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MCI Screening Test -


MCI Screening Test -All to knw (Orkut Community for FMGE -
1. 2. Pneumothorax is best demonstrated by taking a radiograph, with the patient with: a) Inspiration b) Expiration c) Full inspiration d) Prone e) Supine Hydatid cyst of the lung in a chest X-ray: a) is seen on a clarified ring shadow, b) shows spackkled calcification c) will not calcify, d) 1 and 2 are correct Cell most sensitive to radiation : a) Lymphocyte, b) Neutrophil, c) Basophil, d) Platelets


4. Deleterious effect of ultrasound on small organism is: a)lonistion b) Vacoulatton c)Cavitaion, d) Disintegration 5. CT scan was invented by: a)Geofiery Houndfield, b)Eric Storz. 6. c) John Snow, d) Takashita Koba

The first CT scan was manufactured by: a) Hitachi,japan b) Mitsubishi,Japan c) Electromusical instruments,England d) General Electric,USA The 1/2 life of I131 is: a) 8 hours b) 2 days The 1/2 life of Co60 is: a) 2.6 years b)5.2 years c)5.2 days c)8 years d) 8 days e) 12 days d) 60 years d) Plain X-ray neck,

7. 8. 9.

d) 3200 years. c) Gallium scan,

Parathyroid gland can be assessed by: a) Thallium scan, b) Technetium scan, e) Thallium technitium substraction scan.

10. 11.

Radioactive substance used for intracavitary irradiation in carcinoma cervix is: a)Co60 b) Cesium c) Irridium, d) I131 e) Strontium Which of the following is not ioninsing: a) Beta irradiation b) Alpha radiation c) Gamma radiation d) UV radiation e) Neutron radiation Radioactivity was discovered by: a) Marie Curie b) Pierre Curie c) Rutherford d) Enrico Formi String sign is seen in : a) crohns disease b) TB of the ileocaecal region d) All of the above

12. 13.

e) Henri Bacqueral

c) idiopathic hypertrophic pyloric stenosis,

14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.

The substance used of OCG is: a) lapanoic acid b) Sodium diatrozite c) Meglumine iodothalamate d) Biligraffin e) Dianosil Dye used for bronchography is: a) lapanoic acid, b) sodium diatrozite c) Meglumine iodothalamate d) Biligraffin, e) Dianosil

For a chest X-ray patient is exposed to radiation of: a)1 rad b)2rads c)3rads d)4rads e)5rads The number of carpal bones seen in a radiograph of an infant is: a)0 b)2 c)3 d)5 e)6 Bead cystogram is used for the diagnosis of: a) Bladder carcinoma b) Stress incontinence c) Thimble bladder, d) Bladder diverticulum

Radiosensitising substances include: a) Oxygen b) SR 2508 c) Metronidazole d) Misonidazole e) All of the above 20. Substance which offer preferential radioprotection to tissues is/are: a) cysteine b) Thiophosphate WR 2721 c) Metronidazole d) a and b are correct e) Only c is correct 21. The amount of I131 used for an thyroid scan is:

MCI Screening Test -

a) 5 micro curies b) 50 rnilli curies c) 50 micro curies d) 500 milli curies


1) a 10) b 19) e

2) c 11) d 20) d

3) a 12) e 21) a

4) c 13) a

5) a 14) a

6) c 15) e

7) d 16) e

8) b 17) a

9) e 18) b

MCI Screening Test -

22. Signs of increased intracaranial tension in a child in a skull X- ray: a) Separation of the sutures b)Tense anterior fontanelle c) Silver beaten appearance of the bones, d) all of ths above 23. Isotope used in bone scans: a) Technetium b) Gallium c) Selenium d) Chromium

24. Beheaded Scottish terrier sign is seen in: a) Spondylosis b) Spondylolisthesis c) Fracture transverse process of lumber vertebra d) Fracture rib e) Fracture scaphoid 25. Isotope selectively concentrated in abscess cavities: a)Gallium b)Technitium c) Selenium d) Chromium 26. Abdominal organ best suited for CT scanning: a) Liver b) Gall bladder c) pancreas d) Kidneys 27. Egg shell calcification in hilar region is seen in: a) Pneumoconiosis, b)T.B.. c) Sarcoidosis, 28. Basal ganglia calcification is not seen in : a) Wilson's disease, b) Berry aneurysm, d) Aneurysms d) Hemangioma d) Giant cell carcinoma

c) Cysticercosis,

29. Most radiosensitive lung cancer is: a) Adenocarcinoma, b) Squamous cell carcinoma, 30. Right border of the heart in a chest X-ray is not formed by: a)IVC, b)SVC, c) Right atrium, d) Aorta 31. 32. Solitary nodule lung cannot be: a) Tuberculoma, b) Neurofibroma,

c) Anaplastic carcinoma,

c) Bronchogenic carcinoma. c) Urinary obstruction,

d) Lymphoma d) Recurrent UTI

Micturating cystourethrogram is not used in: a) Renal tumours, b) Hydronephrosis,

33. Which tumour responds best to radiation? a) Poorly differentiated carcinoma, b) Anaplastic carcinoma d) b and c 34. 35. Xeroradiography is used in ..... cancer detection: a) Stomach, b) Breast, c) Colonic, d) Pancreatic Left atrial enlargement is best seen with: a) Chest X-ray Ap view, b) Chest X-ray left lateral view, d) Barium swallow left anterior oblique view

c) Well differentiated carcinoma,

c) Barium swallow right anterior oblique view,

36. 37.

Pipe stem appearance in barium enema is seen in: a) Crohns disease, b) Ulcerative colitis, c) Schistosomiasis, The half life of l a) 4 hours, b) 4 days,

d) Carcinoma colon

c) 6 days,

d) 8 days

38. Radiation protection shields are made up of: a) Copper. b) Silver, c)Lead, d)Tin 39. Placental localisation is done with: 131 a) Tagged albumin, b) I , c) Gallium, 40. d)T99 d) X-rays

Commonly used type of radiation in radiotherapy is: a) Alpha rays, b) Beta rays, c) Gamma rays,

41. Notching of ribs on X-ray is seen in: a) PDA, b)ASD, c) Ebsteins anomaly, 42. 43. 44. 45.

d) Coarctation of aorta

Minimal pleural effusion is best detected by X-ray ...... view: a)A.P., b)P.A., c) Lateral, d) Oblique Intracranial calcification in skull X-rays may be: a) Pineal calcifications, b) Dural calcifications, c) Cysticercosis, d) All of the above d) All of the above,

Raised Intracranial tension in adults is seen as: a) Silver beater appearance, b) Separation of sutures, Onion peel appearance is seen in: a) Osteoclastoma, b) Chondrosarcoma,

c) Erosion of sella,

c) Osteosarcoma,

d) Ewings sarcoma

Answer d 22)d 31) d

40) c

23) a 32) a 41) d

24) 33) b 42) c

25) a 34) 43) d

26) c 35) c 44) c

27) a 36) 45) d

28) a 37) d

29) 38) c

30) d 39)

MCI Screening Test -

27 1

46. 47.

