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Van Leer Packaging Worldwide: The TOTAL Account

Prof. Sumitro Banerjee Introduction to Marketing MBA Berlin, 14 March 2013

Session 15-16: Customer First (Key Account Management)

Key Learning Going Beyond Building relationships means more than providing good products and good service It often means going beyond the strict definition of your business: an oil-drum supplier How can I really help/add value to my customers business? To do this you need to understand your customer and the challenges that s/he faces The challenge faced by Laveissiere was to implement centralized purchasing within TOTAL Was Van Leer in a position to assist in this regard? Every situation is different. It is not always organizational reengineering.

Key Learning

Time is Everything The Negotiation is more than a means to an end, its the one time the customer is willing to spend time with you Use it and capitalize! Being an incumbent is a HUGE ADVANTAGE. The client is willing to spend time with you! How to do this? The relationship temperature chart (make sure the right relationships are being created) Organise all communication so that personal relationship develop across the organizations

Key Learning Building Relationships

Mr. Ten Cate effectively let the process happen including all contacts (telephone calls, meetings, memos, and letters).* The result was clearly sub-optimal.

*Today this list would include e-mails.

Key Learning Building Relationships Mr. Ten Cate needs to manage the process to make sure that the right relationships are being built between TOTAL and Van Leer

Key Learning

Anticipation With the right information, a supplier can be pro-active. Being pro-active involves tangible actions Being pro-active involves intangible actions
Make an offer with uniform pricing across all regions to assist TOTAL with its reorganization Discuss foreign cooperation with TOTAL in the Far East (De Miguel) Not expensive but effective because it is credible

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