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SB 213: Colorados Commitment Building a World-Class Education System

House Education Committee: Adopted Amendments L.079 (Young) Modifies the ADM structure so that increases in enrollment for growing districts and new/growing charter schools are not left unrealized due to using past years counts for budgeting purposes Amended by L.110 (Young): Technical cleanup Severed to exclude language amending parts of bill removed by L.108. Severed by ruling of chair. Piece 1 passed as L.079. Piece 2 withdrawn. L.081 (Hamner) Reduce some of the focus on expanded learning time, inviting projects that show an equal or greater impact on student achievement Add the following as potential project goals: improving student retention, reducing dropout rates, and/or increasing graduation rates Allow appointments to the board of individuals who are not representatives of statewide organizations Open up the project consulting role to a wider group of individuals and organizations Limit funding of projects to a five year maximum Amended by L.114 (Hamner): Removed innovation schools from the list of eligible applicants because they are already eligible under the definition of local education provider Amended by L.117 (Buckner): Adds closing the achievement gap to list of potential objectives of innovation grants L.083 (Pettersen) Adds hold harmless funding into the calculation of statewide average per pupil revenues, for the purpose of supplemental (floor) payments L.084 (Hamner) Allows supplemental payment districts to go for additional mill levy override dollars before fulfilling their local contribution to total program L.090 (Everett) Reduces amount that can be expended on CDE administration and consulting grants via the innovation fund L.091 (Buckner) Increases focus on achievement gap in legislative declaration Amended by L.116 (Buckner): Strengthens wording L.094 (Peniston)

Requires ROI reporting on GT programs

L.096 (Wilson) Repeals SB 213 if a ballot initiative is not passed by the end of 2017 L.105 (Hamner) Includes supplemental payments in districts override capacity, and makes a number of clarifications as to the calculation and administration of mill levy overrides L.106 (Hamner) Changes CSI mill levy equalization so that factor is equal to the district mill levy override/pupil L.107 (Hamner) Aligns SB 213 with ballot titles that have been filed L.108 (Hamner) Requires districts to negotiate sharing of future mill levy overrides with charters Tasks CDE with developing an in depth report around current sharing arrangements Enables districts and charters to request from each other additional information around sharing Converts the $18 million line item in the bill for charter equity to charter facilities\ Amended by L.118 (Hamner): o Specifies that report addenda should be requested before publication of the report o Specifies that districts in which a charter converts to CSI does not lose exclusive chartering authority o Removes a portion of language from the legislative declaration L.109 (Hamner) Drafter cleanup amendment, which includes removing some language remaining around hold harmless districts and overrides, and clarifies points regarding specific ownership tax and their relation to mill levy overrides L.113 (Peniston) Increases additional GT funding to $7 million from $5 million Specifies that $1 million should be used for testing and identification of GT students L.119 (Hamner) Clarifies that ELL backpack funding does not apply where a school or a district is under a federal ELL court order