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Friday, March 29, 2013 [Last updated: 04.22.2013, 6:30 AM PST]

Bob Levin

Former U.S. Intelligence Professional and FBI/Blackops Whistleblower Standing for the Human Beings

Investigative & Undercover Journalism Consumer Protection Activist for Whistleblower Patriots, Human Rights Victims and Blacklisted Individuals
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Witness Deaths Congressional Perjury Black Budget Thefts

The WITSEC Program was sired by the CIA MK-ULTRA and KUBARK Programs and utilizes Federal Witnesses as Involuntary Human Test Animals and a laboratory control sample for the continuing development of the buttressing principles supporting the CIA Torture Paradigm with its primary earmark of causing self-inflicted harm for a resulting harm of systematic systemic genocide.

The Jewish Holocaust never ended. It returned to its eugenics roots in America under "Operation Paperclip" along with 1500 Nazi SS war criminals to become the CIA MK-ULTRA Program, the "Manhattan Project" of mind control and "brainwashing" employing involuntary human test animals within the tentacles of 250 black subprojects. The resulting harm sired the four principle components comprising the CIA Torture Paradigm and the erosive formulas for covert and overt acts of PsyOps terrorism and "no touch" invisible physical torture that remains sanctioned against specific and randomly targeted individuals. This matrix for systematic systemic genocide and negative eugenics is self-perpetuates by these ongoing black projects that migrate beneath the clandestine mud of evolutionary change to shed their outer shells like Chesapeake Bay bluecrabs to emerge later as newer versions of the same godless atrocities while leaving behind the empty places of their past existences like riddles trapped in mysteries and wrapped in enigmas. - Bob Levin

MANIFESTO: WITSEC, U.S. Black Project in Torture and Terrorism Exposed - The WITSEC Program was sired by the CIA MK-ULTRA and KUBARK Programs to process Federal Witnesses through its blacksite facilities as Involuntary Human Test Animals. Witnesses both in and out of the program, remained sanctioned for the continuing development of the fractionalizing and "slow kill" formulas produced by the buttressing four principles of the CIA Torture Paradigm. Witnesses experience the erosion of the individual sense of self-identity through the repeated frequencies of occurrences employing the tactics, techniques and technologies of applied "no touch" invisible physical torture and covert and overt acts of terrorism and torture. The resulting harm recognizes the primary earmark of CIA torture programs, which is to cause self-inflicted harm with a variety of intended meanings. The larger scope while recognizing micro and macro concentrations, produces Systematic Systemic Genocide for Negative Eugenics. These crimes against humanity while hidden behind the blackops curtain, are well known by the U.S. government that continues to act as a rogue outlaw state through covert-ups and the targeting of Whistleblower Patriots. The rightful principles of a genuine justice system within a living democracy and not one stuffed and mounted on the wall like a trophy on display, demands that "We the People" petition the United Nations [U.N.] and any other governing or judicial body that is possibly able to certify Specific and Randomly Targeted Individuals, Sanctioned and Blacklisted Whistleblowers or Truth Tellers and Non-Criminal, Criminal and Custodial Federal Witnesses as a Protective/Protected Class. A protected class of persons being subjected to a the repeated frequency of occurrences that recognize covert and overt acts of terrorism and torture within the layers of discrimination that violates both U.S. and State Constitutions, Civil Liberties and the Inalienable Human Rights of a Person as set-forth by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and as regularly prosecuted by the International Court of Justice/Cour Internationale de Justice, Peace Palace, The Hague, Netherlands. Since beginning their egregious act of treason as a false flag operation on 911 for the implantation of the U.S. Patriot Act that sat waiting in someone's desk drawer and giving rise to the "Security State" or "Deep State" as a shadow government, the overthrow of our government infrastructure and the destruction of the American rank and file middle class has continued since its ignition point. 911 was carried-out by psychologically manipulated CIA assets, who were converted into "Manchurian Candidates" and jackals by applications of CIA Counterintelligence Reverse Tactics, before they were deployed to attack U.S. targets at the behest of the silent partners orchestrating the Bush bin Laden, Global Continuing Criminal Enterprise. Lest we forget, the history of the oligarchical Bush family of generational treason that will include elsewhere the voluntary testimonies of clandestine federal agents and sources close to the U.S. Secret Service; i.e., the F-16 shoot down of golfer Payne Stewart's Learjet with the same experimental remote controlled avionics as all the hijacked 911 commercial jetliners, during the invasion of Panama, using the Panamanian people as involuntary human test animals for areal and space laser weapons technologies, and the clandestine testing of an EMP weapon over New York City from a refitted A-6 Intruder Jet-bomber that caused a regional power blackout and killed American and Canadian citizens. A cover-up ensued with a hearing held by Sen. John McCain who scapegoated the blame onto a ConEd Power Co. engineer in the reported exchange for his military records being sealed for life. Never forget that George H.W. Bush with his exceptional ties to Cuban terrorist Orlando Bosch vila, was in Dallas, Texas when JFK was assassinated. After CIA Chief Bill Colby was found floating dead in the water near his southern Maryland home, days before testifying in the assassination/staged suicide of CIA MK-ULTRA Whistleblower, Dr. Frank Olson from the secret facilities at Fort Detrick, MD, George H.W. Bush filled his position at the CIA. Postal anthrax Dr. Bruce E. Ivins was also employed at the Fort Detrick, MD facility and allegedly committed suicide after being the only person indicted for the crime. Last but not least was my accurate prediction of Karl Rove's Republican IT guru, Michael Connell, whose private plane exploded in midair just after takeoff and three days before testifying in the "Middleman Blackbox