IVP is contraindicated in: a) Multiple myeloma, b) Kidney stones. Mammography is useful in: a) Detection of early cancers, d) All of the above

c) Renal cyst,

d) Transplanted kidney c) Large fatty breast,

b) Lobular carcinoma of opposite breast,

48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66.

Radio-active gold is used in: a) Bladder tumours, b) Malignant ascites,

c) Gliomas,

d)None d) None of the above d) Embryonal cell carcinoma

Testicular tumour which responds best to radiation is: a) Teratoma, b) Seminoma, c) Embryonal cell carcinoma, Radioactive phosphorus is used in the treatment of a) Polycythemia, b) Thyroid metastasis, c) Multiple myeloma,

Unilateral elevation of diaphragm is commonly due to: a) Obesity, b) Large liver, c) Scoliosis, d) Congenital causes Isotope used for liver scans is: 131 132 a) Technetium, b)l , c)l d) Cobalt

Best investigation in acute cholecystitis is: a) Technetium scan, b)HIDAscan, c) Pipida scan, Radioactive cobalt emits: a) Gamma rays, b) Beta rays, c) Alpha rays,

d) Plain X-ray abdomen

d) Neutrons d) Is not seen at all

Dead bone on an X-ray looks: a) More radio-opaque, b) Radio-lucent,

c) Less radio opaque, d) Plain X-ray

Pulmonary embolism is best diagnosed by: a)ECG, b) Perfusion scan, c) Angiography, The most radiosenstitive tissue is: a) Brain, b) Bone marrow, c) Thyroid, The least radio sensitive tissue is: a) Nervous tissue, b) Bone c) Kidney, Radioactive phosphorus emits: a) Only Beta rays. b) X- rays,

d) Liver d) Thyroid d) Both Beta and Gamma rays d)None

c) Only gamma rays,

X-ray machine is kept at a distance of 6 feet from the photographic plate to: a) Magnify the image, b) Prevent magnifications, c) Enhance contrast, Suprasellar calcification is seen in: a) Craniopharyngioma, b) Meningioma, Cobalt60 is...... radioactive source: a) Artificial, b) Natural, c) Gamma ray, Radium emits: a) Electrons, b) X-rays, c) Alpha rays, c) Calcified pineal gland, d) Beta ray d) Gamma rays d) All

d) Pituitary adenoma

Hot nodule is seen in: a) Adenolymphoma,

b) Mixed parotid,

c) Adenccystic carcinoma,

Most sentitive investigation of pancreatic carcinoma is a) Angiography b) ERCP, c) Ultrasound d) CT scan Left atrial hypertrophy is seen radiotogically as: a) Double cardiac silhoutte, b) Left bronchial elevation, d) Left ant. obllique view in barium swallow a)TOF. b)VSD, c) ASD d) PS c) Conray, d) Dianosil d) Duodenal atresia c) Right ant. oblique view in barium swallow,

67. Oligemic lung fields are seen in: 68. Contrast material used in the diagnosis of esophageal atresia is:
a) Barium swallow, a) Annular pancreas, b) Gastrograffin, b) Ileal atresia,

69. Double bubble sign in an X-ray abdomen is indictive of:

c) Anal rectal malformation,


46) a 55) a 64) a

47) d 56) c 65) d

48) b 57) b 66) a,b,c

49) b 58) a 67) a,d

50) a 59) a 68) d

51) c 60) b 69) a,d

52) a 61) a

53) b 62) a,c

54) a 63) d

MCI Screening Test -

70. Dye used in IV cholangiography is: a)Dianosil, b)Conray, c) Billigraffin, 71.


Which of the following are radioactive? a) Co 59. b)Co60, c)I 130, d)Yt 90 72. IVP is done using: a)Conray240 b)Conray380 c)Conray480 Target material used for generating X-rays: a) Tungsten, b) Cobalt, c) Cadmium,



d) Palladium c) Periampullary carcinoma,

74. Widening of the C loop in X-ray is diagnostic of: a) Chronic pancreatitis, b) Carcinoma head of pancreas, d) Calculi in the ampulla of vater 75. 76. 77. 78. Percentage of cold thyroid nodules likely to be malignant: a) 20% b)30% c)40% d)72% Hilar dance on fluoroscopy is seen in: a)ASD, b)TOF, c)VSD, d)TGV

Water lilly appearance in chest X-ray is suggestive of: a) Bronchiectasis, b) Bronchopleural fistula, c) Hydatid cyst, Dye used for Myelography is a) Conray 320, b) Myodil, c) Dianosil d) lopanoic acid

d) Sequestration cyst of lung

79. All of the following are indicators of micturating cystourethrogram except: a) Suspected renal tumour, b) Post urethral valve, c) Urethral obstruction. 80. The most radiosensitive lung cancer is: a) Squamous cell carcinoma, b) Adenocarcinoma, d) Giant cell carcinoma 81. Bilateral calcification in lungs can occur in all except: a) friendlanders pneumonia, b) Coccidioidomycosis, 82. Angle of tracheal bifurcation is increased in enlargement of: a) Right ventricle. b) Left ventricle, c) Right atrium. 83. Most sensitive test for metastatic deposit is: a) Isotope scan, b) CT scan, c) Skeletal survey, 64.

d) Recurrent UTI

c) Small cell anaplastic carcinoma,

c) Histoplasmosis, ; d) Left atrium d) Tomography

d) Pulmonary tuberculosis

Echoencephalography is most useful for detecting: a) Ventricular dialatation, b) Midline shift, c) Epilepsy,

d) Vascular lesions d) Gallium

65. Isotope used in myocardial perfusion scan is: a) Technetium, b) Thallium, c) Stannous pyrophosphate, 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93.

