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[Episode 50] Beyond the Law of Attraction with William Whitecloud

Beyond the Law of Attraction with William Whitecloud [Episode 50] Melanie: Hello and welcome to another episode of I am Mel Gabriel and with me is co-host, Beryl Thomas. Say hi, Beryl. Beryl: Hi everyone. Melanie: And today, we are excited to welcome someone who spent decades refining a process that allows his clients to become more of who they really are. Author, international speaker, workshop facilitator, and coach, this man is passionate about helping people turn their dreams into reality. Like us, he believes that each of us are beings of such immense power and capability and yet, we continually self-sabotage and doubt our abilities to achieve greatness. His message today is about stories. The stories that we relive, that we hang on to, and that direct our futures. Waking up to the knowledge that you can actually rewrite script of your life was a major awakening for this man. His mission is to reconnect us so that we can enjoy lives of meaning and joy and he does that very effectively with his Living From Greatness program, a program that has helped literally thousands to become empowered, to tap into their authentic nature and potential. A 20-year search to discern the essence of what it takes for people to connect with and live from their creative spirit, forms the basis of his first book, The Magicians Way. His latest offering is a book called The Last Shaman. So all the way from the West Coast of the US, we offer a warm welcome to William Whitecloud. Hello, William. William: Hello, Mel. Hello, Beryl. Thanks for having me here. Im really excited to talk to you guys today. Having had a little pre-chat to you guys, I think we got quite worked up about our conversation. Melanie: So William, perhaps we can just give the audience a bit of background on you and I wonder whether you could just say a little bit about the catalyst thats moved you into the personal development area? 2

William: Well, thank you. I mean I am living on the West Coast of the US now in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. But Ive come here via Australia and prior to that, Swaziland, Africa. I grew up in a little country in Africa where I spent my youth and very early adulthood and then moved to Australia and I lived there a long time. And now, Im here. But the thing that got me into all of this is I had a terrible illness and Im not exaggerating. For ten years, I was sick and in the end, deathly ill. And receiving deathbed counseling, so you can know that I wasnt in a good way. Beryl: Good Lord! William: Thats when I knew something is not right here. But the unique thing about my illness was that nobody whether they were a medical practitioner or clinical or a complimentary healthcare worker or an alternative esoteric healer, nobody knew what was wrong with me, which is very unique. Normally, everyone wants things they know whats wrong with you. But in this case, nobody knew what was wrong with me. And so for ten years, I just suffered not even in silence, quite loudly sometimes. But I just went downhill and downhill until in the end, I wont even bore you with my condition but suffice it to say, I was dying. And then I met a young man, you could say by chance. I dont know if it was if theres such a thing. But I did meet this young man, a fit strapping, robust young man who was actually a health instructor, a fitness instructor. And Ive got talking to him and obviously because of my condition, the conversation very quickly turned to my health. It was very obvious. And he startled me, stunned me by saying he knew what was wrong with me. And not only claimed he knew what was wrong with me, claimed that he had suffered the same condition himself and had healed himself and could heal me. Well, he could give me the prescription, the remedy by which I could heal myself. When he told me what was wrong with him, had been wrong with him, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he had had what I had. He was the first person in ten years that I could relate to and so I knew. And he told me I was very excited to hear the remedy although I was very deflated once he told me because he told me that the remedy was to eat red meat and

drink white wine and smoke a few cigarettes every day and have a few cups of coffee every day. Now, Im telling you, if all of the people that I had seen, just all of the doctors, whoever I had seen, none of them knew what was wrong with me but I can guarantee you, everyone of them would have agreed that what this guy was saying was just complete mumbo jumbo. And not only that, not only was it this hogwash that it was actually in my case a prescription for suicide because by then I was on a diet of boiled cabbage and herbs and supplements. And anyway nevertheless, I was at the end of my tier there and I just had nothing left to lose. In one sense, I trusted the guy even though I was very confronted by his remedy and feared that it might actually tip me over the edge and kill me. But I did that. I did. I just went, What the hell! and I took his prescription and started eating red meat and steaks and having some white wine, some in those days Chardonnay was very fashionable so I was drinking Chardonnay and I had a few cigarettes every day and I drank a few coffees every day. And I bounced back to health in like third day. Beryl: Thats incredible. William: Im not kidding you. It wasnt even a week before my full wits and faculties and everything came back to me. Sure. I mean it took me a month to put back on the weight and the source to healing my body but generally, I was well and back in life. I remember playing running on to a field with strangers who are playing soccer because I just had so much energy. I needed to get rid of it. And that was just after a couple of days of eating meat. So anyway, I had this profound healing experience. And the thing about it was, what was most profound for me is that I never ever had any faith in the efficacy. I mean, well, I did did to begin with thats why like in some way, I tried it. Melanie: So you never believed it would work? William: No, no, thats not what I mean. I didnt really approach it thinking anything. But in retrospect, while I was healing and ever since then, I just cant bring myself to believe that there was any efficacy in those 4

