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Documents /Record Control Identify the gap between system and management standard requirements (ISO: 9001, 14001&OHSAS:

18001) Prepare and Review of IMS (ISO: 9001, 14001&OHSAS: 18001) Manual and Procedures Prepare master list of Documents and record Prepare and Review of all Department Organization chart, Process Flow diagram, Process Analysis sheet Prepare and Review of Functional Procedure, Work instruction, Standard operating procedure, Do & Dont Audit Prepare Annual Internal Audit plan Identify the Suitable internal Auditors Coordinate with concerned departments for Internal Audits as per Management Standard Supervising the Internal Audit Process Summarizing the Internal Audit Observations, Non Conformities Coordination with concerned departments for Non Conformity, Corrective/Preventive Actions Coordinate for the Implement agreed corrective/Preventive actions Closure of Non Conformities after verification of corrective/preventive action Coordinating with Certifying body for External Audit Schedule, Audit, Audit Reports, Closure of Non Conformities Reviewing Observation, Non Conformities raised by certifying body Management Review meeting Coordinate with concerned departments for Management Review meeting as per MRM Agenda Collect MRM Input data (Measure of Performances Indicator) from all departments Arranging/ Conducting Management Review Coordination with concerned departments for MRM points discuss Closure of all MRM points after verification of corrective/preventive action

Performance Appraisals Preparing, planning and facilitating the performance appraisal process and ensuring it is conducted as per the defined periodical regulations. Preparing and analyzing the report on past appraisal trend of an individual

Training & Development Identify the training needs for the all departments and co-ordination with Department Heads. Maintaining the Training records Get Training feedback from the Participant Monitor the Effectiveness and arrange for the Re training if Not good Health & Safety and Environment
Responsible to Setting the framework for IMS, reviewing periodically, Audit, Improve, Prepare/review Health &Safety and Environment related Procedure, Formats. Conduct/review the Workplace Inspection. Conduct the accident investigation & analyze the causes of accidents. Suggest / implement the Corrective/Preventive Actions on accidents. Arrange the Training Programmes for Health and Safety.

Segregation of waste and housekeeping of plant and access and egress Providing technical information by means providing concern emergency evacuation procedure, emergency phone numbers what are all the procedure taken during emergency. Providing of warning sign boards Ensure Hazard analysis and Risk assessment are being implemented and related control measures are in place. Giving safety induction to all newly joined employees and ensuring all workers are conversant with the standard procedures associated. Create awareness to the employee by conducting toolbox talk and weekly HSE meeting. Ensuring meetings with work force, staff on weekly and monthly basis. Prepare minutes of the meetings. Identify the fire, Electrical, work at height hazards and try to eliminate those hazards from work site Inspection of fire alarm system and fire fighting equipments and Emergency exits and to make sure there are no obstructions In case of emergency assist people to evacuate from work site to assembly area Responsible for preparing written weekly and monthly HSE reports, statistics and presentations related to HSE performance Schedules and leads regular HSE meeting.

Continually maintain an appropriate level of awareness, knowledge and preparedness across the organization Review internal HSE policies and practices to ensure they are current and appropriate; conduct hazard and risk assessments and change existing, or develop new recommendations from these assessments Responsible for the development of an annual budget recommendations and implementation coordinate registration and removal of hazardous waste;