at the root

Paul sideradesign @kerry, thanks for friending on facebook :)

Paul sideradesign tes backupbuddy will not backup the le if it's at root !

Paul sideradesign it should allow renaming the le

Paul sideradesign @Rio, yes but if it's at the root, it won't help

AmyMiller MalHerring Girl Friday KerryCarron Guest tim w AmyMiller Alan Jordan2 MalHerring KerryCarron tim w KerryCarron mgeyman1 KerryCarron Debbie Miller KerryCarron Alan Jordan2 Debbie Miller Brian Gatley KerryCarron Judith WinifredDay mgeyman1 MalHerring Alan Jordan2 AmyMiller Shirley

Ahh...that's an automatic thing? would you then not need to use a .htaccess le one level above to again secure the le? ok thank you! What was the code for securing it in the .htaccess? Page 3 of the pdf you told us to change the code: are we doing this in the cong le and then moving it? I created one (htaccess, but can't nd it @kerry - in ht epdf @Brian. Thanks. ** Code for .htaccess is Page 5 of the PDF near the top ** @tim are you in cpanel? you have to check the box to see hidden (dot les) Oh.. thanks @tim it is a .htaccess le does it matter to have www in front of those addresses? @Amy thanks is there a code to display your site at the main domain when WP is installed into a sub-folder? @Debbie, when would you want to do that? @mgeyman1 It will matter for SEO purposes. Otherwise, I don't know. some host do not like WP in the Root directory @mgeyman1 - that is an entire http:// @Alan it does ot effect SEO but if you are tracking via www or w/o you will get dif results so no hacker could change it? it's another way for "security through obscurity", too, isn't it? thanks @Brian Gatley What is the best practice for hard call to avoid canonalisation issues? Should be use . or www. ??? I like it! Great tip! Tip - Print the pdf before the class. Lots easier to nd. Benjamin - would u suggest creating a robust & secure template site with all security and plugins installed and backupbuddy install to new client sites rather than do all this on every site @Amy I am out of toner, lol poor planning how did you hard code.. i missed it lol thanks for the answer @Amy, Why didn't I think of that? Thanks Break time yet? thanks.. @Jan - I aim to please. : ) do you do this even if WP is installed in a sub-directory of that URL??

KerryCarron tim w AmyMiller mgeyman1 Jan Fox Judith tim w AmyMiller Girl Friday

Debbie Miller Rio KerryCarron tim w JoshLong AmyMiller tim w Brian Gatley JoshLong Brian Gatley tim w Jan Fox KerryCarron AmyMiller tim w Debbie Miller tim w KerryCarron TSchneider KerryCarron JoshLong waywardsister tim w David Perednia Janet KerryCarron AmyMiller stc_Janie tim w HRH Joyce (Jeeves) tim w Valerie KerryCarron AmyMiller HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Judith

That's good to know @amy or have everything open in multiple screens :) @amy I usually do (I have a binder just for WebDesign PDF's) I like this.. very cool Thanks @benjamin, this is great! @rio - I don't multitask THAT well. ha hard code Bake in not Bacon were baking before this:0 and not sausage mess it up @Rio, I only have 2 screens, would need 3, but great idea. @amy you are doing awesome, most newbies don't chat for quite some time, lol and pancakes ha ha.. how about a ham? that is where backup buddy comes in = charge more money LOL, I have done that but I CHARGE to x what they break! was not xable... lost the whole site Great tip! Benjamin, this alonehas increased my value to clients, big time ha , yes Quick Robin, to the database! One of my clients broke her site entering her blog address on her WP business website. @TS for sure! oooo I've had to do that too php admin is cool, I have not really dabble around. I need to do some cleaning. I know I'm in the right community when i See so many of you stuck on food

Paul sideradesign hmm bacon

Paul sideradesign great tip

Paul sideradesign or don't give admin role yes! break stc mee too and on the one I broke... even that did not work please! yes pls Now

tim w Brian Gatley Roz-Fruchtman TSchneider Coryan1 Rio Sally-May stc_Janie Guest MalHerring Deborah AmyMiller Lance2 Judith debbie Laura waywardsister mgeyman1 MiKemp stc_Janie karen David MJ_McL HRH Joyce (Jeeves) KerryCarron Mister Blakely AmyMiller Roz-Fruchtman Brian Gatley Guest Sanford3 jhickey2

break Build the site! NOW now please Now build it If you did all the conguringing in the wp-cong le of our launch site used backup buddy & then just went & changed the url's would that work break please break break break must pee! break now break build it and then take a break now build it! breank break caffeine required now!! both okay what Amy said there is that geek talk again BEER BREAK! lol LOL... I have to set my VCR for Apprentice! ;) Sounds like PANIC in the room LOL what time? where is this Hard Code thing on the PDF - didn't see it on Page 3! @ benjaminI am going to migrate a static site to a word press installation. Consequently there will be signicant changes to content. How much/how long will this affect my SEO? hey, I cooked curry chicken while I watched this... you can pee and watch it too ;) @Guest change to a name so we can get to know you how long is this webinar? im getting an error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':' in /home2/ukafli/ public_html/ on line 87 So far I'm following alone pretty well! Good think I took a three hour nap!

waywardsister KerryCarron Shirley MalHerring Roz-Fruchtman

Rio David HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Alan Jordan2 WinifredDay MalHerring Shirley Brian Gatley Mister Blakely Mister Blakely HRH Joyce (Jeeves) KerryCarron Sanford3 Roz-Fruchtman KerryCarron Rio Girl Friday Brian Gatley Shirley Piano_Man_67 Girl Friday Alan Jordan2 KerryCarron Debbie Miller Brett Shirley JoshLong Piano_Man_67 Alan Jordan2 Shirley Stacey G Alan Jordan2 Brett Mister Blakely

I just took my food to the computer, :) afternoon tea time i set mine for transiberian orchestra How long is this session scheduled? @Sanford all those green highlighted bits on line: dene(WP_SITEURL,; how long is webinar benjamin please? @jhickey2 - redirects are the issue for you. @alan until 9 CST no fair BB @Roz 3 hours @Winifred - do you know the Page #? @Benjamin... Don't be talking while we're gone... Then WE MISS the goodies. This webinar is 3 hours @Sanford it the dene(WP_SITEURL,; and dene(WP_HOME,; where is the code for 'baking' in the URLs in the Settings? thanks Pg 3 of the PDF cheers@kerry was worried it was four - it's 2am as it is :O) @Benjamin Is your CPanel in a shared hosting environment? I've had limits on the length of db names for use with WP thanks Brian! @Kerry. Thanks @Shirley hope YOU took a nap ok time to streach Benjamin, do you suggest replacing the default WP content? I think I read a post of Chris' where he suggested that. I wish - @kerry where's your server Is that a known restriction with shared accounts? FYI I thought it was 2 hours. I have to leave at 6:20, but I'll download the last portion. went to bed 5am as had a water issue following a burst pipe - scotland snowed in Is all of the developer course like this? It's like watching something for someone that is a level 7-10 out of 10 on the wordpress work scale Can I download the chat, too? Yes the actual content. I use a HostGator reseller package and give each client site its own shared hosting on my WHM

tim w Mister Blakely mgeyman1 Shirley jhickey2 Brett Janet B KerryCarron Brian Gatley waywardsister tim w Alan Jordan2 Mister Blakely Sanford3 Digital Pure Ron2 Brian Gatley Sherry Mister Blakely Alan Jordan2 Judith Shirley

I pay 700.00 a credit for my masters classes in teaching, and I have learned so much more here.. works awesome if anyone is looking for a solution glad i became a member - i feel like i've gotten my money's worth already! @kerry - I like my sleep :O0 @benjamin I am going to migrate a now static site to wordpress. So there will be signicant content changes. How much/long will this impact SEO? I think Dan Philbin's site has a set of replacement content. Some say it also increases security. @Mister Blakely, me too @tim yup... that is how it is every webinar! @Stacey - Hang ramps up...but the great thing is that you can rewatch it and rewatch it. @mister blakely do they pay you for hosting? like that idea :) awesome This reminds me of listening to a presentation at a high-quality user group. @Stacey this course is worth its weight in gold Thanks @Rio...I found it - it is at the Bottom of Page 2 on PDF! jhickey2 SEO should not be impacted as long as you use the same url structure, including permalinks I'm very happy with this webinar Don't forget about if you aren't getting answers to your questions. Prof -- the rst part of doing the install was way over my head -- will it do any good to change the cwp-cong if I use simplescripts? @waywardsister yes they do $240/yr Benjamin, you're doing a good job, and not many ahhs and uumm, either. @Jordan chat log will be able to be downloaded Benjamin sees that it's in member area benjamin - would u suggest creating a 1st class secure template install which we backupbuddy up to all new client sites - to save time in development? then tweek that. You're welcome @ Sanford :) @benjamin, friend had dedicated server with godaddy and lost sites for 2 days, where is your server? Benjamin, do you know if sftp is on the roadmap yet for backup buddy? I really liked playing around in the wp-cong. I set up a dummy site and I don't care if I break it. @mister blakely thanks..l already with Gator and was thinking about upgrading to reseller My daughter ate the last of the ice cream. ARGHH! thanks I cant see the error in the syntax for dene WP_SITEURL - Can I see it again please?

Rio JoshLong DannyGSmith tim w waywardsister AmyMiller JoshLong MalHerring

Vee123 tim w ChelBautista tim w MalHerring Debbie Miller Mister Blakely Digital Pure Arelthia Sherry tim w Brian Gatley ChelBautista waywardsister Valerie WinifredDay Alan Jordan2 AmyMiller Mister Blakely David Perednia WinifredDay ChelBautista julie2 ChelBautista tim w Judith Mister Blakely Debbie Miller Sherry Digital Pure Vee123 Girl Friday Valerie

@Benjamin do you have an application to automatically upgrade the plugins on 50 of my wordpress sites so I don't have to login to each? Reseller here too. really good is being a reseller worth it? yes.. I've veried against the PDF and cant spot the error I just got a reseller at Host Gator @waywardsister its worth doing, its easier for the smaller clients who dont have servers, and it makes me a lot of money. tried the memory limit on my VPS and it broke the site... was weird... I dened it in WHM anyway. YYYEEEE Sherry: Prof -- the rst part of doing the install was way over my head -- will it do any good to change the wp-cong if I use simplescripts? been a reseller for a few years, creating sites is soo much better. @tim - good idea...always set up or yah, i missed purchasing the reseller package from hostgator during their black friday sale @mister blakely most of my clients so far barely kow what hosting means... it would add a lot of value for them if I handled it for them @mgeyman1, that's how I felt when I signed up too. Got my money's worth the rst class (and I paid full price last April!) for those of you with multisites: I can see HOW to set it up. I can't gure out WHY yhou want/need one @Sherry. I'll bet that if you view this later, you will get it. It's just that it's hard to absorb concepts and particulars at the same time. Don't worry. @Benjamin - Can u give me a good explanation of debugging? @waywardsister my point exactly! make the $$ @Benjamin Don't you need a break? Or are you use to the long reman shifts? thanks! hahha @david rack space cloud is a good place to go to host sites for clients LOL I am a special education teacher.. did you pass your test -- I didn't hear that - Congrats Dont you drive the ambulance? @WinifredDay: consider multisite like folders in WP. It give you a lot of control over your sites Alan Jordan2: for sure I'll be doing a rewatch ;-) Benjamin rock on you live right by me! wow I am in northern VA too wow that's so cool! One of my best friends is a re ghter ready to retire... @ChelBautista, I tried to get the great deal from HostGator on BlackFriday, but alas, they were at 50% by the time I logged in. I already have one reseller account, but I was going to go for second o

Rio Judith Debbie Miller David Perednia debbie2 KerryCarron

do you have your laptop there for when you are waiting? Sounds like when I was in the Air Force Your can also map domain to one domain and run many sites on WP I envision it as long stretches of boredom dotted by moments of shear panic. My husband and I have been volunteer reghters for 25 years! @Benjamin that is how my Range COntrol Ofcer job was too... lots of down time but when you work... you WORK and fast @valerie - why would you go for a second reseller account? My best friend is a re ghter.. killer schedule we like to hear that your waiting, means some one is not hurting:) @Valerie I took a free class on Backup Buddy and was impressed. Took advantage of the 1/2 price offer. thanks Paul Ever had some good hazmat stories @Valerie - didn't go for it because I had no use at that time. but will look into once I get this webdesign thing gets rolling I hope Pugsley gets to ride on the truck! :) Anyone know if wishlist member works with multisite? @wayward - It does as far as I know...have not installed it. I am "technically" WLM certied. @Wayward Yes. I use it. what is a multi-site? @Brian AHA! I know who I'm going to for help! @brian didn't even know they had cert! It didn't last time I checked was last year. @alan jordan.. thanks. was told it wasn't, but that didn't make sense to me @Wayward - I'm having only one issue, and that's with integration to PayPal, but I think it's my lack of experience. I use a multi-site set up for my training sites. That way I can set it up once and demo the site continuously without having to set it up again. MS wasn't out when we did the training and it did NOT work on MU. Benjamin can you show that again... What to type in the cong le. @David - I am doing the same awesome! dene(WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE, true); Prof - can you explain what multisite is and why you want to do so Thanks Benjamin How do you explain to a Windows Admin how to setup dns for sub-domains? They don @Wayward Check out You can register for free, right now until I x the problem. But, I want someone to be able to pick the amount they want to donate, and that . . .

Paul sideradesign follow these guys for WP multisite : Brian Gatley tim w vickycarlton Alan Jordan2 WinifredDay tim w ChelBautista Sanford3 waywardsister Brian Gatley Alan Jordan2 Vern WinifredDay waywardsister Danny G Smith Brian Gatley waywardsister Alan Jordan2 David Perednia Brian Gatley Roz-Fruchtman Brian Gatley Brian Gatley Sherry Roz-Fruchtman Danny G Smith Alan Jordan2

Paul sideradesign subdomains work on

Alan Jordan2 Danny G Smith waywardsister Brian Gatley Roz-Fruchtman Brian Gatley David Perednia Brian Gatley ChelBautista Brian Gatley MalHerring Brian Gatley Brian Gatley AmyMiller Alan Jordan2 KerryCarron MalHerring Sherry Brian Gatley KerryCarron Brian Gatley Brett Brian Gatley tim w MiKemp Roz-Fruchtman KerryCarron AmyMiller AmyMiller Sherry Brian Gatley David Perednia Debbie Miller Brian Gatley

@Wayward . . . might make the difference. They don't seem to understand @alan will check it out @Sherry - it allows sub-domains and sub-directories off of a "superadmin" site. What is the difference between sub directory and sub domains? Kind of like FB. I use subdomains for my training site and name them after the element to be taught.,, etc. runs it. I think I want to do this multi-site thing You don't have to run multiple WP installs. is there a limit on denes as I cannot enable multisite 1 install runs "multiple sites". @Mal - on a new install? @Roz - how the site is named. subdomain- or subdirectory- @Chel Multi-sites are very convenient. Can you use subdomains on a multisite install and have both the subdirectories and subdomains as long as you don't use the same names? yes - new install done this evening - it's ignoring me now Brian Gatley: can you give me an example -- I'm not following.. @Kerry - NO! @Brian LOL. well... thanks @Sherry - FaceBook @Sherry @Mal - check your have to set them up correctly. well, just broke my site.. parse error; @Benjamin: does this work with W3 Super Cache? I know that writes to .htaccess @Amy ... thanks, that's what I thought, but with Wordpress one never knows! ;) I picture mutisite just like what wordpress.COM is when you have more than one site @roz-no worries correct @Brian Gatley: OK will FB during next break my head is spinning -- not a multi tasker! blogspot another example. The website is now called the network. Here is a multisite I'm currently doing so rescues can have a blog to post about their rescues. Don't get me wrong...I have no idea if FB or Blogger are running WP MS, but I know is.

Paul sideradesign I had trouble with nextgen gallery and multisite

Paul sideradesign I think you can have only 1 superadmin right?

Paul sideradesign if you want to change your top level domain, do it before installing multisite julie2 StevenS_ Brett Brian Gatley Al_Davis1 Alan Jordan2 Brian Gatley Danny G Smith StevenS_ can you do this after you have already installed and been using a site Is it possible to "script" or automatically populate an additional site with a predened set of pages or categories? I could do single property websites for Realtors using this. I guess that would make it easier than setting up different sites. @Julie2 - it is not recommended. does multisite run off of the one database? @Benjamin - I have assigned super admin priv. to a colleague. There's a check box on the user record. A real pain in the backside and may not even work correctly. Can you share categories, or do you have to pull in data via rss? I'd like to be able to have a client just ll out a form with the name of the new site, a user and maybe a password, then have WrdPress create the site with all the pages and maybe some posts. @Stephen - You can use backup buddy for this. @Brian Gatley -- Doy! now I get it LOL Builder could be a premium theme for the client. so then this is also similar to a forum that allows blogs... the blogs are actually one of the many allowable sites on the forum... it is the forum that has multisites @Paul - Single - I don't believe so...never tried it. stuff is just "different". BuddyPress Can you backup just one of the site in a mulitsite WP @Paul Don't know, but I think so. @CheriP. Yes. @Cheri - I really haven't played with BB with MS yet. A singles site cannot run without the main site. Clientbob would have to create his own Builder layouts - you cannot share yours @CheriP - Without backup buddy, use cPanel. Is that different than just installing on a different sub directory? Could you use a WordPress plug-in like Wishlist Member to administer the site? @Brian - Can you export and then import as a workaround? @Philip - There is a LOT that can be copied, but it is not as simple as just copying everything like BB does. another good presentation from WebDesgin re: multi-site http:// So you would use a multi site for a directory listing eg @David Wishlist doesn't administer. It sets up permissions.

Paul sideradesign can backupbuddy export from multisite to single install?

Paul sideradesign if I want to transfer clientbob to his own server ?? Alan Jordan2 Sherry David Perednia KerryCarron

Brian Gatley Brian Gatley CheriP Alan Jordan2 Alan Jordan2 Brian Gatley Philip Alan Jordan2 JoshLong David Perednia Alan Jordan2 Brian Gatley CECdenver Sally-May Alan Jordan2

Paul sideradesign @Brian so it would be difcult to transfer their site to their server to go live

Brian Gatley Vee123 David Perednia StevenS_

@Alan - I believe so...but that is just data, not structure. does it validate if there is a site like SuperFan already exists? Sorry, that's what I meant. Wishlist to charge for sub-sites. So, in the same way that a default installation usually creates a single generic page, post and comment, could we congure this to create a SET of specically-named pages or posts? @David - I use it to provide a place where someone can come in and look at something I've written. They can edit it, and then I can change the permissions so others can see. If I'll be creating a multi-site, is it best that it's on reseller hosting? @Sally - yes, if you have TheSummitB&B and TheHillB&B, etc. @HRH here's an image of the type of animal that my hubby hunted that I had for dinner: @Brian. Good point. @kerry Do most freelancers use this feature? @chelbaatista you dont neccessarily need a reseller account, a shared would be ne Benjamin, can you share categories (posts) among sites, or do you have to pull in data via rss? where did he nd that? @kerry - poor animal How do visitors see all the "multi-site" sites on the blog? OR are they hidden from visitors? @blakely - thanks @Chel - reseller doesn't matter. If it is going to be a BIG site, it has to be a dedicated server. @kerry looks delish! @Danny - Yes. @Alan Jordan2 I know that Wishlist Member is very exible and powerful. Can it be stretched to this purpose? @Kerry. Interesting. (I thought you were going to show a hamster, being humorous) :) Could this be used for creating a 'Members Only' sub-site? What can they do with just a username? @Amy here in New Mexico... @Chel they limit how many can be hunted. And hunters here are really good about the ethics of it all @David - yes from what I understand. that's how Face Book started out! @David What purpose? Is registration limitation only a multisite feature? @Roz you can do custom menu to display links to other blogs @Kerry - is it gamey? @Cheri ?

Alan Jordan2

ChelBautista Brian Gatley KerryCarron

Alan Jordan2 AmyMiller CheriP Mister Blakely Danny G Smith AmyMiller ChelBautista Roz-Fruchtman ChelBautista Brian Gatley waywardsister Brian Gatley David Perednia Alan Jordan2 David Janet B KerryCarron Brian Gatley Sanford3 Alan Jordan2 CheriP Debbie Miller AmyMiller Brian Gatley

ChelBautista Brian Gatley KerryCarron Alan Jordan2 CheriP Brian Gatley David KerryCarron Alan Jordan2 Danny G Smith Danny G Smith Craig mye Brian Gatley Danny G Smith debbie2 Brian Gatley StevenS_

@brian - looks like i will start small - thinking of creating a wedding site for my friend but would eventually expand it @Chel - Yes. If you don't have a use for "multiple sites" it may not be worth setting up. @Alan no, It was actually real, they were brought in from Africa in 1958, not at all, very low fat too @David I have to leave. See you tomorrow. Any questions, he just answered it...I think. Just wondering if you could limit by on a regular install, not a multi site one It does create a "if one part of the site fails, it all fails". @Brian was that reply to me or DavidP? bye@Alan @Kerry Impressive. Bye. Is there a way to share? Cool! Do some hosting accounts restrict set-up of Multi-user @David - for both of you...I think. Been using rss, but that is cludgy Can you set up multisite on an existing site or do you have to start out that way? @Craig - I have "heard" that they do. How could you password protect each of the sites and have the superadmin manage all the users? Would you make it a private site and use WP users, or a membership plugin? Charging for multi-site use what's wordpress mu? @debbie2 - yes it was at @StevenS - I am running private blogs W/O WLM right now. @Craig you might want to pick up a dedicated IP for multisite if you expect a lot of activity wordpress mu is the older version of multisite @Paul not on multisite I put in the dene code, but do not see multisite in my dashboard @Paul - with domain mapping. missing the super admin part thanks rio @tim w you need to go to Tools>>>network @Paul unless you consider the domain extension per say then yes each has their own but the primary domain has to be the same @Tim - SuperAdmin is just that - it has access to the entire site! where admin only has access to a specic site.

David Perednia ChelBautista AmyMiller Valerie Brian Gatley KerryCarron

Paul sideradesign you can have separate domains for each site Rio KerryCarron tim w Brian Gatley tim w ChelBautista Mister Blakely KerryCarron Brian Gatley

Paul sideradesign @kerry yes you can I use it

Debbie Miller tim w Roz-Fruchtman

MY one customer has one domain that I domain mapped 20 URLS to for all seperate sites do I deactivate all the plug ins? @Benjamin, what if you were setting up a blog and wanted to have "lots of pages." (NOT for anyone else, just for visitors to be able to nd this easily). Would you use MultiSite or do differently.

Paul sideradesign @kerry ; this is what I mean Brian Gatley vickycarlton Brian Gatley waywardsister karina TomD tim w tim w KerryCarron Debbie Miller waywardsister Judith Girl Friday Brian Gatley Judith Brian Gatley Sherry Mister Blakely BenjaminBradley Roz-Fruchtman Brian Gatley Girl Friday vickycarlton @debbie - and goggle didn't give you a hassle? you can feed excepts from individual blogs back to main site blog, make it more like community blog @paul - good link. @Paul thanks 4 link Does Backup buddy work the same if you want to send a site install to another server from a site in a subfolder/subdomain? @benjamin: does google see multisite as one site or each of sites we create in multisite? made it to the create a network, I guess I just follow instructions.. Thanks, very helpful @paul gotcha @Brian not yet I've setup several sites for him like this with one domain and mapped domains, but he does has different content on all his pages @Tom google looks at keywords, etc... ne if it's on same domain really how? so could you use Multi-site to create your 'template' site which you then would export using Backup Buddy? @Debbie - interesting...why would he do this..? thanks @girl - no. Porf- newbie Q -- when you code multisite is the super admin inherent in WP or is it a plugin? @Girl Friday - no, make a stand alone site for that Are you going to show us "domain mapping?" @Girl - Settings are all wrong thanks Brian... my mu site is, haven't worked on it in years, its really just dummy test site at this point thinking I will pick it back up and apply what I've learned @Roz - is a good place to start Man. I must be getting tired. I still can't gure out what I would ever use this for! how do you ne the .htaccess again? You will not see Super Admin until you follow those directions!

Brian Gatley WinifredDay tim w Mister Blakely

David StevenS_ KerryCarron David Guest MiKemp Debbie Miller Vee123 Judith KerryCarron David Danny G Smith KerryCarron Girl Friday MiKemp Brian Gatley ChelBautista WinifredDay

I assume you would need a separate DB for every multisite? @Benjamin, can multisite be congured to automatically create a sepcic set of pages or posts or users automatically? @Girl but you CAN do that and install all different sites and there IS a way to actual do that for Multisite too.. Bill McRea has a system for that Great! Does sharing a database create any security issues?? @Tim it is usually in the root, and you have to be sure you can view hidden les @Brian he wants to get work. Here is one of his multisites I did http:// this is the parent would multisite be useful for a network marketing company that wants to have same content with different afliate links to get their commissions? why is that a benet if you screw up the data base. If you have seperate sites, isn't that better @Winifred say you have a scrapbook site and you want other scrappers to have a site in your system to showcase their stuff Multisite for Members Only site? I have a site that wants to share a news category across different subdomains. Would google ding that? I think multisite is an awesome tool for afliate marketing although I have not done that yet yeah, good point!! I have multiple sites but would love an easy way to manage all of them with one dashboard @Winifred - or like for my church, where we're going to have a site for the kids @Debbie - that domain maps to multiple sites? so if it gets hacked, everything goes along with it? @Kerry ok, I see that. Will probnably never use it, but I get it. @David why, for a members only site? Why not use WishLIstMember to just protect/allow certain content? @Chel this is also true so be sure you implement all those security things rst, ;) yah, I miss a lot of stuff.. and so I can't wait for that recording!!! one fail all fail @ben that is awesome... trying to get a lcient to switch servers, this will help me make my case Got it to work @Tim - excellent! @Brian yes this is the parent and it has 5 other blogs under it all mapped to different domains @Winfred what about as a developer and you want to run a number of private client demos @ben This is good... I always get errors for Magic Quotes I'd set up independent sites in subdomains I've done 12 sites like this for him @Winifred oh yes and you have to also have all the same themes on multisite, I think

KerryCarron ChelBautista Brian Gatley waywardsister tim w MiKemp Debbie Miller KerryCarron Steve C. WinifredDay Debbie Miller KerryCarron

AmyMiller Elianab tim w AcornCS KerryCarron tim w KerryCarron waywardsister Philip KerryCarron WinifredDay David Perednia MiKemp BenjaminBradley KerryCarron Debbie Miller KerryCarron HRH Joyce (Jeeves) MalHerring MalHerring Debbie Miller HRH Joyce (Jeeves) KerryCarron Debbie Miller

@Kerry - ooh, good idea! Why are some names purple and some names blue on the chat? Would never have done this.. super cool I don't see server buddy on their site - is it part of a package? @Winifred I do too really starting to feel like a nerd right now @Acorn we are special (actually we just registered- click on prole)) @tim embrace your inner nerd @tim w - this is cool @Acorn in your members area after you sign in, free plugins, I think @tim geek anthem by Marian Call v=PLBb58iHiRA This came in very handy for early versions of BackupBuddy Free Plugin Buddy plugins @ @MiKemp thanks: Is there a good cache plugin that can be used on Multisites? @Debbie W3? what we do if they nd a mal. script? hahaha ServerBuddy causes a Level Severe warning.... :_ :) @Paul I tried that on a multisite and it set all the blog to the same title as the parent ok thks

Paul sideradesign it helped me see I had a 1.5 GB backupbuddy le !

Paul sideradesign @debbie W3 total cache

Paul sideradesign @debbie, I use it with no problem. was it recently? @Paul on multisite, what theme and plugins you have for the main site is what you get for all the sites, is that correct? Yes it was on one of my customers multisite. I did not think to check the back end and my customer called my asking why all his blogs had the same name @Paul ty Once I deactivate the WP3Cache the blog title went back to normal i really want a mac (sigh) @Paul - are you using mu-plugins directory? I can't seem to get it to work. yeah, me too Was he a Marine - semper design @Amy go for it! A little learning curve but once you do it you won't regret it and you will likely wonder why you waited that long, lol

Paul sideradesign @Kerry yes they share plugins but you can enable per site or across all sites KerryCarron Debbie Miller AmyMiller Brian Gatley tim w Judith KerryCarron

Paul sideradesign @debbie, that's weird, shouldn't happen W3cache doesnt mess with titles

AmyMiller waywardsister Robin KerryCarron Debbie Miller HRH Joyce (Jeeves) WinifredDay Robin MiKemp AmyMiller KerryCarron waywardsister Brian Gatley MiKemp Debbie Miller Robin David Perednia Debbie Miller Brian Gatley Craig mye waywardsister David Perednia Debbie Miller KerryCarron HRH Joyce (Jeeves) KerryCarron ChelBautista Debbie Miller KerryCarron tim w waywardsister

Need to sell a few sites rst ;) @amy macs are amazing... see if u can nd a reseller who unloads education/ school models that didn't sell. Got my imac that way for $500 So is that a substitute for doing it by hand? @amy YES! I know that was weird. I use WP3 Total Cache a lot and was surprised to see it did that on a multisite Kerry, Benjamin said you could enable different themes per site on a multisite install @Kerry You can't pay me enough to get another Mac. One per lifetime was more than enough, thanks. Changing the names, that is? @Waywardsister - link for the reseller you used? @waywardsister - ditto HRH I know, I need to pay better attention, ;( @MiKemp met her through my sister... if I can dig up her info, I'll put it in the member forum! Serious deals that way. @Paul @Debbie - I thought you had to use the mu-plugins directory to force plugins to be used without showing up in the plugins list. Thx I like WP Optimize and use it on my sites These tools are for single as well as multi sites, right? If it is WP 3.0.x compatible it is multi-site compatible I just uploaded it into my plugins folder for the Multisite and not into the muplugin folder. Maybe that is what I did wrong? @Debbie - are you using the mu-plugins directory? I can't seem to get it to work. Did you say that a plugin if deactive still slows site so remove it completely oh, this plugin I need big time Add WP-Commerce free no I just installed it into wp-content/plugins @Craig and creates a possible security risk as well same goes for additional themes? from what I hear got it so it went into the parent blog. That when it named all the child blogs the same name must be a backup of your Pods in the BB cool is it weird that I nd this exciting?

Paul sideradesign @brian no, it uses the plugins directory

Paul sideradesign @Brian, sorry I misunderstood your question. I don't know about that sorry

WinifredDay Rio Brian Gatley KerryCarron waywardsister AmyMiller KerryCarron WinifredDay Brian Gatley waywardsister Brian Gatley KerryCarron Mister Blakely Janet B AmyMiller tim w KerryCarron Girl Friday BenjaminBradley Sherry KerryCarron CheriP KerryCarron waywardsister Brian Gatley WinifredDay Girl Friday HRH Joyce (Jeeves) waywardsister WinifredDay AmyMiller WinifredDay David Perednia Joyce WinifredDay David Perednia

back to the multisite stuff: can you easily convert an existing single WP site to a multisite? way faster than doing it by hand! @wayward - welcome to ;) @wayward not at all @brian, lol... no kidding. it's all I've been doing since I signed up a few days ago, I am obsessed How many of you were math nerds in school? @wayward lol welcome to the family, nice to have more geeks around <raises hand> If you ever need a "x" just go back and watch the recordings. I'm an English/journalism/drama nerd! @Amy - not me...I was just a nerd @Amy not math but love mental puzzles Im a web design nerd..... How often should optimization be done? Mu Alpha Theta president. LOL Met my hubby on math team. where is this Dion says says he is bi-lingual... English and Geek LOL @amy I was a band nerd! just a design nerd @Girl this one time, at band camp? It would be good to run this before and after a clean up...especially to show a client the benet lol @kerry lol @winifred - I have never tried it, but knowing the setup of MS, it would take some work to do so. @Brian that's what I thought @Kerry I went to music camp for vocals, later music conservatory for opera, but hung out with the band guys always! I am just obsessive compulsive about everything I feel passionately about - is that a denition of nerd? Wow...I know what I'm doing tomorrow on one of my long time client's sites @HRH pretty much! works for me seriously, go watch this That should eliminate server surprises. Good plugin my friends say a nerd is one who reads tech manuals for fun - I qualify good wqay to convince a client to move to a dedicated server too It could also reduce hosting costs and bandwidth use

Paul sideradesign cool plugin

waywardsister HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Steve C. Brian Gatley Mister Blakely HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Girl Friday WinifredDay waywardsister Steve C.

@Ben, thanks for this... really great info @Winifred - cool video tried WP system health... it's throwing a fatal error. @Paul - per site? @paul i have a client that pays $250/mo for security all of us nerdy food junkies Ben, is there a way to generate any reports from these plug-ins that show what you've done? Clients would want that... @HRH she's great! She did a house concert at my place in the spring when she was on tour @paul yes, at least $200/month Fatal error: Call to undened function: clone() in /home/content/s/y/n/ synthman/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-system-health/wp-system-health.php on line 78 i send them a copy of their site on a CD every month but its just backup buddy :-) Ben, thanks, excellent info Security..$200, Backup....$200, Analytics...$200, SEO...$ for you, $500 per month! Benjamin actually gave me the idea! My clients don't have that kind of cashow @brian... agreed! if u can do SEO as well, you can get a nice monthly retainer

Paul sideradesign is 100$ per month reasonable for maintenance?

Paul sideradesign @Brian yes

Paul sideradesign @Mister Blakely nice :)

Mister Blakely Girl Friday Brian Gatley Mister Blakely KerryCarron waywardsister

Paul sideradesign @Brian they also tend to expect you to do small design changes, upload content, etc David Perednia Mister Blakely Sanford3 Brian Gatley Joyce waywardsister stc_Janie Brian Gatley KerryCarron Debbie Miller Deborah RitaBartholomew This ought to convince your clients that you are a pro-active developer. @kerry 99% of mine dont either but there are some that do! @Brian Gatley - is that what you charge? Start small and work our way up. but you have to know what y0u are doing, and the service is valuable, so you earn it @paul set maintenance packages with different levels of service... set 3 of them (low, med, high), majority will go for the mid range package 3am here! @Sanford...just dreaming.. I am still working my way up. @Mister Blakely I do have retainer tho for reg backups and upgrades... and to keep me "on call" would the garbage collector plugin work on multisites tonight now

HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Judith tim w JoshLong Doug LaMunyon Billie Debbie Miller Peggy julie2 Ron2 Clyde1 Roz-Fruchtman WinifredDay waywardsister Guest Craig mye BillG VirtualSharon Laura CheriP jhickey2 AcornCS BARowen stc_Janie MalHerring vickycarlton TSchneider Joyce Girl Friday Marcy Beth ChelBautista David Perednia Shirley Andrew Craig mye Jesse Sanford3 ChelBautista MJ_McL

I am tired - could we do it tomorrow pls Tomorrow is the word press system health, called health check? tomorrow hold off tomorrow tomarrow tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow tonight TOMORROW tomorrow? now now now tomorrrow now Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow keep going tomorrow tomorrow how long will it take? I have another seminar, go tomorrow tomorrow i'm in tomorrow? keep going tomorrow please this is a good idea.. but the problem is when they realize i'm located overseas.. people get too stingy I'm ready to go or wait. But I'm in California and it's only 7:00 PM It's 3am crikey Tomorrow now tomorrow Darn, Brian - I was hoping to charge that! :) it's 11am here! happy either way

ChelBautista MalHerring Girl Friday Stacey g Roz-Fruchtman David Roz-Fruchtman TSchneider Valerie Brian Gatley Sanford3 waywardsister WinifredDay KerryCarron HRH Joyce (Jeeves) KerryCarron

lol its 3am here my brain is fried right now....information overload! Fri I'll catch the rest tomorrow. Gotta run. 4pm here Thanks Benjamin... I'm installing all of these as we go. I just bought it and am installing it right now. @Sanford - doesn't hurt to ask if you can perform. Most Denitely @ Brian! :) @Ben I am swooning... so awesome oh now that's slick! where was this in the PDF? what was the name of that plug i9n pls? pg12?

Paul sideradesign @Benjamin do you have an opionion on Wordpress ultimate security check servicve ? AmyMiller WinifredDay Brian Gatley BARowen BARowen Joyce Joyce Brian Gatley BARowen AmyMiller KerryCarron HRH Joyce (Jeeves) David Perednia WinifredDay Brian Gatley Brian Gatley WinifredDay HRH Joyce (Jeeves) VirtualSharon waywardsister Where did you get this? next to the last page 12 PDF didn PDF didn't print with page numbers page 12 wp status dashboard top of page next to last page Much easier to search the electronic PDF rather than printed. Thx, Joyce You have to activate in each site you have? so this plugin has to be on every site you install where doe on eget the security key? Is this security key something we dream up? can a KIndle read PDFs? I thought it just read its native format @paul - ipad, iphone, nook? to load all of these pdfs? I use my nook. Sony Reader thnaks Joyce

Paul sideradesign I need a Kindle

Paul sideradesign @Brian I don't have any of those fantabulous @Ben this has to be instaled on every site we do?

KerryCarron AcornCS EricKing AmyMiller stc_Janie Brian Gatley HRH Joyce (Jeeves) KerryCarron Jerry Kayne KerryCarron Joyce AmyMiller Vee123 Brian Gatley KerryCarron AmyMiller AmyMiller julie2 KerryCarron Judith Jerry Kayne Jude24 waywardsister AmyMiller Jude24 KerryCarron WinifredDay HRH Joyce (Jeeves) CECdenver Mister Blakely Mister Blakely BenjaminBradley KerryCarron Jude24 WinifredDay BenjaminBradley HRH Joyce (Jeeves)

What is this that is AWESOME :D this is great @Benjamin - You have to have it activated on each site? Where do you get security key? cool @Paul - sorry :( all these spelling errors I must be tired, or Joyce! Wheer is this there are too many choices in the PDF Each one of the WordPress sites Where do I get this? 20 per site, or one time only @Kerry - link on pdf can you actually update for the sites from that dashboard? @Kerry - top of page 12 WP Status Dashboad TY @Benjamin - where do you get the security key? ahhh You only pay $20 and can use it on unlimited sites??? @Benjamin, that is your afliate link, I want to be sure to give you some income If you did this for all your client's sites, you could make more money so you made a subdomain just for this? where do you install that plugin -- just pick one of your sites? brilliant dashboard gets set up where? OMG I know what I will be doing tomorrow during the day that is SO cool! where is the link, pls? that's cool just bought it sending some afliate love your way thats a great plugin you can use this to make good money too Top of pg 12 @HRH link is on top of page 12 LOL I know enough WP developers -- I'll buy through your afliate link, but then I want to become an afliate! just give teh aff link

Paul sideradesign very cool

Judith KerryCarron Mister Blakely Jerry Kayne waywardsister ChelBautista VirtualSharon AcornCS Brian Gatley ChelBautista KerryCarron BARowen Jerry Kayne KerryCarron Valerie Mister Blakely KerryCarron KerryCarron Judith KerryCarron Brian Gatley Rio Jerry Kayne Judith debbie2 waywardsister TSchneider Scott Pooler Mister Blakely Jan Fox stc_Janie Brian Gatley KerryCarron Jerry Kayne Vee123 WinifredDay KerryCarron Jerry Kayne Sanford3

You deserve the money USE the afliate link @Ben is worth it! good reason to contact your clients and say "Hey, for $50 I will go in an upgrade your site, upgrade your plugins etc etc" The least we can do it use your link use afliate link... like giving Ben a tip yes it's awesome WHY wouldn't we want the afliate link ! Benjamin - no security or other potential issues? nice way to salestalk @blakely! @Acorn selshness! LOL Sounds like it is right up your alley, Kerry. Benjamin: What is the "not indexable" status actually reporting? do you still have to updates each site individually? OMG I can so totally see how great this is gonna be! @kerry - Yes argh! bummer No search engine access still nice for management though @Kerry - This will help though at 3 am when you are updating 180 sites Thats going to save sooo much time keeping all my sites up to date! my password is Privacy privacy privacy settings privacy I use Personal brain to store all of my client passwords @benjamin >> privacy Reading privacy Let's all shout together -> PRIVACY!!! What does the extended version get you? thank you There is a one click upgrade all plugin @Kerry I think you can add the plugin to themes you build and sell @vee in the extended version? has nothing to do with SEO Nice!

Paul sideradesign isn't there an automatic update plugin?

Craig mye MalHerring KerryCarron BenjaminBradley Vee123

I can not attend tomorrow session can i get a reply of it in time to watch it before the last one the next day? Can I ask - will we touch anywhere near builder or custom wordpress templates during the course? @Mal oh yes! @Kerry.. that is a different plugin not this one. when you login to the site.. if I have 11 plugins that need update.. you can just update all of them with one click schweeeet possible to get the pdf for tomorrow early enough to read/print? @Vee what is THAT plugin? nice Nice! hold on @kerry.. let me check and let you know exact name What @nancyB1 said...I am going to read tonight. @Benjamin - are we going to go over the rest of the security issues on the pdf? When do you show us how to hide things in the Dashboard? alas alas i have to miss tomorrow - mum in laws surprise birthday party, but will try and pop in briey tomorrow's PDF? @Kerry it is called Plugin Central HRH awe... we will miss you, those darn mother-in-laws, lol jk. I got lucky with mine! Will this recording be available in the morning Benjamin? I missed all but the last 10 mins that's why it's called tomorrow's pdf lol AND PODS 2.0 thanks Vee when how long are Fri & Sat classes? I want to buy coda does anyone want me to go through their afliate link? release date for WP 3.1? np it is free btw @Judith Check out White Label CMS @Sally sure. let me grab one @winifred you can download the beta right now Recording link sent out tomorrow? YAY! please please !!! Release date for 3.1?

