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Manish Papneja Memorial Public School, Ismailabad(KKR) II Pre Board Examination,February 2013 Subject - Social Science Class X TIME

: 3 hours Maximum Marks : 80 General Instructions: 1. The question paper has 36 questions in all. All questions are compulsory. 2. Marks are indicated against each question. 3. This question paper consists of two parts i.e. Part I and Part II. Part I of the question paper contains Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from serial number 1 to 16 of 1 mark each. These sixteen questions of Part I are to be answered on a separate sheet provided. This part has to be completed in first 30 minutes only and the answer sheet must be handed over to the invigilator before starting Part II. 4. In Part II of the question paper, there are twenty questions from serial no. 17 to 36 which are to be attempted in 2 hours and 30 minutes. This part should be attempted only after the stipulated time given for Part I. 5. Questions from serial number 17 to 32 are 3 marks questions. Answer of these questions should not exceed 80 words each. 6. Questions from serial number 33 to 35 are 4 marks questions. Answers of these questions should not exceed 100 words each. 7. Question number 36 is a map question of 4 marks from Geography only. After completion, attach the map inside your answer book.

1. This was the first cricket club was a) Wimbledon Cricket Club b) Washington Cricket Club c) Marylebon Cricket Club d) None of the above OR This Indian Community was the first to adopt Western Clothes a) The Parsees b) The Jews c) The Christians d) The Hindus

2. The Woman Suffrage Association was dominated by a) Lucy Stone b) Lucy Grey c) Olympe de Gouges d) Mrs Stanton OR The first written Laws of Cricket was drawn up in the year a) 1744 b) 1844 c) 1785 d) 2002

3. This is the biggest waterfall of India a) The Sivasamundram Fall b) The Jog Fall c) The Hundru Falls d) None of the above

4. He wind blowing in the northern plains in summer is known as a) Kal Baisakhi b) Trade winds c) Loo d) None of the above 5. Pre monsoon showers in Karnataka is known as a) Apple shower b) Grapes shower c) Banana shower d) Mango shower 6. Which of the following animal is not found in the Mangrove forest region

a) Tiger b) Lion c) Crocodiles d) Gharials 7. Which Political party gave the slogan Garibi Hatao a) Congress b) BJP c) The Left Front d) The Telugu Desam Party 8. India is divided in to how many constituencies?
a) 543 b) 423 c) 79 d) 500

9. Which of the following is nominated or appointed by the president a) The Chief Justice of India b) The Election Commissioners c) The ambassadors d) 10. All of the above Which of the following rights is available under the Indian Constitution

a) Right to work b) Right to adequate livelihood c) Right to protect ones culture d) Right to privacy 11. Which of the following statement is true about rights

a) Rights protect the minorities from being exploited b) Rights are reasonable claims of people

c) Rights are guarantees which can be used when things go wrong d) Rights are absolute and are applicable in every situation 12. The quality of population is not determined by which of the following factors a) Social status b) Literacy rates c) Health d) Skills 13. Which of the following class of people is not vulnerable to poverty

a) Government officials b) Slum dwellers c) Rikshaw pullers d) Landless labours 14. White Revolution is associated with the improvement in the field of

a) Diary farming b) Poultry farming c) Crops d) Sericulture 15. Which of the following is not a reason behind drought

a) Less rainfall b) Deforestation c) Overuse of underground water d) Soil erosion 16. Bhopal Gas Disaster was caused due to the leakage of this gas

a) Methane b) Methyl Isocynate c) Carbon monoxide

d) Sulphur dioxide 17. Write a note on how the French Society was divided. OR Explain the role of Lenin in Russian revolution. OR Why do you think that the Treaty Of Versailles had a humiliating impact on Germany? 18. Write a note on the Reign of Terror. What did it ultimately lead to? OR What were the main objectives of the Russian Revolutionaries OR What were the main features of Nazism? 19. Compare and contrast between the Dutch Scientific forestry and the scientific forestry in India OR Explain why Pastoralism declined during the colonial Rule OR Why were the farmers and Landlords of England greatly alarmed 20. OR Write a note on the cyclic movement on any one of the Indian Pastoralist tribe OR Which factors led to enclosures in England 21. Differentiate between the Himalayan and the peninsular river and give examples. 22. Study the following chart and answer the following How did the Forest Acts affect the lives of the people?

Geog pg 56 chart

a) Despite the decline in growth rates, the number of people being added every decade is steadily increasing. Why? b) Which year shows maximum population growth in terms of absolute increase and annual growth rate?

23. What is the other name for the Tropical Deciduous Forest. Name the animals found in the scrub forest. Which trees are found in the mangrove forest?


Classify human occupation and explain with example

25. What is meant by sovereign, socialist and secular as the key words of our constitution?


Explain the challenges which are faced by the Election in India.


Name the six rights of freedom. Define human traffic and beggar.


Name the three organs of govt and write a note on the judiciary.

29. Discuss any two schemes introduced by the govt to ensure food security to the poor.


Discuss the major reasons for poverty in India.


What should be the mitigation strategies for earthquake

32. What is epidemic? What are the various effects of chemical disaster or cyclone


Write a note on the dress of the Victorian women

OR If you look at the games equipment, you can see how cricket changed with the changing time and yet fundamentally remained true to its origin in rural England.Justify the statement by tracing the original features and the changes that have been brought in equipments. 34. State the functions of Indian Judiciary. Which factors make the Indian Judiciary an independent body OR Write a note on the powers and functions of the President. 35. Define unemployment and differentiate between the two kinds of unemployment. 36. Four features from (i) to (iv) are shown in the above outline political map of India. Identify these features with the help of the following information and write their correct names in your answer book: a) The Ganga of the South b) An Important Bird sanctuary c) The place receiving highest rainfall d) A kind of biome OR

Locate and label the following on the given outline political map of India: a) Karakoram range b) Bangalore c) Corbett National Park

d) Konkan Coast