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GARISSA COUNTY LATEST UPDATE THE SPEECH OF THE GOVERNOR Our vision To create an environment where social and

economic justice is a reality Our motto Garissa deserves Better Deeds not words ADDRESS DELIVERED BY HIS EXCELLECY HON. NATHIF J. ADAM, GOVERNOROF THE COUNTY GOVERNMENT OF GARISSA ON THE OCCASION OF THE FIRST(OPENING) SESSION OF THE GARISSA COUNTY ASSEMBLY ON THURSDAY 18TH APRIL 2013 AT THE COUNTY ASSEMBLY BUILDING, GARISSA Protocols: Hon. Garissa County Deputy Governor, Honourable members of the Garissa County Assembly,the County Commissioner, members of the County transition team,Honourablepast and present members of parliament present, members of the judiciary, members of the provincial administration team, members of the security personnel, religious leaders, Chairmen of Local Security Committees, Our elders and well-wishers here present, all invited guests, Members of the Press, all protocols observed, brothers and sisters. AssalamuAleykumWarahmatullahiWabarakatuh I begin in the name of ALLAH, the Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful, Who gave me the ability and this opportunity to address you today on this historic and unique occasion. Honourable Distinguished Members of our Assembly, it is indeed a pleasure and an honor to be with you today as we celebrate the opening of the first sessioninthe first County assembly House attendedby the first members of the County assembly in the presence ofthe first governor of the County. This is indeed history in the making and an occasion with all the good reasons to celebrate. But before I proceed further, I believe it is in order for us to express our sincere gratitude to the good people of Garissa County for giving us the mandate to lead them. No doubt, the electioneering process was difficult in many ways and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate each of you for having won your different ward seats. Yet, despite its difficulty, the process was a worthy engagement. For instance, it gave me an opportunity to go round our County and to know our people and their different domiciles. Thus, today as we embark on the development path of our County, I do so knowing very well the needs and priorities of our people. Honourable members of the Assembly, we all know the current state of affairs regarding our County. We are caught up in a grave moral and ethical crisis. That we are in a state of decline and decay is self-evident. Our institutions as a County are poorly managed, our infrastructures dilapidated, while our economy is weak the result of myopia, greed and irresponsibility on the part of some but also of our collective failure to demand better from our leaders.

Our men and women, especially the youth, are mostly jobless. Our healthcare is deficient, our education system is in shambles, the absence of power hampers our economic development and the lack of sustainable water supply in most parts of our County threatens the very existence of our society. Our confidence in our ability to face all these challenges is being tested and this may indeed give way to some kind of despair. But the corrupt, decadent and self-serving status quo, poses a clear and present danger to the very existence of our people and the absence of immediate corrective measures will be the greatest disservice to the aspirations of those who entrusted us with this mandate. This, we cannot allow to happen and our choice, and the only choice, is, therefore, the path of struggle, hardwork and risk-taking, as well as openness to new ideas. Fellow Garissans, while I am honored and humbled to be entrusted with the reigns of leadership at our County, the development agenda for our County belongs to all of us. In this context, our proposed development plan has been put together in due regard to the provisions of the Kenya Vision 2030 blueprint andhas been developed on the basis of thorough consultations with different stakeholders in the County. It encompasses the following Eleven-Point Development blue-printthat our government plans to accomplish within our term of office God willing: 1) Achievement of food security through proper attention to Agricultural production: Food security is a fundamental factor to peace and unity and agriculture holds the key to food security. There seems to be perennial food shortages in our County and it is indeed unfortunate that Garissa County (especially during drought times) records the highest incidences of hunger among all areas in Kenya. This is despite the existence of a vast base of good arable land which is not utilized. The development potential of agriculture underpins its importance and potentials to spur economic growth and development for our County. In this regard, our plans for developing the Agricultural sector include the following: One : Assist, develop and beef up output from the small-scale farms currently existing along the Tana River through the provision of steady and sufficient water supply to them from the River. This will be through the use of modern desert-style irrigation techniques with the aim of transforming farming and enhancing food security in the County. Also all necessary support will be offered to the farmers including supply of farm inputs (such as seeds), fertilizers and also by enhancing appropriate farm-disease control measures. Two : Irrigation led agriculture would expand land under irrigation and ensure more than one crop per year is planted by farmers enhancing productivity and expand wealth creation opportunities. Almost 60% of the land of our County can be classified as land good for agriculture including the Waso(the Lorian Swamp) and Fafi plains and also the southlands of Dagega and Gababa. We plan to irrigate good portions of these interior lands by means of the waters of canals from the Tana River. An example of such a canal is the Rahole Canal project which is a vision 2030 flagship project. 2) Enhanced Development for our Livestock sector Livestock rearing is the most dominant livelihood and economic activity in the county. Up to 90 percent of adults rely on livestock for their livelihoods and the sector contributes as much as 95 percent of family incomes. Yet, despite the heavy reliance on the same, the County lacks proper