Acute myocardial infarct scintigraphy is done with: a) Thallium, b) Gallium, c) Neodynium, d) Tc Stannous pyrophosphate Echocardiography can detect pericardial effusions as little as: a) 15 ml., b) 100 ml.. c) 150 ml., d) 200 ml Best diagnostic procedure in acute pancreatitis is: a)CTscan, b) Ultrasound, c) M.R.I.. d)Pipidascan X-ray are modified: a) Protons, b) Electrons, c) Neutrons, d) Positrons

Multiple closely packed radio opaque shadow in the right hypochondrium is diagnostic of: a) Supra renal calcification, b) Renal calculus, c) Mulberry gall stones, d) All of the above Hair on end appearance in skull X-ray is characteristic of: a) Sickle cell anemia, b) Thallasemia, c) Megaloblastic anemia, Most radio-dense substance is: a) Fluid, b) Soft tissue, c) Brain, d)Bone d) Hemochromatosis

Intraosseous skeletal tumour is best diagnosed by: a) Plain X-ray, b)NMR. c)CTScan, d) CT with scintiscan


70) c 79) a 88) a

71) b 80) c 89) b

72) c 81) a 90) c

73) a

74) b 82) a,c,d 83) b 91) b 92) d

75) a 84) a 93) b

76) a 85) b

77) c 86) d

78) 87)

MCI Screening Test -

94. 95. The longest half life is that of: a) Radon, b) Radium, c) Uranium,

d) Cesium

A neonate is brought with history of not having passed meconium on examination there is no anal opening but a dimple. Investigation of choice is: a) X-ray erect posture, b) X- ray supine posture, c) Gastrograffin study, d) Invertogram Centenary year for X-ray is: a) 1995, b)1999, c)1997, d)2001 d) Californium c) Gastrointestinal symptoms, c) Meningioma, d) All of the above


97. Isotope which is replacing radium is: a) Cesium, b) Iridium, c) Gold,

98. Acute radiation sickness is characterised by: a) Hematological symptoms, b) CNS symptoms, 99. Commonest cause of intracranial calcification is: a) Pineal calcification, b) Intracranial aneurysm, 100. 101. 102. 103. 104. Scottish terrier sign is seen in: a) AP view, b) PA view, c) Lateral view,

d) Tuberculoma

d) Oblique view

The tissue most resistant to radioactivity is: a) Rectum, b) Colon, c) Cervix, d) Vagina The Radioactive material used for ventriculography is a) cobalt 48 b) Thallium 201 c) Potassium 9 Low dose radiotherapy is given for: a) Seminoma b) Malignant melanoma d) 99 technetium d) chondrosarcoma

c) osteosarcoma

Least sensitive structure to radiation is a) uterus b) cervix c)GIT d) vagina d) Thyroxine

105. Treatment of choice for anaplastic carcinoma thyroid is a) External Radiation b) Radioactive Iodine c) Surgery

106) Which is not used in Radiotherapy a) Gamma rays b)Beta rays c) x - rays d) Alpha rays 107 The following is not true of MRI a) Imaging perfusion of brain b) presence of Hydrogen ions c) Blood vessels visualised without contrast d) Superior to CT Scan for bone scanning 108. Obliteration of Left heart border in PA chest x - ray is suggestive of a) Lingular pathology b) Left upper lobe lesion c) Left hilar lymph nodes d) Lett lower lobe lesion 109. Newborn chest x - ray with Respiratory distress shows multiple air containing lesions in Left Hemithorax and mediastinal shift is suggestive of a) Neonatal emphysema b) Diaphragmatic hernia c) Pneumatoceles d) congenital lung cysts 110. The chest x - ray view best suites for pleural effusion detection is a) AP view b) PA view c) Lateral decubitus view d) Lateral View 111. Radiolodine is used in the treatment of a} Papillary carcinoma b) Follicular carcinoma c) Hurthle cell adenoma d) Anaplastic carcinoma 112. Best method of detecting minimal bronchiectasis is a) CT Scan b) Chest x-ray c) Bronchogram d) Radio nuclide lung Scan 113. Absolute contraindication for IVP is a) Allergy to drug b) multiple myeloma c) Blood urea more than 200 mg d) Idiosyncracy Investigation of choice to demonstrate vesico ureteric reflex a) IVP b) Ultra sound c) contrast MCU d) Cystoscopy Calcification in Heart wall is suggestive of a) Scleroderma b) Carcinoid Syndrome c) Fibroelastosis d) Endomyocardial fibrosis contrast used in liver scan is a) Biligraffin b) 1131 Rose Bengal c) Gallium 238 d) Thallium 201 94) b 102) d 110) c 95) d 103) a 111) b 96) a 104) d 112) c 97) a 105) a 113) a 98) d 106) c 114) c 99) a T07)a 115) b 100) d 108) a 116) b 101) d 109) b

114. 115. 116.


MCI Screening Test -


The x - ray finding of small intestinal malabsorption syndrome are all except a) Increased transit time b) mucosal atrophy c) Dilatation of bowel d) Flocculation of Barium 118. perihilar fluffy opacities on chest x - ray is seen in a) Pulmonary embolism b) pericardial effussion c) Pulmonary arterial hypertension d) Pulmonary venous hypertension 119. Best position for chest X-ray to detect Lett pleural effusion is a) Left lateral b) Supine c) Left lateral decubitus d) Right lateral decubitus 120. Investigation of choice in Traumatic paraplegia is a)MRI b)CTScan c) Myelography 121. Which is not mutagenic a) X-rays b)U-Vrays 122. Half life of Technitium 99 is a )2H rs b)6Hrs 123. 124. 125. 126. 127. c) Ultrasound c)12Hrs d) Spine X-ray d) Beta rays d)24Hrs. d) Urethral Valves d)MRI d) Neutrons

Micturating Cystourethrogram is useful in the following except a) Recurrent UTI b) Renal mass c) Hydronephrosis Radiation exposure occurs in all except a)CTSCan b) Plain X-ray X-rays are generated from a) protons b) electrons c)Fluroscopy

c) Electromagnetic waves

Lymphocytes are damaged with a radiation dosage of a) 2rads b) 10rads c)20rads Kerley - B lines are seen when pulmonary venous pressure is a)5mmHg b)10 mm Hg c)25m m Hg

d)100rads d)40mmHg

128. 129.

130. 131.


133. 134. 135. 136. 137.