substances. I just never got there. I never ever felt that. I could never ever tell anyone that those properties are good for them. To this day in fact, I eat very little meat and I hardly drink and I detest smoking and coffee freaks me out. So but Melanie: Dont lose your thought. I tell you, Ive been biting my tongue because Ive been wanting to say, I wonder how much of this is the placebo effect? But carry on. William: Well actually, I never thought of that before that it was a placebo effect. But you know what, whether I was right or wrong, I dont care because what occurred to me was the thing was like a blinding flash of light. It my road to Damascus experience in fact. What impressed on me that I just couldnt get rid of was this idea, I thought, there must be some way in which I focus, that I pay attention in life that then determines what happens to me and my experience of life. As Ive now learned to call it, I have learned theres a term for it, that your focus creates your reality. Thats what occurred to me. I just went, for ten years, I had been running around being sick, going to people, telling them how sick I am, begging for the cure, getting caught up in this whole thing that theres no cure for me. Im doomed and in the end, I was on my deathbed and really sick. And then when I just went, what the hell. I dont care about that anymore. I just want a bit of meat. An entirely different experience occurred to me. And with the placebo effect, still theres something about you believe, youre getting actually something efficacious you see. Whereas in my case, there wasnt really a belief in that I wouldnt say possibly. But it doesnt matter because whatever it was and people argue with me to this day about whether I was right about my conclusions and even try and defend that the efficacy of those properties and say, You were most probably too alkaline and mostly acidic. this all rationalizations. But it doesnt matter because the effect it had on me was coming to this conclusion that your focus creates you reality which then led me to go, Well, how does it work? Because I dont know how it works. I just know there is something about it. So Im going to learn how it works so that I can use it to great effect in my life. So I can direct it self-consciously so that I can create my heaven on 5

earth instead of the hell on earth that Ive created because apart from this traumatic illness, it led to substance abuse, the breakdown of a marriage, financial ruin. I cant tell you the suffering, the problems that it caused. So I wanted the opposite of that and so then I did. I went out and actually, I didnt have to go far because once I made that intention, once I have that realization, made that intention to learn about it, well then obviously, all the learnings and powerful learnings and really great teachers were attracted in to my life and I very quickly figured out what it was about and how it worked. And so now, here we are talking about it. Beryl: Well, I was going to say, so looking back would you could you go as far as saying it was a gift, William? William: Im writing a story right now for an author compilation book and its actually just that is the gist of the story is just how grateful I am for it. I mean I would never ever have expected that I would ever say I was grateful for something like that. And even for years after I was healed, I would not have said. But now that I realized what it led me to, absolutely it was a gift. It was something that I just had to go through. And I wouldnt say a price but its a sacrifice that I made for the reward of what my life has been for the last 20 years and I expect will be for many years after this. And also, what I can bring or the contribution and the gift that I can then in turn bring to the world and support others in living in the way Ive come to live and find out how I could live without them having to go through what I have gone through to reach it, to much more effortlessly take it on. Melanie: Yeah, it was a very extreme route you took. William: Yeah, Im a person of extremes. I had to do that. But the way what it is now, the way I see it is that we do have a natural ability that creates that effortlessly creates whatever were directed to create whether were consciously creating that or unconsciously creating that. And so now, Im dedicated to directing that force in my life consciously and serving others in directing that force consciously. And I just call it natural success.

I believe that we all I think you said this about me in my introduction, Mel, is that I really support people in having being connected to their creative spirit, their natural ability which can very effortlessly and naturally make all areas of their lives flourish which I call success. Like in my own case you see, from that point, everything has unfolded for me naturally. A beautiful you saw earlier my beautiful wife. Ive been with her for 18 years, two years after that turning point. She floated into my life and we developed a beautiful family and I became a teacher of this work and I became an author and just all very naturally. Theres nothing thats been forced. Ive not gone out there and learned formulas from Richard Branson or this person or that person to try and then apply to my life. Ive just rolled along in my own life and this has just unfolded very naturally to the point where Im very blessed with the lifestyle that I have. And one of the greatest things that I enjoy is going back to Africa. Take trips back to Africa every year and go on safari. And my family and I travel the world and we go skiing in Japan where we love to ski. But its just been an organic, natural flow to it and that is a possibility and thats what I would love for everybody to realize that in their lives. Beryl: William, can I just ask you something there then? Because this sounds like you do have a really lovely life. Its wonderful to hear. How are you different now from how you were before you had your illness? Because what Im hearing is that you have a great sense of trust in whatever you call it, life, the universe, whatever, whoever runs the show, it sounded like you really trust that things will unfold in the right way. And Im just wondering if you are like that before or how were you different? William: No, I wasnt like that at all. I mean I never had any sense of having any creative aspect about myself. I think that because of my the extreme illness and experience that I had was born of also my extreme condition of humanness where I was so conditioned from my childhood experiences and upbringing that we humans are sort of some kind of machines and that the best that were going to cope with life is how best we can cope mechanically by getting the best education we can and getting the best position we can in life and trying to forward ourselves in that way and working out what the best possible way for success is and to climb to the top. 7