MalHerring nancyB1 KerryCarron KerryCarron TSchneider Vee123 Brian Gatley AmyMiller Judith HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Brian Gatley Vee123 KerryCarron ibusinesslogic ChelBautista ChelBautista Brian Gatley KerryCarron Joyce jhickey2 Sally-May WinifredDay Vee123 TSchneider KerryCarron Mister Blakely Rach WinifredDay ChelBautista AmyMiller

Paul sideradesign @judith : adminimize

Rach MalHerring HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Craig mye waywardsister Mister Blakely waywardsister ibusinesslogic AmyMiller Mister Blakely AmyMiller ChelBautista ChelBautista BobPatterson Joyce KerryCarron Brian Gatley KerryCarron HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Al Davis MalHerring David Perednia ChelBautista MalHerring Sally-May Sanford3 KerryCarron TSchneider Mister Blakely Charlie MalHerring BobPatterson AmyMiller Rio WinifredDay

Gotcha, thanks! We do you cut into 10 minute segments? I am blessed with mine - she is a doll I will miss day 2 I guess I can still do day 3 @ben thanks... see you tomorrow! waaaaaaaaay easier bye everyone Ok - will I need the info from today to keep up with tomorrow's class? That works well. Bye Waywardsister cya imagine if a person has very slow connection imagine the possibilities!!! 10-minute segments - Very good move. Thanks for doing that it's getting "funner" the more I learn! @Sally I don't have one of those @Amy - in Beta right now sorry TScneider - where do you get teh whitelabel CMS? @ben great rst night, Already using some of the stuff I learned here tonight im SOOO gutted i cant be on the call tomorrow - have to DJ a christmas party but it's probably the one day I wanted most.... Themes etc Your excitement about WordPress and your material is inspiring and helps a lot in learning. this pdf is gold! See you all on Day3 people.... :) @KerryCarron no worries I'll just go straight there @Benjamin - Excellent Presentation & Appreciated Your slowing things down a bit and repeating things - as it helps!! bye Mal, u can always catch the recording @Judith plugin... search for it. good for cleaning up the look of the back-end for clients. @ paul " Map Cap" Is there a discount for plugin buddy developer suite I will - i hope to watch it before Day3 starts so I am up to speed.... :) @Sanford - The Jim Rome of web training @Charlie - Discount for current members. if you cant be here live u can always turn on the webinar and setup your computer to record it while you are gone and then rewatch it right away... I think my brain is going to explode

Paul sideradesign mad cap?

Sally-May Danny G Smith David Perednia KerryCarron Sally-May BobPatterson Mister Blakely KerryCarron Debbie Miller Mister Blakely MalHerring Sanford3 Sherry Judith stc_Janie KerryCarron Anne TSchneider Ron VirtualSharon AmyMiller Jeremy BobPatterson David MalHerring BARowen Jude24 WinifredDay Brian Gatley David Perednia TomD Ron2 VirtualSharon Debbie Miller Ron2 BenjaminBradley MalHerring Brian Gatley

Thanks Benjamin what is the link to ask questions? There is always a 25% discount for existing customers. You can apply your existing licenses toward the plugin buddy developer suite too. @Charlie I have a link for that one not sure of any discounts right now... u get 25% off as previous owner of stuff: Night everyone Great stuff...thanks Saturday = Coffee day bye Sally Thanks Benjamin good learning tonight! Thanks Benjamin, great course I dont know how you can join a webinar and record at a certin time @BobPatterson - who is Jim Rome? @WinifredDay: where in CDA are U? Thanks - see you tomorrow Yep, good job, very valuable oh network! Benjamin, you are amazing, I learned sooo much in this segment. Thank you and bye! See you tomorrow for sure! Thanks Benjamin! Good night everyone!!! Thank you: great webinar! Thank you so much. btw - ever consider putting page numbers in your PDFs? Thanks so much Benjamin, Thanks Benjamin, great course. Uh oh Awesome webinar. Thanks BIG BROTHER!!!!! OH NO!!! The ability to replay the classes is an excellent benet. This was absolutely wonderful!! Thank you Benjamin! thanks Benjamin -- off to buy the Status Dashboard PLugin! Watch what you is archived forever.. ;) Is this chat room a plugin or custom programming? @benjamin: good job as always. Thanks for this webinar all the stuff that there's no way to read all of it while you're learning from Benjamin bed time for been a long day It was great!!!! RIO - What software do you use to auto-record? Awesome info in here though!

Paul sideradesign thanks Benjamin

KerryCarron HRH Joyce (Jeeves) BobPatterson David Perednia Robin julie2 Kelly KerryCarron BobPatterson AcornCS Joyce Sherry Mister Blakely MalHerring BARowen David H Brian Gatley CECdenver Frank Metzger Debbie Miller Gen3Chip KerryCarron stc_Janie ChelBautista Janet B Jan Fox HRH Joyce (Jeeves) Arelthia KerryCarron MalHerring AmyMiller Arelthia Brian Gatley MalHerring BenjaminBradley Sanford3 Laura WinifredDay Coryan1 Rio

@David ChatBox or Cbox, something like that Thanks again Benjamin @Sanford3 He's a sports talk guy on the radio. @KerryCarron Thanks. I like it. Great stuff! thank you Thanks Benjamin! @Benjamin you truely are THE PROF! Good night now Thank you! thank you! Thanks Prof! Be well everyone, see you tomorrow! thanks Benjamin Good night, all. Thanks @Mal - Screenow, but have to turn it off at some point. THANK YOU Great Training Thanks! night everyone Thanks Benjamin! c u tomorrow BAR night all thanks benjamin.. Thanks, that was fantastic - can't wait for Day #2! Terric training....thanks Benjamin see you all on Sat - but may pop in for a few mins tmrw Thanks for another great training bye HRH It's the auto-start/stop that is the issue So much info I may need a nightcap! good night @Rio - ? recording software? I have IShowU but again - cant really stop it automagically I hope you guys don't mind drinking from the rehose @BobPatterson - Got it! :) Thank you Ben! night all Buh Bye ie camtaisia or screenow for the mac

ibusinesslogic KerryCarron ibusinesslogic AmyMiller Sanford3 Jerry Kayne Brian Gatley Sherry Girl Friday

I am just glad it is available for review later crap I lost that link from Vee Missed all the good stuff I wish you could search these chats by username. It is Cbox Professional - I think. nighty night @Rio - Ok...need to learn how to use Automator maybe to start and stop recording CU tomorrow! Is there someone on the chat room who is using Builder and is advanced in design? I have a layout question/design question regarding how to create a graphical border around the container... @Rio which do you like the camtasia or screenow? I saw the discount but i was wondering if there was a discount for members for the plugin buddy suite I like screenow, that is what Benjamin is using will see if I can do a automator script then ta all See you all tomorrow. And well done to all that stayed thru to the end. for the mac, I would certainly go with Screenow. Tried camtasia but the mac version isn't quite as mature as the PC version @girl have you posted in the forum? Bye Kerry and all gotta go pack @Girl going to be a css code to add depending where you want it @GirlFriday - do you mean like this - Graphics all the way around Builder around Builder content Thanks @Bruce I like screenow better, but I only have PC's right now @kerry Benjamin, do you do any SEO consultanting? (or rather css styling)... all the way around the Builder Content Container I was looking at purchasing this month but was still unsure what I really want and NEED yes, I posted in the forum last night...I will try again; I nd the iThemes forum very frustrating, time takes forever @Kerry from Vee I think it is Plugin Central @Rio I was looking at purchasing this month but was still unsure what I really want and NEED @Dray yes TY!!!! your welcome - hope to join tomorrow's session earlier than I did tonight's this:

KerryCarron Charliee Danny G Smith MalHerring MalHerring MJ_McL @BruceCaraway KerryCarron HRH Joyce (Jeeves) HRH Joyce (Jeeves) KerryCarron BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley KerryCarron Rio Danny G Smith BenjaminBradley KerryCarron Girl Friday Dray KerryCarron KerryCarron @BruceCaraway Girl Friday

BenjaminBradley Sanford3 @BruceCaraway BenjaminBradley Rio KerryCarron Judith KerryCarron BenjaminBradley Girl Friday

yeah, that's just css @GirlFriday - Yes, it would help if a Forum Admin. would go back and organize all the Answers/Questions - around a Topic. looks like I missed a bunch - gonna have to study the notes :) CSS declarations can use the border: blah blah @kerry you run on mac right? I'd get screenow over camtaisa on a mac @Sanford and @Girl it would be best if users would add appropriate tags How do you hide things in dashboard from clients @Sanford then the search would work better @judith... we'll talk about that on Saturday @Benjamin: to clarify, I'm using a Child Theme w/Builder; I downloaded the sample theme I just posted for you, and looked at her graphics les and her CSS..she uses 'frames' and has three separate gr Is it a plugin or php OK Nighty night all. Gotta put the little one in bec. See you tomorrow! I got a macbook pro, and now use my old macbook as to watch chat while I watch webinar on the pc - and put windows on the new mac I've got to run and nish eating guys Guzzle water bye @Amy Benjamin, do you do any SEO consulting, using Genesis if it makes a difference save my voice for tomorrow I do some consulting... but WD takes up most of my time ....three separate .jpg les that make up that graphical border look around the container...I'm a novice at CSS but do manage to get around...slowly.... @Danny - send me an email and we'll talk @Joyce cool, I am hoping to inherit another monitor soon Will do @kerry both camtasia and screenow offer free demos @Ben, thank you and good night @Kerry - True - but it would be Great/Better if an Admin went back and Edited each Question/Answer - into a Road Map on how to do a particular thing - and delete everything else that is extraneous! @Bruce yes but I don't want to commit w/o knowing if I will even get to try it during the free thing til I know what I need it for Thanks Ben great lesson! Lots to learn using wp Benjamin: I have a request. I can only be at tomorrow's webinar for the rst hour. Can you push the "Themes and Child Themes" to the front? @Bruce or how I want to apply it @girl this article show you how to create containers outsied of Builder that you can add graphics and styling ok, I am outa here... need to do some research on a few things

Judith Judith AmyMiller Joyce BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley KerryCarron Danny G Smith BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley Girl Friday BenjaminBradley KerryCarron Danny G Smith @BruceCaraway Girl Friday Sanford3

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@BruceCaraway KerryCarron Sanford3 KerryCarron Rio KerryCarron KerryCarron Valerie @BruceCaraway Charliee Sanford3 Valerie Jan Fox Rio Ace

@kerry ah, yes - many a demo software has been installed on my machine never to see the light of day adios all... hasta manana see you tomorrow @Kerry! :) @Bruce yup ;) see ya @kerry you bet @Sanford bye @Benjamin, loving that status dashboard recommendation. $20 is super-cheap for the time it saves. g'night all Hasta manana que descanses Bye Rio - and thanks again for answering my questions! Very Helpful! :) *See' y'all tomorrow! Nite all~ bye @ Sanfors, g'night all I was wondering...if I were to create a starter site with proper security and plugins and use it to deploy future client site using backup buddy, what else do I have to do for the new site? oops spelling correction: bye @ Sanford @ace - create database name, username & pw / customize the wp-admin username & pw Can I uninstall a site through a cpanel? I'm going to reinstall manually. Ace, we'll cover this in our review session While you're preparing for tonight's class, check out this musical performance on iPads and iPhones Christmas concert: 156313/2010/12/concert.html?lsrc=nl_mwnws_h_crawl anyone know where to download day 2 and/or day 3 pdf's to print out early? I can't nd them on the site. Okay... just posted day 2's PDF... you may need to refresh your browser for it to appear Hey Prof -- I'm stuck! I'm in the SSH of my site right and on your last instruction of 'INSTALL" -- how do I do that? you can either use VI - a built in text editor with SSH or... just edit the wp-cong.php le however you want oh if you already have the wp-cong.php le set just logout of SSH and use your browser to go to your site WordPress takes care of the rest How to log out (new to coda as well) just type logout in the terminal window Rats -- Now I've got an internal error showing up and I did everything as on you specied. Any thoughts?

Rio ChelBautista Peggy BenjaminBradley Jerry Kayne

karen BenjaminBradley Sherry BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley Sherry BenjaminBradley Sherry

BenjaminBradley Sherry BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley

have you edited your wp-cong.php le with the correct database information? No -- once I do that then will it show up? yup and if you're using coda its easy to just click on the le on the left... it will download to your screen... edit the le... then press save... Coda automatically will upload it back to the server any chance of day 3 tonight? Day 3 pdf - I should have said. nope... I'm not going to nalize the download pdf until I know how much we get through tonight Because if we don't get through everything Okay. thanks mcuh! I need to add additional instructions for how to do the tasks if I'm not showing you Before I do that -- I'm not working on my main site but my trial site. How do I know I have the right cong le? I'm doing this (holding back on day 3) so that it will be harder to break sites... especially if you've never seen the code used. :) @sherry - I'm not sure exactly what your question is... because Coda logs you into a specic site, you should only see one site BB -- ok I didn't know that... Sherry - in the members video library, I did a webinar JUST on the Coda editor. Have you seen that one yet? Some people have said its helpful Will you show what it is that Carrington does that is so unique? maybe tonight... but denitely tomorrow Great got the wp-cong le now -- no, I haven't had a chance to check that out yet. Are you around for a while yet -- I'm going to try I'm going to be coming and going... while getting ready for tonight BB -- so if I just change the keys & add a few bits of code to get the functions I want -- is that it? Then WP will show in my browser? have you created your database? No -- I don't think so -- how do I do that? you have to create the database using your cpanel (or however you create databases) Ok -- so go into MySQL databases and what name do I give it - the same as my domain? .. or just press the button that says 'create database' hold that thought Sherry... this would probably be good if everyone saw this I'm sure there are other people who have never created their own database I'll show this when we start up tonight BB -- ok so should I just leave everything open and wait for instruction tonight to nish? yeah Thanks a bunch -- TTFN!

karen karen BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley karen BenjaminBradley Sherry BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley Sherry BenjaminBradley karen BenjaminBradley Sherry BenjaminBradley Sherry BenjaminBradley Sherry BenjaminBradley Sherry Sherry BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley Sherry BenjaminBradley Sherry

AndrewLippert BenjaminBradley AndrewLippert BenjaminBradley AndrewLippert AndrewLippert BenjaminBradley AndrewLippert BenjaminBradley AndrewLippert Al Davis Sherry Jan Fox TomD Sharon Jude24 Jude24 WinifredDay Joyce Sherry Jerry Kayne

Benjamin, did you understand my email that I sent last night about the "Fatal Error"? when you "put it into maintenance mode" do you mean you used the Maintenance Mode plugin? Yes, the Maintenance Mode Plugin did you try deleting the maintenance mode plugin from the plugin directory I can't get to the admin dashboard - I get that fatal error just trying to get to it.. Of course I could go to it via FTP, would that work? no I mean delete it from FTP I'll try that and see what happens. once WordPress no longer sees the plugin in the directory... it deactivates it automatically Okay Hi Benjamin, i was wondering if as members we received discounts on the Builder theme and the plugins? Hey Prof -- suggestion -- it would be really nice to have page numbers on the pdfs... Good evening everyone~ :glad: hi people Hi all from Australia Hello from Florida Hi Sharon hi folks hi from Phoenix az Howdy-do! @Al Davis: every Thursday at 11 am CDT the iThemes gang broadcast a TV talk show type of thing at This coming episode will be a 1 year birthday celebration. I bet there's a discount there is -- got an email about it today It's 20 minutes to webinar. Where is everyone? Thanks Jerry, appreciate the info I'll be ring up the GotoWebinar in about 5 or 6 minutes they usually drrop in just before it starts @Jerry @al Hi people Hi everyone from New Zealand (: Plus there's a customer loyalty discount on all products @Benjamin You may wish to give some clarication of the Apache2 .htaccess modications you gave yesterday in the PDF. I noticed that the pipe | symbol is easily confused with a cap I or sm L seeing if I can change my screen name in the chat room YES! far easier to type Win than Winifred I think that if you sign up for the ithemes newsletter sometimes there is a coupon

WinifredDay David Perednia Al Davis BenjaminBradley Joyce WinifredDay Jeremy Christine Jerry Kayne David Perednia

WinDay WinDay Joyce

Al Davis David Perednia Joyce KerryCarron DebMiller BenjaminBradley

Thanks Winifred @Benjamin Also, not all servers allow Options to be used in the .htaccess le. what time is it in new zealand? Hey everyone! Back again and I even went and got a toner cartridge today! Hi everyone Good points David... but if you hosting company forces you to have visual indexing, you should be moving quickly to a new server. We'll talk more about the .htaccess le tomorrow Hi there from Vancouver, WA Hi Bill...from Bend, OR I installed the WP-status-dashboard today and have 16 of the some 180 sites added, lol Jerry in Chicagoland @Brian - How's the skiing conditions down there? @ Kerry Your work is cut out for you. Got warm the last week and all the snow is gone around our house, but I think the mountain is ne. Haven't had time to get up there. @ Brian - We are going to Sun River in July to enjoy the WARM DRY weather. We love the Sun Rive I have never created a database. I though WP automatically does this on install? Snowed for a good chunk of today (Calgary, AB) and VERY cold: -18C/0F this morning Hi Kerry, I just insWP Status Dashboard today & had a whole bunch of troubleshooting to do, hows it working out for you? Ah...what about a "white Christmas" in December? @David yes... I was hoping that it would be something that I could just upgrade all but there is now such beast yet for WP upgrades, I guess hi everyone Greetings! :) @Stacey -- I haven't either and I think BB is going to demo that today. @Kerry~ OMGoodness! 180 sites, how long have you been developing wp sites? I we have a white's been difcult getting guests for my condo. It's 60's in Denver....folks don't realize it's storming in the mountains I got an email today from my hosting company (GoDaddy) today that there's a WordPress upgrade! @Rio @Kerry - Thanks for testing WP Status Dashboard for the rest of us. Could you please get all the bugs out.. ;) I did a cool thing today, broadcasted live on ustream from my droid,it was too cool! I hope this is the last "Friday night" class.... @Brian I installed it too, but I don't have nearly that many WP sites! @Rio yes... lots of trouble shooting, I will be doing a training

BillG Brian Gatley KerryCarron Jerry Kayne BillG David Perednia Brian Gatley Brian Gatley BillG Stacey g WinDay Rio Brian Gatley KerryCarron vickycarlton Sanford Sherry Jan Fox Stacey g Jerry Kayne Brian Gatley vickycarlton Stacey g WinDay KerryCarron

AndrewLippert TSchneider KerryCarron Jerry Kayne Jan Fox KerryCarron vickycarlton Jan Fox KerryCarron

Howdy from Austin, TX hola @Jan just over a year now @vicky that''s very cool. I broadcasted my daughter's high school dance from my iPhone so relatives across the US could watch Have you developed all those by yourself? @Brian nothing major but just getting used to stuff using the droid was much easier that guring out the ustream producer! @Kerry Did you develop those all by yourself? @Stacey ref the database, that is the one thing that WP doesn't show you how to do and is not part of their famous 5 min install, but it is a lot easier than it sounds... I would be happy to walk you @Jan, yes mostly some are part of a 50+ site system Hey Gang!! excited to be here!! @KerryCarron -- will you do me too -- I'm stuck right in the midst of trying to gure it out! although I think BB might be showing us tonight... Yes it is @win they are not all MY sites. Most are other's sites that I maintain hi peaty @Kerry that's still a honking big number of sites! HI Joyce! @Sherry, sure will. Add contact kerrycarron to SKYPE and we can schedule a time Thanks for the info Joyce!!1 oops - bad ngers - hi Petey G'Day from The Windy City. Relatively warm here today. But rain and snow expected overnight ! @Kerry Can we talk later, just for some insight. I can pay you for consulting if I seem to have too many questions? @Win not really considering the guys that I work with each own over 800 domains Evenin all @ bejamin, any wikileaks there about what kind of discounts might be offered next week for birthday bash, I've been holding off on dev up As you review will you please clarify how some of the plugins you talked about last night eliminate the need to do some of the things to databases, etc that you discussed at the beginning? Thanks, Benjamin, for the status dashboard. I installed it today and it's really cool Good evening from beautiful Colorado. @Kerry Where do you work? Afternoon everyone hello from phx

KerryCarron PeteyP Sherry David Perednia KerryCarron Joyce WinDay PeteyP KerryCarron PeteyP Joyce MJ_McL Jan Fox KerryCarron stc_Janie vickycarlton Cheri

stc_Janie Elianab Jan Fox DavidK Roger Roger

KerryCarron KerryCarron Doug Jan Fox KerryCarron

@Jan my initial consult is free - and kerrycarron to schedule a time to work together (thanks @Brian for tungle) ;) Hello all! @Kerry~ Thanks @Jan from home, start up biz

Paul sideradesign Hi everyone! did you read my post at Freelance Folder : http:// KerryCarron Deb_Miller Marcy Michael Cannon Michael Cannon David Perednia CheriP Jude24 Brian Gatley WinDay Jude24 dandylew @Paul no but I will now great looking forward to learning about the WP Loop Evening all I learned all about loops using Fortran 4... in 1973 @Michael Cannon Boy you must be old. I learned Fortran IV in 1969 I don't see the downloads I did Fortran before 1973!! @Paul - nice site and post @Jude me too! @David -- that's when I learned it, too. it tried installing the wp status dashboard this afternoon and ran into problems. I hope the video from last night showed all the details for doing that. I can't remember how detailed it was. I guess we are all not a bunch of spring chickens here. Were there a lot of questions from the Additional Questions page? yeah, punch cards... So glad to see that there are some mature compadres on here! @Michael HAH! paper tape I missed Day 1, can I catch up later? Don't drop your punch cards!! @WinDay Did you know HG Wells? ;-) wow....a lot of people giving up a Friday night for this training! @ Jude 24 I'm just old and still quite immature. test Hello everyone! LOL @MIchael no, but I met Isaac Asimov! Hello everyone Hello all and a beautiful blue it is, too Ditto on I'm just old and still quite immature!! LOL @Stacey we had 93 last night at one point

Paul sideradesign I was born in 1973

Paul sideradesign thx Brian, it's a guest post, the site isn't mine unfortunaltely :D David Perednia Deb_Miller Michael Cannon Jude24 WinDay Jonathan Jude24 Michael Cannon Stacey G David Perednia Peg Deanna1 Jude24 WinDay Arelthia Ray Jude24 Deb_Miller KerryCarron

Jonathan Laura stc_Janie

What's the URL to the video of Day 1? Hi everyone @dandylew here is a link to the documentation for status dashboard http:// HI everyone I think there are a lot of older people here Hi @Girl @dandylew what issue did you run into with WP Status Dashboard? i can remember switches on imsai 4-bit computer and 8-in oppies @KerryCarron older? I'm 21... with 24 years experience! Sure looking forward to tonight's class. I've already used something I learned last night! 64 tomorrow, that counts as OLD @TS older than most, lol Yes, my alternate ego is Hot Flash Diva, if that tells you how old I Hello @TomD I still have several S-100 Bus computers in my garage. @Judy Happy birthday! Yes thats what had to do tonight pick a different user name It's nice to be early and prepared...for once. : ) @Judy old is only as old as you feel, right? Hi! Scotland signing in - tired tonight hoping I can stay till the end.... I'm looking forward to today's discussion. And, thanks, for getting back to me with my questions. @Judy Happy Birthday! And many more... @Judy, Happy Birthday!! Yes @Judy happy birthday! Hi Shirley... I'm in Notts but originally from Glasgow These webinars and courses are quite enjoyable and packed with great info. Judy, you're just a spring chicken! if you didn't know how old you were, how old would you be? Happy Birthday to You . Happy Birthday to You Dear JUDY ** to YOU!!! ** Happy Birthday

Paul sideradesign lol Girl Friday KerryCarron KerryCarron Rio TomD TSchneider DavidK Janet B Judy E KerryCarron Jan Fox Alan Jordan David Perednia WinDay Deb_Miller Coryan KerryCarron Shirley Alan Jordan Allegra Jan Fox KerryCarron stc_Janie David Perednia karen TomD Jude24

**** Happy Birthday

Shirley Sherry Lawrence stc_Janie KerryCarron

Hey stc_Janie I'm a Newton Mearns Girl!! :O) I'd be 10 yrs old @Shirley - Hi Cumbria equally sitting here with matchsticks propping eyelids ... posh, Shirley ;) @Tom wrinkles gives it away somewhat

Shirley AmyMiller Shirley KerryCarron AmyMiller MissAllegra AmyMiller Shirley stc_Janie stc_Janie Gen3Chip debbie2 BillG David Perednia DebbMiller Shirley KerryCarron stc_Janie AmyMiller Sally-May Sherry BillG Valerie KerryCarron DebbMiller KerryCarron KerryCarron Wol1959 Bill Wol1959 Roz-Fruchtman RicknVegas DebbMiller SridharKatakam PeteyP KerryCarron BARowen Roz-Fruchtman Roz-Fruchtman KerryCarron Sherry

Well originally from Giffnock so not so posh - almost! :O0 Hi all! Where u from in Glasgow stc_janie? Hi @Amy! welcome back Hey Kerry! @Amy Hi! Printing pdf...oh so slowly! Hi @Lawrence heh Maryhill, originally from Hamilton really Greetings All. HI! Tonight should be fun! @Kerry - How about the height of the pants? The closer the armpits the older. Isn't a chumbo a sandwich? wrinkles is a sign of wisdom stc_Janie My God Mother from Hamilton - Rena Gemmell @Bill I still wear clothing on my waist... the real waist, not the one the kids now days think is a waist Don't know her @Kerry - Please no mom jeans! : ) Howzit? From DownUnder @KC LOL --I'm always giving my kid a wedgy pulling up his pants! @Kerry - Same with me. Hi WordPress family! @Amy but I am a mom, 3 times with grown children HI @Valerie HI! Sounds disturbingly like CHUNDERlicious Where do we go to see the replays of this session? Hi all Hi Everyone! hey all Hi Roz anyone else having problem connecting to gotowebinar? Hi Roz! @Bill Hi, all. Sorry I'm late. Hi Debbie! I always askk about you when I speak to Micki. @Sridhar not here... all good Hi Sridhar -- no problems fo rme

KerryCarron DebbMiller PeteyP Roz-Fruchtman AmyMiller KerryCarron Rio Roz-Fruchtman Sherry SridharKatakam Sanford2 karen Janet B KerryCarron MiKemp SridharKatakam Jerry Kayne karen SridharKatakam Jan Fox Lori DebbMiller AmyMiller MiKemp Roz-Fruchtman Lori Alan Jordan

Hello Rz and BAR She's told me you've asked about me @Sridhar all is good here @Debby ~ That was meant for you! @Sridhar - all is good @Petey... R U the Petey from American Pie 2? LOL @Sridhar I got kicked out, but Im back in again Hi @Peter @Kerry ANYONE else I missed! I'm not a WordPress Snob! ;) PrOF - -is simplescripts pretty much the same as fantaastico? okay, I will just settle with the chat for now then...can't wait to get my new laptop Greetings Sridhar! :) Hello Sridihar! @Sridhar - all is good here too. Great to "meet" you by the way - you're always SO helpful in the forum! Hi @Sanford @Sherry - yes hi Sanford when you install WP with GoDaddy they guide you through the database setup process as part of the install I mean: Sridhar. Sorry! hi Karen Hey there Sridhar, good to see you. Hi Sridhar! It's me...the ithemes Village Idiot :-) should the databases be hard to guess in the name of it? @Lori - I think I get that title. LOL That title is handed around a lot What happens if you forget the database password later? @Amy...wrestle you for Doesn't it make sense to use DB user name that is not so easy to guess and hack?

Paul sideradesign today my hosting provider mistakenly redirected a client's site to my personal site :D RickinVegas Stacey Joyce KerryCarron SridharKatakam WinDay Danny G Smith DebbMiller Ok beer in hand - ready now What if you already have a WP database installed by Fantistico? write it down @Roz... u will use it in the cong le so as long as you remember it until you put it in the cong ur good hi Lori and Amy @Roz write it down!!! Can you do this in mysql? I have always done it from the command line on self hosted internal websites. @Alan yes it dose, it hard coming up with DB name for me

AmyMiller MiKemp KerryCarron

Hi @Sridhar! Thanks for all the ithemes help! @Stacey: covered yesterday @Roz if you forget, you will have to go create a user again so you can make a copy of it... I use a text editor to keep a copy at least until I get it into the cong le @Stacey if you have BackupBuddy you can just use it to quickly change a fantastico setup into a secure setup @Debb Thanks. Sridhar, thanks for all your help from me too! TGIF When you use Cpanel to create a database, where do you dene the elds? Or does WP create the elds? @Fred WP creates the tables @ Kerry same here for text editor Hi All... sorry to be late! Glad it is being recorded :) @Fred are you refering to tables? Don't worry, @Acorn, this is just review stuff mostly. YES!! In what same location? The original location? Or a new named location? @Kerry - Yes - I used the old fashioned name elds, but I meant tables @Metta at the level where it was originally, typically the root level Yes I did. Think I will get another Domain for making a generic site @Benjamin you will also need to change the wp-admin UN and PW if you want them different I'm lost....Does this apply to all of us...or only those using Back-up Buddy? @Debb if your host allows it, create a subdomain on your main domain Judy E says Thanks for all the greetings! How great it will be to spend it here and learning new stuff I setup a subdomain with a generic site last night. Looking forward to deploying the rst time. @Benjamin correct you don't have to but yes, not giving the client the number 1 spot @WinDay good Idea. I have a reseller account at Host Gator I wish WP would offer "super administrator". What things do you exclude the client from? @Debb even if you don't have a reseller account, many hosts allow subs on regular plans oooo-tay! @Ann in MultiSite it does whitelable plugin is pretty good at that I like addon domains over just using subdomains

Rio Alan Jordan karen CoachB FredM WinDay DebbMiller AcornCS KerryCarron Valerie DebbMiller Metta FredMw KerryCarron DebbMiller KerryCarron Metta WinDay JES TSchneider KerryCarron DebbMiller Ann AmyMiller WinDay AmyMiller DebbMiller TSchneider Valerie

Paul sideradesign @Fred wp creates the elds for you

Paul sideradesign could add an option to tell backupbuddy where cong.php is located

Paul sideradesign use the members plugin to simulate superadmin and admin levels

WinDay Joyce Stacey KerryCarron CoachB2 Brian Gatley DavidH Michael Cannon Roz-Fruchtman Valerie Philip CoachB2

@Valerie what's an add-on domain? all of us will probably decide to use back up buddy @BB, index.html is found before index.php? @valerie me too OK here we go again with 'username protected' blocking my posts. I don't need no stinkin protection. I am a bad mo.. nevermind. Most servers...not "All" servers. Is that better than developing in a sub-directory and then running it from the root when you go live? @Paul, yeah it can be changed using control panel My server used index.html rst. I'm thinking of creating a squeeze page with index.html on one of my sites. You can tell it what to look for in what order in the .htaccess le, right? But if someone comes to the site - it will take them to that page Is there any chance that yesterday and today's webinar will be posted by tomorrow morning? Have had to miss parts and would like to study before the Season Finale. :) Does this work to protect the source code from being displayed? Insert a index.php to keep people or robots from copy your info @Roz u can create one as a page and make that your home page to keep everything on WP DavidH: Developing on your localhost is better imo Thanks, Ben!!

Paul sideradesign it depends on apache cong which le it looks for

JES KerryCarron SridharKatakam Metta

Paul sideradesign this is actually an issue I had with a client site because they left some old static pages mixed in with the WordPress site DebbMiller Metta Metta Metta Roz-Fruchtman AmyMiller Girl Friday KerryCarron Bob Miller David Perednia Metta Jesse dandylew Peggy joshlong Debbie cool I appreciate your help with this question so much! yes! Hooray! I'd like to know that.... I have an old blog and I would like to bring over some of the posts over to the new wordpress blog. when will get that? will we get an email about that Members ONly chat? @Stacey did that help with the database creation? I develop locally installed xampp along with virtual hosts I am doing just that with a conversion of a Joomla site to a WordPress site no idea no No no no yes

jhickey Bob Miller AcornCS DebbMiller Coryan RickinVegas WinDay KerryCarron Ron10 Metta DebbMiller PeteyP Jesse Valerie Bob Miller Peggy PeteyP Lori Sally-May SridharKatakam Girl Friday PeteyP VirtualSharon Wol1959 KerryCarron Jesse Peggy Bob Miller Metta DebbMiller Sally-May WinDay KerryCarron PeteyP Alan Jordan Valerie PeteyP Wol1959 Jan Fox

@benjamin from an seo standpoint when migrating a site how important is it to go slowly? yes needs a kinda' answer" no I know what it is...but do I understand it? having champagne during the dec 29th members only chat? @Valerie can I have your email? have a question as an aside survey on your desktop no no is it how the les feed each other? my php is limited no yes no at best only enough to get me into DEEP do-do no Jan: are you around? well I know what php is!! @lori hahah DEEP do-do... yes, that's where i am @Lori LOLOL @Lori lol... I canrelate to that at times yes no yes no experience with Builder yes I love it sort of @Valerie thanks! extensively that theme saved my @$$ I would like to know if you recommend an environment for debugging PHP, like Eclipse. I love developing on Builder! Chris Jean is awesome!! I decided I am NOT any kind of builder though ... @Sridhar, yes I'm here, thanks for your help at iThemes, I know you tremble when you see my

Al Davis1 DannyGSmith Stacey DebbMiller RickinVegas Ronphp Alan Jordan KerryCarron PeteyP SridharKatakam DebbMiller PeteyP AmyMiller DebbMiller Valerie KerryCarron vickycarlton VirtualSharon SridharKatakam KerryCarron Tim W KerryCarron MJ_McL Stacey Gary Gordon karen SridharKatakam KerryCarron Stacey Valerie KerryCarron Marcy DebbMiller

not yet for builder, watched a video on it today and was totally impressed with it Have used it, but not currently. Mostly Genesis cool @ Valerie me too on Builder! Launched today on the builder theme: - have to do the sqldump over the weekend I use exsqueeze theme @Paul Thanks. Why do you like it? @petey Builder is awesome ... Birthday bash next week, expect some more great savings, i would guess @Ronphp is exxsqueeze good? My birthday is also on the same day, Dec 14th! Yes my subscrition just expired :0( Yeah!!! Kerry Happy birthday! Mine is the 20th. for Builder @Danny, Builder is SO much better. I use Genesis for some quickie sites, but the latest version of Builder is INCREDIBLE. Well Sridhar that is appropriate! being drag to happy hour, stepping out for while, catch you guys in little while (I have to restart this computer, so I'm going to another computer) yea, made for each other I and Builder. haha @Sridhar yes for sure! Driving down the road- Jail broken iphone with mi . working. I am not driving though.. @Benjamin are we in the PDF somewhere? @vicky. can we come along too ............. I have a dumb do you turn off comments automatically I don't see 9 pages??? is that true even if the plug in isn't activated? Stacey: In WordPress? LOVE widget logic, cannot image not having it any more WP The biggest addition to Builder, IMO is the with Widget Content and the duplicate Widget @Stacey left column > settings > discussion> second or third option @RickinVegas - very nice site @Stacy would like a plugin for that! I edit the comment .php and remove all from it.

Paul sideradesign Alan, check out PHPStorm

Paul sideradesign @Alan it has zen coding and git integrated and other cool stuff auto FTP upload

Paul sideradesign I use it all the time

Paul sideradesign if you like widget logic, rate it at WinDay SridharKatakam Alan Jordan Valerie KerryCarron Roz-Fruchtman Bob Miller Sherry KerryCarron DebbMiller KerryCarron MiKemp Tim W Stacey AmyMiller Roz-Fruchtman StevenS_ Valerie KerryCarron Stacey CoachB2 DebbMiller KerryCarron KerryCarron DebbMiller SridharKatakam MiKemp TSchneider Alan Jordan KerryCarron Jonathan CoachB2 @Valerie really like the Duplicate Widget -- got used to using include les and wanted a way to "fake" that there's a plugin that disables comments on all pages automatically @Paul Thanks. I'm with you Kerry, I can't imagine building without Widget Logic. Are you in love with the Widget Content feature in Builder? Oh great suggestion @Benjamin, include in core is widget logic free? Can't you do the same with builder and layouts? @SridharKatakam -- what plugin is that? @Valerie OH YES options are now limitless @WinDay yes include les from my Web Editor days :0) @Roz yes @Roz - yes I like that plug in- w3 @SrK what is the plugin to remove comments? Benjamin - What is cachein? Thanks @Kerry @Mike Just learned there are apparently some issues using WP Total Cache with Wishlist Member. It CAN be used, but there are some conguration issues. No Comments On Pages by Jaka Jancar Cacheing is Monday's course? Do you need to maintain/adjust the cache settings after you update the site or is it automatically maintained. @Valerie is that a plugin? @Deb it is included in Builder, a custom post type thing @Paul what is cloudare? Does this redirect conict with GravityForms? Isn't that an issue during dev when things are constantly changing? @StephenS Can you send me any info you have on the WishList conict? @Benjamin : if the image was cached, will it change if we upload edited image with same lename? This is not the same as when a client asks you not to cache their check right away... ;/

Paul sideradesign W3 + cloudare = super fast site

Paul sideradesign I can never get minication to work

Paul sideradesign @DebbMiller it's a new service :

CoachB2 VirtualSharon AmyMiller Sherry Stacey KerryCarron Alan Jordan CoachB2 Girl Friday Girl Friday AmyMiller karen WinDay Alan Jordan Stacey AmyMiller Alan Jordan BenjaminBradley TomD Rio

:) lol coach What exactly does the redirection plugin do? @SridharKatakam:thanks! thx SrK @Amy pretty much what it says, redirects one url to another url @Paul sounds like a good idea to keep a listing of code revisions. If there is a different cache in place, do you just remove it and install T3 or is there behind the scenes stuff (technical term) required? I know this is a very basic question but I never understood what redirect really means...redirecting what, and where, and in which instances? OK I can go into the Library and watch a tutorial Brain is already starting to explode! ;) the redirection webinar was great. @Girl tnhink of Lily Tomlin sending phone calls to other people: type one URL, go somewhere else @GirlFriday redirect from a web page to another web page. I couldn't get the redirect plugin to work for me Why would you want to send them somewhere else? @GirlFriday - Often done when you have more than on URL and want them to go to the same place, or when a page is moved. in two days i added 5 pages (140 entries) of redirects with redirection, a lot cleaner than going into .htaccess I was reading on the gravity forms site that there is are known conicts with the redirection plugin in capturing form data, have you ever run into these issues Benjamin? why do you want to do that @GirlFriday Or when you move an entire site from one host to another and want to be sure that the new site works before tearing down the old. @girl redirect a friendly url to the actual long ugly link (afliate link) @Amy when you rebuild an old site. When you use split marketing messages, can track who went to which starting URL but all end up at squeeze page. sorry I lost sound ok That makes sense. LOL So we have a training on "split testing?" LOL If we turn it Off - do we still have to do the Code thing to the Models for Redirection - or just one? To redirect old pages to your new WP site pages

Paul sideradesign if you change the code, you'll have to edit it again when the plugin is updated

Paul sideradesign cool

Billie Alan Jordan KerryCarron WinDay Rio Rio AmyMiller KerryCarron Roz-Fruchtman Billie Sanford2 Stacey

Girl Friday MiKemp Brett Metta Tim W Brian Gatley FredMw Valerie WinDay David Perednia DebbMiller Roz-Fruchtman KerryCarron Sherry Alan Jordan CoachB2 josh long DannyGSmith AcornCS Joyce Brett CoachB2 KerryCarron Alan Jordan Valerie DebbMiller WinDay Valerie KerryCarron Devon7 Wol1959 PeteyP David Perednia Devon7 KerryCarron

Ok thanks everyone I am really a novice at the tech stuff; I just make pretty pictures :) Coach has trainings for "spilt" testing That one was me LOL. What does it do? how much is gravity You can do the redirect for clients haven't paid the bill? ;) You would send people to different sites based on the browser type because some browsers have different characteristics I agree! Gravity Forms is AWESOME! @Girl do you freelance as a graphic designer? can I have your email? I make things work; I don't make them pretty! You could use it to intercept IE 6 users to tell them to upgrade for the best experience of your site. Not all newer sites cater to IE 6 anymore. Yes I too like Gravity Forms Gravity Forms has heavy discounts if they are still in force. So check before purchasing. PROF -- what else does GF do? @GirlFriday e.g. -> Why use anything else? You'd be defying gravity. does css apply to gravity forms? GF has great support as well! do you know how much the upgrades cost after the rst year? how much does it cost A little humor for the musical theater crowd. Or use the afliate link in the PDF (or mine) ;) GravityForms Can gravity forms put information directly into a database? @WinDay - OH WOW did not know that @Valerie you too? Cool! you beat me to it, Kerry! Add yours too @Valerie diff. between multi-site and developer license? Enabling readers to post photos to a site is exactly what I want to do! Is the tutorial on the site? how much is Grav Forms dev edition? @Alan Jordan Yes it all goes into a database and can be used later. Dev. is $199 @Petey $199

Paul sideradesign how does tdo mini forms compare?

