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Ramy Ibrahim Khazaal

Address: 78 Mustafa El-Nahas St., 8th region, Nasr City – Cairo

Tel.: +202-6708821, Cellular: +2012-4174082 - Email:


Seeking a challenging position in the field of Customer technical support in a

reputable organization where there is an opportunity utilizes my business and
technical skills and expands Acquired through education and experience.

Date of Birth: 30/8/1985 Marital Status: Single
Nationality: Egyptian Military Status: Postponed

 Faculty Of Commerce- new Cairo academy (2006)
 Economy and Commerce external


Cat For Marketing and Advertising – Marketing Representative (Intel –

Carrefour El maadi).

1. Responsible of marketing and promoting the last technology from Intel

in the power retails (Cor2dou processors).

2. Explains to the people about the different between the processors.

3. Report to the manager every day.

Brodcast For Marketing and Advertising – Supervisor (Mobil 1 Campaign

– City Stars Extension).

1. Supervisor over the ushers and security as to make sure they are at
work in time and how they deal and interact with people as to handle
all customers.
2. Responsible for meeting customers and presenting the competition for

3. Providing help to customers in filling the registration and on playing on

the simulator.

4. Handling customer's inquiries completely and accurately.

5. Recording customer Information and scores on The Database.

6. Responsible for the work issue of entering goods and gifts to the

Expolink – Organizer (Furnex Egypt in Cairo Exhibition & Convention


1. Responsible for entrance and exit of people.

2. Answering people enquires about the partitions in the event.

Really – Usher (LINK.NET Campaign – Dandy Carrefour)

1. Responsible for introducing the ADSL service and explains the benefits
and features to customers.

2. Filling customer's registration.

Mobinil - Call Center Representative.

1. Handling calls for Mobinil customers.

2. Responsible for introducing the new features and offers for different
clients and presenting the advantages for the service we provide.

3. Working on ferma application

 Computer Skills :

1. Microsoft office Access

2. Microsoft office Excel

3. Microsoft office Word

4. Microsoft office Power Point

5. Windows (98,2000,xp)

6. Internet.

 Personal Skills :  Languages Skills :

1. Ability to Work under 1. Arabic: Native
pressure. Language

2. Ability to work in groups. 2. English: Good

3. Good Research Abilities.

4. Highly Communications

5. Interactive and fast

enough to learn new
technologies and Sciences.