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Cast Net Glossary

Courtesy of Fitec, you will find Fitec's explanation of their cast nets terms and how their cast nets are constructed. Throwline/Handline: This throwline is made with braided high-floating, non-water absorbing polyethylene for less drag when throwing and retrieving your cast net. Extra length also allows for various uses: on boats, piers, tailraces, deep-water shrimping, etc. Handloop: Specially designed handloop is constructed with super tight braiding that will never work its way loose; it also allows a chaff-free surface against your wrist. Swivel: Each cast net has a high quality, brass nickel plated crane swivel that provides durability and smooth operation. Crimp Lock: The brass crimp lock over the braille line wrap provides a never-fail securing to the swivel. Spacer: This spacer is a high impact composite braille line divider; it keeps braille lines tangle-free for smooth cast net operation. Braille/Turk Lines: Ours are high lb test, quality monofilament braille lines that provide more durability and extra strength; these are also called turk lines. Horn/Thimble: A high-impact composite gathering ring that has netting wrapped, tied, and super-glued to it, providing your cast net with extra durability and superior casting operation. Selvage: Double selvage cast net construction at the horn and leadline give nets twice the strength and durability of single selvage cast nets. Netting: Only the highest quality netting is used in constructing Super Spreader cast nets. Our monofilament nets are made with a special Japanese resin that provides a stronger and softer mesh; this allows you to handle the net easier and get better performance out of your cast net. Additionally, we pre-stretch all of our nylon and monofilament net materials so your net will open and spread to its maximum casting diameter. Fitecs exclusively designed bullseye and panel patterns allow cast nets to open faster, lay flatter, throw easier, and cast better than any other cast net brand on the market. Leadline: Fitec uses a special dual leadline consisting of an innercase of twisted polyethylene and an outer sheath of tightly braided polypropylene. This design provides your net with super high strength, just the right flexibility, and extreme durability. You also get a non-kink performance. Assembly Line: In order to provide maximum strength between the netting and the leadline, Super Spreaders have a special pre-stretched, twisted nylon cord wrapped three times around the leadline. Also, the technique we use in assembly keeps the leadline extra snug against the netting, which reduces net to leadline separation. Weight: Fitec uses a true weight measure based on actual lead weight used per radius foot of net. That means you get the true weight of the cast net in lead weight, plus the additional weight of the components. Unlike the competition who measures the weight of everything together (lead weight + components = total weight), the true weight measure provides you with a net that will sink faster than any other net. For example, our #10250 Pro Series net weighs 5 lbs 13 oz. That is 5 lbs of lead weight and 13 oz of netting components.