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Proposal for : SUPER MANAGERS 1.


The current employees should not only have the technical skill to perform their duties but also the soft skill to complement the effectiveness of one duties. The right attitude coupled with the skill and knowledge is the prerequisite for one success. The employees must also have the leadership, communication, problem solving and management skills apart from their technical competency. 2.0 OBJECTIVES

After completing the 2 days course the participants shall :a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) Able to develop creativity thinking and find alternatives solutions., Apply appropriate tools in solving the problem., Able to demonstrate the leadership skill in oneself., Able to communicate effectively interpersonally and within the organization setting., More caring, empathy to the subordinates Work in team, smarter and sincere, Understand the need for change and respond to it accordingly Understand the different between manager and leader Manage stress effectively.



No of Module Modul 1: Team Work Module 2: Introduction to Leadership

Content Definition of Team 4 Stages of Team Formation Successful Team Definition of Leadership Types of Leadership Styles of Leadership Roles and Function of Leaders 12 Effective of Corporate Leaders Roles. Concept of Communication Elements of Communication Types of Communication Effective Communication Communication Skills Area of

Activities/Hours Group Formation

Construction of Cup Tower

Modul 3: Leadership & Communication

Listen to the Order Lego Land

Module 4: Developing Creativity Thinking Habits & Problem Solving Module 5: Smart Worker

Importance What is Creativity Attitudes of Creativity Major Blocks of Creativity Thinking Techniques Creativity Tools Definition of Motivation Cubic Thinking - Confidence, Action, Behavior Confidence Human Being/Universe/God Action - Work Hard/Work Smart/Sincerity Behavior - Behavior Positive, Productive & Contributive What is Change Factors for Change Individual Change Organizational Change Management Vs Leadership 4Es of Leadership Steve Jobs Rules for Success Leadership Management Synergy Definition of Stress Types of Stress 20 Negative Habits How to Reduce Stress

Building a Paper Bridge

Interactive Lecture/Group Discussion/Presenta tion

Module 6: Change Module 7: Management & Leadership Modul 8: Stress Management

Interactive Lecture/Group Discussion/Presenta tion Management Games/Gutter Ball/Maze Interactive Lecture/Group Discussion/Presenta tion


METHODOLOGY Lecture., Discussion., Nominal Group Training Discussion Within the Group Presentation Activities