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Great Expectations Directions: Each group is responsible for reading their assigned chapters and creating a (1) Summary

of the chapters, (2) Answer the discussion questions from the reading guide, and (3) Pick out at least five quotations and explain why they are significant to the chapter. Dont forget to bring in an entrance slip tomorrow with your top three research paper topics!!!!!!

Groups: 15-16 17-18 19-20 21-23 24-26 27-29 30-32 33-35 36-38 39-41. 42-44 45-47 48-50 51-53 54-55 56-57 58- 59

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Chapter 1- 3 Summary: In this chapter... Discussion questions from the reading guide o 1. o 2. o 3. etc. Quotations o .... (Dickens 2). Short paragraph explaining quotation....

Chapters 15-16 Summary: Pip ignores Joes advice and visits Miss Havisham anyways. When he goes to visit Miss Havisham, he learns that Estella has been sent abroad. Also, Mrs. Joe is attacked and now physically disabled. Discussion questions o How does Joe get into a fight with Orlick? Because Orlick was in an argument with Mrs. Joe o Why did the author make Joe such a big man? What might his size symbolize? To symbolize his personality. o Where is Estella? Abroad o Who is George Barnwell? Why does Pip identify with him? Orlick o Explain why Biddy believes Orlick may have hurt Mrs. Joe. What does this tell you about Biddy? Because of the past conflict with Orlick and Mrs. Joe. o How does the author characterize the police? As bumblers Quotations Pip, dear old chap, life is made of ever so many partings welded together, as I may say, and one mans a blacksmith, and ones a whitesmith, and ones a goldsmith, and ones a coppersmith. Diwisions among such must come, and must be met as they come.

Chapters 17-18 Summary: Biddy moves in with them to help take care of Joe. Pip goes back to visit Satis House and realizes he misses Estella. Biddy tells him not to like her, but he just gets mad. He gets jealous when Orlick flirts with Biddy. He meets the lawyer Jaggers and realizes he is going to London to become a gentleman because of a mysterious benefactor who he thinks is Miss Havisham. He leaves Joe and Biddy. Discussion questions o Why does Pip tell Biddy about his attraction to Estella? He trusts her and thinks she is pretty and has done a lot for his family. o In what ways does Pip seem immature? He isnt satisfied with anything and he is very materialistic. What is the news that Jaggers brings? Pip has an anonymous benefactor who gave him a new life as a gentleman in London. o What conditions are set for Pip to realize his new expectations? He is given

a fortune. Why does Pip believe Miss Havisham sent Jaggers? He saw Jaggers at Miss Havishams house before. o Why does Pip say he is unhappy despite his great fortune? He has to leave everyone behind and start over. Quotations What would signify to me, being coarse and common, if nobody had told me so! Pip is confiding to Biddy that he recognizes his low social status. Do you want to be a gentleman to spite her or to gain her over? Biddy is forcing Pip to truly look at himself and examine his real motives. It felt very sorrowful and strange that this first night of my bright fortunes should be the loneliest I had ever known. Pip is sad that even though he is starting a new life, he has to abandon everyone important to him to gain status in society. Your benefactor will remain unknown to him until he/she chooses to reveal himself. Jaggers informs Pip of an anonymous benefactor that gave him a new chance at life.

Chapters 19-20 Summary: For the most part Pip is leaving to go to London. He makes his last visits to Ms. Havisham. Before Pip leaves he make sure to spend some time with Joe( he felt forced to do so), and Mr. Pumblechook. The morning of his departure Pip realizes that he treated the people that loved him most badly. Discussion questions: o 19-1: Mr. pumblechook and Pip are good friends and he knows o 19-2: Mr. Tabb is the towns tailor; Mr. Tabb is an old Bachelor. Pip characterized him as being prosperous, Mr. Tabb treats Pip with sternness but in a business way. o 19-3: Miss Havisham asked him questions about his guardian but she already knew the answers. o 19-4: At the end of the chapter he feels that he was acting very poorly toward the people he loves. The tone is very mellow. o 19-5 : He wanted to try to be the best that he could but know he is given a new life. o 20-1: Because Pip is too use to his old life o Great o Quotations

o o o o

He was a prosperous old bachelor..... (p. 151, chapter 19) We changed again and yet again, and it was now too late and too far to go back, and i went on. (p. 160, chapter 19) If you have the heart to be so, you mean, Biddy,said I, in a virtuous and superior tone,... (p. 150, chapter 19) These testimonies to the popularity of my guardian made a deep impression on me, and i admired and wondered more than ever. (p. 165, chapter 20)