And so, theres no self-direction in there. Its just like all societal direction, all societal expectations. Who should I be from a societal expectation? How am I going to make my way in life through a societal understanding of how you make your way through life? And so, I was forging ahead in that kind of way, in that kind of orientation without any appreciation that actually, within me is a being, and authentic being who has authentic needs and desires and appreciation and gifts and skills and abilities and all of that that if I return to and if I sunk into and became and used then this truly wonderful, sustainable life with a beautiful momentum would then unfold. It wasnt like that. Its like everything had to be conquered and fought for and secured and held down and guarded with a gun kind of thing. And coming from Africa, that was actually really like that. I mean you did. You guarded everything with a gun literally. Ive shot people and Ive held gun to peoples head and had them held at my head. So thats that difference. And now, I mean I dont live for societal expectation. I dont live along societal formulas and guidelines of what life is about and how I should be and how I should what my ambition should be and how the right way to get there is. Im just concerned about who I am, what I love, what is true, what feels right for me to be and to be doing and be involved with, and lending my energy to that. And the funny thing about that is what I find is when I was trying to be societally-led, it never did anything for me. And it didnt help my society in any way either. But now you think, William is a selfish guy. Listen to him talk. Hes got a selfish orientation. But its not true. Now, I am in some sense selfish in that I pay attention to myself first. But the truth is because we are the truth also is that we are all inherently connected is that if I am authentic to myself who is connected to everything then my actions and my aspirations and everything also connected to the whole or connected to society and environment. So what I found is before prior to this crisis that I had, I mean I was very hollow and shallow person. I didnt have a good life and also I affected didnt have any positive effect on society, I would say, maybe negative. But now that what Im talking about is I live for myself in one way you could put it. But thats very good. And it also leads my society. I become a leader

in my family and in my community and really not even by trying have help to change peoples mentalities and way of life and whatever. And so, what I do is support my community and support my environment. So am I different? I mean entirely, entirely different. Melanie: Im not even sure how to ask this next question. So bearing in my mind what youve been describing, I wonder whether you could give us an idea of how the Living From Greatness program has emerged from your experience? Because if I remember correctly, you are Im sorry, I dont have the dates down, if I remember correctly, you are doing a one day thing in London, is it next month? William: Im actually giving a talk to YES Group in London on the 27 th of March and then doing an evening training on the 28 th of March. I think thats what youre referring to. Melanie: Yeah. William: Yeah. And Im sorry. Your question is Melanie: So, Im just trying to think how to formulate the question. So obviously, youve gone through this awakening and its been its made your life so much more fulfilled and definitely, it flows better and clearly from the programs you do and Im assuming Living From Greatness program is that you are teaching people how to or certainly creating the space for people to be able to do the same without going through traumatic situation you put yourself through. And Im wondering whether you could give us a glimpse into this program. William: Sure. Can I do that in a very broad way, which I think is the most appropriate way? Because if you I think theyre kind of two defining when it comes to talking about this anyway. Otherwise you could argue the point. But when it comes to what were talking about now, the two very defining points of my life. And one was the healing crisis that I just described. And another was writing my first book, The Magicians Way, which became the number one bestselling metaphysical book ever in Australian history. The thing about writing that book was that I am not an educated person and I have no training in writing and I have no understanding of publishing 9

and book marketing, any aspect of the book industry. And yet, I wrote a book that became the number one bestseller in Australian history, metaphysical bestseller in Australian history. And that book came out of me in a way where I tapped into my genius because we all have this part that you and I have that can super consciously bring forth brilliant creations, can conceive brilliant creations if we get into that side of ourselves. So I tapped into that side of myself, brought forth this book and I made a lot of money just out of the book sales. But even much more money out of trainings that then people who have read the books wanted me to teach them. And it led to the it burgeoned into this massive industry. And so, they are these two successes I looked at in my life which arent the only successes Ive had but they stand out as really good examples where without being a healer, without being a doctor, I was in serious trouble. I was in dire stress health-wise. I mean I was on my death bed and yet, I healed myself. And Im an uneducated man who doesnt know the first thing about writing or publishing. And yet, I brought out of myself a book. And not only brought out of myself a book, then went on to produce it and take it to market myself. Eventually, one of the biggest publishers in the world took it off my hands. But most of the money I made and most of the success I had was I created for myself. And so I go then I look back and go, well, how do you effect this amazing healing on yourself and then have this incredible I wont call it literary success but publishing success for sure and financial success, career success through this? How do you do that without being an expert, without being trained in it? Im not a doctor and Im not a writer and Im not a publisher and Im not a businessman. But the fact is that there is a process by which there is let me go back to this. There is a side of ourselves, there is a natural ability that we all have, a genius that we all have that in the first instance, I tapped into unwittingly, you could say, unconsciously. But in the second instance when it came to the book, I had learned, I had studied and come to realize how I had healed myself. What force was it? What power did I bring to bear? And so then, I just simply applied that strategy to my book success, to my seminar success, to my self-transformation business that then guaranteed the same success as the healing success that I had. 10

And so, its that. Its that realization. Its that learning. Its that technique. Its that structure that then I now bring to others to support them in having in tapping into their genius and having success in their life. Thats what its about. Melanie: So were saying its the same structure that applies to bringing forth the book or your creative genius in that way as applies to peoples sort of waking up in terms of a personal growth then. William: Its the same structure. I mean because Ive applied that into you just met my wife a few minutes ago. I mean Ive had this lovely relationship with her for 18 years. I mean its International Womens Day today so happy Womens Day to everybody, International Womens Day. And I did not have a good I could not have said that a while back like I had terrible relationships and terrible relationships with women. But its that same structure that I brought to women and to relationships that I now enjoy this magnificent, long-standing, beautiful relationship with this incredibly beautiful woman. And its just all the same structure. Its not to say that theres a formula for living. Its very different. Its not a formula for living. Theres not a formula between you cant go and look at, What did William do in his relationship or his book publishing situation and let me copy that. Because its not the process for you so theres not a formula for these things. But there is a structure that you can set up. There is a technique in which you can generate your creative spirit. You can bring you can tap into your genius. You can bring forth your creativity that then will go to work on all of these. It will go to work on your health. It will go to work on your book writing. It will go to work on your TV show. It will go to work on your relationships. And so, this is what Im sharing with people is that ability to the Hindus, they got this idea of the ring of fire, which is essentially the egoic conditioning that youre bound by and your egoic well, its a conditioning and a pattern of limitation that you perpetuate that has nothing to do with your spirit and your genius. And so, what Im offering people is what I discovered which is a system for stepping outside of that ring of fire, of that egoic limitation into this territory where you are aligned to your genius, to your creative spirit, your soul. I 11

