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The year 1964; Pakistan a young independent nation forging ahead towards a dream; self sufficiency in food production. Malnutrition remained a major problem and one out of four children died before attaining the age of five. 80% of the ailing children were affected with diseases caused by protein, vitamins and minerals deficiency. Poultry production, the quickest and least expensive way of filling the protein gap was planned to overcome malnutrition. Backyard poultry farming has to graduate to a more professional level. January 1964, a young man, Khalil Sattar, still a collage student, had a vision to foresee a need to establish a poultry farm. his interest led him to start a broiler farm of 1, 000 chicks.littlte had he known this flock was to become the foundation stone of K& N'S . This was the simple, inspired and nationalistic beginning of K&N's with a single minded objective of providing a better nutrition for health and happiness of the nation.

K&Ns is the founding pillar and beacon for Pakistan poultry industry- started in 1964 with a single minded objective of providing better nutrition for health and happiness of the nation. Building on years of poultry expertise, and a commitment to food-safety, K&Ns integrated all poultry production activities under one umbrella to ensure quality and food-safety by managing and controlling all stages of production.


Our mission based on four basic values of Absolute Integrity, Enthusiastic Diligence, Continuous Improvement and High Quality are at the core of all operations which provide an impelling urge for attaining perfection.


K&Ns has a strict plan to follow in terms of target orientation. Each of product is based on the rule that it should be healthy to eat and according to the taste of consumers. In this regard no compromise is solicited on hygiene and quality. Making K&Ns the leading producer and a company with huge demand for its products is the aim of K&Ns.


From very past the tradition of having heavy breakfasts along with spices and flavors including chicken have been the delight of Pakistani Cuisine. Majority of the local consumers prefers chicken to meat and desi food over fast food in Pakistan . Paratthas are a most famous item in the desi cuisine of the country with a trend based on centuries. Our product would be a perfect one enjoying highly profitable sales and customer relationships as it would be providing the very desi look and an absolute desi taste desired by the local consumers. In this regard, we can say that Jhatpat would not face any difficulty in order to convince the local consumers hence the probability for increasing sales margin is expected.

The K&Ns business includes the chicken products as follows:

Whole chicken: Whole chicken roaster {skin-on, suitable for roasting} Whole chicken w/o giblets {skin-less, without neck and giblets}

Designer cuts: Karahi cut {skin-less whole chicken cut into 15-17 pcs. Suitable for making Chicken karahi and other curries} Boti cut { combination of skinless drumsticks and breast pcs} Qorma cut { skin-less whole chicken cut into 15 pcs. Ideal for making qorma and other everyday curries.}

Boneless meat: Breast fillet {skinless boneless breast fillets}

Boneless handi {breast fillets cut into small cubes} Qeema {mixed chicken meat} Qeema extra lean {extra lean mixed chicken meat}

Easy cook {ready to cook}: Nuggets Chappli kabab Burger patties Chicken tempura Kofta Combo wings

Croquettes Haray bharay nuggets Hot tenders Fun nuggets

Fully cooked: Seekh kabab Chunks: Chicken tikka chunks Green chilli chunks