Chapters 21-23 Summary: Pip meets Herbert Pocket and they form a great friendship..Her bert is actually the young man who Pip got in a fight with at the Satis House. Herbert tells Pip Miss Havishams story, her husband never showed up for their wedding and Miss Havisham stopped the clocks at (8:40) , the time that it happened. Pip later visits the Pockets house to be tutored and for dinner. All of the children run around the house and there is no order. Discussion questions o What is Heberts personality like? o What does Herbert call Pip? o What does Herbert reveal to Pip about Ms. Havisham? o What does Pip ask of Hubert to teach him to do? o On Ms. Havisham's wedding, what occurred that she did not expect?

Quotations o man who was not a true gentleman at heart, ever was, since the world began, a true gentleman in manner.... no varnish can hide the grain of the wood; and that the more varnish you put on, the more the grain will express itself (ch.22). o I shouldnt mind anything that you proposs (ch.22). o he wasn not a true gentleman at heart (ch.22).

Chapters 24-26 Summary: Pip returns to Jaggers house to prepare to live with Herbert. From there, he befriends Wemmick, who has invited him to dinner. Pip also gets to see what Jaggers is like in the courtroom and there he finds out that Jaggers is more terrifying there, even to the judge. In Chapter 25, Pip continues making relationships with the Pockets. In addition, Pip observes that Wemmick has a has a more positive attitude at home than at workl. Later at dinner he gets into an argument with Bentley Drummle over a loan. Chapter 26 focuses mainly on the similarities of Jaggers and his home - both are very gloomy and dark individuals. This also shows how your home can reflect the person you are. Discussion questions o 1.) They have a deep friendship with all that such a relationship implies. o 2.) Hes the reason the butcher is freed- he sounds rather intimidating but his description seems calmer as they near his house. o 3.) He has a split personality and only says things that are necessary. o 4.) Both are dark, gloomy, and very business oriented. o 5.)Molly is Estellas mother. She was accused of killing a woman , she married Magwitch by jumping over a log and fought with a woman in a bar.

Quotations o Well, said Wemmick, youll see a wild beast tamed. Not so very uncommon, youll tell me. I reply, that depends on the original wildness of the beast, and the amount of taming. It wont lower your opinion of Mr. Jaggers powers. Keep your eye on it. (Ch. 24, Pg. 201) o "If his object in singling out Drummle were to bring him out still more, it perfectly succeeded. In a sulky triumph, Drummle showed his morose depreciation of the rest of us, in a more and more offensive degree until he became downright intolerable. Through all his stages, Mr. Jaggers followed him with the same strange interest. He actually seemed to serve as a zest to Mr. Jaggers's wine." (Ch. 26, Pg. 214)

