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Informatics Institute of Technology Department of Computing Assignment Cover Sheet __________________________________________________________________________ Course: BSc (Hons) / BSc Software Engineering / Information Systems with Business / Information Systems

Unit Code and Description: 3SFE617 Internet Application Design Module Leader: Assignment Number: Issue Date: Hand in Date: Hand back Date: Mr. M. Cassim Farook 2 11/03/2011 22/03/2010 29/03/2010 Time: 8:30 AM. Assignment Type: Individual

Submission: Printed Report Only __________________________________________________________________________ The department is not responsible if an assignment is lost. To cover this eventuality you are advised to take a photocopy of the assignment OR to ensure you have the means of re-creating it. __________________________________________________________________________ 1. Procedure for Handling Work: Follow any specific instructions given on the assignment specification. All written work should be placed in the box provided by the Registrars Department on or before the date indicated on the cover sheet. 2. Penalties for Late Hand In: If students submit coursework late but within 24 hours (or one working day) of the specified deadline, the work will be marked and will then have 10% of the overall available marks deducted, to a minimum of the pass mark (40% at Undergraduate level, 50% at Postgraduate level). If students submit coursework more than 24 hours (or one working day) after the specified deadline, they will be given a mark of zero for the work in question. 3. Exceptional Factors Affecting your Performance: Students should submit written evidence to the Registrars Department with a copy to the Module Tutor of exceptional circumstances, which they consider to have caused them to submit assessments late and for which they do not wish to attract any penalty. These have to be handed over to the Registrar within four working days of the hand-indate. 4. Assessment Criteria As indicated in the coursework.
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Coursework Two (2011 Session) - Description For this coursework, you need to produce a detailed design of your chosen web application using Conallens Web Application Extension. What you must deliver You must deliver a report containing class diagrams that show the detailed design of your web application. You should include explanation of any parts of the design/database structure that are not obvious. The report should also include discussion on how the class diagrams meet the requirements set out in CW1. You can decide how you want to include the discussion in the report for example, either have one class diagram per requirement with accompanying discussion, or arrange the class diagrams as packages/modules/subsystems, together a discussion regarding the set of requirements met by the classes in each diagram. The discussion should make clear, briefly but succinctly, how a particular requirement is implemented by the design. For example, if there is a requirement for retrieving a forgotten password, then for the class diagram showing classes involved in an account/authentication subsystem, the discussion could reference the requirement and mention that password retrieval is represented in the design by including a client page form to allow the user to submit their email address/username to a server page that looks up their details, communicates with the email subsystem to send them a reminder email, and then builds a reminder client page class. Lastly, the client is interested in the development process you have used to progress from the requirements to the design, and has asked that you include with your report a short section describing how you produced your low-level design from the requirements document. The report should be no more than 10-15 pages in length The report should be bound without using staples. The pages must be single-sided, font size 11pt with line spacing of 1.5

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Mark scheme The marks for this coursework will be broken down and allocated out of 100 as follows 50% 30% 15% 5% Low-level design, including Appropriate classes (based on your CW1 requirements) Correct and sufficient use of WAE Representation of good navigational structure Clarifying discussion of low-level design Discussion of progress from requirements to low-level design formatting of report

The deadline for handing in the requirements document is Tuesday 22nd March 2011. Group work and out sourcing is not allowed

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