livestock management backing in view of issues such as lack of organized livestock markets and market information. Our plans for developing the livestock sector will be based on a holistic, vibrant livestock management program which will strengthen livestock health systems and strengthen livestock marketing infrastructure while at the same time supporting the development of added value within the livestock sector. Key aspects of the proposed program are as follows: One : Strengthen livestock disease control and surveillance systems, including mobile health workers in line with international recommendations. Two : Construct high-quality abattoirs within or close to the main livestock-rearing areas, with sufficient holding grounds. Three : Develop and/or rehabilitate livestock sales yards in all main towns of the County. Four : Establish a Livestock Enterprise Fund in line with the provisions of Vision 2030. Fifth :Prioritize interventions which add value within the pastoral system, such as the processing of milk, meat, hides, skins and other livestock products 3) Education In line with the devolved County functions as per the constitution of the Country, we will aim for a drastic improvement of our educational aspects in two fronts as follows: a) Improved pre-Primary and ECDE: The 2010 Kenya Constitution has provisions for childrens right to free and compulsory basic (ECDE, primary and secondary) education, including quality services, and to access educational institutions and facilities for all persons including those with disabilities. According to the constitution, County governments will largely be responsible for the education of the Countys children at the Early Childhood Development & Education (ECDE) level. ECDE NERs (Net Enrolment Rates) for the children of Garissa County has continued to remain low compared to most other parts of the country. Our plans for the development of the Pre-primary education sector: One : Implement an ECDE policy, strategic development and implementation plan. This will also include appropriate attention to traditional forms of education such as Quran classes (Dugsis), Madrasas and Tahfidh curricular. Two : Set quality standards and develop an ECDE performance framework Three :Ensure that all primary schools have an ECDE unit; Four : Create funding modalities for ECDE to include; start-up grant, capitation grant, school feeding, maintenance and development of infrastructure; Five :Develop and implement appropriate ECDE programs for all children with special needs, including the vulnerable and disadvantaged groups;

Meanwhile, the County in collaboration with the Central Government will focus on ensuring that challenges bedeviling the Countys primary and secondary education are addressed appropriately. This will be based on an overriding objective to develop new school infrastructures and rehabilitate existing ones so as to provide high quality education to our children. Priority will be given to: equipping the schools with adequate, teachers, tools and supplies; providing continuous training to teachers to upgrade teaching skills; increasing the number of teachers by more efficient use and monitoring through performance contracts; Improving enrolment in the county to acceptable levels in line with the rest of the country. increasing and maintaining the enrolment of girls throughout the county and reducing the dropout rate; b) Technical Training for our youth We realize that the development of technical, industrial, vocational and entrepreneurship training (TIVET) is fundamental to the Countys efforts to lower levels of poverty and to create opportunities for out of-school youth. Nevertheless, the countrys Vision 2030 places great emphasis on science, technology and innovation in general and TIVET in particular as the means for socio-economic and technological transformation. Despite the existence of a technical training college in Garissa (NEP technical), the overall value proposition of the college has not, however, been good apparently due to different reasons. Our planned objectives for the development of technical training include the following aspects: One :To revitalize NEP Technical Training College to ensure proper training of our youth in technical, vocational and entrepreneurial skills. Two :Establish youth polytechnics in all the other main towns of the County i.e. Masalani, Bura, Dadaab, Fafi and Mudogashe. These polytechnics will train young people in technical skills so that they can fully participate in productive activities. 4) Infrastructure Development Infrastructure development is the key to economic growth and development of our County. This is because it will support the Countys quest to increase local and foreign investments (FDIs) and also in opening the rural parts of our County which still enjoy huge untapped potential. Better infrastructure would reduce the cost of agricultural production and also the cost of doing business.

