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es é ‘ ua Se SP, fo. Sx (i (a (, aia Vee ——— —_— —_ = a —— —_—- Cm >= l l I dil dldidl l l dil CU l ddd AUTHORS: DEVELOPER. MANAGING EDITOR: BAUCE BAUGH (NTRODUCTION 2 soauce Dayar ae Smtr on: wistRY), 1AN ELLER (CHARACTERS), LIZARD (CREATURES 4 CAI ). / ART DIREC » y ‘M), GEOFF EDITOR: ‘FOR: se RAILAME (WORLD) ELLEN P. KILEY RICHARD THOMAS MIO ARTISTS: GaaPInC DESIGN. INTERIOR TyeY, JERE MOLT. JEFF per MizEncen | aoe TEIN, RIAN LEDLANC, JAMES STOWE: HIAYE PRIDE .FINL TRUNLAN PLAYTESTERS ‘THE LIDAARY OF CONGRESS (CHRIS cwaMDE: ERICA LOVE. €.5, FRAGK); RICK JONES, TOM FEWLESS, PETER Wt eee i INCEPTION, WHO LEFT US roast ne ear wv Lr ta aaa ce See ar nae Snaerore cuneate “eae eum as ne nn wre mur acs alata ee amram re meen tea eo oa av th etna it a ota tC nie east anethac eaten inca Terence Cora Vat a eee eo oe 4 SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ‘RuLES MECHANICS DASEO OM THE 020 MODEAN ROLEPLAYING GANE BY BILL SLAVICSEK, JEFF GRUDD. RICH OMAN, AND CHARLES RYAN, UTILIZING MECHANICS DEVELOPED FOR THE DUNGEONS a DRAGONS: GAME BY SOWATHAN TWEET, MONTE COOK, SKIP WILLIAMS, RICHARO BAKER. AND PE?ER ADKISON, CAMPAIGN SETHNG DASEO OM 7HE ORIGINAL GAMIIA WORLDE DESIGN DY JANIES Mt. WARD AND GARY SACQUET. With ADDITONAL DESIGN OVER THE YEARS BY DAVID JAMES AIYCHIE, DRUCE NESINTH. ANDY COLLINS. AND JEFF GRUBB, AND CONRIDUTIONS FAOM! 100 MANY PEOPLE AND SOURCES 10 MENTION. Gamna Werld, Dungeons & Drape and its bz, DSD, the J20System li, the d20 Mder Ido, the Wisaxk ofthe Cont anu ite ogo are trademarks of Wears the Cast, nea subsidy of Hasbro, Inc. and aes by Arthas under ers PRINTEDIN CANADA WORLD PAVERS HANDBOOK CONTENTS THE WORLD THE GAMMA SUBUNIT MADE CHAPTER ONE: THE CAMMA WORLD How to Use This Book 15 Sources and Inspirations CHAPTER TWO: CHARACTERS Genotypes 23 Treat Injury Stock Human 23 Feats Pure-Strain Human 25 Existing Feats Mutant 27 New Feats Synthetic 30 Vital Statistics Basic Classes 33 Names, Naming and Language The Strong Hero 34 Age The Fast Hero 35 Height and Weight The Tough Hero 36 Allegiance The Smart Hero 37 Reputation The Dedicated Hero 38 Equipment ‘The Charismatic Hero 39 ‘Wealth and Currency Occupations 40 Armor Skills 44 ‘Weapons ‘Computer Use 44 General Equipment Craft 45 Vehicles Drive 46 ‘Synthetic Upgrades Knowledge 46 Advanced Classes Pilot (Aerial Mount) 48 Cybercologise Read Language 48 Leader Repair 48 Nanosmith Research 49 Prophet Speak Language 49 Survivor Survival ‘War Chief 49 13 16 19 9 50 50 52 54 54 54 55 55 58 58 58 58 61 70 B 1 78 8 9 82 84 85