mean call it what you will but the side of yourself that has the ability to super consciously conceive of brilliant results and the unique processes for you to achieve that. Beryl: So William, youre whetting my appetite. Can you give us a glimpse of how you do this magic because all that keep going through my head was like, My goodness me, the forces with this man. This is what Im hearing. But what youre saying is it can be with all of us and its actually its inside of us. William: Look, in my community, Im not very well-respected. Ive got to tell you because Beryl: Tell us more. William: No, I just people love me but Ive got thousands of great friends or at least, hundreds. And Ive worked with thousands of people who appreciate me but when I said, people dont respect me, this is what I mean, is Im not a very special person in my community. Everyone creates brilliant things. Everyone has brilliant lives. And they look at me and go, Theres nothing special about this guy that can point to many more success for people or other people in my community that they think are far more special and have done far more special things than I have done. And to be honest, I can tell you, they wouldnt have had much respect for those people if I had knew them before they work for me. I mean this technology changes peoples lives. This alchemy as I call it really does have a profound effect. And you see, the thing is that its within everybody and it brings it out of everybody. Theres nobody special. Theres nobody unique. As I say, in my community, Im one of the least remarkable people. I mean I just am. And part of that is I dont have much ambition. I dont want Im not driven to have more than what Ive got now and not to say, other people are but its just where my drives and interests are. Im just creating what Im creating. Beryl: OK. So Im going to draw you back to youve whet our appetite for a glimpse of this magic that you can do, William. William: Sure. Sorry to digress there.


Beryl: Thats OK. William: But its just the truth that I reflect on is that this is just so possible for everyone. But you see, you asked me are you asking for a demonstration here or an insight into how this works or Melanie: Well, lets have a quick insight and a demo. Lets have both. Beryl: Yeah. William: Sorry, what was that? Melanie: I said, lets have both, a quick insight and a demo if theres time. William: OK, a quick insight and a demo. It requires that youre up for a level of willingness and vulnerability of what Ive got in mind. So, well see which one of you is up for it if you want to play the game, if you want go along with me. But I just want to say this, is that you see, what Ive learned is that our focus creates our reality. And further that more than that, the aspect of ourselves that creates our reality which I could call your imagination, your subconscious, your soul, some people even put it outside of themselves and call it the universe. I call it the subconscious for this conversation. So, the subconscious that I mean is the part of you and I, the part of us that creates our reality, creates our experiences in life is guided by what were focused on. And that doesnt mean that its looking at what were thinking about all the time. Its looking at actually where the power is in our consciousness. There are a whole lot of things going on in our consciousness. I mean for instance when we if I can just use a clich example but for the purposes of a simple and a clear example, if I go into a bar for instance and I see an attractive lady at the bar. And I think, Well, Id like to go and talk to her and make her acquaintance. Thats one thing thats going on in my consciousness. On the other hand, what could come up for me is, shes attractive. And some guy has already gone there and hes gone away very quickly with a red face so shes obviously turned him down or something. And Im going, Well, I dont know if Im worthy or if Im good enough. Will she reject me? So can you see how from that simplistic example there are things going on 13

in our consciousness? So Id like to talk to her. Id like to make her acquaintance. Im not good enough, whatever, that these messages that my subconscious is getting. So what messages am I going to act on because theyre conflicting? What reality is it going to create? Well, its going to depend on where the power is. What are those messages I give the power? And then thats going to determine whether Im going to have a pleasant introduction and meeting and conversation and interaction with this person or whether Im going to get rejected by her or whether Im going to just scuttle over to the other end of the bar and drink quietly until Im paralyzed or whatever. So, the whole thing about understanding creating and creativity and how we create is most the deepest most powerful level to understand is that our subconscious is looking for where the power is and it sees where the power is and then creates based on that. And so, if you know that, a really good skill to have in life is an ability to see where the power is in your consciousness and ten self-consciously redirect it to where you want the power to be, to be in the most beneficial place thats going to lead to a reality being created which is one that you would love to be created. This is the skill of being a creator. And what Im proposing is we do a little demonstration here just to show the forces that work in our consciousness and where the power is and how we can redirect it. So the thing is with this is that what its going to require is one of you volunteering and one of you volunteering a problem that we can then just deconstruct very quickly or hopefully as quickly as we can just to give a little insight into what Im talking about here. So either of you willing to be a guinea pig here and nominate a problem that we can work on? And if so, then what you need to do is think of a problem and it can be any problem. It doesnt matter. For the sake of what were doing here, we will be illustrative. Melanie: So for example, here we are together running this TV show and Im absolutely juiced up and passionate about it and I would happily spend a 100% of my time on it all day but I cant because there are other things in life that need to be done. And also, my therapy work is very important to me and yeah, theres a conflict in that I like both but I suppose if one was to win up, it would be to do the show. 14

