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....).They have been to the Red see-38

.Read and correct the following

.................)Yara enjoys eat sweet food-1

....)You could by a bike for Ahmed-2
......... ).Amina doesnt watch TV last night-3
.The lion coat the rabbit and eat him-4
.... )?How about eating these nice grass-5
.)There was a boat to help people a cross-6
. )?Why not you buy her a book-7
...).We had an enjoy time at the beach-8
... )?What should I bought for Ahmed-9
.....).A tortoise is slowest than a cheetah-10
...)It ate planets and leaves all day-11
... )?Do you no an animal-12
....).Spisers are frightened animals-13
.)A mouse likes eating chess -14
.)Ahmed which plays football is Mr. Khalid's son-15
.... ).Some dinosaurs eight the leaves of trees-16
...)The tall animals are giraffes-17
..)Maths is the most difficult than history-18
... )?You were happy yesterday , were you-19
...)Salmaa couldn't wrote as she forget her pin-20
...) ?It's very hot ,hasn't it-21
....... )?It's running , hasn't it -22
.. ).I married in the age of thirty three-23
...... )?Mona is very happy ,isnt her-24
........... ).Yara didnt sea much people at institute-25
........... ).Ramses belt many temples-26
...........)Yara came in of the house started to run-27
... )?There was anyone eat home , was there-28
.. ).We arent finished our homework-29
.........)My brother has boat new a list of job-30
.. ).Ive wrote a list of jobs-31
. )?Are you travelled outside Egypt this year-32
..... ).Ahmed, please puts away the clothes-33
.. ).There is a different between this year and last year-34
.... )?Has Marwa travelled outside Mahallet Bisher now-35
... )?Yara washed the dishes, havent you-36
.)?Have you never travel to coir-37

..)..Salma has dropped any paint on the floor-39

......).He stayed their for a week-40
...).Ahmedwas born in the 3rd of march,1998-41
..).Cairo has the capital of Egypt-42
.....)?Have you ever been to the North Cost-43
....).Ive just meet an old friend -44
......).Yara and Amina has just made cakes-45
).Ive just washed the dishes, two -46
......)?What isnt she done yet-47
..).Ahmed havent read his story yet-48
.....).Soon means before a short time-49
..).It's used to typing words -50
.......).I,d like to learn more about see animals-51
.....).It has got head in big eyes-52
..).It's colour is light brown -53
.)?What would you liked to know-54
.....).Yara has been in Egypt four a week-55
......).The police is good people-56
).Some thieves stole the bank-57
.)Yara has been here for yesterday-58
...)I came in 8 o'clock-59
).My friend has write a litter to me-60
.)The police has reported a bad fire in Mahallet Bisher-91
).The Egyptian team won one an important match-92
....)Books are making in Cairo-93
)Oil is used for make petrol-94
..).Knives are made in metal-95
.).The first plane flow by the Wright brothers-96
...)The first car was inventing by Benz-97
..)The chair is made by wood-99
.)Some oil is taken to see ports-100
...)Oil is pumped a long pipes-101
).This factories are called oil refineries-102
.)?How did he make the experiment-103
..).He filled the jug of cold water-104
).I went to the butcher's because buy some meet-105
)?106What happens in 1961
). The first oil were found in Egypt-107



. Writequestion using words in bracktes

. Read and correct the following sentences
).I've learn English for five years-1
. Machines drill holes to find oil(Why)(
).They have been married for 2000-2
.Oil is pumped along the pipes (How) -(...
). .Yara stayed in a hotel in a week-3
.......Oil was formed millions of years ago.(When) -3
).This part called the mouse-4
..Ahmed can speaks Italian and Arabic.(How many) -.(...
.Id like know more about sea life -5
White sharks and dugongs live in warm water.(Where). -5
(... ). .Oil is used for make fuels-6