Scandal" in both presidential elections involving George W. Bush. Since 911, American citizens have witnessed the continuing erosion of the free press and a representative government, of, for and by the people. Therefore it is upon "We the People" to lawfully bestow the blessings of liberty upon ourselves with a lawful and peaceful restorative revolution that recognizes the living heart of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the buttressing principles found within the U.S. Constitution. The three branches of the corporatist controlled U.S. government, continue to produce nothing less than the fruit of a poisonous tree. Routinely these feckless and craven capos of compounded treason, prostitute our democracy as the pimps of fascism while converting the dream and promise of America into the guarantee of a virtual death camp environment. We have already long since recognized the statistical probabilities of an unwanted violent and misguided fractionalized revolution, which I cannot neither condone nor support, even if it is caused by the predictable outcome of the CIA Torture Paradigm and ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations. "We the People" are better than our government and no matter the past history of any individual, none of us must instigate or promote criminal misconduct. So how do we fight the transnational lawless tyrants causing a World Holocaust - we relentlessly expose them with "truth bombs" and through the continuum of the selfless positive efforts brought by our human brothers and sisters who continue to rise as Whistleblower Patriots! What each person must ask themselves, do my principles for living far outweigh the political sanctions and blacklisting that will likely result by becoming a Whistleblower Patriot. For thirteen years now I have been blacklisted from employment, had my NOC clearance outed multiple times to serve as a government green light for my assassination, and politically sanctioned by known government actors engaged in espionage against the United States, who remain shielded by a complicit USAG Eric Holder. A U.S. Attorney General, who along with a number of other known actors within the military industrial complex, corporate businesses and the state government, should be federally adjudicated for a multitude of index crimes, conducting ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations as the preponderance of the evidence will show, and for violations of the laws that applied within the matter of CIA Officer Valerie Plame Wilson. In each case the coconspirators should be given the appropriate sentence entitled any traitor. The short list of crimes committed by the U.S. government, is the complete reversal and commission of every genocidal war crime and other atrocities THEY have ever accused another nation or world leader of having themselves portrayed. The information being voluntarily provided to me by Non-Criminal, Criminal and Custodial Federal Witnesses and Witsec Inspectors, details a history of corruption within the U.S. Marshals Service's WSD/MOW by its administrators, agents and general counsel. These atrocities appear to be transnational in scope while extending into the states, commercial entities, components of the military industrial complex, family members of Witsec personnel, and beyond. Cover-ups have taken place after federal administrators and general counsel conspired to commit multiple counts of congressional perjury in a concerted effort to obtain a grossly inflated black-project-budget for the Witsec Program. This results by falsely claiming the dependents of federal witnesses as included within the total demographic of actual federal witnesses, to pad the enrollment numbers, when in fact, a federal witness with a family, only receives twenty dollars extra per month for each member. A federal witnesses [not in custody], only receives monthly financial support by cash or check, along with reimbursement of covered expenses, until the terms of their contractual agreement has been satisfied with the U.S. Justice Department; i.e., testifying in court. After testifying, federal witnesses no longer receive financial assistance from the Witsec Program and for all intense and purposes are left for dead; some have wrongfully died while in the program and all have been tortured and terrorized by the alleged "voluntary program" that mirrors the self-inflicted harm caused by CIA Torture Programs. However the Witsec Program

