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How Well Do You Know Your Bearings?

The following 20 questions are from the Rolling Bearings Troubleshooter's Guide on CD-ROM. Use this quick mini-quiz to test your bearings knowledge. 1. What is the most important feature of lubrication that determines the life of a bearing? (a) viscosity (b) grade of grease (c) E.P. additives (d) viscosity index 2. What two items are used to determine the proper oil viscosity for a bearing? (a) bearing width and bearing speed (b) bearing speed and bearing outside diameter (c) bearing width and bearing bore (d) bearing speed and bearing pitch diameter 3. How high should oil be in a split pillow block housing? (a) 1/4 from the bottom (b) at the split (c) center line of bottom most roller (d) center line of shaft 4. For high temperature (300 Degrees Fahrenheit) applications, what is the preferred method of lubrication? (a) circulating oil with a heat exchanger (b) polymeric matrix type lubricant (c) lithium grease (d) static oil lubrication 5. One advantage of oil in a split pillow block is that it: (a) is less likely to leak (b) is easier to change than grease (c) improves the efficiency of the labyrinth enclosures (d) minimizes axial thrust 6. For lubricating high speed bearings, use: (a) polymeric matrix types lubricant (b) grade 2 grease (c) oil (d) grade 3 grease 7. Dry sump in a pillow block is used for: (a) high speed (b) low speed (c) hot applications

(d) cool applications 8. The temperature of the oil is how much hotter than the housing? (a) 20 degrees Fahrenheit (b) 30 degrees Fahrenheit (c) 50 degrees Fahrenheit (d) same temperature 9. How often should grease be changed in a split pillow block? (a) every 2 months (b) every 6 months (c) once a year (d) never 10. Static oil should be changed in pillow block every: (a) 3 months (b) 6 months (c) 1 year (d) 2 years 11. When condensation occurs in an oil lubricated split pillow blow, what occurs to the bearing? (a) fretting corrosion (b) static corrosion (c) cavitation (d) none of the above 12. Maximum temperature to heat a bearing for mounting on a shaft is: (a) 180 degrees Fahrenheit (b) 212 degrees Fahrenheit (c) 250 degrees Fahrenheit (d) 320 degrees Fahrenheit 13. Before mounting a ball bearing on a shaft, check the: (a) shaft diameter (b) bore of bearing (c) bearing internal clearance (d) thrust clearances 14. When calculating shaft size for a press fit, use a C/P value of: (a) 6 (b) 10 (c) 12 (d) 14 15. A sine bar is used:

(a) to align bearing (b) to measure length of a tapered seat (c) with a micrometer to measure a straight shaft diameter (d) with a micrometer to measure a tapered shaft diameter 16. Nicks on a shaft shoulder: (a) are meaningless (b) can cause misalignment of the inner ring (c) can cause interference fit on a shaft (d) can cause misalignment on the outer ring 17. An internally preloaded bearing can result from: (a) too much thrust load (b) too much radial load (c) undersize journal (d) too much press fit on the inner ring 18. Conformity of a sine bar to a tapered shaft must be at least: (a) 60% (b) 80% (c) 95% (d) 100% 19. When radial clearance reduction cannot be measured on a spherical roller bearing, axial travel up the taper can be measured. For every .001 reduction in radial clearance on a 1:12 tapered solid journal, the axial travel is: (a) .012 (b) .016 (c) .020 (d) .024 20. When heating a 6218 2RS bearing: (a) first remove the seals (b) place bearing on wire grid in a container of oil (c) place bearing on an induction heater (d) preheat the shaft
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Ball bearing: Quiz

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Bulgarian physicist Stefan Marinov claimed to have created a perpetual motion machine using only two ballraces and a car battery? More interesting facts on Ball bearing

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Include this on your site/blog: Categories: 1869 introductions > French inventions > Swedish inventions > Rolling-element bearings Question 1: Aerospace bearings are used in many applications on commercial, private and military aircraft including pulleys, gearboxes and ________ shafts.

Jet engine

Swing-piston engine

Rocket engine nozzle

Rocket engine

Question 2: Because the balls are rolling they have a much lower ________ than if two flat surfaces were rotating on each other.

Lift (force)



Drag (physics)

Question 3: The formula assumes the life to be limited by metal fatigue and that the life distribution can be described by a ________.

Student's t-distribution

Weibull distribution

Generalized normal distribution

Normal distribution

Question 4: They can be made from many different materials, including: stainless steel, chrome steel, and ________ (silicon nitride (Si3N4)).

Ceramic materials

Ceramic engineering



Question 5: A ball bearing is a type of ________ which uses balls to maintain the separation between the moving parts of the bearing.

Thrust bearing

Plain bearing

Fluid bearing

Rolling-element bearing

Question 6: ________ bearings used to be highly spherical, and were said to be the best spherical manufactured shapes, but this is no longer true, and more and more are being replaced with fluid bearings.

Universal Serial Bus

USB flash drive

Floppy disk

Hard disk drive

Question 7: The Conrad bearing is named for its inventor, Robert Conrad, who got British ________ 12,206 in 1903 and U.S.

Software patent


Patent application

Patent infringement [report]

Question 8: Caged roller bearings were invented by ________ in the mid 1700s as part of his work on chronographs.



Marine chronometer

John Harrison

Question 9: Materials include M50 tool steel (AMS6491), Carbon chrome steel (AMS6444), the corosion resistant AMS5930, 440C stainless steel, ________ (ceramic) and titanium carbide-coated 440C.

Silicon nitride

Silicon dioxide


Silicon carbide

Question 10: Bearing manufacturers supply ________ for the fit of the shaft and the housing so this can be achieved.





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