Chapters 27 - 29

Summary: Joe went to visit Pip in London when Joe got their the visit was awkward Pip went home...Pip overhear a conversation and become terrified Pip pictured himself being a knight who rescued lady Estelle .Discussion questions o 1. Joe calls Pip sir because he knows that things have changed with P ip and they are no longer truly considered equals. o 2. These Chapters show that Pip has changed into a more judgemental snob who believes he is better than the people he grew up with even though he actually is no different than them. o 3. Biddy does not know why Joe told her to write what larks to Pip but just assumed Pip would know. o 4. Joe comes to London to visit Pip and deliver him a message. o 5. Hes afraid Drummle will judge Joe. o 6. Joe tells Pip that Wopsle is going to become an actor. o 7. In this quote Joe is saying that people are all different and they change with time and as they change, their lives and the people around them change, and thats life and its not Pips fault. o 8. Pip is unable to recognize Joes intelligence because Pip has become too. o 9. Pumblechooks dark trait is that he is a liar and the quote is saying that when he lies he deceives even himself. like when he convinces himself and others that he and are close and always were. o 10. Pip coincidentally takes a ride in a coach with two men one of whom is the man who gave Pip money in the pub. the two men also begin to talk about Pips convict. o 11. Pip sees himself as a knight in shining armour to Estella saving her from the e that is Satis House o 12. Estella is even more beautiful than before o 13. Miss Havisham enjoys ridiculing Pip because she likes the way he reacts. o 14. Pip does not visit Joe because Estella tells him not to because his old friends no longer go with his new life. o 15. I believe Estella is not being honest when she tell Pip she has no heart in fact I believe she says this because she cares for Pip and does not want to hurt him but does not love so does not want to hurt him by having him fall for her. o 16. The ghost Pip sees is the person Estella used to be and the person he wishes she was. o 17. She wants to keep him dependant on Estella. Quotations o Pip, dear old chap, life is made of ever so many partings welded together, as I may say, and one mans a blacksmith, and ones a whitesmith, and ones a goldsmith, and ones a coppersmith. Diwisions among such must come, and must be met as they come. o This quote is Joe saying that people and their place in society sometimes changes and these changes are just a part of life and must be accepted as tey come and its not Pips fault he changed st a part of life o "Let me confess exactly, with what feelings I look forward to Joe's coming.

Not with pleasure, though I was bound to him by so many ties; no; with considerable disturbance, some mortification, and a keen sense of incongruity. If I could have kept him away by paying money, I certainly would have paid money." This quote shows how Pip has changed and how he is terrified of facing his past again.

Chapters 30-32 Summary: Pip tells Jaggers he thinks Orlick isnt very trustworthy and they decide to pay him off. He tells Herbert how much he loves Estella and Herbert tells him that he doesnt think Miss Havisham will let them be together. Herbert tells Pip about a girl named Clara that he wants to marry. Pip and Herbert go to see the play Mr. Wopsle is in, Hamlet. Mr. Wopsle though he did a terrific job and Pip and Herbert take pity on him and invite him to dinner. Estella writes Pip a letter to come pick her up but he arrives early. Wemmick invites him to go to Newgate Prison. After he leaves the prison he feels the prison he thinks about how he is always surrounded by crime and feels grimy and dirty while he waits for Estella

Discussion questions o 1. Pip tells his guardian that Orlick is not trustworthy enough to work for Miss Havisham and decides to pay Orlick off o 2. I feel his actions were justified because he felt that they were equals and in his eyes he sees Pip as a blacksmith rather than a gentleman o 3. He gives Herbert money to relieve his guilt. o 4. He confesses his feeling toward Estella. Herberts advice is to be wary of his feelings because he feels they arent destined to be together o 5. Pip and Herbert go to the theater to see Mr. Wopsle perform o 6. Mr. Wopsles performance is no good and he changes his name in order to pursue his acting career and be more in character o 7. Pip meets Estellas coach because he is anxious about seeing Estella and nervous about being reunited with her, it shows that he is still in love with her. o 8. Wemmicks green house is Newgate Prison. This is an odd metaphor because you wouldnt think of a prison as a place to grow, you would think of a school for kids to learn instead. Wemmick might treat the prison this way because they look up to him, like one would tend to plants.