The County Government will ensure that the following are undertaken to ensure infrastructure growth and development in Garissa County: a) Rehabilitate the tarmac roads within Garissa town and extend the tarmac to all arterial (major) routes of the County. The roads to be targeted specifically under this objective include the following : Garissa-Masalani Road, Garissa-Liboi Road, Garissa-Balambala Road and Garissa-Mudogashe Road. b) Rehabilitate all existing all-weather roads and feeder roads in the County and develop more of such roads. Meanwhile, we will pursue plans for the construction of a mid-sized airport in Garissa in line with the governments vision 2030 while at the same time we will undertake the improvement of all existing airstrips in the County. 5) Water, sanitation and waste management Our County is a water scarce region and all appropriate infrastructure would be put in place to ensure increased supply of water resources to the people of the County for domestic, industrial and irrigation use. Water and sanitation infrastructure need to be modernized to curb water wastages that impedes economic development. Water harvesting and saving technologies would be encouraged by all households and business premises to increase access to clean water for all the people of Garissa County. Specific activities to be undertaken by the County government include the following: One :Garissa Sewerage Project This project is ongoing and we will pursue the achievement of both faces of this project within a determined timeframe. Two :Rural Support Projects. We will aim for the provision of clean drinkable water to all villages and settlements of our County. This will include piping water from the Tana river for all settlements along the river. Borehole digging will also be increased for clean water and piping of such water to a central location of each village will be undertaken. Similarly, storage of clean water will be enhanced through the use of modern water storage tanks. Other activities to be undertaken in this regard include rain water harvesting through the construction/desilting of dams. Three : Drought Emergency Programs Our County usually undergoes high levels of variability in climate systems including droughts at many times. Drought is a normal, recurring but temporary characteristic of arid areas. It is the consequence of a reduction in the amount of rainfall received over an extended period of time relative to the average. Drought periods should be anticipated and should be managed. Failure to manage them well has major social and economic consequences. The County government will put into place all necessary measures to ease the negative effects of droughts particularly on the rural populations. Our approach will be to deal with the matter on the basis of disaster management and will ensure close working relationship with the appropriate line ministry and all concerned national institutions such as the National Drought Management Authority and the National Drought Contingency Fund. Some of the specific interventions that will be undertaken by the County government in this regard include the following:

a) the formation of a County Drought Steering Committee that will be responsible for all drought related issues in the County. The committee will be responsible for a rapid response team that will be based at all divisions of the County with all the necessary resources mobilized b) Systematically strengthen customary adaptive and response strategies, such as mobility, purchase of water trucking machinery for human, livestock and wildlife, rehabilitation of boreholes, provision of fuel and spares for community boreholes, drilling of strategic boreholes, use of drought fall-back areas, food preservation, the growing of drought resistant grass such as Sudan grass and the creation of plastic water pans which may be fed through water trucking vehicles that will be stationed in different divisions of the County. 6) Healthcare services Health indicators in our County are very poor, particularly for women and children, with high maternal, infant and child mortality, high levels of acute malnutrition, and low immunization coverage. The health service infrastructure is particularly poor, with few and scattered health facilities staffed by inadequate numbers of personnel. Distances to referral facilities are usually much longer, on poorer roads, than in other parts of the country. Poor facilities are also a major cause of ill-health, particularly in unplanned urban areas. Our planned objectives include the following: (a) Rehabilitate all existing healthcare centers in the County to be able to provide quality, accessible health care for all in the county including well functioning mortuary services. (b) Ensure the existence of a well functioning health center in each rural settlement or in clusters of neighboring rural settlements. (c) Expand the provision of mobile health servicesin view of the needs of a mobile rural population dispersed over a large area with poor infrastructure. (d) Provide air ambulance services. (e) Subsidize health services for poor and vulnerable groups. (f) Ensure the provision of free, quality Primary Health Care services (g) Ensure free medication (with essential drugs) for pregnant women during pregnancy, labour and delivery. 7) Provision of County emergency response services We will establish in Garissa a Fire Department as a full time brigade to provide a fire and emergency response service to all the residents of Garissa and all neighboring localities. Also Garissa Ambulance Station will be formed to offer similar services. The ambulance services will also take into consideration the need for air ambulance services to fly at short notice to rural destinations at times of emergency. Similar offshoot services will be formed in all major towns of the County. These emergency departments will be staffed seven days a week by responsible employees to ensure continuous protection for the lives of our people. 8) Provision of appropriate County social services We plan to establish and/or provide in the County highly needed social as well as leisure amenities including the following:

