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Oracle Corporation(CEO)

Name:-Patel Maulik A. Class:-MBA(1st semester) Subject:-Organizational Behaviour. Roll Number:-67


Mark Vincent Hurd (born January 1, 1957) is co-president, director, and board member of Oracle Corporation, and the past chairman, chief executive officer,

and president of Hewlett-Packard. At Hewlett-Packard, Hurd succeeded CFO Robert Wayman, who served as interim CEO from February 10, 2005 to March 28, 2005, after former CEO Carly Fiorina was forced by the board to resign. On September 22th, 2006. Hurd resigned his positions at HP on August 6, 2010 due to violation of rules of HP. Hurd graduated in 1979 with a BBA (Bachelor's degree in Business Administration) from Baylor University. He began working for NCR as a junior salesman in San Antonio in 1980, and subsequently held a variety of positions in general management, operations, and sales and marketing. He also served as head of the company's Teradata datawarehousing division for three years.

Mark hurd get different positions in HP, like CEO, chairman of the Board of Directors. Hurd sharpened HP's strategic focus and concentrated its investments on three longterm growth opportunities: next-generation enterprise data center architecture and services; technologies for always connected, always personal mobile experiences; and a broad transition from analog to digital imaging and printing across the consumer, commercial and industrial markets. At the same time, Hurd improved HP's operating efficiency and execution as well as its financial performance and customer focus. The results increased growth and profitability, greater value for shareholders and customers, and a stronger competitive position in global IT markets. Between the company's 2004 and 2009 fiscal years, HP grew revenue from $80 billion to $114.6 billion and more than doubled its earnings per share. Prior to joining HP, Hurd spent 25 years at NCR Corp., where he held a variety of management, operations, and sales and marketing roles. He was named chief operating

officer in 2002 and chief executive officer in 2003. Under his leadership, NCR reignited growth in its core businesses and improved from a net loss of $2.25 per share in 2002 to net income of $3.03 in 2004.

Under his leadership, the company has been the first in the sale of desktop computers since 2007, and laptop computers since 2006. In 2008, it also increased its market share in inkjet and laser printers to 46% and 50.5%, respectively. In 2009, Hurd was considered one of the "TopGun CEOs" by Brendan Wood International, an advisory agency. After some issue he resign from his job but he resign forcefully by management, so after his resign profit also reduce in the organization.

Situational type leadership:Situational type of leader uses different styles in different situations. That is, he changes his style according to the situation. Sometimes he will be autocratic, or consultative, or participative, etc. Now-a-days, most managers use this style of leadership.

Autocratic:This type of leader takes both personal and company risks. when mark join in HP he thinks just to reduce overall cost of the company, so many know him as Cost Cutter.He laid off 15,200 workers 10% of the workforce shortly after becoming CEO. Other cost-cutting includes reducing the IT department from 19,000 to 8,000, reducing the number of software applications that HP uses from 6,000 to 1,500, and consolidating HP's 85 data centers to 6. However, while HP was previously known for a culture of employee autonomy and creativity, known by the company founders as the "HP Way", this philosophy was discarded under Hurd and his predecessor Fiorina. Employee morale was low, and HP had failed to innovate a successful consumer product in recent times despite relying heavily on hardware sales. Consultative:Hurd imposed a 5% pay cut on all employees and removed many benefits but he himself took a base salary pay cut of 20%, although the compensation committee increased his bonus by the same amount. Hurd's emphasis on short term results and financial management (particularly cutting costs), taking the lead in the PC business, plus acquisitions, were successful in raising profits and shareholder return.

He think for total profit and cost reduction so he do some changes and increase employee moral to do the innovative work. Courage :The main requisite of being a good business leader is courage. As a leader, you will need courage to hold the mantle of leadership; courage to face your worst fears and courage to do the right thing regardless of whose butt is kicked. Courage is essential for facing competition and handling business challenges or business failures. He take vary risk full decision to reduce employs up to 15200 at a same time. This decision needs a time and future vision. Good future planner:-

Skillful planning is another attribute of good leadership. Good leaders are known to be tactical planners and plan executors. They plan and strategize critically with their team before making any move or taking any decision Definiteness of decision:one thing with being a leader is that the decision making rests solely on your shoulders and you have to live with the consequences of your decisions. You may have a great business team but they are not going to make the decisions for you; all they are going to do is render advice. To be a good business leader, you must be definite and firm in your decision. You must also be quick in making your calculations and arriving at a conclusion. Team work Another quality of good leadership is team work. Good business leaders dont work alone; they bring on board people who are smarter than they are and delegate duties to these smart individuals. Great business leaders know that worthwhile achievements are never accomplished by stand alone men but by great business teams. Just like sam walton says individuals dont win in business; teams do.

The most important thing in your business relationships is your reputation for honesty. If you can genuinely and sincerely fake honesty, you will be a success. Never doubt it. The Mafia Manager Character is one of the attributes of good leadership. In fact, its probably the most important leadership trait of all. Your character is who you are and what you are made up of; without which you will never make a good leader. Good personality entails having integrity, charisma, self confidence and a good appearance. No employee, investor or customer will willingly follow a leader who lacks good character. It takes 20 years to build a reputation and only five Minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you will do things differently. Warren Buffett In case of mark hurd there is issue about his behavior, and due to that issue his reputation is reduce. Due to that issue HP forced him to resign him from organization. But in spite of that the personality of Mark hurd is very good. He had mesomorph type personality. It shows that he is adventurous. When he comes in HP he starts doing thins differently. After resigning from HP he join oracle and have a good position at there. It shows that why people are select him as CEO. After resigning HP there is reduction of profit and market share also seen. Many of employee thinks Mark Is good then newer CEO.