Kerley-B-lines are seen when pulmonary venous pressure is: a 8 mm Hg b) 20 mm Hg c) 25 mm Hg d) 40 mm Hg Tracheal bifurcation is best visualised on which standard view of the chest: a) Left anterior oblique b) Left posterior oblique c) Right anterior oblique d) Right post oblique The 'doughnut' sign seen on a brain scan usually suggests: a) Abscess b) Metastases c) Glioblastoma d) All of the above Right lung is seen to best advantage on the following view: a) Right posterior oblique b) Right anterior oblique c) Left anterior oblique d) Lateral Use of filters results in: a) Softer beam radiation b) Wider beam coverage c) Less penetrating beam d) Beam of greater intensity Medical thermography is based on the principle of man emitting: a) X-rays b) Ultrasonic rays c) Infrafed radiation d) Ultraviolet radiation Use of a cone results in films of: a) Higher contrast b) Low contrast c) Less motion d) Long scale contrast Right retrocardiac space is best seen on which view: a) Lateral b) Left anterior oblique c) Right posterior oblique d) Right post oblique Premature filling of veins is a manifestation in cerebral angiography of: a) Trauma b) Brain tumour c) Arteriovenous malformation d) Arteriai occlusion "Target Material" which produces X-rays in a diagnostic X-rays tube is made of: a) Lead b) Tungsten c) Cobalt d) Copper



118) d 127) c 136) c

119) c 128) c 137) b

120) a 129)

121) c 130) d

122) d 131) b

123) b 132) d

124) d 133) c


126) d 135) d

134) a

MCI Screening Test -






Point B in Treatment of Ca. Cervix by radiotherapy corresponds to: a) Obturator nodes b) Mackenrodts ligament c) Ischial tuberosity d) Round ligament 4 vessel carotid angiography is done by injecting dye into: a) 2 ext. carotids + 2 vertebral b) 2 int. carotids + 2 vertebral c) 2 int. carotids + 1 vertebral d) 2 ext. carotids + 1 vertebral Dilatation of upper lobe veins is a reliable sign of: a) Hilar tumour b) Emphysema c) pulmonary hypertension d) Cardiac decompensation Widening of the C loop in X-ray in diagnostic of: a) Chronic pancreatitis b) Carcinoma head of pancreas c) Periampullary carcinoma d) Calculi in the ampulla of vater The lordotic view is valuable in confirming the presence of lesion in the lung apex and also in the:

a) Posterior mediastinum b) Lingular segment c) posterior basal segment d) Hilum Curie is the unit for: a) Radiation emitted b) Radiation absorbed c) Radioactivity d) All of the above 144. Lymphocytes are damaged with a radiation dosage of: a) 5 rads b) 10 rads c) 20 rads d) 100 rads 145. In nephrogram, one sees: a) Renal capillaries b) Renal pelvis c) Only renal cortex d) Collecting tubules 146. Echoencephalography is most useful for detecting: a) Ventricular dilatation b) Midline shift c) Epilepsy d) Vascular lesions 147. Stryker's view is used in shoulder joint to visualize: a) Muscle calcification b) Recurrent subluxation c) Sub acromial calcification d) Bicipital groove _ 148. Radiologically appreciable earliest sign of osteomyetitis is: a) Loss of muscle and fat planes b) Periosteal reaction c) Callus formation d) Presence of sequestrum 149. "Marble bone" appearance is characteristic of: a) Osteopetrosis b) Osteogenesis imperfecta c) Fluorosis d) Achondroplasia 150. Latest source of neutrons for radiotherapy is: a) Strontium-90 b) Iodine-131 c) Californium-256 d) Radium-226 151. The best view to visualize minimum pneumoperitoneum is: a) AP view of abdomen b) Erect film of abdomen c) Right lateral decubitus with horizontal beam d) Left lateral decubitus with horizontal beam 152. Splenic calcification occurs in: a) Coeliac disease b) Gaucher's disease c) Brucellosis d) Malaria 153. The earliest radiological changes in Rickets are: a) Nan-owing or absent of the normal zone of provisional calcification b) Fracture of the bone c) Epiphysis smaller than normal and have characteristic thin pencil line cortex d) Bowing of the bone 154. Causes of a cavitating lesion in the chest radiograph are all except: a) Hamartoma b) Pulmonary infarction c) Squamous carcinoma of the bronchus d) Caplan's syndrome e) Haematoma 155. Lymphangitis carcinomatosa is a typical feature of: a) Carcinoma of the thyroid b) Carcinoma of the bronchus c) Hepatoma d) Hypernephroma e) Carcinoma of the pancreas 156. 143.

MCI Screening Test -

The overall heart size in tetralogy of Fallot is usually: a) Markedly enlarged b) Normal or relatively small Moderately enlarged

c) Slightly enlarged d)


138 a ) 147 b ) 156 b

139) c 148) a

140) d 149) a

141) b 150) c

142) b 151) d

143) c 152) c

144) d 153) a

145) 154)

d a

146) a 155) b,

MCI Screening Test -

157. The nodular pattern often seen in the lungs following renal transplantation is thought to be due to: a) Fungus b) Infarcts c) Cytomegalovirus d) Autoimmune reaction 158. The photosensitive material used in X-rays films consists of: a) Cellulose b) Silver bromide c) Zinc sulphide d) Cadmium tungstate 159. Renal scan should be done which position: a) Supine b) Prone c) Sitting d) Left lateral 160. 161. 162. 163. X-rays films are least sensitive to which coloured light: a) Violet b) Blue c) Yellow d) Red Dose of radioactive phosphorus to induce a remission in polycythaemia is: a) 70 microcuries b) 700 microcuries c) 7 millicuries d) 73 milicuries "Target angle" in a Tele-therapy X-ray tube is: a) 17 degree b) 30 degree c) 45 degree d) 60 degree Pneumography is a method of examination for peritoneal or retroperitoneal structures; gas used as constrast agent in this examinationis: a) Oxygen b) Nitrogen c) CO2 d) Any of the above In pancreatic scanning isotope used most commonly is: a) Chromium-51 b) Selenium -75 c) Technetium-99m d) Iodine -131 Radiostrontium bone scans have been found positive in: a) Fracture b) Giant cell tumour c) osteogenic sarcoma While doing Renography, Hippuran (Orthoiodohippurate) is attached to: a) lodine-125 b) Iodine-131 c) Iodine-132 d) lodine-113 The photoelectric interaction occurs primarily in: a) 'L" cell b) 'K' cell c) Outer cell d) All shells equally Ideal imaging modality to diagnose hydrocephalus in a one month old baby is: a) Plain X-ray b) Ultra-sound c) Computerised tomograpahy d) Magnetic resonance imaging Outer case of radium neddle is made up of: a) Plastic b) Chromium steel c) Platinum-irridium alloy d) Copper-Tin alloy Normal metacarpal index is: a) Less than 5.4 b) 5.4 to 7, 9 c) 8.4. to 10.4 d) More than 10.4 c) Optic foramina d) None

164. 165. 166. 167. 168.

