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Manish Papneja Memorial Public School, Ismailabad(KKR) I Pre- Board Examination, January 2013 Class X Subject -Mathematice Time:

3 hrs. M.M:90 General Instructions: 1. All questions are compulsory. 2. The question paper consists of 34 questions divided into four sections A, B, C, D. Section- A, comprises of 8 questions of 1 mark each, Section- B comprises of 6 questions of 2 marks each, Section-C comprises of 10 questions of 3 marks each and Section-D comprises of 10 questions of 4 marks each. 3. Question numbers 1 to 8 in Section-A are multiple choice questions where you are required to select one correct option out of the given four. 4. There is no overall choice. However, internal choice have been provided in 1 question of two marks, 3 questions of three marks each and 2 questions of four marks each. You have to attempt only one of the alternatives in all such questions. 5. Use of calculator is not primitted. Section A 1. Which of the following equations has 1 as a root? 1 5 (a) 35x-2x-1=0 (b) 2x-7x+6=0 (c) 10x-3x-1=0 (d) 35x+12x+1=0 2. If 18, x, y, -3 are in A.P., then value of x+y is: 1 (a) 12 (b) 15 (c) 16 (d) 11 3. In the given figure , the pair of tangents PQ and PR drawn from an external point P to a circle with centre O are inclined to each other at 90o. If length of each tangents is 5 cm, then the radius (in cm) of circle is : 1 Q O P

(a) 10

(b) 7.5

(c) 5

(d) 2.5

4. To draw a pair of tangents to a circle which are inclined to each other at an angle of 30o, it is required to draw tangents at end points of two radii of the circle, the angle between which should be : ? 1 (a) 30o (b) 60o (c) 120o (d) 150o

5. The ratio of the volume of two spheres is 8:27. If r and R are the radii of spheres respectively, then (R-r) : is: 1 (a) 1:2 (b) 1:3 (c) 2:3 (d) 4:9 1

6. The area (in cm2) of the circle that can be inscribed in a square of side 8 cm is :

(a) 64(b) 16

(c) 8

(d) 32

7. If two towers of height h1 and h2 subtend angles of 60o and 30o respectively at the mid- point of the line joining their feet, then h1: h2 is : 1 (a) 3:1 (b) 3:1 (c) 1:3 (d) 1:3

8. In tossing a die, the probability of getting an odd number or a number less than 4 is ; 1 (a) 1 (b) 1 2 (c) 2 3 Section-B (d) 3 4

9. Find the root of the quadratic equation :1 x2 - 11x +1=0 3 10. Which term of A.P. 21, 18, 15, zero. 11. In the given figure, tangents AC and AB are drawn to a circle from a point A such that BAC=30O. a chord BD is drawn parallel to the tangent AC. Find DBC

12. In the given figure, O is the centre of the circle. Find the area of shaded region, given that BC= 4cm and AC= 3 cm. Or Two cubes each of volume 64 cm3 are joined end to end. Find the surface area of the resultant cuboid. 13. A number x is selected from the numbers 1,2,3 and then a second number y is selected from the numbers 1, 4, 9. What is probability that the product xy of two numbers will be less than 9?

14. Two dice are thrown at the same time. Find the probability of getting a multiple of 3 on first and multiple of 2 on the other die.

Section- C 15. Solve for x-1 16. Solve for 17. x+1x-2 x+2 1 111 a+b+x a b x A sum of 1000 is invested at 8% simple interest per annum. Calculate the interest at the end of 1, 2, 3 . Years. (i) Is the sequence of interests an A.P. ? (ii) Find the interest at the end of 30 years. (iii) Which mathematical concept is used in above problem?

(iv) Which value is depicted in this problem? 18. In the given figure a circle touches the sides PQ, QR and PR of Show that PX + QY+ RZ = XQ +YR +ZP =1 (Perimeter of PQR)

PQR at the points X, Y and Z respectively.

19. In the given figure , from an external point P, tangents PX and PY are drawn to a circle with centre O. If AB is another tangent to the circle at C and PX= 14 cm, find the perimeter of PAB.

20. Draw a ABC in which CA=6 cm, AB= 5 cm and BAC=450 Then construct a triangle similar to the triangle ABC whose sides are 3 of the corresponding sides of the triangle 1 ABC. 21. If the coordinates of points A and B are (-2, -2) and (2,-4) respectively, find the coordinates of a point X such that AX= 3 AB and X lies on the line segment AB. 7 OR Find the area of the triangle formed by joining the mid-points of the sides of the triangle ABC whose vertices are A (0,-1), B (2,1), C (0,3). Find the ratio of this area to the area of the given triangle ABC. 22. How many coins 1.75 cm in diameter and of thickness 2 mm must be melted to from a cuboid of dimensions 11 cm 10 cm 7 cm? Or A sphere of diameter 6 cm is dropped in a right circular cylindrical vessel partly filled with water. The diameter of the cylindrical vessel is 12cm. If the sphere is exactly half submerged in water, by how much will the level of water rise in the cylindrical vessel. 23. Two men on the same side of the tower and in the same straight line with its base notice the angle of elevation of the top of the tower to be 300 and 600. If the height of the tower is 150 m, find the distance between the two men. 24. Cards marked with numbers 13, 14, 15 60 are placed in a box and mixed thoroughly. One card is drawn at random from the box. Find the probability that the sum of digits on the card drawn is 5. Section-D 25. A shopkeeper buys a number of packets of biscuits for 80. If he had bought 4 more packets for the same amount, each packet would have cost 1 less. How many packets did he buy? Or From a station, two trains start at the same time. One train moves in west direction and other in north direction. First train moves 5 km/hours faster than the second train. If after two hourse, distance between the two trains is 50 km, find the average speed of each train. 26. Find the sum of aall number between 250 and 1000 which are exactly divisible by 3. 27. In given figure, PA and PB are tangent from a point P to the circle with centre O. At the point M, another tangent to the circle is drawn cutting PA at K and N. Prove that perimeter of PNK = 2PB.

28. Decorative block is made of two solids a cube and hemisphere. The base of the block is the cube with edge of 7 cm and the hemisphere attached on the top has a diameter of 4.9 cm. If the block is to be painted, find the total area to be painted. Or A godown is in the form as shown in the figure. The vertical cross-section parallel to the width side of the building is a rectangle of size 7 m 3 m mounted by semicircle of radius 3.5 m. The inner measurements of the cubical portion are 10 m 7 m 3m. Find the volume of the godown.

29. A turks cap is shaped like a frustum of a cone. If its radius on the open side 10 cm radius at the upper base is 4 cm and its slant height is 15 cm, find the area of the material used for making it. 30. If the points A (1,2), b (4, q), C (p, 6) and D (3, 5) are the vertices of a parallelogram ABCD, find the values of p and q. 31. Find the ration in which the line segment joining the points X (1,-5) and Y (-4, 5) is divided by the x-axis. 32. In the given figure, PQR is an equilateral triangle of side 8 cm and P, Q, R are centres of circle arcs, each of radius 4 cm. Find the area of shaded region. (use = 3.14 and 3=1.732)

33. In fig. two circle flower beds have been shown on two side of a square lawn ABCD of side 56 M. If the centre of each circular flower bed is the point of intersection O of the diagonals of the square lawn, find the sum of the areas of the lawn and flower beds.

34. From the top of a building 60 m high, the angles of depression of the top and bottom of a vertical lamp post are observed to be 300 and 600 respectively. Find the height of the lamp post. (Take 3= 1.732)