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Issue:2; Version3
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Dated: 20090326

In the

T HE o

KNOL is a still an informal monthly ZINE. To contribute, send your creation to us asap. In
The KNOL Editors' desk

Swati Dutt, ET-IV
D ismissing the hullabaloo over the monthly nature of our
monthly informal magazine, here we're back; Up and Running
[faster & stronger].
Editor-in-chief: There have been many significant changes since the first issue. We
(empty! No one can be in total control)
think we have finally been able to touch sobriety. Earlier, the
Editors: multitude felt we were obscure in expression. Feel free to feel the
Akansha Jain, EN-I * difference now. To remind us of our evolution, we've included a full
Anshul Bahukhandi, CS-II
Isha Arora, CS-IV blown Change-Log & a lot of new sections.
Nikunj Lahoti, CS-IV Meanwhile, a lot has been happening in our campus but
Tapan Dutt, CS-IV instead of making a red-hot story out of it, we want people to
Creative Lead: ponder over the events with the spectacles of morality (a good
(empty! Need People) observer might find us cynical here).
Days are longer now, but earlier attempts to make a good
Technical Lead:
Nikunj Lahoti favorable use of the dark were sabotaged by a sudden raid by Mr. R
[R = a variable name]. The birds were held which later backfired
Copy Desk: according to some sources; but thats not the point. Is this in the
Nikunj Lahoti
Tapan Dutt wake of dormant energies? Do we need better things to get
involved in? Is public display of affection (PDA) correct? Depends
Infographics & illustration: maybe, but that sure does make others(forced onlookers)
(empty! Need People)
Photo Department: See the side panel & fathom out the need to find people who
Nikunj Lahoti can volunteer to work for KNOL. Are you one? After all, all you get is
Tapan Dutt
recognition. And breaking-news!! That's what matters. People have
Community correspondents: been less modest this time to don the contributor's cape and we
Freelancers who earn recognition. These really loved some of the tips on wooing and other casual satires.
people cover the events in the college & share
their opinions. Anyway, Year-Book - 'the concept' is being conceived. You can
be a good part of it now. Together we can, & we will make a
Styling & Publishing: difference.
Nikunj Lahoti
Anshul Bahukhandi [Counter Struck] Nikunj Lahoti

issue no.: 2
version: 3
for the month: March
released on: March 26, 2009
I had always wondered what life in college is all about.....???!!
before actually coming into one.
Rarely does any single thing succeed in exciting a 12th Grader
virtually to an ecstasy as getting into a college and enjoying the
new experiences (or at least getting a feel of it) and I make no
||Contact Us|| It is truly amazing how career and adventure go hand-in-
Akansha Jain, New Girls Hostel-210
hand in college. Ranked No. 1 private college in Uttarakhand! COER has
Anshul Bahukhandi, +91 97568 15111, KKB-201 all of it which one needs in a GOOD college (Come on! Its not that
Isha Arora, Ahilya-332 bad!). “Tappi” is one thing which bolsters up my point.
Nikunj Lahoti, +91 98976 54239, Ashok-409
Tapan Dutt, +91 97195 60160, Ashok-402 “Fun-Frolic life with its own terms and conditions... and prices to pay
for...”. [Apropos to the recent action taken against the offenders.
email-id: Girls finally found it exciting enough to overlook the risk involved]
The recent “Mechanical Monster” poster is one such thing
orkut-profile: which made me feel that I'm in a college and not in a school... (what if we are still compelled to be in college livery for as long as 8 long
hours every day). Words which convey joy, speech that spells
blogs: success & sounds that ring wedding bells attract and bring others to your fold. But words encrypted on the “MM posters” unfolded
some hidden truth about the trio (the 3 Victims). These posters
mailing-list: were pasted all over the campus.. in classrooms, net-labs, on trees, on use-bins, everywhere except CAC & hostels.
google-group: Undoubtedly, it has herald a new era in the annals of our college. Striving to delight our readers and contributors we've made
more effort this time. Please take note & acknowledge.
Akansha Jain

* other branches are still involved


Call it whatever you want
Day never to be forgotten
An ODE to NH58
At least we can do this - Jaagore
PMC: Then and Now!
Beginners tips for CS

Editor's Pick
Women Empowerment
Princess- Book Review

Creative Poesis
I wish I'd LIVE

Terror Attacks
सं ग ठन
Proposal For Change

कया उम की स ीमा ह ो! !
What'd make them fall for you

Tips and Tricks 29

35 days with little angels


Picture of the Month
Change (Updates and Advancements) ( is no longer into iPaper. iPaper can be very easily embedded
inside any html page using the scribd's flash
blocked by the college's proxy server listening at support. It offers a variety of modes like book- Kudos!! Its freedom to all the view, single-page-view etc. We have the
Blogger's. November'08 issue available at just got a version older. We've
switched to 3.0.1. Its so much the SIZE
better :D [Opensource rocks]. We do the basic designing in OOo and then export
it as PDF (Portable Document Format). Last time
1624 fonts with us are all ready to show their the whole document became 9.6MB large in size,
worth. But finally our team has got unanimous all because of the Digital-Camera pictures in the
over a font (this same font) named “Teen” [Guess Big-Story as well as the Committee-updates. We
they just could not forget theirs.....] finally have been able to find a work around. Now
while exporting the document we can reduce the
DPI of images & the quality of the images. It'll help
िहनदी support fixed in using CTL those who had trouble downloading it the last
(Complex Text Layout). Using SCIM (Smart month.
Common Input Method) & useful translations, “hai”
became 'है'। Insert → Special-Character (using Owing to the viewer's interests, demands and
Lohit Hindi) has been useful to find key strokes.
feedbacks, we've discontinued the committee-
We also can write in other Indic languages, to
name a few, Telugu.. Tamil.. Kannada.. Oriya.. updates section, making it totally autonomous.
Malayalam.. Punjabi.. Gujarati.. Bengali.. Assamese
etc but reckon... who'd understand or translate Pictures (snaps) of the contributors have also
'em? been added. Now you can even spot your favorite
writer at the grocery shop (or maybe taking a
Monthly Archives in text format (without our stroll around café).
KNOL touch) would now on be accessible every
month on our new blog Index page has agreed to show up this time.
Editor's pick:
Commenting (posting feedback) on all of the
Our most favorite article now gets another title.
articles is now possible. Even anonymously!
Lookout for this image at the end of any article
to comment upon it. This redirects you to our Group Formation & Mailing List:
blogger site.
This month, owing to the typos in the first
issue, The KNOL team decided to let the articles
undergo a rigorous testing & checking Upcoming Sections
procedure. We manually tried to check for Orkut Committee updates
structural errors or misleading sentences but
lets face it.. after all we are humans. We're
determined to improve, & hope such errors would Message to the Beloved
be minimized in the future.
Wikipedia's COER page needs help
New sections have been added. Like this one
(change-log) & 'CRAPpy ideas' & Launch-Pad &
Notable Tabloid Articles & Our Take
(Collaborative Effort).

iPaper Surveys & Contests converts the uploaded pdf documents

KNOL is truly Knowledgeable. Best Comment: Awesome work!!...Enticing
thing is that it is for everybody, Creativity!!..Spell bounding graphics!!...who
means people having interests in says COER lacks Talent...KUDOS!! ( IT COULD
different fields from serious, NOT HAVE BEEN BETTER )
intellectual types to gossip mongers. Criticism: The hazardous material data
Plus, its interactive.. with those sheet appeared to me a bit out of league(
arrow marked comments. So, overall like odd man out stuff a bit immature
it's really very very cool... Great thought for such a creative stuff)...but
work... :-) again thats my thinking.
Sonakshi, IT- 2nd year Suggestion: Avoid Committees
Stuff(make it purely an autonomous
There wasn't even a single thing body).
stereotyped. I mean everything was
so fresh and pleasure to read. Keep Gaurav Khantwal, (COER Batch '07 EN /
on taking feedbacks and get set for Admin Assistant, College of Science, George
the The KNOL – December issue. At Mason University)
least I'll be looking forward to it. Editor:
Mukul Saxena, IT-3rd year hello Sir.
Thanks a lot for giving us your valuable feedback.
Good work man. KNOL rocks!! Waiting it really has been a pleasure to receive your mail. We are Glad because
for the next edition. you liked the KNOL.
Bhaskar Naithani, ME-4th year In future we surely would try to improve and make it more crispy &
Incredible work! Bata kya
chahiye.....? :D Ismein humara naam The first edition was targeted for those who couldn't understand the
to hai hi nahin. Lol meaning of "Knol" and for the other few who couldn't buy our
credibility. So we even tried to show efforts (though crappy as it looks)
Manu & Vitika
thru our notices too.
(Editor Nikunj Lahoti's brother n sister-in-
law. Working for software firms in UK
you can check our archives @
[this ain't Uttarakhand]
One thing that we think is a hindrance to the effort is the size of the
Editor: team. We need people who actually want to work & you know how
Thanks a lot for the valuable words difficult it is to find such creative people. But soon we'll do something
of praise. We are glad that you for that. We'll be in touch with you for your guidance.
liked it. We'll try to make KNOL.. a Thanks again.
delightful experience for the tkcr Sir.
contributors, for the readers and KNOL (the team) [by : Nikunj Lahoti]
for the volunteers themselves.

You guys might be wondering what's with this surge of (MUCUR's been missing me so much for all the same reasons all
enlightenment amongst the final years that's been keeping this while). I finally figured out that it's time to be up-n-running
them on their toes working so hard to bring out a mag such as or it's a now-or-never situation for me. And this is the first
this. Well, the excitement of being a creator, that's known to all write-up that I'm composing. As I couldn't figure out what to
of us, constitutes one of the prime reasons for the same. Yet write, so here I am. Congrats to the KNOL team for all the good
it's not all, far from being the heart and soul of the matter. work. And hey guys, could u try making it more informal? After
all, it's OUR mag pals. And to Nikunj, hats off dude. Keep up the
Well, as the legend goes, our dearest friend Nix (this being the good work. Take care. Hoping to be able to extract all the more
Linux version for Nikunj; derived from good old buddy Tux, the fun from the upcoming issues, yours truly.
Linux mascot penguin – courtesy me, although his pet names Bhashkar Sharma, IT-4th year
like 'Niks' (mark the difference!)or 'Lambu' already were in
existence) came up with the stupendously superb idea of
publishing an e-mag that'd carry the informal as well as formal
stuff pertaining to college happenings and activities. An e-mag hey... that's one thing i'd like to include in KNOL... its full
was a good choice due to many a reasons quoting all of which of humor.. and is catty... Hats off to you too for
is neither necessary nor required here. A few of the many coming up with something of that measure.
would be the easy distribution, the almost priceless (either I really enjoyed every ounce of it... (who'd not!!!? It
way!) creation and best of all- on-the-fly readability. That's was a praise to either the idea.. or to us... Lol)
really brilliant, my friend. Well, being an avid reader (interested
in the details? Check out my Orkut profile) I considered penning thanks a lot for appreciating... & I want you to know
something down for the mag, first edition, but sadly, lazy as I that I seriously want at least one writing from
am, could do little to bring my thoughts into action. Nothing the next issue. Well we'll try to make it more
new in it, I've achieved flawless perfection in postponing things catchy... more informal & full of fun... together we'll
with official deadlines to the last possible extent. make it a place for the KT (knowledge transfer)... the
platform..we all ever wanted :D
But the summary of it all was that I was pretty much unable to
be able to be featuring my name in the volume 1 of KNOL tkcr.......(thanks again)