Now, what happens is because these two activities are running in parallel, its as if Im trying to force some kind of a choice which I cant make for myself. So, I would prefer to spend all my time on the TV show but I have to divide it up with my other activities. But what then happens is I become I dont know if the right word is overwhelm but I then find I have so much to do that I risk not getting either done. And Im totally perplexed by this because its not as if it cant be done. Its just that somehow its got to the point where I literally have to separate out the days. Its almost as though I cant transition easily from one to the other. And it doesnt feel quite right because I can remember when my child was young, you had to transition between being a mother and working and lots of other things. And somehow, its almost as though Im trying to force the situation. I dont even know what I mean by that. But it disturbs me that I cant make the transition between one and the other without some kind of loss of energy or me feeling dissatisfied that time has been lost. William: So Mel, youve clearly volunteered here with that one. Melanie: Beryl has volunteered me, yeah. William: I think youve volunteered yourself. But just to be clear, I mean any problem is valid. And so, the problem that were hearing here is a conflict. Yeah? Basically, a conflict and a conflict of interest, conflict of priorities, whatever you want to call it. Could you just define the problem in a sentence? Just for the sake of brevity, for energetic sake. If you can just say in a sentence whats the problem? Melanie: OK. So the problem is that my first love is working on the TV show. However, I have other loves like my therapy work or other training activities that I do. And Im seeming to have a problem in transitioning from one to the other to the extent that I can get so I dont even know if the world is overwhelm but I can feel as though theres so much to do that its easy not to be able to do anything. William: OK. So just in simple terms, you have a conflict between your TV show and other projects and get overwhelmed by that conflict. Melanie: Yes. 15

William: Just in simple terms. Yeah. Melanie: Yeah. William: OK. So now, were going to deconstruct this and dont worry about anyone watching this. Dont worry about that we dont have visual aids here because Im going to run through everything over and over again and it will be easy to follow and it will become self-explanatory as we go through it. But Im going to deconstruct this problem, this conflict just to demonstrate the conflicting forces in the consciousness, in Mels consciousness and where the power is and how the power can be shifted to create another effect than this overwhelm. Yeah? So just to start with, Mel, and why Im looking down is because Im just writing. I have to write everything down. And Im looking just for an automatic answer from you in relation to all these questions. So heres this problem about priorities and conflicting priorities and overwhelm. What do you think about it? Just briefly succinctly, what do you think? Youve got this problem and you think what? Melanie: You mean about the problem or just about well, the thought that goes through my mind is Im perplexed because if I compare this to being a mother of a young child, I didnt have a problem transitioning between bringing up a child, doing a full-time job and doing a lot of other things. So Im perplexed just to whats going on. William: So what you think basically is, I dont know why this is happening. Melanie: Im definitely thinking that. And Im also thinking that I should have the tools to go beyond this. William: OK. So thats important because youre also thinking, I dont have the tools. Melanie: Or why are my tools not taking me beyond this? William: OK. Im just writing this down. I dont have the tools. OK. Thats very good information there. Im perplexed. I dont know why. I dont have the tools to go beyond. And now very importantly, Im not asking for a 16

mental process here. Im asking for an emotional response, how do you feel about this? What comes up for you emotionally in relation to the problem? Melanie: Frustration and yeah, frustration and a little bit of foolishness because somehow I should be able to move beyond this. William: Frustration and foolishness. I dont know where I never fitted foolishness into an emotion but anyway. But predominantly, I would say its frustration. OK. So now, Im going to ask you were going to go to definitions that you assign typically unconsciously. So its like definitions that youre going to hold about yourself, others, and the world are going to be reflected in these questions which is important because it shows us whats going on in your consciousness. So if I ask you, so what does this mean about you? What are you saying about yourself? What does this tell you about yourself? How are you defining yourself? Whats the automatic answer? Youve got this conflict and overwhelm. It perplexes you. You think, I dont know why I dont have the tools to go beyond. It makes you frustrated and feels foolish. So what does that say about you? Just honest, automatic answer. Melanie: Well, it sort of says Im a bit of a fraud actually because clients come in and they skip out solving similar problems. And here I am with these problems on the quiet. William: OK. So, one definition is a fraud. I dont want to put things in your mouth. So, if theres nothing else. If thats it then thats fine. But is there anything that just naturally automatically occurs to you? Im a fraud. Im because I dont have the tools. So Im Melanie: I mean I can feel certain emotions but I dont have the words for them. Its almost like I dont recognize what it is. But its a tightening and its the kind of feeling, if it were to become intense, I would the feeling would be to hide or to withdraw. William: Yeah, OK. All right. Well just leave it at that. I just want to ask you one question. Is there any issue of capability? Do you have any sense of, Im not capable enough or something?


