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|| Gururbrahmaa Gururvishnu Gururdevo Maheshvarah ||

|| GururSakshaat Parambrahma, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah||

Vol 7 C. S. Patel 2
Memorial Issue - Part 2

n continuation with the Part 1, this part of a very long but essential Publitorial will concentrate on
the need to dig deeper into books and manuscripts rather wasting time on forums and chats which
consume whole day & money of the sincere astro students. Also will be discussed How our studies
need to be done otherwise huge wastage of time happens. In order to understand why we need to
dissolve ourselves in our books and manuscripts, lets first see the end result of our studies, which are

1.7 What Is A Prediction
Many of us spend decades in astrology without realizing What is a Prediction though it has many
levels let us touch the very mundane level of it here. The reason for touching this aspect is many of us
get impressed with some modern writers and spend years without digging deeper into classics, thinking
our so called heroes are the greatest or only mantras can give great predictions. Predicting outcome of an
event when the event is known is like 50:50 chance of success, ones office housecleaning staff can also
predict the outcome of elections or predict an earthquake somewhere in the world as every 9 months
some earthquake keeps on happening. But when we know nothing about the background of the person
whose chart we see and are able to predict a Rare event that is a class prediction.

nce upon a time there was an astrologer by the name of K C Saxena who modern students do
not know much except that they have seen one or two books in his name in the local astro book
shop. K C Saxena was considered one of the foremost authorities on Bhrighu Astrology and
rumor was it he learnt it from one of his office colleagues, later went to Nepal and some locations in
India to collect more knowledge on this oldest branch of Indian Astrology of Sage Bhrighu. Once upon
a time Mr Saxena was travelling to Mumbai from Delhi and on his next seat in the plane there was a
man who did not believe in astrology and for 30 minutes he bothered Mr Saxena deriding astrology.
When finally Mr Saxena said he is an astrologer himself the man shamelessly took out his horoscope
from his bag and asked Mr Saxena to see it citing that he by chance had his horoscope in his bag as his
wife wanted him to meet some astrologer in Delhi.
Then Mr Saxena took few minutes on the chart and said Your wife right now at this very hour, she
is learning Tabla (a particular Indian classical music instrument) with her Guru. In 2 months from now she
will run away with the Guru and leave you. The man started shouting to Mr Saxena as to how childish is
astrology blah blah blah. Mr Saxena asked him Isnt at this moment your wife supposed to learn Tabla. The
man realized that how did this astrologer predict that, he did not even ask if she has interest in music,
straight away said at this moment she is learning Tabla
and not another instrument. He said its true
she should be learning Tabla right now, but after she runs away with that Guru, will she come back?
Mr Saxena then coolly gave out his card and said when she runs away then you come to Delhi at my office
and then I will reply back. Dot after 2 months the man was in Mr Saxenas office. It is easy to guess what
On our way to the Himalayas we, P.M.Padia and Andree Leclerc stopped at Delhi to pay
respects to Mentor and then to Shri J.N.Sharma a friend of ours and a very dear friend of Mentor. We
like asking people about their Gurus and fondly listen as they pour out their love for their Gurus
something that is missing with the modern students of astrology. We asked Sharma ji about his Guru
K.G.Dutta as mentor had told a story to us when mentor took a famous industrialist to Late Shri
Duttas house for a consultation. Mr Dutta was known as the finest master of horary (Prashna) and in
front of Mentor Shri Dutta said Immediately feed this man (industrialist) as he hasnt eaten food for 2 days.

In some classical texts/nadi readings there is reference to planets and various types of instruments.
Mentor thought Ohh now my reputation is finished, I told the industrialist such great things about the
predictive power of Mr Dutta, he has obviously failed, how can such a rich man not have food. After few
moments the Industrialist started weeping saying Its true I have not eaten for 2 days since I have had a fight
with my wife.
So we narrated this story to J N Sharma, asking him fondly about his memories of his Guru and
the generation of his Guru. After a long chat something emerged when we mentioned to him about the
efforts the team of Saptarishis Astrology is taking to bring Ravana Samhita out. He said at the house of
his Guru Shri K.G. Dutta, there used to come an old and very pious Pandit (priest) whose name nobody
bothered to ask since all called him Panditji
. He said Panditji would often come and it was said that he
was a Master of Ravana Samhita having committed the whole of it to memory. Now our ears were
widened since we knew that even today many old village astrologers swear only by the text Ravana
. The great astrologer that Shri Dutta was had even greater respect towards this Panditji for his
extensive knowledge in astrology. Now J N Sharma continued that one day while Panditji came Shri
Dutta was about to leave for a restaurant with one of his friends for his afternoon meals. So the Ravana
Samhita expert Panditji said to Mr Dutta On the route to the restaurant you would find two snake charmers
who will meet you and beg you for money, after you give them few coins still they will refuse to let you go insisting
that you give them a Rupee (dollar) only and then they will let you go. After that when you reach the restaurant
there you would have to wait in queue as there would be lot of rush in the restaurant and infact you would think of
leaving but just at that moment a man will get up from one of the tables and ask you to sit in his place and that man
would be blind by one eye. Now Shri Dutta along with his friend started walking on the road towards the
restaurant while that Panditji trailed behind at a distance wanting to see how his prediction would shape
up. After few minutes of walking two snake charmers came on the road and asked Mr Dutta for money,
Mr Dutta looked behind and the Panditji smiled knowing his prediction was coming true. Mr Dutta
gave few coins but the snake charmers refused to let go and begged for one rupee. In the olden days one
rupee was a big amount and so reluctantly Mr Dutta dished out one rupee whilst looking back and the
Panditji had a huge naughty grin on his face as his prediction was coming true. Then when Mr Dutta
reached the restaurant he saw to his dismay but true to the prediction of the Pandit that the restaurant
was packed, whilst they were about to leave, a man got up from one of the tables and offered Mr Dutta
his seat to take meals. Mr Dutta just then noticed that the man was blind from one eye. Mr Dutta who
had previously seen so many great predictions of the Panditji come true was once again shocked for such
a novel prediction to come true.
We can go on and on regarding some of the other great predictions of this Ravana Samhita
Pandit and Mr Saxena but would reserve it for some other issue. What is important is for us to admit
that we dont think so in our lifetime we would be able to make such kinds of predictions; their
knowledge is lost, not documented in books, not encouraged by publishers and organisations that existed
even then due to politics. This knowledge still existed it seems just a few decades back but how can
todays Paramparas (traditions) who claim to be 800 years old and having the experience of 800 years

In olden days and even in modern day Varanasi still every scholar of shastra will be called either Guruji or Panditji without
bothering to ask ones name.
Authenticity of Ravana Samhita is doubtful but so far we have found 2 versions and the most original of them is available
in a place below Varanasi is what most scholars in Varanasi told us. This version inspite of our volunteers efforts have
evaded us. Beloved friend Prof Ramachandra Pandey, Ex-Head Jyotish Dept Banaras Hindu University has given us more
specifics but no contact number A pandita named Vagishwari Prasad Pathak resident of Gurvalia village in Deoria District
near Gorakhpur, brought this book the Ravana Samhita from Nepal. Now that Pandit is no more, but his son Kamakhya
Prasad Pathak is using this book in his Astrological practice. Another team member Ashutosh Kumar says that in
Muzaffarpur, Bihar has been to this Pandit and saw it but he wouldnt share. The one in our possession is not in manuscript
form and we ourselves doubt if it is full or totally original version but so far from the commentary that we have published in
previous issues you can make out that inspite of its non-original manuscript form, the rules mentioned on nakshatras in
Ravana Samhita is most stunning and over rules all nakshatra books so far published. No doubt Ravana was a great scholar
and even in the Jyotish famous area of Darbhanga, Bihar the Jyotishis pray to Ravana daily is what is told by Ashutosh
Kumar. Another volunteer who has visited the Gorakhpur area Ravana Samhita pandit claims that it contains a lot of
mundane astrology prediction (not found in our version) and this prediction his uncle has observed for 30 years all becoming
true. All in all the old astrologers belonging to the North Indian Belt of India have often quoted the greatness of Ravana
Samhita and though young ones will ignore such rules given in it but the village astrologers commit it to memory to make
stunning predictions is what has observed over many years.

cannot make such predictions. People like this Panditji never bothered to set up shop outside their house
or create a website, they lead simple lives and did not indulge into marketing and PR, their predictions
spoke about their knowledge. Just of the cup, Mr Saxena is the father of modern author Shanker Adewal
who has written many books published by Sagar Publications. But then astrology is so vast that it is not
possible for any father to dish out his complete knowledge and experience to his own son even if willing
within a lifetime.

