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Imam Hasan alAskari (as)

Date of Birth: 10th Rabi al-Thani, 232 AH Date of Martyrdom: 8th Rabi al-Awwal, 260 AH

Total presentation time: 2 minutes and 40 seconds

A selection from his wise sayings

The one who advises a person in private, corrects him, while the one who advises a person openly, humiliates him.

It is enough to be polite on your part that you avoid those things which you dislike for others.

Among people, the person with least peace of mind is the one with hatred in his heart (against someone).

An ignorant person is a source of sorrow for his friend.

A believer is a blessing for another believer and is an authority (to follow) for an unbeliever.

That sustenance which is guaranteed for you shouldnt prevent you from carrying out your obligatory deeds.

It is shameful for a believer to desire for something that would degrade him.

Most virtuous among people is the one who avoids doubtful issues, most God-worshipping is the one who carries out his obligations, most pious is the one who avoids forbidden and the one who strives most is the one who protects himself from sins.

Sign of humbleness is to offer greetings while passing by and to sit at an ordinary place in a gathering.

Your most kind brother is the one who overlooks your mistakes towards himself and remembers your good deeds towards himself.

All the evils are locked in a house and lying is affirmed as its key.
(means that lying is root of all the evils)

If you do something for a noble person, you will earn his love, whereas serving a mean person will lead to your disgracefulness before him.

The one who praises someone who doesnt deserve it, reaches a place of being blameworthy.

Laughing without a valid reason is a sign of ignorance.

A neighbor who covers up good deeds and who discloses sins, is a catastrophe that breaks a persons back.

Dont argue unnecessarily as it will take away your respect; dont joke unnecessarily as it will make others to be disrespectful towards you.

Worst person is the one with two faces and two tongues. He praises his brother in his front and backbites him in his absence. When his brother gets something, he is jealous and when he is in trouble, he breaches his trust.

The love of noble persons among themselves is a moral excellence and dislike of bad persons towards noble persons is an adornment for the noble ones and the dislike of noble persons towards bad ones is a humiliation for the bad ones.

Nearness to God, the most high, is a journey which is not possible without night vigil.

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