a) A modern fruit and vegetable market in Garissa and also in all other main towns of the County. b) In line with the proposed development of our roads, we plan to embark on the beautification of the roads and streets of Garissa town and all the other main towns of the County. c) The creation of leisure gardens and amusement parks in Garissa and in all other main towns of the County. d) We plan to make maximum use of river Tana as a recreational hub for leisure activities such as canoeing, rafting and boat as well as cruise rides. We will also create recreational parks along the river such as walkways. e) We plan to create in Garissa different animal parks for amusement purposes including the following Garissa Zoo, Garissa crocodile park, Garissa snake park and Garissa tortoise park. f) Street lighting is a paramount aspect of our plans for Garissa and the other main towns of the County. We plan to use mainly solar power as a basis for lighting our streets. g) We will instill a serious reading culture in our people by revitalizing the role of libraries in the County. For instance we will undertake an overall revamping of Garissa Public Library to bring it to a level of international standards. We also plan to create similar public libraries in all other main towns of the County including Balambala, Masalani, Dadaab, Bura and Mudogashe. 9) Unlocking the countys tourism potential Our county has a rich cultural heritage and wildlife population which is central to the tourist industry. Yet, the infrastructure necessary to sustain a vibrant tourism sector such as roads, energy, water, accommodation and security is lacking, particularly in the remote parts of the county. As a result, the unique wildlife and bird populations as well as the landscapes, ecology and culture of our people have largely remained unknown to outsiders. Hence, with the proposed development of our roads, our intention is to seek the concurrent development of a vibrant tourism sector that contributes to the development of the county. This will be on the basis of the following strategies and interventions: Create incentives for communities to participate in wildlife management, conservation and tourism Address the problems of human/wildlife conflict, for example through better management of wildlife corridors and fair compensation schemes. Develop tourism products that are appropriate to the context and culture of our county. Provide incentives for groups or individuals willing to invest in tourism in ways that deliver sustainable benefits to local communities. Identify appropriate locations for resorts which embrace, protect and market the cultural, creative and natural endowments of the area and generate long-term economic benefits for local people 10) Development of Entrepreneurship, trade and Manufacturing It is a fact that a large proportion of businesses conducted in our County are largely operated through informal trading networks while manufacturing activities in our County are on the whole non-existent. However, a major opportunity for the County is its proximity to countries such as Somalia and Ethiopia as well as the other northern Kenya counties which have a high demand for manufactured products.

Similarly, our countys natural resource base could support a range of manufacturing industries including the following: Livestock-based industries: such as tanneries, meat processing, holding grounds, auction yards, abattoirs, dairy and leather. Mineral-based industries: such as oil, cement, paint, chalk, precious stones, and salt. Agro-based industries: such as vegetable and fruit processing, herbal medicines, cosmetics, and spices. In particular, gypsum as a raw material required to manufacture cement is common in various parts of the county. Demand for cement from Kenyas fast-growing construction industry currently outstrips supply. New infrastructure projects in the county and in other neighboring counties will increase that demand still further. It is on the backdrop of these circumstances that we will pursue the establishment of an efficient, diversified and competitive trading and manufacturing system in the County on the basis of the following strategies and interventions: Invest in essential infrastructure for manufacturing and business such as transport, energy, security, ICTs and water; Promote the entry of new business and investment into our county and encourage local investors; Develop and promote a portfolio of professionally designed investment proposals; Develop incentive programs for new businesses, including the designation of areas as special economic centers; Strengthen awareness of investment potential in the County by holding regular and widely publicized investment events, such as trade fairs and conferences, in collaboration with other appropriate stakeholders. Encourage capital in-flows from the Diaspora. Organize tours to our county for potential investors. Develop small business parks and SME incubators in our county, particularly for business start-ups, mainly targeted at women and youth. Seek access to credit and finance for business development initiatives. Develop training programs targeted at SMEs.