1.8 After Manuscripts Are Translated What Next
his is the toughest part where you come in. It is easy to blame that manuscripts are hidden or in
libraries and sanskrit scholars are so egoistical that it is difficult to get any work done out of
them. But still few Sanskrit scholars have translated some works and are we studying things the
way shastra is to be studied? Let us see how shastra was taught not so long ago by an example. Shri
Paresh Desai one of our esteemed writer comes from a Parampara, his father was the legendary
Ravindra Desai, family astrologer of the biggest industrialist in India at that time, owner of Mafatlal
Company. Mr Ravindra Desai learnt astrology from Gurukul in his home town in Gujarat and then
from Banaras. First he was asked to mug up 15 classics and only after that the Guru started teaching the
students wherein the Guru would give reference on these classics e.g. references on Adhi Yoga from all
the classics that they had mugged up and then taught what works and what does not with the logic
behind the yoga. So both mugging and understanding the classics and also experience of the Guru came
to be learnt. Then you would go deeper into each classic say for e.g. Brihat Jataka and you would be
asked to read all the 40 commentaries on it and then you would be asked to think on each verse to grasp
its meaning and then test it practically. For e.g. the most revered astrologer Suryanarayan Vyas of
Ujjain whom Dr Raman used to regularly consult when he wanted the charts of Nehru family members
always used to say that Laghu Parasari is the Gita of Astrology/Bible of Astrology.
This work of 40 (42)
verses looks easy but if you go Real Deep you would find it extremely
confusing. But you would surely realize that the whole of practicing astrology is in Laghu Parasari hence
every scholar has attempted to write a commentary on it. In recent times a close friend who is from
Gujarat, India known for his stunning predictions has done some original work on Laghu Parasari but
still it is a short coming and is not well explained in his work due to lack in command of English
language. What is needed today is clarity in thoughts of writers, to explain classical verses in a precise
and clear cut language, only two names come to our mind who have already worked cum published on
classical literature in modern times, who can do justice to the work in English language, our friends K S
Charak and Ernst Wilhem, hope one day they take up Laghu Parasari.

1.9 Theory Vs Experience & The 18 year rule
hen the process of learning goes to experience, after you have studied all the 40 sub
commentaries on Laghu Parasari or such ancient works is the process of hunting down experts
all over India who have practiced those techniques mentioned in those verses for minimum 20
years. The Last Book of Astrology insists on 18 years. Why 18 years we dont know? Earlier we tried to
do Fit-o-logy that every student of astrology does by bringing in some mystic element to each statement
or event of ones life and thought that 18 is near the cycle of Saturn (19 year dasa) but that is ones own
thinking. The thing is Mentor having spent decades travelling all over India and burning huge amounts
of wealth realized with experience that unless one learns a method from an astrologer who has practiced
Professionally that technique for 18-20 years it is no use learning and adding confusion to ones mind. He
is obstinate about this part and wont budge having burnt his bridges many times earlier. The advantage
that he gained was he would know who in which village of India is an expert in Yogini Dasa, who is on
Kalachakra Dasa, who in Bhrighu Astrology and who in Padanathamsa Dasa, who in Chara Dasa and so
on. Who is good in longevity, who in marriage timing, who knows nakshatra well and so on. Trust us
this experience in each technique/subject/text is to be gained Directly sitting for days/years in front of
each teacher and not from that teachers article. In an article not even 20% of the technique comes out
this is the hidden truth that nobody tells you nor did anyone tell us until we experienced. The problem
is people are giving lectures and writing articles on a technique of astrology without spending 18 years in
that technique including us as we are also guilty of this mistake via our BSP methods which have not

There are two versions available one of 40 verses and other of 42 verses.

been perfected for 18 years by us. Ideally one must not write a single article before he has spent 30-35
years in astro studies. A mail that came to us.

Dear Saptarishis Admin,
Pranam Sir

(SA: some part deleted & edited)

You all must write about the practice of students giving lectures and writing articles without spending
time perfecting that technique. As a result there can be a chance that some incorrect knowledge can
come out. Some of us just use 4-5 books on transits and prepare articles.

I am not trying to defame someone but wanting to improve standards in astrology, so only as an
example see what I am trying to point out in this forum message on .. this Jaimini forum on __ Oct
(SA: deleted this part of the link message since it was pointing to someone wanting to write an article on
Ashtakvarga in some time and asking for references on studying further on ashtakvarga, the sender of that post on
the forum has only 6 years in astrology and not even 6 years in ashtakvarga hence probably this mail to us, it would
not be proper to discourage that hardworking young student to write on ashtakvarga & hence this mail by the
complainant can be interpreted as petty politics which we would like to avoid getting into and rather encourage
people to write articles even if young but stating their number of years of experience or experience in number of
charts with a particular technique. We are not watch dogs or an organization and request other mails that come to
us about forum politics to avoid coming to us, but yes we do not prefer our writers to be of non-controversial image
so you can educate us if need be at times since we avoid articles from writers whose public image is suspect or

Why are you not doing something about this practice, your organization has representatives all over the
world and is the largest you can set up guidelines for conduct and practices in astro writing. (SA: We are
not an organization but a business entity and refuse to become an organization or a watchdog, as the moment
organization comes in astrology it becomes more of organized politics than organized astrology). You see my
father studied astrology in his small town. In olden days student was to learn shastra for 30-40 years
before Guru gave Agya (SA: agya means instruction) to write, now all are let loose it seems and no Gurus
object. Guru Sishya parampara of India no doubt is finished.

New Jersey

2.1 Visiting Some Classics Every Year
ost in modern India learn from books of modern authors and somewhere down the line some
knowledge is not passed on from available classics to the books of the modern authors. This is
a huge problem and after 3-5 years of the study one realizes that one should read only classics.
After reading one or two classics the student whos Saturn might not be strong will go back to modern
authors or search for Gurus on the net or classes or courses for easy learning. Unfortunately there is no
easy way out and you must develop a habit of revisiting those classics every year, reading them again
and again otherwise the mistakes in ones learning that has happened in the last 100 years of astrological
magazines and books will happen to you and who will suffer your clients and your bad karma will only
increase, your remedies on yourself will not work. Coupled with this the need of the hour is to bring
more classics in English including tooth-combing each classic as we read, otherwise ones whole life will
be a waste by not understanding the most basic fundamentals of astrology. Lets see some verses from a
chapter of BPHS by going through the tooth-combing operation which has been missed by most gurus
and courses offered in the world on Vedic astrology.

1) If you ask anyone in astrology which is the house of servants they would normally say 6H, this
is the way it has been taught to all of us, apart from this even Gurus dont mention any other house, but
should we not go deeper and find from our existing works like BPHS etc. E.g.


vikrama bhtyabhrtrdi copadeaprayakam |
pitrorvai maraa vijo ducikycca nirkayet ||4||

Parasara says 3H for servants; one can refer to Chapter 11, Verse 4 of BPHS, Santhanam version, Ranjan
Publications Page 121. In Varanasi Edition, by Pandit Padmanabh Sharma
, Chaukhamba Surbharti
Prakashan, Varanasi , First Edition 2004 it is Chapter 12 (instead of chap 11), Verse 4, Page 61 and even
in the Hindi version, Ranjan Publications by Dr. Suresh Chandra Mishra it is Chapter 12, verse 4, Page
125, but everywhere it is 3H for servants. This point has been ignored till date in most articles. No doubt
the 6h of servants also works but so does 3H which experience will teach.

2) In same Chapter 12 dealing with houses called BhavaVivekAdhaya Parasara says enemies to see
from 2H too, whereas all of astrologers take mainly 6H for enemies.

