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Job Description: Cold Cutting Facility: Work Area/Equipment: Personal Protective Equipments & Tools: Hard Hat, Safety

Shoes, Coverall, Safety Goggles, Hand Gloves (Cotton & Leather), Multi Gas Detector



Presence of Flammable/Toxic vapor or Liquid


Ensure the pipeline/equipment to be cold cut is isolated, depressurized, drained, flushed or purged as required or safe execution of the job Ensure the work site is free from flammable /toxic vapor or liquid. Use of tools suitable to hazardous area classification. Keep the fire extinguishers & fire hoses in ready condition Refer HSEMS Procedures - Doc. No. SA.KOC.004 Permit to Work and Chapter -15 Power & Hand Tool of KOC F & S Regulations Assess the risk & Identify the safety override (Pressure Switches High / Low) required for the work Take a cold work permit and other associated permit from Asset owner Ensure the hand tools (such as portable / electrical operated cutting saw) are free from defect. Wear the safety goggles Wear suitable respiratory protection Do not touch the portion being touch Use suitable hand gloves (such as Leather) Keep the cutting location cooled Stop the cold cutting immediately in case of leak/ spill from the pipe being cut Check isolation valve integrity and continue flushing /purging the line during cold cut activity Use properly insulated & suitably rated cables & extension wire for powered tools

Fire & Explosion Non compliance of KOC F & S Regulations and HSE MS Procedures Unintended Shutdown of Facility /Equipment Unauthorized work Cold Cutting Defective Tools Flying particles/ Metallic Chips Exposure to harmful dust Cut/Burn

Leak & Spill

Electric shock

Ensure the proper grounding for power tools Do not leave the power tools in unattended condition Isolate the power supply when tools not in use Windup & Housekeeping Additional Hazards Scattered Material Ensure proper windup & Housekeeping at worksite. The accessories (Tools, cables & sockets / terminals) not being used must be disconnected and stored separately.