Alumni Corner
The GyP * so being a li'l puzzled and scared (obviously that hostel
was the only one having a room empty :P) I said "no
,well actually I don't know....all I know is that I'm from
"Indians have the second largest population in the
India... I never actually had classified myself like this,
world"...its a universal truth.. (well actually according
neways this place is FULL of Indians" and he replied
to me its a CHATPATA truth, knowing we are
"Uhh...han asal mein jayadatar dukane yahan are owned, run
progressing fast, yet are still backward in some
or leased by Marvaris, punjabis etc, baaki spanish logo ke
sense). So it sounds really obvious to hear people
yahan kaam karte hai"......(MAN..........can you expect
going from India to some developed country....for an
that .......i mean the word "jyada" :O if it goes on like this
obvious reason - "good money".....
you can imagine whats gonna happen in future.......!!).
I shifted to Barcelona recently for my internship, so if
So as a natural curiosity I asked him "How come so
you are new to the place the 1st thing you would do is
many ppl get the work permit I've believed that work
to search for a place to sleep...which led me to a
permits in Europe are a hard catch".......therefore as
street, Neverland Street (name changed for obvious
usual I got one more shock....he said "Work Permit ... hah
reasons), in the heart of Barcelona.
arre baba kahe chahiye work permit....????....yahan
jayadatar bina paper ke hai ....aur paperwalo se jayada
Since I didn't know any Spanish,the only option you are
aaram se rehte hai.......kisse chaiye paper yahan huh"
left wid is English, so as a sincere "lost" tourist, I
shocked I was feeling totally paranoid...i mean this is
stopped a person and asked " Excuse me can you
crazy, I asked him "ha'toh phir yeh log Europe mein aate
please tell me the way to Neverland Street"....and the
kahan se hai??"....I mean how can a person be so cool
thing I heard was totally unexpected, the guy said
about it.... He replied " aram se ..... kuch toh containers
"Indian ho??" (I mean obviously u can't expect a person
mein jo jahaj se yahan pahuch jaate hai, agar woh pakde jaae
speaking with you in HINDI in the middle of Barcelona)
toh jail mein unhe kuch din rakhke chor dete hai ....ho gayi
a little surprised I said "ji , toh kya aap bata sakte hai ki
Europe mein entry......aur jo baaki bache kuche hai unhe toh
yeh jagah kahan padegi, kyo ki mujhe koi rehne ki jagah
unke rishtedar jo yahan pehle se hai invitation se bula lete
Now in these kinda situations what can you think PACKED IN CONTAINERS !!! man thats insane .....can you
of......whatever it is least not what I heard "arre believe that!? Its like watching a guy dancing over a
tension na lo yeh pura ilaka apne se hi bhara hua hai ...." VOLCANO... :D, therefore I asked him .."Do they actually
(shocked???? hold your nerves.......its just the do that!!" (I know its a stupid question but you tell me
beginning)... and he was talking about the same won't you be asking that same question when you
"Neverland Street which is eventually one of the hear this)..........for this he calmly said "Haan
biggest touristy place of Barcelona"....... comfortably, for the money they'll earn comfortably".

Well, to be really honest this was the 1st shock that These calm words did have a lot of meanings hidden in
Barcelona gave me...... I entered the street, and it gave them, meanings of sadness, silence and the stories
me another shock..(yeah he was right).....everywhere of all the people (without papers) of what they ..
all I could see were Indians or Pakistanis..., I mean it
was not looking like a Spanish city ...Spanish people
were looking like some tourists wandering in "Clean
and Modern MUMBAI" (Jai Maharastra :D)

After these two shockers.....I made up my mind to be

ready to face more......(thankfully it did help). So finally
I landed up in a HOSTAL (an Indian one .....well almost all
suffered in order to come to this country..............
of them were run or owned or leased by
One of the Indian one :D). Took a room and revived "for money , for money"
p.s. : It’s all my personal point of view and some fiction
myself..... and in order to pass my spare time at night elements has also been used to make it more
I talked to SHARMAJI (No it wasn't me :P). “INTERESTING”. So no offense to anyone......anywhere and All
spelling mistakes are done intentionally :D

SHARMAJI – skinny, of about 45years and a Marvari
CHEERZ !!!!!!
(you probably would be wondering, why I said
Marvari!..well just in the beginning of the conversation PA R C E
he asked me "Are you a Marvari??"......I mean I am in
Spain, the relevant question should be "Are you an BATCH 2007, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, COER, INDIA
Indian??” or “Where r u from in India??" but here he is
asking me are you a if he's gonna throw
me out if I'm
* Ashish Sir writes under this column name; Meaning 'Bhasad' (in Hindi).
Alumni Corner
Parochial Thinking (Differences-1)
I am searching for some answers...almost
all of them, I know will never be answered
because I will have to assimilate them from
mundane world around...I believe that is a
step towards “maturity” but still some of
these questions disturb me a lot at this
stage of my life.

We all are so different…differences in

thinking, assessing things, differences in
outlook in dictates of conscience. Why is
every human so different from the other
even if bred under same condition same
habitat exactly same surroundings, some
times same parents…is it that delicate
combinations of genes that happens after
procreation or is it imbibing of the world
around and then ramifying it into
understanding. Why majority of us have a very parochial outlook…why a higher conscience level
lacks in majority. Why is the diorama so narrow for most of us?

A witty friend of mine spoke spontaneously “Khanti is it that some people have a spiritual
instincts or is it abundance of time that few lucky ones have in this world that they are drawn
towards abstract things, coz if they were busy they would never have thought over such things”

I almost laughed on his comment but then sometime after realized even if there was an iota of
truth in his words then it could have been answer to one of my questions. But then I thought
that many individuals around have idle time which they spend in boozing, womanizing, tourism or
any kind of recreation. Even they can opt for such abstract thinking but no they chose a
different way…and hence there is some thing as “higher conscience” “spirituality”, “thinking that
draws a few out of a lambs walk.

p.s.: Lambs walk is a very relative term here. It is just one aspect of many, many things that
people choose to walk with the crowd. They might not be with the crowd in many other issues
so please don’t generalize Lambs’s a Relative next blog will be on RELATIVITY.

Gaurav Khantwal
Fairfax / Dehradun, Virginia/ Uttranchal, United States
a Masters student in EE Depatment, George Mason University. &also
working part time at College of Science, GMU.

COER, Batch '07, E.T.

Know more

Rand om Ink
Well, as it seems, I’m supposed to be writing something REAL and FRUITFUL here. Both of the
aforementioned words might sound creepy or CRAPPY as you might, but wait, don’t get scared and run
away. The article might not turn out as horrendous as it is presently sounding, I hope.
With exams up-n-running for us, it’s time to unleash all the creativity that’s hibernated for a while now
(to be precise, since the last semester exams ended). Being the seventh semester for us final years,
it’s just a repeat performance time. Nothing to be afraid of (at least for us CS IT guys), things would fall
fine. It’s just a mug-up-n-spit-out process for many a few. Sorry if some of you are offended, but that
is just the way it is.
Bringing into perspective the 'article' I penned down 3 yrs down the time-line, the present state
of the economy and of the market makes me thoughtful even more than it did back then. Are we
putting our ‘selves’ at stake? For those who are blank about all of it; let me get things straight. I wrote
something on what this regular job-life is really going to give us; save from the possible millions, which
too now seems a feeble and bleak possibility. Call me all the names you want, pessimist would just be
the beginning of a possibly unending queue, or 'linked-list' maybe. I beg to restate here that I am not any
economist, let alone the one with a foresight. All my petty head can accumulate is that there have been
things that shouldn't, and maybe it’s payback time for many a few. The whole system-gone-wrong that
has needed an overhaul for so long a time is now in an emergent situation, maybe comparable to a
patient in ICU.
But what the hell, we as the educated n ultra-KNOL-edged ones at that, maybe need to consider
our options. I understand that my article might not be able to mean absolutely anything to many of you
revered souls. It might sound like sheer CRAP (on a totally different level, it actually is!), but as I've already
stated, I’m not here to cast my vote to your idio(syn)cracy. Nor do I mean to paint doomsday scenarios
for you guys. A few do that to themselves all the time (now THAT's pessimism). Economy should and it
hopefully would get back to its strong self in minimalistic time. But my quest is not about uncertainties.
It’s more about the spirit in us that's GOT THE KICKS!
The current recession, also dubbed The Depression 2.0, as you might be aware, has lead to the
shutting down of many financial organizations, wrecked the finances of many top-of-the-riches-list
billionaires, and at its worst, caused thousands to lose their jobs. As they say, bad times teach us
things, as have these times done; they have showed us that each day is not sunshine and we must have
the habit of saving for a rainy day.
As per my opinion, we must look for a job in our area of interest, instead of just blindly following
our peers. After all, we all are engineers (almost there), and at least have an idea of what makes our
adrenaline rush. I am not saying here to step into adventure sports (but if you feel it is your true calling,
just go for it); my point here is that whatever you step into after college life should give a satiating
feeling. For some of us, who live on the surreal edge of the world, it might be a bit hard to achieve, but
that’s about it. Remember that nothing that one can think or hope for, that has or has not happened till
today, is impossible and you very much have the potential of achieving whatever you wish to in every
walk of life. Remember that ‘Dreams are the making of our Destiny’. Learn to dream and then work
hard enough to turn your dreams into a reality. Sounding clichéd? It might feel so; but to be honest, this
is what life is about. What is the whole point of life if you live in constant fear of failure and slog
yourself while crushing all the pleasure out of your life? You guys might easily be creating virtual
dementors (refer Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) in your life and sucking the ‘life’ out of your
life. True enjoyment comes to you when you set out to seek what you want and give yourself to it till
you get it. A lot can be said about it, but all that does matter is how many of us give ourselves to the
goals that we make. Remember that money or pelf might seem goals as of now, as the youth
within wishes to explore and seek the world, but soon all of it is going to sound crazy
and stupid. Not just that, it has been discovered by researchers that by 35+, all that
matters is satisfaction in the job and in the life. So what moot point do we wish to
chase and by running after absolute blankness.
Come to think about it, about what you wish to achieve in life and what do you
expect your life to give you as a trophy at the end of it all because money or
moolah might seem prime as of now, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter.

Bhashkar Sharma,
Sharma, IT-4th year

Rand om Ink

Well it's 11:30pm and the date is 5th December, 2007. It's a long time since
dark shadow's have taken over the blue sky. The sun seems to have sunk
deep and it seems it would never come on top again.