169. 170. 171.

Stenver's view is used to visualize: a) Internal auditory meatus b) Mastoid air cells d) Temporomandibular joint Periosteal reaction can be seen on an X-ray on: a) 2nd day b) 10th day c) 21st day Hilar dance on fluoroscopy is seen is: a) ASD b) TOF c) VSD d) TGV

172. 173. 174.

d) One month

Pericardial calcification is caused by all except: a) Radiotherapy to the mediastinum b) Methysergide therapy d) Benign pericarditis e) Dermatomyositis Calcification of the pinna is seen in except: a) Onchronosis b) Frostbite c) Gout

c) Anticoagulant therapy

175. 176. 177.

d) Adison'sdisease

e) Scleroderma


A single whole body dose of how many rads could result in death: a) 100 rads b) 200 rads c) 300 rads d) 500 rads When bones show a 'Bone within bone' appearance this is indicative of: a) Sickle cell anaemia b) Bone infarction c) Osteopetrosis d) Chronic myuelogenous lukaemia The "Target Sign" sonographically means: a) Ovarian carcinoma b) Ectopic kidney c) Intussusception

d) Liver metastasis


157) 166) 175)

158) b 167) b 176) d

159) b 168) b 177) c

160) d 169) c 178) c

161) C 170) b

162) b 171) b

163) 172)

1641b 173) a

165) c 174) e

b e

MCI Screening Test -

179. Soft tissues calcification can be seen around the hip joint on a plain radiograph in. a) Poliomyelitis b) Tumour calcinosis c) Melorheostosis d) Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia e) Trichinella Spiralis infestation 180. 181. During angiocardiography the mitral valve is best visualised in the: a) Frontal view b) Lateral view c) Right anterior oblique view d) None of the above

182. 183. 184.

Thesaurosis is a disease said by some to be related to: a) Molding of coppertube b) Resins in hairspray c) Inhalation of barium dust d) In eosinophilia e) Male singers The treatment of choice in a young, lady with stage IA cancer cervix is: a) Conization b) Radiation c) Total hysterectomy d) Wertheim's hysterectomy The best chest radiographs are performed at: a) 60-90 Kvp b) 90-120 Kvp c) 120-150 Kvp d) 150-200 Kvp Tram-line calcification is seen in: a) Ependymoma b) Thrombosed cerebral vein Meningioma d) Sturge-Weber syndrome Normal pulmonary arterial pressure (mmHg) in systole is: a) 10-12 b) 12-16 c) 25-30 d) 30-35 In a modem-rotatory anode X-ray tube cooling of anode is done by: a) Conduction b) Convection c) Radiation d) All of the above Convolutional markings in a child usually do not appear until ------------------- of age: a) 3 months b) 6 months c) 12 months d) 3 years e) 12 years Syringomyelia: a) Produces neurological signs in upper and lower limbs b) Commonly involves the dorsal columns c) Is associated with a scoliosis d) Is commonly associated with Arnold-chiari malformation Hypercalcaemia is seen in: a) Renal tubular acidosis b) Sarcoidosis c) Multiple myeloma d) Addison's disease e) Scleroderma "Champagne Glass" pelvis is seen in: a) Achondroplasia b) Cretinism c) Downs syndrome d) Congenital dislocation of hip "Umbau Zones" are seen in all except: a) Osteomalacia o) Rickets c) Osteogenesis imperfecta d) Osteomyelitis Causes of posterior soft tissue nasopharyngeal mass include all except: a) plasmacytoma b) Choanal atresia c) Thornwaldt's Cyst d) Aneurysm of the carotid artery e) Chordoma In ultrasound machines, the principle is: : a) piezo electric crysial excitation b) Very low frequency radio waves c) microwaves d) non of the above Lymphangiomyomatosis in characterized by all of the following except: a) Postmenopausal women b) Recurrent chylous pleural effusions d) Recurrent spontaneous pneumothorax c)

185. 186. 187. 188.



191. 192.



A c) Ascites



All of the following are differential diagnosis of unicameral bone cyst except: a) Chondroblastoma b) Giant cell tumour c) Eosinophilic granuloma d) Fibrous dysplasia e) Enchondroma In colitis cystica profunda: a) Males are more often affected than females b) On a barium enema the appearance is indistinguishable from rectal carcinoma c) Hypokalemia can occur d) Rectal strictures can occur e) The Whole colon can be involved


179) a. b. c 180) c

181) b

182) a

183) c

184) d

185) c

186) c

187) d

188) a, b, d 189) a, b. c 190) b

191) c

192) b

193) a

194) a

195) a

196) a. b

MCI Screening Test -

197. Bronchorrhea is characteristically seen in: a) Sarcoidosis b) Scleroderma c) Bronchoalveolar carcinoma d) Goodpasture's syndrome Permanent sterility in young women requires radiation dosage in the range: a) 100-300 rads, single exposure b) 300-400 rads, single exposure c) 400-800 rads, single exposure d) 14-20 days e) 3-4 weeks "Golden S" sign is seen in: a) Right upper lobe collapse b) Left upper lobe collapse c) Bight middle lobe d) Lower lobe collapse 'Grid' is a device which is used for: a) Reducing scattered radiation b) Reducing patient's exposure time c) Reducing the contrast of the X-ray d) All of the above Estimation of fetal maturity by biparietal sonic measurement is accurate to within +a) 3-7 days b) 7-10 days c) 10-15 days d) 14-20 da ys e) 3-4 w eeks Renal papillary necrosis is associated with: a) Obstructive jaundice b) Haemophilia c) Thalassaemia d) Diabetes mellitus e) Polyarteritis nodosa In a patient who has acid-fast bacilli in the urine: a) Calcification of the bladder is common b) Bladder disease is associated with extensive renal disease c) Ureteric involvement causes shortening of the ureters d) Renal disease can produce changes identical to reflux nephropathy e) Ureteric calculi calculi are commonly present Which of the following is diagnostic of the Rim sign in a nephrogram: a) Phelonephritis b) Hypernephroma c) polycystic kidney d) Severe hydronephrosis Popcorn calcification in lung is virtually diagnostic of: a) Tuberculoma b) Carcinoid c) Hamartoma J d) Teratoma d) Kala-azar




201. 202.