Quotations o The disgrace attendant on his immediately afterwards taking to crowning and nursing me across the bridge with crows, as from an exceedingly dejected fowl who had known me when I was a blacksmith, culminated the disgrace with which I left the town and was, so to speak, ejected by it into the open country (page 247) o Explanation: he feels like he is no better than anyone else in the town and is an equal even though he has great expectations noYou have always adored her, ever since I have known you. You brought your adoration and your portmanteau here together. Told me! Why, you have always told me plainly that you began adoring her the first time you saw her, when you were very young indeed. ( page 248) o Explanation: Herbert understands that Pip is in love with Estella o Without distinctly knowing whether I should have been more sorry for Mr. Wopsle if he had been in despair, I was so sorry for him as it was, that I took the opportunity of his turning round to have his braces put on- to ask Herbert what he thought of having him home to summer? (page 258) o Explanation: he took pity on Mr. Wopsle because he believed that the play went really well. o I am to come to London the day after tomorrow by midday coach I believe it was settled you should meet me? At all events Miss Havisham has that impression, and I write in obedience to it. She sends you her regard. Yours, Estella (page 260) o Explanation: this is important because it gives Pip some reassurance and hope that Estella has not forgotten about and him o How strange it was that I should be encompassed by all this taint of prison and crime; that in my childhood out on our lonely marshes on a winter evening I should have first encountered it; that it should have first encountered it; that it should have reappeared on two occasions, starting out like a stain that was faded but not gone o Explanation: he is talking about the time when he first met the convict in the graveyard and how crime always manages to find him.

Chapters 33-35

Summary: These chapters deal with all the people in Pips life that have had a great influence on him. Estella still treats him rudely, but hints that they can have a life together. Mrs. Joe also dies in this part of the book. Pip realizes how much he actually feels about her and also he says he remembers her a little less harsh. When Pip comes to visit Joe and Biddy, they make Pip feel like he is not accepted. This marks the end of an important stage in Pips life. Discussion questions o Given the way Dickens portrays Estella, what do you think attracts Pip to her? Pip still finds Estella extremely beautiful, and with the constant instructions from Ms. Havisham, Pip cannot break free from her. o Though Estella treats him badly, Pip has hope. In what does his hope lie? He believes he is destined to marry Estella. o Who are the Finches of the Grove? Why does Pip associate with them? The Finches of the Grove is a social club that Pip is a part of. Him and Herbert join it to be in a higher class. o Describe Pips spending habits. What do Pip and Herbert do when their spending seems out of control? Explain leaving a margin. How helpful is this practice? Herbert and Pip would spend so much that they would accumulate debt. After a while, they would count up all their debts and leave a margin. Leaving a margin is rounding up their debt to the nearest hundred. This would not be helpful because it would just make more debt than their already was. o What is the significance of Mrs. Joes death? What is surprising about how Pip feels about his sister now? Why doesnt it bring Joe and Pip closer? This marked the end of Pips poor childhood. He feels as though she will still show up anywhere, but he remembers her treating him less harshly than she did. Pip and Joe do not become closer because Pip believes he is better than Joe and he does not visit often enough to keep a stable relationship with Joe. o What is ironic about Pips claim that Biddy has done an injustice and an injury to him? Biddy only called Pip out on his injustice to Joe because he does not visit often. Pip took offence to it and called out Biddy for antagonizing him. It is really Pip that is doing the injustice. Quotations o For you were not brought up in that strange house from a mere baby - I was. You had not your little wits sharpened by their intriguing against you, suppressed, defenseless... (268). This quote explains Estellas harsh behavior and how her childhood was compared to Pips. o I had grown accustomed to my expectations, I had insensibly begun to notice their effect upon myself and those around me. (273). This quote brings us back to the idea of expectations. Pip has finally reached his expectations, but he did not see the consequences that would come with it. o As I am now generalizing a period of my life with the object of clearing my

way before me (275). Pip always had Joe to look out for him and care for him. Now that Joe is gone from Pips life, only Pip has the responsibility for solving his own problems and fighting his own battles. But they returned with a gentle tone upon them that softened even the edge of Tickler. (279). This marks Pips forgiveness to his sister for her harsh treatment. He shows emotion when she passes which shows how Pip has moved on from his horrible childhood. Once more, the mists were rising as I walked away. If they disclosed to me, as I suspect they did, that I should not come back, and that Biddy was quite right, all I can say is-they were quite right, too. Pip realizes how his new life and fortune have had an effect on him. He knows how unfair he has treated Joe and Biddy, but he knows he needs to continue his life without them.