Vivek Bahuguna, ET-Final Year

I am not sure but at this moment I feel to cry as hell, I really do not know what's the reason
for such profound grief. Maybe the loss of my dearest dog “Montie”. It was really traumatic
and heart throbbing emotions when I heard of my dog's death (from my sister at around

He has been with us for 14 long years. I still remember the day when I and my brother brought
him from my aunt's house, at that time he was just 22 days old, very sweet quiet puppy much
like a toy. He was kept in a small poly-bag with his head popping out of it. He was brownish
white with black patches around his eyelids and looked like a perfect creation for a puppy.
Since then he has always been with us (until today), in our griefs our sorrows, our joys. He
was the favorite of my father, my grandmother both of whom always loved him more than
anything. I think today they have finally called him to their place where one day each one has
to go.

In my entire walk of life (still have to go far ahead) I have heard of people dying, myself
experienced the death of closed one's. I am not able to understand this aspect of nature. Why
did the god want us to die? If he wants so then why did he create us in the first place?? Why he
wants other people to suffer grief over the death of their close one's? Well I think no one
knows the answer but one thing is very sure that each one has to go through this phase of
life or rather death.

I wrote like this because today I have lost my dearest one (my dog was more like a family
member to us). I feel like splurging out my emotions on this very entry.
My mind is filled with every picture of him. His cute little little eyes, how I used to play with him,
how he used to wag his tail whenever he saw anyone of us returning home.
I know I wont experience any of his such gestures from now onwards and this very thought
leaves tears in my eyes.

I feel that god would have not created such rule of life and death, I experience this because I
have lost someone special. Nothing can stop it, we as human beings have to bow down to the
laws of nature, the laws of GOD.

“In memory of my cute little dog MONTIE”

Dated : 1st Feb 2008

May God give peace to his soul

Rand om Ink
Now that i am in the final year of my B.Tech and after passing out, i probably would not be visiting Roorkee again
(although i love the city) as frequently as i do for now i always wanted to tell people around me about my traveling
experiences. Now that KNOL is here i get a good opportunity to do so (it is very much the same for you all...Get
started!!) thereby here i pay my homage to the gracious & illusory highway.
I took a road trip to Delhi from our college, a journey of some 200kms which takes me around 6 hours to
complete (now started to being more often done). The time of travel mentioned here is under the normal
circumstances. The journey started from outside the college where i waited for a local bus to take me to the so
called BUS TERMINAL (it remains the same till now) of Roorkee, although there was this rickety auto with the blaring
noise of its engine standing besides the road. It would have equally solved my purpose(& saved me some time of
waiting) if i was to board it which meant i have to overcome my inane fear of autos whom i supposedly think are 3
legged demons & can overturn anytime gulping the sane lesser mortals for eternity.
Now since i decided to wait for a bus, although the buses here are no good either... i waited for it.
After 20 min or so a local bus arrived FULL, seeing it for a moment you'll ask yourself “do i stand a chance to get in
it” you do if you are stoutly built, and GIRLS you wait for another bus.... . I was a little apprehensive but i said to
myself “its now or never” so i crammed myself to a 5 by 1 inch space on the foot board precariously half hanging
outside the bus (here i want to make it clear that i don't travel like that and after this experience i will never again). I
prayed that every time it overtook some other big vehicle it had a safe distance between them so that i reach my
home as a single entity.
Now comes the part which i think should not be there, the TICKET part. The conductor was so shrewd and
adamant on taking money that he pushed and shoved in the bus and in the process if a few of us fall of a running
bus it should not surprise him or invoke any kind of reaction or action because he cares the least & in the first place
why on earth do you travel on a foot board in a bus???
It has been estimated that at any given time on any given Indian road there can be as many as 34 different
examples of locomotion in operation: cars, trucks, buses, two-wheelers, three-wheelers, bullock-carts, donkey-
carts, human-carts, tractors, bulldozers, camels, elephants, stray dogs, strayer children, pedestrians. NH-58 is no
exception, not only are all of these and more, on the same road at the same time but they also seem imbued with
the singular purpose of occupying the same segment of space at the same time as each other, thereby giving
practical proof of the hypothesis advanced by Stephen hawking that our world is not 3-D as our everyday senses
suggest, but 8-D, 10-D or 12-D enabling matter and energy to slip in and out of secret nooks and crannies of the
The process of widening the highway is underway, which in the mean time is not helping. What actually
happens is that it creates a bottleneck at many places. Somehow my bus leaves behind all the bottlenecks but
suddenly the roller coaster slams to a halt. Now what?? A dead heffalamp on the road, or a randy bull getting his
jollies with a passing femme cattle, a local Neta giving a stump speech or maybe a senseless stupid procession on
its way? None of the above.....its a barrier with a sign saying STOP! POLICE CHECKING. And all the 34 types of traffic
carts, cars, camels, donkeys, road rollers will come into gridlocked stasis to get past the wiggle-woggle barrier.
Inevitably, when the wiggler woggles , the woggler coming the opposite way will wiggle creating a paralysis of
motion less amenable to thaw the Gangotri glacier and many times as vociferous. 'Abbe saale! Kahan ghuste ho baap ka
rasta hai kya??'
when or where you least expect it, it will be there “STOP! POLICE CHECKING”.
The police certainly have a lot to check on. Except for one thing there are no police. Police checkpoints are all totally
innocent of constabulary. As an exception to the rule, once in a rare while you might indeed find a policeman at a
check post. And what is he checking, if anything? The variegated traffic that has been brought to a standstill, the
better him to scrutinize it(for terrorists, smugglers, hoodlums) not a chance. If he's doing anything at all, its one of
the two things: either digging his nostrils to see if the guck he's dug out has mysteriously changed color overnight,
or he's scratching his crotch to verify that his goolies haven't suddenly dropped off & rolled down an open manhole.
By the time our bus woggles beyond the makeshift barriers we've already spent 20 minutes (can go up in
situations of a terrorist attack at one of our major cities or even worse on our parliament!!). Not to mention the
insoluble traffic jam which causes a near nervous break down of the docile and helpless passengers (not me
because i have developed high affinity to it and i am no longer docile). Traveling by roads has always been an ordeal
for the lesser mortals. The roads are bad, dropping tolerance level of the drivers and travelers alike, rampantly
increasing vehicles on the road are making the dream of peaceful travel by road a non achievable target. It is our
fundamental right to travel from anywhere in the country to anywhere else, but it will be peaceful is not
guaranteed without spending a fortune. I hope in the coming years it improves because traveling will remain a
necessity for Homo sapiens. And it directly or indirectly contributes to the economy of any country and specially
INDIA which is still developing. All those years i have traveled on that highway many a times and i enjoyed it because
every time it was entirely a new experience for me. But deep somewhere i felt that it could've been much better.
Whatever the case maybe, I love the city and the road leading to it. I'm sure the highway road will improve in
the near future and more and more people will be able to experience a delight in traveling rather than having
harrowing time maneuvering the bends and pot holes of the road.
Tapan Dutt, CS – IVth year

Rand om Ink EXA
SCJP is one of these numerous certifications which Sun Microsystems provide, but is one of the
hardest examinations in the IT industry till date.

SCJP that's for Sun Certified Java Programmer which says once you get this certification; the
probability of getting placed becomes quite high 'coz it proves to your prospective employer; that you
are one of those wiz kids, which are hard to find.

Its one of the toughest examinations in the IT industry which even most of these so called experienced
programmers are not capable of cracking; that is because most of the time they don't study for it. So,
once you get this highly reputed certification there is no looking back.

It proves three things to your employer:

– You are “smart” or PRETTY
– You know how to prepare for a challenge test (which proves you never cheated in your exams)
– And you know how to speak.
I mean JAVA is a LANGUAGE right!!

Currently there are 8 Java certifications but you can't even apply for them if you haven't passed this
It just needs 59% score to get through.

That's much for d importance. Lets talk how these 98% holders study for that exam.
They write a lot of code.
Most questions asked are related to debugging; in fact all of them.
You need to find the O/P (output) or obviously the error, it goes the either way.
You can simply read this book authored by Kathy Seirra and Bert Bates.
Name of the Book is.... Any Guesses??
SCJP Exam Study Guide (never mind, that indeed was a difficult one. :P)

It has got many questions and the same number of answers (don't go inside the mathematics of this
statement.. Its complex)

But to study this book, you need to know the basics of Java before; only then try to mess with this
book. After completing the book; start doing the mock paper.
Did I say paper?
Its not exactly a paper; its a CBT (Computer Based Test)
Just like GRE or like BITS paper you tried... BUT.... !!!

Its not over yet. Go to and search for more SCJP dump (Dump is a set of sample and
previous time's questions).

Once you start debugging the problems even without reading them; its time to take the test.
“But do read them in the question paper. Don't be complacent.”

And not you don't get this SCJP “golden chance” for free.

Sylvan Prometrics is an organization which schedules these tests. They

have their centers in literally every city in the world; though they are not
in the villages yet. Well I don't care.
't mine You can buy it from Sun's website or even these Sylvan
t hi s i s n guys can buy it for you.

It has a validity of 6-12 months and you can take it anytime between
this interval (on the manufacturing date or the expiry)

Thanks a lot for your “Vella” time.

Need to know more!! Contact Sun Microsystems. Don't even dare to bother me.

Nishant Rawat, IT - 3rd year [The Author has recently got the certification. Kudos!!]
Rand om Ink
Hey guyz ....waise toh u must b feeling very tired after following d every nuz related to Mumbai
TERROR attack...right???
This terror attack was d worst one that we have seen in d long killed about 200 lives
including some top officials like ATS chief- etc.
But the great ex-C.M of Maharashtra said such incidents happens in big cities.
Although he had to quit but u must have seen him laughing at d press conference...
Some people says we are more united now .. n they (d terrorist) can't divide us on religion..
We showed our patriotism or say it anger to be more precise, by doing rounds of SMSes...
holding some rallyz... walking wid a candle in the hand.. placards showing the reflection of our
thinking..burning some effigies..
That's d way we react all the time. so nothing nu about it...but tell me.. is that enough?
Can't we do something that can help?


We always criticize the whole system..We often use “THEY ALL ARE CORRUPTED” and finish the
discussion... M I right (again )? But thats not funny...
Now u'l say ki “HUM KAR BHI KYA SAKTE HAI”???
But I think there is at least one thing that we can do...we can 'VOTE'.. Don't u think ki somehow
we are d real culprit?? We elect these people toh basically it is our fault..
In our country the voting rate is always below par..and those who vote, I doubt..what is their
criteria of voting a person...some says “HUM TO HAMESHA SE HI HAATH PE MOHAR LAGAATE HAI”...
Sometimes toh they don't even know d representative... So how we can be sure that our
country is in safe hands?? Here m feeling lyk using d F word..
So,what I wanna say is please yaar.. come forward and Vote..m not asking you to pay nething
but your consciousness...
I bet most of u don't even own a Voter Id card...even I don't have one...but I have applied for it
Recently there was some nuz that nu registration for Voter Ids are on.. but I found it a bit
tedious.. u can check it, if u find it then please go forward and make sure u own a Voter Id now...
Otherwise keep reading this article 

I found a simple way... JAAGO RE.. u must have seen this on TV..
All what u have to do is..go to n d site will itself guide u to the entire
after registering to d site, it will provide u a FORM 6.. which u will have to submit to your
'v e se e n the ad ver
neighborhood. Don't worry d site will provide u the address too... who
So u see how simple it is :) For those .
And please don't think ki m getting something from JAAGO RE ;)

I hope ki aap log ab JAAG gaye ho.. please try to wake some more people and take
a step forward to do something for our motherland otherwise...hmm... i don't

..k then, see you in the polling booth..take care.