continues to count the dependants of federal witnesses, as the pork within its enrollment numbers while producing an erroneous black budget. Federal witnesses without a verifiable credit or work history, appear on the radar scope like UFOs and are given an invented blackops work history within the Social Security Administration's computer database. These records are sometimes punitively removed as a political sanction in retaliation for Federal Witness Whistleblower activities to affectively cocoon these American citizens as non-persons on a web of isolation. On other occasions, Federal Witness Whistleblowers are outed through a host of means in direct violation of the Witsec mandate, which is to not create a mortal threat environment around a person with a protected status. This is also meant to terrorize and torture Federal Witness Whistleblowers while regularly cover-up by complicit Witsec inspectors. The cover-ups of these sanctions and federal felonies being committed by Witsec, non-Witsec officials and other culpable federal agents, are indicative of a complacent bureaucracy within a nearly invisible culture of corruption. A source close to the Witsec stated, "no matter how it happens, whether it's the deliberate fault of the Witsec program, Witsec inspectors or otherwise, the government colors the federal witness whistleblower as having violated the protocols while holding the government harmless." This is a built-in cover-up that goes hand in hand with "voluntary program and fresh start rhetoric" that are themselves misnomers and perversions of language. When outed or violated as a sanction, which can also include the government comingling both birth and undercover identities and furnishing erroneous evidence to the court during Social Security Disability Benefit hearings, the federal witness whistleblower is either exited from the program or given a new identity and made to start over from nothing within a virtual death camp society where millions of regular American citizens are desperately struggling or unable to survive in the devastated U.S. consumer driven economy. The Federal Witness Protection Program is used by all other federal agencies to manage the three classifications of federal witnesses. Non-criminal federal witnesses comprise 6% of the total demographic within a program that repeatedly boasts that it was never setup for non-criminals. A little know fact about the Witsec Program, is that within that minority of 6%, there is an even smaller number of former or retiring undercover law enforcement officers and clandestine U.S. intelligence agents who are obliged by the U.S. Attorney General to utilize the Witsec Program for security reasons and as their ombudsmen to convey court documents and establish covert meetings for pretrial preparations. As to statistical data, there is a 17% recidivism rate among custodial and criminal federal witnesses that can be argued is attributable to the psychological reactions of targeted individuals, when exhibiting symptomologies of having been tortured and terrorized under the erosive and applied principles of the CIA Torture Paradigm. Federal witnesses leave their lives, families, financial instruments, degrees, credit and work history, and other personal belongings behind. Federal witnesses are given false guarantees by the Witsec Program that university transcripts and degrees will be converted for use with their new identities, but that never happens for the adults and corrupt Witsec Inspectors have deliberately commingled the birth and clandestine identities of federal witnesses to endanger their lives by creating a mortal threat environment that serves as a government sanction for assassination. In that regard the Witsec Program is a blackops funded transnational blacksite facility and virtual death camp where contrary to the congressional perjury of its administrators, federal witnesses have died for a host of reasons in the program. One Witsec Inspector who volunteered, "we forgot about the guy and he was dead the next time we checked on him, so we took his personal belonging and distributed his prescribed narcotics and Viagra among the Witsec Inspectors - the blues pills work well." At least one female Non-Criminal Federal Witness Whistleblower who reported government corruption involving money laundering of government home and student loans between the Mafia, Senator Chris Dodd and his father, was sanctioned for murder as explained below.

Federal witnesses receive monetary compensation in the amount of five thousand dollars towards the purchase of a used vehicle and since they have no history, are told by Witsec Inspectors, to pay the full amount without negotiating a deal with the seller/dealer. Sources close to the FBI and Witsec Program report that Federal Witnesses receive a voucher for buying household goods that is around one thousand dollars. However there are several instances where corrupt Witsec Inspectors have reportedly extorted money from federal witnesses and in some cases demanded sexual compensation for extended financial benefits. Prior to 911 and more so, following the implementation of draconian national security measures, federal witnesses are rarely if ever provided with the necessary avenues to secure meaningful employment or enabled to otherwise be able to afford medical health insurance. Federal witnesses and their families are counted among the 40,000 American citizens who die each year without medical health insurance in the United States. Under the false guise of a "fresh start", federal witnesses are used as involuntary human test animals to develop formulas that cause the erosion of the individual sense of self-identity in human beings. As an erroneously protected demographic, federal witnesses and Federal Witness Whistleblowers, have legal standing for a Bivens action and embody the pathways and waypoints leading towards an American holocaust within the creation of a virtual death camp environment called the United States. Sources within the U.S. Marshals Service have revealed that federal witnesses have wrongfully died while actively participating in the Witsec Program. This fact has been widely and falsely disclaimed by the Witsec Program's federal administrators who hide behind the clandestine curtain. Behind that curtain, these same federal administrators, conspire to commit the theft of government funds through illegally obtained black project budgets through multiple acts of congressional perjury and interagency and U.S. Justice Department coconspiratorial cover-ups. This was further demonstrated by the threats made by a clandestine federal agent directly under the control of the Bush White House. During a telephonic communication, the known agent who is highly suspected of being actively engaged in crimes of espionage against the United States and who remains shielded by the crime of selective prosecution by USAG Eric Holder, did state and threaten, "you have people in very high places afraid to death that you are going to destroy their programs [black projects and black budgets] and they said to tell you if you do not remain silent...the government will invent a criminal charge against you." This resulted by a U.S. Special Prosecutor requesting my assistance in a federal investigation of a clandestine federal agent and Witsec Inspector who was later convicted for the theft of government funds and produced the subsequent discovery of massive fraud and corruption throughout the Federal Witness Protection Program. My invitation for all concerned within the Bush White House to go pound salt up their asses resulted with increased political sanctions against me as an FBI Whistleblower Patriot, to include, ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations carried out by several known state and federal government actors and one former federal agent now a federal felon. Additionally under the same laws that applied in the matter of CIA Officer Valerie Plame Wilson, my clandestine NOC security status was repeatedly outed by known state and federal actors while supported by a complicit USAG, Eric Holder. Historically it must be recognized that in 1994, I survived an assassination on U.S. soil that was carried out by a jackal agent of the U.S. Pentagon. Sometime later I won a meritorious federal lawsuit and the case file was immediately sealed by the government to prevent the waypoint of