205. 206.

Hepatosplenomegaly is seen in the following conditions except: a) Histiocytosis X b) Myelosclerosis c) Coeliac disease e) Thalassaemia


Motility in the upper third of the oesophagus is decreased in except: a) Pseudooulbular palsy b) Chagas' disease c) Myasthenia gravis d) Scleroderma e) Cricopharyngeal carcinoma An aneurysm of the sinus of Valsalva usually arise from: a) Right aortic sinus b) Left aortic sinus c) Posterior aortic sinus d) pulmonary outflow tract e) Right Ventricle Among the causes of rib notching are; a) Coarctation of aorta b) Congenital interruption of aorta c) Chronic superior vena caval obstruction d) Aortic arch syndrome e) All of the above The following tumors of skin are radiosensitive, except: a) Cutaneous lymphoma b) Basal cell carcinoma Squamous cell carcinoma In Bone infarcts, all are true except: a) dysbaric osteonecrosis are commonly juxtaarticular b) Occur in Gaucher's disease c) Occur in thalassaemia major d) Are often diaphyseal in sickle cell disease e) Are seen in acute pancreatitis c) Malignant melanoma d)






197) c 206) c

198) b 199) a 207) c. d. e 208) a

200) a 209) e

201) b 210) c

202) b. d, e 203) b, c, d 204) d 211) c

205) c

MCI Screening Test -

212. The most common cause of neonatal haemo-peritoneum is: a) Rupture of hydronephrotic calyx b) Necrotising enterocolitis c) Trauma d) Exchange transfusions via umbilical catheter e) Haemorrhagic disease of newborn 213. Terminal phalangeal sclerosis is associated with: a) Rheumatoid arthritis b) Tuberculosis c) Sarcoidosis d) Pleural fibroma e) Chronic active hepatitis 214. The heart can be shifted to the left on the PA radiograph with: a) Sternal depression b) Complete pericardial defect c) Ventriculoseptal defect d) Complete situs inversus e) Marfan's syndrome 215. A peripheral neuropathy may occur in: a) Infectious mononucleosis b) Polyarteritis nodosa c) Polyvinyl chloride poisoning d) Cystic fibrosis e) Amyloidosis _______ 216. In pancreatic scanning, isotope used most commonly is: a) Chromium -51 b) Selenium -75 c) Technetium-99m d) Iodine -131 217. Pneumomediastinum can be seen in all except: a) Legionnaires'disease b) Ketoacidosis c) Histiocytosis d) Duodenal perforation e) Respiratory distress syndrome 218. The best view of the chest to show minimal pleural effusion is: a) PA view b) AP view c) Lateral decubitus view d) Oblique view 219. Which of the following is wrong regarding "J Shaped sella"?: a) Normal variant in 30% of cases b) Seen in optic glioma c) associated with Mucopolysaccharidoses d) associated with Low grade hydrocephalus 220. Out of the following which is not a radiotherapy equipment: a) Betatron b) Telecurie-cobalt unit c) Linear accelerator d) Thimble chamber 221. The drug of choice for chemotherapy of retinoblastoma is: a) Vincristine b) Nitrogen mustard c) 5-fluorouracil (5FU) d) Triethylene melamine (TEM) 222. Unit of one dose of radiation absorbed is a) Grey b) Roengten c) Curie d) Bequerrel. 223. 224. 225. 226. 227. 228. Thickness of stomach in ultrasound a) 2 mm b) 5 mm c) 7 mm d) 10 mm. Jipmer 95 Thickness of lead apron to prevent radiation a) 1 mm b) 3 mm c) 0.5 mm d) 7 mm. Presence of calcification in an intracranial lesion is best made out by a) CT b) MRI c) ultrasound d) contrast study. Multiple punched out lesions in skull is seen in a) acute leukemia b) thalassemia c) multiple myeloma d) carcinoma prostate.

In skull X-ray commonest cause of intracerebral calcified shadow is a) pituitary adenoma b) oligidendroglioma c) astrocytoma d) glioma. Right side of mediastinal shadow is not formed by a) SVC b) right innominate c) RA d) RV. Sunray appearance on X-ray is seen in a) Ewing's sarcoma b) osteogenic sarcoma Radiation causes a) mutation b) point mutation c) osteomyelitis d) condrosarcoma. d) enzyme defects.

229. 230.

c) chromosomal anomalies

231. The preferred modality for diagnosis of pulmonary embolism is (a)ventlation perfusion scan (b)angiography (c)chest X-ray 232. In aortic dissection the Investigation of choice is (a)ECG (b)CTScan c) aortography (d)MRI scan
Answers 212) c 221) a 230) c 213) e 222) a 231)b 214) a.b 223) b 232)b 215) a.b 224) c 216) b 225) a 217) a 226) c


218) c 227) b

219) a 228) d

220) d 229) b

MCI Screening Test -

233. Most radiosensitive phase of cell cycle is (a)G1 (b)G2 (c)S (d)M 234. The atom which scatters X-rays more is (a)Carbon (b)Mercury (c)lead 235. Curie is the unit for (a) radiation exposure (d)Hydrogen (c) radio activity (d) radiation effectiveness

(b) radiation absorbed

236. Atomic weight is equal to number of (a) electrons (b) protons (c) protons & Neutrons 237. Contrast in X-rays is dependent on (a)KV (b)mA (c) Duration of exposure

(d) neutrons only

(d) distance between source and object

238. In coarctation of Aorta the rib changes are seen from: (a)1-12th (b)3-6th (c)4-9th (d)8-12th 239. Early change of pulmonary edema in CXR:, (a) Batswing appearance (b) Pleural effusion (c) Keriey B lines (d) Ground glass lung field

240. In Teletherapy Bectromagnetic wave or particulate Radiation is kept at a distance of: (a) 150 cm (b) 100 cm (c)75cm (d) 200 cm 241. Radiation is not used in (a) CAT scan (b)NMR (c) Digital substraction imaging (d) Thyroid scan (c) less expensive (d)AII