Sandeep Aggarwal, CS - 4th year

Rand om Ink
People say that changes are Inevitable... They perhaps are Imminent

See carefully around the campus and u’ll find number of things
changed. The roads have changed, the ADM block has changed, the gate
has changed (no more confusing College Of Engineering Roorkee with

PMC: Then& Now; WHAT (NOT) HAS CHANGED? Mukul Saxena

SECURITY) ,even the WI-FI has changed (yeah it has, all access points are new now!) Above all, the
Piya Milan Chowk a.k.a. PMC has shifted by precisely 18 steps. Like a number of COER
monuments; the PMC holds its special place. It is the point of Unison (division also), it is the
place of “HIIs”(BYEs also), it is a place where you wait(or MAKE someone else wait for you). It is
the place where Hundreds of hearts were either broken or fixed at times like of Deep Sandhya
(for those of you who don’t know, Deep Sandhya is like a MINI VALENTINE’s day of COER).

But there is specific Species called HOMO SINGLII for whom the PMC is like any other place. It is
either a parking area or a place where a group of entirely separate Species called
HOMO IHaveAFuntooAndYouDon’tSoKeepStaringLoser! are usually seen chit-chatting in a very
low voice as if they are discussing some matter of national security. For these HOMO SINGLII;
PMC still has not changed much. For them the Gates of Tarawati have not come closer by 18
steps, but still there is hope for them. And this very hope pulls them to Café in their nicest of
attire every evening at precisely 5.15. And just
when the 2nd or 3rd whistle goes, they slowly Then
start to walk towards their Forbidden
Territory; the PMC where they find a number
of couples having their last laughs of the
evening & bidding goodnight to each other.
And so they continue their journey. Journey
into their Deep, Dark abyss called Hostels
wherein only two things exists

Woh Aur unki TANHAYEE! =

NOTE: The author and KNOL publishers are all
HOMO SINGLII. And this TANHAYEE always makes
'em do crazy stuff like making KNOL or Writing
for it.
Also you might be thinking why did I not write
about the path from CAC to PMC where also
are usually seen doing healthy things like Girls
walking with their hands folded & boys walking
with their hands in their pockets(walking is
good for health ), the reason is that I just
but the dust-bin is nowhere to be seen Now signed a Pseudo Contract with KNOL people of
articles on all special places of COER; so my series will continue in next KNOL(Hopefully)!

Till then, keep dressing up & going to Café. Who knows, you might just get lucky some day!

Rand om Ink

Are you
O kay, people you must have by now tried out some of the tips. If not then duh... you should.
This time I am going to tell you some of the basic tactics.

So, people watch your step as you get up coz I am about to drop some knowledge. Part 2 of many parts --->


Rand om Ink
Take advantage of background noise when being stealthy

Running at normal speed makes noise; so does opening moving boxes, and
opening grates or vents. Walking instead of running will eliminate the noise you
make when moving, but to move or open things you generally must make some
amount of noise, potentially giving your position away to the enemy. When you're
being stealthy, it's in your best interest to wait until there is ambient noise -- such
as gunfire -- to make your move. This way the noise you make is less likely to be
noticed among the din. If there's no background noise available, you can make your own -- throw
a grenade as a decoy.
Take advantage of background firing and grenade explosions to make your move

Use smoke grenades to provide cover when none is available

Smoke grenades can help provide cover when you're under sniper fire and
won't survive a charge. Note that smoke billows out of the grenade slowly, in a
rotating pattern -- so make sure you're on the right side of the smoke if you want
to take advantage of its cover. Note that the obscurity goes both ways -- if they
can't see you, then you can't see them. Excessive use of smoke grenades is often
considered exploitative, since it is sometimes used to malicious reduce frame
rates for others.
Use smoke for cover -- but quickly, before the smoke fades away and leaves you exposed.

Use flashbang grenades before charging

Flashbangs are one of the secret weapons of Counter-Strike. Flashbangs

blind their opponent, for a period of time that depends on their proximity to the
blast. A flashbang at close range, for instance, can leave the victim completely
incapacitated for a full ten seconds -- an eternity in close quarters combat. When
you know the enemy is lurking around a corner, a flashbang can be a devastating
softening up weapon: Throw the flashbang, blind your enemy, and then charge and
finish him off. Note that due to their relatively short duration, flashbangs are not very useful
unless they are followed up with an immediate charge.
Needless to say, take care not to flashbang yourself or your own team.

Cover when reloading

When you are reloading you are at your most vulnerable. Different weapons
take different amounts of time to reload. The shotguns -- the M3 and XM1014 --
have the most rapid reloading mechanism: You can reload them one round at a
time, and fire between rounds. As for the rest of the weapons, they must be
reloaded one magazine at a time. It's best to take cover when reloading -- don't
continue your assault, and avoid enemy contact until you've finished reloading.
When reloading, take cover and avoid getting the enemy's attention.

Rand om Ink

Don't habitually reload after a kill

Many single player games that are superficially like Counter-Strike encourage
players to reload almost instinctually after they score a kill, since the next enemy
will be around the corner waiting for them. In Counter-Strike this a bad idea, since
your enemies will often travel in groups. Instead, conserve ammunition by only
using as much as you need to kill your target, and then wait until a lull in the
fighting before reloading.
Suppress the urge to immediately reload after every kill. Instead wait until you know there are no
enemies nearby.

Use high-explosive grenades to finish off injured, pinned-down enemies

Grenades are good for softening up the enemy before a charge. They really
come into their own, though, when you're fighting against an enemy at moderate
distance who has already taken some damage. If he has nowhere to run, then you
can toss a HE grenade right into his lap and there's little he can do about it. It is
particularly effective when your target is in a confined area where they cannot
move about much.
Corner them, pin them down, injure them, and then finish them off with a grenade.

Switch to sidearm when out of ammunition in a firefight

Out of ammunition with your primary weapon? Switch to your sidearm, or, in
the worst case, your knife. Practice this; if you know you're about to have an
encounter with an enemy around the corner and already have a few rounds left in
your primary, switch to your sidearm early so that you don't waste time switching
mid-fight. If you get caught reloading, you can still switch to your sidearm
(although obviously your reload won't have completed so your primary will still be
out of ammo).
Be ready to switch to your sidearm at a moment's notice.

Watch alcoves and corners for ambushers

When rushing, be sure you watch for enemies in the nooks and crannies that
you're passing. It's quite easy for an enemy to take cover and prepare for an
ambush when you're rushing; you can easily find yourself when enemies in cover
behind you.
When rushing, don't go blindly; check for ambushers.

Rand om Ink
Concentrate on what's ahead when rushing

When you're rushing, when you near your target (say, a doorway or a
corridor), you should get tunnel vision. Trying to keep tabs on everything that's
going on around you is counterproductive; you will easily fall to an enemy up ahead
when you're busy looking around. Concentrate on the task ahead of you; you're not
going to be able to effectively deal with threats that are flanking you anyway, and
your best defense from there will be to get to where you're headed and secure the
When you're decidedly advancing, don't get distracted by what's going on around you.

Provide assistance for your teammates

You and your team are in this together; the goal is to help your team win the
round, not for you to be on top of the heap. When your teammates call for help,
provide assistance. When you hear nearby gunfire, divert to the area to see if you
can flank an enemy.
You are part of a team; act like it.


By : AnsHuL BahuKhanDi

Editors' P ick

Editors' P ick

In the wake of a lot of people showing concern towards the condition of women in this modern(yet tragic) world,
one of our Editors finally decided to introduce to you this something called “Women Empowerment”! Pay heed.

We didn't need an international study to learn that this country treats its women badly. But a
world economic forum(WEF) study measuring gender equality around the world has placed India
113 out of 130 countries, in the bottom 20 behind shockingly countries such as Bangladesh and the
U.A.E. The rankings were based on how much progress nations have made in the areas of job's,
education, politics and health as a measure of gender parity. Indian women are worse off than
just about their all counterparts.

We as an Indians boast of a largest democracy in the world, imbibing a system of non-

partisan election of leader's but our society is an extremely patriarchal society. Sex ratios are
the most skewed in favor of males in some of the richest parts of the country, proving that
economic growth alone cannot result in better lives for Indian women.

Where have we gone wrong? Why don't we accept the fairer sex to be at par with us? Who
are we to decide that which one is the weaker sex. Although It is indisputable that women or
females for that matter are physically weaker than males but that in no way it authorizes us
(the males) to consider women as essentially appendages to men in patriarchal society.

When I speak as a student, for the cause of women I feel that, being rich and procuring
education only alone will not solve the problem. We as a society need to sensitize our male clan
towards respecting and honoring the dignity of a female.
They are one of the most wonderful creation of God. Even “RAGHURAM” doesn't like it!! (The MTV
roadie guy).

This time around for KNOL we have been receiving a lot of articles from girls regarding the
women empowerment and their uplifting. Why am I not surprised by such an onslaught of
virulent expression from girls because the anger is building up in them.

And why is KNOL being a medium to reflect their expressions. Wasn't the KNOL to be a fun
part of our college!!? Yes it was to be and we also encourage students to speak of their inner-
selves, their minds, their grudges without being offensive. We as the editors are fully aware of
the articles which may seem offensive to a particular clan of people but we do take utmost care
to trim (&tone) it down to a level which is acceptable and in a way reflects truth being told.

I would like to wind up here by mentioning the fact that “THE KNOL” is a revolution, is a
legacy. This kind of thing never happened in our college. It has filled the void of literati-ism in the
lives of the fellow students. We as the editors are proud of our baby and we urge you people to
unleash the winner in you because as the saying goes..“IN EVERY LOOSER DEEP INSIDE THERE IS A

Tapan Dutt

Editors' P ick
' omen' ; a desideratum for men.
'Women' ; without whom life is unsurmountable (or out of question).


Women have always remained a very trivial figure in the Indian Society. 61 years of independence has
beget a hybrid of achievements and failures. But, the most humiliating of all is the failure in the
emancipation of women. Irony is India being a puritanical society still deems women as male dominated.
Men are the ones who determine the conditions governing the terms of relationship between the two

But great and powerful women like, Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawla, Indira Gandhi have revolutionized the whole

In the present scenario, this 21st century, women have emerged out victorious in all the fields, be it,
politics, sciences, management, sports or anything. They have taken up herculean tasks like swimming
across English channel or flying above Atlantic. Their efforts are worth appreciating. They have proved that
they are in no way inferior to men. But in some parts of India women are still deprived of their rights and
privileges. Their lives are controlled by (their) men & so they are not been able to direct themselves by
making successful achievements. Men, there, still possess conservative minds. They have failed to
understand that the 'VIRTUOUS WOMEN ARE CROWN TO THEIR HUSBAND'. So, women shouldn't be pressurized.

