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Submitted By: Martha Rose C. Serrano

Submitted to: Atty. Venir Cuyco

April 22, 2013

Human Miseries "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in the universal Declaration of Human Rights, without distinction of any kind, such as race, creed, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person."1 Principle 1, ICPD Programme of Action

For sometime now, we have been complacent about humanitarian issues, which we ourselves find abusive and unjust. We continuously become restrained and discreet about the voluminous injustices we experience in our everyday encounter with individuals.

We have discussed in class the history unveiling the existence of Human Rights in our society today but then, we continue to question why inequality and injustice still exists.

Equality is a condition where rights, privileges are considered humane and fair in all aspects conforming the existence of a state. This definition guided our interpretation and understanding of Human Rights being a fundamental and inherent right.

History dictates different kinds of inhumane stories that shaped us as individuals enjoying the privilege of freedom being protected justly by laws. We turn our backs and recall those times when our ancestors continuously struggle to be considered as human beings and not as simple goods that perish.

Torture has been one of the prominent problems faced by countries used to obtain vital information regarding elusive issues concerning the welfare of a country. It may be considered more than as a political issue which posits certain effects towards strong human rights and protection as its shield. Torture has been defined as a physical, mental and psychological violence inflicted towards an individual. As an effect, people continuously choose to be discreet about the undying

Principle 1, ICPD Programme of Action

effects and trauma it brings. Dr. Mollicas article posted scientific ways how to treat and combat the physical and psychological effects of extreme violence and torture. Knowing a persons traumatic history is a gauge to explore and to diagnose major depression as it creates awareness towards the effective care needed by someone who underwent this kind of condition.

Many survivors fail to recognize the relationship and the effects of torture and their current medical problem as a reflection of the three key aspects of torture as discussed in the article. Knowledge identifies the possible medical and psychological effects and determines appropriate treatments. A holistic approach is needed to address current reality in a culturally sensitive way. Support and guidance from all aspects of the society must be strengthened to battle with the victim and to recover from a dreadful misery.

Every State of War is a legal state created and ended by official declaration regardless of actual armed hostilities and usually characterized by operation of the rules of war2. This may be equated to unforgettable afflictions, agonies, and worries that each of us would never want to experience. Maybe history dictated afflictions theyve gone through just to make us realize that we must take control.

The existence of human miseries made us realized the existence of human injustices today. Human rights are considered fundamental and inherent right known and understood by the majority. Education and awareness must be its key towards holistic development. We must make it a point that we contribute fairly to these opportunities and make it known. We live out what we talk about. We all wanted to live in an equipped society that treats all their citizens justly. We rally against those who are unjust and treat us unfairly as a nation. Thus, we move fast track to what we want to achieve.

This is a start of our flight as Human Right Advocates with one goal in mind, which is to perish sufferings and inflictions against our inherent right.

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