242. Time Sector imaging is preferred in infants because (a) Child will be more co-operative (b)close to fontenelles,

243. Time sector scanning of neonates is preferred because of the following reason. Most practical reason (a)open fontanelles (b) inexpensive (c) children more co-operative (d) better resolution 244. Popcorn calcification is seen in (a) pulmonary hamartoma (b) pulmonary hemorrhage pulmonary embolism (c) pulmonary teratoma (d)

245.. The following is not an ionizing radiation a) MRI b) CT c) USG d) All are ionizing 246. Hilar markings in a normal chest X-ray is formed by all except a) Pulmonary artery b) Bronchi c) Upper lobe veins d) Lower lobe veins 247. Radiation mediates its effect by a) Denaturation of DNA b) Ionization of the molecules c) Protein coagulation d) Osmolysis of cells 248. Well defined lesion in the lung with pop corn calcification on X- Ray is suggestive of a) Ca lung b) Adenoma c) Hamartoma d) Hydatid cyst 249. Investigation of choice for a pregnant lady with upper abdominal mass a) Barium meal b) MRI c) CTscan d) DSA 250. Well defined remended opacity is the lung with coarse irregular calcification is a feature of a) Hamartoma b) Hydatid cyst c) Amoebic abscess d) Ca lung 251. In diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction hot spot is seen with a) Thallium 201 scan b) Tc 99 scan c) strontium 90 scan d) 1127 scan 252. Pantomography is done for except a) Dental caries b) Dental cyst c) T.M.joint d) Transverse fracture of Atlas 253. Nowadays Radium is not used in the Rx of cancer because a) it decays fester and needs frequent replacement b) it decays into daughter Radon which is a constant hazard. c) it has a very long half life d) it is a very unstable element Answer:
233)c 243) 253) b 234)d 244)a 235)c 245) C 236)c 248) a 237)b 247) a 239)b 248) C 239)c

249) b

240)b 250) a

241)b 251) a

242)d 252) d


MCI Screening Test -

254. 255. 256. Which one of the following emit gamma rays a) Caesium b) Strontium c) Technetium First sign after radiation Rx is a) Erythema b) Necrosis c) burns d) Iodine d) deep ulcer

Investigation of choice for small intestine tumor a) Ba meal follow through b) Echo c) X-ray abdomen d) CT scan with contrast Radiological findings in Meningioma are all except a) Calcification b) vascular markings c) Osteosclerosis d) none of the above Radiosensitisers are all except a) Hydroxyurea b) BUDR Superior Orbital fissure best view is; a) Plain AP view b) Caldwell Best diagnosis for dissecting aorta is a) CT scan b) MRI c)) 5-FU c) Townes c) Angiography c) MRI d) Cyclophoshamide d) Basal view d) x-ray d) x-ray d) Curie

257. 258. 259. 260. 261. 262. 263. 264.

Best diagnosis of Nasoppharyngeal angiofibroma is a) Angiography b) Contrast enhanced CT The amount of Radiation absorbed is measured by a) Rad b) Grey c) Rem

The cause of homogenous opacity on X-ray is all except a) Pleural effusion b) Diaphragmatic Hernia c) Massive consolidation d) Emplysema The element used for intracaritary RT in carcinoma cervix a) Caesium b) cobalt-60 c) Strontium d) Radio Iodine d) Angiography

265. Investigation of choice for Acute subarachnoid hemorrhage a) Enhanced MRI b) MRI c) CT- Scan

266. 'Scalloping' of the edge of sigmoid colon on barium enema seen in; a) Diverticulosis b) Ulcerative colitis, c) Carcinoma colon d) Pneumatosis intestinalis 267. The drug of choice of chemotherapy of retinoblastoma is a) 5 FV b) Triethylene melamine c) Vincristine 268. The following tumours of skin are radiosensitive except a) Squanous cell C. b) Malignant melanoma d) Basal cell ca. d) Nitrogen mustard

c) culareous lymphoma

269. 5- Flurouracil is used in Treatment of following cancers, Excepta) Stomach b) Liver c) Breast d) Mycosis fungoides. 270. Investigation of choice to differentiate pericardial effusion and dilatation of heart a) Echocardiography b) Angiocardiography c) MRI d) CT. 271. The most common cause of spontaneous pneumothorax a) TB b) Rupture of subpleural blebs c) Branchegenic Ca. d) Bronchial adenoma 272. Hydrocephalus in children, first seen is a) Sutural diastesis b) Post clinoid erosion 273. Least affected by radiation a) GIT b) Gonads 274) c) Large head d) Thinned out vault d) Lymphocytes.

c) Cartilage

Which of the following respond best to radiotherapy?. a) Seminoma b) Teratoma c) Choriocarcinoma d) Emroyonal carcinoma Extent of cardiotoxicity of chemotherapy and radiotherapy is best diagnosed by a) Echocardiogram b) Radionucleide scan c) ECG d) Endomyocardial biopsy


Answer: 254 b 255) a 263 d 264) a ) 272 b 273) c )

256) d 265) c 274) a

257) d 266) b 275) d

258) d 267) c

259) d 268) b

260) a 269) d

261) b 270) a

262) c 271) b

MCI Screening Test -

276) Ultrasonogram is not useful in. , a) CBD stones at the distal end of the CBO b) Breast cyst c) Ascites d) Full bladder 277) Not a source of neutrons. a) Cyclotron b) Linear accelerator c) Betatron d) All 278) Not used for Brachytherapy. a) Cobalt b) Cesium c) Radon d) All

279) In a case of a renal failure with total anuria,ultrasound was found to be normal. Next line of investigation is. a) Retrograde pyelography b) IVP c) Anterograde pyelography d) DTPA renogram 280) Most serious complication of myelogram is. a) Allergy b) Transient neurological deficit c) Headache d) Arachnoiditis