Chapters 36-38 Summary: 36-38 Pips twenty-first birthday marks his official transition to adulthood. Jaggerss refusal to comply with Pips wishes to know the truth about his benefactor is a bad omen, one borne out in the next section with the arrival of the convict and the downfall of Pips greatest expectations. Even though Pip is still self -critical, he has legitimately matured into early adulthood and developed more sympathetic qualities. His decision to use his large income to help Herbertbeing very desirous, as he says, to serve a friendallows him to share his good fortune with a friend in need. Ironically, Pip adopts secrecy even as he is most anxious to know the identity of his own secret benefactor. Of course, he still believes his benefactor to be Miss Havisham, and he even accounts for Jaggerss refusal to talk with the ridiculous deduction that Miss Havisham had not taken him into her confidence as to her designing me for Estella; that he resented this, and felt a jealousy about it. Discussion questions o How did Pips life change when he turned 21? He will begin to receive a regular income from his fortune rather than having to go to Jaggers to access his money. He also hopes that his entrance into adulthood will cause jaggers to tell him the identity of his mysterious benefactor o After having a birthday supper with Jaggers and Wemmick, why does Pip go to Walworth? o Why does Wemmick give advice at Walworth that contradicts what he said on Gerrard Street? o How is Pip changing? Why does he laugh after returning from Walworth?

Reread the descriptions of Miss Havisham (Pg. 302-303). What images does the author invoke to describe her? Why? o Why is Miss Havisham so pleased with Estellas behavior? How does her success teaching Estella also cause her great pain? o What does Pip clearly realize about Miss Havisham? o What devastation news does Pip get about Estella while visiting Satis House? o Why does Pip stay devoted to Estella even when he sees how she treats him and her other suitors? Quotations o choose your bridge, Mr. Pip and take a walk upon your bridge, and pitch your money into the thames over the centre arch of your bridge. o I begin to think, said estella, in a mushing way, after another moment of calm wonder, that I almost understand how this comes about. o I begin to think, said Estella, in a musing way, after another moment of calm wonder, that I almost understand how this comes about. If you h ad brought up your adopted daughter wholly in the dark confinement of these rooms, and had never let her know that there was such a thing as the daylight by which she has never once seen your faceif you had done that, and then, for a purpose, had wanted her to understand the daylight and know all about it, you would have been disappointed and angry? . . . o I never had one hour's happiness in her society, and yet my mind all round the four-and-twenty hours was harping on the happiness of having her with me unto death. o So,' said Estella, 'I must be taken as I have been made. The success is not mine, the failure is not mine, but the two together make me.

Chapters 39-41 Summary: A suspicious man comes see Pip and it is the convict from Pips childhood. He tells Pip that he is Pips financial supporter. Pip goes through a mental and logical debate. He does not know if it is right to accept money from Magwitch because he does not know if he really deserves the money. Magwitch decides that he is eternally grateful to Pip for helping him when he was a convict. He must also hide Magwitch from the public, which Pip finds increasingly difficult. Discussion questions o 1. Pip realizes that his visitor is the convict from the marsh when he was a

child. 2.The man returned to England to tell Pip about how he has been funding him. o 3. Pip also realizes that he is not destined to be with Estella. o 4. Magwitch will get pleasure from Pip spending money because then he knows that he is helping Pip, like Pip helped him. o 5. It is hard to disguise him because every time that he dresses Magwitch, he begins to look like the convict again. o 6. Pip feels as if he is already in debt, and can no longer accept money to put himself further in debt. Quotations o Lookee here, Pip. Im your second father. Youre my sonmore to me nor any son. Ive put away money, only for you to spend. Chapter 39, pg. 321 Magwitch wishes to give Pip his money. o " The imaginary student pursued by the misshapen creature he had impiously made, was not more wretched than I, pursued by the creature who had made me, and recoiling from him with a stronger repulsion, the more he admired me and the fonder he was of me." Chapter 40, pg. 392 This quote shows how Pip sees Magwitch o "...heavily in debt--very heavily for me, who [has] now no expectations--and I have been bred to no calling, and I am fit for nothing" Chapter 41, pg. 396 Herbert is revealed to be in debt.

