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BPUB Central Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Rebate Application

2010/2011 Information and Guidelines:

A monetary rebate is available to all BPUB Electric Residential and Small Business customers when they buy and install qualifying energy efficient central air conditioning and heat pump systems. Please direct all questions to 956-983-6242 or E-mail
Applicants for rebates must be a rental property owner, home owner, or small business owner. Applications are subject to verification. If the verification cannot be completed, the rebate will not be paid. Applications must be completed and submitted within 30 days of installation of unit. Please allow 3-6 weeks after receipt of all documentation for the rebate to be issued. Address of account must match address of installation. Rebate recipient must be a customer of BPUB electric services. Rebates can be for replacing existing older units and for new construction. Five (5) ton limitation per unit. Two (2) unit maximum. Central A/C units include: split system units; mini-split system units; and self-contained (package) units. Rebate amount is based on the AHRI published efficiency ratio Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). 15.0 SEER $400/unit $350/unit 16.0 SEER $500/unit $400/unit 17.0 SEER or Greater $600/unit $400/unit

Central Air Conditioning: Central Heat Pump:

Both the evaporator coil (inside unit) and the condensing unit (outside unit) must be replaced as a matching system as rated in the Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute. AHRI reference number must be noted on the application. Installations must be completed by a licensed air conditioning contractor; TACL. Installation must be verified and approved by a third party rater. BPUB is not responsible for any equipment warranty. Program may be discontinued by BPUB at anytime. Rebates are contingent upon fund availability. For a comprehensive list of qualification and guidelines please refer to the BPUB A/C Rebate Program summary

Include the following items: Legible copy of receipt itemizing equipment installed, model numbers and serial numbers. (Proposals, quotes, letters of completion are not accepted) AHRI rating sheet (Obtain from your contractor) (Printout of the ARI reference data sheet showing product identifiers and performance ratings) Manual J (Obtain from your contractor) Completed and signed application (This form)
Mail or Deliver to: BPUB Energy Conservation Coordinator, 1425 Robinhood Drive, Brownsville, Texas 78523-3270 or Fax to (956)983-6107. You may also E-Mail to

Customer Name: Address of Installation: Mailing Address: Phone Number: ( ) Rater Name/ Company:

BPUB Account Number: City: Brownsville City: Brownsville How did you hear about this program? Rater Phone Number: Type of Installation: Retrofit New Home/Business TACL# (State of Texas) Email: Permit #: Install Date: State: TX State: TX Zip: Zip:

TO BE COMPLETED BY CONTRACTOR (Please Print) Contractor Name: Phone Number: ( ) Contact Name:

Fax Number: ( )

INFORMATION ON NEW SYSTEM (Please Print) Type of Unit: Make: Heat Pump Air Conditioner Make & Model # Condenser Make & Model # Coil Make & Model # Air Handler Make & Model of unit being replaced:

Square Feet Conditioned Space: Serial # Condenser Serial # Coil Serial # Air Handler Size of unit being replaced (tons):

AHRI number: SEER Rating: Size (tons):

SEER Rating of unit being replaced:

Under penalty of perjury, I certify that the above declaration is true and correct, and I understand that the information is subject to audit and investigation by Brownsville Public Utilities Board and onsite verification will be completed prior to receiving rebate. I also understand that submission of this application does not guarantee a rebate. Customer Signature: Date: Contractor Signature: Date:

BPUB Use Only Reviewed by:

BPUB Use Only Awarded by:


BPUB Use Only Rebate Amount:

BPUB Use Only AR Item Type:

Please dont forget to attach a copy of the purchase receipt or invoice, AHRI reference sheet, and Manual J with application.