281) Extent of cardiotoxicity of chemotherapy and radiotherapy is best diagnosed by a) Echocardiogram b) ECG c) Radionuclide scan d) Endomyocardial biopsy 282) Diagnostic of RICKETS on X-ray a) Fraenkel's line b) Epiphyseal widening c) Periosteal elevation d) Cupping & splaying 283) Characteristics of BENIGN tumour of lung in X - ray is a) Size > 5 cms diameter b) Cavitation c) Peripheral location d) Concentric dense calcification 284) Multiple transluscent cysts on X - ray are found in the chest. Differential diagnosis includes all except a) Congenital diaphragmatic hernia b) Congenital adenomatoid bronchogenic disease c) Lobar agenesis d) Bilateral multiple cysts 285) Used in both teletherapy and brachytherapy a) Cobalt b) Radium c) Iridium d) Pallidium 286) Rim sign is seen in a) Massive hydronephrosis b) Polycystic kidney c) Chronic pyelonephritis d) Hypernephroma 287) Extradural hematoma CT scan finding is a) Hypodense biconvex lesion b) Hyperdense biconvex lesion c) Concavo convex hyperdense lesion d) Low attenuated biconvex lesion 288) Teletherapy system consists of all except a) Co - 60 b) Simulator c) Ir -192 d) Computer assisted treatment 289) Half-life of Rn-2 22 is a) 3 days b) 3-6 days c) 4 days d) 5 days

290) Prophylatic intracranial irradiations are given in a) Small cell Ca of lung b) All c) Lymphoma d) Retinoblastoma 291) Mantle irradiation is used in a) Leukaemia b) Hodgkin's disease c) Chest secondaries from some Cancers d) Neuroblastoma 292) In Colour doppler the colour depends upon a) Srength of returning echo b) relation of transducer to blood flow c) Frequency of doppler used d) Type of doppler machine used 293) Radioactivity was discovered by Becqueral in a) 1796 b) 1896 c) 1901 d) 1946 d) Plain X - Ray

294) First investigation of choice for spinal cord tumor a) Myelography b) CT c) MRI

295) Amount of air needed to create pneumoperitoneum a) 200 ml _______ b) 400 ml ________ c) 600 ml ________ d) 800 ml __________________ Answer: 276) a 285) c 294) c 277) c 286) a 295) d 278) a 287) d 279) b 288) c 280) d 289) b 281) d 290) a 282) d 291) b 283) d 292) b 284) c 293) b

MCI Screening Test -

296) Bull's eye lesion in ultrasonography is seen in a) Candidiasis b) Aspergillosis

c) Sporotrichosis

d) Cryptococcosis

297) The patient who had dental extraction before radiotherapy needs: a) o time for healing b) Adequate time for healing d) Wait for one day to start radiotherapy

c) Radiotherapy is not advised

298) What infection is present in the part of the bone which received radiotherapy: a) Response to radiotherapy is good b) Fast healing c) More destruction of bone d) Tumour regression is not affected 299) During radiotherapy the Buccal Mucosa exhibits radiation reaction before skin due to: a) Rapid cellular turn-over in bone b) Slow cellular turn-over in blood vessel c) Rapid cellular turn-over in skin d) Rapid cellular turn-over in mucosa 300) Medusa lock appearance in X-ray is seen in a)ascariasis b) Tapeworm c) Hookworm 301) One gray of radiation is equal to a )l rad b)10 rad c)100 rad d) 1000 rad d) Ascaris and tapeworm

302) A given weight of lead is more effective for gamma shielding below 1 MV because it has a) Greater strength b) Lesser volume c) Greater volume d) Higher atomic number 303) One of the following radio isotopes is used for interstitial therapy a) Phosporous 32 b) Iodine 131 c) Indium 191 304) Plaster of paris is a) Anhydrous calcium sulphate d) All of the above is true b) Used for immobilation d) Gold 198 c) First used in France

305) The investigation of choice in acute renal failure with complete anuria and normal USG d) Retrograde pyelography a) Renal angiography b) PPTA c) IVP 306) Benign condition treated by radiotherapy a) Melanoma b) Tuberculosis c) Pituitary adenoma d) Sarcoisosis c) Combined movement

307) Diagnosis of aortic calcification is done by fluoroscopy by seeing a) Side to side movement b) Up and down movement d) one 308) For Traumatic paraplegia investigation of choice is a)MRI b)CTscan c) X-ray d)USG

309) In case of subarachnoid haemorrhage investigation of choice is a) CT scan b) MRI c) MRI angio with MRI imaging 310) CT findings of acute pancreatitis are all except a) Dilation of pancreatic duct b) Fuzzy outline of pancreas fluid collection d) Edematous pancreas 311) IVU is not done in a) Multiple myeloma d)Renal tumours b) Secondaries in bone

d) Carotid Angiogram c) Peripancreatic

c) Leukaemia

312) Calcification in basal ganglia is seen in a) Hypothyroidism b) Hypoparathyroidism d) Hypoaldosteronism

c) Hypopituitarism

296) a 307) a

297) b 308) a

298) c 309) a

299) d 310) a

300) a 311) a

301) c 302) d 312) b

303) c

304) d

305) b

306) c

MCI Screening Test -

313) Which of the following is the best test for screening a case of proximal internal carotid artery stenosis a) Digital subtraction angiography b) Magnetic resonance angiography c) Colour Doppler ultrasonography d) CT angiogram Karnofsky scale is applied in a) Measurement of the size of tumours c) Evaluation of patients before treatment chemotherapy e) Palliative treatment of cancer


b) Measurement of the surface area d) Dosage measurement in


Common isotopes used in interstitial and mould therapy are the following except a) Iridium192 b) Cobalt60 c) Caesium137 d)Gold198 e) Phosphorous32 Which of the following is the correct dose in Total Body Irradiation in Bone Marrow Transplantation? a) 1000 cgy - 1200 cgy b) 500 cgy - 800 cgy c) 10,000 r d) 150 cgy e) one of the above All the following are true about iodinated intravascular contrast media Except a) They are used in digital subtraction angiography b) They are radio opaque c) They can cause anaphylactic reactions d) They are used in magnetic resonance imaging e) They are excreted mainly by the kidneys Investigation of choice to diagnose sub arachnoid haemorrhage a) MRI angiography b) 4 vessel carotid angiography d) T2 wave MR In fluorescin angiography, dye is injected in . a) Anterior cubital vein b) Femoral artery d) Aorta Best method to diagnose Bronchiectasis is: a) X-ray b) Bronchography c) M.R.I. 'H' shaped vertebra is seen in: a) Phenylketonuria b) Sickle cell anemia Osteoporosis Investigation of choice for Multiple sclerosis a) MRI b)CTScan c)X-ray




c) CT scan


c) Femoral vein




c) Hemangioma



d) EEG


8000 rads dosage in Cancer cervix is given to a) Point A b) Point B c) Side walls of pelvis

d) one of the above

313) c






319) a

320) d


MCI Screening Test -

322) a

323) a