Chapters 42-44 Summary: The next morning Magwitch tells the young men his story of being an orphan and stealing food for himself. Pip, ashamed that his social class isnt good enough for Estella, so he decides to leave. When Pip finally tells Estella he loves her, he is shocked to find that she is marrying Drummle. Miss Havisham admits that she knowingly allowed him to believe she was his benefactor, and she agrees to help Herbert now that Pip can no longer use his own fortune. Upset beyond words, Pip walks the whole way back to London. At a gate close to his home, a night porter gives him a note from Wemmick, reading dont go home.

Discussion questions 1. Compeyson was the man that Miss. Havisham was going to marry. Compeyson had already driven another accomplice, Arthur, into alcoholism and madness. Arthur, Magwitch says, was driven to despair by the memory of a wealthy woman he and Compeyson had once victimized. 2. He is an orphan just like Pip, and it shows how he grew up in life.

3. If Compeyson finds out that Magwitch returns, he could be in danger from Compeyson. 4. He feels like he is not good enough for Estella 5. To say goodbye to Estella and Miss. Havishams 6. He sees Drummle. 7. 8. Yes, because she has hinted they could be together. 9. He is maturing in different ways. He can sa 10. He is extremely unhappy, he cant bear to see Drummle Quotation Out of my thoughts! You are part of my existence, part of myself... Estella

Chapters 45-47 Summary: Pip wakes up after spending a night at an inn called Hummams,then pip finds Wemmick, who explains that he has learned through Jaggers office that Compeyson is pursuing Magwitch. And Herbert has hidden him and Claras house and that is where Pip sets off for. When Pip arrives, he finds Claras dad drunk. He finds Magwitch upstairs and is surprised by how concerned he is.Herbert and Pip plan to sneak Magwitch away on the river and Pip buys a rowboat watching out for the person thats after Magwitch. Pip waits for the signal to move Magwitch downstream and all of their worries are directed towards Magwitch. Pip goes to the theatre to forget all of his troubles and Wopsle tells Pip that a member in the audience is one of the convicts from many years ago. On the outside Pip is calm but inside he is terrified and rushes home to tell Herbert and Wemmick Discussion questions o The Hummams mood is seedy and Pip needs a place to stay o Wemmick is trustworthy, sneaky, and intelligent o Claras dad must be drunk a lot therefore making her life miserable but she is probably out of the house a lot. o Pip tries to warn Magwitch about someone trying to find him and tries to hide him o They try to sneak Magwitch downstream and reach another boat to get to England

Quotations 1. Pip: The truth was, that she had objected to me as an expensive companion who did Herbert no good... Herbert had felt himself obliged to confide the state of the case to me, with a view to the lapse of a little time before I made her acquaintance. (Ch. 45) Pip realizes Compeyson is going after Magwitch who is hidden at Claras house. 2. Pip: "We are both good watermen, Handel, and could take him down the river ourselves when the right time comes. No boat would then be hired for the purpose, and no boatmen; that would save at least a chance of suspicion, and any chance is worth saving. (Ch. 46) Pip starts thinking about getting Magwitch across the river and buys a small rowboat. 3. Pip: What was to follow that I did not touch upon; neither, indeed, was I at all clear or comfortable about it in my own mind, now that I saw him in that softer condition, and in declared peril for my sake. (Ch. 46) Pip starts to feel compassion for Magwitch which reinforces his decision to take him across the river. 4. Pip: I cannot exaggerate the enhanced disquiet into which this conversation threw me, or the special and peculiar terror I felt at Compeyson's having been behind me like a ghost. (Ch. 47) Pip realizes Compeyson is following him and becomes worried. 5. Pip: As the time wore on, an impression settled heavily upon me that Estella was married. Fearful of having it confirmed, though it was all but a conviction, I avoided the newspapers, and begged Herbert (to whom I had confided the circumstances of our last interview) never to speak of her to me. (Ch. 47) Realizing Estella is married, Pip becomes upset and becomes mildly depressed. Because of this, he tells Herbert and other friends not to mention her again.

