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Basic Excel 2007

Module 1: Understanding The Excel Screen Navigating in a spreadsheet Understanding worksheets, columns, rows and cells Saving, opening, and closing workbooks Formatting numbers Clearing formats Applying borders to cells Merging cells Module 2: Formatting a Spreadsheet Changing column widths and row heights Changing alignment of cells Undoing and redoing actions Formatting numbers Clearing formats Applying borders to cells Merging cells Module 3: Formulas and Functions Entering formulas Copying data and formulas Using AutoSum Understanding functions Using simple aggregate functions (Sum, Count, Average, Min, Max) Copying formulas Types of cell referencing: relative and absolute Applying conditions in a formula (The IF function) Working with ranges Module 4: Editing Features Using cut , copy, and paste operations Using paste special with values Selection techniques Navigation techniques Module 5: Working with Large Worksheets Freezing and unfreezing panes Splitting windows Inserting page breaks for printing Module 6: Working with Charts Creating charts using Chart Wizard Creating different types of charts Including titles and values in charts Formatting of charts

Module 7: Previewing and Printing Previewing worksheets Page setup Printing of worksheets in multiple pages Repeating rows and columns for multiple pages Printing multiple worksheets Module 8: Simple Database Operations Sorting tables Filtering data with auto filter Generating subtotal reports Creating pivot tables Referring data from other worksheets

Module 9: Customizing Excel 2007 and Its Control Over Application Display options for Toolbar Customized Settings for a new workbook. Changing Calculation mode from Automatic to Manual and Vice Versa, Benefits of doing that Different kinds of Error, and Enabling/disabling the same. Customizing Control to Excel form Proofing, Save option, Auto recover option, Different display option for Excel workbook, Excel Worksheet Customizing Quick access toolbar Enabling/Disabling Macro, Making their execution specific to some folder

Advanced Excel 2007

Module 1: Overview of the Basics Customizing common options in Excel Absolute and relative cells Protecting and un-protecting worksheets and cells Module 2: Working with Functions Writing conditional expressions (using IF, NESTED IF) Using logical functions (AND, OR, NOT, COMPOUND IF) Using lookup and reference functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX, NESTED VLOOKUP, VLOOKUP WITH APPROX MATCH & EXACT MATCH) Module 3: Data Validations Specifying a valid range of values for a cell Specifying a list of valid values for a cell Specifying custom validations Module 4: Working with Templates Designing the structure of a template Using templates for standardization of worksheets Module 5: Sorting and Filtering Data Sorting tables Using multiple-level sorting Using custom sorting Filtering data for selected view (AutoFilter) Using advanced filter options Module 6: Working with Reports Creating subtotals Multiple-level subtotals Creating Pivot tables Formatting and customizing Pivot tables Using advanced options of Pivot tables Pivot charts Using external data sources Using data consolidation feature to consolidate data

Module 6: Dynamic Data Ranges Concept of Dynamic Data Ranges Offset Function Uisng Offset function for calculation and other purpose

Module 7: More Functions Date and time functions Text functions: Right, left, trim, Ltrim, Rtrim, Mid, instr, substr etc. Database functions: Dsum, Daverage etc. Mathematical Functions: Sum, Sumif Count, CountA, Count blank etc. Difference Between Sum, Sumif and count, CountA functions

Module 8: Formatting Using auto formatting option for worksheets Using conditional formatting option for rows, columns and cells Module 9: Macros Recording a Macro Assigning a macro to a button