Michael Cannon

are video sitemaps worth adding?

Paul sideradesign I suggest using WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, it replaces XML sitemaps, All in one SEO and robots meta David Perednia PeteyP Elianab karen TSchneider Roz-Fruchtman josh long Brett KerryCarron Alan Jordan KerryCarron TSchneider SridharKatakam David Perednia Arelthia Alan Jordan MJ_McL KerryCarron Alan Jordan RickinVegas josh long Joyce MJ_McL David Perednia David Perednia Girl Friday Alan Jordan Sherry KerryCarron KerryCarron Philip I picked up GF Developer for about $119 with discounts hmmm is it license or package? Can you use Gravity Forms to build a complicated event registration and make donations? Josh long - Gravity forms has a great diagram of every ield that makes css easier. I wish Builder would create a form like that too. What about the Builder SEO? @Peter - There is a site with discounts BEFORE you buy Gravity Forms. I don't have the link though. thanks @karen EElianab Yes Here's an example. @TS we are talking about sitemap, not SEO for now @David Thank you. Will it work with MSAccess? Jumping the gun.... whoops karen: have you seen the Builder map created by Ronald? You can combine some discounts with GF to get X% off and then a at $xx dollars off. @Benjamin what do you think about All in one webmaster extend/plugins/all-in-one-webmaster/ How does it compare with Tracewatch? @Roz-F. Can you track down the discount codes for Gravity forms, please. I think that this is the link to the one that @Benjamin likes as a must have: Multiple products into one is often worse. When one dies, all die. @Marcy - Thank you for the compliment it's like getting david bowie's greatest hits which ones tell you user agent info @Paul. The $200/year is if you want to keep getting updates and supports. Google "Gravity Forms discounts" for discount sites Discounts change regularly re: Gravity Forms...I've been using Formidable, looks and acts just like Gravity Forms, and is cheaper; one-time developers fee @Roz-F if you nd the coupon, would you send it to me too? what's taxonomy? @Girl NOTHING the same Gravity forms blows Formidable away Can you buy a developers copy of All-in-One-SEO pro?

Paul sideradesign gravity forms is 200 bucks a year, not a one time purchase

Paul sideradesign @MJ well, wouldn't you want to stay up to date? :)

MJ_McL RichardB Rio

@Paul. Yes, true. But sometimes you want to try and then use the plugin and then forget about it for any updates. what is a taxonomy? @karen did a forum post about targeting builder styling http:// based off ronalds builder sitemap Also, if you purchase the dev subscrption for Gravity Forms, he answers your email questions in a heartbeat. no kidding! SEO is a black art Can you show us how you'd use/create/write (or whatever) a taxonomy? @Win I don't think it has to be, but it sure can be CONTENT IS KING The algorithms change all the time Check out this site for Gravity Forms Discount Codes: 2010/gravity-forms-discount-code-save-25-or-50.html @Kerry it sure isn't something I want to market to my clients! Very time intensive @Win I agree The Bilder plugin does a little of that too, no? or should i say - VALUABLE CONTENT IS KING It's difcult to explain to clients that SEO as it is portrayed is not worth chasing. I agree content is king. @RickinVegas unique, real, and relationships Is there a training on SEO? @Rick true - but the words one realtor, for example, uses over another can make a huge difference @kerry - absolutely @Cher I suggest The Challenge for that kind of stuff content is king Can't nd PRO version at Keywords, titles, alt, etc all make a difference in SEO I need a little help with the AIOSEO and redirect plugin concepts. Any knowledgeable folks out there that want to chat separately in a study group?. I can setup a GoToMeeting session if so. @Kerry...thanks most important factors of SEO have to do with off site backlinks anyways @Cher @WinDay - however, its all about the target market the Realtor is going for - if they have a specic niche and write about it - this equals VALUABLE CONTENT Found Pro version at

karen KerryCarron TSchneider WinDay Wol1959 KerryCarron RickinVegas Judith MJ_McL WinDay

Paul sideradesign take the free course at for SEO and internet marketing KerryCarron TSchneider RickinVegas Brett KerryCarron Cher WinDay RickinVegas KerryCarron PeteyP Coryan Judith CoachB2

Cher Rio KerryCarron RickinVegas


dandylew PeteyP Judith PeteyP Cher RickinVegas Cher RickinVegas karen Alan Jordan KerryCarron AmyMiller Janet B jhickey AmyMiller Eileen Alan Jordan MJ_McL RickinVegas CoachB2 Judith RickinVegas Valerie KerryCarron Janet B WinDay Alan Jordan Judith AmyMiller Richard CoachB2 KerryCarron Al Davis1 Lori

If you use more than 1 SEO do they conict with each other? Ed dale and co! Akismet gives you a lot of spam - si captcha plugins are better @Kerry I love the idea of us creating study groups...for specic areas of interest keep in mind - its not about what we sell - its about what the customer wants Can you use that key on more than one site? @Cher yes Study groups - Yes!! How much overhead does Askimet use? @Paul thanks (it is my senior moment) @Benjamin - dene a lot of trafc. Can you use your Akimset key on client sites or should they have their own? @benjamin Why commercial when busy?? ahha If your building a commercial site for a business why not just pay for a key to begin with? Page views from Askismet? I don't think I'd be here if my sites were getting that much trafc each month ! @Janet - set one up for them - using their info. I have found success, setting up client specic Gmail accounts that i use for them I have anal retentive clients who generate that many hits themselves checking their site. I use Si- Captcha Anti-Spam and haven't had any spam comments to moderate. Askimet I had about 50 per day. $200 Your clients have more $$ than mine do... hmm, I don't remember lling all that out for my API, I just use my same number for all of them @RickinVegas Good- that's exactly what I've been doing! @Judith I'm testing the combination of TypePad AntiSpam and Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin Be careful. Sometimes, making money on little things can cause hard feelings. @WinDay Si-Captcha is very good BTW - I have had issues with DisplayBuddy and mutlisite. They are aware of the problem but no x yet. Defensio is a pretty decent alternative to Askimet If interested in the study group, e-mail me at and let me know. Thx Does email buddy produce HTML emails or just plain text? GD Star is AWESOME

Paul sideradesign @kerry it's

Paul sideradesign I wish!

BenjaminBradley KerryCarron Cher Al Davis1 CoachB2 Valerie AmyMiller KerryCarron clyde4 WinDay Al Davis1 Alan Jordan Brett @Al plain text only Thanks Coach Thansk...anyone use MailChimp plugin to produce HTML newsletters? I have some GD clients I'd like to get rid of. If you want html emails, MailPress is good, and it's free. @Coach - Hardee har har! @coachB LOL does anyone know if you use EmailBuddy do you still need aWeber or sometype of autoresponder @Al I've been using MailChimp for a few years. Am just starting to integrate it into WP sites Thanks @Valerie When you de-activate, is there still overhead for the plug until removed? @Al I use MailChimp but haven't taken advantage of it as I should.

Paul sideradesign @CoachB2 what study?

Paul sideradesign wouldn't it slow down your site to use WP for email ? Paul sideradesign cool AmyMiller VirtualSharon CoachB2 @Benjamin - Can you show us an example of it being used? is this what you used at wpshirts? @Paul I was seeking some help on AIOSEO and redirect concepts and wanted to share some issues and get some solutions so I thought a study group would help. I have a couple of clients looking for custom HTML newsletters....need to nd a good solution GD Star would be good for a restaurant's menu items maybe? @Benjamin - Just USER ratings? @Brett Ditto. But, I like it, a lot better than MyEmma, which costs much more. Prof Please would you do a webinar training on GD Star rating in 2011 @Al MailChimp is free up to 1000 emails on list and 6000 emails a month @Al Davis1 I think you'll like MailChimp Sweet! Can you change what it says about the rating to encourage people to click it? does it slow down your site Chumbo is very busy And some dumb schmuck gives you a thumbs down - no thanks I like where you can only vote once. @AlDavis1: I have been using Vertical Response for HTML newsletters for years; great customer service My chumbolicious link sent me to google chrome @Coach - use Firefox

Paul sideradesign I used wp post ratings on a site Al Davis1 Brett AmyMiller Alan Jordan Sally-May WinDay Janet B BenjaminBradley Valerie Cher julie2 Jerry Kayne Judith MJ_McL Girl Friday CoachB2 AmyMiller

RickinVegas KerryCarron Jerry Kayne Al Davis1 PeteyP Jude24 Coryan KerryCarron Valerie Philip KerryCarron karen Valerie AcornCS AcornCS Peggy Jude24 KerryCarron AmyMiller Cher KerryCarron Jude24 DannyGSmith Valerie josh long Brett Cher Roz-Fruchtman Lance

beer #2 lol Funny Mr. MSIE Thanks @val@Janet B...looks like I'll need to go have a look at them lol I used IE and it didn't redirect me Can posts be displayed according to ranking? Jude! IE is deve taboo, lol Best CALENDAR plugins???? @Coach - use Chrome Another vote for a webinar on GD Star Rating in 2011. You're oh-so-helpful, Kerry! is there a training on for email buddy? greawt What's typical monthly or annual maintenance cost for a retail site (aside from developer cost)? @Kerry - it isn't my primary browser -- just for testing things @Valerie it is tough to stay ahead of @benjamin and anticipate, lol @Kerry - you are super speedy! and will you please compare it WishList and when to use which one? @Jude, lol I was just teasing I know :-) I can't wait for the members webinar! @Cher, Members and WishList aren't really comparable. is that better than wp-member? I like the calendar plugins that integrate with Google Calendar. @ Valerie. Do you use both? Will the Members Plugin do what WishList does? does members have a paid option?

Paul sideradesign true I am a member of, he is awesome

Paul sideradesign @Valerie

Paul sideradesign @valerie

Paul sideradesign 109301 KerryCarron Valerie LOL @Benjamin has done that before Thanks @Paul. I haven't looked for calendar plugins in a while. Cool. My son is building a site for a church (his rst paid gig) and he was asking about calendars. Maybe a webinar on Members Plugin n 2011 too. Will members conict with WishList? does this work with multi site? I am also curious about the Members comparison to Wishlist

karen Alan Jordan Lori RichardB

WinDay Sally-May Alan Jordan RickinVegas

@Richard me too! Prof Please could we have a toilet break my eyeballs are oating %-) @Lori,Richard,WinDay - Touch base with me off line so - for example - I could have a page for "web specials" however, when the public goes to view that page - it could say - "you must be logged in to view this page" - and use this plug in to create th @Alan...thanks! What about mobile? @Lori My pleasure. I like using Gravity forms for polls and surveys Sweet! I've been lurking; was a little late getting here, but WOW...this class is awesome. Kudos! @Alan thanks! WElcome @Martina are you new to the "family"? now thats convenient! which plug in give id # here is another ratings plugin: #wp-postratings Did you skip the PodsCMS one? I don't understand the "Pods" idea and would love to learn about that @Acorn there is a training on PODS in the library too @Winday. My pleasure. so now you can hide those id's if people are not logged in? ok - new to the community :) - - need to get in there and nd out what is available Thanks @Brett for a web special page and require them to log in inorder to view Hello everyone! Hi Charley Also on Pods: pods/ @Benjamin - What's a tag cloud? @Paul me too, they serve no real purpose

Lori AmyMiller KerryCarron Alan Jordan KerryCarron KerryCarron AmyMiller KerryCarron Martina WinDay KerryCarron Rio karen SridharKatakam AcornCS

Paul sideradesign that's great for development

Paul sideradesign @Acorn there's a webinar on pods KerryCarron Alan Jordan RickinnVegas Brett AcornCS KerryCarron RickinnVegas RickinnVegas Charley KerryCarron KerryCarron Brett AmyMiller KerryCarron

Paul sideradesign I hate tag clouds

RickinnVegas MartinaMe Al Davis1 Alan Jordan AmyMiller KerryCarron David Perednia RickinnVegas iBusinessLogic Janet B Al Davis1 KerryCarron martina-again Alan Jordan Cher martina-again KerryCarron RickinnVegas AmyMiller Alan Jordan martina-again KerryCarron Sherry Judith Alan Jordan Gary M. Gordon Roz-Fruchtman Alan Jordan martina-again martina-again Lance2 Gary M. Gordon RickinnVegas RickinnVegas KerryCarron

YUK Yes, I'm new, Kerry. Thanks. no tag clouds my clients out of them Does a tag cloud help with SEO? Oh, I know what you're talking about now. @Martina well, welcome... I see you found the chat glitch with signing in , lol That is so unintuitive use css to style them? Really - Tag Cloud - So, 2008 @Paul Thanks for the link re calendar plugin. It's exactly what I need! @Alan- no, no SEO Benet At the break can someone tell me why it locks me out of using my name after I enter a line? @AlDavis - Thanks. Is there a training on setting up RSS...I'm having trouble getting Feedburner to work. LOL Kerry...yes. @Martina just a glitch and you found the way back in my issue - where to put the wp greet box You lost me there...where are those comments coming from? @Benjamin - Does the WP Greet Box only work when someone has logged in? @Kerry, it looks like it's letting me use this one again. phew, just in time... @martina-again: don't keep typing in your name it'll just show up Coffee time @Benjamin. Thanks. will display buddy work on other themes other than ithemes? I gotta nd something quick to cook... I've been nibling on Christmas Candy Canes! ;) @Benmamin BRB @Sherry, I'm not typing it in again, it tells me the name is protected and I can't use it unless I put in a password. @Kerry, what's the glitch and how do I get around it. Guess I can be martinaagain though since it's working. does the members plugin give the ability of a paid membership site? I sent a couple questions through "Ask A Question" .. is that where I should post my questions? can i please give kudos to the ithemes team - i am starting a new job in January - and the knowledge i have gained here got me an extra 18k per year and - I'll be back in the wireless industry - one i truly love @Gary yes you can... you can post them here for community answers too

Paul sideradesign @Janet you're welcome

Lawrence David Perednia garymgordon Lance2 KerryCarron Lance2 Marcy Al Davis1 RickinnVegas @Charley Sherry RickinnVegas Al Davis1 Coryan Martina-again WinDay Coryan David Perednia LoriB Sanford2 Martina-again garymgordon garymgordon Girl Friday

WTG Rick! Even if you paid $397 for your membership that's a fantastic return Hi does the members plugin give the ability of a paid membership site? Hi @garym thank you @RickinVegas - Congrats! any idea how long Saturday session will last? I am delivering a seminar tomorrow afternoon.... TY everyone chat doesn't like me tonight :roll: @PROF -- in reference to this aft - I set up my database but still get the error install on my site -- is that because I haven't changed my wp-cong le? out of the insurance biz - Thank god Thanks, will miss the last hour but will catch the recording Are we on break? I just came back from getting bumped off Internet. Are there recordings available of the classes once they're done? <general grumble> wish more WP ecommerce plugins worked with Canadian merchant accounts/gateways! Thanks. I just tried out DukaPress 2.0 for a shopping cart. It seems to work just great. I really like it. Hello @Benjamin - can you repeat the thing about Backup Buddy needing the WPCong.php to be in the "Same Place" - thing? Again, I'm new to WebDesign and this is awesome. Great job! I sent a couple questions into Ask A Question. When will you answer them, or should I post them here? no When you mentioned that Gravity Forms allows you to sell product with price elds...can you use it as a shopping cart then (accept payment or use PayPal with it?) about 40 min. ago as a member do we get a discount at backupbudy developer suite I was asking. ... Thanks - So probably best Not to move the WP-Cong.php le - if we do indeed plan to use Backup Buddy. Re: wp-cong.php -- So you can move it back for the backup, and then put it back in the higher level? @David Perednia: good tip. Thanks - was looking for a cart system Benjamin I got my data base prex changed. The problem was in the wpoptions table -- had to change wp_user info amd some records in another table @Bejamin - If a plugin is disabled, does it take up memory?

garymgordon Charliee garymgordon Sanford2 Jude24 Lawrence Judith Alan Jordan

Paul sideradesign I posted some this morning

garymgordon RickinnVegas WinDay garymgordon DebbMiller Sanford2 Alan Jordan KerryCarron DebbMiller Jude24 Judith RickinnVegas Joyce

I'm running Wordpress on a Windows server and I was concerned about stopping script injections. @Benjamin - the job i am going to - i made them purchase the membership yesterday! @David Can I talk to you about DukaPress sometime? Looking for a cart for three sites... is what you said yesterday (which I haven't heard yet) handled differently on a Windows server, running IIS, than it is on a Linux server? Good to know, did not know that @Jude24 - your question claries! - Thanks! @Best to uninstall the ones you're not using then. @Rick I hope you used an afliate link! looks like I'm going to be cleaning up plugins! :-) @RickinVegas good for you! @kerry - $50 bucks - not worth it - iThemes deserves the extra $$ @win well, maybe you could learn how to make a plugin, and you would have a valuable product fo your area market! @Joyce I've thought about it! @Benjamin (or anyone!) This will be a stupid question, but how do I set about buying Coda? @Lawrence do you have a Mac @Joyce I think I see this in my future, developing plugins... just for fun, the puzzle of it @Judith Yes Coda is for a Mac right. That's why I'm interested @Lawrence I believe it is: @Kerry - Thanks! google coda, it's the rst link Thanks Judith you are correct like Tysons.. Come on down! It is well worth the money @Lawrence my link is wrong yup! Thanks Rick You Rock Yup - I realised. Thanks - and to Judith for the right one! LOL I know Tyson's Corner - we used to go there after high school games!

Paul sideradesign there's a php course at WinDay Lawrence

Paul sideradesign I recommend these Judith KerryCarron Lawrence Judith Lawrence KerryCarron Lawrence joshdlong Judith KerryCarron @Charley RickinnVegas Danny G Smith KerryCarron @Charley Sally-May Lawrence Sanford2 Judith

Marcy Lawrence David Perednia Alan Jordan Judith Alan Jordan KerryCarron MiKemp Lawrence Tim W Alan Jordan Sanford2 Stacey KerryCarron MiKemp KerryCarron WinDay Stacey Tim W Judith Lawrence MiKemp KerryCarron DebbMiller Sherry FredMw WinDay Rio Brett KerryCarron Alan Jordan Tim W Cher KerryCarron karen Rio Stacey David Perednia Lawrence BillG David Perednia

BB-Yea, gured it was somewhere over there I'd got that one - which is why I asked Or just Congressmen, Senators and lobbiests @Judith What is Coda? text editor for the Mac that Benjamin uses @Judith. Thanks. This story is a far cry from Chumbo @Alan - Coda has built in FTP @Judith Thanks again Ha- I live in a town of like 450.. @MiKemp. Interesting. I'll remember if I get a Mac too. @Kerry - Chumbo only goes High-End! :) I forgot, what is the windows version of Coda @Tim relate it to the farmers market then, ;) Notepad++ @Stacey NotePad++ @Stacey I don't think there's one app that does it all. thx Actually in the costco parking lot.. It's not Notepad++ - doesn't have FTP capability @ Stacey Notepad ++ with Filezilla does NotePad++ do FTP too? you made me hungry.....cheesecake! @Stacey or PUTTY NotePad++ does have FTP. It doesn't do SSH @Stacey notepad++ and lezilla @Kerry yes via a plugin @Debb I knew I liked you! LOL, mmm, cheesecake For Windows I like UltraEdit. I have a big wordpress book all about this.. I had a hard time following. I've been looking at UltraEdit and EditPlus3...anyone have opinions on those? whoa scoll left A choose your own adventure novel! That is hilarious and brilliant! @winday notepad++ has ftp? where do you enable it? notepad ++ is FREE NotePad ++ is free and it is a very good editor @ Karen: yeah - it's made the connection for me, though! @Tim W - What is the book? Is it good? Use reftp with Firefox or use Filezilla also free

Paul sideradesign yes I loved those books

WinDay Alan Jordan RickinnVegas Brett Tim W

@Rio there's a plugin. You can set it up to work directly on the server, save a le up, etc. Doesn't do bulk FTP like Filezilla or CuteFTP Notepad is great for stripping out hi-bit characters, from Word, etc. Does CSS determine how they are displayed? @Rio I use notepad++ but stick with Filezilla for transfer. I am in my car- about 50 miles from my house.. if you email me at I will give you the title. It just came out, and is actually pretty good. css is style Kompozer, Aracgbiogukuam and Amaya should be Arachnophilia so on a site there are tons of loops going on??? @WinDay ok, I'll have to look into that, thanks @Tim W - Thanks, I will. Edit Plus has a built in FTP function. has anyone tried cs5 dweaver? In other languages this would be a "Do While" loop the risk of confusion...WP refers to everything as "posts" even pages. Is page.php considered the default page template? @tim - I have it but I'm a novice with it heard you can do all this with CS5. Yes, but I don't get the div id. and then the CSS styles it What is the difference between a WP Loop and a query? @Tim I've been using Dreamweaver since v2. Have not been using it on WP sites. BB...How does the loop work with "pages" @Brett that's what I use too but sometimes its easier if your editor can do direct uploads I have cs5 but only use it if I have to do big tables. @ Benjamin Your image of an adventure novel nally made sense of this for me! Thanks. @Brett - Thank you for that! @Cher and the php code gets the data to return from the MySQL database Great - thanks for that. @Alan YW! why there's no : before while? @Fred A query goes into a database and returns a data set. I don't like the way DW keeps local and remote sites synced. Always did it manually with CuteFTP anyway. WOW...when people said "THE" WP loop, I thought there was 1 big loop. Duh... Why the code is different between Coda and the PDF? @Cher not duh... AHH HAAA!

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RickinnVegas Tim W Cher karen joshdlong Alan Jordan Cher Brett Joyce KerryCarron Lawrence RickinnVegas KerryCarron Jonathan Metta CECdenver Lawrence Metta Danny G Smith Brett Brett RickinnVegas Rio Cher KerryCarron joshdlong Lawrence KerryCarron Alan Jordan Brett

so, to WordPress- Everything is a post? so much easier when someone explains it. @Kerry...thanks. Darling, o to Baskin Robbins, but if you bring back Cocanut ice-ream, you are so red! Thats awesome. I've used certain frameworks for that kind of control. @Benjamin, It might be smart to point out the meaning of the braces {} So...each click is essentially a "search"?? @Jonathan I'd consider Coda to be correct. Benjamin may have made a typo in the PDF. pdf editer uses different "characters" @Cher yes Is it just me, or did the way of writing PHP chage rather radically relatively recently? So - with WordPress - EVERYTHING is a Post? @Lawrence php is open source so developers are always nding ways to make it better Thanks Brett I'm still not sure I see the big picture: how is the mail loop used on WP site? Does the site visitor make the request? I used to look at WO site templates and they made sense! ..or, do I code it and display it? Some people still use the curly braces but mostly the new way with : Posts are the stuff in the content table. It all gets dumped in the same pot. wouldnt that be a "category" ?? @Jonathan any code in the pdf is going to have special characters, you would want to type it in directly And remembering that everything is just pieces in a database helps me wrap my head around this @Lawrence just look for the patterns, copy and paste, change specics surprised you're not arrested for such an old version:0 @Kerry: yes - done that and was introduced to a whole new world of pain! LOL @Cher exactly ... db info stored in tables (another concept for later) @Danny. Thanks. I'm not a php guy, and that confused me. So ":" is a begin/ end symbol? If you remember when Benjamin was going over the Simply ID's plugin the Hello World post ID was "1" and the About Page was "2". They're both in the same table. try Spark5746 @Lawrence this is true, lol so manylog ins.. how do you organize..

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Joyce Valerie Cher joshdlong KerryCarron Lance2 RickinnVegas KerryCarron Lance2 Tim W Martina-me Brett Lance2 Alan Jordan Metta joshdlong KerryCarron Tim W @Charley Martina-me RickinnVegas WinDay Brett CECdenver Metta Joyce KerryCarron Metta WinDay Metta Cher Alan Jordan David Perednia BenjaminBradley Metta Lawrence karen

the pdf editer uses codes to make the fancy " " ' stuff, and it adds that coding to the simple text - it's unseen to us, but coded "underneath" 1Password is the BEST password organizer out there. @Kerry..I understand Databases and tables so I'm having some major "lightbulb" moments here one word, one password. i see it in your browser @Tim LastPass talking talking @cher - me too @Cher I love it when that happens talking talking I use the same passwords, but after yesterday, I think I better be a little more random LOL...thought I was the only one with the remembering issue & which email. BTW LastPass acquired XMarks. talking talking A caveat with PHP, don't accidentally erase the top or ending characters. Can someone explain to me what triggers the loop? Is it literally a request from a site visitor? If so, how do they make this request? nice UI come back again next week and re-watch and you will go... OMG I get this now thanks Wow, WP has come a long way @Kerry, is that when everything will be up for us to review it? i would love to see a WP database in an excel format @Metta when they request a URL. Their browser sends a request to the server Wow I think WP was 1.6 or so the rst time I used it. WOW WinDay: Thanks! clicking on a link is a request for a page @Metta from the choices you give the user on the frontend of your site that is displayed for your visitors gotcha! perfect! @Metta that's what the loop stuff does: it denes the request Many thanks! and now that Matt guy is a mega millionaire @Metta So is refreshing a page. Can you show us what the front end ot that early site looked like? perfect! many thanks from the resident newbie! ;-) It's when you see how far WP has come that you realise just how valuable the Open Source community is. thanks WinDay!

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@Lawrence ya huh! @Lawrence agreed. The Codex is what sets WP apart from most other open source projects. Makes it accessible to more people. @Benjamin - So these are just the tags for the php commands? can i build my own "tag" if I want to query a custom table I build? can you hide "the title" on a specic page if you know the OD? @ Brett Sure is I mean ID @Brett @Lawrence it has evolved hugely just in this last year! These tags sound like Java syntax. If you want a good book on what a database really is, can do, how it works -ANY database: Database Design for Mere Mortals by MIchael Hernandez I know! It's been amazing. @Benjamin - Are the Template tags just the tags you use to do the php commands? Win Day - Thanks for the book reccomend! and borders is offering 40% off on all books till monday! @all: who are your theme design gurus?? @Amy and they are WordPress specic. Not PHP Generic. For newbies - this type of webinar is much easier if you have two monitors and extend the screen. Easy to do with a laptop and one extra monitor. OK, I really need to pay attention to this. I SO want to learn this... I bet it is easier than I am thinking... I tend to be thick sculled when it comes to learning, lol You see the presentation on the left and the chat on the right, for example. don't forget the semi colons @Benjamin makes this look SO easy Yes. Don't forget the semi-colons. (By C) I had NO idea that a template was that straightforward! Good advice, Alan. I keep losing the screens. But I do have about 50 other windows open. (Note to self: Close everything before joining the chat). I would also suggest that you plugin name be related to the function of the plugin. @Benjamin - What's the best way to set up a testing site? I even comment my css when I am modifying a child theme When you search for plugins on WordPress folks search on the name @Kerry Me too. @Alan Local setup is one good way: @Martina Thanks. How can you make sure it's a unique name? @Brett Thank you. @Benjamin - What folder did you put this in?

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KerryCarron Brett KerryCarron Brett Alan Jordan Cher AmyMiller Martina-me Brett MalHerring AmyMiller KerryCarron Jeremy Alan Jordan Brett Lawrence Devon7 MalHerring julie2 AmyMiller Alan Jordan VirtualSharon MalHerring CECdenver KerryCarron MalHerring David Perednia Lawrence KerryCarron jleray KerryCarron RickinnVegas Danny G Smith Alan Jordan KerryCarron Metta AmyMiller

@Amy the one we just created in the plugins directory /wp-content/plugins/yourplugin @Brett ty YW You might want to create a prex that you pre-pend to all of the plug ins you create. Can you take an existing plug-in and tweak it and rename it? @Kerry - I'm on overload! I'm liking Coda. Is it only for Mac? @Martina yes. How far in are we ladies and Gents - i just made it. @Kerry - Need another brain and two more arms! @Amy hang in there... get what you can... it will come Coda Rocks! @Mal about 90 minutes. @Mal Page 3 of the PDF doc. @ Benjamin: HELP! I'm in Filezilla. How do I do the le writing? On my desktop and THEN uplaod? What is Coda? have we gotten into themeing yet? @Mal page 4 of day#2 You can say that again. ;) @Mal no. i would imagine you'd be more comfortable with a re hose than i schwwweeeeeettt @Lawrence you can do it that way thanks Does WordPress always require that the les be pure php les or can you mix in html? Thanks @Sharon good point! See Coda at @David it can be both, most of the templates in WP are both just like css What is the proper etiquette on forking a plugin. Do you include the original author's block? The colors will be added only with certain editors. Notepad won't do it. @Alan that is abummer, That is how I recognize the pattern... good thinkg I use a MAC what does URI stand for? @Benjamin - URI?

Cher Lawrence AmyMiller Alan Jordan WinDay Metta KerryCarron Sherry Ann Devon7 AmyMiller Alan Jordan Brett WinDay Tim W CECdenver Brett David Perednia WinDay Martina-me AmyMiller Alan Jordan Roger DavidH Tim W Brett

will the URI be site that is using it? Textedit won't let me write a .txt le. Says it has to be .txt.rtf Link to what? URI is similar to URL if that helps you to remember. Uniform Resource . . . @Kerry NOtePad++ does the colours! thanks @Win that is good then what does GPL mean? What does GPL mean? @jleray - Thank you for the link re: Coda! @Bnjamin - What does GPL mean? @WinDay Just didn't want a new person to go crazy. General Public LIcense (I think) For a good CSS editor, with colour coding and REALLY good hinting: TopStyle. Can't get the FTP working consistently though is there anything like coda for windows @Tim Notepad++ is where I end up everytime I do that research. URI = Uniform Resource Identier @Brett me too Thanks WinDay & CEC Denver. @Benjamin - So the URI sends the user to your le on your website? @WinDay. I agree about topstyle. @Lawrence - TextEdit preferences allows you to change that... General Public License is correct can you do real time with lezilla? @Amy I just tells people where they can get more info about the plugin. It has nothing to do with the function of the plugin itself.

Paul sideradesign also check out StyleMaster by Paul sideradesign Tim W Joyce Alan Jordan AmyMiller Lawrence Tim W Lori Lawrence Sherry David Perednia Alan Jordan with notepad ++ i used to use notetab - that just probably tell ya how old I am If you have Dreamweaver, it will display the colors. @Brett - How does WordPress know where to go to get the le? Hooks: I really lose the will to live with this stuff! i have cs4 dw.. have not tried php I love TopStyle 4 for Windows Praying for that lightbulb moment ... @PROF --where does the actual plugin exist? Colored text is called a syntax highlighter so that is what you want to look for. Also, there are editors built into cPanel that will display the colors. (Code editor.)

AmyMiller WinDay Brett Joyce David Perednia Alan Jordan AmyMiller Cher Joyce Jerry Kayne AmyMiller Alan Jordan Lawrence KerryCarron Alan Jordan WinDay Eileen Martina-me lost.... @Amy That was the Plugin URI in the top bit @Amy it looks in the plugins directory for les with this comment structure that Benjamin just laid out. If it nds one you see it in the plugins list. wp codex Soon you will say to yourself "Ah Ha!" Color coding helps to identify if you've typed in something incorrectly. @brett - Thanks. I think I get it. Is there a list somewhere that shows a picture of where the hooks are and what they are called? the dashboard has links to the codex Gotta go everyone. See you tomorrow. Gotta hockey game. I'm on the ice in an hour. cya @Jerry. Have fun. Go for it, Jerry bye Jerry @Benjamin can use use ' instead of {}? @BB Is there an error in the PDF? Says "put words at top of site using wp_head hook" -- should be "wdcannounce" hook? @Benjamin You are a great code instructor! @Amy, this Wordpress Cheat Sheet may help you some, in combination with what @Benjamin is saying -- wordpress-cheat-sheet @Benjamin - what's a div? @BB: what is 'echo'? @WinDay. No. wp_head is the WordPRess hook where you are inserting the wdcannounce plugin (which is a function). @Amy a div is an HTML container Right. Thanks, BB @Brett That's MY aha! moment of the night! And PHP I used that course to help teach middle schoolers.. FYI . . . Echo comes from the old DOS days. It echoed back what someone typed into the console.

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Paul sideradesign if you don't know HTML, I suggest you learn this before diving into WordPress development Alan Jordan Stacey Joyce Alan Jordan Joyce @Benjamin - I assume you can put a variable there? BB, can you make that "scroll"? @alan, were you there in the old dos days? @Joyce. Yes. me too

KerryCarron KerryCarron Tim W AmyMiller Brett Brett Alan Jordan CECdenver Danny G Smith Tim W WinDay KerryCarron Tim W Alan Jordan Tim W KerryCarron Tim W Joyce RickinnVegas Brett WinDay KerryCarron Alan Jordan Martina-me @Charley AmyMiller WinDay Joyce RickinnVegas Alan Jordan KerryCarron Tim W Martina-me Tim W KerryCarron Martina-me

ha! I remeber dos... back then I wanted nothing to do with understanding computers or code... now I cannot get enough Like mini web sites with php.. Is echo the name of the div or a command? @WinDay awesome! Glad I could help. @Amy echo is a php command @Joyce - First COBOL course. Nothing worked. I was using IBM manual, but running on Burroughs machine, and no one noticed. normally you would create a style sheet in the plugin folder and make a call to the style sheet correct? echo is a php command pretty cool @CEC yes; you'd put an ID or a class on the div and style it in the CSS le @CEC or just have it default to the theme stylesheet so wp-footer would be on the bottom? Be careful with colors. Make sure they're not color blind combination like Blue or Green on red. cool boo, that is not user friendly... show us how to not have to go to code for changes @Benjamin so kind of like using css, but kick it out if we want The rst hyperlink blew me away - I could see where it was going [the implications of it's use] i think it was called dot something code Beer #3 So now you just make an admin panel input screen. No problem! Right... @RIck drinks are on Rick! @Rick does that help with brain overload? @Joyce I remember Apple's Hyperstack. LOL, I took COBOL, FORTRAN and a few others that are no longer really used speaking of beer, where's @Coach B? @Rick - I think I'm ready for one! @Martina Remember SNOBOL? I could not afford apple then @Kerry - no, wine works for brain overload - thats next Comments are really great for you to look at six months from now, when you don't remember what you did. @Rick now your talkin I am actually understanding this. All the books does not compare to this LOL @WinDay I guess I just learn better like this @Tim money well spent for membership @Tim, I agree. He's a great presenter/teacher

Tim W Alan Jordan DavidK RickinnVegas Tim W WinDay Tim W Alan Jordan Martina-me Eileen Joyce RickinnVegas Joyce Tim W KerryCarron Alan Jordan Martina-me Martina-me Tim W @Charley KerryCarron Joyce Alan Jordan RickinnVegas Tim W Martina-me KerryCarron Alan Jordan Joyce Tim W Lawrence KerryCarron Tim W Alan Jordan

Oh yeah @Tim spread the word at a user group, and give Benjamin credit. A lot of coders, I know deliberately don't leave notes, so they keep themselves in the job! @Tim - I agree 100% - it is so much better getting a visual/audible explaination! Surprised he does not work at an actual university.. @David I've inherited one of those sites. Will jst rebuild it from scratch! Or maybe he does? @Rick It's really helpful to be able to ask questions. So if you write your own plug-in, does it have to be registered in the codex? i have taught coding classes & taken a number of them myself & Benjamin is truely a great instructor it would probably stife him - the out of the box syndrime @Alan - agreed syndrrome Being a teacher- this hybrid model style is the wave of the future. Adhd kids could handle this kind of learning @Alan I like the fact that now I have friends, ;) @Kerry. It's helpful when you're about to pull out your hair. Someone else may see a mistake, you can't. Wish my computer science classes back in the day were taught like this. Yep, the COBOL and FORTRAN ones. :) hour and a half left on my battery right now.. hope it holds out @Tim - I'm an ADHD adult and its amazing how much of this I retain @Tim... plugin during next break! @tim yes - that was what I "saw" when I saw the rst hyperlinks @Tim - Can you change your power settings. Maybe make the screen a little dimmer? Alls I can say - is the iThemes community is one of the best and most helpful out there In the car.. What time is the class over? I've gotta run out before the store closes, but I don't want to miss anything. @Rick that alone is worth the price... endless sources of go to people for info when you need it @Tim Use the Power applet in the control panel. i thin 9 min ago oh yeah Ok - got Coda and trying to type up the php le. No colours! How do I do that? @Martina at least another hour I think and @Benjamin said we'd likely go over tonight minimal bumped another 20 mins.. @Benjamin - Can you make a mistake on purpose to show what happens?

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you have double quotes on the add_option... does it matter? Thanks Kerry. back in head just exploded @laurance Did you see the CODA class in the library? it's really helpful @Lawrence: have you saved as php yet? @Kerry - truly the denition of "culture" as described by Tony Hiesh - CEO of Zappos - Author of "Delivering Happiness" @Joyce Thanks. I'll have to look at it. Just got Coda 5 mins ago @Joyce there is a CODA Class? How'd I miss that? Is there a reason you have double quotes on activate and single quotes on deactivate? @MiKemp Yup PROF -- do you have too many )))? @Benjamin - Can you scroll down and let me see the div container again? @sherry no, but that is a good question. He's got one paren for each one he opened. Single quotes go around arguments (yes/no/ etc.) talking talking Double quotes go around function names Ummm ... @MiKemp: I added a new le, called it announce.pp, but don't have the nice leaf on it! Have I done something wrong? What just happened? talking talking what do all the colors represent.. I'm just learning it too, am an old pc person on a new imac pro - with parallels virtual pc, just in case html, php, css,etc? @Benjamin trying to shortcut the admin menu? I'm really basic at this... but it appears in the edtor you are using the colors and the ( ) and { } are automatically generated. So, can someone tell me where I can nd the recording from last night or is there delay in posting it? Notice that there is a convention of a _ between two words to make them easier to read. PROF - is that correct (is_admin()) ? @Lawrence the extension is .php Wow went to the restroom and he is already an nounces single quotes and double quotes are the same. just be consistent. @Danny not yet @Tim it is just showing the syntax It's great to see a mistake. This shows the value of the color coding. need to get rid of a few beers @dandy yes, the colors help you determine what type of code it is @Sherry yes -- on pair after admin, and one pair wrapping the whole phrase

Joyce PeteyP Martina-me PeteyP Brett Michael Cannon Alan Jordan Martina-me RickinnVegas KerryCarron Tim W Martina-me WinDay Brett Tim W RickinnVegas Joyce Deborah Martina-me Coryan karen Lance3 VirtualSharon Ace Judith DavidH Roger Tim W Joyce MJ_McL Martina-me Lawrence

Benjamin said that it has been uploaded, but not posted yet @RickinVegas lol Okay Joyce, thanks. ditto @Sherry Yes. The opening parenthesis is for the IF statement the other (inner) set is for arguments for the function if you have any. @dandy in this case, red are php commands, purple are html BRB How long is the break? Honesty - the ONLY way to learn includes good alchohol @Martina til @Benjamin xes it, lol Absolutely love mi wi .. lol... brb @Rick. Is that Vegas talkin'? LOL oh, and iphone plus laptop @Brett - that OHIO talkin' - GO BUCKEYES This is so neat! I LOVE you guys! nope lol... not me i'm here! i'm not here no here How would we know lol a couple people did just driving down the road. don't think many did No. Just awak - still Funny! I haven't paid for Coda! Not asked for payment. Are some of my features disabled??? Says my syntax is PHP but I get no colours - just looks like rtf or something i'm not all here Gonna attempt to call in while I run to the store. Hard to pull myself away... @Lawrence: -- coda is only good for so many free days look up on the top right to see how many days are left Back. @Joyce - MOST of us aren't all here these days man, missed the best part!

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Tim W KerryCarron Tim W Martina-me Tim W KerryCarron Martina-me KerryCarron Tim W Judith WinDay Alan Jordan Martina-me KerryCarron Alan Jordan Michael Cannon KerryCarron AmyMiller DavidK WinDay Tim W Alan Jordan Martina-me Judith Sherry Martina-me Joyce stc_Janie Sherry Alan Jordan KerryCarron Tim W pixeljuice Alan Jordan karina KerryCarron joshdlong Sherry DavidK Alan Jordan Tim W

just lost the connection @Win no you did not miss anything back on New member ?: Why are some people's name in Purple? yeah newbie @Martina we registered our name in the prole Thanks. np oh yeah Great if you have a new product coming out @Kerry where is the options.php page? did he create that while I was out of the room? This is good stuff. What @Alan said! @Win he just created the options in the code It gives the user power, and stops you from doing maintenance code. this is kinda like the wibiya toolbar right in th php @Benjamin - Can you give us a copy of the entire le in its complete form? Will the 'announcement' header it affect the theme's normal header layout? @Kerry but but but: the action on the form is options.php. Where is that page? oh boy If you were color blind, you wouldn't see "Google." Test... I love it!!! very cool Yay! Look at me all purple like y'all. I am clapping!! Hurrah! PROF -- what was all that other code you inserted? A plug in doesn't have to add to a head. @Win it was farther up in the code could we use your plug in and edit, or do we have to create our own What's involved in making that a widget that can be placed in a sidebar? It can go to any hook. does it always get added to the head? That was what he added while we were on break now i'm a plugin developer. add it to the resume! PROF -- where did you get it? Will the 'announcement' header it affect the theme's normal header layout? Woo hoo! I think I am a webdesign junkie..