Melanie: No. William: No. OK. Melanie: I feel Im missing something. William: OK. So Im not complete. Melanie: Yeah. Its more yes, Ive got a blind spot here. What is this blind spot that Im not even aware Ive got? William: Thanks. Youre doing really well. And thats actually what I suspected. There was something like that there. And weve drawn it out. So youre doing really great here, Mel. So what about others? If you have to define others just automatically what comes to you? Youre a fraud and in some sense, incomplete. What are others? Others are Melanie: Nothing comes to mind. Its just I just suddenly thought, Oh, I never thought about others. Im so busy worrying about this being on show. William: Yeah. Melanie: That I wasnt even aware of thinking anything about it. But Im sure William: See, I promise you in relation to this, there is a relationship to others. Melanie: Right. So William: As I said, just automatically. If I say to you, what about you see, youre complete and others are what? Melanie: Others are the only thing that comes to mind is that others will judge me. William: So theyre judgmental. Melanie: Yeah. 18

William: OK. Thats it. There has to be a relationship to others because I mean why would you feel foolish unless in relation to others? And why would you need to be foolish? Because theyre judgmental. They will judge you, you see. So were on the right track. So youre doing real good. So what about the world? Melanie: I didnt hear that. William: Sorry. You may not have thought about this before either but whats your definition of the world? Youre a fraud and incomplete. Others are judgmental. And the world is Melanie: I dont know where this came from. The word that popped up in my mind was intolerant. William: Intolerant. It came from your unconscious. Intolerant. Melanie: Yeah, intolerant/unforgiving. William: Unforgiving, OK. All right. You see, what does this all showing is whats going on in your consciousness and also, what informs your consciousness as well. And what were going to lead to seeing is well, where is the power in your consciousness too? So now, we come to what I call the underlying assumption which is the bottom line. Its the bottom line of everything weve looked at so far. So, so far weve seen that youve got a problem thats a conflict between projects that overwhelms you and you become perplexed about that and wonder how come you dont have the tools to go beyond this problem. And emotionally, you feel frustrated and foolish. And at a level of definition and meaning in your unconscious, you define yourself as a fraud, as incomplete to some extent, others as judgmental, and the world is intolerant and unforgiving. So now, what were looking for here is a single sentence that sums all of this up. The underlying assumption means, what your bottom line belief? Melanie: What do I believe?


William: Bottom line. Melanie: I believe it should be easier than this. William: Yeah. It should be easier. I mean that is a conclusion youre going to come to but its not bottom line what you believe because you see, lets go back to what you believe. You believe that youre a fraud and that youre incomplete and others are judgmental and the world is intolerant and unforgiving, you see? So, what is the bottom line of that? What is the bottom line statement there? Melanie: So the interpretation Im having of the feeling Im having now is that its something to do about not having the freedom to express whats going on inside me. William: Exactly. Thats right. That is going on in you. I dont have the freedom to express whats going on inside of me because, that because is the underlying assumption. You did right. Youre doing very well. Youre exactly on track here. I dont have the freedom to express myself because Melanie: Ill get shut down? William: Exactly, exactly. You see, even before you said it, the expression I had was Ill be found fault with. But I dont think its too different to, Ill be shut down. Melanie: Yeah. William: Yeah. I cant express myself. So thats the complete underlying assumption which Im not writing down. I cant express myself because Ill be shut down. OK. Youre doing extremely well. This is brilliant selfawareness and perception which can take people a long time and a lot of work to actually come to it to be able to this quickly get this out. So youre doing really great. So now, thats the underlying assumption. So now, what were looking at is that question that I introduced right at the beginning, so where is the power? What this means is, where is the power in your consciousness? And what I mean by that in turn is, so all of this is going on in your 20

consciousness, so what do you make important? If you believe that youre a fraud and youre incomplete and others are judgmental and the world intolerant and unforgiving, and it should be easier and you cant express yourself because you will be shut down. If at some level thats going on for you and you believe that, what are you going to make important then? Melanie: Well, Im going to try Im going to hide. Im going to keep myself safe, arent I? William: Yeah, hide and keep self safe. You see, now can I point something out here, is that what youre going to make important is hiding and keeping yourself safe. And see, the thing is, is that what your central comment about your problem as I heard it is that you have difficulty in making transition between projects. So its kind of like difficulty starting something, going from one thing to the next. You see, its like youre doing something and so then theres this difficulty of moving to something else and picking it up. Theres difficulty with change. It will be the same as your relationship with change or starting things, you see, is the reluctance to change, to move, to shift, to transition, to begin anew. Can you see what Im seeing, Mel? Melanie: OK. OK, possibly. Yeah, OK. Yeah, because there is just so much upheaval. Its like the preference that Id like to just focus on this until its done and then go to the next one. Its having too many layers to move between. William: If you if the power is in hiding and keeping yourself safe, then whats the result of that going to be? Whats the end result or the consequence actually of that going to be? Melanie: Well, things are either not going to get done or theyre going to be done under duress. William: Exactly. Thank you. Things Im going to write that down. Things wont get done or get done under duress. So then, imagine that your relationship with doing things, to me, what it sounds like is once youre doing things then it starts flowing and youre happy doing that but its in the transition thats in beginning the new things. Its in the starting. Its in the getting go thats a difficulty. You see? Yeah? And so, because why, what were seeing in your consciousness is that theres a tendency to hide not 21