F ~

7 7

dhanadhnya kuumbca mtyujlamamitrakam |
dhturatndika sarva dhanasthnnnirkayet ||3||

This word Enemies is mentioned in Santhanams version in his translation of the above verse and in
Dr Suresh Chandra Mishras and Varanasi Edition it is mentioned. It being in Hindi, modern Indians
dont want to read Hindi and some cant so the need that we mentioned earlier of translating things
Well in English is most essential. After it is in English a more wider range of people can test if the
translation is correct and lastly if the verse of the Rishi works or not in real practice. Parasara also says
8H for enemies in the same chapter & 12H for Types & Description of Enemies. Most even ignore that
2H is house of family, Parasara has used the word Kutumbh which means family.

3) In the same Verse 4 the word Upadesha has been used, which loosely translated means Initiatory
instructions that one receives is what Santhanam wrote, it can be understood as The Advice that You
Receive via your ear.


vikrama bhtyabhrtrdi copadeaprayakam |
pitrorvai maraa vijo ducikycca nirkayet ||4||

This has been ignored by all scholars, this is the house of most importance for practicing astrologers
since it shows when not to see the chart of a client, when to just let go of a chart, whose chart to avoid.
Why do astrologers predictions fail on certain charts inspite of being a good predictor. Nobody talks
about this concept or word used by Parasara even in scholarly circles but you can get it by digging
deeper into classics savoring each word of it and going through various translations of the same classic.
Even an article on this word with examples wont suffice to say how important it is and how it has been

He is head of the Department of Astrology, Shree Nepali Sanskrut Mahavidyala, Varanasi. We had met him in Varanasi in
Jan 2008 and though he had promised to write articles for us but due to some issues he has not been able to do so.
ignored till date. Same way most of us miss out on the 3H to be house of Parents Death (not just
mother) which Parasara pointed out.

4) Ask anyone in India which is the house of Friends everyone says 11H, but here in Chapter of
Houses (Chp 12) Parasara also says 4H by using the word Bandhu which means brother hood, a bit
closer than just friend like a best friend, as best friend is like your own blood brother, close to you
generally speaking.
F ~ ~F


vhannyatha bandhca mtsaukhydiknyapi |
nidhi ketra gha cpi caturtht paricintayet ||5||

Santhanam probably translated it as relatives instead of Close Friends/Brotherhood.

5) Something often missed out is that 5H is for Power & Fall from it, as Parasara used the word
Rajya which can be understood as Kingdom for 5H in Verse 6 of Chapter 12
H - H 0

4 ~


yantra - mantrau tath vidy buddhecaiva prabandhakam |
putrarjypabhradn payet putrmayd budha ||6||

6) 6H is an enigma when it comes to super fine understanding even to us due to lack of Sanskrit
knowledge. The word used is Sapatni Mataram, which by Varanasi and Suresh Mishra edition says &
can mean 2
woman - Mistress (other woman) or 2
wife whilst you are still married to the 1
one (since
Suresh Mishra has used the word Sauth).

7 U7

mtulntakaakn atrcaiva vradikn |
sapatnmtara cpi ahabhvnnirkayet ||7||

Maataaram means Mother In Law (6H) as per Varanasi edition whereas most of us take the 10H (4

from 7
) for mother in law. Another meaning of Sapatni can also be loosely understood as the maid
who stays with wife as per some scholars (in olden times the maid was given as dowry and stayed with
your wife in your house for life)

7) Ask anyone for travels they say 3, 7,9,12 but Parasara says 10
House for Foreign Stay
(Pravasaasya) but does not mean will not come back (subtle difference between this and permanent
foreign residence). This point has been ignored by most.
7 ~
U U 77

rjya ckavtti ca mna caiva pitustath |
pravsasya asypi vyomasthnnnirkaam ||11||

The people take only 6H for debts but in this verse 11 it uses the word Debts (Rinsyapi). So one should
see from 10H Debts too.

8) Now ask anyone which is the house of wife and children they would classically speaking it is 7H
and 5H but Parasara in Verse 12 uses the word PutraJaayadikasya Putra means children and Jaaya
means wife so probably Santhanam translated it as sons wife.

F 4 7

nnvastubhavasypi putrajydikasya ca |
anya vddhi pan ca bhavasthnnnirkaam ||12||

Whereas Varanasi and Suresh Chandra Mishra edition is clear to say in 11H see Children and Wife
(they do not say sons wife). 11H for children and wife we found out with observation, we lectured on
this at Ahmadabad in a lecture arranged by Upendrasingh Bhadoriya & Sanghvi ji, and then the scholars
there challenged to quote verse, same night we along with Bhadoriya spent hours going through various
translations and found the verse.

We do not know Sanskrit at all and know 20 % of Hindi hence our above observation can be wrong at
some places and would happily accept corrections but what has been drawn from above is what is
followed in common lexicon & also by consulting other scholars. One can infer what the Sage has so far
said has been ignored till now or vice versa, but may it atleast make you a voracious and tooth-combing

2.2 The Controversy & Ambiguity of Verses
wo things are important, One is studying the shastra like a shastra and the other is gaining from
experience as to what works amongst the written word. When we do not have even 1 % of what
our ancients wrote people spend time debating on forums on any topic in astrology or on
mythological points which are only symbolic like South Node (Ketu) not having aspect since he does
not have head. If ketu was a demon how was he made a graha and what happened after Vishnu severed
his head, was he given the head of a serpent by Vishnu, was he granted the status of graha, how was he
granted that status this nobody asks nor do they go deep into the mythology is the complaint of those
who use Ketus aspect. Most important that should guide you in your practice of astrology is what
works, and good majority of practicing & utmost successful astrologers use aspects for Ketu. One of the
most important debates lead by modern scholars is when Rahu Ketu are only mathematical points and
not physical planets, how can they have physical aspects. This is a very important point and should be
used in this manner to see if they were only physical points how did some of our ancients even mention
aspects to rahu, getting verse for aspect of ketu might be difficult but why did they even mention
aspects (dristhis sight) to Rahu in the first place, did they not have the basic intelligence to know that
a mathematical point cannot give physical aspect/sight.
Let us look into some verses which do give some hint on the aspects of the nodes which has been
ignored so far otherwise you would land up like us who were insulted rudely by mentor during our 3

meeting with him at Oberois Mumbai, when we asked him if there is any classical base for nodes
having aspect, he retorted sharply if you have not read jyotish or BPHS
then dont waste my time.
Today whip masters like him can only make us better students. Kindly note the words marked in brown
in the Sanskrit verse.

Verses on Rahu and Ketu aspects.
Source: Varahamihiras Brihajjataka Vimala commentary by Shrimadachytananad Jha, 5th edition
1986. Published by Chaukhamba Amarabharati Prakashan, Varanasi.

Mentor had access to elderly parampara people who had different versions of BPHS than available in the market but he has
not been successful in bringing them out due to socio-economic constraints & unwillingness of people to share manuscripts.
B6B8P 9T|76PF4 66l4 |9l 9l(|7|+6l-6P
sutesaptame praditamasya ttye ripau pdadirnitntam |
+l74(5|7 4(|-6 F4( |9l( 44 T6l-+
dhanerjyagehe'rdhadi vadanti svagehe tripda bhaveccaiva ketau ||

Rahu (and Ketu, if we take Tama to mean both rahu and Ketu) aspects 5th and 7th with full strength,
3rd and the 6th by 1/4th strength aspect, 2nd and 10th with half strength and it aspects own house by
3/4th strength. Similar are the aspects of Ketu. [SA: note the word ketu used in the sanskrit shloka]

Gopeshkumar in his commentary on Jataka Parijata published by Motilal Banarasidas, also gives below
shloka, and credits the BPHS for this shloka (This is the shloka that also appears in Santanam's book if
memory serves right and is attributed to the Bombay edition), which is more or less similar to the one in
Brihajjataka commentary and runs as :
B6P(++4l-6 9T|76PF4 4(HP( l|7 4(|-6
sutamadananavnte praditamasya yugaladaamagehe crdhadi vadanti|
B(=|9 |4974+ 9l(|7 P|+-l- |+=4+P96l l+l-- 9|(7-+
sahajaripu vipayan pdadi munindr nijabhuvanamupeto locanndha pradia ||

Rahu (Or Ketu too as the reference is to Tama) aspects the 5th, 7th and 9th bhava with full aspect, the
2nd and 10th bhava with aspect strength and the 3rd, and 6th with 1/4th aspect. It is blind (does not
aspect) in own house (the bhava occupied or own rasi, perhaps the later).

