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Mark of the beast: 666

RFID Chip vs Islam

After studying this subject, I've concluded that the events of the Mark of the beast, Anti-Christ, and Tribulation will have many parallels to Hitler's Holocaust. For example, Hitler had his mark, the Swastika, and the Jews were given their mark.

A powerful leader takes control, (Hitler) and established His Mark. All opposition to this was crushed.

When the mark of the beast comes out, it will go onto people who are loyal to the beast. Those who refuse are persecuted and killed.

The Jews were given their mark (The

Star, Not Swastica), then persecuted and killed.

Those who refuse to receive the Mark of the beast will also be disenfranchised; not able to buy or sell.

The Jews were disenfranchised in Nazi Germany. (Not allowed to freely engage in the market)

The Anti-Christ make a peace treaty, and then breaks it.

Hitler Makes a Peace treaty with England, and then breaks it. I now believe that the anti-christ will NOT come out of America or Europe, but come out of the Muslim world, and will be the Muslim hero. As Hitler's strength came from

a single nation German, the strength of the anti-christ's regime will be from over 1 billion Muslims worldwide, and many Islamic Nations. Many people now believe that the Mark of the beast is the RFID Microchip. But let's compare it to Islam.

The RFID MicroChip vs.


The RFID Microchip


The Mark of the Beast is a MARK

But the Islamic world already puts marks on their forehead and arm.

The RFID Microchip is NOT a mark, it is a device. Nobody can see it unless they have a RFID reader.

Worldwide, people will be forced to to receive the Mark.

But the Islamic world already has over 1 billion people, with millions willing to violently enforce Islamic rule worldwide. This struggle is called Jihad So American & UN soldiers are going to go around the world and force people to get a RFID Chip, otherwise cut off their head? Unlikely, I can't find 1 soldier who would be willing to do this.

The Muslim world even has Kids ready to die for the cause of Jihad.

The Mark will be placed ON people's forehead or forearm. The RFID Microchip goes IN the skin, not ON the Skin. But Islamic Marks and creeds are already put on the forehead. Visible to all.

The Mark will have an ANTI-Christ Message. There is no intrinsic message in an But the Islamic Creed is already VERY

RFID Microchip. You could put "Jesus is Lord" inside a RFID Chip if you wanted to.

ANTI-CHRISTIAN. "Allah is God, Mohamed is the last prophet. Jesus in NOT the son of God, not divine. The Bible can NOT be trusted. Spreading Islam by force is acceptable. Israel must be conquered, and the Jews killed." Past Guesses

We were once told that the Bar-

Code was the Mark of the Beast. Now people say it is the RFID Chip. This just means that they were guessing.

The Anti-Christ

People once said that Bill Clinton was THE Anti-Christ.

People have said that the Pope was the anti-Christ.

The Islamic world already has a prophesied Hero. One that will come to power in the future called the Mahdi. One that will do the things our bible foretold that the anti-Christ would do.

Now people say that Obama is THE

Anti-Christ. This just means that are guessing.

Refusing the Mark will cause a person to be beheaded.

Who has been beheaded for refusing to take the RFID MicroChip? Nobody.

Isl am alr ead y be hea ds pe opl e wh o res ist Isl am , an d the y ha ve bee n doi ng it for

over 1000 years. People will not be able to buy or sell without the Mark.

Jews and Christians are already disenfranchised in Islamic Countries. Jews and Christians are not given freedoms. It is not difficult to see that if Islamic forces take control of a nation, they would disallow those who resists Islam from engaging in the market. So every store in the world will have a RFID Scanner? Unlikely, I haven't even seen one yet.

A world wide regime

Which western nation is struggling for, or strong enough to attempt to dominate the world? After communism, I don't believe there are any serious attempts by any nation to dominate the world.

But Islam already has a plan for World Domination.

Fighting against the Jews and Israel

Isla m alrea dy has a deep hatr ed for Jews Which western nation is going to war against Israel? Which western nation wants Jews exterminated? , and a desire for their extermination. All the nations surrounding and struggling against Israel today, just happen to be Muslim.

Abomination that causes Desolation

Which western nation wants to put an "Abomination, that causes Desolation" in the Holy Place? I can't think of one.

But Isla m alrea dy puts their Mus lim tem ples in the Holy Areas of Israel.

The Beast will establish a peace treaty and then break it.
(7 Year treaty, broken in 3.5 years)

In the Islamic world, it is acceptable to lie, if you are advancing the cause of Islam. So peace treaties with Islamic countries don't last.

IN CONCLUSION Islam is more likely the be where the Mark of the beast and the Anti-christ comes from