Chapters 48-50 Summary: When Jaggers mentions Estellas marriage shortly after Jaggerss housekeeper Molly walks in, Pip realizes that Molly is the person he couldnt place, the person Estella mysteriously resembles. He realizes that Molly must be Estellas mother. Walking home with Wemmick after dinner, Pip questions his friend about Molly, and he learns that she was accused of killing a woman over her husband and of murdering her daughter to hurt him. Pip is certain that Estella is that lost daughter. Pip visits Miss Havisham, who feels guilty for having caused Estella to break his heart. Sobbing, she clings to Pips feet, begging him to forgive her. He acts kindly toward her, then goes for a walk in the garden. There, he has a fantasy that Miss Havisham is dead. He looks up at her window just in time to see her bend over the fire and go up in a column of flame. Rushing in to save her, Pip smothers the flames with the tablecloth. Miss Havisham lives, but she becomes an invalid, a shadow of her former self. Pip stays with her after the doctors have left early the next morning, he leaves

her in the care of her servants and returns to London. Pip himself was badly burned trying to save Miss Havisham, and while Herbert changes his bandages, they agree that they have both grown to like Magwitch. Herbert tells Pip the part of Magwitchs story that the convict originally left out, the story of the woman in his past. The story matches that of Jaggerss housekeeper, Molly. Magwitch, therefore, is Mollys former husband and Estellas father. Discussion questions o Chapter 48 # 4 o Chapter 48 # 5 o Chapter 48 # 6 o Chapter 49-50 # 1 o Chapter 49-50 # 2 o Chapter 49-50 # 3 o Chapter 49-50 # 4 o Chapter 49-50 # 5 o Chapter 49-50 # 6 o Chapter 49-50 # 7 Quotations: Pip, dear old chap, life is made of ever so many partings welded together, as I may say, and one mans a blacksmith, and ones a whitesmith, and ones a goldsmith, and ones a coppersmith Diwisions among such must cI begin to think, said Estella, in a musing way, after another moment of calm wonder, that I almost understand how this comes about. If you had brought up your adopted daughter wholly in the dark confinement of these rooms, and had never let her know that there was such a thing as the daylight by which she has never once seen your faceif you had done that, and then, for a purpose, had wanted her to understand the daylight and know all about it, you would have been disappointed and angry? . . . Lookee here, Pip. Im your second father. Youre my sonmore to me nor any son. Ive put away money, only for you to spend. When I was a hired -out shepherd in a solitary hut, not seeing no faces but faces of sheep till I half-forgot wot mens and womens faces whos like, I see yours

Chapters 51-53 Summary: Pip finds out the truth about Estellas parentage. He learns that Estellas mother is Molly. Pip is also upset that he lost Joe as a friend and feels that he neglected Joe and feels sorry. So he runs off to look for someone. He meets Orlick in the marshes and he is threatening to kill Pip. Orlick admits to killing Mrs. Joe but is still blaming Pip for it. Just before Orlick kills Pip a group of men come in and save him but Orlick escapes and Pip goes home to try to help Magwitch escape from prison. Discussion questions

o o o o o o o

1. To meet up with Mr. Jagger 2. By telling him he knows more about miss Havisham than he thinks. 3. Because they had a past together and it was bad. 4. The child was concealed. 5. Because he didnt want to make any actual accusations he was just saying. 6. He is going to the middle east.