RickinnVegas Judith Martina-me Valerie Judith Tim W AmyMiller Martina-me Tim W KerryCarron Martina-me Sherry KerryCarron AmyMiller Tim W joshdlong Alan Jordan AmyMiller Lawrence Tim W Sherry DavidK KerryCarron joshdlong Alan Jordan Joyce PeteyP Cher BenjaminBradley MiKemp RickinnVegas Martina-me karen Alan Jordan AmyMiller Brett Brett AmyMiller

side bar hook In a widget @josh, I'm sure plenty of us will be up all night trying to make our own plugins. :) Didn't work in my head, but worked in the footer. Can it go in a widget? surprised there are only 30 people online right now @Benjamin - Can you get us a copy of the entire le in its entirety? PROF=Benjamin, right? yep @Amy it is in PDF Gotta get all my newbie questions out tonight. @Martina-me: yes @Win the option thing is also in the PDF @Kerry - It's all jumbled though. I think everything on the pdf will get us there @martina, no doubt @Benjamin Can you add it to two hooks? @Kerry - I don't what order everything went in. @BB: would I use the same principle to add a text widget to a specic part of my home page? Or is this confusing two different things? woo what the heck is chumbo? If you already have a header and you want it at the bottom part of the header... how do you locate it? @Sherry a webDesign mythical entity chumbo sandwich @Benjamin Thanks. it's a "unique name" Yummy!!! Can you have it only display for certain logged in users? @Lawrence - only other thing I can think of is did you start your doc at the top with <?php its gumbo from Chattanooga TN I've got to run to the store before it closes, but I'm calling in. Be back in 20. it's a little confusing because - couldn't you do this with Builder - using different layouts? @Benjamin show the use of a variable? @Benjamin - Can you get us copy of this le, in order? Builder has a bunch of other hooks. No my mind is blowing... *now Please!!!!!!!!

MiKemp julie2 WinDay Devon7 Coryan Sanford2 VirtualSharon Laura Sherry Danny G Smith DavidK Alan Jordan Peg debbie2 Metta stc_Janie PeteyP AcornCS AndrewLippert Joyce Sally-May Ava Ron JS Lawrence Ace karen clyde Coryan Metta VirtualSharon Metta Sally-May AvaL MJ_McL karen Sanford2 stc_Janie Metta KerryCarron clyde Peg

Yes yes @BB where is the options.php created? yes yes Yes please yes yes yes Can you loacte it in different parts of the header???? Yes, please. yes yes! Yes! yep sure yes, yes... please please yes yes yes please yes please yes @MiKemp: yup - that was the problem, Of Course I hope you'll dene the difference and why you would do it as a plug in of why not do it in Builder layours? yes thx thanks! :_D you rock :-D BeerShandy Time yes please Thanks. Benjamin- you are spectacular! what is "BeerShandy"? time to put brain in freezer yes, please! yeah right... I know what happens in the caht during break time! sure sure

MJ_McL MiKemp Lance3 karen Metta PeteyP AmyMiller MissAllegra Metta Ron JS Sally-May Alan Jordan Jude24 Metta KerryCarron Metta Brett KerryCarron AmyMiller Sally-May BenjaminBradley Metta @Charley KerryCarron Jude24 MJ_McL KerryCarron KerryCarron MalHerring MissAllegra Metta AmyMiller Danny G Smith PeteyP Metta DavidK

Yes sure yes yes! 2 action hooks. please cool! doesn't matter Yes, all Whatever you will provide will be great. Appreciate it! perfect! great!! Beer with Lemonade (aka sevenup) & ice @Benjamin. Can you add a variable, but not explain it. Very helpful -- thank you!! Great! what is the dif admin vs wp head and footer All the samples help. I heard Cory Miller taught Benjamin everything he knows... @Brett LOL A Mac thing? Thanks Prof you are a great teacher KerryCannon: dif = where it displays....front page (wp) or back ofce (admin) what's the difference between a /* comment code and a <!-- > ? ahh haaa! @Kerry -- whether it shows on the admin page or the site page thanks for the le Ben with the html one... where does the comments go after the -? Are we doing anything that is builder specic? Got it. Yikes! Yes, thank you! yes how long will you have it there? It opened Dreamweaver.... Can the specic location of the announcement be set? i.e I see that the header hook was at the TOP of the header while the footer hook was at the BOTTOM of the header, can you move it around within Hmmm, so I can't be on the call & get audio on my phone? where is it the le? How do I download it without opening Dreamweaver?

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Martina-me Brian Gatley MalHerring Sally-May Jude24 Devon7 MiKemp AcornCS PeteyP joshdlong KerryCarron Cher Valerie Brian Gatley Brian Gatley Metta KerryCarron MalHerring Lance3 Cher Martina-me DavidK

at the same time? Benjamin - I went off of the PDF...where does echo get_option (wdcannounce_data); go? ok - i'll grab it and install it on test site then Yes Thanks downloaded will play with it later CAFFEINE!!! why does the le have ozCw before wdcannounce.php? Time to walk Pugsley? i don't understand what builder is... is it SOFTWARE to help build themes... or is it a theme? @Benjamin how long will that le be at the link? what was that bar app you just used? @Acorn it is a theme foundation So, you can create the php for a plug-in with any text editor? Kind of a cool thing! Oh..ok, I get it. Lot easier with Coda! Benjamin: how do I download the le without activating DreamWeaver? @Brian u have been quiet tonight @Benjamin - Should I grab a specic Builder Theme? notepad ++ for windows can you have the announce only display when a certain user is logged in? @Prof, I'm on the phone now. Am I automatically muted? If not, how do I do it? Can the specic location of the announcement be set? i.e I see that the header hook was at the TOP of the header while the footer hook was at the BOTTOM of the footer. @Benjamin where can i download the le. thanks @Benjamin - will you leave that Download Page up - so we can download it later when we need it? Okay, thanks. yes -- everyone is muted Anyone know if the w3schools is free? Thanks! is the wp_nonce_eld the only call, do you not have anything that goes with it? yes, free @kerry - thank you. I guess I will understand when I see it :) Am I invisible? @Benjamin Is building a child theme the same a subclassing? @Amy yes free Yes w3 schools is free Thanks, @Jude.

Ace MalHerring Sanford2 BenjaminBradley Martina-me Jude24 AmyMiller Sanford2 Danny G Smith Jude24 AcornCS DavidK Alan Jordan KerryCarron CECdenver AmyMiller

Martina-me Brian Gatley DavidH Danny G Smith KerryCarron Ace Danny G Smith PeteyP Danny G Smith DavidK the info; it's *6 to mute myself Now the fun part...the site when blank...typo somewhere. I think you can only hook on to the bottom of a hook cool, @Acorn don't expect to get it the rst time you see it... it is very intense got it. thanks. Didn @Benjamin can you go over importing diff webfonts tonite or soon? Didn Can the specic location of the announcement be set? i.e I see that the header hook was at the TOP of the header while the footer hook was at the BOTTOM of the footer Is there a diagram somewhere that shows the positions of all the available hooks? DavidK...I assume you can align the text any way you like via CSS and HTML Prof how long will this break be? Thanks Test thanks @Al David1 I never got good a CSS any resources here? whats the code if I wanted to have a plugin specic css le? @BB I'm still lost a bit -- the form action=options.php but where is that le? DavidK... but it can only be added after the hook (I think) THANK YOU! Go BLAZERS! Their up on the Suns so far. We need some wins after 6 loses in a row. I really wanna know how to update the lobster font for the restaurant plugin that was my missing link What if you already have 'stuff' in the header - what dicates the order? Your or my new mentor!!! (you) @Benjamin: How do you rate Scribe as an SEO "must have"? I am curious about that as well Can you explain again how I would transfer this plugin into my site and where I put it? Right what's the php code if I want to have a plugin specic css le? @Clyde upload to your plugins directory If we start selling our Plug-ins we will have to give Prof a %% @alan I think some on, and some on ithemes,com, at least there are a list of resources @David. You might overwrite the prior code. Benjamin??? @clyde just drop it in the /wp-content/plugins folder

Cher Al Davis1 Sally-May PeteyP jdleray DavidK Alan Jordan Lori WinDay DavidH WinDay BillG PeteyP WinDay DavidK PeteyP PeteyP Lawrence Danny G Smith clyde Lawrence Lori KerryCarron Cher Joyce Alan Jordan Brett

PeteyP Lawrence Judith Valerie Lawrence Judith Lawrence Brian Gatley PeteyP WinDay Brian Gatley Judith David Perednia Brian Gatley Judith Danny G Smith AmyMiller julie2 RickinnVegas debbie2 AmyMiller debbie2 Valerie Alan Jordan PeteyP AmyMiller WinDay KerryCarron RickinnVegas KerryCarron AmyMiller WinDay Alan Jordan KerryCarron Brett Michael Cannon Alan Jordan WinDay Judith

bovine excrement!! Ok. Thanks for that @clyde plugin folder with it's own name Time to get liquored up... I've been disappointed own name folder No, that's right Benjamin - where is the options.php? for wdcannounce code in pdf? Torbert is the man!! @Brian that's what confused me ok. SEO depends on how well the person knows SEO Yoast had a blog on his site about an SEO plugin that actually was a form of spyware. You need to be careful in choosing plugins. Trying to debug Should say ranking depends I still think it is a black box Okay, had to resort to the codeine cough syrup. This may get interesting. ;) where did you upload the php le you just wrote? BUILDER ROCKS did I miss the download link? @debbie2 - scroll back k @Amy -- fun! Have you heard of Google Goggles? A lot of the SEO is the title. Check out headline.cgi @RickinVegas Builder=heaven @Valerie - What's that @Debbie here is the download link: @Petey - AGREED 100% hehehe Glad we're on mute..."Cough, hack wheeze.." Can any theme be used as a parent, and you create your own child? Markus Allen has some great stuff on titles. I don't know the URL but if you want send me an email Builder is the one theme every developer should want and the last one they should ever need @WinDay yes that is my understanding. @amy I sympathize - I'm taking it every 4 hours... @Kerry Why? @Brett cool Get all the clients to buy builder through your afliate link

AmyMiller KerryCarron BillG Joyce CECdenver AmyMiller AmyMiller Sanford2 Brett Sanford2 KerryCarron WinDay Valerie AmyMiller AmyMiller KerryCarron PeteyP Valerie KerryCarron AmyMiller ChelBautista Valerie RickinnVegas KerryCarron jdleray KerryCarron WinDay MalHerring AmyMiller KerryCarron jdleray ChelBautista Michael Cannon WinDay Alan Jordan Ace Michele RickinnVegas

@Kerry - that sounds like a good slogan! @Alan it is that powerful... it does everything So can build a Child Theme under Builder and actually sell it to clients? only some themes can use child themes, Is that correct only some themes can use a child theme? @Benjamin - the folder is in Builder? ok Is it on same Level as Builder? @BillG You would have to follow the license that Builder is released under I would think. thanks @Amy we are creating another of our own directories(folder) in the themes directory So if clietn bought a theme before I came on board, I'd want to work in a child in case the parent was ever updated, for example I'm building a new child theme for my personal blog as we go... @Kerry - I think I'm catching up... yes @Amy once you understand the structure it all starts to be logical cool Hopefully my giant glass of wine doesn't affect my coding ability... @Valerie that usually makes mine better @Valerie - don't slur your typing Is it okay if we put our names instead of ithemes if we create a child theme on our own? Strong wine, homemade Rice & Raisin wine. @Valerie - it depends on if it's red or white wine @Chel YES! Rum works nice as well. @Chel that is all part of that GPL license Baileys and coffee hahaha Prof broke it.... :) Let's throw down some style! @Win mmm... that sounds great @Win Yes, that does sound good. drinking coffee now. I woke up late :( would then screenshot.png be at tahe sas the stylesheet in this instance? @Michael yes ../ usually means the directory immediately above this directory or folder. @Prof - I am getting an error - can anyone help - startersite/ activate builder going "side"ways


If I already made changes to the parent theme (one of the Flexx themes) can I go back now, create a child which captures all my tweaks and then re-install Flexx so it is restored to the original? @Ace I admire you doing this as he says it. @Benjamin must be in the announce plugin, @Ace just posted same error is that Builder specic or for any Parent theme? (no need to activate) But you do have to have it in your themes though...correct @BB? POWER TO THE if it's pulling in all the stuff & styles from Builder, how can the child theme remain safe during upgrade? what if the parent theme changes? @Miss yes save it and rename your stylesheet with a new name @Karen Good question! Thanks Alan. @Kerry, thanks! @Karen - what you do in the child takes precedence @Karen you would copy and paste the style sheet into the Child Theme folder @Alan - Thanks. @Deborah - I think any parent theme. @Ace My pleasure. @Karen your child theme styles just overrides what it needs to from the parent. So when the parent is updated it will still be overriden. Something like that! Judith - I'm partly clear - but -lol partly unclear on your anser. too much of a noobie! @Deborah - send Benjamin the question using the link at the end. Is Builder still useful if you are use to starting a theme with a fully developed html/css code @Karen keep watching he'll show you @Kerry - do you know the answer to Deborah's question? Judith - if i am understanding you - then the pasted style sheet would take precedence over the new Builder changes? is that right? @Deborah depends if it is a real child theme or if they have the folder to activate the child theme within the parent, like an extension in Builder @Karen yes @Kerry - Could you elaborate? good tip! Thank you judith! THAT is the biggest lesson i have learned then i guess the content is the furniture @Alan some child themes are called child themes but they are really more like skins and part of the parent I'll catch you all tomorrow. cya @Roz Thanks Benjamin... You are the greatest! @Kerry What makes them more like a skin?

Alan Jordan KerryCarron Deborah BARowen RickinnVegas karen KerryCarron Alan Jordan Ace MissAllegra MiKemp Judith Ace AmyMiller Alan Jordan Brett karen AmyMiller AcornCS Judith AmyMiller karen KerryCarron Judith Alan Jordan AmyMiller karen RickinnVegas VirtualSharon KerryCarron Roz-Fruchtman AmyMiller Roz-Fruchtman Alan Jordan

KerryCarron AcornCS AmyMiller Roz-Fruchtman AmyMiller KerryCarron Cher Alan Jordan KerryCarron joshdlong AmyMiller karen Al Davis1 jdleray Valerie Brett Alan Jordan AmyMiller KerryCarron AcornCS Valerie Judith karen WinDay AcornCS KerryCarron Al Davis1 Joyce Alan Jordan Cher

A real child theme is a completely separate theme that is only using the template of the parent Is Builder still useful if you are use to starting a theme with fully developed html/css code [i get approval on html/css from clients before staring the cms] @Kerry - How do you know the difference? @Amy: Bye... My head is swimming. It's almost 10PM here in NYC. night! @Amy the instal directions in the readme should tell you how to activate the child theme I just read that 960 is the max for a page to be printable. Is that correct? The 1,000 pixel wide is a good tip! bye @Roz i like your style benjamin! @Kerry - thanks Judith, so then would it make sense to just copy the Builder css into your child theme right away? Acorn, why would you do all the HTML and CSS before coding for wordpress? Duplicating effort Why was 960 established? Interesting concept, Cher! @AcornCS I would say you would need to start from "scratch" with Builder. You'd have to adapt your html/css to Builder Layouts then go from there. You can always do it by a thousand and at the very end multiple by 96% before implmentation. Is there any specic reasons for the set pixel widths, like platform @Amy keep in mind, I do not have a lot of experience with child themes in other than Builder as I have pretty much switched to using Builder exclusively well, i don't know wordpress... and i know html/css I learned builder by using the offered child themes then reverse engineering them. @Karen that's what I do, then I change what I want in it to get my styling Judith. Many thanks!!! @jdleray Monitor at 1024 px wide, eave enopugh space for browser chrome and scrollbars i am always matching a psd design that has been approved @valerie I always start withan existing child that has mostly what I need and add from there get the customer to sign off on the mockup or wireframe , then wriet your code... what ts in the standard monitor screens, after taking in to account margins and he scroll bar @Acorn - "Matching Photoshop"? Do you have to have a footer. Thought I read that WP likes it for the loop or something.


@AcornCS I know what you mean. WordPress is just html that is generated using php code and css used as normal. Builder manipulates the php in a "proprietary" way. At rst Builder will seem slower really? your clients sign off on a wireframe? no way. I do design heavy sites... or code for designers that want pixel perfect duplications of their desigsn @Cher - yes @Cher, according to Chris jean, you do not need to have a footer @Cher you have to have a wp_footer BUT Builder's footer module is not the same , the wp_footer is hidden and IS there no matter what Can you do a Full Width Header @ Brett - interesting - I will try it @Cher so if you do not want a footer module using Builder you don't have to and your theme still works @Kerry...thanks @Benjamin - Pages are pages, not posts, in this context? GReat info on the footer. Whoa! @Art @Art yes, that is done in the functions.php and the Americana theme has that in it @Kerry - I didn't know that. Thought you HAD to have the footer. good to know. How long is tomorrow's event? my clients are SMB, they rely on my knowledge for the most part, they will make changes just to feel part of the process at times...not because they feel they know more @Al 4 hours, I think. @Ann 4 hours plus @Art - yes you can do a full width footer - one of their support staff has their own blog and has instructions on the whole process @Alan as far as the menu nav yes BUT you can use the new menus option that is now in WP3.0 Great. Thanks! can you have more than 5 across? what version of builder is he using? I don't get that many types of modules to add. @Cher 5 across max widget junkie On Chamber site I build, I think I had over 50 widgets for businesses I wish, when you put two sidebars to the right of the content section, that you didn't get a single widget area that spans the two How much does builder cost? can i do a non blog home page and incorporate the blog posts into a sub page? @Michael it changes depending on where you are adding them from too @Alan - $1,000 if you buy it from me

AcornCS MiKemp @Charley KerryCarron Art AcornCS KerryCarron Cher Alan Jordan karen Brett KerryCarron AmyMiller Ann Al Davis1

Alan Jordan Judith RickinnVegas KerryCarron Ann Cher Michael Cannon KerryCarron joshdlong Judith WinDay Alan Jordan Al Davis1 KerryCarron RickinnVegas

RickinnVegas Lawrence Judith @Charley WinDay Judith AmyMiller Sherry KerryCarron Brett KerryCarron AmyMiller Alan Jordan Al Davis1 @Charley WinDay

lol @BB: How would you go back and add a Categories menu to a top nav bar? @WinDay - just use a widget bar @Al Yes, change that in the Reading page under the settings menu @Judith ?? with different heights @Alan - look for discount on the 14th. PROF - -does Builder accept HTML5? @@Alan $127 last I saw... B-day discount next week @Lawrence you'd add a navigation module. @Sherry Yes Good question, @Sherry. @Rick and Amy. Thanks. so just like normal then....and how do i set the layout for the blog page? I love the lters.. I color code mine @Judith when you insert a content area with two sidebars on the same side, Builder puts a single widget area at the top, then two side by side, then one at the bottom @Al - you set the layouts under views @Al you can pick and choose any layout for any page @Benjamin - does Builder accept HTML5? Views are pretty nifty ways to automatically dene what layout is gonna be used. @Kerry. Big difference $127 vs. 1,000. @Rick. Joking? @KerryCarron -- CSS3 as well? @Al, you use the Content module for your blog posts @Alan - buy it from iThemes - it was a Joke - but the VALUE is more than $1,000 @Sherry oops I was thinking PHP 5, not sure of html @Rick. :) Thanks guys, this looks like I just started making more per hour....sweet Can you add additional views categories? @Sherry - send the question to Benjamin at the end of the class. @Al you can charge a min of $1000 for the expandability of this theme Benjamin, didn't you say in the summer developer course, that views were being phased out? so the view is pretty much like a template / ? Is there a possibility that my webhost does not allow directory browsing or something - I cannot access ../Builder/style.css - it does not bring the style though.... :( @CEC no I didn't catch how a specic category would have the layout?

RickinnVegas KerryCarron AmyMiller Valerie Alan Jordan Sherry @Charley RickinnVegas KerryCarron Alan Jordan Al Davis1 Cher AmyMiller KerryCarron karen CECdenver CECdenver MalHerring

KerryCarron Cher

Al Davis1 Sherry Brett Judith RickinnVegas David Perednia RickinnVegas KerryCarron WinDay KerryCarron pixeljuice @Charley AmyMiller Cher Judith Jan Fox Brett

and I'm thinking my coding time just got cut dramatically PROF - -does Builder accept HTML5? Static pages and blog pages in builder: Builder_Frequently_Asked_Questions#Use_a_static_page_as_front_page You can specify the width in CSS I believe YUP YUP It's not Builder that would have a problem with HTML 5 it would be WordPress and your browsers. I hate the Style Manager @Cher categories can have a particular layout if you assign the view... but that is not how you would set it for a particular category layout... @Rick me too. @Rick me too @Sherry I think HTML5 would be a browser issue, not builder. @CEC a view determines the layout for a particular category. So its possible to have each type of page using a different view Me three! @Rck...why? Me four @Rick me too @Rick. My feelings are not that strong about Style Manager, but I do nd that I start out using it then end up doing everything directly in the stylesheet. Sometimes helps to nd selectors though. We know CSS and it's EZ-ier @David Perednia -- right.... @CEC not blog category - category in the drop down menu in the layout drop down @Cher - because you can get more exibility through CSS edits @Can you mix and-match templates from more than one theme? @Cher I think because we all learned to do it in the css before that feature came out and it added to abiguity Oops! me ve @Judith, is your Chamber site a magazine style? now that's cool How is the code that is written by builder? is it clean? does it validate? @CEC, but you could do that if you wanted to No @ Benjamin: So do the child themes on iThemes have all the Views pre-done? Is that what getting a particular theme does? @Benjamin Can you add gradients? @Brett - I'm with you. It's a decent starting point, but you still have to go in manually. I live in a podunk city so anything glitzy would not go over @Judith... wsa the No to my question?

Judith Sherry @Charley RickinnVegas Alan Jordan KerryCarron Jan Fox Stacey joshdlong AcornCS @Charley Judith Lawrence Alan Jordan AmyMiller Judith AcornCS

Judith KerryCarron AcornCS KerryCarron AcornCS Alan Jordan Sherry pixeljuice Alan Jordan Judith KerryCarron Brett

@acorn no @Acorn very clean, as far as I can tell but I am not a code expert How is the code that is written by builder? is it clean? does it validate? Does anyone know? @Alan you can add an image that is a gradient @Kerry - thanx... I guess I will have to try it and see @Judith, Power does not have to translate to glitz. @Judith -- LOL Is this writing to the parent or child style.css? @Kerry. Thanks. Any tips on creating such an image? @Alan that's why I used Builder @Alan Chris is a very particular coder, he wrote it and he is always working with others to x their code @AcornCS Chris (builder's builder) is very good. If it doesn't validate it's not because he was being sloppy. It would be that the non-validating code was the ONLY way he could get it to do what he w and that's why I don't like it wanted @Alan @Kerry. Many thanks. @ Brett - thank you How do you use the CSS preview to help? @Cher re-word, I don't get your Q? @Benjamin - take the lines away In Style Manager, there is a CSS Preview. How do you use having it there. Can you edit the code there? Or is it just so you can see it change dynamically? Can the style settings for multiple pages be standardized with a simple command? Or, do they need to be spelled out on each/every page? @Cher it's so you can see it dynamically Does the footer text always stay there? can it be removed? Way to go @Rio! WTG Rio! thanks to RIO So that's in the Builder Style.css? @Rio I was gonna ask you about that! Thanks Rio @Cher the changes you make in SM are stored in a separate place from the original stylesheet and are just displayed there so you can see it. So if you change in SM you should see it there @Benjamin What is the reason for using 100.01 for a font size? @Rio nice!! @Al you can remove it and/or change footer code Does the SM make a "child" stylesheet? Thanks Kerry

WinDay Brett KerryCarron Alan Jordan AcornCS Cher KerryCarron RickinnVegas Cher Metta WinDay Al Davis1 AmyMiller RickinnVegas AvaL Sanford2 PeteyP Sally-May KerryCarron

David Perednia PeteyP KerryCarron Cher Al Davis1

Lori Lori Valerie Sanford2 Alan Jordan AmyMiller RickinnVegas WinDay Lawrence MalHerring karen CECdenver KerryCarron

rio is my here :-) hero That's neat! Thanks, @Rio! Can I assign this builder style sheet another theme? @Benjamin - in the main Builder or default child theme? YEAH! @ALan copy it into another theme's folder Firebug ROCKS you can now get it for Chrome too people Alan, great question! luv the bug @David Builders font has a 16pt size when at 100%... the stylesheet uses % thruought so you don't have to change it in a million places, you just change where you need too Got to go - 6AM is really early for me tomorrow Chrome has a neat one too -- right click and Inspect Element @WinDay - Any advantage to using it with another theme? @Mal: makes Chrome a viable alternative to Firefox @WAlan not sure I understand the question? @Kerry thanks but why 100.01% and not 100% 7am for me. wish we were doing this on a Sun, Mon and Tue night instead Thanks @Rio, for your generosity! Is that similar to the Web Developer Toolbar in Firefox? @David I don't know where that was to address it sorry, Was it in the SM? Also Chromebug @Benjamin - How do you then nd it in the style sheet? @Kerry it's in the rst line of the Builder style.css Thx I still spend a lot of time guring out exactly which selector to target. Sometimes there's inline styles etc. @Lawrence I don't think the built-in Chome inspect is as good as rebug but yes - the extensions now in Chrome make it a Firefox killer once you locate it then what? @David there used to be a browser bug that didn't like 100% font sizes. Not sure the bug still exists, but folks are used to doing it that way? @David I dunno I don't EVER change the BUilder stylesheet, only child theme stylesheet @Amy rebug tells you what line and styel sheet the css is located @Mal: You rate Chrome higher than FF? @WinDay Ah! Old dogs, new tricks thing. @David LOL like 960 width!

Judith WinDay Alan Jordan Lawrence WinDay David Perednia Stacey Peggy Jude24 KerryCarron jdleray AmyMiller David Perednia Jude24 Brett MalHerring Sherry WinDay KerryCarron CECdenver Lawrence David Perednia WinDay


@Sherry you can put the selector in your child theme's style.css and change the styles which will override what the parent builder theme says it needs to look like. @Alan what did you mean by assigning a dif theme? @CEC - It tells you the line? Where? I must have missed that. magnifying galss? could you show that again? @MalHerring: Not if you are a power user Firefox > Chrome @Amy it's on the far right opposite the css element listed hey @Sridhar congratulations on the new job! thanks Charley @BB well now that's cool! I like to work in Firefox but view in Chrome I nd Firefox too slow now and all I needed in Firefox is now in Chrome so yes i nd it better for my needs @Mal I just went through the fFF changes to spped mine up... works great now @Benjamin Do you happen to be color blind? Those colors are horrible together. agree. Chrome is faster @Mal me too. My machine is not fast enough to run Firefox when it's loaded down with the necessary add-ons. @Mal google speed up FF Whollly S$^*#T Do you use this to rip styles from other sites??? Not sure if that is "wrong" @Brett - -thanks! @David this is @Benjamin's way of torture, lol what are the trade offs between using the builder style manager vs using the css style sheet? jhickey: If you are comfortable editing style.css, that's the way to go @jhickey css ALWAYS works sometimes SM does not, for me anyway @jhickey Not everything is available in the Style Manager. EVERYTHING is in the style sheet @Win yes that is true! @Sherry YW. Just remember there are a lot of css selectors built into Builder that are not used specically, so you can use them to get very specic with styling. Please explain how the SM and the Stylesheet relate to each other...which overrides which, etc? Where is the resource editor? not used specically by default that is. @Sridhar Thanks. Using the stylesheet allows you to update both builder and child themes? Safari has those same tools

KerryCarron AmyMiller karen BenjaminBradley SridharKatakam SridharKatakam CECdenver @Charley SridharKatakam WinDay WinDay MalHerring KerryCarron David Perednia SridharKatakam Brett KerryCarron RickinnVegas Cher Sherry KerryCarron jhickey SridharKatakam KerryCarron WinDay KerryCarron Brett

Cher AmyMiller Brett jhickey LoriB

CyberBob KerryCarron AmyMiller SridharKatakam Brett Cher WinDay KerryCarron jhickey Jan Fox Sherry Brett WinDay WinDay MalHerring Brett

Where is that one at? @Cher SM creates a separate stylesheet that has hierarchy over the child thme css This is part of stylebot? jhickey: We usually never edit Builder's style.css. It is the child theme's style.css that should be edited @jhickey the inspector will show you the active style no matter which le it is in (parent or child stylesheet). Is that what you're asking? @Kerry, so SM.css is like a grandchild? Opera has a neat one built in too @Cher for the stylesheet yes @Sridhar @Brett Thanks to both of your @BB Do you recommend Chrome over FF? @Brett -- so if I know the selector and there is no custom styling -- I can add some? @jhickey, but Shridar is denitely right in that you don't usually mess with builder's style.css (parent folder) that is SO click! slick that is sic @Sherry exactly, but it can be frustrating sometimes guring out how to apply it. (id, class or using !important because the style is embedded) so don't be discouraged if it doesn't work rst time Very cool! Cobbler's kids. awesome awesome bottom nav.... how'd you do that? :-) how did you get rounded header bars? @Benjamin - How are you getting that stepped effect in the header? does look like builder? How do you get the widget title to "hang" over the edge of the container like he did with those yellow ones? @Lori add a nav module at the bottom of your layout My most "not builder-looking" site is: I hope there is a search, hard to nd things on the old site @Jan: Firebug full version is only available in Firefox. So if you are into CSS theme editing, Firefox is the way to go @Cher stlying @Brett -- that's what the forum and Sridhar are for, hey? @Valerie - Very NICE! @rickinn, just the footer... @Sherry that's right! @Valerie mine is my personal blog

Valerie MalHerring Lori Lori Stacey AmyMiller RickinnVegas Cher KerryCarron Valerie Danny G Smith SridharKatakam KerryCarron Sherry RickinnVegas Valerie Brett KerryCarron

Lori Al Davis1 Stacey dandylew Cher

here's my builder not-look like builder site speaking @valerie, great looking site A lot of this is teaching all of us who are new the design and layout! For clarity.. If I use an ithemes childtheme I do not First have to activate Builder. there some advanced training on how to do some of those more complicated sytles? That is why I keep using theme. Because what I can do with Builder looks so generic Very nice @Valerie @Sridhar~ Thanks, I use FF but wasn't sure if I needed to switch. Really didn't want to. @Cher practice How do you get those cool right hand edge tabs? @Cher and try new things left and right cols that extend past the header/footer and vertical menus are still issues for me and wp @Sridhar...So Firebug - is just for locating the Code - but you have to go to the Style.css - to Edit the Code? - Correct? I bought a book on rebug - i'm such a "manual geek" person. @David that is part of one of themes called Astro Does anyone know if Flexx Professional has child themes enabled? @Sanford yes @Kerry...I'd like a "study group" about that @dandylew -- rst upload Builder then upload the builder child theme and activate @Kerry - I would so love to gure out how to pull those tabs out of Astro to use in other themes. @Kerry - so you Cannot Edit in Firebug - Correct? @clyde Child themes are a WordPress thing, not an iThemes thing I think. 3.1 release dtae? Sanford2: Yes. You can make changes in Firebug to both HTML and CSS - but these changes are only temporary and on the client side, for that session. @Clyde in the member aera of ithemes where you get themes you can nd child themes for all of the Flexx themes... or it might be in the codex area date? Cool. Good to know. I still think the latest version of Builder is the best thing since sliced bread. @Sanford - correct. @Sanford you can test out changes but you have to make the changes in the theme @Valerie Iit IS awesome @Sanford what Sridhar said, lol Posts - pages, as content - them, how to add more types of content- Benjamin that really explained custom content to me in the clearest way ever. Well, builder did not seem like fun until i joined

BARowen Jan Fox KerryCarron DavidK KerryCarron pixeljuice Sanford2 Joyce KerryCarron clyde KerryCarron Cher Sherry AmyMiller Sanford2 Brett WinDay SridharKatakam KerryCarron WinDay Valerie MiKemp CECdenver KerryCarron KerryCarron karen Joyce

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@DavidK: , if I want a page with multiple books listed to sell using paypal buttons, What would be the best way to display items? Put each book with its pp button in a separate widget area? Use the gravity form paypal setup you refered to earlier, etc: do you have a sample site I could look at? @CECDenver - so you go into the Theme Style.css to actually make the changes? yes sanford yes you try different changes and turn things on and off Thanks All - for your answers. Thanks, Sridhar. Useful tutorial. Wonder if the tutorial shows the sexy animated load that they use. @Dandy I have that on my site using tabber widget and links... but mine go to Amazon @dandylew custom port type might be the way to go - we get to learn that tomorrow! thanks for the links to side tabs post @Sanford - suggest you use child themes and make the changes in the css there Use back up buddy to create a back up so that you can show off the site you built - and NOT the site they destroyed with crummy changes! Love the functionality in Builder but wonder how much overhead there is - how efcient is it compared to more conventional themes like Thesis? Thanks @ Mikemp! Kerry how can i view your site im glad i have a unlimited BB :) i never even considered that last tip @DPO not much overhead @DPO I've heard Chris talk about that. He keeps it to a minimum. @DPO how is Thesis more conventional? @Dandy I'm a CA girl...yikes... @Kerry, Brett thanks you mean 3am in NZ @DPO, I've used Thesis, Builder is MUCH better, IMO. @David LOL @kerry - LOVE that! Need something like that for my fave pics. when will these videos be put online (to replace the old ones)??? Thanks Prof, unfortunately I wont make tomorrows teaching it'll be 12am DownUnder - 4am my brain doesn't work so well at that time of night @Amy pretty easy to do actually Thanks Benjamin!

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DebbMiller Jonathan WinDay LoriB Valerie garymgordon karen Brett AmyMiller Sanford2 MelanieM1 Ron JS DPO KerryCarron Cher DavidK Valerie Ron JS MelanieM1 Jonathan Sherry Stacey Eileen AcornCS AmyMiller Valerie pixeljuice Joyce Peg KerryCarron BenjaminBradley Jan Fox MJ_McL WinDay Jude24 BobPatterson Valerie Joyce

Thanks Benjamin When will Style Manager (stable) will be release? I actually got a refund from the Thesis folks. Could NOT get my head around it. Builder is MUCH better! Thanks Benjamin! I swear, Kerry, you and I are like minds. THANK YOU Benjamin. thank you so much. You made my head hure, but in a good way! Thanks Benjamin. Webinars are getting better. Practice is making perfect :) Thanks Benjamin. Great One - Thanks @Professor and @All! :) I really like builder. Thanks Benjamin Thanks Benjamin @Jonathon it is stable just in beta until it is completely integrated as part of BUilder I feel so much smarter now! Thanks prof.. Another awesome session. Thanks, Professor! Great Webinar!! Thanks Benjamin, great lesson as usual @Kerry @Benjamin Thanks Thanks so much Benjamin! Thanks make WP for dummies doable! Thanks Benjamin Thanx - good night @kerry - where do you register for the chat room? did I miss that? 9am here in Virginia. good night. thanks! hows your voice benjamin? Benjamin, will you be offering a course at any point on converting a .psd le to a Wordpress site? @Stacey WP for Dummies... great book by Lisa Sabin Wilson whose site is also Builder Voice is still holding out... we'll see after tomorrow Thanks, great class BB. Great Session. Time for some sleep to prepare for tomorrow ! @Peg there is one I learned more than I knew there was to learn. You are an awesome and gifted teacher Thanks again. @Peg, there is one already. peg there is one in the library I think

AmyMiller BenjaminBradley debbie2 Peg BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley Peg stc_Janie Valerie WinDay Peg Stacey KerryCarron Peg Valerie Ray Joyce Stacey BenjaminBradley PeteyP Cher Jude24 WinDay BenjaminBradley Martina-me KerryCarron Brian Gatley BenjaminBradley KerryCarron SridharKatakam dandylew Dray

@Kerry - No way! I didn't know that was a builder site. @Pet - we will do another convert your site from a PSD webinar soon I'm excited to create my own plugins! Thanks,Benjamin! @WinDay..great! I'll check it out. but if you didn't know I'm not a big fan of PSDs Because they are "static" I prefer to build wireframes for clients Thanks, Benjamin. This is a great course so far, thanks! loads of great content tonight, Benjamin... thanks and looking forward to tomorrow @Jude24, that's how I felt at rst, but you'll catch on and even when you cover stuff you think you've 'learned' before, you'll learn something new. @Peg ok Yeah....I know...but this is more BB is teaching level 2 to 5 out of 10 for dummies along with some php thrown in. is builder yes, andwas my inspiration for my site Thanks, WinDay. I've told so many people just ONE class at is worth the cost of the annual membership. (and I paid full price!) Excellent teaching skills. and the clients always get hung up on just the right shade of pink, or green, or whatever. drive you crazy!! I would love to see some webinars on design....logos, layout of the site, making things look pretty @Joyce, that exactly why I stopped doing PSDs for clients... Goodnite All see you in class tomorrow I know we've had the convert from PSD...It would be cool to have a class that takes a cool site online, inspect it, reverse engineer it, and build it in Builder. the funny thing is that different monitors display all those shades differently!! @Stacy that'w why I like to hire a designer when the budget allows. Color "blinds" clients Just got back and wanted to peek in and say great class. I was able to listen in the whole time while at the store. @martina cool Benjamin - is there something wrong with this? value="<?php _e('Save Changes') ?>" I can't gure it out nothing wrong to connect with me (and please do) @Cher: can you give a example of one such cool site that you would learn to build in Builder? Kerry, you site is cool. are your books individually listed in blocks or somehting or just listed on a page? @Benjamin Will you show us tomorrow how you built the new site using Builder?

WinDay BenjaminBradley Stacey Joyce BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley Cher KerryCarron Brian Gatley Martina-me Jude24 Peg dandylew TomD @Charley

g'night all. Tomorrow starts early! the <?php _e('Save Changes') ?> But until you have the budget for a designer. I nillily told one client to keep looking at different monitors until she found the color she wanted just is a way to provide for "translation" in the future and _e prints out what is in the brackets @Sridhar...not right off. but if we had a member's class, we could submit suggestions ahead of time @Dandy it is in the tabberwidget (free on ithemes) hmmm still can't get the plugin. it is crashing the data entry. I did have a question too. I know you used Builder to base the child theme. Could we do the same thing using the Genesis Framework? @Joyce -- wish I'd thought of that!! I might use it :-) Nite Win thanks I'll check that out. @Joyce, drive your clients crazy, have several different monitors, there will be all different shades of pink or green or whatever. In Query Posts how do you pull in the image into the excerpt from the post? I tried Featured Image and it throws the formatting way off. Is there a better way? I need to watch this course video when it's up. Always wanted to learn what that "e" is in <?php _e('Save Changes') ?> hmmm... we didn't run into a problem on a fresh install g'night everyone Sridhar and Brian... if you remember BASIC I just ported over a lot of stuff from Yahoo site builder when I converted to ithemes builder. I managed to make a new logo with the yahoo background in photoshop but it still is not what I want 10 print "Hi mom!" Goodnight all, see you tomorrow 20 goto 10 extreme frustration can take over some times I better try to sleep tonight 7am is early! _e('Hi Mom') I'm sure you didn't...I just keep isolating each section and it is down to the input table. G'night Jude _e is the same as print Benjamin: I have taken no programming lessons whatsoever, do not know BASIC @Sridhar - I would love to do in Builder for my own site. @Sridhar are you all self taught? If so how long? Unfortunately I didn't learn BASIC :(

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Kerry: Since last 5 years @Sridhar, impressive I can only hope to learn as much I try to learn something (and apply) new each day AmyMiller: that looks like a parked domain site ditto @sridhar Good night all... see you tomorrow GN Benjamin Lori, I'm behind, but nice site. I went to your website too. Is that a custom maintenance page? It's nice!! Bye @Benjamin THANKS so much Your really do ROCK! Goodnight Benjamin...see you bright and early! @Amy Pioneer Woman was just redesigned by a TEAM of programmers/ designers. The original designer (who won two bloggies for it) was the latest contributor OMSH of the homeschooling section. thanks Benjamin Goodnight Benjamin. @Valerie - It is at out AWESOME! OK, off to add more sites to my new dashboard bye all til tomorrow! Amy: Is this the correct URL? @Kerry, thanks for answering most of my newbie questions. I appreciate it. I love the way the different sections change color. Helps you remember which part of the site you're on. @Martina those are the only ones I have answers to, lol @Sridhar - Here it is. LOL. I think some got lost in the buzz of the room. No problem. I'll ask again next time or search through the forums. @AmyMiller what is the current theme? It looks like a magazine layout @Amy, the pioneer woman site is a multi-user site. Not sure how buddypress plays a part, but it's installed. @Stacey - for the pioneer woman or mine? @Valerie - The BuddyPress powers the Tasty Kitchen portion. Oh...I assumed this was your site Amy... Ah... Tasty Kitchen was originally it's own installation. I wish ;) I have been asking Ithemes for a magazine child theme.....nothing yet I thought they did have a magazine theme. BB is doing a class on magazine next Fri but that's not the same as having a theme ready to go for a "newbie" that you can tweak Maybe is that going to be the new child theme, I wonder? The Pioneer Woman site is one of the most successful blogs on the internet. She got two book deals out of it, etc. There is a Magazine extension for Builder.