Bombay Edition

I9 U

~I9 E ~ 9
sutamadananavte pradi tamasya yugaladaamagehe crdhadi vadati |
sahajaripuvivapayanpdadi munindr nijabhavanamupeto locanndha pradia ||26||

Rahu aspects the 5th, 7th and 9th bhava with full aspect, the 2nd and 10th bhava with 1/2 strength aspect
and the 3rd and 6th bhava with 1/4th strength aspect. It is blind when in own house (devoid of aspect).

Page 498 of Chapter Rahu aspects, first volume of Brihat Parashara hora shastra, written by Pandit
Tarachandra Shastri. Khemraj Shrikrishnadas Publications Mumbai, Edition 1989.

Dr Ramans Astrological Magazine March 1969 Issue
ven after searching for 6 years to find this issue of the Astrological Magazine of Dr Raman we
could not get our hands on the full article for verification. Incidentally this page that is being
produced below was of another article whose by mistake photocopy was done from C S Patels
house when we were working on Navamsa there with him, as it was a mistake in photocopying by the
shop keeper you will find strike lines on the page below. Kindly note the title of the article it is My

Publisher: This version is by Tarachand Shastri & the original by Venkateshwar Press is very old. What is to be noted is
that it is said that Tarachand Shastri, got the original manuscript from the Maharaja of Darbhanga from the Maharajas own
library, every vedic astrologer knows the history of the region of Darbhanga and the great role of the kings of Darbhanga
with regards to original vedic scriptures. The above verse is not found in Santhanams version if one is not wrong.

Experiences In Nadi VIII and could be by Dr Raman himself, we dont know. If someone has this
article pls send it to us. Then note the part on the right center marked in Red lines where Nadi itself
mentions crystal clear the 9
aspect of Ketu.

All of us know that when a genuine nadi is gotten the predictions are more stunning than all the
astrologers combined since it is the Sage talking. Before one ventures and say any principle is not
working, one must first quote what other authorities/references in the past have quoted/written on it
and then denounce it as our experience, without quoting verses the subject (Shastra) cannot be learnt is
what the old Indian real tradition (parampara) is. There is no alternative way to learn, otherwise wrong
knowledge (agyaan) results. Especially if you are a Guru or plan to teach via phone or courses you must
quote verses otherwise you will help in blocking your students mind by not teaching him to explore

2.3 Manuscripts & Translations
he amount of hard work it takes to get a single manuscript out of any person in India is
daunting and hence so far most of our elders have given up. Astrologers can ignore and part
with their wives but not with manuscripts or old astrological works, they wont study it but
wont allow you to get to them. If they know of someone who has it they will see to it that they will
easily mislead you without realizing that Saturn is being spoilt in their charts. So far Saptarishis
Astrologys Team has uploaded only a miniscule number of manuscripts, yet to get them one has to part
with good amount of money or beg, yes its begging in front of astrologers whose ear drums dont
function right when you are begging, whose heart are made up of stone, but when dollar is flashed
(rupee does not work easily) the manuscript will be parted saying the sage wants it to reach Denmark it
seems. Thats it Sukra nadi (not Sukar nadi) is gone forever and astrologers in India will never
understand the meaning of Neechabhanga (debilitation cancelation)
. Then the laborious task of
sending it to various scholars in India, resources are used for that and then waiting for months and
nothing comes back from the scholars. One only feels ashamed when one is constantly reminding
famous astrologers here in India to part with their manuscripts, they agree but somehow courier services
malfunction in cities malfunction always when manuscripts are to be parted and freely given to the
world. We wont take names of those legends in astrology and may they be thankful for it. Then the
problem of translation

Unless Sukra Nadi is translated the true meaning of NeechaBhanga will never be understood, there is a special verse in it.
Our efforts to get it from Denmark is on since 3.5 years, lets pray.
The worst problem is out of 10,000 people on forums 8 will come forward to help and 7 out of
them will just disappear when we send manuscripts to them. Imagine this happening to you not once
but 60-65 times in 4 years, what will you do, either you give up or cry like a kid and curse from your
heart when it happens to you every time. You must also be prepared to face the egos of those who have
knowledge of any language. Regarding translation this mail was sent to us 2 months back when we
passed a rare work on Jaimini called Jyotish Phalaratnamala of Krishna Mishra duly translated by Shri
Chandrashekhar Sharma to a volunteer for proof reading:-

Dear SA, (he means Saptarishis Astrology)
After reading Jyotish Phalaratnamala of Krishnamishra translated by Ravindra Bhagavat and Sharmaji I
have realized that me having spent 9 years in Jaimini parampara on internet forums is a waste. Only
one thing can be understood after Jyotish Phalaratnamala is read that is all of us have wasted our time in
Jaimini astrology. In earlier mail you said you are doing more works and when you all publish the full
of these works that you have started on Phalaratnamala, Kalpalatta, Jatasarasangraha,
Sutradaprakashika I think it would be easier for us to realize that in this life we can never understand
Jaimini astrology. I pray you to success in finding Sanskrit scholars who can translate them and
encourage people like Chandrashekhar Sharma, an old hand in astrology to continue what he is doing.
Many know Sanskrit but you will find a dearth of them when it comes to dirtying their hands and
putting their heads under the sword of real translation. You see scholars of Sanskrit who have gone to
USA tell us It is the prerogative of one whether to do translation or not. Sometimes it takes lifetime to
understand God or Knowledge even if for years one does Homams and Havans. One of the most noted
singers in India, Asha Bhosale gave an interview on the front page of Bombay Times in the month of
September, and she said If God has given you an ability then you should use it for the good of people. We are
sure she does not do hours of homam daily but understands the meaning of Vidya as singing is also a
Vidya. What is the use of learning sanskrit and proclaiming oneself great in sanskrit when from 30
years of ones existence In Sanskrit one cannot translate a single manuscript or work. Sometimes
Indians learn in Universities that are sponsored by Govt through tax payers money like ours and then
they go to America and settle down forgetting that the very reason they can eat and live in comfort in
America is due to tax payers money like us, the very reason they can get scholarships in sanskrit back in
India is due to us. Shameless followers of theirs can only keep quiet and not point out the flaw of their
heroes and these gurus are more shameless when they write in forums I am a good sanskrit scholar.
Sir, if you are a scholar you would never say I am a scholar that is for the world to say so. Vidya
(knowledge) is 4H, whether mothers milk is there or as some take it as 7H for mothers milk which can
be interpreted as the arudha of knowledge being 4th from 4th. This Debt of Mothers milk is only given
when what you learn from your mother (education) is given out to the society (7H-public) and hence
we can say that people like Shri Chandrashekhar Sharma are giving out the Debt of their mothers milk by
translating works in sanskrit, even though he being a humble man claims he is not a scholar of sanskrit
in contrast to others who want to be leaders but not followers of the science, a formula for destruction in
Jyotish. We bow down to Chandrashekhar Sharma who has not talked about humbleness and
scholarship but demonstrated it. You are hereby requested to publish this not because I want to take
revenge but so that I can inspire 100s who know Sanskrit to come forward and work as a Team in
translating Jyotish work, maybe this is the karma of this letter. Today we need teams and not
individuals. It would be nice if dont edit this.


2.4 Manuscripts & Jaimini Astrology
f all branches of astrology today Jaimini Astrology has risen in the last few decades thanks to
efforts of few nice souls like Iranganti, K.N.Rao & Sanjay Rath. Inspite of their hard work the
subject is too huge & nothing substantial has come out and a lot is to be done with the road
wide ahead. Most of us young ones feel that everything in Jaimini Astrology is already revealed and
tend to use it to make predictions and spoil the lives of people. The worst Karma is considered when self
appointed Gurus along with titles of Gurus are dished out and nave folks tend to believe when we see
complex techniques and calculations with more complex conditions that keep on changing every 3 years.