Women will seek a more active role in grooming and molding the children rather than the current role in
cooking food & providing them emotional sustenance with their unconditional love, affection and care.

Women have to face a lot of obligations and there are loads of thorns in their way of success. They have
to face mishap, loot, kidnapping, misbehavior, extortion calls & the most disgusting of all these, they are
sexually assaulted. But in spite of all these they have never looked back in the past & are stepping
forward for a better course for future.
They can be seen taking an active part in the affairs of the state & have been able to exercise an
influence on the course of history. Some of the most famous women of the past have not been queens
in their own right but either as wives or mothers, they've been the power behind the throne.

Empowerment of women aims at giving women the autonomy over their lives, their destiny. They will
refuse to submit the conventions that binds them to the four walls of their houses. Achievements made
by the women should be widely published so that it becomes an inspiration for others and they are
encouraged to come forward and join hands to work for a better future.
Their practical sense, aesthetic base & capacity to love must be appreciated.
Wide opportunities should be made open to them as they are the future of the nation.

Ankita, IT 1st year

(written keeping in mind the rural/backward areas of India)

“It is impossible to think about the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved.
It is impossible for a bird to fly on only one wing”

From time immemorial, the women in this land of ours are treated as a sort of thing.
This very issue of women empowerment arises because of the harsh reality that women are considered
as a use and throw commodity.

Editors' P ick
India being world's largest democracy still views women as 'second sex'.
Her placing in the society is not at par with other human beings.
Women should themselves come forward and unite in their march towards empowerment irrespective
of the caste, creed, class or religion. They must draw inspiration from successful women like Kalpana
Chawala, Sania Mirza, Sarojini Naidu, Kiran Bedi, Indira Gandhi – the list is endless.

Despite the fact that India has a strong written constitution laying down laws of equality and welfare of
women, brutal practices such as female infanticide, child labor, dowry, rape, molestation, trafficking,
domestic abuse, sexual harassment, etc still haunt women.
Marriage has become a profitable business which puts the bride on the debit side & the groom on the
credit side. Thousands of women have to face ill treatment in the name of dowry.

A women is seen as someone lesser and to compensate for her “lesserness” her parents give dowry. Even
today, in certain parts of Rajasthan, hundreds of minor girls and boys are married during the Akha Teej
(Akshaya Tritiya) in the total violation of the Child Marriage Restraint Act. She is forced to become a
mother at a time when she is not emotionally or physically prepared for it.

Laws alone can't help to combat this because we have a terrific capacity to twist laws. There should be a
moment to restore human values. We have to look deep within ourselves.
What women need to do is, raise their voice against these crimes so that the culprits receive the desired
Women nowadays are at a political level where they are free to share their ideas and views in the
The year 2001 was declared as “Women Empowerment Year”. The NGO's have played a vital role in the
empowerment of women. The government must ensure that women must get access to primary

As a matter of fact it is very important that the women should establish their own identity, recognize
her capabilities and should seriously work towards it.

Maithili Massey, EN, 1st year

k RE

PRINCESS: A true story of life behind the veil in Saudi Arabia, describes the
life of 'Sultana', a princess in the royal house of Saudi Arabia. The biography
leads us from Sultana's childhood to adulthood, and with that we witness
the horrific sense of male dominance in the Middle East. This book unfolds
how Arabian men defy the Islamic decree (which allows polygamy,
subjected to various terms and conditions. Eg. providing equal facilities to
all the 4 Begums (wives) and manipulate the verses for their sexual
gratification. The book is a chilling portrait of rank misogamy and
hypocrisy. It reveals how young girls at a tender age of 13 or 14 years are
compelled to many men 5 times their age. And then how their Shauhars
(husbands) rape them under the legalized canopy of Nikaah (marriage).
Sara (one of Sultana's Islamic sisters) was one such victim. With every
passing chapter one will learn how women are killed by drowning, stoning or by isolating them in
the room. The book is also very informative as it makes us aware of many Islamic words, various
maps and laws of Saudi Arabia and most importantly, chronology.
Maithili Massey, EN-1st Year 21
Editors' P ick
Readers Speak: PRINCESS
The story is an incredible insight of a women's struggle. I think this is a
fantastic and heart warming book. It was so captivating a story that,
while reading, it seemed to me as if i was out there watching it happen.
The culture shock is disturbing. The whole thing made me shudder. I
HIGHLY recommend it all to all the girls and to the boys as well. READ IT!! if
you like to appreciate how lucky and free some of us women are! And
also how helpless one can feel just reading about it. It is really eye
opening and a reminder to the world that “EVERYTHING THAT GLITTER'S IS
NOT GOLD....”.
This book certainly changed my views on the world and on my
own life [as well].
Maithili Massey, EN-1st Year

Princess turned out to be one of the most enthralling book's I

have ever read. The courage, endurance and the indomitable
spirit portrayed by the protagonist seemed quite incredible
but coming from a native women it became believable. It is an
absolutely unforgettable book which would touch any body's

I was very startled to read about the outrageous acts

inflicted upon the women of Saudi Arabia.
Monika Pandey, Civil-1st Year

The book opened in front of me, unimagined appalling life conditions of

the women of the Gulf. It speaks volumes of the soul of a women named
sultana who has been born and brought up in Arab royal family and has
rebellious demeanor. The princess herself unveils the torturous life, which
women in her country are subjected to. Education is a distant dream or
not even a dream....... the polygamy imposed onto the poor little girl's and
just entering their puberty and treated merely as heir producing
machine's, is absolutely distasteful. The remarkable work puts a reality
check and compels one to put off one's rose tinted glasses and see in
the harsh real sunlight, how blessed one is to be born in a country like
India, where women are put on a pedestal.
A recommended read for women of all ages.
Swati Sati, IT-Final Year

Other Books by the Author

(in the Trilogy)

Cr e a t i v e Poesies - A (LOSER) POET SAYS-
After my morning prayer
on my bed
What I see is what I pen,
with a pillow under my head
I lie straight What I hear is what I don't understand.
Death is what I wait GOLEMS ,we have turned into
As I have AIDS We eat because we have to,
life is dull in this room Sleep because mom tells to.
I ponder over, how I got AIDS and
from whom? GRADES our life has become,
"GRADE ME! GRADE ME!!", another bookworm beckons!!!
Though I have a beautiful wife
One's with A's are the one's high,
but I can't account for other
women in my life B's and C's are on economy class flight..
I wonder who did this to me? And the poor D's and E's are just outclassed.
Who could it be?
WHY don't we love what we do..
For there were casual or rather why don't we do what we love.
relationships Time we realize we aren't free,
with women I really didn't know Time we stop celebrating INDEPENDENCE DAY,
As these relationships were never
its nothing but history.
meant to grow
I went with someone I didn't And damn you stop looking for a rhyme...
belong I ain't a cozy poet,
And that's where I went wrong It ain't a rosy jingle.
I was unfaithful to my wife
I played the fool with not only OPEN up your eyes...
mine Be what YOU wanna BE
but also her life not what THEY want you to be..
I was untrue I wish I'd Live because what i see is ignorance,,
Now there is nothing I can do and this ignorance ain't bliss.
My mind is in a state of stir WHAT i hear is words,
as I have infected her words surely not HIS.
whatever you do think twice
I am dying I know and I AM A LOSER POET...
I know the disarray
If she dies too, how will my kids BECAUSE i have LOST IT!
that I am in today
I know it was the CLUB
Who'll look after them? Vivek Saurav, CS 4th year
the party and the wine
They'd be like a broken stem
that left me to pine.
from a tree which dried up due to
lack of care
Now I am cast away to die
And that wouldn't be fair.
why did I do this? Why?
In the end
They'll be neglected
when I linger on
and feel rejected
All can say is
The very thought is hard to bear
don't be me
but that's the truth
but do think of me
I am ill
even when I am gone.
I cast it on me on my free will
And my poor wife she's not to Source:
blame Mrs. Karuna Roy
I put her to shame. coordinator, HIV/AIDS Prog.
I know I am going to lose Church of North India
everything that's my own The Synodical Board of Health
but till I live services
I know there's lot I can give 23
ADVICE Maithili Massey, EN - 1st year
Cr e a t i v e Poesies
हम सब एक िमटी से बने,
एक ही जल हमे है सीचता,
हम सब एक सी हिा है लेते,
एक ही खून हममे है दौड़ता ।
ििर ये मानि के बीच मे आ गई कहाँ से कटु ता?

मानि, दानि बन गया है,

हमपर संकट आ गया है ।
है कही तुटी हममे, या,
ये राजनीित की माया है ।

ििर से हमारे बीच मे गँगू ापन कहाँ से आया है?

सोचो, हमारी पशासनीक वयिसथा मे दोष है, ििजय Alok Chaturvedi, EN - 2nd year
े ोश है?
सुरका वयिसथा पड़ी बह
हज़ारो की लाश,े हज़ारो के आँ स,ू हज़ारो की पीड़ा
बोलो, हमारे पास तकनीक नही,
िदल मे टीस बनकर बठ
ै गया,
या िशकण वयिसथा खामोश है?
ये आतक
ं िाद का नगं ा नाच ह,ै
जो पूरे दश
े मे ििष बनकर िैल गया ।
ििर ये आतक
ं िािदयो मे आया कहाँ से जोश है?
चारो तरि था तबाही का मज
ं र,
थे आँ खो मे आँ सू
बताओ कुछ ऐसा हमे उपाए,
और पड़े थे लाशो के ढेर ।
जो हमारे देश के काम आ जाये । ै े पानी,
बह गए खून जस
सुख, शांित से लोग यहाँ िजये, सालसकर, उनीकृषणन, कामटे जस
ै े
आओ िमलकर कुछ करे अपनी मातृभूिम के िलए । िीरो ने दे दी अपने पाणो की बिलदानी ।
न जाए इनकी बिलदानी वयथथ,
ििर ये इं त ज़ार कहाँ से , पग अपना आगे बढ़ाये ? करना है पयास हमे ऐसा समथथ ।
तो जागो ऐ मेरे यि
ु ा पीढ़ी के दोसतो,
े का भििषय,
कयोिक तुमही तो हो इस दश
और तुमही को अब उठाना होगा कदम,
नही तो बढ़ जाएगँे इस दश
े की तरि कई कदम ।।

Shanti Bhai Patel, EN - 2nd year

The recent terror strike has stunned the whole nation. We all are
shocked by recent terror attacks on Mumbai which led to the loss of
PROPOSAL FOR 17 security personals (policemen+commandos), 195 civilians & about
300 people were injured in this terror strike. Not to miss the loss of Rs

CHANGE 500 Crores at Taj.

Recent investigation indicates weakness of naval security, the

absence of coordination between navy and coast guards. According
to naval chief it is not possible for them to screen every boat.