to hide but to want to hide and to want to keep safe because every time you go and start something new, the same tapes running in your head, Im going to start something and do something here that is then open to scrutiny. You see? And so, thats that resistance and thats that reluctance and thats a difficulty to be shifting around doing different things, taking on different tasks. Its like if Im in the flow and Im doing it, OK, Im good, Im going. But now, Ive got to go and start something new. There is the same reaction and hesitancy all over again because the same tape runs and goes, Well, Im beginning something new as I approach this like oh, Im going to start doing this now and now, here is something Im open to scrutiny and judgment. And the world is harsh in terms of its judgment and its scrutiny. Melanie: Well, here is what this is reminding me of. Im eleven years old and Im in a situation where I have a new stepfather. And Ive done all my chores and Im looking forward to sitting down with a nice book and reading it because Ive done all my chores. And he comes along and he tells me quite harshly because Im being lazy. How can I be reading in the middle of the day when there are things to be done? And I explained Ive done my chores. And clearly, I didnt have enough chores to do so Im given chores to do. And eventually, I begin to learn that if Im going to do something I really love, I either have to hide to do it or I have to appear to be busy at other stuff so this is doing stuff under duress. So that basically, so I can get the world off my back so that I can find space to do something that I really love doing which is sitting down and reading a good book. So I just saw the similarity between your description and that. William: Yeah. No, its perfect. I mean its really good. I mean its clearly where this originates from and actually, where it comes from or where it was promoted. And its this relationship with doing some so therefore its created a relationship within you to the new no matter what it is. Its kind of like theres a negative connotation to going and beginning something new. So then theres this resistance and Ive got to hide and what was it? Yeah, keep myself safe and Ive got to hide. And the energy goes into that. And you see right at the beginning, you were talking about overwhelm. How you get overwhelmed. And thats the stress, thats the mind trying to resolve this unconscious and Ill put it to your elusory condition of like Ive got to keep myself safe, Ive got to hide and also, still at the same time got to fulfill 22

this task but Ill be subject to the scrutiny and judgment and whatever and its going to be harsh So, theres a real hang up. Every time you have to transition, every time you have to change. And we actually this is very interesting because what its revealing is your relationship to the new, which is very much associated with creativity you see. So its showing you that this is relationship to the new, to creativity, and to change which it can be this tendency to have a drag on that and a reluctance to that and even unconsciously sabotage yourself by overwhelming yourself because of this notion that theres something theres a negative condition awaiting you every time you go into something new. Are you following me now? Melanie: Yeah, especially if its something that I really want to do. Yeah. William: Exactly. And thats the story you told us about your stepfather really helps us to understand that. So you see, whats going on in your consciousness then is what we can see is where the power is can be. And certainly, if its to the point that its overwhelming you, then that is where the power is. The power is in the ancient really, I would call belief. Not you ancient. The belief is ancient. This ancient belief, irrelevant notion now actually that there is something negative awaiting you in whatever youre going to be undertaking especially the more important it is to you, the more intense that feeling is going to be. That there is a negative condition awaiting you in whatever new thing that youre going to undertake that you then have to mentally try and deal with and cope with and resolve which drains your energy, you see. So theres this unconscious dynamic playing thats got power. And the beauty of this and I hope you see it and I hope youre benefitting from it right now is that you can then see whats going on in your consciousness. And so, how does this help you? How can you change things? Well, by offering an alternative to what you can put the energy in and what you can put the power in which is through in these situations that you go to that you transition to is to look, to actually bring your will to it your will to bear. I was going to say, your bill to ware. But your will to bear and selfconsciously realign change the energy, reassign the power by looking at what it is that you want to create here, what the next thing is that youre going to create here and connect with what it is within that that you love or 23

that youd love to create with that and actually see what it is that you want and what it is that you love and what you love to create. Whats this toast here? Whats the end result? What is it that youd love? And then acknowledge whats going on for yourself but put the power in. Make the choice. Affirm the end result that youre seeking and youll find that your energy will shift in these situations. You try this out now the next time youre going to be multitasking or going from transition to transition. Try it out. Notice your energy. Notice resistances that come up in you. Recall what weve talked about here and recall what you know of now is coming up for you and notice that. And then also, provide an alternative. Provide thats set A, but what about set B? What is youd love? What is it that youd love to create? And put the energy in that. And youll notice a remarkable difference. Youll see that overwhelm dissipate. You will get fresh creative energy. And this has been a beautiful example of what weve been talking about. I thought we were losing track there for a moment but actually, you did very well because you even clarified it with the memory of your stepfather which even brought it into a clearer light. And really shows us here a great of example of whats going on in the persons consciousness, in this case, yours. And also, to me what it demonstrates is how so often its not counted by anything mature, functional to replace it. To go, OK. So this is going on. And its all just functional tape but what the hell is it that I want. But do I love here? And acknowledge that. Put the power in there through recognition, affirmation, self-conscious choice, and you watch the difference. You watch the change. To anyone looking and listening now, this might sound simple and simplistic but I know in your life, its going to make a big difference. And its a very powerful force that you can bring to bear here. And so, thanks so much for your cooperation in this example. But this is a simple way of looking at what Im about and what I do. But essentially also, as simple as it is, youve now had an insight into what it is I bring to peoples lives. What Im bringing to people in a very sophisticated way is an ability to expose whats going on in their consciousness, what theyre giving their energy to thats kind of holding them within their limitation, sabotaging them and then giving them an alternative focus, an end result that they can anchor themselves in. And a 24