Joyce Martina-me AmyMiller KerryCarron KerryCarron SridharKatakam Martina-me Valerie KerryCarron AmyMiller Martina-me Stacey Valerie AmyMiller AmyMiller Stacey Valerie AmyMiller Stacey AmyMiller Stacey AmyMiller Valerie Valerie

Stacey AmyMiller Joyce Stacey Stacey Valerie AmyMiller Valerie AmyMiller Stacey Valerie Stacey Joyce Stacey Valerie AmyMiller KerryCarron Stacey Joyce Stacey Valerie KerryCarron Valerie Stacey AmyMiller Valerie KerryCarron Stacey AmyMiller AmyMiller Valerie Stacey

Valerie, where is this magazine extension? It's not a child theme She is my idol, but I aim to put a healthy spin on it. Want to incorporate diet and exercise and tracking for calories, etc. I think benjamin is working on a magazine theme, but is also trying to get the new webdesign site up The magazine and real estate themes are critical. Amy which is your site? I've been dying for a real estate "builder block" for months. Gotta get some sleep, guys. This codeine cough syrup is kicking my butt! See you all in the morning. The Builder Blocks seems to have died. Very new, lots to do yet. Well, please email the staff at ithemes.....they need to hear from all of us, not just me about the themes we need. Time to watch my tivo'd shows. Then off to bed. Since I'm on the east coast, it starts at 9am my time. I may even get to hit some garage sales in the morning. Amy, it's a good start....very clean looking design Sridhar did a great magazine type child theme, but benjamin wants a them that actually has the functions of a magazine, ie, editors for each section n such Yes.....I need to go to so I can get to bed early. 7am for me if I make it up in time @Amy, the content is the hardest part! Needs all the bells and whistles. Also working on contracting out an application for it. Keep on plugging at it. @Stacey the magazine is an extension in BUilder you can access it form any child theme thru My theme> settings Joyce, I hope they get it done soon theme - sorry ngers not going where I tell them to It's not the same as having something you can look at and tweak What kind of programming do you need? I've used some great ones on @Stacey on second thought it might be in the layouts pages > extesions (no 's') Not the same as their biggest competitor which is the Lifestyle theme (Brian Gardner's company) @Valerie - if I wasn't so stinkin' busy trying to build it, I have plenty of content. LOL One step at a time. Doing this all on my own from scratch. there IS a magazine extension already. I'm certain of it. @Valerie yes there is a magazine extension I am doing my own too. Starting with my vacation rental site and insurance websites for now. Good luck Stacey. Night everyone! My own sites all need 'remodeling'. My client sites all get done. It's not really the site right everyone, just need guests

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See you all tommorrow Goodnight folks. Time to go watch 'Medium' & 'Bluebloods' one thing about working from home - you seem to never be done, and the dishes pile up in the sink Firefox updated, and I was locked up. Amen, Joyce! See you tomorrow. Bye. bye Where is the code again still there? Hello Good morning! Anybody up yet? hi Need to go get more coffee and put some socks on my cold toes. BRB coffeeeeee! oh it is night out there where are you, Joyce? sonoran desert Phoenix az Ok guys, if you refresh your browser you will see Day #3 PDF and you? hi, thanks @Joyce -- I'm in Florida, but was born in Yuma a loooooonnnnggg time ago. God morning i can bet not as loong ago as me - i'm so old I don't mind telling my ae? well, almost Hi Ray! Good Morning everyone! Let's do it this way -- I graduated from High School in 1966 -- what about you? 1954 Hi Al_Davis1 well, you win! Born in 52 born in 49 so why is it us older folks are up so early...born in 63 here it's our generation born in 59 here, gotta take my daughter to take act test I'm delighted that there are so many people "my age" involved in this. My grandkids think I'm kool So is our age here for the want of money or desire to know more? That's "kewl"

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Everyone awake... got lots of coffee? yup! desire to know more - I put up my son's website in 1992 - we want more interaction now yes BB @Ray that would be both. :) greetings from not-so-Hot 'lanta. I agree -- both morinin' *yawning* just set up the caffeine drip line at O'dark:40 Again, if you've been in the chat room for a while, you will need to refresh your browser in order to download PDF Day #3 @BB good morning! And I've a question from last night: last page of the PDF mentions your own plugins. Are these available anywhere? Will you talk about them today? Good morning all. 5:40 AM here. Going to get coffee. @Win - yes, we'll take a look at them today... if we have time. members will be the rst to "test" these plugins Good morning everyone Cool! @Ben @Ben Do you have time for Wish List question. (Off topic, perhaps) and since we're telling our ages this morning, I was born in '56. @Marcy -- oh! You're one of the young ones! LOL @Marcy So was I! BRB 1958 here I was just proving I am old enough to not mind telling any more 1960 Morning all... 12.15am here... may not be here long.. lol For me it's both also as I am trying to prove to my grown children they can make money on the net and me doing this makes them still come to me for answers lol @Ray Better they come to you for answers than for money! Amen! Amen! Good Morning All, yawn, stretch, scratch. Ok, just lled up my coffee and I'm starting up GotoWebinar afternoon, Benjamin Good morning Will you explain the concept of taxonomy and how it practically applies to WP and site dev ? morning folks! thanks

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i was try to ns last night where was the video of day one post but i couldn't nd them. Any help? When you install using backupbuddy, does it have a cong le? Does it overwrite the cong le from the database installation? Couldn't you get one of your assistants to do it for you? Wise decision. We need you healthy for all the upcoming training. there is a tracy bradley in one of the forums, any relation? Call the local college and ask for an intern. I have a need for some custom tables to support a technical resource respository. Can custom post types be used instead of custom tables with the attendant code? in the exx theme, how would I add a changing billboard as like on the titanium theme? Hey i just got in the gottowebinar i dint hear you answer where to nd the videos of day one ok - thanks looking fwd to this Custom tables falls right into the area of PODS doesn't it? Benjamin, this whole series has been awesome! Thank you! ok thanks yeah, another thanks here. I've learned so much already and I've been doing this for a while Can someone explain to me what PODS are/is? And what application it would have? @benjamin, thanks 2 GReat webinars I might add. @Al - thanks for asking! what are PODS? Large cup of coffee in hand I'm new to webdesign I had a great sleep this morning I have another 6 hour webinar after this one and again tomorrow I wish there was time to sleep, leaving here to give a presentation on WordPress this afternoon Good Morning I missed yesterday's session, when will it be available? morning Debb Thanks Benjamin. @Benjamin: is there a way, besides an e-commerce solution, to have a price table and bring in the price for a product or service to pages and posts? PODS Advanced Course @Brad You mentioned in the intro video about a way you had to get a WP site up very quickly, did you already cover this in one of the other sessions?

John Charlie Lance David Perednia joshlong Charlie stc_Janie Al_Davis1 Al_Davis1 David Perednia Jude24 Lance Cheri Lance stc_Janie David Perednia Al_Davis1 DebbMiller mgeyman1 stc_Janie mgeyman1 TomD WinDay Dale @ajmorris Philip


Benjamin last night you told us about Google Chrome for checking loading times. Is there something in Firefox and Explorer that will also check loading times? Morning Good Morning Even the Florida sunshine didn't get up this morning. I sent another message about maybe adding to the recording a little description that tells what each sections covers for future referencing. there's a thing called Yslow for FF Firefox Web Developer Toolbar : in Tools there is a Speed Report Is there a discount for members for buying the developer suite of backbudy that you know I have a Builder site, used 5 widget content areas on the home page to put different info in each box. Now they all have the correct title but all have the same content? Anyone seen this? Good Morning Good morning dark and rainy on the west coast. You could try YSlow yep blue here yep Mt main reason for asking is I'm having a problem with a client on his WordPress sites loading. I'm tranfered him to a NEW host yesterday Morning all Good morning all so blue, but happy to be HERE @Tom there are some premade pricing table available at http:// His sites are all large MU sites @Joyce - thx for the link Benjamin, what do you use as a pixel ruler? Do you use a separate app or something like MeasureIt in FF? hi everybody, heres another link with some custome scripts sure Benjamin Your voice is going funky CECdenver: Thnx what is a good load time for a wordpress site? any suggestions/guidelines? Greetings All! :) @DebbMiller: what's a MU site? Sound is ne here

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Arelthia Brian Gatley Joyce MiKemp Deborah 1424 Lance DebbMiller Joyce Brett Laura josh long CECdenver DebbMiller Lance Lawrence vickycarlton DebbMiller Lawrence Judy E TomD stc_Janie Al_Davis1 Sanford Sherry Philip

DebbMiller dandy LoriB DebbMiller Bob Miller MJ_McL DebbMiller Peg Ace KerryCarron Sherry Metta Brian Gatley Jerry Kayne WinDay KerryCarron Jerry Kayne @BruceCaraway WinDay KerryCarron KerryCarron DebbMiller Alan Jordan WinDay Jerry Kayne Bob Dale stc_Janie KerryCarron DebbMiller Peg Lance mgeyman1 Ace Sherry Bob Philip Deborah 1424

I tried WP 3 total cache and it changed all his blog titles Ben, parts of this have been very "deep" for me but Wow I've learned so much. Good morning @Sherry Mulitsite Good morning Hi all. Good morning from the Windy City. I even put in the WP Optimize morning everybody Hello and Good Morning All! Hi all running a few minutes late @DebbMiller: THX! My webinar screen is not loading...any suggestions? Starting your own WP museum ;) Hi everyone. Just dropped my son off to take his ACT @Jerry what's an ACT? @Metta, refresh, or log out and try your link again Standardized rest to get into college mornin fellow WP Acionado's Oh, like SATs? @Win College testing @Win yes I registered a NEW domain this morning :0) API - Automated Program Interface @Kerry thnanks Yes, like SAT but more important as a measure of accumulated knowlege .... for ACT me nope ME!!! yees! no no yea. yup Yes yes yep

Paul sideradesign Hello everybody

Paul sideradesign I missd the last part yesterday, was too tired I'm 3 hours ahead

Paul sideradesign woothemes has a cool plugin for custom post type formats

Paul sideradesign your voice is breaking for me

AndrewLippert DebbMiller Danny G Smith Arelthia DavidK WinDay Bob Miller debbie2 Ann KerryCarron Laura ajmorris joshdlong Ann Al_Davis DebbMiller Alan Jordan PeteyP joshdlong BARowen Robin KerryCarron KerryCarron DebbMiller BARowen Valerie BARowen Elianab Alan Jordan Alan Jordan Joyce KerryCarron Deborah Bob Miller DavidK Richard WinDay DebbMiller Doug Janie

yes loved it yes yes yes nope Application Program Interface no yes movies? who has time for that? yes yup yup hair sex the pony tail connecting to the bird yes that was cool An API is a way that you exposure part of the information from your website to other developers so they can take full advantage of it's features. i don't see the chat any ideas? @ann nice! Is it really morning already...good morning, all. Awesome. Does it come with a dragon too?? @Petey we see you Hi BAR cool going to install it on my new domain for testing! g-morning, Kerry The new Widget Contents is a Custom Post Type built into the latest Builder, isn't it? My ngers aren't working yet Good morning everyone. I'm still a little blurry eyed. @Petey Try pushing <CTRL? + <F5> <CTRL>+<F5> refresh your page Petey @Metta did you get back in? Good morning all. no Your blurried eyed! 3am here I've done CCK in Drupal not that I know of Maybe in Builder Not awake yet! can't nd the advanced PODS info, was there last night

pixeljuice Coryan Deborah BobPatterson DavidK DebbMiller DavidK tim w Bob Miller Doug DebbMiller WinDay KerryCarron Brian Gatley Joyce HRH Joyce (Jeeves) PeteyP Jude24 jhickey DebbMiller PeteyP Bob Miller Girl Friday Joyce AmyMiller Alan Jordan BARowen KerryCarron AmyMiller Brian Gatley DebbMiller Al_Davis Jude24 RicknVegas DebbMiller tim w AmyMiller WinDay Ann KerryCarron PeteyP

too early for tricks! Awake!?! We are supposed to be awake? 3 am..@DavidK where are yo? OK, then yes NZ I'm awake been up since 5:00 am Sunday morning who is here on the west coast.. no Come on coffee! no is there an anticipated release date for 3.1? @Doug agreed! @tim - west coast - yes! petey? Good morning all @Joyce yep? how do you get 3.1 if it hasn't been released yet other than i am west coast - glendale/pasadena With this being a newer release should we wait before upgrading? Hi Joyce no @Brian Gatley: I'm west coast, still asleep! @tim next to the west coast Just getting here. Needed a cappuccino. Don't see the poll. Idaho is close... oops add one more from no to yes... I did, I forgot about Coming soon I do NOT know about Custom Post Types. I did 3.03 I'm talking about 3.1 @jude_24 I believe there is a developers build available..beta release thx hey all yes not very much.. Hopefully soon! but not a WP site yet -- been building sites since 2000 @RicknVegas Hi Rick Morning Rick @Prof Godaddy prompted me to WP 3.1 from 3.02

KerryCarron pixeljuice Sherry BARowen LarryB Joyce Rio Jude24 BARowen KerryCarron Brett DebbMiller Lawrence joshdlong tim w waywardsister RicknnVegas LarryB Digital Pure Janie Alan Jordan @BruceCaraway Ann Richard KerryCarron MalHerring @BruceCaraway Joyce (Jeeves) MiKemp David Perednia Brett waywardsister RicknnVegas WinDay RicknnVegas Ann RicknnVegas Brett RicknnVegas Ann

LOL, isn't THAT the truth and that's what ruins a site!! inland west coast-- BC I'm nice but I don'[t do it for free. Is the Day #3 PDF available? Hi petey [grin] Oh wow it early morning, just made it on @Larry - refresh your screen LarryB, refresh your page @Larry ye but you will have to refresh your browser So it makes more sense to the client to make special pages links @ Larry Yup - bottom RH corner new features like calendars, etc So it is varied? staff directory, etc @Ann @Kerry - Morning - coffee isnt ready yet! Got it. Thanks! to display custom data to organise/use specic types of info To add a feature that you don't currently have. @Brett yep It's early here! Recipie Custom Post @Rick mine just beeped! TG! Can you not rename the standard types? client asks "Post? as in fence post?" for client specic need like events Can a custom post type get a category assigned automatically? @RicknnVegas Get a One Cup Coffeemaker (like Keurig) I just love it That answer was prompted by blank stares from clients also if u have lotsa pages, and many different categories of pages (member content, teleclass content, etc) keeps things organized better in the backend @Ann - ann from Sued? @David Nespresso! suede? Yep cool! @Bruce LOL great to see you Yay!

Paul sideradesign for events

Ann RicknnVegas @BruceCaraway RicknnVegas jhickey dandylew Ann AmyMiller Lawrence @BruceCaraway waywardsister WinDay KerryCarron

@RicknVegas Gotta check out your new site currently working with a chef who wants to create an index of recipes - hence, we created a CPT for (you guessed it): Recipes i still have to nish the sql dump to update the links shouldn't singular label be event? when you add the php and style les where are you doing this. in the editor section of the website? @RicknVegas Congrats! I'll check it out today. @Bruce - I would LOVE to see that! I need something like that for my site. It's 2.15pm here .. but we Brits are always ahead of the curve ,... ;D she knows exactly where to go in the admin dashboard and has no problem nding where she needs to add the latest recipe of the week @dandylew he is using a program called Coda (for mac) @dandy He's using an app on his Mac called CODA, which uploads the le on SAVE @jhicky it can be anything as long as you keep them all the same so they maych in the code @Amy would be glad to share email - winday, what would I use with a pc? @Bruce, I'd love to see that too, Bruce. it IS early! @Bruce - did you look at PODS at all for that? Access to data entry outside of Admin. @Ann - were you here last night? @dandy I believe it's called Putty (free program) haha @RicknVegas Yes. Were you? @dandy Notepad++ Capuccino not working yet... you're doing great Yup for editors @Brian - I didn't originally...probably should consider that now as the project as matured It's early for us too. We won't notice any errors Is there any performance benet to coding it compared to using a plug-in? @RicknVegas I think someone took over the group?? Try copy and paste @Bruce - I don't recall...can GF post to CPT?

Paul sideradesign would it make sense to create a plugin for the custom post type? @BruceCaraway AmyMiller dandylew Peg Doug Brian Gatley RicknnVegas waywardsister Ann Ann Lawrence AmyMiller Lance RicknnVegas WinDay @BruceCaraway David Perednia Gen3Chip Ann Bob_Patterson Brian Gatley

dandylew PeteyP RicknnVegas Martina-me Doug Ann KerryCarron Al_Davis1 julie @BruceCaraway KerryCarron RicknnVegas WinDay Janie Lawrence Brian Gatley @BruceCaraway Martina-me Brian Gatley nancyB1 AmyMiller WinDay @BruceCaraway KerryCarron BARowen RicknnVegas Sherry Brett Brian Gatley nancyB1 vickycarlton Al_Davis1 Alan Jordan Martina-me KerryCarron garymgordon

after creating the code les in putty or coda do you then upload it to your site and if so where do you put it @David P lol aint that the truth? Yes - changed it to a standard WP group - All good Good morning, all... Cool! @RicknVegas It won't be the same without you :-( Hi Martina and there is the lightbulb moment....thanks when you do register_post_type or register anything is it only to your local. Last night we did a plugin, it is only local right???? @Brian: GF? (sorry, still on the rst cup of coffee) @Al lol love that! @Benjamin - however, with wordpress - everything is a post!!! @Dandy he created a new functions.php le for his child theme cool, I nally understand this @ Benjamin: 'Custom Content types' is a really helpful distinction. Thanks makes sesne @Bruce - Gravity Forms oh, duh Kerry, I sent you email. I hope you got it. @Bruce - another swig of java post add new event code info link? to the chat area, please @Benjamin - So then you can go into Layouts and have custom layouts for Custom Post Type like you do for Pages? @nancy it's in the PDF @Brian, I think so, but I'd need to circle back and check that @Martina I will check, I barely got my my computer on this morning - waiting to runa nd grab coffee sson Is this code in the PDF? @nancy - its in the pdf PROF - -how do nd out what all of the different options are for the CPT? Don't waste all the typing! @Bruce - just another option for posting data to a CPT where they don't have to go into the admin. @Win Thanks, only 1 screen , too much open! do you have anyplugins active right now? where does the custom post type place the item? default blog page? You could use a code snippet inserter. Gotcha. No rush; just another thanks. ok, good I have seen this so now I get coffee!! yay Are there tutorials for PHP on for newbies??

Paul sideradesign I like more elds + more types


@Brian - So you are saying using Gravity Forms to post to a Custom Post type? @garymgordon go to @AmyMiller - Since I don't use CPTs, I didn't recall if GF will recognize a CPT yet...I think it does. I jumped to PODS because I like the exiblity better than CPT. what does that stuff mean? If you have a multi-site, and you include it in the main site, will be features be available to child sites? Thanks, @Brian. @Brian I really need to look at PODS! are there custom PAGE types? @Win mee too I like the Ultimate Post type plugin better @WinDay - wait for 2.0 would this would good with the Widget Content in Builder? Is there any performance benet to coding it into the functions.php le compared to using a plug-in? @Gary a page is a custom post type @Ann - I will still be going - I just dont have the time to run the group @Brian Man. Wait for WP 3.1. Wait for PODS 2.0. I want it all NOW! @gary same thing How would you add a eld for multimedia, more specically a podcast? thanks @Ann and grow it @RicknVegas Cool is there a plugin for page custom post type? @Amy, I did get your email - keep me honest if I don't get back with you later ( you too, @Pam RE: Are there tutorials for PHP on for newbies?? .. I was curious if WebDesign has video tutorials included in their courses? Hey guys, this is the sort of thing that you can bill out at $100/hour. sorry, that was @Peg (not @Pam) @Alan or more depending on your location @alan that's what I am thinking! @gary - not specically on learn by watching all the other videos...but there are a ton of options online for learning PHP. Thanks @Bruce. I loved that one so this is creating a relational DB structure? Most of the Ithemes have these when you work with them

Paul sideradesign @garymgordon : David Perednia Brian Gatley

Lance Alan Jordan AmyMiller WinDay garymgordon KerryCarron AJ Morris Brian Gatley DebbMiller Gen3Chip KerryCarron RicknnVegas WinDay waywardsister Arelthia garymgordon RicknnVegas BenjaminBradley Ann DebbMiller @BruceCaraway garymgordon Alan Jordan @BruceCaraway pixeljuice waywardsister Brian Gatley AmyMiller Doug Lance tim w

Paul sideradesign Bride of Chumbo

WinDay Joyce (Jeeves) RicknnVegas garymgordon Alan Jordan Jerry Kayne AcornCS Brian Gatley waywardsister Alan Jordan richardb Joyce (Jeeves) Ann Brian Gatley Brett AcornCS Doug vickycarlton AcornCS Joyce (Jeeves) RicknnVegas joshdlong Brian Gatley RicknnVegas Ann Coryan Martina-me PeteyP Lance Brian Gatley richardb Jerry Kayne Joyce (Jeeves) vickycarlton Martina-me Joyce (Jeeves) Bob--Patterson

@Doug the book was better The return of Chumbo! @Ann - have you learned anything here? thanks Brian @Wayward I like this because it's not easy to nd someone else who will do it for $10 I enjoyed the whole Chumbo series Can you tell Wordpress where to post the certain type of post type on the front end? @Lance - yes in a way. I preferred Chumbo's Revenge; This Time It's Personal @Wayward - You don't have to worry about alienating a client by comparison. is chumbo your dog? I am now addicted to Chumbo movies and food @RicknVegas Yes, but I'm still groggy, so it's not soaking in very well this morning. Have you? @AcornCS - yes. @Lance. Not exactly. It's creating a different interface tot he existing relational database. Pods lets you create new relational databases (tables) Like - whenever a "movies" page is created it shows up on the movies page two thumbs up has some great training, you can watch handful on each topic before you have to buy 19-30/month @Brian... that is awesome Vengeance is mine! cried CHumbo @Ann - everytime i come here i do chumbo sandwich the movie @Brett - correct - I forgot it is posting to the same table IM A STAR! @RicknVegas You're a star! My audition sucked. lol I'm a big fan so this is creating a relational DB structure? Have been using PODS too much how about Richard Burton :) Good for your SEO. Also in IMDB Immortality at any cost - even if ina Chumbo movie I want an actors salary too:) I am semi-lost, yet I can see the beauty of this and how to use it for my site(s). The Reincarnation of chumbo What about the Key Grip?

Paul sideradesign chumbo returns with a vengeance

Paul sideradesign Chumbo vs Jason vs Freddie CheriP Brian Gatley Alan Jordan waywardsister Art Brett What are the Attributes...Order Woohoo... it was a tough production schedule, but is an awesome movie! Chumbo should make friends with the screenwriter, or he's in big trouble. @martina, it's just creating a new type of post/page with new 'categories' so to speak Would this work for Real Estate Listings @Brian I guess CPT would be ne for events and movies, etc. where the format of the post is the same (same elds needed) as regular posts, but the labels make more sense to the end user. Signing autographed headshots at @Benjamin is this how the Restaurant Builder block was created? @Art yes but Pods is much more suited to RE listings since they have so much other data. Now I am awake! Chumbo always gets me on high aler alert How? I saw Chumbo vs Mothra in 1968

Brian Gatley PeteyP Brett Joyce (Jeeves) Joyce (Jeeves) AcornCS Jerry Kayne

Paul sideradesign I'd like to know how to create a multiple criteria search form that allows to search by taxonomy Martina-me Rio Alan Jordan MJ_McL Joyce (Jeeves) WinDay Alan Jordan Martina-me waywardsister @wayward, I could see a great use of it for collections of things, like books, genres, etc. Chumbo's taking revenge cause he didn't get any sleep :) It sounds like you're creating a mini-database within your database, equipped with queries you don't have to write. How do you show the Taxonomy on the front ? Chumbo vanquished Godzilla in Episode 17 products, if you're using something like PayPal buttons and not a full cart @rio :) Gonna switch to the phone. The fam wants pancakes. @martina I have client who does online training courses, and am doingthis for him to keep member content training pages seperate from his regular pages, and to classify them according to content/subje Do you dictate style through CSS on CPT? so this is creating a relational DB structure? What does the widget content box do? Rio, Chumbo the superhero can do it in his sleep How do you display the custom post type? I'm watching closely so I can "get" it. @Lance keep asking! @Lance Technically no. not even famous for a day @wayward - Combine your taxonomy with members to make your clients smile.

Bob Lance CheriP Joyce (Jeeves) Elianab Martina-me WinDay Brett vickycarlton Alan Jordan

Joyce (Jeeves) waywardsister Joyce (Jeeves) Martina-me Lance KerryCarron Alan Jordan Lance Martina-me waywardsister Brett pixeljuice Lance AmyMiller WinDay Martina-me @BruceCaraway waywardsister Alan Jordan pixeljuice David Perednia KerryCarron tim w Alan Jordan joshdlong KerryCarron Joyce (Jeeves) Rio joshdlong KerryCarron iBusinessLogic Doug RicknnVegas AmyMiller

60 seconds of fame @martina best way to get it (for me, anyway) is to go in and play with it on my own site everyone gets it Oooh, I see a gravity forms Paypal Add-on. I need that! @Brett - but it seems to have a one to many from custom post type to custom taxonomy ahhh. coffee.. @Martina got the email, thanks that was very nice to wake up to. I sent you a reply @Wayard - Levels of membership that charge progressively more. @WinDay - I've been called stubborn np Kerry. :) @alan... yeppers! @Lance yes, in that way it is , but it's working within the existing "wp_posts" table in WP. Does everyone else donate for these plug-ins. We try to each time we have a paying client. @Brett - ah got it - thx for claring @pixeljuice - Great idea! @pixeljuice I do @pixel, I do once I see it's something I'm denitely using long-term @Ben can you use this to link to media (i.e., photos, videos)? @pixel... yes @Pixeljuice Yes. I donate. @all excellent! It's interesting to note that the rst 2 custom post types listed are posts and pages. Donation can be tax deductible for your business, no? I have both plugin, but I don't see the last one @Kerry Yes it can. As an expense, off of the top, if you classify it as something like Software Expense. can we see that on the front end? @Alan ;) yup Kerry yes, but donating is a nice way of showing gratitude regardless tax deductaibility probably depends on your jurisdiction oh yeah, thanks:) @Joyce absolutely... just another example how the WP community is win win I need Coffee Gratitute is good @Benjamin - so in order to display a CPT - you need to re-write the loop? @Benjamin - Can you show us what is looks like on the Front End? I'm a visual learner.

Paul sideradesign if you want to release it as a theme you have to code it in the functions.php

@BruceCaraway Alan Jordan AJ Morris pixeljuice David Perednia AmyMiller Anne waywardsister Alan Jordan @BruceCaraway CECdenver Ann Brian Gatley Doug David Perednia Janie AmyMiller Jerry Kayne WinDay Brett

I'm looking for a way to "link" a CPT back to a standard Post - anybody tried that? @Benjamin - How do you take the info in the custom elds and massage it in a database or spreadsheet? @Benjamin I don't like that either. I'd rather it just say custom elds what happens when we upgrade WP? If that plugin is deactivated or deleted will all of the custom post types you created with it disappear? Thank you - Ben. Can we have subloops @benjamin but they will show up elsewhere, just not on the home page? @David Good question. e.g., I have my Recipe CPT and I wanted to reference a specic Recipe (CPT) post in a standard Blog post How about a page that only shows the new custom post type and how about using the custom post type in a non-builder theme @Anne Another Ann/e! Hi @David - the data would still be in the database, but the interface (UI) would be gone. Coffe Needs coffee. it's my brain that's slowing down @Bruce - I have mine set up on Pages right now. PAIN!! In the CD drive I was trying to nd a post by the PodsCMS developer on CPT but couldn't. This is a very god one as well. Maybe the "bible" on CPT: http:// yeah @Bruce - this is one of the things I did not like with CPT and why I went to PODS. @Benjamin - Ok - we just stumped the Prof Pretend its not there Way to be on the ball! You'll have to start over LOL, @Benjamin you have a cute laugh... glad to hear you still have fun with this lol your computer on coffee, what a combo @Brian - yep. it's a pain, I have to manually copy/paste the description text out of the CPT post and past it back in the blog post YUK Is this in the pdf? @Brian - so if you use PODS, then no need for CPT at all? So, Beginners should Not use Custom Post Types because you have to know how to Rewrite the Loop - Correct?

John Braun Brian Gatley RicknnVegas Bob--Patterson AmyMiller Jerry Kayne KerryCarron Rio @BruceCaraway AmyMiller MiKemp Sanford2

WinDay AmyMiller Brian Gatley KerryCarron Brett MiKemp pixeljuice Brian Gatley RicknnVegas @BruceCaraway Sanford2 waywardsister AmyMiller KerryCarron Brian Gatley Sanford2 AmyMiller julie2 Alan Jordan

oh god @Sanford - use the plugin @MiKemp - I don't use CPT at all, but have been using PODS. It is complicated, but version 2.0 is coming and is suppose to be better. @Sanford only if you want it to show up and display along with another content module, I believe @Brian - thx that rocks! @Sanford - CPTs are not for the beginner of faint at heart. @Benjamin - I am having a hard time seeing value with CPT @Brian, saw an intriguing plugin called Post2Post that might be a solution saw a mention of it yesterday. hope to give it a look this weekend @Amy - so if we use the Custom Post Type UI - for instance - then No need to rewrite the Loop? Correct? @benjamin - if u don't need them on the home page, you can display your CPT's wherever u wnt though? @Sanford - I THINK so....learning curve going on right now. @Amy @Sanford that is how I understand it as well @Sanford CPT UI is only for the backend UI and not for the front end display. Thanks, Amy, Kerry and Brian! @Sangord - the plugin is in the day 1 pdf. @amy if you are satised with putting it in the widget section yes Marketing Observation: Why compete with other developers to revise websites. Why not create a specialized website that adds features and link to that from standard site. Make friends, not enemies. What do you think? Benjain: you didn't save those changes @Alan don't get what you mean? Not sure the sports guys CAN read clarication, that was Posts 2 Posts: posts-to-posts/ @julie - if you're using Builder, that shouldn't be a problem, correct? @Winday - One moment. @Alan kind of what the Plugin Repository already is on @alan Like it! have any examples? @amy yes because you can put it whereever you want @Julie - Great, thanks. @Bruce - are u using P2P - only 902 downloads? Oh, that's sweet! @Benjamin will this clash with WishList if you're using it? @Benjamin Thanks.

Paul sideradesign Justin Tadlock told me it would be integrated in 3.1

Alan Jordan Jerry Kayne WinDay Coryan @BruceCaraway AmyMiller Alan Jordan KerryCarron vickycarlton julie2 AmyMiller Brian Gatley AmyMiller Alan Jordan Alan Jordan

DebbMiller KerryCarron Alan Jordan @BruceCaraway

I like that! lol, i thought he was going to say he was going to grab more coffee... i think I still need to wake up! @Brian What's a 902 @Brian not yet, I just saw mention of it on a blog ( that had recently had a post on linking CPTs...Posts2Posts was mentioned in a comment Benjamin thanks for making this fun, I learn better when Chumbo is around @Kerry - McDonald's capuccino...I believe I can y! @Amy lol @Alan - # of downloads. Wishlist would not be needed now would it? @Brian Ahhh. Oh...I am LOVING this! Can MapCap replace Role Manager? @Danny - Wishlist is completely different from Members. @Brian Thought it was something like a 404 page. Wishlist cannot see the roles created by members. why not the pages? Cup o' java #2 on line...yeah Nor can SimplePress Wishlist gives you a way to charge for membership, but it work with whatever role management is already in WP, right? @danny wishlist is still good for other things, but simple stuff, members plugin is great @WinDay - Yes, it only works with the default WP roles...unless there were changes in version 2.5... ?? @Brian don't know Members is great except for the conicts I have run into with WLM and SimplePress. So how do you x that or is there another plugin? we are on the bleeding edge this morning Do you have that link on the pdf? wow - thanks for shaking that out for us! would ultimate taxonomy manager affect this? Ultimate or Custom? PODS is looking better and better @rio thanks @Amy For example. I go to a gym. They have a website that they'll never replace. Suppose I say to them I want to interview their members and build a site that will help them get referrals. . . . @Bruce..."bleeding" yes, but I love that Benjamin doesn't hold anything back and just tells it like it is. Is there a day 3 pdf?

Joyce (Jeeves) AmyMiller KerryCarron Brian Gatley Danny G Smith Alan Jordan AmyMiller Bob--Patterson Brian Gatley Alan Jordan Brian Gatley CheriP @BruceCaraway Brian Gatley WinDay Rio Brian Gatley WinDay Brian Gatley AmyMiller @BruceCaraway AmyMiller Joyce jhickey AmyMiller WinDay Danny G Smith Alan Jordan

Brian Gatley MicheleS

Brett Bob--Patterson Tim W WinDay Alan Jordan joshdlong Alan Jordan Eileen Rio @BruceCaraway KerryCarron BenjaminBradley Tim W Alan Jordan AmyMiller MicheleS AmyMiller CEC WinDay Brian Gatley

With all the waking up talk I bet it would be funny to suddenly turn on video chat! Not. @Brian - what kind of conicts with WLM? where do you nd the maps plug in? @Michele yes - you should see it at the bottom of the chat . . . suppose I say that they can put a link from their standard web site to this new interactive web site. Their regular website will tell about the gym . . . you should brand "wonky". interesting... . . . but this new site will get members to provide referrals for them and actively build their business. you've lost me, can you recap what you DO recomend using? @tim maps plug in is in day1 pdf @Brian, absolutely agree - love this kinda stuff ( wife thinks I'm weird) @Tim thanks @Amy, I could even go so far as to get work from their regular web site developer, and eliminate marketing concerns. Much obliged! I only see day 1 and 2 Day 3 is right behind it. @tim the Map Cap plugin is in the plugin repository @Alan still don't see the point, sorry @Bob - can't use the private feature of Members; WLM can't see any of the new roles you have created...why would you use it then on a WLM if role management can't be seen my WLM? @Amy, my pleasure. What do you think? Feel free to say you don't like it. got it, thanks Day 3 and I'm now nally able to keep track of the chat and the vid at the same time... feel like I'm starting to see the blondes and brunettes in the matrix @Benjamin - If we use Custom Post Type UI - then we still have to know how to manipulate the Loop - for it to show - Correct? @Alan - sounds good to me! @Alan...that sounds interesting. but a little lost what you are talking about @michele - may need to reload/refresh the page to see the day3 right over the bottom bar @Winday - Just a way to get work without competing with an existing site. @Biran - makese sense @Chip - natural blonde and PROUD! @Winday Clients are not likely to replace a site that they've recently invested in, but they'll supplement it. @Alan, so members would log in and do referrals? @Alan if you're building them something new anyway, why wouldn't you either replace or add to their existing site?

Alan Jordan MicheleS Gen3Chip Sanford2 AmyMiller CheriP Joyce Alan Jordan Bob--Patterson AmyMiller Alan Jordan CheriP WinDay

Brian Gatley Alan Jordan David Perednia AJ Morris Gen3Chip Brett @BruceCaraway Ann DebbMiller Sanford2 AmyMiller DebbMiller KerryCarron DebbMiller Lori Joyce (Jeeves) Alan Jordan Tim W Alan Jordan Sanford2 Alan Jordan Brett MalHerring pixeljuice Brett Alan Jordan Brett Lance waywardsister Jan Fox

@Bob - but as you know, WLM has had 2 versions (2.4 and 2.5) since I last test with WLM and Members. @Cheri - Yes, but you'd need to give them a reason to do so. Incentives, etc. Actually you would probably want to call your referrals "testimonials" why could "bob" still see posts though? Say you don't want him to see posts, but just events? Is there any performance benet to coding it into the functions.php le compared to using a plug-in? KerryCarron: @Gary a page is a @Alan my immediate thought would be that the new site would "dilute" the company's web I guess it would be a "satellite" site? @Ben, like that: Custom Content Types...never liked the Custom Post Types title Yippee! Coffee break and feed kitty. YES!!! Got it - Use Query Post to Display it! @Ann - My cat is busy eating the Christmas tree! potty break Did we start yet? LOL just kidding and WP 3.1 cool @Amy...mine is asleep on my lap :-) ok good - can go brush my teeth and grab some breakfast @Brett It would be a satellite site, and the difference is that it would be geared just to generating referrals--in this example. But . . . time to build a re. . . . you could use the same technique to get writers to submit articles for your regular site. As "Query Post" will connect the Custom Post Type you created to the Loop so it can show. BRB @Alan I see. Could work. didn't follow all of that but have the concept - i'll follow the recording closer... Feeling the re hose today.... :) @Benjamin What are u using to track the passwords? I keep seeing a dialog popup when you enter a new password. I just went through my Chamber of Commerce directory and I'd say the % of companies that have "modern" sites (if they have one at all) is less than 2% @Benjamin - Are these objects? If you build them for one site, can you reuse them? We're in the "woods" though. @Benjamin - my day job is HQ in DC since we're on break... can anyone point me to a 'cheat sheet' type of thing for targeting Builder css code? Hello everyone, connection problems this morning, hate that I've missed so much, got to catch up now.

MalHerring pixeljuice KerryCarron AvaL KerryCarron MalHerring Brett Brett CEC DebbMiller Ava Lance MalHerring Lance Lance Lawrence Tim W Alan Jordan MalHerring Gen3Chip KerryCarron

1Password rocks... for those working on multiple client sites - you should keep it in a password manager like 1password and not excel thanks! @Brett our chanber just rebuilt their site and it is the most horric thing I have eve seen Can you conrm the order for me? 1. Create Custom Post type:event 2. Create New User 3. Map Cap plug in to assign items @Brett they used a ash based platform i know a few peeps using excel - and thats bad if that sheet gets damaged or comprimised... @Kerry Our Chamber site is actually pretty good. They re-built it in the last year or so, but the members don't have a web presence as a general rule. @Kerry Query Post will display the custom post content and a page as well as in a Widget? WP3 Total Cache can this be put in the mu-plugins folder for multisites? thanks I think I'm getting it now can you have a multisite install and have one of the subs be a different version of WP? @Prof - To do a fresh install - can you just drop your tables and let wordpress do it's thing? like a beta site? @Paul thx How do you drop the tables? do guys like the ozh drop down admin plug in? @Benjamin Still don't understand. If I build a custom post type can I take it with me to other sites? sorry - wasen't watching other screen - i'll do that now... :) will we want builder on the new one? On a bigger site Is there any performance benet to coding custom post types into the functions.php le compared to using a plug-in? @Brett I always use this one as an example of what NOT to do... (Hope no one here built this - LOL) @Alan if you make it a plugin @lance multi site is a single install of wp, so no is her main site. is the log in to one of her member only sites. https:// is another member only area @Rio - thx @Alan sorry, that was for you. Is that what you meant? @Paul @ AJ. Thanks. @ lance you upgrade different members at different times I believe, but you not install different version

Paul sideradesign Lance : no

Paul sideradesign @Alan, if you make it a plugin AJ Morris Rio WinDay

Lance WinDay Alan Jordan vickycarlton

David Perednia dandy

@Benjamin When writing Plugins is it customary to have the plugin delete all data tables when deleting the plugin? Or should that be a separate function? I'm interested in knowing how to layout a page to sell multiple books using Pay Pal. I know how to put the PP code in etc.. I'm curious the best way to layout of the products @Kerry...O...M...G! @Brett LOL told ya! @vickycarlton so a member could be at 3.1 with the base at 3.03? every one else is typing so fast this morning, I can barely keep up :p @Dandy sounds like a job for: Custom Post TYpes! @Benjamin On a bigger site Is there any performance benet to coding custom post types into the functions.php le compared to using a plug-in? I've seen it done many different ways. @Amy No. @Kerry - I built don't like? ;) @Amy This is a special site for members. @Brett - I am still ROFLOL... @Brian - Please don't admit that! @Brian you're red! What is the polite way to fork a plugin, do you keep the original doc block, or just give credit? @Brett lol Can you set up custom elds using the custom post types UI? @lance, its been long time since I've been in that situation, but I believe it ask you to update each site separately Is there an uninstall plug-in plug-in that would remove them? winday, do you put each book with the pp button on a separate entry or do you list every book in a column down the page etc I just got back from an emergency vet visit. But the dog will live to bark another day. Do you know when this rst hour will be online to view? @Amy I'm talking about a site that looks like it's a part of the standard site, but adds additional features to the site, that helps people make recommendations. Stay tuned, if I have time . . . Benjamin..I am amazed that you can talk about such complex things, control the visuals and yet keep up with the conversations in the chat room. It must be exhausting . . .I'll do an example to show you. @Gen3Chip - I don't think that would matter since Custom Post Types UI is a backend only plugin, "shouldn't" make the site load slower @Dandy with a CPT you'd put each book into an entry, then use the Query Post thingie to pull them all onto one page @lance I have a test site, I try it this week and see what happens @Judy...he can use both sides of brain at same time...amazing

Brett KerryCarron Lance Rio WinDay Gen3Chip David Perednia Alan Jordan Brian Gatley Brian Gatley Alan Jordan KerryCarron Brett Danny G Smith KerryCarron Elianab vickycarlton CheriP dandy karen

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Thanks! @AJ Morris alamaogordo- I see a business opportunity yep, gonna go look at PODS Custom FIelds Template is a good way to build a form to collect data, but Benjamin is absolutely right. Use Pods if you need something like that. I am curious what will be in pods 2.0 Is it worth using PODS now since there seem to be major changes coming with 2.0?