The government like always has again started its investigation and
formed certain committees to check out the loop holes in the system
as well as the new methods to check these (as always, this is going to
be futile).
We all know that they have some lacuna but we cannot blame them
until unless we ourself are going to take concrete decision. We
request you to think positively as well as responsibly about the
matter of concern.
Being the responsible citizen of India, who are good at analyzing
incidents as well as putting up new measures to check or implement
ideas, we request you to come forward with your articles regarding
the matter. You can submit your report according to your

All the suggestion given by you people will be forwarded to prime

minister office, president’s office and ministry of defense so that they
could have perspective of newer generation who is ready to tackle
every challenge.
Looking forward to your suggestions.
For further details contact:

Sudhanshu Dubey ( AKB R No-318)

Sumit Ranjan ( AKB R No-317)

da y Initiative
Join the India To
Pl edges so fa r :
r: 44,681
Suggestions so fa

ै े सीखने की कोई उम नही होती िस
जस ै े ही पयार करने की
कोई उम नही होती । जब एक बचचा दिुनया मे जनम लेता है,
पयार के एहसास को साथ लेकर आता है । यह बात अलग है
िक िह उसे ठीक से पकट नही कर पाता, लेिकन अगर हम
धयान से देखे तो अपनी माँ के पित उसके वयिहार मे हम
उस पयार की झलक देख सकते है । बड़ा होते-होते िह
अपने वयिहार से इस एहसास को अिभवयक भी करने लगता
है ।

यह बताने का मतलब ये नही िक तुमहे अपने कम उम के

पयार को नयायपूिथक समझाने का बहाना िमल गया । पता है
जो तुमहरी उम है िह बहु त भािुक िकसम की होती है । कोई िमला, दो चार अचछी बाते हु ई, िदल के तारो मे कुछ हलचल हु ई, उसके बारे मे
सोचकर मन मे अचछा सा महसूस हु आ, और बस लगने लगता है िक हमे तो पयार हो गया । हर िक उसी के बारे मे सोचने को िदल करता है ;
उसी से बात करना अचछा लगता है । मगर यह कहाँ की अकलमनदी है िक उसके पीछे सब कुछ छोड िदया जाए, यहाँ तक िक पढाई और किरयर
भी, और दीिानो की तरह बस पयार का राग अलापना शुर कर िदया जाए । चलो माना िक तुम उम के ऐसे दौर से गुज़र रहे हो, जहाँ ऐसा लगता है
िक पयार िकया नही जाता; हो जाता है । मगर दोसत िदल की दहुाई देते समय उस बात का भी धयान रखो िक भगिान ने िदल के ऊपर तुमहे एक
िदमाग भी िदया है ; िजसका इसतेमाल करके तुम शायद ज़यादा बह
े तर िनणथय ले सको ।

कया उम की सीमा हो!!

यह बात सच है िक इस उम मे पढाई और किरयर को लेकर ज़यादा तनाि रहता है, और िकसी के पित पयार का एहसास तुमहे उन सब िचनताओं
से दरू एक सिपनीली दिुनया मे ले जाता है, जहाँ िसिथ और िसिथ खिुशयां ही िदखाई देती है, लेिकन अगर तुमहारा खद
ु का ही भििषय सुरिकत और
सुिनििचत नही है, तो इस सिपनीली दिुनया को कड़िी िासतििका मे बदलने मे ज़रा भी समय नही लगता ।

िज़नदगी मे केिल पयार कर लेना ही पयाथप नही, यह भी देखना होता है िक हमारा पिरिार हमारा समाज उसे िकस तरह सिीकार कर रहा है ।
हमारी सभयता पििचमी सभयता से अलग है । हमारे जीिन मे बहु त सारी बाते िबना कोिशश के शािमल हो जाती है जो हमारे संसकारो परमपराओं
और संसकृित की देन होती है । हम चाहकर भी उससे अलग नही जी सकते ।

ै े भी जब तुम यह मानते हो िक कोई उम नही होती, तो ििर इतनी जळी कया है । पहले अपना किरयर बना लो, जो लकय तुमने िनििचत िकया
है, उसे पा लो, उसके बाद तुमहे अपना पयार भी िमल ही जाएगा ।

“Love is not the heart of Life. It is only a part of Life”

Marutatmaj Singh, ME - 4th year

HEY guys, do u know What is friendship?
What is the meaning of this relationship ?
We have often sought answers to these
questions, yet we have never come up
with an adequate answer. This is because
this relationship is an amalgamation of
beautiful and complex feelings, which may
not often be described in words. Defining a
relationship is never easy, as there are so
many facets to it. However we don't need a
bunch of words to make us realize the deep
meaning of friendship. According to George
Elliot "Friendship is the inexpressible comfort
of feeling safe with a person, having neither FRIENDSHIP
to weigh thoughts nor measure words."

This heartwarming expression What would make them fall for you....!
captures the essence of friendship. When
two people share a strong bond of mutual All you lovelorn out there.. ever gone through that excruciating
understanding, respect and love it lays the activity in your brains that keeps on nipping at you for not
foundation stone for an everlasting getting those glances you have always longed for..??
friendship. This bond just gets stronger with
time; the trust between the two people Well.. mark my words there – Guys fall in love with their eyes while
grows and so does the attachment. This is girls fall in love with their ears!! Truly! Alright, lets shape something
the beauty of the relationship and is the fundamental which will definitely win you over your respectable
essential meaning of friendship. counterparts.. . . . . . . . .

Being friends means being there for Please read the next page carefully if this is a snapshot from your head.
each other at all times, whether it's good or
bad. A friend needs to be very
understanding and give each other the
benefit of the doubt. Ideally the meaning of
friendship is sharing unconditional love for
each other. However this is not an ideal
world; therefore some form of expectations
are allowed, but that has a limit too. The
purpose and meaning of friendship is to
make life's burdens lighter for our friends
and not make them heavier.

Searching for the meaning of

friendship has always been a burning
question. However as soon as we meet our
friends all these questions get answered
automatically. The answer to what is the
meaning of friendship lies within our hearts,
because true friendship can only be felt,
and not expressed. Something so pure and
essential is not always visible to the eye,
but is felt by the heart.

Siddhartha Kumar Gautam, IT-2nd year

For those Visiting us For those coming from
from Mars Venus
Dear Venus inhabitants, though by the grace of
Get yourself a “language tutor” or join an nature, you need not make extra efforts, but
“English Speaking Course in 10days”.. Just your counterparts from Mars have risen from
kidding. Your better halves like it, when you their slumber and have started loving somewhat
talk sense. <Flaunt your intellectual streak, you with their ears.. Oh dear, don't sob...Here
certainly would have.. if not, then discover one are a few pointers you may find helpful.
as soon as you can>
Never make yourself dumb in front of them or
Make them feel they are extremely intelligent “I'm this little innocent child lost in this big
and smart. <By the way who on Earth doesn't crowd...”. <coz as they can't even take care of
want to be called intellectual, even the bimbos :-) themselves, this feels an added baggage to
> them.>
Show them your humorous side. <After all who
Get yourself a good pair of sneakers. This will doesn't like a goofy person to hang out with??>
add up to your C.Q. (= Coolness Quotient)
<And surely, when there is a huge discount on
Get rid of your prima donna demeanors.
Gone are those days when you spent hours, <This is one sad facet of your species..
appreciating the unfathomable depth of their Anyways...>
eyes. Believe me! They are much smarter now!!
<Rather tell them, “I like the sophisticated
way you carry yourself..” and alike....>
As with guys you need to be neat and fragrant
all the times. <Go on fill your kitty(s) with
Hygiene and neatness could be your biggest extravagant shampoos and body lotions and
turn ons. <So plunge on those sporty shower gels fragrances.>
and amorous fragrances...>
Most importantly.. Be unpredictable and an
Chivalry, my boys is one Knightly virtue which ultra-amusing muse. <This is one sure shot key
definitely gonna win you your lady-love. <And of to set Adrenalins on fire.>
course, the chivalry of monetary kind too!!>
Alright! Folks, that wouldn't be a tough cookie
for you to bite when the returns are
Though the above stated ones are enough to set …....
electro-pulses in their otherwise dormant Legen... wait-for-it... Dary!!
neurons, you surely gotta have impeccable Legendary!!
manners and a calm demeanor to sustain it.

Guys. Guys... I know that won't be a cake walk but then who said Love was easy!!
[Writer is a engineering student. Currently in IT-4th year]
Make th e MOST out of G spa c e>>

GSpace is an Add-on in Mozilla FireFox. Using this Add-on allows us to save our files and folders
online & can retrieve seamlessly. This way we can utilize more than 2GB of online storage space,
Google Mail (Gmail) offers us.

a) Search for, & add the addon

“GSpace” to FireFox.
b) Successfully Log-in with your gmail
username & password.
c) Browse the files and folders on the
'My Computer' frame & use the
Arrow button at the center[shown
below] to initiate transfer to the 'My
Gspace' frame.
d) The selected files move to the
'Transfers' frame.
e) Progress is shown and finally the
files are uploaded.
f) These files can be seen in your

'inbox' with a strange (yet meaningful) subject.
g) In Gmail, Make a Label “gspace”. Apply the same label to these files. Now press 'ARCHIVE'
[This will keep your inbox clean and such files handy]

Another very good online storage option is (&

Opens as a new Tab

Step C
Niku nj La hoti, CS-IVth year

W i n d o w s Tr i c k s - Rename multiple files together

Here's a trick which you don't use every day, but I believe that every thing you know can come in
handy some day...I am not sure where anyone would want to use this, but here's a trick to
rename multiple files in the explorer in one go...

Press Ctrl+A to select them all (or you

could Ctrl+Click to select only a few).

Press F2 to enter into rename mode

(note you will only be renaming one file

Type in the new name (in my example, I

choose Image) and press enter.

All your selected files are renamed Image,

Image (1), Image (2), and so on and they
retain their original extensions.


W i n d o w s Tr i c k s - Disable USB data copy

A common security issue at organizations is how to prevent their workers to write data onto
USB drives using their PCs, because a user can easily move confidential data for other location.
If you have windows XP with SP2, then you can disable the writing option to USB drives.

Follow the given steps to disable the USB writing option:

To edit the computer registry, first you should log onto your computer with administrative
First click on Start button and type "Regedit" in Run option.
Here locate the location to:
Here in right side panel, click right to create a key with the name "StorageDevicePolicies".
Now in left side panel, select "StorageDevicePolicies" key, again right click to create new DWORD
value then label it "WriteProtect".
Set its value to "1". But again enable this option set its values "0". Now close the registry editor
and restart your computer after any changes to go into effect.

Sha nkar Pa ndey (Kung-Fu Pandey), CS-IVth year

35 days with little angels
It was a childhood dream for me to do something for
the society and it came true when I, with one of my
friend undertook the task of educating the destitute
and orphaned children at Kanpur central railway

We started our classes at VIP platform after obtaining

the permission from the S.I. of the RPF.There were
about 25 children each having their own story. We had
provided these children with books, clothes, movie and
games. We also conducted their yoga classes. On the
whole we wanted all of them to live a dignified life but
whenever they listen to the horn of a train they'd run
to sell cigarettes, gutkha, water bottles and other such
stuffs. After selling those items, they soon returned to
continue with their studies.

