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Control : Outlines of the controls: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Monitoring overall progress Review Implementation result Spot services that are not

meeting their goals. Measurement of return marketing investment. Taking corrective action to ensure that objectives are achieved.

1) Monitor Overall Process: To monitor overall process, Banglalion has board of directors who take care overall strategic directions and progress of the company. Specific areas includes such as financial stability, long-term well being of the corporation. Boards of directors are: a) President: Responsibilities includes strategic guidance of the enterprise, exploration or expansion of plan and strategic alliance facilitation and management. b) Chief Executive officer: Maintain strategic fits between the corporate recourses and external factors, day-to-day overall progress, immediate actions. c) Directors of finance and Operations: responsibilities include financial oversight, safeguarding of assets and human resources managements. d) Director of information technology: Responsibility includes overall technological efficiency, softer development, information control. e) Director of sales and marketing: Responsibility includes sales generation, marketing programs development market mix, market competitions, advertisements and public relations. 2) Review Implement result: In Banglaion Corporation control system, implementation results from all the section are taken for review and evaluation. After launching new product packages and plans and promotions, overall progress is reviewed by the particular board of directors. 3) Spot services that are not meeting their goals: After reviewing and evaluating, if any plans including services that do not satisfy the customer needs are taken for either consideration or omission with the investigation of proper causes and reasons. To get real information, companys sales and marketing department takes many surveys over online , direct link , market dealers and existing customers. 4) Measurement of return marketing investment: This part is done by the directors of finance and operations. For serious decisions and final approval, board of directors sends all plans to the president.

5) Taking corrective action to ensure that objectives are achieved: After getting all the results and information, final strategies has taken in order to ensure company is going toward its objectives according to the plan.

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