much more powerful end result energy emotion that creates that then does tap them into the energy, the creative spirit, the genius that then flows to a whole other reality thats just incomparable. And as I say, you can take a dying man to being a healthy man in days. It can take an illiterate man like me to writing a bestseller. Its just it has that power. Beryl: And William, what Im thinking here is this is why for so many people, the law of attraction, The Secret, all this stuff doesnt work because as much as we can say, you get more of what you focused on, yes, but when youve got this self-sabotaging construct going on inside you, however much youre focused, if this is pulling you back which is clearly what was going on with Melanie, all this law of attraction stuff wont work, will it? Until these things are cleared. William: No. You see, the thing is that the law of attraction is based on the profound truth that your focus does create your reality. The thing is that ignorant in many cases for many people, the ignorance that is there, the alchemist used to it the half wise. They used to say, the half wise will be dashed against the rocks by reason of their own folly. Its a harsh saying but so true. And that half wise here, the folly is that to think that my focus creates the reality so Im smoking and I want to give up smoking or Im behind in my bills. I need to pay my bills. Thats what I want. Thats what Im going to focus on. But what people dont realize is that the subconscious thats looking at where the power in your consciousness is isnt stupid. Its not blind. It sees your whole consciousness. Its looking at your consciousness and its seeing where the power is. And for instance, lets use the example of someone who is overdue on their bills and desperately need some money and visualizing money as desperately as they can, the subconscious can see whats driving that choice. It knows where thats coming from. It knows its coming from the desperation. So thats what youre really focused on. Beryl: Yeah, absolutely. I absolutely see that. William: So, to be a masterful creator, you have to have masterful awareness of whats going on in your consciousness and assign power in a way that it really is going to flow towards life being how youd love it to be. 25

And like in the case of Mel here, what we did was highly functional because notice that now, what were focusing Mel on or what Mel is going to focus on from now on isnt her problem with overwhelm and not shes not going to be choosing an overwhelm and digging in the dirt there. That overwhelm was just created by a dynamic that we can just leave and then the overwhelm wont be relevant anymore. So then Mel wont focus on it now, wont experience it, sorry. Because now what Mel is going to alternatively focus on is not the problem and the overwhelm and all that but Mel is now going to recognize in new situations what it is shes doing in those situations. What she wants to create in those situations. What is it she loves? And so, the energy is going to flow there because thats a pure motivation. The subconscious goes, Right. So this is where the power is. But if its all Mel trying to come in to a situation where she feels overwhelmed and shes learned these techniques for psyching herself up and dealing with her overwhelm. Beryl: Yup, yup, absolutely. Well, Im looking forward to seeing all these transitions in Melanie and her to be able to be a bit more relaxed about some of these things. William, were mindful of your time, weve taken up loads of your time. But its been an absolutely fascinating discussion. Melanie: And a fascinating experience. Yeah, carry on. William: Thanks Mel. Beryl: People are going to want to spend some time with you, William, Im sure. How can they find you? How can they connect with you? William: Well, is the best place to go to learn a lot more about what were talking about here from videos and loads of resources, my books,. And also, check out now, Im coming to London on the 27th and the 28th for these events and Id love anyone who can get to them to come to them because theyre really going to be highly informative events offering the real distinctions and determinants of what it takes to making yourself a really powerful creator. As you can imagine, from what weve talked about here now.


And also again,, if you go to the Im embarrassed to say that right now today, the date on up were still putting them up but if you stay tuned and check out the website, these London dates will be up there and Beryl: Well put them up, well put them up under this video. As soon as we know about them, well put them up, William. Dont worry about that. William: OK. Beryl: Are you Facebook? Are you on Twitter? William: I am on Facebook, William Whitecloud on Facebook. Ive got a fun page and an author page. And also, Twitter, w_whitecloud, @w_whitecloud. I mean thats a really good way is to hook into my author page and follow me there and get great tips and resources on an ongoing basis. And also, be aware of whats coming up in your area that I or friends of mine that I involve in this work are going to be presenting. Beryl: Fantastic. Well, were thrilled to have had this conversation with you, William. Were really hoping that were going to be able to meet you in person when you are in London later this month. Were fingers crossed. William: Yeah. Ill be coming to London more than just once. So Im going to meet you and we have to meet. And its been a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting conversation I must say. Melanie: Yeah, absolutely. William: Thanks very much to both of you. But really, congratulations to Mel because Mel, you did incredibly through that. Id said to you at one point, like I thought, Oh, were losing it here. But actually, you were going deeper into what really served as get that the gold in there. So well done and thank you. Melanie: Well, if I seemed a bit quiet, its because there was so much processing going on and Ive been quiet since because Im not quite sure whats shifting.


William: There will be big shifts, dont worry. Once you do something like that, the shift even unconsciously continues. Melanie: Im looking forward to it. William: Gets the information stored up and youll get lots of benefits from that. So, its going to serve you. Melanie: It is. So just before we wrap up Id like to say to the audience, please remember to comment on this video. Im sure, William, youd love to respond to any comments or questions? William: Totally, absolutely. If youre watching this on any kind of social media, then please feel free to share it with all of your friends. Were Wired for Success TV at Facebook and on Twitter. Lastly, wherever youre listening to this episode from, if you havent done so already, please just shoot over to our main site and join our newsletter for updates and content by adding your name and email. If you head over there, there will be a transcript of this episode too. We reply to all comments and suggestions and we would love to hear from you. So thank you for tuning in. Remember to tune in for the next episode of Wired for Success where we help you to master the seven areas of life. So from me Beryl and my co-host Melanie and from our interviewee William we bid you farewell and next time. So, if you would like to say good-bye.


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