We found these boys under some influence of drugs or

other addicting substances like whitener. When I asked
them to give up, they told us that they don’t have
anything to eat, wear and dwell. So they are forced to
use them so they could live their life.

What we found was, that their condition is not

economically as bad as we had thought. Their income
varies from Rs 70 to Rs 350 per day. But they don’t
know how to spend it on themselves. They spend
major part of their income in alcohol, whitener and
other type of addictions and rest is taken by police and
their contractor.
After my experience, I can say that once you start any
task, how hard it may seem to be, sooner of later
people do support you sooner or later. As in my case I
found Saathi, and other NGOs not to forget the CWC
(Child Welfare Center), which started working actively
after my initiation.
By this article, I request you all to come forward and
work for the development of the society as we owe a
lot to our motherland.

Sanjeev Pandey, CS, 2nd year




After my work at Kanpur central station I had experienced that our
country needs a healthy education system. And from there a project
came in my mind ”AGEOMAPS a revolution”.
To establish an institution which not only imparts the knowledge but
also develops the moral character of the student so that he/she

could develop the will to work for the emancipation as well as
development of all sections of the society.
A Group for Educating Orphans to make them Morally And Physically Strong is an idea which
strives to provide a quality education together with imbibing our rich heritage so that each one
of them may individually take up the responsibility to make this world a better place to live. This
project is not only oriented towards educating orphan, but also aim to train them in a way so
that they can bring a revolutionary change in the country by the means of love, compassion and

The sole idea of this project is to take complete care of each and every child adopted by it, right
from his/her primary education to the specialization. Individual care and monitoring will be done
so that the talent of the child could be explored and he/she will be pursued accordingly.

A sound mind lies inside a sound body. The institution will be committed to provide better health
to the orphan right from the diet taken by them to physical exercise; everything will be oriented
in such a way as to develop a healthy and alert individual.
Psychiatrist will also be available to monitor the performance. Meditation and yoga will enhance
the mental ability of the individual. Also the social work done by the student will develop ones
commitment to the society.
We don’t mean that this is the only way to bring everything in right order but its one of the
effective way. Till now we have assembled a few like minded people. We require more and more
participation to make it a success. We invite every one of you to be the part of this project and
help us to achieve our goal.
We need your strong support through your participation in this project.

You can get more information on this project and get your registration queries answered here.
(Orkut link

A change can't be brought by blaming the govt. and wasting the time in discussing what other
are doing. 70% population in India is of youth and once youth has decided for a change no one can
stop it. You are also a part of it so come forward and be the part of this mission.

To view media related to the work at Kanpur central visit the profile and add it in your friend list
if u want to be part of this mission.

Please contact: Sanjeev Pandey (9935424402), 305(AKB)

Swati Bhatt, 112(TWB)
email address-
Shubhi Saxena, 417(TWB)
Shubham Srivastava, 416(AKB)

c r aPPy IDEAS
In this tough time.. when getting out of the quilt is one big morning struggle (read: ordeal)... &
keeping eyes positioned on the book is a distant affair (we all day dream.. Right?), our (crappy)
creative team is always trying hard to come up with something... Something to prove their might

We personally believe that in such difficult times some of the best ideas are conceived. We've now
made a resolution, to take out a day every week staring at a course book ('ideating' in short).

Some of this month's potential candidates are:

The mobile phones emerged and so did the vella people who had all the time (& energy... [include
Rs36-free-SMS-vouchers to be bought]) in the world to waste (caution: use euphemism).. calling..
swearing.. & irritating the ones having the fairer skin. Making them feel.... hmm... lets say
'important'. Okay lets not digress any more and save ourself from getting an earful (a fretting
feminist should know that we are in the same team).

Lets see how the protocol functions.... :D

(At least) Two girls (we'll check that) would have to testify (we'll ensure that repudiation won't be
a possibility) that a number is responsible for severe brain(s) damage.
In short, they'll (we won't disclose the names of the victims) tell us the number which causes
trouble & related agony, and in return we'll float this number here in the upcoming issues
with a potential Threat-Level.

It serves us in two possible ways......

a) Seeing this number we'd fish out our mobile phones and would try to attach a name against
the number. If we get successful... the guy's public image gets mutated(maybe mutilated) for
sure. How about a 'total-social-boycott'?
b) we know another unknown 10 digits we can miss... calls from. In case we spot a guy, we surely
can send “get-well-soon” wishes through this platform(The KNOL) as well.

CRAPpy IDEAS - Band-Bajaao

Some issues surrounding:

1) If you get into a caller's head, you'll find a list of numbers (as his potential victims), now
seeing his number afloat here, wouldn't he get berserk & would go after one with
vengeance? – Would that be making the problem even worse?
[well then we'll gear up the pursuit in full throttle]
2) What if the guy has a separate mobile number for this job (which comes alive at the dead
of the night) – Do you really think someone can be THAaaaaaT Despo??
3) What if this guy delegates this sadistic role to a local friend who is not in our college!! - Well
its nothing we can do about it. But nonetheless we'd know a number we'd not have to even
care to pick up... ever... ever.

If you appreciate the idea (even when you don't) or suggest a change in the same (or maybe
have a similar yet different & exciting one)... do post back.

Watching people look back to their high school and college yearbooks in all these movies and TV
Series, we somehow developed this craving to have one for our own.
Lets get a quick (not brief) overview of the whole thing & later jot down some important stuff.

Wikipedia Says:
“A yearbook, also known as an annual, is a book to record, highlight, and commemorate the past
year of a school or a book published annually. Virtually all American, Australian and Canadian high
schools, most colleges and many elementary and middle schools publish yearbooks.”


Yearbooks are generally compiled by a student committee, which may or may not be advised by
members of the faculty. The committee usually has one or more editors who are responsible
for collecting and compiling all of the information to be contained within the book, also deciding
the layout and allocation of space for each contributor.

CRAPpy IDEAS - Yearbook

Refers to the appearance of the pages, and it may include the following elements:
• The Headline: This is a theme that ties the page into the story and draws attention to the

• The Story/Copy: Consists of several paragraphs, capturing the highlights of a specific

department, sports season, organization, etc., from the past year. Often, yearbook staff
members will either send out surveys/interview students, teachers and others for

• Photographs: Candid shots of students, suitable to the page's topic and theme. Often,
editors seek to include a cross-section of the student body (e.g., classes, races, school
involvement, etc.). Included with the photographs are one or more captions, which
describe each picture; these often begin with a lead-in.

Normally each student will have an individual photo of them accompanied by their name and
perhaps one or two lines of text. Student's photographs are often accompanied by text about
their accomplishments throughout the college, and their future plans (if known). Frequently,
seniors are polled to nominate their classmates for "superlatives" or "class celebrities" (such as
"most likely to succeed," "most athletic," "most spirited" and "class clown"), are often published in
the senior section. Some private schools and smaller high schools set aside an entire page for
each senior. These pages are sometimes designed by the seniors themselves, with each senior
submitting a digital or physical version of the page he or she would like featured in the book.

Student Life
Several pages are often used for pages chronicling activities undertaken by students, such as
trips abroad (eh!! what's that?), activity trips, sporting and other special events. These pages
often consist of photo-journals displayed with or without captions.
Sometimes members of a yearbook write editorial and journalistic content about life as a
student, current events (local, national and international) and other matters of interest to the
peer group.

Advertising pages
Many yearbooks gain revenue by including a section of ads from local businesses.
Some schools sell advertisements for seniors. Parents, other family members and friends use
these ads to congratulate a senior — or group of seniors — for their accomplishments.

Often, yearbooks are distributed at the end of a school year to allow members to obtain the
books and signatures/personal messages from classmates.

Digital yearbooks
A digital yearbook is a yearbook holding memories of a given time with a given group of people. A
digital yearbook contains text, images, audio, and video. While a traditional paper yearbook may
contain a few dozen pages, a digital yearbook can contain hundreds or even thousands of pages.
The end product of a digital yearbook is either a CD-ROM or a DVD.

CRAPpy IDEAS - Yearbook

SNAPSHOTS (University of Michigan)

pp222-223 & pp26-27

(Index & Advertisements) pp372-373 & pp16-17

Q. So? [silence] What's the catch??

A. Lets see how many of us need such a book to show it to their siblings or kids, later in their life.
Well a couple of decades down the line, who wouldn't want to look back?? How about bringing
peace to your mind [after looking at it] when one day, talking to an old friend, you weren't been
able to recollect a face or remember a name [of a batch mate or a faculty]? Or just to see the
change(s) happened to you.

Q. How is that any different from the college's official annual magazine?
A. Come on! You really need an answer to that? It doesn't have a snap of each one of us. Well
seriously it'll have loads of pictures of the students, our lush green campus, and what not. All in a
fashion we ever thought (or even if didn't).

Q. Who'll do this job?

A. Well as suggested, a group or a committee informally or otherwise would be made with or
without a convener. If the “one”-publishing-the-annual-magazine finds the idea a) 'worth it' & then
b) feasible & then c) is willing to (& can [well you can say... 'the administration', 'R&D' and 'spare-
time' required]) do it...... YAHOO! This couldn't have been better (with all their experience & finesse).
Its gonna be incredible.

Q. Okay if the “one”-p-t-a-m turns their back. How are we going to proceed?
A. Well in that (unfortunate) case, we are on our own.

CRAPpy IDEAS - Yearbook

Things we'll Need:

• People to take pictures and help produce the book (called Volunteers)
• Technical Know-how with some of the finest pagemaker tools (think Adobe)
• Cameras, computers, software for page layout (think Symbiosis)
• Lots of time and patience (called Persistence)
• Candid Photographs & Written articles having relevance to us (We the Living)
• Advertisers (in case we need to get the book published even for the final year alone) –
Would people be willing to pay?
• Publishers (ours is a small town. Right?)
• Portraits (passport sized maybe) of the multitude of students.

Q. Great! So we need pictures of everyone in the campus?

A. Not really. Just the final year graduating (or maybe more than that. As in M.B.A. and M.C.A.). It'll
be an every year (annual) affair. Each time for the current final year.

Q. How is KNOL related to any of it?

A. KNOL is a platform where ideas merge and beauty is CREATED. Its just a random thought
occurred to one of our (CRAPpy) creative leads. If you can see the very obvious... KNOL is, in a
way, very flexible & can take any part...from playing the role of an online college-forum(like
Orkut-Community)... surveying an online college-magazine. Lets shape out
something good. & make it (!world) a better place to Live-in.