Paul sideradesign but if you're integrating the elds in a theme, you need to code it in the functions.php Brian Gatley CheriP Lawrence Judy E Lance for the 2.0 development when is 2.0 exected? @ BenjaminCould you summarise the differences of what you'd use Custom Types, Fields and Pods? I can't use one really well is PODS premium?

Paul sideradesign CheriP David Perednia Brian Gatley KerryCarron Brian Gatley DebbMiller KerryCarron BenjaminBradley Arelthia KerryCarron AmyMiller Peg Brian Gatley joshdlong Deborah 1424 Ann Joyce Lance Bob Miller Girl Friday Janie AJ Morris Al_Davis1 Sharon Jan Fox I mean expected Will exiting PODS functionality be ported to PODS 2.0? - after WP 3.1 off topic when was the set of WebDesign Dev Course classes? Which month? PODS is FREE!! could Custom Post Types be used for an auto posting site oops *last set of classes yes yup no no no yup no no no no no nope nope yup refuse to use tuumblr yup no

LoriB Metta Jeeves WinDay BARowen MJ_McL Allegra Sanford3 Tim W Doug Brian Gatley joshdlong WinDay Brian Gatley Brett WinDay Alan Jordan AmyMiller Janie MiKemp Brian Gatley KerryCarron waywardsister waywardsister Brian Gatley MalHerring Brian Gatley David Perednia Brett @BruceCaraway Brian Gatley Alan Jordan Brett DebbMiller KerryCarron

yes yes ys @BB why did it just look like it counted down to turning OFF the recording? no No. I have P. 4 of PDF yes no @WinDay - that is Screenow like woothemes tumblogs? isn't that his recording? for recording the webinar. How is Post Formats similar to builder layouts? At all? @BRian -- and it counted down to turning OFF @Amy I'll have to do it later. Touch base That's cool! cool @Kerry - The pdf from that course that I have is dated August @WinDAy to turn on. Thanks Mike @ben can u turn admin bar off? yay! @Brett - Post Formats - are Formats...simple css that can be selected based on the "content" type. @Prof - Would you not want correct anchor text on internal links? How does the new internal linking feature deal with that? @Brett - NOT similar to Layouts...more like Extensions, but can be selected at the Post admin entry. Doesn't the admin bar just modify the looks for Admins? Ok so simpler the way CPT is simpler than Pods. wish you could turn off chat's "auto scroll to the bottom with each new chat post" @Brett - Layouts are about Structure...Formats are about Style. @Benjamin - Is it best to do this on a development machine? @Brian Gotcha. I haven't looked at 3.1 at all yet. OH COOL!!! @Paul is on it today, thanks for the links!

Paul sideradesign

Paul sideradesign

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Paul sideradesign can you roll back?

Paul sideradesign thx KerryCarron Janie @BruceCaraway WinDay Deborah Brian Gatley Jerry Kayne KerryCarron waywardsister Jerry Kayne Doug Lawrence joshdlong Jeeves DebbMiller Brian Gatley David Perednia Janie KerryCarron Alan Jordan julie3 Jeeves KerryCarron David Perednia waywardsister RicknnVegas AmyMiller karen there is that little laugh again, I love it oooh...brave livin' on the edge living dangerously! @Kerry WDC1, 2 and 3 was August 25, 27, 28. AND bleeding. Is Chumbolisious ready for that? @Deborah Thanks I sense a new Chumbo movie saga coming on Aaaaaaaaaaaaah haha I trashed a site using beta - forgot I was on a live site what was that? lol Going to be testing this today So take a copy of each one of your sites, load it localhost, install WP Beta Tester and go to the bleeding edge on each. Just for Admins though hating the admin bar does that admin bar show up to everyone? @Benjamin Does the admin bar appear only for admins? does the admin bar only show up for an admin page needs coffee to load faster admin bar does not show up for me on chumbolicious so I would say yes for admin Just select some text to link fantastic! @Benjamin - update your permalinks I may have missed, but is there a date for release? could you use internal linking in the gallery to create a portfolio. I mean on a gallery grid, when you click on a thumbnail - and then be able to click through all the enlarged images -next/previous? I've been wondering when WP would catch up with .net in that respect. @Prof - Should you sort out your permalink structure before linking to pages internally?? Old as in 3.1 previous Build "old". @Benjamin - only pages or posts also? Wordpress is becoming a more sophisticated CMS. Did the audio just die? blipped here @alan much more... and always getting better

Paul sideradesign only for logged in users??

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and he's back @Al not for me. Audio ne here and the permalink structure debate should continue... @al nope good sound here audio is ne here, too. crisper @Al I hear ne. @ BenjaminI followed the advice from iThemes on changing permalinks in order to streamline the site and it simply broke the site. How much is to be gained by playing with permalinks? SEO mostly @Benjamin ahhh so a theme manager button, nice @lawrence SEP Seo @WinDay Please elaborate. @Alan use the telephone on speaker that's what I do @Lawrence you likely just missed some of the code foggy here.. having a hard time getting beta on my test site. It is downloaded.. will there be any Builder updates that correspond to the WP 3.1 update? @AlanJ Yes I agree too. This is a good thing for designers Google likes keywords in link oh- treat it like a plug in @Alan when words are used in urls it is "friendlier" and recognized for SEO as oppossed to the symbols and numbers @Alan your individial pages will rank better in Google using words (keywords) in the url @Kerry Yes I use %Category%/%PostName% Pardon? Do or do not use post? I didn't get that. See, for example, Whoops How will the gallery be different from the current gallery function? @Alan that is what I used use too page 5 of pdf @ben is this stuff in the pdf? Will you show an example of that? @Kerry - Better example: Arrays generally sort more quickly. you can do a lot of this with wootumblog plugin... @Kerry Thx Double )) This array builder is very nice. You don't have to dene the type of each eld. It does that in the background by using existing objects.

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Thanks! Got it @Alan I have switched on my newer sites to structure with year rst, then month and then postname... there are a number of articles out there as to why to do that @ben is this all in the pdf? Will Builder have a Format Manager? this code is on page 5 @jude thx I do that too kerry I have year/month/category/postname @Kerry, I think you could change the formatting anytime without repercussions. It's just formatting. Correct? @lance just upgraded 3.0.3 and it upgraded all of the sites, that change may happened when mu merged Where do you nd the default styles for those formats? will you publish the quote? @Jeeves I thought about adding category in there but I don't post that often for most of my sites - also why I left out the day Global vs Specic to the post? @Alan it will effect pages already indexed though, at least until they get reindexed Do you have to specify the styles for each of those or are there preset defaults in WP? Alan - you could change permalink formatting any time, but will have to redirect older post links to the new links When will this sessions be uploaded and where would it be? @jeeves @alan u can use broken link checker plugin to quickly update links @Jeeves. Thank you. a little beta-y I left category as some clients search only by the category that interests them @Art - in the members area of and probably by mon or tues @Kerry I don't see the advantage of using a year, except for a newspaper type site. @Art he usually puts them on this page: courses/ And with the length of these sessions it will probably take him all weekend to get them edited and uploaded. Just my Alan, I use redirection plug in recc by Benjamin and Micheal Torbert guess @Jeeves. Thx. @Alan personal choice, you will have to do the research and make your decision on it... It took me awhile to decide @benjamin I don't see the .quick-chat class at all in your css @Kerry. Will do. @ben, would you use .post-content p { instead of .quick-chat p { in css?

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@Kerry - could you post a link to one of the articles you used, that helped you decide? you didn't nish the function This is what drives me crazy styling Builder. @brett me too! Can't gure out which bit I need @Brett once you get your head around it, it gets faster! You need to change that in functions.php too don't you? I so want a mac so I can use Coda. :( @Benjamin - Do you have to specify the styles for each of those formats or are there preset defaults in WP? Most of the time I can hit it, but sometimes it's frustrating. I do understand why it needs to be complicated. It's doing a LOT of stuff so that it's easier on the back-end layout. Sweet Can someone tell me Who should be able to make a "comment" on the Chat Log that he just installed? @brett it's great, but right now I am still in the hunt-and-peck stage when I'm styling specic areas @Brett, I hate it when I cannot pin point those to change what I want. Sometimes takes me days and 100's of tries, lol Yep. Been there, done that. ok...looked away for a minute. how did he round the corners? Would a MacBook Pro be good enough for this type of work without a strain vs a desktop? @Brett - I haven't really got into other frameworks, do they allow easier editing? I have some tell me Genesis is "better" but they only used Builder once or twice. @AmyMiller I believe the format-chat, format-video, etc are WP defaults @Brian me either. I doubt it though. I love my 17 mac book pro @AJ - Thanks. Has anyone used Headway?

Paul sideradesign how would you add chat functionality?

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Paul sideradesign so you could create a custom post type for a specic post format or vice versa, this is confusing :) Brian Gatley AJ Morris Valerie waywardsister AJ Morris Alan Jordan I really haven't found it hard to nd stuff. @AmyMiller I think he was trying to do some magic with that quick-format function @ArtD, I use my iMac for my design, I have a MacBook Pro, but I don't like working on small monitors. @brian..atahualpa is pretty easy to edit, very complex theme... but has area to enter any custom css right in theme backend @lawrence - I work for Headway :) Use them all the time @Amy Sure.

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@Brain Headway is an interesting framework with a different type of interface than Builder go css3! @brett if you understand how builder generates its class structure it gets easier I tried Headway and it was "too complicated" for me....just a totally differnt way of thinking. @Brian I don't have trouble generally, but every once in a while I get stumped. @val, me too, iMac 17" for web design, 15" macbook pro for music recording @AJ LOL. Ilike Headway I use Genesis but am interested in trying Builder. @ArtD Just use a 2nd monitor and you'd be set. I worked this way for years. @Paul It's custom formats for custom post types. e.g. event announcments always yellow, news alerts red, etc Corners not rounded in my Firefox for some reason m CEC Alan Jordan ArtD joshdlong @Brain I've been using Headway for about a year and half the new 2.0 has a lot of good new features @Benjamin - Can you use an IF statement to change the color of the status based upon different criteria? Great, Thanks! we need new web standards, universal Thanks m Alan Jordan Valerie joshdlong Brian Gatley @Benjamin or a SelectCase type of statement? I have the 22" iMac. amen @CEC - I guess I should try it again, but am just too busy with Builder and PODS and other stuff.

Paul sideradesign @Janet I don't think that's correct. can you have an event which is a chat log? for example Jeeves Rio Peg Ray Mike Kemp and others asking about permalink structues - try this-http:// @brett is a post I did about builder's class structure @val nice! Your the man Ben Release Target Date for 3.1? m karen Lawrence Janet B Brett Martina-me Alan Jordan Why would you use custom posts than Builder Layouts? I have to confess: I nd Elegant Themes easiest! @Paul That was just an example. Event and chat log would be two different custom post types. Thanks Rio. I'll take a look... @Lawrence, I like Elegant Themes too. Idea: Useful for an Executive Dashboard.

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@Rio... read that, very helpful, but still not nding everything... I'm fairly new to CSS though @Karen - Layouts are structure and Formats are style. @Rio can you recommend a tutorial in that does explain how Builder generates class structure? I am a new member here but working with Builder since it was rst released Thanks Rio @Benjamin Did I miss you making the change from "quick-" to "format-" in the functions.php le? @Brain there are so many good options out there for efciency it does make sense to focus on a few things at once though I wish we covered more theme information than just Builder @Martina - yup: very stylish - and interesting concepts. I "get" the whole frameworks concept, but some of the non-framework & child themes I can work with easier.

Paul sideradesign Benjamin, please explain CPT vs CTF

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Lawrence Martina-me Most of this will work in any theme - I believe - not just Builder m Elianab Lawrence karen Can you make up your own formats? Woo stuff is great too Brian, but then you can style the layout format? My clients just seem to love Flexx m David Perednia Doug Why is echo '<div class-"quick-' not changed to 'format-' Is activating theme support php in PDF? But I use a Lot of Studiopress stuff as well m Martina-me Brian Gatley Martina-me Judith Metta julie3 KerryCarron CheriP David Perednia Lawrence karen Doug Alan Jordan Never tried Woo, @Lawrence, pricing plan and membership options seemed too high @karen - Formats are about styling Content and not really the "frame" Thanks going to try it. But also interested in Builder. will ithemes do add theme support in their themes for customers Are we likely to see plugins that will format the post formats for those of us who don't write php code? @doug it is on page 5 wow, that is cool Do most freelancers use themes from a variety of companies? This is a way cool feature. They are relatively high, Martina, but you should have a look at the "Try before you Buy" - great feature and gives you a chance to explore Thanks Brian. Working the little brain hard to grasp this. @julie3 thanks! @iBiz - Studiopress??

Paul sideradesign carrington build looks awesome but very expensive


@girl, the closest things in the library that I've seen are Benjamin's builder webinar's but is where I rst really got a visual on the Builder class structure @Cheri been using Atahualpa and now Builder for most client sites bc so customizable

waywardsister Brian Gardner m CEC Frameworks are great I use them often but you do have to put more work into the graphic design to keep them from all looking the same that's why I often use pre-built themes as well 0 Amazing changes and exponential growth in the WordPress Community as far as functionality and style Thanks Lawrence. Will do. @CheriP, I do: Builder for my most expensive sites, followed by Genesis for customers who don't want to pay as much, last I use Artisteer for clients with no money. @karen - it takes a while to understand all the funky nomenclature that programmers use who should never be given the task of naming things. m KerryCarron Martina-me Valerie

Brian Gatley Lots of great stuff in Genesis m Lawrence CheriP BenjaminBradley CheriP Brian Gatley Gen3Chip Doug RicknnVegas KerryCarron Janie karen Martina-me Lance Alan Jordan Martina-me Lawrence @ Martina YW @wayward...I think I'd like to just master Builder... @Valerie...thanks...that makes sense. @Valerie - do you keep up with all of them? @CheriP I'm using Thesis & now Builder for most sites. That's huge! @ann - Wake up! @Cheri or at least start with one to fully understand. What you learn on one applies to others too anyone use Thematic? Brian, LOL! I say that whoever coined taxonomy & canonical, needs to spend a nice long stretch in the time out corner. @Valerie, you mention most-expensive sites. How do you do your pricing? format types is xed in 3.1? i.e. I cannot create a new format @Benjamin - Can you change color of posts based on different criteria? LOL @ Karen @CEC You're right about the 'they all look the same'! I nd it difcult to break out of my own (un)imaginative structure/framework. My sites tend to end up looking like BG's at StudioPress @Valerie I tend to use themes out of the box with clients on a budget

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BenjaminBradley waywardsister Al_Davis1 @Rio THANK YOU!!!! Exactly what I need. @Janie I have built a couple fo sites using Thematic, but am likely moving to Builder I'd like to master my understanding of Builder. Then have predone child themes and lots of snippets of CSS. Kinda like a Builder Tool Box...then I could do just about anything.

Paul sideradesign thanks Benjamin, CheriP

BenjaminBradley I think I offer to my clients to use any theme they like to start with, but I only m own developer licenses to iThemes and StudioPress as I have found each to be the best at keeping everything fresh BenjaminBradley BenjaminBradley Very True Benjamin m julie3 Brian Gatley Rio Lawrence KerryCarron CheriP ottopress is broken absolutely @waywardsister :) youre welcome Absolutely @Cheri that is what I am doing, it works for me @everyone...let's develop a Builder Tool Box together with tons of child themes and code snippets. I have a client using Headway - but I hate it m WinDay KerryCarron Metta PeteyP Brian Gatley Valerie Brett joshdlong AJ Morris Rio I *think* I could turn just about any design into a Builder child. What I need is a source of the PSDs/PNGs! I am *not* a designer. @Cheri but my clients don't always want that IBL: Why don't you like Headway? @CheriP that would be awesome @WinDay - Agree!!! @WinDay: This is where Cory looks up over Benjamin's shoulder! LOL ;) @winday hit @iBusiness I'd like to hear why as well. :) @CheriP I've been working on something like that to make it way easier to build a child theme from scratch It's called Open Source for a reason m Lawrence Lawrence joshdlong That's where I started (Revolution) love press75

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Will there be a list of participants given out at the end of the class? Headway? I remember WP-Remix m Martina-me Janet B Jerry Kayne Sherry Martina-me joshdlong WinDay Judith Lori karen @Lawrence, me too. I started with Revolution WP Remix is brutal I used Adobe Pagemill in the early 90s @WinDay: I'm a designer in CDA if you need some help Had WP-Remix too. LOL. woo @Sherry my email is -- let's talk! Don't you ever get confused? @Janet...i would DIE before I themed on WP Remix again I started with Cutlines (free) but paid for their support forum. Ya, don't worry about Headway m Bob--Patterson Lawrence Who do you consider revolutinoary? @Benjamin: some examples of pushing boundaries? And the 'stuck in the past'? BUILDER is revolutionary - of course m Jeeves joshdlong Sherry DebbMiller MalHerring Valerie WinDay Metta could yu do a webinar highlightng posities and negatives of themes basd on yr experience? great advice! @WinDay: mine is That would be a good webinare for the different themes @Prof - I guess your afliation with iThemes speaks volumes right? I *hate* Thesis, personally. thanks @SHerry! Ditto on Jeeves request! Ya, no fan of Thesis here m Metta Lawrence Alan Jordan vickycarlton Sherry Valerie: Why don't you like Thesis? @Valerie: I love Thesis for blog rather than site themses BRB would love to hear about different themes, it can get expensive to buy them all that's not enough time to run up the stairs! Clients ask for it - I say - Why? m karen @sherry - Cause they advertise more than everyone else? m Lawrence Bob Miller and Chris Pearson is pushing boundaries Need a child theme for musican's

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@Benjamin - is there another theme out there like Builder that is free? I bought Headway just before Builder came out. I hate that you can't see the CSS. I just don't see the value in Thesis. I helped a client with their site, and it was more trouble to modify their settings than to customize an entire stylesheet. @Benjamin - Just to clarify, do you have to set the style for all the formats or are there presets in WP? good time for me to jump off, lookign forward to watching the rest later....this was a great session and it seems like this is a very supportive community, looking forward to working and learnign wit ok, thanks, Benjamin you never really get freemium:) Valerie: Thanks for your feedback!

Peg joshdlong Metta Free is NOT always good m Al_Davis1 PeteyP @BruceCaraway Arelthia Lawrence Billie with everyone builder and ithemes are the ish! @Al, good to have you today @Valerie - I had the same experience with Thesis LOL josh - too true what are we doing next we are in business here - right m CEC Judith @BruceCaraway Al_Davis1 Peg Martina-me waywardsister Peg KerryCarron Peg Richard PeteyP waywardsister @janet that's what the design editor is for in the Visual Editor and you can always add enw CSS in the custom css folder Builder is worth every penny - I can design it differently for every site @Al - will look for you in the future Thanks All, have a good day no I realize free is not always good, :), just starting out so being frugal Is there a discount coupon for ithemes since we belong to @Peg Atahualpa theme is free and very powerful/custmizable, but steep learning curve and it isn't quite as easy as Builder is I love what I've seen of Builder so far, I'll take the leap :) @Martina I believe you would qualify for 25% off any other purchase @wayward - Thanks! I'll check that out. Builders 1 year anniversery is in a few days. wait for a sale @Benjamin can you give us a hint on the new child theme for builder? pleeeasse! @martina they just sent out a coupon via email 25% off Peg... If you like we can work together if you have clients... I have access to m lots of great themes KerryCarron PeteyP Peg @Martina but it may not carry over from WD to iThemes yep!!! @Richard - Thanks!

vickycarlton AmyMiller PeteyP PeteyP TomD Martina-me waywardsister ArtD Tim W Valerie waywardsister @BruceCaraway

@benjamin, any leaks on what discount may be offer next week? you stink! gee thank! s i use Atahualpa, warning it's got a lot of code overhead. switching sites to builder @Benjamin, last night you mentioned Chrome Inspector & style bot. Can you recap that? I was on via the phone, driving so my notes aren't all that clear. @Peg if u do, it is well worth donating so you can get access to the better support forums, bc you'll need them! Thanks a lot! Yeah, I started with Ithemes, than plug in developer, than webdesign.. I built a restaurant site in like 6 hours with no experience with builder.. Anyone who is still looking to buy Builder, here's *my* afliate link: http:// @Tom I'm in same boat @Ben, Danger told me in Aug that there might be a move to take some/all of the ithemes themes and recast them in you know if that's still on the plate? what's the prof doing? @iBusiness - Thanks for the offer, just a couple of clients right now @Valerie ha! you beat me today @wayward - I agree. Though I strongly recommend the all-access pass! @Bruce that would be awesome! @Valerie I did it in stages: got the all access theme pass, added the plugins, added the university! @Valerie any Coupon codes? how much is the all access pass? Thanks waywardsister...guess I'm not on the mailing list. I'll double-check and got discounts at each upgrade what does it include? Discounts are coming the 14th. you can change passwords in the wp-cong? do have to change db in cpanel? Do we get a discount on buying builder? I hear they are going to have a sale on the 14th. @Petey: that would certainly make me happy ...Ben is obviously busy right now ;-) I was Builder buyer rst, then WebDesign, then Dev Suite, What got me hooked her was the quality of the online seminars for Builder - the freebies. @Tim change it in the db, make the wp-cong.php le match @winDay, I did the whole developers toolkit when they launced that @Lawrence what kept me coming back was the community

Sherry Peg KerryCarron Peg Valerie PeteyP WinDay Alan Jordan PeteyP Martina-me WinDay PeteyP AmyMiller Tim W ArtD @BruceCaraway KerryCarron Lawrence WinDay Rio KerryCarron

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@Kerry - me too, dev suite is next. @ Kerry thats how I am now @Benjamin - It would be good to get a checklist of things to do when creating a site for client - or transferring a base site to a client I bought Flexx Pro and then builder - EZ transisiton @Kerry me too My all-access pass just expired. I need to renew I just bought webdesign @Rio I had it all by then lol @Benjamin is there an optional class participation list? @CEC Visual editor is okay for basic stuff like colors but for ne tuning I need to create custom CSS - much easier to do when you can see what needs to be changed @Rio I wasn't sure I *needed* everything till I got in and saw how powefully they all work together @Ace Bottom of the PDF @Kerry, I'm new, but that's what I'm really liking already. @TimW, you have to change the pw in the DB settings if you change it in the cong le. FYI: iThemes Sales just told me the sale price will NOT be better than the 25% customer loyalty discount. thats what I thought, all my wordpress sites have the same password.. need to change that up.. @CEC At least for me... Builder is perfect! and then the Anniversary sale ... couldn't justify NOT joining Webdesign. Always wanted to do it Anyone knows what plugin you use to showcase your videos? just because I can't remeber.. @Ace. What about DisplayBuddy? just got back...what is he doing? Just WISH it wasn't midnight-3am! I keep losing chunks of the seminars thru dozing off! LOL The support and community was the bait for me too. There are differences in all the theme companies - but at end of day - Builder has so much exibility and the suppoirt is great. very thorough for m @Janet Firebug is great for trying out CSS changes before you implement almost eight here, will have the rest of my day to play out in the rain Hey @Brett - Thanks. Here is *my* afliate link for anything from iThemes iThemes-store @girl rebuilding a clean install @kerry my all acess pass was about to expire & I hadn't got pluginbuddy yet so I gured it was the best renewal option @Lawrence where are you?

WinDay Brett Martina-me Valerie Metta Tim W Janet B Lawrence Ace Tim W Brett Girl Friday Lawrence karen

Paul sideradesign @ace depends on what you want to do

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Judy E Martina-me PeteyP Jeeves Lawrence Martina-me Lawrence Jeeves CEC AmyMiller Janet B KerryCarron waywardsister Jeeves Rio Martina-me Bob--Patterson PeteyP Martina-me KerryCarron Bob--Patterson CEC Lawrence Jeeves WinDay Martina-me waywardsister Rio Martina-me Lawrence KerryCarron

Day 1 was worth the admission price Me too Lawrence. I had been trying to justify it all year long. Didn't know when I'd have time to actually use it. Now? I'm making time. The community is awesome here! I got som,e ithemes, then BUilder, then all access and then James made an offer I could not refuse and I upgradedto toolkit )the whole enchilada@Judith The Lake District, UK @Kerry, thanks. Since you answered so many of my questions last night, I'll def be ordering through you. @Martina. Ditto with Benjamins anniv offer I signed up for 2 additional years webdesign @Janet like BB just said different themes have different advantages I'm not attached to Headway, I actually use a bunch of different ones Love that book! @CEC I'm not going to use Headway for any new sites now, just Builder Thank @Martina... be sure to connect with the others though for additional go to... we are all family here Love her book Of course my clients are oaying for it all, but they dont know it - incorporated into their price @Lawrence i do my own recording, so if I doze of or have to run out for a bit I can still watch it right away Will do, Kerry. Denitely! Are you going to record the webinar with Lisa? i learned about iThemes from Lisa Sabin-wilson\ lol @ Jeeves @Lawrence too ;) Great. It's Christmas party season so LSW create a default @Rio - yes, was thinking that about 5 ins ago! I've got Camtasia, so could do it, I guess I buy dev access to other thems I like and then use builder to construct them @Jeeves oooh I like that idea! I was going to order Lisa's book, but I have Digging into Wordpress and Wordpress 24 Hour Trainer. They're pretty thorough. @jeeves... great idea! @Lawrence camtasia is what Im using @Rio, how? Woke up at 3.35 this am - silence! No voice of the Prof. Chat ticking slowly ... I woke myself up snoring and wondering where Id lost the plot! @Petey I just posted an article about Lisa's Book last night: http://

Paul sideradesign if you want to get Digging into WP, use this link ecom/gb.php?ii=553499&c=ib&aff=144747&cl=88539 CEC interesting idea @jeeves, I link that

Lawrence KerryCarron Brian Gatley Martina-me Jeeves Brian Gatley Rio KerryCarron

I'll do that, Rio @Paul, I just got that one too... that is my next review @Paul - Afliate link? I really love Digging into WP. The book is so worth the price. Martina , I agree -great book - Digging @Paul - Absolutely! Just let us know that it is! @lawrence, 3.35am !I thought it was early when the webinar started at 7am my time, lol For the digging into WP, order the discounted imperfect versions, great savings and hardly noticable! love shortcodes *listening* @lawrence what timezone are you in? DIgging WP on sale, @Martina Ditto @Rio: came home from a works Christmas do to take the class last night! midnight to 3am. How's that for commitment??? @Benjamin - Does it matter where it goes in the le? @Rio GMT Where are we in pdf??

Paul sideradesign @Brian yes is that allowed?

Paul sideradesign @Brian, ok thanks Martina-me Rio Dale Alan Jordan Lawrence AmyMiller Lawrence BillG

Paul sideradesign shortcodes for layouts are cool : Martina-me Rio Doug Lawrence KerryCarron Martina-me AJ Morris waywardsister Alan Jordan joshdlong Martina-me KerryCarron Martina-me Lawrence CheriP AmyMiller waywardsister Thanks @Paul @lawrence more dedicated than me :) @Paul Thanks @Rio yes ... or just need seriously to get a life!!! call just means that the computer is seeing the code and going to the db to get the info (via the loop) So, why did it put it before the post data? @Benjamin It's interesting that the shortcode is before your post stuff @ben can u use this to add an image? @Benjamin Can you show us how to insert a form with short codes? you can put short codes in the single post php and get it on each post Whew... @Benjamin, I saw that when I installed your Coming soon extension that it did that in my post too @Josh, good info. Thanks. @waywardsister: great idea. Would be good for logos (eg WP logo, site logo etc) @wayward...good question @wayward - yes @lawrence yes, and signatures (one of my clients uses a jpg signature to a lot of posts)

Janie AmyMiller David Perednia Martina-me Lawrence WinDay waywardsister RicknnVegas Judith David Perednia Valerie David Perednia WinDay Brett waywardsister Lawrence Bob Miller Valerie Rio dandy Jude24 MJ_McL Martina-me waywardsister AmyMiller

it's likely a css thing, try echoing a p too @wayward - though i don't know the code ;) Changes made to the theme/functions.php le will be overwritten when the theme is upgraded, won't they? Oh wow, that is too cool. @waywardsister: good idea. Also need it for "@waywardsister"!! LOL @David that's why you do it in the child's functinos.php Oh, I can use this big time @Benjamin - can you put shortcode in an HTML widget? Could have an image signature Not all themes are child themes. I use shortcodes for the typical Equal Opportunity blurbs. Twenty_Ten is not a child theme. @David see if you can make a child from the theme @Rick I think you'd have to use php do_shortcode('[shortcodename]'); or something like that. @lawrence lol! I respond to @way or @sis as well ;) @Valerie: hadn't thought of that! Good idea like auto correct in word Signature shortcodes would be great for a site with multiple bloggers. @David Perednia yes, thats why its best to use child themes you could enter a "thought for the day" Or if a client wants to sign each post with their signature graphic I could create a shortcode for that? How do you format teh ShortCodes ? **still want a mac so I can use Coda** @jude that' what I need it for as well @jude - yes

Paul sideradesign you can include an external php le with your shortcodes into functions.php

Paul sideradesign if you want to add something to each and every post, best to use a lter with add_lter() Rio Lawrence CheriP @David you can make child themes @way: very helpful, sis! :) could you make a custom le type for a shortcode so a client could change what the shortcode uses, such as rewording their disclaimer easily without getting into the code? I used to think Notepad++ was good...but now I want Coda for PC. are too quiet. @Cheri yes for sure

Coryan Martina-me KerryCarron

Paul sideradesign waywardsister Lawrence @coryan for PC get Putty (I think that's the name) @Martina. LOL Be afraid ... be VERY afraid!

CheriP KerryCarron @BruceCaraway Jeeves Lawrence waywardsister MJ_McL Lawrence Alan Jordan Coryan AJ Morris joshdlong Alan Jordan KerryCarron

@Kerry....that would be great @Lawrence lol I (nally) purchased Coda last month - best $99 I've spent in awhile...can't believe I waited so long Thank you Paul @Kerry: bitter experience speaking there ... @Paul u r the link man... awesome, thank you @Paul. Thanks @Bruce Got mine last night!! Awesome @Benjamin Can we see how to add a form using a shortcode? @ WWSister Will look into that. @Benjamin your shortcode is still appearing before your post text @benjamin, how is it that your "cmd+tab" app shortcut is translucent black? @benjamin Thanks. @Cheri there is actually a pretty good plugin that does just that for policies called WP policies @Lawrence - yep, it rocks and I'm not even using half its capability @Cheri, Kerry's right... WP policies is great, use it all the time, very easy for clients to use as well @Kerry...thanks...could you use if for image signatures too? @Paul. Thanks. yay wonky notepad does that and it drives me crazy @Cheri I would think so, it allows you to add to it I hate it when it goes all Wonky! Chumbo IV: Chumbo vs Wonky Anyone know who to ask to design a really good logo (need one for my business)? @Lawrence -- I'm a designer my wheels are spinning with the possibilites @Lawrence oops, sorry @Sherri... @Lawrence go to @Sherry rst this is on page 8 @Lawrence I second 999designs is this jquery code in our pdf? @Lawrence -- page 8 @Benjamin - Very good tip!! @Kerry LOL @Sherry it would be good to talk! Tanks. Is that code in our pdf? @BB will that break some plugins, if they're using a different version?

Paul sideradesign no problem

Paul sideradesign gravity forms uses shortcodes for adding a form @BruceCaraway waywardsister CheriP Alan Jordan joshdlong Michael Cannon KerryCarron PeteyP waywardsister Lawrence Sherry CheriP KerryCarron KerryCarron Jude24 WinDay karen Sherry Jude24 Alan Jordan Lawrence CheriP WinDay

Sherry PeteyP AJ Morris WinDay CEC AJ Morris Alan Jordan Alan Jordan Martina-me Martina-me Judith KerryCarron Jeeves Martina-me KerryCarron Alan Jordan Alan Jordan Lawrence DebbMiller Martina-me KerryCarron David Perednia Martina-me julie3 Alan Jordan KerryCarron Martina-me Fredxx Doug CheriP waywardsister Lori Martina-me Judith Alan Jordan AmyMiller julie3 Martina-me

@lawrence - now that is cool @Benjamin why are you using is_admin() again? thanks helps with load speed correct? ok great! Thanks!! In the background different versions call DLLs that clash. It's called DLL Hell. FYI . . . DLL = Dynamic Library Link. @Lawrence, is good too; just be sure to get them in bulk to save the most money I normally buy 2-3 logos at a time. They also let you buy the throw-aways. :) My screen isn't changing??? simplepress? wow Thanks for the tip Martina np Jeeves take note... a pattern in code @Judith Happened to me yesterday. Had to reboot. Maybe not enough GDI memory? @Judith., possibly shut down some other applications? @Martina Thanks! Is there a short code to move things higher on page like your Meta SEO tags Is there a way to block your code from being viewed? NOTE: seeing that pattern you learn what to change and what to leave the so your code works when YOU use it YOUR way Can you discuss shortcode conicts? That is, how do we know that a sourcecode name is safe to use? Not used elsewhere? What pattern, Kerry? is there a list of the names like wp_generator so we know what each one is? Sounds like a good way to prospect for new clients. "You're exposed." @Marttina the 2 or 3 words and then the () and then the info in the () So the shortcodes aren't site-specic? Why write the remove code? Why not just delete the code Should make the site faster @Alan...I like the way you think @alan makes a good case for monthly maintenance retainer the google script call is giving your wp version Okay Benjamin, that's what I thought. Don't have any other applications just Chat - I'm resigning in @Cheri - Thanks. @julie3 - @amy Thank you @Fredxx...good question.

Paul sideradesign you put the version of wordpress instead of jquery version

Alan Jordan AmyMiller

@Wayward - Yes, but it's not my priority. Maybe we can work together. @julie - i think that's what you want.

Paul sideradesign @Fredxx if you're in a child theme you don't want to edit the parent theme code WinDay julie3 Lance DebbMiller AmyMiller Arelthia Brett Coryan Coryan Martina-me Arelthia KerryCarron Brett waywardsister Jerry Kayne Coryan WinDay Jeeves I wish Builder didn't put the call to structures.css after the call to the child styles.css @amy yes I remember that from yesterday - just forgot what's the diff between a plugin and a widget? yes would be great @julie - i click all the links as they come up and post to new tabs, then bookmark them all after the session is over @Fredxx if you delete it when you update it is back again @Fred When you upgrade WP the code would come back and you'd have to delete it again. Is there a reason you are using // for comments instead of */ /*? Will both work? Ahhhh, I see. @Coryan one line comments @Lance all widgets are plugins but not all plugins are widgets, some are just a function @Coryan "//" is the comment syntax for php. "/*" is the comment syntax for html @Alan will email you :) widget or widgets? @Brett Thanks not HTML -- that's <!-- --> Lance - think of widget areas as little windows on yur site, where you can display different things that are enabled by widgets - such as categoriy lists, pages etc @Win You're right. My bad just added all this to a functions le I added to my child theme... very very nice. If you use // you need it on each comment line. /* comments */ needs only to be used once for multi line comments @Wayward. Cool. // is used for one line comments needs to be widgets not widget /* is for CSS widgets_init it. @coryan // is just for 1 line /* */ is for multi line comments /* */will allow you to do multi line comments Is it just me or does Prof's voice sometimes sound computer-generated? is this in the PDF?

Brett pixeljuice David Perednia Alan Jordan Arelthia julie3 Brett julie3 Coryan Rio Arelthia Martina-me DebbMiller

Judith KerryCarron Martina-me dandy Jeeves

Won't let me back in NOTE: call julie3 for code hehehe does it every few sentences on my end. remind me of the editor to use with PC since I can't use Coda Lance - plugins are tools that add functionality to your WP site - such as Gravity forms, Display buddy - the result of that can create a widget that you can drag to your different windows to display @Arelthia Good tip. This is on page 9 Thanks, Prof! Won't let me in That's what I do @dandy NotePad++ @Judith try a dif browser thanks Alan @dandy, use notepad++ for editing and lezilla for ftp and putty for SSH If the widget is being used, can you still remove it? Lance watch and listen to the basic blueprints webinar/courses Are you on a mac Judith? @Benjamin - MAkes sense. Just comment out the wants you want to keep. this can go in an include le that is added to the functions.php le, right? @Judith: I couldn't get in. Started in Safari and it worked

Alan Jordan Jude24 Martina-me Judith julie3 Dale KerryCarron Arelthia Rio CheriP Jeeves Lawrence Alan Jordan Michael Cannon Lawrence

Paul sideradesign WinDay CEC CheriP Doug Jerry Kayne Sanford3 Brett @Michael no, this is in a functions.php le in the child theme why do you take out search? If a plugin is already being used in a Widget area, can you still remove it from being seen? Love this! in the child theme stupid question - Can you Copy from the PDF - or do you have to Type it out? @CEC he actually left Search in there. The line is commented out with // functions.php in the child theme m KerryCarron Lawrence Doug @BruceCaraway AJ Morris Martina-me Alan Jordan @CEC he actually edited it back in so he CAN see and use the search Yup! This is very helpfula nd relvant. Ya think? @Paul - you are full of good links today THANKS yahoo not google. :P I still use Yahoo IM, but adding Twitter & FB would be cool! @Benjamin - Very cool.

Paul sideradesign @Bruce you're welcome Paul sideradesign I spend too much time online :D

Brian Gatley Lawrence waywardsister Martina-me Rio Janet B Brian Gatley karen KerryCarron VirtualSharon DavidH Bob--Patterson Roger Alan Jordan AJ Morris jhickey Sanford3 Judith Lawrence Lawrence AJ Morris Metta Janet B KerryCarron Lawrence VirtualSharon DavidH Judith DavidH Doug jhickey Rio Arelthia Jeeves DavidH Lawrence

@Sanford - it is best to enter it manually. I broke the wdcannounce plugin by copying and pasting. @Benjamin: can we have all the code for this section, please? @Sanford type it out lol @ Paul. Me too. @Sanford3 if you copy you will get special characters that break your code, if you do copy from the pdf you will have to clean up the code by hand @Paul How much is too much? LOL @Sanford - Then add it to your Coda Clips! is this in pdf? @Brian I SO need to actually use COda, I keep defaulting to what I know cuz I am faster with it does the $ belong there before the returns? no Is there a contactmethod for telephone number? @LAwrence Day#3pdf page 10 @Benjamin the $ before contact methods calls a wordpress function? @sanford & @Brian I have all this in Coda as well in the pdf the return line does not begin with a $ sign Thanks, All! :) No Browser will let me in @Roger Thanks! makes it much easier! Benjamin: I can't nd the "add" code for Facebook and Twitter in the pdf. Can you provide this code? @Paul Me neither - too scary to think about! @Judith restart? @Judith It's probably your security settings: check popups Metta - page 10 at the top page 10 II'm in - I restarted 3 or 4 times $ on return $ before return facebook and twitter are on pg 10 return return not $return curious - how does one copy from pdf? no $ @Judith well done

Paul sideradesign @Janet I don't keep track :D

Paul sideradesign return not $return

Paul sideradesign Benjamin : remove the dollar sign from return

waywardsister AJ Morris Jude24 Martina-me Elianab Ace KerryCarron Rio joshdlong waywardsister AJ Morris Martina-me Lawrence Martina-me Judith KerryCarron Jude24 julie3 Martina-me Martina-me Elianab Martina-me karen PeteyP Rio waywardsister Lawrence Martina-me Martina-me jhickey Sherry Lawrence KerryCarron Gen3Chip

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ no $ before return no $ before return lol take the $ off return remove $ lol return vs $return no $return, $ all together now! $$$$$ lol Oooh...that is too cool @sis LOL can we see the code again? Safari worked! yay Judith code is on page 10 @martina it is on page 10 of pdf Thanks! too many windows open. :( Can you attach this functions le, so we don't have to copy it from the pdf, since that brings in weird characters? Gonna log in on other computer. Whew! The 10 and 1 indicate what position? yim? @Martina-me pp 10 of todays pdf for the code @elian: type it once into a text le and u can copy/paste from that form then on @Judith You have NOOOO idea how frustrated I was over the same issue! Or maybe you do, of course! Found it thru sheer luck @Paul...thanks! Everyone thanks. On info overload and loving it! @benjamin - the hide info isn't in the pdf what is AIM on the prole page? @Sherry AOL INstant Messenger Thanks @Paul great link @Paul - Dude, you're on re today. My Evernote Wordpress link library is overloading!!! lol...yep, that's me. Got way too many windows & tabs open on this computer.