Today more ill-karma is done in the name of Sage Jaimini than ever in the history of astrology. It is
when you will become a victim not once but several times and lose your career & status forever, lose
your life path forever, (mark forever) and lose $ 28,000 dollars plus a possibility of not getting back
another $ 34,000 due to bad predictions of Jaimini astrology parampara astrologers, then you will resolve
on one thing which is to either

a) Expose the crap in the name of Jaimini that is happening OR
b) Help the Gurus & students of Modern Jaimini Astrology Paramparas by providing them

Some of us here in Saptarishis Astrology like Ravindra Bhagavat chose the Option B. We knew that the
glory of Jaimini Astrology is lost forever with most manuscripts not available in the form of
commentaries which are the real backbone of Jaimini Astrology of whatever survived little of Sage
Jaiminis work. We knew that today predictions are not possible with the current knowledge of Jaimini.
Why so, since not a single Jaimini internet parampara astrologer can ever predict the way Late Vemuri
Shastri used to do To The Day and again not like Late D K Sen, who was a very close friend of
mentor. D K Sen was known to predict marriage to the week, years in advance and at times the job to
the day. Forget predicting to the day, predicting 10 major events
of ones life are not possible by current
day Jaimini Astrology this you would find with costly experience, but how could Vemuri Shastri do
that. Credit must be given not for name sake but truly to K N Rao
who lead the International
Renaissance in Jaimini astrology via his Chara Dasha. The unfortunate part is what he has written in
his book is not even 20% of what he uses (as communicated to us by him via email in 2006) & due to
world not wanting more he refuses to write more on it. But what we can request students is for atleast
next 150 years not to bother about Jaimini Astrology just read it A Bit but dont spend much time on it
otherwise you would waste years in it and get nothing. Your state would be like of most astrologers who
have reached age of 70, spent time on 100 dasas and only in privacy can admit that it was a mistake of
not sticking to one or two dasas in Parashari. If something is a consolation our 6 years on net forums
was wasted and mentors 30 years on Jaimini astrology. Stick to Parashari and little bit of nadi and you
can achieve wonders. As per our experience read K N Raos Chara Dasha twice then observe each event
through the method of his chara dasha, in a day atleast 5 events you must observe on multiple charts,
then make your notes. After 1-2 years you would develop your own method of interpretation & trust us
it would work fabulously as this has been the experience of senior astrologers. Please note if you only
practice what is given verbatim in KNRs book after 3 years you would get only 50-55 % of accuracy but
if you take his book or Vemuri as your true Guru and make your own efforts knowing that he left hints
in his book (KNRs), also in his magazine and develop your own method the accuracy level can reach at
times even 70% depending on your own capability. Apart from Chara Dasa do not (DO NOT) touch
any other dasa till next 7 years or till you are mature enough to handle complexities in astrology.

his is the state of Jaimini Astrology and thats the reason when we resorted to improve
standards of Jaimini Astrology as that branch of astrology consumes the net forums and thereby
many lives are destroyed we approached Iranganti Rangacharya and Madura Krishnamoorthi
Shastri from Andhra Pradesh, as Andhra is considered the Land Of Jaimini where maximum work
happened in the past on Jaimini. These two have spent exactly 50 years (50 by 2009) in Jaimini astrology
whereas the average age of Astrologers on net forums is not even 30 forget the experience of them, even
paramparas age is not 50. Due to old age of Maduraji and Irangantiji, so far we have been able to remove
out only few articles than what was our goal. Here we have failed and it has been a costly failure

Actually using any form of current knowledge of astrology it is impossible to predict 5 major events with periods to be
Pls note that we are not students or hardcore fans of KNR and are not propagating him but as an off the cup remark, he
was the only astrologer who predicted to the publisher of Saptarishis Astrology that we would be writing a book in 2008.
This prediction was done in Oct 2004. But instead of a book Saptarishis Astrology Magazine was launched, still his
prediction holds sound. It is unclear if he used Jaimini astrology for the prediction as we are a bit sure that he knows more
about Bhrighu Astrology but does not mention about it in his writings.

knowing that once these 81 year olds are gone there would be none to save the Fate of Jaimini Astrology
from the classic angle. Hence we sent one of our contacts Shanmukha, a young enthusiast and ex-SJC
Hyderabad discussion group team member to Iranganti ji to write articles for Iranganti. The Master was
old and after having being cheated by many so called students did not want any more student or
volunteer to help him write. He resisted a lot. We had to push so much for Iranganti ji to accept. Let us
wait for Shanmukha to assist in writing Iranganti ji for more articles, the same way we introduced
Andree Leclerc from Canada to the nadi master in Hyderabad Shri A. V. Sundaram for some nadi
astrology secrets to come out. If these two fail in bringing knowledge out it would be our failure I guess
& not theirs.
Some of you might argue that there is so much of Jaimini astrology available on the net forums
so why are we cribbing about it. In reality the toughest question in Jaimini Astrology that has been
asked on internet parampara forums which none of the gurus could answer is:-

1. How many major ancient commentaries of Jaimini Sutras are there in total
2. How many Ascendants (lagnas) are there in Jaimini
3. How many Dasas are there in Jaimini
4. How many types of Upapada Lagnas are there
5. How many types of Hora Lagnas are there
6. How many types of calculations are there in Arudhas computation
If you search these net forums you would find that people get upset when Divya Lagna and Tripavana
Lagna calculation are asked. These are actually a part of Jaimini Astrology. Look at this link where the
query of Divya Lagna was asked on May 16
A famous Guru got upset on being asked this question and now when we were trying to paste the
link here, we saw that the rude answer by him was probably deleted from the forum, note not a single
guru was able to answer it. Deleting messages of scandals from forums is common but if we do not
know something we should admit it whole heartedly and not delete it. In many such internet parampara
forums 3-4 times in last 5 years the toughest question was asked How many major ancient
commentaries of Jaimini Sutras are there not a single person among them could answer it. If we cant
answer this basic question how can we teach Jaimini Astrology but everyone wants to teach Jaimini
Astrology or some program. Teaching is big business in India and West but predicting out of that
knowledge none can do. Would not a scholar know how many commentaries are there, the names
atleast? There are as per our scant knowledge 35 commentaries which are major, some of them
Saptarishis Astrology Team members has uploaded it in the manuscript section which till date none of
the Jaimini Paramparas of 800 years have been able to do so. Ofcourse everyone talks outside the forum
that if there is a parampara how come they do not have these ancient commentaries but none points it
out in the forum as to how come these paramparas cannot quote a single shloka for their new dasas or
lagnas since in parampara without quoting shlokas you are never taught. Every kid in astrology in India
knows it but none wants to object to the Rape Of Astrology since all of us wants to make money by
selling courses in our respective countries with the help of our associations or get posts in organisations
worldwide and flash our certificates so that more clients come. All of us know that the best predictors in
India have never EVER flashed certificates or degrees or posts in associations to their name, may the
young ones know this & not become a laughing stock among educated clients. Astrology in India is a
Vidya and Vidya is equated to Mother here, hence we call the Goddess of Learning Maa Saraswati but
how fashionable it is for modern day gurus and students to pray every morning to Maa Saraswati, but
allow Vidya to be raped and prostituted by Mercenaries and Talibanists of astrology. Students dont
even blink an eye when publicly arrogant gurus display their raping of Vidya and their bad manners or
samskara as it is called in India.

et us not stop here and continue and ask what was asked long back in net parampara forums
How many types of Lagnas (Ascendants) are there in Jaimini, none could answer well there
are 65 types of Lagnas as per one direct lineage of Jaimini who resides in Andhra and whose
family history of 850 years, their names are written on the walls of his house. Modern paramparas
cannot list down their true lineage of 800 years. How many types of Dasas in Jaimini, none could
answer there are 70 types of dasas in Jaimini. No one can even name these lagnas and dasas, what
about their calculations, what about how to use them, what about 18 years of experience in each dasa
before teaching them. How many types of Arudha calculation are there, this is the basic question in
Jaimini, you ask anyone they would say 2, actually there are 5 major types of systems of calculations of
Arudhas which were followed by the ancients and none have spoken about it so far? Let it be repeated
None. Then there are sub-divisions or views on these 5 types, and then there is the Bhrighu Arudha
which in future issues we will write about. Coming back to Jaimini arudhas, in the ancient
work Kalpalatta, the author Somanathacharya mentions about different calculation for male sign female
sign arudha calculation, on the net Paramparas none have spoken about it and even in the majority of
India none know about it. Read Kalpalatta translation in this issue, it is being brought out for the first
time in last 100s of years, the manuscript you can find in the manuscript link of the website.