Commission relevant research and disseminate market and business intelligence through the internet and other media In addition to the foregoing, we shall create a vibrant chamber of Commerce and we will put in place an institutional framework for promoting investments with the active collaboration of the private sector. We shall provide a conducive, enabling business environment aimed at making Garissa a foremost tourism and investment destination particularly with our tremendous potentials in the industrial and commercial sectors. Add to this our strategic comparative location as the centre of Kenyas North-East region. So, to the rest of Kenya and the world, we declare that Garissa County is ready to welcome genuine investors and investments. God has endowed us with numerous untapped human and material resources that remain untapped or underutilized. 11) Attention to Security As summarized in the above points, we have great ambitions for development but all these will not be possible without an atmosphere of peace and security. Ensuring security is generally a function of the National government; however, in view of its direct effect on the people of the County, we shall work closely with the national government organs in the County by dedicating sufficient efforts towards preventive and proactive security measures to guarantee the safety and well being of our people in all parts of the County. For instance, we will urge our people to become more security conscious and watchful of any suspicious characters with a view to reporting such promptly to the security agents. We will exhort our community leaders to look into the modalities for reactivating our traditional security systems of keeping close watch over visitors in our neighborhoods, with a view to fishing out and neutralizing people with questionable characters before they abuse the privileges of our hospitality. While we shall continue to support the security agents to discharge their responsibilities, we must remember that enforcement of security is a collective responsibility. We must, therefore, strengthen our consensus as a community to have zero tolerance for insecurity. Also our concept of security includes a commitment to protect our communities from all forms of environmental terrorism. To this end, we will liaise and work with the many NGO organizations operating in our County to ensure the highest standards of responsible and beneficial relationship. Similarly, we will not condone the irresponsible acts of our own people who, through criminal acts, damage the ecology and environment. Other security related aspects that will require our intervention include the following: 1. Assist the National government in the vetting and registration of all unregistered but bonafide citizens who reside in the County who have attained the legal age for issuance of national identification cards (IDs). Registration of persons as appropriate is imperative as this will, nonetheless, contribute to important security perspectives. 2. Create job opportunities as much as possible and ensure the employment/engagement of the youth and all persons able and willing to work and to reward each of them appropriately; Other Development interventions

In line with our manifesto, we will pursue the fulfillment of a wide range of other important development interventions including the following: a) Ensure respectable safety nets that enhance human dignity for the disabled and those with special needs; b) Aim for a holistic development of the rural parts of our County through the pursuit of an aggressive integrated rural development program; c) Protect the Countys heritage especially the environment, the land and forests as well as all our natural resource endowments; d) Invest in the development of our youth such that they will be able to unleash their creative capacities and energies in the right directions. For instance, development of County sports as a portfolio is a main agenda in our plan including the construction of a modern, multipurpose sports complex in Garissa town. e) In line with the constitution and consistent with our resolve to put the people at the centre of governance, we will strengthen community participations from the constituency, ward and village levels through appointed co-ordinators. Such initiatives are necessary so that the communities are not only made to participate in governance at the micro level, but are encouraged to partake in the Countys development agenda in accordance with their own understanding and aspirations. Honourable members of this august house, the oath of office that we all took should mark a fresh start in the life of our County. But with so much to accomplish within a relatively short period, I would like to say a little about the cardinal principles that will guide my development Agenda. We shall undertake fundamental reform of the governance culture within the County to emphasize transparency, accountability, due process and value re-orientation by all institutions and functionaries of the County government, beginning with my humble self. For emphasis, there shall be zero tolerance for corruption under my administration. The days of enrichment without labour and funding the greed and avarice of a few at the expense of the development of our people is over. I will work hard to plug all leakages and sources of corruption which have been the bane of our development. Be prepared, therefore, for a fundamental paradigm shift in the governance culture, ethics and values of those who would like to work for our government. I am aware that we will face resistance, we may be misunderstood but we shall always do what is right in the interest of our people. To this end we will take all necessary decisions and actions, however difficult, however painful, however controversial those decisions and actions may be. And for this objective to succeed, I look forward to the unwavering support of this august house. Honourablemembers, you will all agree with me that the hurdles before us are real and numerous. For instance, we would take adequate stock of the situation within the next four weeks, and as part of our commitment to transparency, we shall announce and publishclearly the position of things. But, notwithstanding the status of matters as we inherit them, you will agree with me that the masses across the county rightly expect so much from you and I. Let it be clear though that there are no easy solutions or quick fixes. Nevertheless, I am optimistic that, with sincerity of purpose, we will overcome the challenges.

