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DEPARTMENT : FRONT OFFICE SECTION : TELEPHONE OPERATOR POSITION : GUEST SERVICE AGENT - OPERATOR TASK NO. 1 : TELEPHONE COURTESY STANDARD : In a hospitality and service industry, good telephone procedures are essential if we are to create the best possible impression to the caller. Remember, telephone answering is a skill, as equally important as the many other skills required to run an efficient, friendly hotel. To project a friendly and efficient image to all callers in first contact with the hotel.

PROCEDURE : Good telephone procedure include : - Answer promptly

- Identify clearly : Good morning, Operator, may I help your ? - Speak pleasantly, courteously and with sincerity. - Construct your reply well. - Never leave a caller waiting. - Conclude properly where this is necessary : Youre welcome sir, good night. Constructing your reply : - Greeting : Good morning Good afternoon Good evening - Identify clearly : Operator, Reception, Reservation or Bell desk. - Answer pleasantly, concisely with warmth : Certainly Mr. Jones, one moment please. - Conclusion : Depending on situation, e.g. Good night, Mr. James, have a pleasant sleep. SUMMARY 1) Good procedures, well constructed pleasant answers convey the best possible impression to the caller. 2) Your voice must sound interesting. Remember the caller can not see you and your voice must substitute for the senses. It must project warmth. Try to remember it as having a song in your voice. 3) Try and personalize your reply where possible people like to hear their names. 4) It is not what you say but the way that you say it which is important. Always be pleasant, irrespective of how tired or irritable you may feel. 5) Good telephone procedures may secure that elusive business, soothe the irritated caller.

DEPARTMENT : FRONT OFFICE SECTION : TELEPHONE OPERATOR POSITION : GUEST SERVICE AGENT - OPERATOR TASK NO. 2 : IN HOUSE MOVIES (SOON AT OUR RESORT) STANDARD : To provide guest entertainments and ensure that the starting times for viewing is match with the program, picture and song is clear.

PROCEDURE : 1. VDO CD are property stored. 2. Prepares VDO program by weekly or monthly basis. 3. Alarm clock to be turned on each 2 or 3 hours follow to the schedule to ensure that starting time is not delay. 4. When starting time start, insert the CD to the player. 5. Check picture/ sound is clear by keep watching at TV control constantly. 6. When finish, takes off the cassette, ensure that the cassette is reverted. 7. Keep finished the CD and prepare next one.


PROCEDURE : 1. Keep the telephone in a convenient position on your desk. 2. Keep a pad and pencil by the telephone so you are always ready to make notes during a telephone call. 3. Be precise and brief - but never court. By dealing with a call as quickly as possible, you keep down the cost of the call for your caller. You also clear the telephone lines more quickly so other callers can get through to you more easily. 4. Have a note of the extension numbers to transfer a caller so quickly and accurately. 5. If the caller is not sure who should deal with his inquiry, tell them you will find out who deals with it and let the caller know. 6. If there is something you have to do as a result of receiving a call, make a note of it straight-away before you forget. Callers name. The date and time. The important points. What action you have to take What you have promised to take that action.

7. Ignore colleagues who try to attract your attention or to interrupt you while you are in conversation with a caller.

DEPARTMENT : FRONT OFFICE SECTION : TELEPHONE OPERATOR POSITION : GUEST SERVICE AGENT - OPERATOR TASK NO. 4 : HANDLING OUTGOING CALLS STANDARD : Ensure that when hanging outgoing calls for guests and colleagues, they should be conducted in a helpful and effective way.

PROCEDURE : 1. Looking up the number you want - either in the directory or personal list - do not guess. Then dial the number yourself. Do not waste time asking the operator or secretary to get it for you. 2. Have a note of the code and number before you as you dial. 3. Wait for the dialing tone before you begin to dial. 4. Dial carefully and correctly. 5. If you get a wrong number it is a courtesy to apologize.

6. When you get through to your caller introduce yourself and the subject of your call. 7. At the end of any call, replace the receiver firmly, if you have not cleared the line, your call will still be charging. 8. If you are cut off during a call the called person should hang up and wait to be recalled by the caller.

DEPARTMENT : FRONT OFFICE SECTION : TELEPHONE OPERATOR POSITION : GUEST SERVICE AGENT - OPERATOR TASK NO. 5 : OPERATOR ASSISTED CALLS STANDARD : To provide a personal an efficient service to all hotel guests, ensuring first-class telephone standards. PROCEDURE : 1. Answer the phone within 3 rings. 2. Greeting and identify.

3. Listen attentively, the guest name must be used. 4. Repeat the details and inform the guest about the price, minimum charge and service charge. 5. Let the guest hang up first. 6. Place the call via Overseas Operator (for e.g. 001) 7. When Overseas Operator calls to try the call, notify the guest before you put it through. 8. Check with the guest whether the call is completed. 9. Issue the bill. 10. Records in IDD control sheet. ( summary ) 11. If the administration staff would like to make an operator assisted call, please make sure which account to charge for e.g. city ledger, personal account & house used.