Paul sideradesign WordPress snippets :

Paul sideradesign lol Martina-me

Alan Jordan

How to turn this into money today: JobSearch? op=300&N=0&Hf=0&NUM_PER_PAGE=30&Ntk=JobSearchRanking&Ntx=mod e+matchall&AREA_CODES=&AC_COUNTRY=1525&QUICK=1&ZIPCOD @Gen, what's that? @Gen2: Evernote? Tell me more please ... page 12 in PDF Is the chat saved also? Evernote rocks @Lawrence google it, free tool to take notes with electronically @Amy yes. It's a plug-in for your browser that saves bookmarks up to the cloud @Amy yes Amy - yes Chat log is saved and downloadable from webinar page when it is uploaded right. which browser, Gen?

Martina-me Lawrence Jude24 AmyMiller Janie KerryCarron Brett Gen3Chip KerryCarron Jeeves Lawrence Lawrence

Paul sideradesign instapaper is also a great tool

Paul sideradesign I have some invites for if someone is interested. it's a social site for sharing code snippets - shoot a mail to, rst 5 will get an invite Lawrence KerryCarron Roz_Fruchtman Gen3Chip BenjaminBradley AmyMiller Gen3Chip CEC KerryCarron DebbMiller Lawrence waywardsister LoriB Martina-me AmyMiller KerryCarron Rio AmyMiller Brett @Janie: what is it? How do I get it? @Lawrence pretty much any... Have it for both PC and Mac Hi, I can't believe I slept through the whole thing. Alarm set, but don't know if it went off or I turned it off in my sleep. I'll catch replay! Sorry :( I have it on the iPhone too so between all the devices I use between Evernote & Instapaper I'm never without my notes/bookmarks Thanks @Jeeves They have it for Firefox & chrome that I know of. I'm not an Internet Exploder user. favicon = branding awe bummer @Roz sorry to hear you missed out... TG for recordings then! Need a place in Builder to change your favicon @Kerry @Gen thanks @Debb I have same question, can't nd where to put favicons Have to leave now. Thanks Benjamin! love-love-love it @Roz - I'm here and didn't get any of it. LOL @Deb build it into your functions.php, you know how to now bye LoriB bye lori I think you can drop the favicon into the child theme folder or maybe in the / images folder of the child theme.

Arelthia Martina-me KerryCarron Sanford3 Martina-me Valerie Alan Jordan Rio

bye Lori Bye Lori, have a great day. bye LoriB see you next time Nice! Wish there was a slight pause to try things. Thankful for the downloads after the class is over there. Gonna test away! Not working on mine. My favicon is in the child theme images folder. Also nice if you're using a theme that installs its own icon. @kerry @deb, i keep runing into problems using this method to replace the favicon in Builder, but it seems to work if I just put a new one in the child theme images folder In my experience - clients pay no attention to favicons @Brett, that's where I normally put it, but it never shows up in the admin section. @Valerie try to clear cache @waywardsister-yes some theme allow you to browse and upload a new favicon. But Builder does not, you have to FTP it up @Martina right, but you can specify with the function where it will be for the admin area. There is a plugin called All-In-One Favicon that will allow you to do both front and admin favicon using .ico or .png les Thanks paul - just sent you an email @Debb so u upload it to child theme folder? I see, Brett. Excited! @Rio, I load mine there too but that is not in admin pages too Cool!!!

iBusinessLogic Martina-me KerryCarron DebbMiller Brett David Perednia Jeeves waywardsister Martina-me KerryCarron KerryCarron DebbMiller

Paul sideradesign you could use a negative version for the admin and the normal version for the front end AmyMiller DebbMiller KerryCarron Alan Jordan Jerry Kayne Valerie waywardsister VirtualSharon DebbMiller Rio David Perednia Doug pixeljuice Martina-me Loving it! @David thanks will check it out I have fun editing the favi icon there too, fun @Paul Good idea. genius Great, the ICO export doesn't work for me on CS5. @ben will we then have to specify in functions.php which favicon goes where? ie: admin page and website i did my own in photoshop, but this is faster lol I can do my logo on my site! oh upload images makes way cooler! @Benjamin What size Favicon to use 64x64 32x32 48x48 etc. @valerie, it's a plugin for CS4 16x16 I've used -- love it.

Valerie Martina-me

@Doug, they supposedly updated. But it doesn't work. I just upgraded to CS5. Can't use my scanner from within Photoshop anymore either. also use Does a similar job m DebbMiller Brett @waywardsister: I do main Builder @waywardsister. WP has a default place that it looks for the favicon (based on ttheme), but this function overrides that for the admin area. So your answer is no. yes

KerryCarron Yes m pixeljuice BARowen Alan Jordan Doug PeteyP Jeeves julie3 WinDay AmyMiller Janie Doug Lawrence waywardsister KerryCarron Jude24 Alan Jordan yep Yup Yes. @valerieI kept my CS$ and that's all I use it for now. yep Y no @Valerie I had to uninstall and reinstall my scanner yes yep CS4 yup @Debb do u have to name it favicon.ico? @way yes excerpt code on page 11 I have heard that 160 characters is the best for SEO. T/F? mispell length Ben m Janie PeteyP Valerie CheriP Jerry Kayne DebbMiller typo on length mispelled length I like the admin favicon, I hate seeing the BlueHost one on client sites. Explain where Excerpts are used please I notice doesn't have a favicon @waywardsister-yes on the naming we all have issues with length...<hic> m KerryCarron waywardsister Sherry Jerry Kayne IBC LOL @Kerry thx PROF -- can you make it more words or is there a limit? it's not the length it's the girth

Paul sideradesign ok , I had more than 5 emails and I only have 5 to give away

Paul sideradesign so I'll pick the rst ve sorry Jerry Kayne David Perednia Martina-me Metta KerryCarron Martina-me Alan Jordan KerryCarron Alan Jordan CheriP Martina-me Judy E AmyMiller Where are excerpts used? Order of coding for add_ and function does not make a difference? function can come before or after add_? Paul does every new member get to invite 5 folks? Jerry: They are a post preview @Alan i don't think that excerpts effect SEO much - in description yes Maybe they can invite and we can keep the cycle going so everyone can try it? @Kerry Best length for description? @Alan I use 160 @Kerry Thanks. @Kerry...where do you use this feature? It's scary giving clients access to the backend. Brain Dead @judy - glad it's not just me

Paul sideradesign @Martina I think so There is really no standard for best length... To each his/her own... m Martina-me KerryCarron Alan Jordan PeteyP Alan Jordan AmyMiller MalHerring KerryCarron Valerie DavidH BenjaminBradley CheriP Martina-me Judy E @BruceCaraway CheriP Rio KerryCarron Lori Joyce AmyMiller David Perednia lol @ Judy. Add that plus a 2-year-old in the mix. :) @Cheri in my SEO description (I use All In One SEO Pac plugin and Builder SEO) @iBiz - 160 is the length Google returns in search box. I just manage everything for my clients and charge for it search results. @martina - mine's 4 lol Does this work for out-of-date plugins also? IBC true but only so many charaters will show up in Google when they display I'm loving the status dashboard! Ben, can you do that for specic users only? ref=BenjaminBradley @so it is just what displays with a search, not on your site? lol Amy. My better half?? is POed becuase I am spending Sat on here @Ben ah, yes now it is coming together @Kerry so it is just what displays with a search, not on your site? @martina 2yr olds are fun, my youngest is 2 @Cheri description, yes, and each page/post/etc can have a description for SEO I can't get my wp status dashboard to work yet it's not just my brain that is numb @judy/martina - now add a couple of contractors and paint fumes...good times @Judy E Then they are not your better half.

Martina-me AmyMiller Judy E Rio Martina-me CheriP Martina-me @BruceCaraway Lori Rio Valerie WinDay KerryCarron Brian Gatley

@Rio, I can send mine over to you then...they can be "fun" at your house. lol Got that Disclaimer for WP Status Dashboard it is cool but you might have a bunch of troubleshooting to do LOL @ Amy--okay, you win. you write it for each page, or does it pull it from your page content? Speaking of member-only sites...any recs for plug-ins? @Rio I came in on the tailend of the discussion Thur around the status dashboard - are there some issues? @Rio...that's what I'm doing troubleshooting :-) for example if you are on hostgator you might have a problem with mod_security throwing 403 errors @Rio, took me a few minute to realize it was defaulting to using a subdomain, and I have it installed on an addon domain, so that didn't work. @Bruce no problems with the dashboard for me @Cheri depends on what I need for which site I am on... mostly write my content keyphrase rich by default @Martina - WishList Member Martina-me Members Plugin discussed the other day - go back to recordings m waywardsister KerryCarron Martina-me Brian Gatley Rio KerryCarron Martina-me Martina-me @BruceCaraway CheriP @Martina, I second WishList Member @Cheri but I do set a default description for the site LOL @ me. I keep trying to maximize @Benjamin's window @Martina - Have tried several...including Members, DAP, etc. and always come back to WLM but the developer for WP status Dashboard is very responsive to tech issues, my avg response time from them was 5 min @Rio yes, awesome support for the dashboard @iBus, will do. Think that was the day I missed. Forgot to sign up Thanks for the recs. @Rio most of my (and client sites) are on HG - thanks for the heads up...will tread with caution there a tutorial on using both the All In One SEO and the Builder one together? Wish List Member really got my goat with all of the marketing emails for m internet guru crap waywardsister KerryCarron Brian Gatley @BruceCaraway Jeeves Alan Jordan @Martina WishList is def one to look at , esp if u need to integrate it with a shopping cart My main issue was with host and having them have to set (white list) a setting @iBL - have you found an alternative? @Kerry was that a "global" setting or for each of your sites? CheriP - there is one on AIO-SEO, Separate one on Builder SEO Any opinions on Platinum SEO vs All-in-one SEO?


@Cheri there is on the Builder one right in it, and they don't conict with one another... AIO is pretty self ezplanable and there is a training in the WD library Have not had any clients asking for protected sites lately m Rio @BruceCaraway it was a quick x once I knew what the issue was, just opened live chat with HG and had them log into my dashboard, watch the error in their console and x it, abt~5min @Bruce no, only had to be set on the site that I was accessing the actual dashboard @Kerry - Do you have a gallery of the sites you've built? cool! Works yes Yes Yep. Yep yes cool -- yes, true! yes @Amy no i don't :(

KerryCarron BenjaminBradley AmyMiller WinDay Brett WinDay Doug Gen3Chip Coryan Peg Jude24 DavidH KerryCarron Yepper m Lance Martina-me @BruceCaraway Ray Martina-me Bob--Patterson Jerry Kayne Janet B AmyMiller Jeeves Jerry Kayne Brian Gatley Charlie Charlie Jerry Kayne Bob--Patterson Yep, it's true @Benjamin @Rio, @Kerry cool yes I likey! @Brian - I've been testing Magic Member. It has nice drip functionality but not as mature as WLM. worth looking at for a client doing a lot of drip. I see it all Is there a way to let ppl know they're missing something because they're not a member? @Kerry - Just like to take a look at what's being done with Builder. Expand my mind! Y Didn't work for me @Bob - What was the other one...MemberMouse? I haven't tried Magic Member that sale is true ? right I like it. Nice and simple TRUE

Paul sideradesign awesome

Alan Jordan KerryCarron

You could set up different categories of members - Gold/Silver/Bronze, etc. @Martina I do have a few lsted from when I rst started ut who knows how they have changed since I released them... Most of my clients do a lot of changes as I mostly build for those who want to DIY Is there *really* a sale? @Janet could prolly make shortcode for non-members so they would see they were missing something I heard a rumor about a Builder sale. @Bob - WLM Live renewed my interest in WLM. Yep, can't see the message ! Cool. Tested on my own site and it worked. (have another machine across the room) @Martina - yes on the 14th How do you let the users register? does that only work on posts/pages or can you use shortcodes in templates? @Kerry, me too. I'm looking at phasing out maintenance on sites. @bruce , it sound like my st issue was the same as@kerry's @Brian - I also took a quick look at the MemberMouse sales page. Sounds good but haven't tried it. @waywardsister That makes sense Coryan you missed it, it ended the 8th @Kerry @Martina I keep trying to phase it out. I build them a CMS and *I* end up doing the pdates!

Martina-me waywardsister Coryan Brian Gatley MJ_McL Valerie AmyMiller karen Janie Martina-me Rio Bob--Patterson Janet B KerryCarron WinDay No plugin needed m Jerry Kayne Alan Jordan Jeeves joshdlong KerryCarron Jeeves Brian Gatley Jude24 DavidH Martina-me WinDay Bob--Patterson Just need to make a way for a user to log in Now, you have to integrate that with a payment ability. logged in but cant see sale msj is this how tuts+ does premium tutorials? @Win I like the updates, I charge for that oh I see @Bob - still learning "other stuff" for the sites I am building (PODS had a huge learning curve) and so haven't had a chance to test stuff. @BB so you could also set it up so that people who are NOT logged in would be the only ones who see something, too? You can restrict an entire page and return "You must be logged in..." LOL @WinDay. That's what I'm thinking will keep happening. They don't want to learn. Fix their minds to think it's hard. @Kerry depends on the client. Some are a joy to work with/for. Some not so much! @Brian - Was that th conference in Vegas? I couldn't make i, but a client of mine went and she loved it. Here's the latest from Builder on sale: (blush) I was logged in to web design

Paul sideradesign @josh, no nettuts has much less value IMO I was a member AmyMiller Jeeves

Valerie AmyMiller

Cute! * iThemes Builder Birthday Blowout starting next week, well be doing a special blowout sale until Dec. 31, 2010 on Builder. (Details to come!) * Birthday Bash were celebrating Builders bir lol @Jeeves that's not nice @Kerry...what do most designer charge for doing updates with themes and plugins? not a great way to build your list lol

Martina-me Lance CheriP Deborah 1424 Copy writing will x that message later m Janet B Martina-me BARowen KerryCarron MJ_McL Doug Martina-me Jeeves CheriP Brian Gatley VirtualSharon Jerry Kayne Brian Gatley Coryan VirtualSharon Message needs to say "become a member to nd out about our upcoming sale!" LOL @Benjamin. Having too much fun, huh? Friendly sort, aren't you @BB OH yes, I was thinking WebDesign discount doh! now I am upset with the site ! @amy can this sale be added to my existing Builder membership? Thanks Amy... if you dont sign up, you will be haunted until you do I think BB's sleep deprivation is starting to show :-) @Bob - Yes, Las Vegas. o add a link to your payment page Not my favorite place. Not sure why the Booooo message didn't show on the logged in also. Is the code basically an if-then-else code? I'd like to tell them where to go.... Can we add additional levels of Wordpress members/subscribers in code? m AmyMiller Doug Bob--Patterson Michael Cannon TomD Rio Brian Gatley Bob--Patterson Coryan Martina-me Brian Gatley Bob--Patterson @Doug - not sure...they said they would post details next week. You can sign up for info even if you haven't bought and get emails giving sales, etc. @AmyMiller thanks! @Brian - So you got to meet Charly and some of the others from the dev group. That must have been nice. @bob who was it? We may have bumped into her? Benjamin: can I add a link to get to a members registration page? @Coryan yes if else @Bob - yes..had dinner with Charly and Steve D. @Michael - Patti @Rio thx Good question Tom. I was wondering the same thing. @Bob - Great people and they know their stuff. @Brian - yes they do.

KerryCarron David Perednia AmyMiller Jeeves KerryCarron Judith Brian Gatley

@Brian ANY meet up one can get to is worth it... more meeting the family The only difference between shortcodes in functions.php and as a plugin is that they need to be activated to be used in plugins. @Brian - any more meet ups planned, like Dallas? oh dear - i am beginning to think I am Chumb, I almost said afrmative to lunch I try to get to at least one a year, looking to work in more in the future (I have others from other networks I attend too) Going to watch the recording - screen still is not working correctly after I rebooted computer. @Amy - Not that I am planning...that are within the budget ;) It is that time - for lunch m Lance Sherry can you show one static page if visitor and another static page if logged in? PROF -- water in, water out??? I want EVERYTHING indexed m LOL m AmyMiller Martina-me KerryCarron Alan Jordan Brian Gatley Janie AmyMiller Martina-me Brian Gatley @Brian - I meant that ithemes has planned, sorry. So I may have missed the answer but are shortcodes site specic? for WordCamps @Judith try opening in a different browser. @Amy - did 5 this past year (Las Vegas, Dallas - three times, Ireland) can you use them is templates as well as posts/pages? @Kerry - oh I thought you guys were talking the ithemes, not Wordpress. Repeat that please... @Amy - I don't think they will be doing live events much any more other than WordCamps. Benjamin - should create a repository of code snippets for m members... Just a small project for ya'all KerryCarron Alan Jordan WinDay KerryCarron AmyMiller @Amy the guys from iThemes go to many @Judith not a different session. e.g. IE / Firefox/ etc. Blew my 2011 training budget on a high end business coaching program. No dev conferences for me! I met them in Boulder in July @Kerry - I missed Houston this year because it sold out so quickly. It's 5 OClock Somewhere m Janie Bob--Patterson KerryCarron Jeeves Brian Gatley thankyou I've had problems getting the widget_text do_shortcode to work @IBL yes it IS, just not here... roughly how much longer Benjamin - have some errands to run, have to tell my folks who are waiting for me Why is that default as off...shortcodes in widgets?

AmyMiller Elianab Brian Gatley

looking forward to that Can you put shortcode in the code in a template? Nice that there is a solution. Ben - will this next section be the last for the day? m @BruceCaraway jhickey @Amy you in TX? how do you set up a child of a child theme - so that it refers to the orig parent plus child? And - what time do you expect for all done? m Sanford3 KerryCarron waywardsister Jeeves WinDay Martina-me jhickey WinDay jhickey Rio Bob--Patterson Lori Brian Gatley Metta Alan Jordan karen KerryCarron Bob--Patterson @BruceCaraway Lori jhickey Bob--Patterson Judy E @BruceCaraway Lori Brian Gatley Janet B Metta KerryCarron this is a 4 Hour Webinar - So, 1 more hour. jhickey covered in yesterdays webinar Yay!!!! thanks Sanford @jhickey isn't that the way Bulder/Foundation/child work? @Paul, if we didn't get it, would you let us know? I understand child and parent @Kerry did we talk about grandchildren? not sure about child of child and orig parent ah good I need a break, 'mind can only absorb what the butt can endure' I have to run for the day. Thanks much...great stuff as usual!! BB went away :-( C-ya Bob Benjamin: When you upgrade your site, do you have to recreate ALL the code les you've edited? (wp_cong -- .htaccess -- function.php) @Benjamin, Is this chat window in Builder? can you PLEASE at some point, show how to use the tag cloud for navigation? I went to be dreaming about it! @Jhicky pg 7 of Day 2 PDF @Brian - Enjoy the rest or your weekend. have a great day, Bob! oops...I went away @KerryCaroon Thanks! @Bruce. You too @Rio Love that @Amy are you in in TX? lost my connx @Metta - Not if you are putting them in the child theme folder. I have to go too... have a lunch date. Great stuff - looking forward to catching the rest on recording! Brian: Thanks!! bye Janet

Paul sideradesign will have more codesnippit invites next month <---Need a discount code for Coda m pixeljuice Martina-me Janie AmyMiller AmyMiller very. thanks! They're denitely useful. Thanks! yep, very useful @kerry - it doesn't appear ithemes has a bootcamp planned @Bruce - LA Oh my - didnt know you had 50 pages of them Ben m Brian Gatley Peg DebbMiller Metta DavidH @BruceCaraway KerryCarron Girl Friday Lance @BruceCaraway AmyMiller Brian Gatley Arelthia Brian Gatley Peg @Metta - to clarify - functions.php in the child theme @Benjamin - It's fantastic! Thanks for a great course! Yes I will-THANKS Benjamin!! Very useful -- especially for a newbie! very useful @Amy what part of LA? IBC, I don't think there are any... only $99 i think yes thanks for the PDFs, they're great @Benjamin - how does the side-tab appear on a website? Bootcamp - YEAH @Bruce - no offense, but i'd rather not post on here. Put the pressure on! Cory said in LV that it is tough for you guys to do. Where can I nd the stripped builder css that RIO cleaned up? Which is understandable! where are the bootcamps held? Where are those pages of code Snippets? m Metta Arelthia dandy Metta @BruceCaraway Lawrence Brian Gatley Martina-me Brian: won't the upgrade "break" the code?? ok, thanks where are the 50 pages you referred to? (update I mean) @Amy certainly understand...I travel over to Covington about every 6 wks for family @Benjamin: any plans to run a BootCamp in the UK? @Rio - Thank you for the "stark-naked-css" @Paul...thanks! Oh.... Not what I meant m Peg Jerry Kayne Valerie AmyMiller @Benjamin - where are the bootcamps held? what's the link to Rio's awesome code? @bruce - i'll email you, but we are moving to GA in the summer. I would love to see a bootcamp out here before I have to move.

Girl Friday

@Brian this is my rst developer course, I'm a new member...haven't had time to go to the Library yet...a lot of this is over my head but I am following it and understanding it...EXCELLENT!! @Win I would not create a grand child theme I would "steal" code from a child and create my own child. (test tube baby? LOL) Both would be great!

KerryCarron AmyMiller Gotta come to FLORIDA m DebbMiller @BruceCaraway Peg Brian Gatley Michigan Boot Camp! @Amy - Bootcamp's rock...GA - gorgeous state! @Benjamin - it would be great to have one in Canada...Toronto? @Metta - WP usually does not do away with ANY old code and so anything in the Functions.php should not be effected if in your child theme. Mickey World wants you m Brian Gatley vickycarlton @BruceCaraway Gen3Chip DebbMiller Metta Martina-me KerryCarron MJ_McL dandy Jude24 Valerie EricKing DebbMiller @BruceCaraway @BruceCaraway AmyMiller Brian Gatley KerryCarron karen Martina-me AmyMiller We met! @brucecaraway covington ky? where are you? yep - fun times! I second the come to FLA at the Rockafella center Where will the next boot camp be located? @Girl, I'm a newbie too; also my rst class with I won a computer from @Benjamin... we have yet to meet How about one in Chicago ? I went to OK City boot camp and it was fabulous Yeah for Florida Bootcamp! WordCamps are fun too Builder Bootcamp in OKC in April was great this is where they had Detroit WordCamp why Kerry? ;-) @Bruce - We're excited! Hubby is a pilot and are looking forward to being closer to family and mountains! Except I was at another event and could only do Pizza and Beer! @Bruce a contest What's wrong with the East Coast? lol @Bruce Whoa @Kerry! Way to go1 I have a big back yard - you can have it here in St Petersburg m Janie Martina-me @BruceCaraway Martina-me C'mon you know you want to come to UK This is so much fun! ah, yeah - I remember that now <---feeling nerdy

KerryCarron AmyMiller MalHerring Peg Judy E Martina-me AmyMiller Jude24 @BruceCaraway Brian Gatley Girl Friday

@Bruce too late, legs are numbs I've gotta leave early people - Prof - Thanks for today - i'll catch the rest on the recordings. Thanks all. @Benjamin - come to Canada...but wait until was -17 degrees here this week!! :) close for me to travel to When will the recordings be available? I missed Day 1. :( @Kerry - do they still do that weekly? @Kerry - nice snowakes :-) @Kerry - nice @Martina - it is nice to get nerdy every now and then...but the stains just don't seem to come out. @Martina-me - Hi! are you a designer? I'm a novice at code...makes my eyes cross but I really need to understand this tech stuff so I can build what I envision...what about you? where's Pugsley we haven't heard him in the background lately? Hey MJ_McL where are you? @Ben doesn't Cory have an ipad that he doesn't use @Jude from the webinar just before the Dev course lol Future course- creating an Iphone app for your wordpress blog @Bruce - I would LOVE that! I listened to the replay @Kerry -- neat stuff Anyone want to meet up in SF for Macworld with me for beers? LOL @ Brian, I love learning new stuff & guring out how to do old stuff better. I spend a great deal of time surng around nding stuff. @Kerry isn't Foundation a Builder child? and then you make a child of Foundation to work in? I'm here today because of the 1/2 price WebDesign... Love it Ha! And BTW...I'm loving my Martina-Me name @Bruce I have been trying to win an iPad... Cory says I win all the time not true, I just PLAY all the time Benjamin How long have you been using WordPress? Developing for WordPress? @dandy, me too LOVE it! @Kerry me too Best $200 I spent @Benjamin Is this chat part of Builder? Me too, Lawrence. WoW! that was my Christmas present to myself

CEC Jerry Kayne @BruceCaraway KerryCarron Tim W AmyMiller Jude24 Jerry Kayne Martina-me WinDay dandy Martina-me Martina-me KerryCarron KerryCarron David Perednia Jude24 AmyMiller @BruceCaraway Lawrence Alan Jordan Martina-me David Perednia Lance

Paul sideradesign will there be more advanced courses?

KerryCarron vickycarlton @BruceCaraway David Perednia Alan Jordan David Perednia karen Alan Jordan Lawrence WinDay KerryCarron Brian Gatley Alan Jordan Martina-me Brett Sherry CheriP AmyMiller Martina-me Sherry KerryCarron Martina-me Alan Jordan KerryCarron AmyMiller Martina-me KerryCarron WinDay Brian Gatley David Perednia Metta @BruceCaraway @BruceCaraway Martina-me Jerry Kayne David Perednia Metta AmyMiller

@Win Foundation IS the child and there are dif versions of foundation child : is doing intro to google android app inventor in feb sign up I'm still trying just to win a WP t-shirt - and I can't seem to get picked CBOXWS There is a free version also I found leftover $ in my budget on Friday, but it was too late for the $200. price! Cool. Thank you. It's a great feature @Kerry right, but wouldn't you develop in a child of Foundation? @Bruce I have won 3 t-shirts so far... only one via wp-shirts I can't wait to get to the point of "knowing" a little bit and having several anniversaries instead of MASSIVE learning. @David. Thanks. Wow...thanks! I will be switching from the $50+ year one I've been using. CBOX needs to add a function to stop/pause the scrolling when it's active like this. Is it only me who can see the replays very clearly? and embed it? @Kerry - Do they still do the weekly chats? Do you have an afliate link @Benjamin? OOps can't see the replays of webinars... @Win if I did I would just name it something else that then became it's own child of foundation For Cbox...sorry For the chatroom @Amy yes thanks lol on Tuesdays @Kerry thans For the $2 per month? You can use CBox for nearly any type of site too. HTML, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Blogger @Kerry rub it in why don't ya :) Thanks David. :) @Martina-me We aims to please. HUGELY helpful! lol

KerryCarron Valerie Brian Gatley @BruceCaraway DebbMiller Metta KerryCarron Brian Gatley Doug Valerie KerryCarron waywardsister Gen3Chip Valerie

@Bruce I even had a t-shirt give away for the last one cuz I had that one... DebMiller won it Sounds like something CoachB would say... Getting Nerdy with WordPress I had to beg to Cory to give me one for WordCamp-Houston Yes That would be a goood domain for you Benjamin!! love it! dirty with wp! Sounds like the name of a good blog @Bruce they gave them away at the Boulder meet up too This course is awesome! I've been adding all these functions to my coda library as we go. dang, I forgot to go to the bathroom! LOL Yep... this course alone was more than worth the price of membership I'd have to say, after having to dig & dig in the Thesis forums for over a year now I've learned WAY more in the last 3 days. Got an error @Brian

Paul sideradesign for more advanced stuff, check out this excellent video series : http:// I am down with that m DebbMiller Lori Brian Gatley @Kerry-YES Thank for the t-shirt give away!! I love my t-shirt! would be nice if somebody would give a bootcamp in Salt Lake City or Boise :-) It's available! Left Joomla! a while ago m Arelthia CheriP Rio KerryCarron Brian Gatley VirtualSharon Sanford3 julie3 Brian Gatley Lance Judith Alan Jordan KerryCarron Devon7 Martina-me @Kerry LOL too much excitement @Vaerie..what do you use for your Code Library? Text editor> @Lori: if they did a bootcamp in one of those 2 cities, I'd probably drive down for it @Arelthia yes @Rio - where are you? $ before global??? On last page of PDF. @benjamin need to remove $ from global I would do Boise! what does the '__' do in the array? I'm back - it was my ber optic - went wonky for awhile. @Benjamin will the autocomplete (Intellisense) function work with any code editor? which menu is this for? Is this in the PDF? @Paul, thanks for the vid series link. They have some good info.

Judith Brian Gatley Michael Cannon CEC AmyMiller jhickey Michael Cannon jhickey julie3 Devon7 Alan Jordan Valerie WinDay KerryCarron julie3 Martina-me KerryCarron DavidH KerryCarron Brian Gatley Alan Jordan CheriP Coryan David Perednia vickycarlton Jerry Kayne KerryCarron @BruceCaraway Brett VirtualSharon julie3 VirtualSharon Jeeves DavidH KerryCarron David Perednia WinDay Jerry Kayne

WOW I got back in time to see what I wanted @Kerry - it is for all of the Admin areas. appearancce - forgot letter last page @Devon - last page @benjamin spelling on apprearance appearance appearance take of $ on global @AmyMiller - thanks! Sounds like another idea to comment out the ones you want to keep. Typo on 'appearance' so if you do this, then YOU can't see them either? OH to hide from client, I get it! also $ on global lol @ Kerry @Win he will set it so YOU can @Benjamin Will removed menus remain for #1 Admin user? I really need this for one particular client, lol Explode that is mud ;) @David Interesting question. Are there ever double quotation marks, or is it always two single quotations marks? Whew! Thought explode meant to blow up site. So explode is a built-in core function. i would assume you could put member/roles logic infront of this? FYI Paul: we learn this to eliminate plugins. Plugins = slower websites @David when he tells it to, yes Adminimize plugin: Explode is PHP in the handout, it looks like two double quotes, not two single quotes, just before $restricted remove $ from global but it is two single quotes, right? Benjamin - can you hide specic plugins? I'd like to see that julie3 is ON IT!!!! again! @Brett Understood LOL kaboom

Paul sideradesign a good plugin for that is adminimize

Paul sideradesign @Jerry of course :)

Brian Gatley CheriP Brian Gatley Brian Gatley @BruceCaraway Coryan Jerry Kayne Jerry Kayne CheriP Ace Doug @BruceCaraway waywardsister Doug WinDay DavidH AmyMiller Joyce TomD Devon7 Alan Jordan Valerie Janie Doug Janie Alan Jordan Brian Gatley Jerry Kayne Jeeves @BruceCaraway WinDay Lawrence

So that is what it mean!!! Julie...breath... lol #Boom funny I KNEW IT...explode DOES mean blow up the site! bits of Chumbo all over the place Chum-boom Chumbo Chunks space inbetween "=" sign [ before key is missing ohh...the humanity Now the Chumbo movies are all Michael Bey movies Nope )) after restricted? @Bruce LOL @Bruce - lol, we use that all the time could it be problem with beta @ is null case sensitive @BruceCaraway - Does the Adminize plug-in do what Ben is doing now without our having to write PHP code? This is what I hate about PHP. Hard to debug. is it the regular quotes, and not single quotes on line 92 what's the ? after null? Great job! ah, never mind Isn't there an easy way to break on an error? Explosions always need a little bit of air ;) pretty geeky guys! rule 3 : never explode in crowded places - need a space @Devon - mostly...I was just giving a "link assist" to Paul :) this turns them off for you too, though, doesn't it? Ok guys - have to leave (sadly!). @Benjamin: thanks - awesome! And to the rest: good to share the time! @Sherry - will be in touch re logo. Thanks. @Benjamin What does the Admin see? @Lawrence bye ttysoon @Benjamin Can you do this by role? What do you actually recommend leaving for the average client?? bye lawrence So @Bruce - This is pretty simple once you do it (code)...have u used adminimize? Does it work well and play with others? @Benjamin, do you gove your clients admin privledges?

Paul sideradesign explode into space - Born to be Wild lyrics Alan Jordan KerryCarron Alan Jordan CheriP Jeeves Brian Gatley KerryCarron

WinDay KerryCarron John Braun @BruceCaraway Lawrence Lawrence Brian Gatley Jeeves Jeeves KerryCarron @BruceCaraway CheriP Lawrence @BruceCaraway Lawrence Alan Jordan Brian Gatley

YES! gove=give this is great....i'm removing this stuff from all my clients sites so they don't mess things up any more see ya @Lawrence! @Kerry @ Jeeves: imagine a shortcode here that generates a waving hand smiley ... @ Bruce too This the benet of create a Sub-Admin : :) @Lawrence smilies are just below the text eld here :) @Paul HELP :confused: Ah...seeing the use for have all of the restrictions in the le and commenting out certain ones on a case by case basis @ Kerry Yup I know. Pun on earlier lesson ... @Paul can you answer Aminimize Qs see ya all @Benjamin Is it the same for SuperAdmin? Bye Lawrence

Paul sideradesign @Bruce I've used adminimize before and didn't have any issues with other plugins. It's always best to test in in your specic conguration though VirtualSharon Tim W Jeeves VirtualSharon Devon7 Tim W KerryCarron pixeljuice Devon7 KerryCarron Brian Gatley KerryCarron would you be able to turn off backup buddy for them? is this code in the pdf? need to turn off gf @tim - page 15 What does // mean in PHP? thanks // is for one line comments love Whitelabel @KerryCarron - thanks! @Devon not "read" by the computer as code to call @Benjamin... now this is a plugin that does what the code did? or is this in addition to the code you added? Anyone compared White Label CMS vs. Adminimize? Sounds like White CMS does more? LOVE this Wonder if this works with Multisite? that panel supports HTML too

Paul sideradesign I like their tutorial videos Paul sideradesign download their free ebooks, they're great

Paul sideradesign the admin logos don't work in child themes Brian Gatley waywardsister Brian Gatley pixeljuice

Paul sideradesign you'll have to put the logo image les in the parent theme folder Valerie Jerry Kayne DebbMiller Brett Brett CheriP KerryCarron Alan Jordan Brian Gatley Jeeves CheriP Brett KerryCarron Brian Gatley Joyce Rio BobRandklev AJ Morris I was able to get the admin logo to work in my child theme. I realized the code Benjamin had has a .png extension, I use ICO les. Chumbo does more than just act Cool so we could customize and then turn off the plugins I had a problem with this removing the Gravity forms submissions also and I ended up turning it off. Because the client needed GF. Can you set this up for multiple users within one site? @Valerie nice catch! On the favicon.ico code in the PDF @Benjamin How resource intensive is this plugin? @Brett - Interesting....good point - Need to nd a way to get to the GF entries. can we hide specic plugins like G Forms? Could you add videos to their dashboard? I need to experiment with the functions le and get the granularity I need. @Benjamin please clarify, use code OR Plugin? correct? @Jeeves - No. what features does it have that are not in your function.php le? @jeeves if you know the name thats being registered you can remove anything on the dashboard Yes @CheriP you can add your own custom videos is this because it's better to load one giant le (functions.php) vs lots of little les (plugins) Brian - is there anyway to hide Gravity Forms - they have some pretty complicated forms and dont want them to go and break one and keep calling me for support At one time Benjamin, you did a function to add a dashboard panel. @Paul Interesting link @Brett - I have tried to allow Authors and Contributors to get to the GF entries via the notication link with no luck....need to modify roles. @Bob, how would you do that? We also use the Premium VideoTutorials plugin they offer for client training videos Could you use this to add a "Help" menu or FAQ for the client? @Brian. Ok, thanks I may need to get the members plugin then? or forgot password? @Bob...and you've been happy with it? Clients love it! @Jeeves - I think you can use Members to limit access to the GF menu. But I believe you can use code to hide the GF menu. @Bob...I guess you could charge extra for that too Rio - may I call /contact you pls?

Paul sideradesign

Paul sideradesign would be cool, a custom dashboard widget with tutorial videos Jeeves

Brett Alan Jordan Brian Gatley CheriP BobRandklev Girl Friday Brett Jerry Kayne CheriP BobRandklev Brian Gatley CheriP Jeeves

BobRandklev Jeeves BobRandklev Brian Gatley BobRandklev CheriP Alan Jordan waywardsister waywardsister KerryCarron CheriP julie3 Rio CEC AmyMiller Brett CheriP AmyMiller Peg Alan Jordan Jeeves Joyce Brett waywardsister Tim W CheriP Jerry Kayne WinDay Alan Jordan CheriP Brian Gatley Coryan Alan Jordan AmyMiller Alan Jordan Brian Gatley Alan Jordan

I've been working with them on some upgrades, the image les and videos HAVE to reside in the theme directory...... thanks Brian So when you change themes you lose the settings/cong @Girl - There is a whole other way to do help and FAQ on the Dashboard tied to your own domain. They are working to move that outside the theme directory @BB...we need this code too! help is a typo HELP type typo gosh i love code... how cool IS this? do you do Help? can you give us this code, I don't see it in the pdf @jeeves sure,, and @brian is right, GF plays well with the members plugin but you can also remove it right from the dashboard it's on page 10 @Cheri - p. 10 of pdf dash widget vs dashboard widget @Kerry - Code is power...I'm falling in love He's skipping around @Kerry Me too! For newbies the / is an ESCape character that says the ' following it is not the end of a phrase, but a character. thanks Rio chumbo\'s ?? dash_widget vs dashboard_widget @Alan thx getting the parse error makes me nervous @Alan...don't understand Hank Kingsley got lost in that one! @Cheri When you are typing 'le_name' the quotes dene a name @Alan, thanks @Girl - this is what I was talking about. I like where this is headed! @Cheri when you use Harry's Name the ' seems like a delimiter I wish you could DVR this and rewind about 15 times. When you use Harry/'s name you're telling the processor that the quote is a literal to be part of the word, precluding an error in parsing. Then you have to just manage help and FAQs in one place. Clear as mud?

Paul sideradesign that's cool!

Paul sideradesign so could I grab the youtube videos tagged WordPress? CheriP @BruceCaraway Brian Gatley VirtualSharon AmyMiller Is this iframe code in the pdf? ok, I'm about full...too much Wordpress goodness in one sitting 5million views! he's cute @Bruce - me too! Overload!

Paul sideradesign truly chumbolicious stugg Paul sideradesign stuff craig robo AJ Morris KerryCarron KerryCarron Alan Jordan waywardsister CEC KerryCarron Doug waywardsister Jeeves Rio Girl Friday @BruceCaraway pixeljuice CheriP waywardsister Brian Gatley Jeeves CEC Jerry Kayne KerryCarron were do i watch the video of this? don't you need to size the iframe in the function? @Craig will be in the members area of WebDesign in the webinars area An iFrame works well with many mobile devices for displaying video. this le is on your own server, not client server? LOL LOL lol! ah, ok craig, after Benjamin uploads it, it will be in members area, under courses this would be a great way to also provide any value-added training to all clients at once @Brian: thanks for the info; is there a tutorial on it? oh, I thought Craig wanted to watch the dog video any way to do that without the iframe? @Rio...YES! @ben this can be on our own server, or on each client's server? @Girl - This and other webinars Benjamin has done. You might check google. support me with your cheque rst, then I support you Is there a way to update this section on multiple sites at one time? I love when Benjamin goes into rifng mode @Way maintained on your sever and opens in theres when they access the admin area of their site rifng? @Paul yes... I get this concept, have yet to implement @Kerry thx... so if u wanted specic to one client, then you'd do one on their server as well creative improvising ah- thks Jerry Like watching and his talking to himself you need a tick before the ;

Paul sideradesign best trick ever

Paul sideradesign so you could put afliate links to useful resource for your clients Jeeves KerryCarron waywardsister Jerry Kayne Jeeves AmyMiller Jerry Kayne Lance

Lori KerryCarron Alan Jordan AmyMiller Brian Gatley

you forgot your ' ? @Way you could have it on your server and have one for each specic client @Paul Do you have disclose afliate links to comply with law in this instance, like you need to do for the general public? oops..Like watching Clapton...amazing and not repeatable. LOL @Kerry - Create your custom Functions.php and then start to dump it on your 180 websites you manage... ;) @Brian: thanks; trying to keep up! I need to view beginner webinars and get a better foundation in CSS, php and many of the Builder functions I am still not familiar with...only so much time! @Amy lol ok. thanks. hah! Gotcha Amy @Kerry ohhhh... I get it. Thanks! @Paul Advise you check before you do it, or offer a choice of link. @Brian, I am the only one who goes to those admin pages... they auto run everything Warning: "Doh" alert. what is an iframe? where can i read about it? This would be even more powerful if you pointed it to ONE le that you use to communicate common stuff to all your clients. page 10 @Kerry - Ahhh.... then don't waste your time. @Karen googl it... google is your friend (and MINE!) @Brett - Agree @karen - I have found that google is my friend. and MINE Jinx on you @Kerry! Or LOL yes @Kerry - Great minds think alike! @Amy so I hear ;) lol Send your backup to your S3 account. fools thoughts never differ (speaking for myself ofcourse) @Brian...good idea @Brian ah yes, another thing to charge for... redundant BU @Jeeves - that too, ha! @Jeeves I fear that is more likely true for me too...