FellowGarissans, it is true that no great enterprise or society has ever been built without a grand vision and I indeed have a vision for Garissa. The vision is one of renewal, drive, purpose and energy. It is a vision driven by fresh ideas and ideals. But vision alone, like an architectural drawing, no matter how beautiful, has never built anything without the labour of many skilled, semi-skilled and even unskilled hands. It is a development oriented vision which we must all labour to make it happen. With your support and prayers and by the grace of Allah (SWT), it is my humble submission that Garissa County will NEVER be the same again. Brothers and sisters, as you will appreciate, I have big plans for the County and I am only too aware that the pursuit of our agenda for change will be a complex and gruelingendeavor. And I concede that those who insist that our County cannot afford too many big plans and hence question the scale of our ambitions have a point.But, then, what these cynics and adversaries fail to realize is that the ground has shifted beneath them, that their own failures stem not from lack of resources per se but from a failure of will and imagination which, when joined to common purpose as well as honest intent and courage, can result in the most remarkable of changes. We know where we are going and we will, Insha-Allah, get there. Honourable members, I would like to seize this opportunity to wish you all the best as you embark on the businesses of this house and the deliberations that are of importance to us as a County. As we ponder the road that unfolds before us, let us resolve firmly and irrevocably to work together for the sake and greater good of our County.Of course, we are conscious of the fact that in a democratic set-up such as ours, views on issues tabled in the house are bound to be divergent. But notwithstanding the divergence of views, what is expected of each of us is to support what is right. You will appreciate that, eventually, our people will judge us by our contributions to their wellbeing and development, not by our pursuit of selfish and/or mischievous ideologies.Hence, starting from here, lets pull ourselves together and begin the task of remaking our County. Honourable members, I believe in our County and our intention should be to build a County with shared values and purpose, where merit comes before privilege, a County for the many not the few, a County strong and sure of itself. A County that its people can be proud of calling home. I am conscious of the sacrifices made by our youth, men and women in the cause of our struggle for a new political order. To them, I say that the confidence you reposed in us by giving us the mandate will definitely not be betrayed, and we will not disappoint you In-sha-Allah. Iwould also like to take this opportunity to salute the elite and the professionals of our County including our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora. We call upon each and every oneof them to come forward and play his or her role in the restoration of our County. Similarly, we are a people brought up to revere and respect the elderly (our Wazees) and the Religious scholars (ulema) of our communities and I would like to pledge my support to them as important stakeholders of the County. As custodians of our traditions, they have a duty to act in the best interest of all. However, in order not to fall into disrepute, they themselves must steer absolutely clear of divisive politics. To the President of our Countryand to the national government organs operating in the County, we pledge our best efforts to work agreeably and tirelessly in the interest of our nation. Bound by unity of purpose, no less than by the obligations of our offices, there is very little we cannot do in cooperation and in mutual respect.

Finally, let the word go forth from this gathering that we regard the trust bestowed on us as a call to bear the burden of a long titanic struggle and one for which there can be no adequate reward other than in its fulfilment. So let it be said, when the modern history of our County comes to be written, that when we were tried and tested we were not found lacking in moral fibre, that we did not falter or even flinch; and that when finally we took our exit, we left Garissa County in a far better form and shape than we had found it. Thank you and May Allah (SWT) bless our County and indeed our Country.