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RENTAL AGREEMENT This Rental Agreement is made and agreed to be effective since __ day of ____20__.

Sri/Smt ______________________________ S/O, D/O , W/O _________________ , aged about ___ years, Occ :______________________ R/O H.No/Flat No________________________________________________________________. Hereinafter called as the Owner / Landlord which term shall mean and include his heirs, successors and legal representatives of the One part. In favour of Sri/Smt ______________________________ S/O, D/O , W/O __________________, aged about ___ years, Occ :_________________ R/O H.No/Flat No____________ ______________________________________________________. Hereinafter called as the Tenants / Lessees of the OTHER PART. Whereas the landlord is the absolute owner and in peaceful possession and enjoyment of the premises bearing No ____________________________________ _____________________________________________, which is morefully described in the schedule hereunder and hereinafter referred to as schedule property. The tenant has approached to take on rent the said schedule premises to which the landlord has agreed.

Whereas the landlord agrees to let out and the tenants agree to take on rent the schedule premises on a monthly rent of Rs. _______ (Rupees ____________only) to be payable by the tenant to the landlord with in ___ of every month according to the English Calendar Month. Whereas the tenant has deposited a sum of Rs._____ (Rupees ___________ only) by cash to the landlord as a security deposit which shall not carry any interest and the landlord shall return the said security deposit without interest to the tenants on the termination of the tenancy created hereby subject to lawful deduction like arrears of water and electricity charges etc., if any.

Whereas the rent in respect of the schedule premises shall be paid by the tenant regularly and punctually without any delay of default. The period of tenancy, however the tenancy period of __ months only from the date of agreement of tenancy, however the tenancy period can be extended for a further period by mutual consent of both the parties by increasing ___% in the existing rent. The lessee will pay electricity charges as per the bill to the concerned department and water charges of Rs ____ (Rupees_________ only) to be paid to the owner every month with out fail. The tenancy can be terminated by either party by giving three months notice to the opposite party. Without the consent in writing of the landlord, the tenants shall not sub-let or assign or pert with the possession for the schedule premises. Whereas the tenant hereby agreed to keep the premises in good and tenantable conditions without damages, if any damages caused by the tenants, the same will be replaced by the tenants or the said amount will be deducted from the advance. The tenant shall allow landlord or his agents of servants into the schedule premises at all reasonable hours to enter in the property and to inspect the same with advance notice. Whereas the lessee shall not make any additional alterations to the schedule premises. Whereas the lessee shall pay the painting charges at the time of vacating the premises, otherwise the lessor shall deduct the amount from the security deposit. Schedule of Premises All that the Home / Flat premises in _____ Floor situated at ___________________ _____________________, consisting of ___________________________________ R.C.C roof building. Fixtures and Fittings: Lights: __, Fans: ___, Exhaust Fan: ___. In witness whereof the party is hereto have signed the Rental Agreement on the day, month and year first above written in front of the following witness.