Mentor long back went to a man who was rumored to be well versed in Jaimini and mentor
asked him how many types of Upapada lagna calculation are there, he was quiet and finally said only
one is there. Mentor realized at that time this man only poses as a Parampara Guru but does not know
Jaimini basics. We knew the answer via mentor that there are 5 types of Upapada Lagna calculation and
when we were to start this magazine mentor sent us to the village of Madura Krishnamurthy Shastri,
we asked Maduraji the same question that Mentor asked that Parampara Guru. We were committing
the sin of testing the knowledge of an old man and we knew it but for the sake of bringing out true
knowledge of Jaimini we had to do it and in a second we received the right answer with a knowing smile
from Madura ji that he knew why we asked. The question that must come to your mind with different
types of arudhas, Upapada lagnas, 7 or 8 chara karakas, where to see Karakamsa chart in rasi or navamsa
is that which one will you follow after all these formulas have come out in translations, who will decide
this for you, the rishi or the fame hungry guru. Any technique in astrology whether correct or wrong
will always work on 10 charts at the end of the day is a concept not known to astrologers who are eager
to believe what they want to believe as Rahu controls astrology and not Jupiter and Rahu is the
significator of illusion hence some will swear by 7 and some by 8 charakarakas saying it works for them
since 40 years or 800 years without realizing that the Game Master is Rahu, the master illusionist who
even deceived the gods, what are astrologers in front of Gods.

Speaking of Mentor long back in 2006, mentor asked us to teach him how to use Argala, we
replied to him what we had learnt in net forums, he instantly retorted you will never understand basics
of Jaimini. It was only when we published the article of Maduraji in last issue we realized that all this
while the whole world has been committing a mistake on something as basic as Argala in Jaimini
astrology. He deserves the credit for teaching all of us in the jyotish world this way Argala is to be used
and aspecting planets in Argala. No doubt the Master, Mr K.N.Rao knew that argala is a confusing part
and never commented on it and thereby avoided misguiding souls in the name of Jaimini astrology.
Some of us know that only two opinions exist when it comes to charakarakas either 7 or 8 and most of
us quote so and so scholars system of charakaraka, what not a single student or scholar has done is quote
the relevant Sanskrit shloka where 7 charakaraka is mentioned or 8 charakaraka is mentioned. When on
an internet parampara forum a friend mentioned that there is an opinion among top most scholars in
Jaimini in Andhra Pradesh that both 7 and also 8 can be used depending on the type of chart, we were
banned by that Paramguru.

2.4 Manuscripts Release & Unhappiness
o far in last 100 years of astrological English publications few times some of the ancient
manuscripts of Jaimini Sutras commentaries were mentioned. These were kept to a few select
individual. Our team decided to help the lovers of Jaimini astrology by bringing this rare
manuscripts containing commentaries of Jaimini Sutras out for the public since without commentaries
and most important without all of them you cannot even fathom to understand what Sage Jaimini wrote

The Bhrighu Arudha Lagna of Michael Jackson comes in the 8H which as per known Jaimini Arudhas does not come in
the 8H and in the 8H as per true nodes there is Rahu and BAL plus Rahu, Rahu shows scandals and 8H also shows scandals,
his whole life was a scandal.

in his cryptic condensed coded verses. Thinking that it would be welcome with open arms we realized to
our surprise that our mailers containing download links for the commentaries were being moderated by
moderators of internet parampara forums, some forums did not even allow it as if these moderators
have become Kings in Astrology thinking that their forums is their territory. Fine moderation is
acceptable but how come there was no word for appreciation among even one single member of the
forum for Ravindra Bhagavat who donated these, dont they want more knowledge. Was everyone
scared of something, of losing their thrones? 1400 people scared to react, if their ParamGuru is not
happy. Will these 1400 be forgiven by the Soul Of Astrology for not encouraging people like Ravindra
Bhagavat & Raghavendra Rao who bring out manuscripts to the world. Are Jyotishas nothing but
spineless creatures, slaves and pets in front of their Gurus? Even some senior members react to
commentaries being brought out in a negative manner whereas in Andhra everyone has died to get their
hands on commentaries, begging and pleasing their Gurus for 40-50 years, they get in return a big Zero
and here it is being given free. See this mail that came to us

Dear Admin,
I am old now and given up on Jaimini Astrology which the legend Dr B V Raman introduced to
us decades back, nobody remembers his contribution now among the young ones. There were tears in
my eyes which have become weak when I saw you distributing for free download these commentaries
on Jaimini Sutras knowing that I have spent 4 decades searching for them. You kids have done the
unthinkable in astrology that none of us nor our heroes did, that is of distributing manuscripts for free
for knowledge to truly come out. I feel as if they did nothing so far. Not a single parampara has done it.
Can you even imagine that in 40 years how many people I must have met who have shown me
manuscripts but not given it displaying their bad manners and their bad blood in them, you said you are
young so you cant imagine the amount of insults people like me have faced. I am not scolding here but
pointing a fact that comes from experience. I used to feel like taking my hands and killing some of them
when they would look into my eyes with ego and think mentally now start begging me for my
My Sanskrit is not so great otherwise I would have helped you nor is my health. I wish I could
touch the feet of Dr Ravindra Bhagavat and Madura Krishnamoorthi Shastri who have distributed these
manuscripts. Mr Shastri I heard so much about this great man in Jaimini, he wrote path breaking
articles in 60s but due to financial circumstances and guess my fate could not go to meet him. Kindly
pass on his address to me and I will be grateful, maybe one day I will meet him. But what I am not
grateful about is what is written in these forums of young ones today. I do copy and paste below, ok.

Re: [sohamsa] Jaimini

Hare Rama Krsna

One can read all the available commentaries, especially if they have a clear mind and can remember what each
commentator has said, all the variabilitys, take the time to test all these various techniques, and remember
what works for them and still be clear about who believes what in scholarly circles.. This is a very high path indeed
for one who has the time and intelligence..

Guruji (Sri Sanjay Rath) has read all these commentaries, understood them, tested them, (has rare commentaries
not available to the average public), and has the teaching of a living lineage (Parampara) of Jaimini which he was
born into and is required to continue. Sanjays family lineage was invited to Orissa by the King of Puri because
of their jnana.

(SA: Deleted rest as non valid to this discussion)

Namah Shivaya
Freedom (link inserted by SA for reference)

You use I am old fashioned and dont know how long I will live but I take B V Raman as my Guru, I
know he had his own shortcomings and did what he had to do to survive but you see in our days we
never made such statements about ones Guru especially in public as the following questions will arise.
How can a student endanger his own Gurus reputation throwing him armor-less in this modern world
where if you hide anything it is considered wrong and a sin? Now think since you are a young publisher
and must learn to respect elders teachings to us.

a) If the students word is true in the above email it means his Guru has all the commentaries of
Jaimini Sutras.
b) His Guru has not replied in the forum saying he does not have those manuscripts.
c) If so how come his Guru has not given out the original manuscripts to the Jyotish Fraternity, it
does not take long to scan and upload on severs (SA: servers it should be). Nowadays technology
is there na.
d) If all commentaries are available with the Guru then as a scholar he did not quote the relevant
shlokas from those commentaries in his book Upadesha Sutras
e) There are some 1500 people in that forum how come no one asked for those commentaries to be
given out, why are the gurus hiding it. For me those commentaries are no use as I have 1.5 years
left as per nadi predictions. Maybe I will read it in next life via your website. Get them
translated will you. Wish Saptarishis Astrology had come 30 years back people like me would
have quenched our true thirst for knowledge.

During my days I was so passionate about my Guru Dr B V Raman whom I met 4 times, and
would defend him against those who were against him. He was always criticized that he hid the Dhruva
Nadi for 40-45 years, I think he was gifted that manuscript in 1952 or 53 and even as late as 1990s he said
he would translate it. My best friend who was anti-Raman always told me that Dr Raman has not
revealed the most important nadi Dhruva Nadi inspite of taking 40 years to translate it and I would
fight against him and even to Dr Raman to release that manuscript. His health was not well I am told
during those days and did not hear from him.