(... ).Ahmed is used to study hard-7

(A printer is used to put words from the computer on paper (What-6
Yara has just write the letter. .( ...)8(She shouldnt cheat in the exam.(What-7
(... ). .Ahmed forget to do her homework tomorrow-9
(She is used to cheating in the exam.(What-8
(... ). .Furious means very hungry-10
(She behaves badly as her parents didnt bring up her well (Why-9
(... ). .Ahmed enjoys plays football-11
?........ (It is a good idea not to cheat (How about-10
(... ). .My father find a new job lat week-12
?.. (Yara goes to the doctor when she is ill(When-11
(... ). .Ahmed reads a lot of books yesterday-13
. Choose the correct answer
(..... ). .people should tell lies-14
.The first (car -map-bicycle) of the world was drawn by El-Idriss -1
(... ). .Ahmed s been to Cairo and still there-15
.If oil is found , It is (pumped- left- put )to the sueace from under ground -2 (... ). .Have you hear me? No, I hasnt-16
.We [may be will must be are] able to visit the moon 3
(... ). .They havent never eaten in a big restaurant-17
.[Yara [travel travels travelled will travel- 4
(... ).Ahmed already has bought a new C D-18
.Mr.Khaled (learned- taught- told) us English last year-5
.(... ).Mohamed Ali arrive in Egypt at 1789-19
.A (doctor-teacher-farmer) works in a clinic-6
(.). .Mohamed Ali built a famous museum of Mohamed Ali-20
.We should turn (on- off- to) the computer after using-7
(.. ). .Ali is a very important leader in the geography of Egypt.-21
A (jug-freezer- kettle) is used to heat water.8(... ). .Mohamed Ali was a good teacher-22
.Flippers- Skin-Eyes) help dugong to swim) -9
(... ). ?Ahmed went to Alex, doesnt he-23
.We use the (printer- keyboard- mouse) for typing-10
(... ). ?Ahmed goes to institute, does he-24
A computer is too (light- expensive- small) to buy.1-1
(... ). ?Ahmed will go on foot, didnt Ahmed-25
.Great white sharks have (weak- sharp- thin) teeth-12
(... ). .Ahmed was born on 1998-26
.There are too much website (at-in-on) the internet-13
(... ). .Ramsea was a king of Egypt since 66 years-27
.The wolf (eat- ate eaten) a lot of sheep-14
. ). .A horse is as big than a camel-28
?Have you (ever-never-just) eaten frogs-15
.Bad-Good-Naughty) pupils shouldn't make noise)-16
(... ). .Tearchers retire in the age of sixty-29
.We dont like (clever- naughty- good) pupils-17
). .The modern Egyptians built the pyramids-30
17-Ahmed wont come to the party, [will he doesnt he isnt he cant he]?
18-Yara didnt tell me anything, [did you did she were you was I]?
(... ). .I have many money-31
19-Maher doesnt like teacher, [is he does he does Maher likes he]?
(... ). .You mustn't say lies-32
20-I dont know French [am I do I do you are you]?
(... ). ?How much year does this animals live-33
.The farmer and [he - him his its] wife were happy-21
(....)Books are making in Cairo-93
.[The past tense of draw is [draws drew drawing drawn22
(.)Oil is used for make petrol-94
.She went to Cairo in the 21st of April ,2007-23
(... ). .Knives are made in metal-95
?Have you [write wrote written writing] anything today 24

.Read and correct the following

.)fill the bottle of the water, please-108
...)?What do you need to make the experiment-109
..).Rain was feel from the sky-110
..)Iam not sure .it must be a whale-111
)?Would you like to sea the new time machine-112
..)Yara and Ahmed started there trip-113
..).They must are very happy-114
.).Yara is very tiring so, she went to bed-115
....).Yara drew a beautifully picture yesterday-116
.).Ahmed is happy Mohamed is happy , two-117
).Ahmed didnt go by bus, as well-118
..).Unless you dont go to bed , you will be tired-119
...).The children went back there own time-120
)The clothes will be iron this evening-121
).Ahmed fell over but he didnt hurt him-122
)She is two young to wash herself-123
).Aflash is a suddenly bright light-124
)?She doesnt go to Cairo, does not she-125
..).Ahmed and Mohamed has just seen it-126
).Giza is famous four it pyramids-1127
..)Ahmed was borne in 1998-128
).Widows are made from glass and wood-129
..).Alex is in the north off Cairo-130
..).In the future ,there can be better hospitals-131
).Yara decides help blind people-132
..)..Yara,, please washed the dishes-133
..).An octopus has got ate legs-134
).?Have you never been to England-135
.)?How about got some flowers for Marwa.-136
.).I have seen Mona for 2007-137
)..Dinosure died in 160 million years ago-138
..)Salma was smiling happy-139
).We are been very busy-140
)?What is you are nationality-141
..) We enjoyed watched the film-142
.).Ahmed drives very careful to the air port-143
.)? How long are you been in Egypt-144
.).Ahmed read an interested film-145

.)?Have you buy anew C D-146

.).A keyboard is used for type words-147
..).Yara ran quick to her institute-148
.)?What should I bought for Ahmed-149
).I saw a very gig wolves-150
..).The thieves stole a bank in Suez-151
..).He was birth in 1333BC-152
).Yara hasnt have a good day-153
)?How much years does this animals live-154
).The film was so bad that he lift before it finished-155
..).They were saw expensive that she didnt buy one-156
.).You mustn't say lies-157
.).My brother has found a new job last month-158
.).I will win the prize unless I work hard-159
).She answered the test correct-160
)?Ahmedcame late yesterday ,dont Ahmed-161
..).The film was so boring that I saw it twice-162
..).I dont like Kersha , too-163
).Oil is used for make fuels-164
...).Amed didnt go neither-165
).Ahmed always does her homework by herself-166
.).You will be tired if you go to sleep now-167
).You should waste your time-168
)..Cairo is the capital of Italy-169
).El Idrissi drew the first car of the world-170
.).It,s for another drinks-171
.) He is used to study hard-172
...).It,s so hot for me to eat-173
).Taps are turned off to get water-174
.).Cheetahs are slower than lions-175
..)?How high is Ahmed-176
.).Maha eats so many sweet that she is very fat-177
).Her house is like big as ours-178
.)..He cant see some footprints-179
)?How many money do you have-180
..).The people of Egypt are Sudanese-181
).Sharks have fins and strong tail to help them eat-182
).Hoda has swept the fridge-183
.).Dugong live in cold water-184
).It,s a help book about different games-185