February Update:
– KNOL is not going to work with any committee “officially”. Its not that we didn't try.
KNOL is autonomous... Its informal & thats why is so flexible.. that no one knows where did
the December edition go!!! Of course there are lovely people who have agreed to assist us.
– For doing all the work successfully we need more people in our Team. If you are interested,
then please write to us or contact via phone numbers.
– As of now this YearBook, once made, will go to the publisher for a nice printout (of course
for the people who want). It will also be available online in our very favorite PDF format
sans the stuff that can cause problems to us or to the students (later in life). We'll call it
Yearbook09 henceforth.
– Efforts are being made to make a hard-copy of the Book available to everyone FREE OF
COST. If not, then at least to those who contributed well.
– The Plan is.. that once the email-ids are collected (How & What comes later). We'll send
people the questionnaires & online links to be filled in.
– Questionnaires will have things like 'confessions', 'crush-list', 'things-I'll-miss', 'experiences-
earned' and 'testimonials' etc. Online we'll run polls to Elect (& give titles to) 'the Cutest Guy
in the batch' & 'the Fart-o-phile'.. et al.
– The Current Friend Circles(groups) in the final year batch can share with the world about
their little heaven. The pet-names for everyone. The Story behind the group. Lingos..
Jargons.. & what not.

CRAPpy IDEAS - Yearbook

What we need people for:

• Section Representatives:
One guy & one gal (Mechanical department can be an exception here) would be
collecting passport sized photographs, permanent email-ids, phone-nos (girls can
give their work-phone or dad's number) of the students in the section in the final year.
These people know the art of nagging well and so can do the very dangerous and
tedious job of getting something beautiful (think: articulation) out of “We the People”.
• FUND RAISER: (optionally)
To get this thing printed out (published), we need money & the highly coveted skill to
negotiate. So a little influence is required. Socialites to pay heed.
• Photographers:
Candids, and pictures of the campus and of any incidents. Please share with us.. all
your amazing collections if you want that to be part of the issue.
• Story Tellers & Elephants:
Its said that Elephants have a sharp memory. We need these guys to narrate to the
lesser mortals (like us) & make us recollect the Incidents (like The MESS Strike.. the Audi
Wall.. or the Wedding(s) in the campus. et al) and of course the individual Achievements
of the students of the batch (think: IIT-R.. GRE.. Google SOC). We'd really appreciate if
such photographs come & the knowledge is shared with us.
• Creative Leads:
People who'll give ideas for the content in the Yearbook... stuff like we talked about and
assistance to the designers for the colors-combinations and the graphics.
• Yearbook designers:
We'll train people how we work at KNOL and how we create the document every month.
On top of this knowledge & technical guidance the development will commence. We
need people who know COERL DRAW.. GIMP etc.. (parallel-processing is the word).
• Editors:
These editors decide upon the content that comes and finally takes out the best &
make it better keeping the morality alive.
• Copy-Desk:
Speedy typists to copy the handwritten stuff (if any) to the electronic archives for
later use & persistence.

March09 update:
We've started working on the IDEA & probably by the end of April, it'll be in our hands. For all those
(even non batch09 or even non-COERians) who want a copy can please register by sending an
email at

ckCover P
age Page ontact Sh
Sample Ba Sample Pr
ofile Sample C

Yeah!! THANKS :-) for appreciating. You can even leave a message @

It is going to be the 8th graduating batch of B.Tech this year from COER(Most-probably << that's
the reason its still a crappy IDEA). Wouldn't it be nice to come back and meet the batch-mates.
Totally worth it I guess. Almost all of the colleges of a stature have this common thing (lets not
talk about CGPA here), even some of the schools call alumni for a get together after certain

“Be the change you want to see in this world” - MDKCG

So if we really want some things like that to happen for us, we've got to make things come in
action right now, as “The change comes with Time!”.

Yearbook will help us[or maybe the management 'then' to] find out people even after a decade &
Hey!!... Catch up :D

Hope you get the point. But what can we do? Well.. there is something we can surely do. We can
nag committees to arrange (& propose) something like that to the top-brass in such a fashion
that they pay heed.

Random cynical thought: Don't know whether an “inter-college festival” is a possibility in 'our'
campus. :P

March09 update:
OH! ITS happening NOW. KUDOS!!! ;)

e date has
my sources think... th
been delayed. Plz ve

ZION posters at the CAFE.

Manthan event details.


KUDOS!! :-)


I guess its again time of remembrance, lets go

back to the time of Expressions '08. It was a pleasant
morning & the Lingo's had just finished with their Treasure
Hunt& enjoying themselves. I was standing there with
some committee members of say..... Committee “Blah-
Blah” .. So just like that one of those “Blah-Blah” person
said one of a funny quote (well at least at that time)
which is really true...
“Committee Sikhane Ke Liye Hoti Hain, Naach-Gana Karane
Ke Liye Nahin”
I won't call this a gossip but just wanted you to
know what “Blah-Blah” committee thinks of the Linguistic.

Well we know that most of the things that happen...happen with

the committees... well one such incident told to me by my secret
source BlackleTM which has quietly boiled up to the surface is
that recently a committee (name not to be revealed)
disowned.... threw away... kicked out.... fired one of its
members. The reason supposedly is because nobody wants to
work with “the (ex) member”(kinda childish [ I mean the
reason ]). They voted for it and it was finally decided to throw
him out like sour milk i.e. Real quick & dirty. Ethically speaking it
was wrong but in the real world who cares about ethics.


Okay people lets go back a couple of ages
was a time of lectures or if u don't get me, it was
OFF-KEY GROUND ZERO time.. one certain incident really
proved the name. If any of you remembers, then there
were supposed to be lectures on Linux. Well the untold
Where's The story is foretold told here :


People were excited, as one is to see an

endangered species in a zoo. Everyone came on time,
got ready but awww.. snap ! The Projector was just not
running on Linux. They tried hard to make it work but
in vain. Eventually, when the lecture was supposed to
end they fixed the (so called) problem.
Hence no lecture for DAY 1.


Aah! The final day of the series....okay

brace yourself for the truth... people were so Nothing much happened this day... I
excited with the lecture on second day that mean seriously nothing happened. Some
for the first hour of the lecture only handful dude (actually Nikunj ) just came on
(i.e. only one hand) people were sitting of
which two were committee members. You
blabbering about it (read : Linux)...
know.. they had to take the torture. YAWN !... well those who loved Tux
(euphemism for Linux) listened with interest
Well, this was all I know....quite long
but other were just too busy in the voidness
story GossipTM …
of their mind.
P.S. The ma'am taking the lecture as well
never showed up on DAY 3... [:D]

M e ch a n ica l Monsters Sissie s

Well the jungle drums have told me that recently inspired from
“Awakening”.... some people made similar notice but this time the
subjects were three nincompoop of first year ME branch. They used
to “ [ Whatever they used to do] “ . The people who manifested this
(sort of) notice were really creative as they even wrote a poem for
them. Well not a jolly good poem but a poem which ripped their pride
apart, their self-respect took a hike to Neverland to never return
again. But, the question that arises is that is it right ? And it all falls
down to ethics, it is in some sense right but in others it is wrong.


g o f P r ovoke is w
eanin kno
e dict a torial m ething that you ey
Th m
as that t
or do so
“To say y somebody so nd the test
will anno n angry way “ a mittee
react in placement coms meaning.
series o E '08” stuck to it ts !? The
K es
th e p o int of 3 t one through t
What is of the papers d ople yields tha
analysis omments of pe t to test your
c n
various were not mea ur mathematics
the test but to check yo the errors in
aptitude well you can fin me there were
and how uestions....trus re Insomniac
printed q errors. If you a rtainly a treat
hell lot o se papers are ce is why would
then th The bottom line “PROVOKE”
for you. name an event ed me.
e k
someon really provo

This one is specially for those who are among the cream layer of their branch
I.e. “The Toppers”. Recently, I came to know that during the prize distribution
ceremony for 4th Year ET Branch our college management took a very pathetic
decision in deciding the 3rd prize winner ; apparently 2 people had the same
percentage. In general, both were third, but our college couldn't give Rs. 1000 to
two people can they ? So, they decided to go with the person who had the
greater percentage in previous years and other was just shushed away like he
had done nothing of much importance. The question WHY? WHY couldn't our
management even spend Rs. 1000 more.......
a s...
t W
e Th
e Pr
e month
Picture of th

Cl o ckwi se fro m l eft: Sudhish Pandey, Tapan Dutt, Swati Dutt, Nikunj Lahoti,
Photo credit: Sudhish Pandey Nidhi Dhiman, Sulabh Kukreja, Priyanka Rawat, Nitin Mehtani, Sandeep Aggarwal.
Submitted By: Priyanka Rawat

What's with the photograph?

We invite group photographs and some textual content from the people. If you have an original picture (which you
may also have clicked), send it to us at our GMAIL ID (subject: Picture of the MONTH), along with your details and
picture credits. If we like that too, it becomes the picture of the month.

Also, this one is one of the (good) reasons behind the fact that KNOL2.0 took FOUR months to come out. :-)
[Trust us. There were MANY.]

We invite volunteers (like us) to help KNOL come out. Please contact the current team to be a part of it.
You can play a variety of roles, from an Editor to a Designer.

It just needs a drive... which you need to find with-in. We are in touch with some lovely people:

Abhishek Sharma, CS-3rd year Deepanshi, CS-2nd year

Deepma, 3rd year Nikhil, EN-2nd year
Mani Sharma, ET-3rd year Siddharth Kumar Gautam, IT-2nd year
Udit Jain, EN-3rd year Niharika Sharma, EN-1st year
Sonakshi, IT-2nd year Himadri, ET-1st year
Akash, ET-2nd year

If you liked the second attempt (or even otherwise) please send us the feedback at
:-) have a lot of FUN :-)
Post Script:

All the delay (due to whatever reasons) in getting the second edition had developed in me a longing to see the
newer version of the mag, n Mr. digerati was not being any help either as the proverbial '2 days' almost took
half-a-month in showin up. but no blames to him either. V ppl were busy workin on YearBook, this being one thing
we're findin ourselves deeply engrossed in now-a-days.

finally, when i first laid my eyes on the stuff, i was like relieved, amazed and awed at once. the beauty this edition
had packed in was, well, awesome. Never had I expected to see this much of improvement in one edition (no
offense meant to the first one). Impressive and pleasant surprise there. Kudos, guys. The introduction of new
sections was totally welcome. Somehow, I also feel that the mag has got more interactive which is good. Hopin 2
see more surprises comin up, your's truly..


“The Team Yearbook”: Section Representatives:
Nikunj Lahoti, CSB Akshat Malhotra, CSA
Isha Arora, CSB Acknowledgements: Achala Bhandari, CSA
Tapan Dutt, CSB Rupal Garg, CSB Manoj Jain, CSA
Sahil Thadhani, CSB Vivek Batra, CSB Ayushi Rautela, ITC
Bhashkar Sharma, ITC Anumeha Jain, ITC Devashish, ENE
Bhaskar Naithani, MEH Nikhil Kumar, CSB Anurag Singh, ENE
Nitin Mehtani, MEH Shorveer Negi, CSB Aditi Saxena, ETF
Sandeep Aggarwal, CSB Prafull Nautiyal, ENE Arpit Singhal, ETF
Priyanka, CSB Sukant Diwedi, ENE Saurabh Gupta, ETG
Swati Sati, ITD Sudhish Pandey, ETG
Shrey Garg, ITD Tripti Verma, ETG
Tanushree Bhardwaj, ITD Rohan Tondon, ETG
Himani Pant, CSA

Sample Pages:


Verwandte Interessen