Sorry you have to hear the whinings of an old man but after so many decades in Jaimini and
Parashari Astrology one only feels frustrated as our technical queries are not answered in this life time,
what will we predict from a chart when we are ourselves having doubts on our completeness of our astro

May this not discourage you my child you guys are doing important work, dont give up.


S.. (name deleted)

e have around 5-6 major commentaries the work on which has already started and
right now the translation of the monumental Kalpalata and Jyotish Phalaratnamala
the backbone of Jaimini Astrology is being presented in this issue. After few years
there would be some debate and a better translation will come out in them, that is the process of how
knowledge comes out but Chandrashekhar Sharma, Virendra Battu will be the Knights who took the
challenge and did it without bothering if they would be criticized or not. This only a true Knight of
Astrology can do what it takes to be done whereas others sit and write articles but these translators are
giving you the very source to research and then write articles, presenting you the tool to glorify your
name. No doubt their names will go in the annals of astrology forever as the men who did it instead of
just talking about it. To bring out 15 commentaries it would take us 50 years, then it would take you 10
years to read and understand them, then another 20 years to master some of the dasas. Better advice is
dont touch Jaimini Astrology till all the resources are available, dont touch it till dasas given by
paramparas on nets have stopped their transformation process as all of you have observed that various

dasas and lagnas over the years change their calculation as per the whims of the same parampara
without any shame that some of us might have used that lagna to predict and spoil someones life.
Astrological organisations are equally responsible worldwide to allow this to go on and so are you for
not objecting and thus weakening your 9H of dharma as you did not follow Dharma of righteous action.
As it took us 15 years to understand why Lord Krishna urged Arjuna to fight and why did he not
tell Arjuna to practice non-attachment which all of us practice by being silent spectators of the dramas
of forums, may it not take you 15 years is how we would end here. May you also not become barking
dogs, that role only few have to perform. Start translating from Hindi to English, or from any local
language to English or Sanskrit to English and make your Mercury powerful that is a bigger remedy
than mantras as Gita propagates action to be the highest dharma. Unless the pleasure of giving
knowledge is experienced, you just wont realize the Supreme Bliss of it, dont crave for instant fame or
any at all, dont crave for creating your brand name or creating your own websites or softwares, all will
come on its own what the Lord decides, just give and give and you shall surely receive the blessings of
the Sages. Trust us there is no 99% in what has been written above. Nobody saves your wasteful years
in astrology, someone did that favor on us in 2006 by telling us at each and every step where not to
waste our time, in which dasa not to spend hours, he said one has 20-30 goods years in jyotish thats it
and if you waste time learning it wrongly, at the end on your death bed you would be the most
dissatisfied person and would have spent your life like others bitching about other astrologers. In order
to pay a part of our debts to Mentor we have written this kind of Publitorial knowing that more enemies
will be made, more harm will be done to us, critics will be borne and less people might get associated
with us, it does not matter since we are not here to set shop or become astrologers but happy that an
advice like this could save 10-20 years of yours, if its worth it take it or delete it, dont waste your time
or karma deriding it as one would not prefer to be a tool of bad karma creator for you.

To conclude there is a most apt statement from The Last Book Of Astrology where the Yogi
says Knowledge Is of No Use unless it has come to use for the welfare of all, where it was Unconditionally Given
until then its like a mistress who is for a select few.

2.5 Is Jaimini Astrology Destined For You.

f you are learning Astrology or Jaimini Astrology from a Guru or a Parampara he must tell you
before you start astrology if you would be able to learn it or not. Then if you are learning various
streams of astrology each has its own planet, which should be strong in your rasi or a particular
divisional chart. If this has not been told to you then the first step of honesty has not been accorded to
you by your Guru or forum from where you learn. Suppose you are learning Jaimini Astrology, you
must look at your Ketu; this point is not known at all. This Ketu-Jaimini technique is just a hint of a
technique do not forget the word hint and kindly do not take it as the one all end all, a favorite mind set
of astrologers. Now the Gothra
of Ketu is Jaimini Rishi. Hence Ketu is very important for all those
who learn Jaimini Astrology. The technique is to observe placement of Ketu:-

Ketus exaltation, debilitation and Moola trikona signs will be most important to observe in
this regard, along with the Kalapurusha Houses that it represents e.g. Ketu is exalted in
Scorpio by some and Sagittarius by some, so observe the 8 and 9 houses in chart too, it is
debilitated in Taurus or Gemini so observe the 2
and 3
houses too.

To make it broadly simple:-

a) Observe Exal, Deb signs of Ketu which is Sc, Sg, Ta, Ge

Reference of Gothra from a work by Maharishi Dayanand Jothi, Coimbatore, Kerala whose work has supposed references of many rare
non-popular Nadis without quoting shlokas from nadis. His work would be soon brought out in the shopping section of Saptarishis
b) Observe thus the signs houses in natural Kalapurusha zodiac which is 8,9,2,3 houses i.e. ketus
placement in these houses.
c) Observe their own or Moola trikona or trine houses
d) So if you take Pisces as own house observe Pisces and also 12
house, if you take Virgo as trine
house you observe Ketu in Virgo or 6
house or if you take Capricorn as Moolatrikona house as
mentioned in Bhavartha Ratnakara then you observe Ketu in either Capricorn or in 10
house of
a chart and so on.

There is lot of confusion among sages/ancient writers on own, exal, deb signs of Rahu Ketu
. The
concept of using houses in Kalapurusha for everything in astrology and not just body parts (medical
astrology) is a Bhrighu Astrology Concept that was first clearly extolled by a Calcutta based astrologer
who wrote articles in Astrological Magazine in partnership with Late Surya Prakash, the esteemed son
of B V Raman.

Lets use this Ketu and observe it in charts of men who dedicated their lives in Jaimini Astrology
but do note that it would also come in the lives of great astrologers who did Parasari or Western
astrology like that of Richard Houck who they say was at times capable of predicting the date of death
or even of Nostradamus. Anyways the Great Late Vemuri Rama Murthi Sastri of Andhra Pradesh who
is known as the greatest exponent of Jaimini in last 300 years had Ketu Exalted in Scorpio in 6H
(natural house of Virgo in Kalapurusha) of accidents and secrecy, going away from home to learn (is
also 6H), it is said he quietly by-hearted thousands of shlokas from his teacher in Banaras as his teacher
would not part with the manuscripts to be taken out of Banaras and Vemuri is supposed to have finally
burnt down his books in his house, which he claimed caught fire (accidents 6H). It is said there was no
one like Vemuri Shastri in Jaimini Astrology. Ketus Trine House
is Virgo, in K.N. Raos chart you
would find this Ketu in Virgo in the 12H (Pisces of natural zodiac & Pisces Ketu connection is well
) of previous lives unfinished business and abroad, his work on Jaimini is regarded as one of the
highest in recent times and he is known for spreading Jaimini abroad, do note that this Ketu is with an
exalted Mercury (writing), his books on Jaimini are the most sold by any book shop as Mercury makes
one practical and he wrote on the Practical Application of Jaimini, you would find practicing
astrologers swear by K.N. Raos version of Chara Dasha, the classical sutra choppers as KNR once called
them would criticize his style but the professionals whose bread is gotten by astrology use K.N. Raos
version of Vemuri Shastris Chara Dasha, that was the Mercury & Virgo (Ketu) touch to Jaimini in
KNRs work. Dr Raman had Ketu in the 8H of occult and in the sign of Virgo like K N Rao, Dr Raman