Chapters 54-55 Summary: Pip attempts to travel with his group on the river, but fear that the police will arrest someone. Magwitch is arrested when Magwitch and Pip attempt to sneak out early. Pip sees two men looking into his boat, so the group arranges for Pip and Magwitch to sneak out early the next morning and rejoin the boat further down the river.Making their way downriver, they see their goal. A German steamer that will take Pip and Magwitch awayin the distance. But suddenly another rowboat appears, and a policeman calls for Magwitchs arrest. Magwitch recognizes Compeyson on the other boat and dives into the river to attack him. Discussion questions (54)

Discussion questions (55) o What is the significance of Magwitchs death? Magwitch's death was a major turning point for Pip. Quotations

Chapters 56-57 Summary: Magwitch is sentenced to death. On the day of Magwitchs death Pip tells him that Estella is alive, Magwitch then died in peace. After his death pip becomes ill. he is arrested for his debt but is later released because he was sick. Joe comes back and nurses Pip through his illness. Joe tells him that Miss Havisham has died and that Orlick

was caught and put in jail. Before joe leaves he repays all of Pips debts. Joe decides to marry Biddy when he gets home. Discussion questions o Magwitch believes his death is Gods way of saying he is forgiven o I think he will get married to Estella o Most of Magwitchs money goes to the government because pip doesnt claim it. o He was too Ill. o He wanted to rescue pip who was ill and in debt. o Biddy is much more nurturing and patient then Pip. o He wants to go back to and reconcile with Joe

Quotations o "She lived and found powerful friends. She is living now. She is a lady and very beautiful. And I love her! o I: She is Estella, Magwitchs daughter. Pip gives Magwitch comfort before his enviable death by telling him that his lost daughter is doing fine. He can die truly in peace now, knowing that his daughter is a live and well. o The whole scene starts out again in the vivid colours of the moment, down to the drops of April rain on the windows of the court, glittering in the rays of April sun. o -I: The author describes the scenery outside the court room as a rainy day in April, but then rays of the sun appear through the rain. I thought it to be a representation of what is happening in the court room where Magwitch is sentenced to death. The rain drops can be inferred as Magwitchs fate, because rain gives a sense of a sad atmosphere which can be tied to his undeniable fate, death. The rays of the sun can be the happiness of the people to see another convict being put to death. Then, the Judge addressed them. Among the wretched creatures before him whom he must single out for special address, was one who almost from his infancy had been an offender against the laws; who, after repeated imprisonments and punishments, had been at length sentenced to exile for a term of years; and who, under circumstances of great violence and daring had made his escape and been re-sentenced to exile for life I: The judge only points out the crimes that Magwitch has done and has no background knowledge of why he has done the things he has done. He gives everyone in the courtroom a false representation of Magwitch and therefore everyone sees him as another convict. The appointed punishment for his return to the land that had cast him out, being Death, and his case being this aggravated case, he must prepare himself to Die. I: The jurys biased ruling of Magwitchs fate. Its biased because everything was really stacked against him. Nothing that he has done was taken into consideration. It was almost as if he was guilty before going to courtroom. Rising for a moment, a distinct speck of face in this way of light, the

prisoner said, "My Lord, I have received my sentence of Death from the Almighty, but I bow to yours. I: Magwitch accepts his fate, but says that it was God who has given him his sentenced and believes it is a blessing, not being hanged but rather sentenced to death. Its almost as if Magwitch believes that his sentenced his Gods way of forgiving him.

Chapters 58 - 59 Summary: When Pip arrives at his childhood home, he finds Satis House pulled apart in preparation for an auction. Eleven years later, Pip returns to England. Pip then goes to Satis House and finds that it is no longer standing. Discussion questions o What advice does Biddy give pip after his return 11 years later? o What do you think will happen to Pip during the next 2-0 years? o 2. By telling him he knows more about miss Havisham than he thinks. o 3. Because they had a past together and it was bad. o 4. The child was concealed. o 5. Because he didnt want to make any actual accusations he was just saying. o 6. Herbert is the new partner in the business. Quotations o I took her hand in mine and we went out of the ruined place; and, as the morning mists had risen long ago when I first left the forge o It was only the pleasanter to turn to Biddy and to Joe, whose great forbearance shone more brightly than before, if that could be, contrasted with this brazen pretender." o The tidings of my high fortunes having had a heavy fall, had got down to my native place and its neighbourhood before I got there o I am greatly changed, I know, but i thought you would like to shake hands with Estella, too, Pip. o The freshness of her beauty was indeed gone, but its indescribable majesty and its indescribable charm remained