Paul sideradesign @Alan no idea :D Girl Friday

@BruceCaraway pixeljuice Jeeves waywardsister Alan Jordan KerryCarron

Paul sideradesign or a custom google search widget karen Brett CEC Brian Gatley KerryCarron Brian Gatley CEC AmyMiller Jeeves AmyMiller Alan Jordan KerryCarron AmyMiller KerryCarron AmyMiller Brian Gatley Jeeves Jeeves CheriP KerryCarron AmyMiller KerryCarron

Paul sideradesign you could pull in their google calendar

@BruceCaraway KerryCarron Brian Gatley Brett Brett Brian Gatley Janie David Perednia KerryCarron @BruceCaraway Brian Gatley David Perednia KerryCarron Alan Jordan Jeeves Brett AmyMiller @BruceCaraway vickycarlton Judith Jeeves Brian Gatley VirtualSharon David Perednia Bob--Patterson Brett CheriP David Perednia Alan Jordan Brian Gatley CEC

@karen - or if you have Coda, there's a nifty reference book function (HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.). useful if you are not currently online @Benjamin, I am learning these techniques... I love it @Bruce - Thanks for the reminder...I keep forgetting to look there. I am starting to develop more on localhost. go to meeting Or gotomeeting @Bruce - but wait, aren't the books in coda tied to online resources? I do that too, and write them a site-specic document to leave with them Couldn't that be provided by a recorded video by you showing those things? @Brett how do you recoup that cost? of GTM @Brian are they? i was thinking they were local Who wants to share a gotomeeting account? That way they can listen to the video over if they need refresher or want to train someone else. @Brian GREAT idea... I am IN! When you start out with a retainer, don't make the amount too high. Raise it gradually. Kerry, I build into cost (learnt from bad experience and huge telephone bill) @Kerry part of the training cost? Was just an idea. I think they have day passes. @Benjamin - What kind of cost can you bill for retainer? guess I should of checked that :confused: @brian lets talk gotomeeting Backups there are free programs like MIKOGO that you can use instead of GTM brian at use go to my pc - have your client sign up for it for the free month Also can do it remotely with something like LogMeIn Dimdim has a free service but it's iffy I use logmein with family works well Psychologically is feels like value LogMeIn gives you full control over their system They also love having access to Tracewatch and watching live real time action. @Paul - success with dimdim? have had nothing but problems with groups of people. there is a paid version of DimDim

Paul sideradesign

Paul sideradesign skype also allows sharing screen

Paul sideradesign @Brian I haven't used it myself Teambuilder works well m vickycarlton dimdim denitely has issues

Jerry Kayne Rio Lance CEC AmyMiller WinDay Jeeves Arelthia Brian Gatley David Perednia WinDay VirtualSharon KerryCarron Alan Jordan Bob--Patterson MelanieM1 WinDay Jeeves waywardsister MelanieM1 Jerry Kayne David Perednia Arelthia vickycarlton DebbMiller AmyMiller KerryCarron

I see a lot of technical complaints in the DimDim forums this is where the REAL gold with membership is, these freelancer tips where can we nd sample contracts with these provisions? DimDim was a little buggin when I tested in Jan but they've done a lot of work so it may be better @rio - agreed oh yeah -- have a collection of links from these sessions! David - is LogMeIn a free service? @jeeves I have used Mikogo to train and it worked ne but being on the phone and demostrating was a struggle for me at times. How do you do it? there's yugma, fuzemeeting, liveconferencepro and on and on, but gotomeeting seems to be the best one still. Free and paid available @Jeeves there is free and paid Benjamin - can we "hide" backupbuddy from the client? I love retainer fee options... they work for me well @CEC DimDim is getting better. The price is great. Be sure to update the day of your webinar before you do it. They don't advise when making updates. I haven't been able to get Dimdim to run for over a month but when it works it's ok I use very well for me so the retainer doesn't get them any hours of service? Arelthia - used to use Skype and Mikogo - I now use GTW (too many remote clients) - build into 2 month training cost after site built. After that retainer @ben do u set a certain number of hours per month access? I have been using retainer and works really well for me. Nothing better than iChat screen sharing for us Mac users You can also look at a retainer as prepaid service @jeeves ok, thanks I am looking at another product too, thats beta dec 17, things I've heard were good, including things like recording, with pause and payme to see the rest I need to do that for a client I have now who thinks he can have access to me when every he wants boo yah! IBL I just started looking at the teambuider, wait it was teamviewer

Paul sideradesign teamviewer is great I have been doing this for years m DebbMiller David Perednia AmyMiller Any link for a retainer contract? Wait That doesn't stimulate the economy. IT is rst to go. I have different levels of Maintenance Plans m Paul sideradesign yes, please share templates

Jeeves Alan Jordan WinDay AmyMiller Judith KerryCarron Ann Doug WinDay

thanks WinDay @Debb ??? @David sure it does. How much tax do freelancers pay? How much do they spend? @win - yeah, self-employment, yikes! 1040ES LLC I have an awesome business/tax advisor if anyone needs a recommendation. Someone asked "can we hide Back Up Buddy from a client? @Amy I've had my own full-time business since 1002 Correct - Teamviewer m karen WinDay Jerry Kayne David Perednia KerryCarron VirtualSharon WinDay KerryCarron DebbMiller Jeeves AmyMiller @BruceCaraway I- would you share that plan? 1992 How can we make a widget/iframe with a maintenance program that the client can pay for? Put a Gravity Form in it? Better yet put the TAx Attorney on retainer @Win wow u r old! Doug - that was me. was it answered?? and I can't type either @Win 1002, lol @AlanJ just looking for ideas on how to word a retainer Hey WinDay did they have Internet back then? @Win - way to go! You know what I refer to then, huh? @Brian you were right - the Coda books are online (by default)...I think I was getting confused with adding my personal reference books to the library those are local and accessible ofine Anyone interested in working together to get freelance assignments easily? I have a way to get prospects, but it only works nationally, and it produces too many prospects to follow up immediately . . @ibusinesslogic Would you share your plans? @virtual... i didn;'t see an answer I make a LOUSY eomplyhee!

Alan Jordan

CheriP Doug WinDay And when you treat thgem right - you get referrals m Which is Gold m AmyMiller Jeeves Alan Jordan @BruceCaraway Sherry @win - lol LOL Win! . . . for one person. If so It won't cost you anything. We just have to divvy up the work. ...though I believe you can make the Coda reference books local thru some hack @Alan Jordan -- I may be interested but I'm in CDA that still work?

vickycarlton waywardsister @BruceCaraway Judith Alan Jordan David Perednia Jeeves

@alan Jordan I would be interest @Alan I'm in Canada as well I'll need to research Good to have backups in different places @Sherry CDA? Also off site backups and off server backups are better me too sis , Toronto I offer the plans in Project spec quotes - Modify them per prospect m waywardsister Sherry Ann Alan Jordan Girl Friday waywardsister David Perednia Sherry DebbMiller waywardsister Alan Jordan CheriP @me too Jeeves! @Alan Jordan: . Canada Plus the client will feel like you care about them. @Sherry No problem. @Alan: yes, I am interested; email me at @Alan I emailed you earlier You can store backups on Amazon S3 for pennies a month Alan Jordan: . great -- @AlanJ- "Anyone interested in working together" I be interested. Would like more info. @Alan If interested, please send me an e-mail. Thanks. You could get to the point that the retainer fees totally pay the bills without much new development Plus - if you send the backup to them, the onus is off your back if the site is m hacked Jerry Kayne DavidH Rio DebbMiller Peg Benjamin: How can we make a widget/iframe with a maintenance program that the client can pay for? Put a Gravity Form in it? remove the appearance menu :-) @Alan also interested, @AlanJ here is my email too @Alan I'm in Canada

Paul sideradesign WordPress - is THE BOMB m Doug VirtualSharon MJ_McL waywardsister Jerry Kayne DebbMiller AmyMiller Jeeves We have to keep Builder and it's child theme intact @Alan - also interested - - I'll also email you later today @alan I'm interested. @Paul what do u use for support ticket system? Benjamin: How can we make a widget/iframe with a maintenance program that the client can pay for? Put a Gravity Form in it? Overload Okay, well I know what I'm doing the rest of the weekend...REPLAY! Joyce (Jeeves) - (Alan)

Brian Gatley

@Alan - what is this all about?...working together? I can make sites for 6-7K that other developers quote 20k for m DebbMiller Jeeves Devon7 MJ_McL AmyMiller Peg Lori KerryCarron Girl Friday but loved it!!! :0) havinga christmas party Do you have reference contracts available for us to see? i.e. Retainers. @Amy. I just won't be the weekend for replays. But all week, etc ! @MJ - agreed @Jeeves :) great idea! @alan...meeee too - @Alan sent email my contact is @Benjamin: very interested in creating a generic site that I could use as my template for clients (as you did in the rst session)...that would be a huge time saver for me especially w/Builder @Alan, me too! @Devon and I believe one more person asked - there are resources in our membership area for contracts @Brian yes, he has lead gen and can get clients @Brian Consider it a way to get leads to clients who want to spend money now based on their immediate needs. Can be customized to each person's speciality. But, you need to follow up leads quickly. Even though I missed today's class, I am grateful for the membership and the opportunity to replay. I love that different elements are contained in their own individual replays. Much eaiser! TY! @Alan - I am interested, too. - Are you in San Diego, or were you? I think we've met. @Devon7: Reno, NV. @Alan add mine: @Alan - always willing to listen to new I used to live in Incline Village. too...I want to put together a template starter theme with everything I can imagine in it...then just start deleting what they don't need. Has anyone already done something like that? I've learned a lot... Not being a professionaly trained person the coding is a little overwhelming but I can see how helpful it can be. I'll probably slowly try to incorporate some of these things. @Devon7 We have a place in Incline, too. forgot the .com .com Just watch all of spam increase now... ;) Not from Alan, but from cbox @Alan, I think we met at Rotary. @Devon - Full name? Which club? @Dandy it gets easier. just gotta take it one step at a time @Alan - Debbie Roes - Incline Village Rotary Club

Paul sideradesign @Alan I'm interested

Allegra VirtualSharon KerryCarron Alan Jordan


Devon7 Alan Jordan Brett Brian Gatley Devon7 CheriP


Alan Jordan Jerry Kayne Judith Brian Gatley Devon7 Alan Jordan @BruceCaraway Devon7

Jerry Kayne @BruceCaraway CEC

Thank you @alan always interested in opportunities to collaborate: When you create a child theme - does it pull any of the functions.php information from the parent theme - i.e. do you need to create a new functions le or only add the specic functions Benjamin ~ At some time can you show us how to bring "individual blog posts" from OLD Blogs over to a NEW or Current Blog eaiser than just doing copy and paste? Thanks ~Roz @Devon Yes. It's been a while. I was with Reno Centennial Sunset as a charter member, but had to stop due to conicts.


Alan Jordan It's a lot easier with this class, than it was 5 years ago - trying to modify m Wordpress 1.7 Alan Jordan Devon7 Doug CEC Alan Jordan Metta Rio VirtualSharon AmyMiller David Perednia Brett Doug Jeeves KerryCarron Girl Friday dandy Brett Judy E @BruceCaraway Metta WinDay Alan Jordan carl (also with) @Alan - Small world... My husband, Mike was a member, too. Can we hide Back Up Buddy from a client? got it @Doug Good question! Do you have to recreate (re-edit) ALL the code les you've edited when there is new Wordpress update? (wp_cong -- .htaccess -- function.php) @doug, yes you can HOW @Benjamin - Can you hide specic plugins? If all you need for a child theme is a style.css le then the parent must have the functions.php Slightly OT How difcult would it be to pull custom elds data and put it into pods tables? Scale of 1 to 10? @Benjamin Thanks! I gave my spam catcher address, Alan I will send my valuable spam free correct address when I hear from you Can you hide them even if they are admin#1? @CheriP: my email address is: if you want to chat after class or another time if you like Remind me again... do I need to install builder core rst and then the childtheme You got a minute? ;-) Opens another window of possibilities. Sure beats the gurus that teach mumbo gumbo and leave your pockets empty. This was great! @Ben, back in Aug, Matt mentioned that the ithemes team was looking to "recast" some/all of the ithemes' themes into Builder - have you heard that? Benjamin: Do you have to recreate (re-edit) ALL the code les you've edited when there is new Wordpress update? (wp_cong -- .htaccess -- function.php) The parent Builder theme has a functions.php le with 179 lines of code! @Benjamin Can't you loop through the plugins and hide based on a table? created a plugin that hides specic plugins.


Have an idea wonder if a Child theme could be made with different things you need a client to read and have a form on it to sign a contract and send them to PayPal for payment How do you move old posts without copy and paste to new site that's being built? @Bruce - would love that! @Amy I keep trying @judith wordpress has an export and import function.

Judith AmyMiller @BruceCaraway Brett You attempted to hide backup buddy Benjamin - didnt work , I think they are m asking if it can be done? KerryCarron Doug AJ Morris ohhh can you share that le @Benjamin? I'm jealous! @Benjamin, going back to the plugin vs code comment, are you saying that it's better to load everything you can in one le (the theme's functions.php le) vs loading lots of little les (plugins) TY TY TY TY @Benajmin (I might have missed this) Google search for Code Snippet Managers: I love this community. +manager&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:enUS:ofcial&client=refox-a @Brett where? great! I'd like to see a webinar on coda and things it does that works so well with wordpress. @Judith tools @Kerry Thanks Coda is only for Mac, right? @Kerry thanks. Yep. It's under tools. I think I must have missed that webinar on coda... where was I? @Devon, yes @Devon yes @Benjamin - Any recommendation for alternate to Coda for PC? What is comparable for PC? Instead of "There's and app for that" it's "There's a Webinar for that!" great. thanks for the response on the coda webinar. pspad not me Notepad ++

Paul sideradesign can yo ushare your functions.php? KerryCarron AJ Morris Alan Jordan VirtualSharon Alan Jordan

Judith vickycarlton Richard KerryCarron Judith Devon7 Brett KerryCarron @BruceCaraway Judith BenjaminBradley Ace Devon7 AmyMiller Richard Judith @BruceCaraway BobRandklev

Paul sideradesign @Alan phpstorm

Paul sideradesign @Ace Phpstorm


@benjamin is there an "all in one" package for windows? NVU m RozFruchtman I just bought WS_FTP Pro on Black Friday for $19.95 - Will that work for PC users. LOL m acurl netbeans Its Free m Jude24 AndrewLippert AmyMiller Alan Jordan Putty? Kompozer ??? lol @Paul phpstorm for what?

Paul sideradesign TACO m AcornCS Peg Jeeves BobRandklev CheriP Judith KerryCarron David Perednia AcornCS BenjaminBradley Rio Elianab Ace Girl Friday AmyMiller KerryCarron WinDay CheriP KerryCarron Marcy Sanford3 Gen3Chip StillAllegra Ace Have you used CoedeLobster with its wordpress plugin? yikes!! Notepad plus plus for PC PDU EditPlus @Roz WS_FTP is not a text editor TACO is MAC NotPad ++ Have you used CoedeLobster with its wordpress plugin? @Sanford just got your email, sure, I'll send you an email later today I already own Dreamweaver. How is that compared to Coda? @Paul thank which free text editor do you recommend for Mac users? @Benjamin -Similar to Notepad++? @Girl I do use Taco I don't like the Dreamweaver syncing - don't want all those _notes les and folders! How does it compare to EditPlus or UltraEdit? and for FTP I use fetch @Roz, I've been using WS_FTP for years without any problems. Tried Filezilla and couldn't cope with it. Great @Rio! textwrangler by barebones Could I use RapidWeaver for text editing on a mac? @Benjamin - What do you think of HTML Kit

David Perednia Brian Gatley AcornCS Joyce dandy KerryCarron Danny G Smith Girl Friday acurl Alan Jordan WinDay Joyce KerryCarron

NotePad ++ is free open source and has lots of bells and whistles Textmate Have you used CodeLobster with its wordpress plugin? textwrangler does it have to be a newer version of dreamweaver? @Benjamin best free for MAC I still think TACO vim I am using Text Editor and then just FTP it...time consuming Netbeans for PC ' it's free and good Free is not always the best. I like CuteFTP for FTP, but I'm really linking NOtepad++ for editing notetab for pc taco is easy peasy Invest in your business with the tools to do the job m Elianab @BruceCaraway AmyMiller Brett Girl Friday Jeeves TomD Alan Jordan Doesn't need to be a newer version of Dreamweaver. Mine isn't new. wow, my library is so sparse Is bluementals free? Where can I get a free Mac? I'll have to bite the bullet and buy Coda have been using Filezilla for FTP with no problems textpad isn't too bad, lots of extensions For something you use everyday, it's nice to have good support.

Paul sideradesign @acurl yes netbeans is good, I think it's even possible to get intellisense for WordPress functions RozFruchtman AmyMiller BobRandklev Alan Jordan @BruceCaraway Jude24 acurl KerryCarron AcornCS @BruceCaraway MJ_McL @Marcy I'm using WS_FTP Lite for years, but when I got the offer on Black Friday for $19.95 I jumped on it for the New Pro Edition. @Brett- nd me one! @Alan Jordan - Exactly free is not the best, invest in your business! Support comes with $$$. @Brett ha does blumental have ssh also? blum is $49 @Bret I have an iMac I am getting rid of but it is WAY out of date, lol Have you used CoedeLobster with its wordpress plugin? @Brett talk to Cory ;) @Brett. When you nd out let me know as well ........... Question: Why be on a Windows Machine? m Jude24 Brett RozFruchtman is putty only ssh or does it also do it all? I'd gladly give the Coda fare if I had the Mac to run it on! Shopping. @Bruce Right! I once used Putty, can't remember now, but I did like it.

AmyMiller David Perednia WinDay CheriP BenjaminBradley acurl WinDay BobRandklev DebbMiller WinDay @BruceCaraway Martina-me Judith Judith KerryCarron Jeeves

What's the difference in Notepad++ and Putty? EditPlus is premium but does have FTP built in I wish the Google fonts code validated What about AnyFont??? Blumenthals has FTP built in and it is very fast NOtepad++ is the editor. Putty is the SSH access. People who want solutions for free attract clients who want sites built for free :-) I've been wanting to try a Mac but the price it a little steep for me at the moment @Debb couldn't pay me enough to own a Mac again @Bob I (keep) learning that lesson...getting better, though Me too, Debbie. :( Putting it on my list for 2011 though. A Mac is going to be my Christmas present Ordering it next week :-) @Judith good for you... we just got our son one this year's xmas Bob - I use free to assess ease of use and if like , then usually buy the best then charge my customers for my new toys

Paul sideradesign has a nice tool for using @font-face My Mac(s) have paid for themselves several times over - and I was a Windows m guy since 1989 CheriP Rio Judith Judith KerryCarron BobRandklev @BruceCaraway BobRandklev KerryCarron what is the link for the Google fonts? I kinda want a mac for some software that's not available on windows, but overall, I like working with windows 7 better than osx @Kerry You can adopt me then you can buy my Mac @Bob there is a market for those free wanna bees, once they realize how much time free takes they start to pay @Rio I run Windows 7 on my Mac! Never saw it run faster :-) @Kerry will just win one with her luck @KerryCarron Amen! @Judith it was a tough call... His computer now is a MAC but it is older 12 years

Paul sideradesign @Rio : virtualbox can run MAC OSX I try NOT to turn on the Lobster m BobRandklev KerryCarron pixeljuice vickycarlton Judith @BruceCaraway acurl A Mac will pay for itself so don't put it off too long! @Bruce have to play to win, lol is this in the PDF? can you show that function again Says something when a computer will last 12 years @Kerry true Fancy!

craig rob Jeeves KerryCarron Tim W Brett Rio BenjaminBradley Tim W DebbMiller KerryCarron acurl David Perednia @BruceCaraway DavidH julie3 Alan Jordan BobRandklev Rio CEC Philip

I purchased EditPlus but have not used it properly is it like coda? Is it better than next laptop will be a mac @Judith I am actually looking forward to getting that one back, I will have an extra monitor! so any machine will render it because it is going through google? I want a Mac Pro @BobRandklev i've been really eyeing the new macbook air to do just that :) good to know Can you add that code as a resouce at @Judith I work off a MacBook that I bought when I started being more mobile Blumenthals has a 30 day trial for checking it out It pulls the font from Google's cloud @Ben nifty What happens if google drops that font le? why does hello world not work? @Benjamin Very cool! FYI I bought a MacBook Pro 15 off eBay for $850 for my daughter and it works great! 2 years old and runs better than my wife Windows 7 Laptop @Paul I'll have to take a loot at virtualbox, thanks I crashed my site editing the cong le when I used Notepad++ and Filezilla is that b/c I copied the code from the pdf to Notepad++ I've modied the footer on a site - as you demonstrated in the past. However when I install Wishlist member, the wishlist member credits still show up in the footer. How do I get rid of that link? Need the MacPro for 3D art I do @BB about your pluigins? nice like handwriting

Paul sideradesign unless you disable javascript??

Judith WinDay Jeeves When will our brains explode? m Martina-me vickycarlton DavidH WinDay VirtualSharon Alan Jordan Rio David Perednia @BruceCaraway Devon7 Why doesn't it work for HELLO WORLD!? show code again @Benjamin aren't we at the mercy of Google now for our fonts? LOL sleep, at least occasionally, is important @DavidH Yes, you would be. can show us at the next members-chat Lots of folks are at the mercy of Google @David, as long as you dene multiple fonts, would it not just roll to the next one? Probably an easy question. How do you modify a page header so it's NOT the same as the page link on site?

Alan Jordan Peg KerryCarron AmyMiller @BruceCaraway Jeeves Peg RozFruchtman AmyMiller KerryCarron Brett Metta Jeeves AmyMiller CheriP Martina-me Alan Jordan Girl Friday

@Benjamin If Google removed a font, would it map to a default font, like Windows will do? I have to run @Benjamin..thanks so much! This was great! When will pdf of chat be on site? bye Peg Is the site up already> dene in you css, that is have to go now - bye everyone, thanks Benjamin Bye Kerry! @Benjamin how do you move posts from old blog to new blog "without copy and paste!" I want to move them "individually!" Thanks... On PC cya Jeeves Bye Joyce ttyl @Martina Hello World is wrapped in an H1 tag which is styled differently in the CSS (I suspect) Where can we get these??? They sound great? bye Amy, Kerry @Benjamin - Can you give us links for those? wow are amazing so, that's @Roz Export to a XML le and then import @Benjamin: basic question: if not the functions.php le, which le is Google Fonts referring to when they tell you to paste the code in the header of the site? Also, if you move from to, how do you move your subscriber list over? Awesome job @Benjamin. Thanks!

Devon7 Doug Yes m Judith MelanieM1 @Roz use export and import in Tools - someone just told me that thanks @Benjamin..great lessons. I always learn so much from you. Aging the domain m Rio pixeljuice AmyMiller dandy Devon7 c'ya jeeves Thanks Benjamin! What about other 2 plugins? thanks for a great learning experience Should I post my questions on the forums? Like the Google Font trick m Peg waywardsister Eileen @Benjamin.. When will pdf of chat be on site? @Ben thanks so much, this was great Thanks Benjamin

@BruceCaraway karen @BruceCaraway Jonathan Sanford3 Peg WinDay BobRandklev

I only sat thru today's session - I don't know how the rest of you are even functioning This was so different then the summer course. And just as wonderful in it's own way. Thank you. Thank you. especially Ben What's the URL for your basic functions.php to be downloaded? Awesome - Thanks @Benjamin! Ok, great! Thanks, Benjamin. LOL anybody know if there's a way to migrate content from ExpressionEngine to WordPress? Thanks Benjamin, I have to run snow is coming! I actually need to go get a deposit from a new client m Alan Jordan @Benjamin - Very useful content. Thank you. Paul sideradesign thanks Can't hang here m KerryCarron PeteyP Devon7 Ace Joyce DavidH CEC AvaL DavidH BARowen Valerie Alan Jordan Metta AcornCS Janie Sherry Martina-me Mary Ann RozFruchtman TomD AmyMiller Michey @BruceCaraway Billie @karen yeah this time I got 90% of it all! when will everything be up for review? Very good course! I'm glad I joined this site a few days ago. Thanks @Ace! @Benjamin - Thanks a Bunch! - Learned a lot and now need to apply. awesome Great course, thank you THANK YOU Thank you professor! It was worth it Thanks, @BB. Excellent overview of many things I'll be looking into further. Great classes! @Benjamin, and a complete lack of ahhhs and ummms. I appreciate that. Fabulous!!! Many, many thanks.....Learned so much! It was great! thank you! Thanks, Benjamin.... well worth the time investment Tahnks Benjamin -- excellent overload for me Great job! Great course! Thanks @Judith I want "one at a time." As the situation occurs. I don't want to move the entire blog to a new blog! I don't know that import would work for that? @benjamin: good job, thanks Lots of great info. Thanks Benjamin1 Thanks Benjamin! @Bob stay warm thanks Benjamin you are a marathon man

Brett WinDay vickycarlton MJ_McL

Wondered if I could make it through it all but glad I did! Thanks Benjamin. Have a great rest of the weekend. this was terric great class as always! looks like your keeping us busy next week @Ben. Thanks for ALL your efforts. A great course, and one I'll certainly be referring to time and time again. Have a relaxing rest of the weekend. $1375 worth of my time - lol m waywardsister David Perednia KerryCarron RozFruchtman Metta Gen3Chip EricKing Alan Jordan Sharon @BruceCaraway Judy E DebbMiller Rio Janie KerryCarron acurl RozFruchtman AmyMiller Bob Miller RozFruchtman KerryCarron @BruceCaraway Sharon WinDay KerryCarron CheriP @Ben thanks for hanging in with all of us! The Pleasure has been ours.. Thanks Benjamin @Benjamin awesome classes and training! THANKS! It's a lot of hours at one time. Excellent overload <== Exactly! :-D Thanks @Benjamin Awesome info. thanks Benjamin! @Metta :) Thanks Benjamin.. managed to stay awake.. 5am here now outright nuts Hope you recoup by Christmas Benjammin. Merry Christmas everybody! A wonderful webinar!!! Thanks for all the great codes and learning!!!! Sweet W3 total Cache it the one I have been waiting for. what, you can't teach and ght res at the same time? @Brad is incredible I'm impressed how Benjamin recovers from php errors. Thanks for the education! Oh, I'd like to see the Logo one. @Sharon - Holy cow. Get some sleep! Thanks, Benjamin, gave clarication on a lot of things I wanted to know. @LSW is WONDERFUL... @Roz yes she is! @Sharon = true warrior LOL... @Amy.. Sunday morn.. can sleep all day! wish I could attend the two members sessions where's Stacey? yes she will be really happy Need a suggestion for a large ecommerce site. Someone just called and asked if I could do a site that sells 600 products. I said I could and have a call scheduled next week. Any suggestions??? when? Looking forward to next Friday's webinar and the following Monday one. Can't wait .... @Cheri yes, charge a lot! and watch the webinar from last week on ecommerse And when are we supposed to create sites....? I will be soooo smart come Jan!!!

Metta MJ_McL KerryCarron carl CheriP

vickycarlton AmyMiller CheriP WinDay

@cheri look at; real custumizable Good grief! @Kerry...thanks...have you done these? @Cheri the number of products isn't nearly as important as other things, like order process, payment process, what else the customers need to do, what kind of reporting the admin needs Do you send an email of these events? lol @ Carl...or sleep. we called it stump the chump in the military ;-) Glutton for punishment. Though sleep is highly over-rated. @cheriP, go rewatch the webinar Benjamin just did on Eccommerce plugins, I think he likes PHpurchase the best @Cheri yes but I don't enjoy them... I always struggle You sign up and then get emails Thanks Benjamin. Love that I'll have the Tool Kit for the next year! @Martina - I wish. They need to have an RSS just for the events sign up for each event @cheri Could you customize an ebay site?

craig rob Martina-me Michael Cannon AmyMiller Martina-me Rio KerryCarron Judith RozFruchtman AmyMiller Valerie Judith Alan Jordan

Paul sideradesign cool program I like for time tracking and invoicing m Martina-me BenjaminBradley lol m KerryCarron AmyMiller Alan Jordan CheriP KerryCarron Sanford3 PeteyP Judith RozFruchtman David Perednia PeteyP WinDay Alan Jordan If you are serious about learning all of this you learn to schedule your life around these events, lol @Kerry - know what you mean. @Benjamin Do you have a way to add to Google Calendar? ecommerce...actually looking at 1ShoppingCarts 1SCStore...anyone used that? And even then you only catch a bit at a time so have to go to more! Does anyone have a Link to the "CanSpam Act" thing - on Not Spamming?? @Kerry haha good one! @Kerry that was EZ - just exported my site and will play with it this afternoon in a subdirectory with builder It's a wonderful community! So well worth the money! There is also a new Theme coming out soon isnt' there? How long will that be? @Cheri I have. Great for back end if you need autoresponders etc. NO front end; you have to build it yourself @sanford3 Check MailChimp

KerryCarron Jonathan Rio @BruceCaraway Tim W Fredxx

@Judith yes @Benjamin Thanks a lot.... @Alan import the link benajim just shared into you google calendar thanks Ben! So after this one, what would be a good lead in, before watching this one over again Benjamin - You did a fantastic teaching job. Thanks for freely sharing your knowledge. You can do a really good squeeze page with testimonials on the super value of I used to be a Joomla user...the WP Community is so much friendlier! @Benjamin what is the email to contact you and ask questions? Cheers, m'dear! I love the WP community. Totally cool -- gonna go get dirty with WP!

CheriP RozFruchtman Janie Alan Jordan Jude24 Do you have a straight link to the Google Calendar? m craig rob PeteyP KerryCarron Philip maureen Alan Jordan Sanford3 carl Martina-me David Perednia Rio Tim W David Perednia @BruceCaraway KerryCarron Andrew Lippert VirtualSharon RozFruchtman synthman Marcia Gen3Chip BenjaminBradley Sharon CheriP VirtualSharon WinDay awesome thanskks Thanks Ben!! @Roz just below the chat Thank you Benjamin thanks Benjamin Thanks again, Benjamin. Thanks @ Alan Jordan! Thanks benjamin! Whew. Can't decide what to start with. see ya Benjamin Thanks! Went by super quick time for lunch - do great things! Thanks for all the email contacts guys, I added as many as I could grab and will go back for the rest in a moment Thanks Benjamin does anyone have the fav icon making site url handy? Have a good weekend everyone... I have to continue my baking... Thanks Ben! @Benjamin, Excellent training for the past 3 days -- Thank you! See Ya'll Bye All.. time to sleep... learned heaps...Thanks Benjamin Let's share contact info in Forum area too ty Is there a way to see a list of members to

Martina-me RozFruchtman BenjaminBradley CheriP

Anyone have any tips on pricing your sites? @Benjamin THANK YOU for providing such EXCELLENT service! @Win - that's not really something we pass out @Martina good question Ya, of course that is the link to Google Calendar - but not the specic shared m Google calendar Benjamin mentioned Brett AmyMiller Sherry AcornCS Martina-me Jude24 Valerie WinDay KerryCarron MJ_McL RozFruchtman PeteyP Valerie Martina-me PeteyP @Sharon: Gonna go deck the halls and the tree. Have a great weekend, everyone! OK -- have a brain blur now so havta go decompress... CYA on Monday! Is there a place in the community to connect with developers - for hire? I've been doing sites word-of-mouth the past 8 years, but got more into customizing WP this year. @Kerry -- Am I confused about the calendar link? It just imported it, didn't let me subscribe... (and all the times are GMT-0... yipes) @BB I understand why, but it would be neat to see where folks are from, contact them privately, etec. thanks jude Yep, time to get some fresh air and clear the brian in the crisp air of the Windy City ! I'm looking for Christmas music to listen to. does anyone have a copy of what Ben said concerning the web fonts, my mother in law called!! Thanks, Benjamin for another outstanding class! Once again, great job. I don't feel quite as much like a newbie now. Really m Martina-me PeteyP *great chat just the code for functions.php It will be uploaded later today or tomorrow PeteyP m PeteyP CheriP KerryCarron PeteyP MJ_McL Jude24 Alan Jordan okay I'm in for collaboration projects as IBL what is you real name (rst is ok) @iB thanks @Kerry. Saw your personal Blog site last night. Cool. @Kerry -- my real name is Susan I'm going to post information about the lead exchange in http:// Please register using this link Ok - off to client meeting - Later All and Keep your Lobster Fresh! m Alan Jordan PeteyP okay thanks guys be easy!!

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It's for WordPress Developers, otherwise you won't see it. Scott Pooler is my Name m craig rob vickycarlton KerryCarron CheriP ben I could not access that calender is the link right? @cherip how long have you been doing comf5? @Alan afliate link? over a year and love it! KerryCarron : More about Moi - Here: m about-scott-pooler/ CheriP Alan Jordan MJ_McL KerryCarron Jude24 DebbMiller Arelthia Alan Jordan @vicky, do you use it? @Kerry. No. It's not an afliate link. It's a WishList member registration link that will grant access to that category of members. @Alan. The link ( doesn't appear to work IBL thanks just wanted it for the address book nmae, lol Is there a particular section of the forum that discussions continue from this class? @Kerry was it you that said there is a browser response time in Frirefox? I can't nd it @Craig - if you use google calendar click on add under other calendars. Then you can upload the le Benjamin provided @Kerry, I haven't created the content yet, but I will, and it will denitely work. I'll post examples of the type of responses that I'm getting for other things, so you can see that it's not BS. I love it untill they introduced powerseller @arelthia thanks you rock @vicky, why did that make a difference for you? @craig you welcome @Deb yes just google speed up refox @Kerry The problem is there's no way to restrict responses, and I couldn't possibly handle them, so then you burn out the tool. It's 100% white hat. No black hat stuff. t@Deb there are step by step instructions to set your stuff I was reseller for 3 months, dropped with the announcement, nding other ways cheaper, waiting to see if they deliver before signing backup, looking for new sponsor if i do I am in New Zealand any of you here or in oze? @Alan is it a lead gen you created? @jude24 in the you can start a thread about anything on the webinar @Rio -- thank you! I'm looking for something I can use to check the load time on customers sites in Firefox @cherip they are taking way too much money from resellers, make more money elsewhere

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@Vicky...they are about to add ecommerce widgets to the videos you can put in email and sites (or in iframes in client dashboard) my link: @Arelthia - What will the Calendar Thing Do? @Kerry Whoops. Typo. http://www.BigBusinessBenets redirects to (plural) @Deb hard to tell unless you have access to multiple computers... will depend on how each person cogs their computer I would guess I have a client that is giving me a headache with his WP sites. I just moved his site to HostGator all you to see the scheduled events on your calendar @cherip yes i know, but it took them months just to get branding addon outs, I think it will be next year 2nd or 3r qtr before they deliver @Sanford allow you to see the webdesign scheduled events on your calendar This registration should work @cherip I think they will change the whole pricing schema again, and every piece of marketing is going to cost you. @Vicky...they have some new developers and things are coming much faster. I've heard before the end of the year. You have my email now if you want to keep in touch. Great, Thanks @Arelthia :) np @cherip are you going to beta it? @Alan where do these clients come from, a lead generation system that you have? or somewhere else? @Vicky...haven't heard anything about that I have to run to the bank now. Have a great day see you all next time I do have access to multiple computers. I have a laptop and 2 workcomputers starts next week, I'm going to try to do it from nonreseller point if they let me. @Brian, I checked and I got your registration. Thank you. @Debb I just watch the time it takes and clear my cache before testing them @vickycarlton, I missed what starts next week? @Vicky, Beta of what? next release of comf5, @Kerry. I will provide 90% of the details on the site to members. The rest is classied. It's system that I'm using to help me sell books, applied to programming. @rio, contact me if you want an objective point of view, I am not getting paid at this point @Kerry. I'm sorry, but it took me a long time to develop this methodology, and I'm willing to share most, but not all of it. Mail Chimp - Can Spam Act - Link:

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@KerryC I just nished changing over the name servers this morning for all his sites. If he still complains then it must be his computers @Alan do you own @vickycarltonwhat was your contact again? @Kerry, Interestingly, I never would have thought of using it for this if I hadn't attended this seminar, and been with so many quality developers. @cherip you had to be at conference to get invitation to be beta tester @Kerry I tested in Google Chrome and the little graph it displays is great @Vicky...I'm not sure @Kerry. I own the domain. It is a master domain for a number of websites that all contribute to it's SEO. See and http:// CelebrityMagic.ORG and watch the redirects. Just wanting to know what kind of system I am in, MLM, franchise, what the structure is etc. @Paul Hmm. Please send me an e-mail Let me try it. now. @Alan I am not trying to dis your credibility at all, just doing the diligence Here's the link: Clicking on it. they made announcement at conference that those attending would have the option to be beta testers. There are really just priming a select few to really have the sales. Here's the response I got: reg=1292092187 What browser are you using? Can demo through if desired. @Vicky...sounds like you've been disappointed. I started with them as a user of the Live Broadcast feature for a biz I support that does Webinars. The attendees have really liked the interface. @Kerry. No system. I just decided to do it. No MLM. Maybe I'll charge a 10% referral fee, or we can work together on a project. I know it sounds too good to be true, but everything is not a scam. @Vicky just sent you an email It solves a problem for me. I need to collaborate to do be able to do the work because I'm in the middle of other things. @Kerry. These are very valid questions. I'm sorry, but I don't happen to have all of the answers, because I just thought of it. Registration is free. Check in about an hour. I'll put up as many answers as I can anticipate, and then I'll answer others. totally understand that @Alan, like the site! @Alan your capcha is not working right but I believe I was able to register @Kerry. I'll disable the Capcha. One moment.

Paul sideradesign alan there is an error on the registration form for me : Input error: Invalid referer

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@cherip yes, my upline especially, commission plans change 3 times, I know they are moving towards paid adverising, yes it means more commission likely, but they just seem greedy, your looking at cou @Alan I think I registered also, does it send a conrmation message? Disabled. What was wrong? your looking at couple grand to get started correctly, I pay my afliates 25% and no start up @Kerry This is a very small tight knit community. I have absolutely no intention of creating a bad reputation. @Alan said invalid referrer @Vicky...Have you found other tools that will do the same things? I want to have as many choices as possible to offer clients. @Rio One moment. those looking at dimdim, I've watch a lot of presentation with http:// where they have hundreds of users, and its been horrible, I tried dimdim and hated it! @alan, ok I got it @Rio You You are registered. DimDim is a pain in the neck, but getting better, and it's cheap. I implemented it for the Taxation Department of the State of NV for budget reasons. . . Took a 36-page custom manual to make the people understand how to use it. their is another comf5 person pushing talk something, i'll have to look for the link, but I'm looking to put my own brand together, someone else will be competing with them soon, they are just adding @Vicky - it seems like what comf5 will give you for $40 for a biz account is pretty good. What tools do you recommend to clients for email marketing and using media on their sites? Filled with screen captures and step-by-step instructions. simple ex controls to video, @Alan - what is this Big Business Benets??? @Vicky What's comf5? @Vicky...I just want the functions...not married to the company. @Andrew It's a WishList membership site that I started to put together for another reason, which I decided to use for our purposes in making money. @cherip that information will be available on one of my sites, as soon as I nish a client and can do an overhall, I'll let you know when its ready I see. @Vicky...sounds good. @Andrew I started it to explain to a client the type of work that we would be doing for him, instead of sending e-mails, I'm making posts. It's win win. I agree, business accounts for comf5 are not bad, until you hit that bandwidth problem, they are expensive then Someday someone else will stumble across it, and buy my services. @Alan. Tried to register at your site and it says 'Invalid Referer' ???

Rio Alan Jordan vickycarlton Alan Jordan KerryCarron CheriP Alan Jordan vickycarlton CheriP Rio Alan Jordan Alan Jordan Alan Jordan Alan Jordan vickycarlton


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@Alan...web based email marketing, live webinars with video, and media area for embedding audio and video on sites: (yes my afliate link) the other thing is most not business clients wont be able to push up video with their internet connect speeds at their homes @Andrew. Eventually, the site will also provide ways for independents to take advantage of payrolling and health insurance at group rates through The Applied Companies. @cherip how long have you been member of @Vicky...looking forward to other solutions you put together :-) @Vicky...joined last June...just really jumping in in the last few months. @Andrew, I'll be using this rm to provide the services, I think: http:// @Vicky how long have you been a member? @cherip, well some of designer at comf5 are not producing good stuff, if you use ther templates, people will be going around you, for a free template that leads back to their reseller id @MJ_McL I think I know the problem. I think people were using an example that I put up to show that it worked. Please use this link: Let me know if that works, please. there is more money to be paid supporting those people than selling the products, so I'm looking for referals back from reseller if i don't decide to sell @Vicky That's not a problem. @Vicky. I agree with you there...I've had some ideas about that too. Kinda like selling Levi's to those who were panning for gold in the goldrush days are the ones who made $$ i just submitt my application are you going to use this...I just registered If you login, you should be able to see this page: word-press-developers-cooperative/ Right now, it only has one sentence. I will update it soon. If you don't log in, the page should not be visible. @alan looks like great start @Vicky. I got it. Can you try logging in and clicking on this link? bye all I am going to buzz out and get some other work done, talk to you soon. Pls let me know if you see something like "Information will appear here." @Alan it shows up ne, the one sentence Thanks. Check it later today, please. @alan, ok I can't tell you how excited I am. I never would have thought this would happen today. @Alan. Yeah, thanks. Looks like it has accepted it now. Do I need to conrm ? OK, I need to run c u all at the next webinar(s)

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Yes, please. bye kerry In about an hour, I'm going to require approval for people who register. I don't want spammers. bye all...enjoy the rest of your weekend. Bye all. Thanks for an exciting time. @Alan. Yes, I saw that ng "information will appear here' after I submitted my registration. I can't now log in. Is this correct ?