DEPARTMENT : FRONT OFFICE SECTION : TELEPHONE OPERATOR POSITION : GUEST SERVICE AGENT - OPERATOR TASK NO. 6 : MORNING CALL REQUESTS STANDARD : To ensure our guests are woken up at exactly the time requested. PROCEDURE : 1. Write down details of wake up call and verify to your guest the TIME and ROOM NUMBER . Accuracy is critical. - Thank the guest and wish him good night. - Record details immediately on wake up sheet. 2. Details for Group morning call or standard morning calls ( guest reserved their call time for a certain period) have to be keyed into the system not later than 02:00

daily and the Night operator must check and verify that the guest NAMES and ROOM NUMBERS match and that details are correct. 3. A wake up call log book will also be forwarded by Reception no later than 01:00 daily. All booked wake up calls should be entered into the system by the overnight operator and especially for VIP morning calls have to wake up by Operator instead of the system. 4. Night operator will double check the print out record. 5. When the time comes. it will automatically ring the room. An answered morning call will be recorded and shown on the printer. 6. Guest must be woken up at the time requested. 7. Morning shift operator has to check the print out of all morning calls action against the manual record from time to time to ensure that morning calls placed is missed and that the system is functioning smoothly. UNANSWERED MORNING CALLS/ LINE BUSY 1. If no answer is received, inform the HOUSEKEEPING DEPT. to double check to make sure that the guest has woken up or is out of the room. 2. If the Housekeeping Dept. informs the operator that the guest room is on DOUBLE LOCKED or DO NOT DISTURB, page the GSA Supervisor to follow up, remember to write down the record and wait for the result from the GSA Supervisor.



1. After greeting the guest, listen intently to guest request. 2. Clarify the DND period and guests instruction such as - take long distance call only. - take message only - time to remove the DND 3. Let the guest hang up first. 4. Make sure the signal on the switchboard. 5. At the requested time, release the signal and relay all messages immediately to the guest. THE OTHER SITUATION TO SET DND LIGHT ; 1. Confidential : the guest does not want to let callers know that he is registered in the hotel with exceptions to those specified. 2. Screen call : calls will be screened through operators by asking the callers name prior to connection calls through to the guest. 3. Out of town : advise caller to leave message and restrict telephone line till the date of return. 4. Incognito: no information about guest should be disclosed if there are further difficulties in explaining , GSA supervisor should be informed at once.

DEPARTMENT : FRONT OFFICE SECTION : TELEPHONE OPERATOR POSITION : GUEST SERVICE AGENT - OPERATOR TASK NO. 8 : SCREENING OF INCOMING TELEPHONE CALLS STANDARD : 1. Every incoming call after 23.00 hours to 05.00 hours has to be screened and then announced to the guest before connect the line to the room.

2. The hotel guests room numbers may not be indicated to the caller under any circumstances. 3. No personal telephone calls are connected to staff members during service hours. PROCEDURE : Screening of an incoming telephone call for a hotel guest. 1. If the caller knows the guest name, the Operator has to re-check it in the Fidelio computer system and connect it to the corresponding guest room immediately. 2. Between 23:00 hours and 05:00 hours, every incoming call has to be screened. 3. In case the caller knows only the guest room number but not the guests name, the Operator has to request the caller to identify him/herself and announce the call to the guest. Should the caller not be willing to identify him/herself, the Operator is not allowed to connect the call to the guest. Screening of an incoming telephone call for a incognito guest. 1. If a guest requests to remain incognito, an according remark has to be entered in the Fidelio computer system by the person who receives the request. If necessary, additional instructions have to be added. 2. The Operator will be immediately aware of the guests status once s/he checks the computer file. 3. The Operator will then can go ahead to inform the caller that no guest under the mentioned name register in our hotel. Incoming telephone calls for hotel executives. 1. During the office hours all incoming telephone calls for the Executives have to be connected to the Secretaries who will screen the calls for their superiors. 2. In case neither the Secretary nor the Executive can be reached, the Operator has to inform the caller and take a message which will be left in the pigeonhole of the respective department. 3. It is the responsibility of each department to collect the messages at the pigeonhole.

Incoming telephone calls for the General Manager or Executive Asst. Manager after office hours. 1. Emergency call within the hotel have to be connected at any time. 2. Unless other instructions are received, only personal calls are connected to the rooms of GM and EAM. However, the Operator has to obtain the callers identification and announce the calls before they are connected. 3. If the GM or EAM can not be located in the hotel, the telephone calls have to be connected automatically to the Duty Manager on duty. 4. The Duty Manager on duty has to take a message and according to the urgency of it, - hand it over to GM or EAM upon return to the hotel. - deliver the message to the apartment. - deliver the message to the pigeonhole in the Executive Offices. 5. Messages have to be taken for all incoming telephone calls and left in the respective pigeonhole. Incoming telephone calls for staff. 1. All incoming telephone calls for staff members have to be transferred to the timekeeper who are responsible for the screening of the same. 2. As it is the policy of the hotel that no personal telephone calls are connected to staff members during service hours, the timekeeper has to take messages which are delivered later on.