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Weekly Clinical Reflection Journals Weeks 2 through 7

Pass/Fail- Clinical Agency

Each student is expected to submit 5 clinical reflection journals, which should be completed at the conclusion of each clinical field day staring the second week of your clinical experience. The final journal is related your attendance at a Community Education program (Instructions for this are included below). The journals will be evaluated for a pass/fall grade and will be considered into the overall grade the student receives for the clinical experience. Length & Format: 2 1/2 pages double-spaced; name and date at top of each page; proofread and grammatically correct.

The content of each clinical reflection should include the following items:
1. Describe the clinical event or experience (What happened, including when, where, how and who was involved-no patient names or PHI please). Which aspects of the experience were related to tertiary, secondary or primary health care? Explain Evaluate the overall clinical experience. a. b. 4. What was good about the experience? Why? What was problematic about the experience? Why?

2. 3.

Consider alternative strategies for the situation. a. b. What do you think would have made the experience better for you and/or for the client(s)? What other approaches could have been used?


Any other thoughts or comments about the clinical experience.

6. In addition to completing the above entries concerning the clinical field experience, address the
following focus questions at the end of the journal each week: Reflections are due for clinical experiences weeks 2-7; No reflective journal is due for first day of clinical at your agency First Journal : Identify the populations being cared for at your clinical setting. Define whether they are a community or a population. Explain your rationale. Second Journal: What are some of the community health resources that you or someone you know has personally utilized? Be specific & describe these. Third Journal: Knowledge of health and welfare services is essential when nursing in the community. Suppose you were the CHN in a specific community. Mrs. Jones contacts you. She is 23-years-old, pregnant, and has 3 children under 10 years of age, and is about to be evicted from her apartment for failure to pay rent. She has no money and no resources. She is currently unemployed. She quit school at 16 and has not returned. What would you do? Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Journals: Identify 3 vulnerable populations in your own community. Describe what resources are available for each vulnerable population (1 population per week 4, 5 and 6) to support them in the community.