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#1 AS-91 Asset Upload IssueOriginal

Dear Experts, I am trying to upload legacy data for assets on 09/01/2011.The fiscal year is a calendar year. So when I use AS-91 and during the process,when I click on 'Takeover Values' tab,it greys out the 'Acquistion Value' and 'Accum Dep' fields. But these fields are required for the upload I have specified the transfer date as 09/01/2011. I read few threads on this issue,but either they were marked unanswered or not very clear on the resolution. Thank you. #2 Re: AS-91 Asset Upload Issue 05.10.2011 09:16 Dear gauravsoni , Have you check AS91 under Depreciation areas tab. whether it is active mode or not. if not please activate at OAYZ with layout Hope its useful Regards shankar #3 Re: AS-91 Asset Upload Issue 05.10.2011 10:59 Hye Shankar, Thanks for replying.I checked the Depreciation area,it is active.Also,still the issue persists.If there are some points that I need to ensure to resolve it i.e say in a Checklist format,than it would be most helpful. Regards. #4 Re: AS-91 Asset Upload Issue 06.10.2011 16:56

Hi, You said you are follwing financial year so it will jan to Dec. as a result any asset that you loading after 01012011 will fall under current year acqusistion. you cannot have acquired value and accumulated deprerciation for same. Regards, atu #5 Re: AS-91 Asset Upload Issue 07.10.2011 07:24 Dear, As your fiscal year is Calender year. Lat day i.e. 31.12.2010 will be your intial upload date for asset transfer. You enter 31.12.2010 and enter the transaction value data. Thanks Vinayak #6 Re: AS-91 Asset Upload Issue 07.10.2011 08:28 Vinayak, Thanks for the reply.That almost resolves my issue.But one thing just would like to confirm is that,if I specify 31/12/2010 as the upload date,then how do I load the assets acquired after 31/12/2010,but before the actual legacy upload date i.e 01/09/2011. Thanks. #7 Re: AS-91 Asset Upload Issue 07.10.2011 08:52 Dear, For current year assets, you will have to use LSMW/BDC AS01 for asset creation. Tthen enter the acquisition transactions with LSMWor BDC. Since AS91 is only used for legacy data. Hope this will help you. Thanks Vinayak #8 Re: AS-91 Asset Upload Issue

07.10.2011 10:23 Hi You can do so ame thru AS91 also once u enter asset details goto Takeover values--> navigate to 'Transaction' and enter value date, trasaction as 100 and its value. it is difficult to have lsmw that perform both together so i normally create asset thru AS91 and then use other lsmw that calls AS92 and update values in transdaction. Hope that clears you. it is similar to acquisition of earlier yesr one but one more step. Regards, Atu #9 Re: AS-91 Asset Upload Issue 07.10.2011 11:20 Thanks for the suggesting the alternate way also. Appreciate it. Regards.