discovery that even though the Cointelpro program officially ended, ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations have continued. Federal witnesses have been outed, exploited and politically sanctioned by both Witsec Inspectors, CSOs and regular Deputy Marshals without Witsec certifications. U.S. Deputy Marshals when promoted to the level of Witsec Inspectors, earn approximately 80k a year and reportedly, become complacent and less than helpful when concerning the needs of federal witnesses especially after they have finished their court testimonies. All documents produced by the Witsec Program are classified, they are sometimes leaked as a political sanction and the federal witnesses and Federal Witness Whistleblowers are never given copies of the documents they are caused to sign. The only means for federal witnesses to possibly obtain copies of these classified documents is to read them aloud while making a sound recording or photographing the documents with concealed pinhole cameras. Evidence has been produced that demonstrates the admission of criminality and the commission of multiple federal felonies by known Witsec Inspectors; etal. As mentioned above, one female Non-Criminal Federal Witness Whistleblower, reported giving whistleblower testimony concerning the financial fraud within government and quasi government agencies with "mafia ties and the money laundering activities of Senator Chris Dodd and his father." This female Non-Criminal Federal Witness Whistleblower, stated that she was kidnapped, raped repeatedly, sexually tortured for twenty-four hours, and was then hung by the neck and thought left for dead until awakening some hours later in a pool of her of blood and feces with her female organs exposed she lived. In the mirror, it appears that the Witsec Program remains the black subproject offspring of the CIA MK-ULTRA Program, the "Manhattan Project" of mind-control and "brainwashing". Federal witnesses both in and outside the Witsec Program are subjected to "slow kill" and "silent kill" conditions, which falls under the four principles of the CIA Torture Paradigm and the tactics, techniques and technologies of systematic systemic genocide for negative eugenics. These fractionalizing practices are often applied in conjuncture with the evolved methods of ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations while recognizing "no touch" invisible physical torture as the tradecraft of the CIA KUBARK Torture Manual and as additionally demonstrated and developed within Abu Ghraib Prison where CIA handlers orchestrated U.S. military service members to commit war crimes while torturing prisoners of war [POWs] to death. The evidence is clear that the U.S. Marshals Service's WSD/MOW, Federal Witness Protection Program, knew or should have known that federal witnesses and Federal Witness Whistleblowers, continue being used as involuntary human test animals and as a laboratory control sample. The U.S. Marshals Service's WSD/MOW, Federal Witness Protection has received multiple notices of these actionable offenses constituting crimes against humanity as covert and overt acts of terrorism and torture. These have been applied and targeted against federal witnesses and Federal Witness Whistleblowers as political sanctions for the creation of both virtual and actual mortal threat environments to surround federal witnesses and Federal Witness Whistleblowers and to further serve as a green light for their assassinations and/or wrongful deaths and suicides. Federal witnesses and Federal Witness Whistleblowers have never been truly protected behind the shadows and curtain of the Witsec Program, especially beyond the point-in-time where they have provided their sworn court testimonies. Therefore, I opine that any person having ever been a federal witness must be certified as a "Protected Class" with special privileges granted to shield their identities with the removal or sealing of fingerprint records in both FBI databases to thereby ensure their personal safety and to give them standing under anti-discrimination laws, the U.S. Constitution, Civil Liberties and the inalienable principles as set forth within the protocols of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

In conclusion, I stand prepared to chronicle the testimonials of federal witnesses and Federal Witness Whistleblowers and to if nothing else present the truth about the Federal Witness Protection Program to the world court of public opinion. Possibly with enough support some legal action might be brought for change and reparations for damages.

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