Hora Sara Chp 2 Shl8: As Rahu, Ketu have not been dealt with, I give below some information in this regard: Vriddha
Samhita and Jyotishamrita state that Aquarius and Scorpio are owned by Rahu and Ketu in their order. Veemesaram, a
Tamil work calls Aquarius as Rahu's own house, but nothing is allotted to Ketu. Both are exalted in Scorpio and are in fall in
Taurus as per Jatakalankaram (Tamil) and Veemesaram. Jatakachintamani agrees with this, only for Rahu, while it
mentions that Ketu is exalted in Gemini, and is in fall in Sagittarius. Syama Sangraham says that Gemini and Sagittarius are
exaltation and Neecha for Rahu and the reverse is true for Ketu. Sarvartha Chintamani gives Taurus-Scorpio as exaltation
and debilitation for Rahu and Scorpio Taurus as exaltation and debilitation for Ketu. Bhavartha Ratnakara states that Rahu is
exalted in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio, and Rahu has Gemini and Cancer as his Moola-Trikonas, while Ketu's Moola-
Trikonas are Sagittarius and Capricorn. Also see Uttara Kalamrita, slokas 19-20 of Ch. IV, for more information. There are,
thus, varied views in this regard.
BPHS Chp 47: Shl: 34-39 1/2. In order to clarify the effects of the Dasha of Rahu, I shall first mention the exaltation and
debilitation rashis of Rahu and Ketu. The exaltation rashi of Rahu is Taurus. The exaltation rashi of Ketu is Scorpio. The
Moola-Trikonas of Rahu and Ketu are Gemini and Sagittarius respectively. The own rashis of Rahu and Ketu are Aquarius
and Scorpio in that order. Some sages have expressed the view that Virgo is the own rashi of Rahu and Pisces is the own
rashi of Ketu.
Reference Maharishi Dayanand Jothi
Bhavartha Ratnakaraka, Chp 15, Shl 9 - For Ketu, Pisces is own house, Libra friendly, Aquarius own house, Scorpio the
place of exaltation, and Sagittarius and Capricorn the moolatrikona places. As we mentioned at the start that Ketu in its
signs does not restrict only to Jaimini, e.g. Richard Houck had Ketu in Sc in 12H, Nostradamus had Ketu in Virgo, CEO
Carter had Ketu in 6H, Cheiro had Ketu in Pisces, Edgar Cayce had Ketu in Leo (more on this below) and so did Robert
Deluce whose work on Divisional chart (D60) is worth reading.

was one of the first to propagate and bring out gems in Jaimini via his magazine and books. There is
something not known about Virgo which has been called a Virgin and hence something new must be
told about it, Virgo is a sign when combined with Ketu is Bhagwan Ka Rin i.e. Gods debts which in the
case of KNR & Dr Raman would be Debt to Higher (Jyotish) Knowledge from previous lifetimes which
they have tried to repay in this lifetime. Virgo has another absolutely unknown quality which is To
Inspire Others and about this we would talk some other time.
One should note that Ketu in Virgo in the right house can give deep knowledge of occult or a super fine
knowledge of spiritual secrets like in the case of James Redfield the celebrated spiritual author having the best
combination of Ketu right on his Asc (most imp) in sign Virgo with 8L Mars. Earlier we wrote about Ketus
trine house sign being Virgo, so observe 6H placement of Ketu also in charts of people who did major
work in Jaimini astrology like the case of Prof Suryanarayan Rao, grandfather of Dr Raman, he wrote
one of the 1
most famous work on Jaimini in english. Bhavartha Ratnakara says Ketus Moola trikona
sign is Capricorn & Sagittarius, so observe these two signs and along with it 10
and 9
houses of any
chart sign house combo to be used. Sanjay Rath has Ketu in the 10H of Profession & Karma in the
exalted sign of Sagittarius (note both Sc & Sg are considered exalted by many), Sg is also the 9H
of Guru in Naisargik Chart, Sanjay Rath has become a Guru figure to some in Jaimini Astrology. You
would thus observe that this Capricorn (or 10H) Ketu connection of Bhavartha Ratnakaraka does work
if you see some lesser famous peoples chart who have been working on Jaimini but would have Ketu in
Capricorn either in 3H of writing or in 11H of Jyotisha & so on. Ketu is also exalted in Scorpio which is
the natural sign for the occult & hidden knowledge in occult, it is placed in the 11H of Jyotisha in sign
Scorpio in the chart of 81 year old Madura Krishna Moorthy Sastri ji, and his knowledge of Jaimini
astrology is legendary in Andhra Pradesh, the land of Jaimini Astrology, apart from his legendary status
he still remains a humble soul. Iranganti Rangacharya one of the topmost scholars to write in Jaimini
Astrology since last 4 decades in the classical angle has Ketu in Sagittarius in the 2H of education with
A5 (authorship), his work on Jaimini is the most scholarly so far in English language & unmatched.
Another parampara guru of Jaimini of 800 years from Andhra Pradesh, his son has Ketu in Scorpio,
exalted there in 6H of secrecy with A4 (knowledge & passed on in ones home), this same combination
Late Vemuri Shastry had and thus the knowledge has so far in 800 years not come out. When we were
just about to start this magazine we contacted his father, who though old told us that crap in the name
of Jaimini is happening in internet forums, hence we begged him to write articles so as to clear the
cobwebs in Jaimini Astrology, he laid down some conditions to us for him to write in our magazine
which were not acceptable to us and thus the ego clash happened but loss to Jaimini Astrology happened
forever. It will always remain a black mark on Saptarishis Astrology for having failed in removing this
real parampara out on whose house it is said the list of forefathers in Jaimini Astrology since 800 years
is written on the wall. Those who are from Andhra Pradesh know whom we are talking about.
Sign and house placement both matters, suppose you have Ketu in the 2H in the sign of Aquarius
which is the sign of astrology then again you would read a lot (eyes) on Jaimini and it would be your
deep passion akin to without food (2H) body cannot survive like passion, if it is with A6 then first you
would commit mistake (A6 is mistakes) in your learnings and then you could go to someone else to
learn Jaimini since A6 also means changes. See house placement is very important, take for e.g. the case
of Sanjay Rath he has Ketu in Sagittarius but if it was in 5H in Sagittarius then you could have created
some students (5H-sishyas) like figures who would go on to become Gurus in Jaimini or you could have
thrived a lot to bring out the real Jaimini Astrology out in the open or it could be that you would Love
reading a lot on Jaimini astrology as 5H is the house of love, this way one should use flexibility in ones
interpretation. Ketu in 3H can make you write a lot on Jaimini or talk a lot on Jaimini but remember
where Ketu is there mistake will happen so one must be careful of ones writing if Ketu is in 3H, there is
no 99% in the above. Ketu in 12H in Leo can make you write a lot on Jaimini, so much must be written
about just Ketu in Leo and astrology connection yet space limitations bar us, but one thing can be said if
this Ketu is rightly uses Super Knowledge can come out, only thing is ego should be conquered and
then you would be No.1, if you are unable to conquer ego kids in astrology will come and break (Ketu)
you to pieces, again no 99% in this. Suppose you have Ketu in the debilitated sign of Gemini in the 1H
of everything then you can be instrumental in removing the cobwebs of misinterpretation of Jaimini
astrology by removing rare manuscripts of Jaimini out in open, we know 2 astrologers with same
combination and both have been instrumental in giving out freely rare Jaimini manuscripts to the
world, as it is debilitated no name no ego will come into the picture & these guys might never be known.
Ketu in Gemini means debt towards astrology (in astrologers charts), the sooner a man with this combo
realizes this better for his karma, if Ketu with Gemini is in the 1H it is Super Debt towards Jaimini
Astrology from previous lifetimes as it shows abuse of Jaimini Astrology in the past, when this debt
giving will manifest Jupiter and Mars placement will decide if it would be this lifetime or some other
but the debt will be seen. Speaking of 1H suppose Ketu is there, you got the combo to learn Jaimini
especially some rare points in it and if say it is in sign Leo (natural sign of authorship) your Karma in
this life could be to write a monumental work on Jaimini astrology. Coming back to Ketu is in Pisces or
12H (Pisces in natural zodiac) certain ego can come since a planet feels comfortable and thus proud in
own sign or exalted sign. Ketu denotes fish and Pisces symbol is fish and also a watery sign. Do not get
fooled by seeing Ketu in its debilitated sign or for that matter any planet, debilitation is only a state of
condition, it means more efforts are required to bring the talent out if the other 11 houses support. Thus
you will get a hint that Ketu and Jaimini astrology are very much interlinked.

Finally, in this C S Patel Manuscript Centric Issue we publish translations of some of the rarest
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Let this aggressive translation projects be called Mission Saptarishis where we all
come together to remove all the knowledge from now to the era of the Saptarishis and pay our Debts to
the Sages.

Publisher: In Indian culture there are 4 kinds of debts that a human is supposed to pay back before he dies and one of them
is Rishi Rin, which means the debt towards the Sages and unless this is done Moksha is not possible is the belief since ages. It
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