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The Autobiography of Planets

One wants to run away from the glares of thousands of people on sharad poornima. Today I remember all the incidents of my life. Those were the days ! When I used to dance with the sea waves day and night, sitting on the waves and swinging, then sleep in their lap only. I used to have- small motis, sipi, kamdhenu, fain, parijat, laxmi etc as my friends. While playing with them I came to know that I was the grandson of brahamaji. My father was atri muni. My father was the human son of baba. He did penace for thousands of years. His creative powers took the form of nectar and were showing through his eyes. When all the ten directions could not handle it then baba established it in the chariot. That chariot took twenty one rounds of earth and sea then the earth consumed it and then I was born. The love of earth and sea was incomparable. I didnt come to know when I had grown up. Then one day the sea became restless. The fishes, crocodiles and laxmi all were puzzeled. The sumeru mountain was spinning fast. The shesh nag was taking fast deep breath. Everyone was running here and there with fear. In that running around I was caught. I was thrown out of sea. The gods and devils were churning the sea with the sumeru.I and kamdhenu, varuni, parijat, apsaras, vish, took the nectar in the pot along with dhanwantri and laxmi came

out of the sea. Those were the moments of farewell. We all were separated from each other and went far away. Shivji left me in the space. I was down in that moment of farewell. Dhanwantri kaka taught me ayurveda in my child hood only. Nectar was my favorite friend. It became a part of my life. Who knew how the life will be after being away from the now friends. Scared I became an inhabitant of space. I was welcomed by indra in his meeting place as I was from the gods side. Someone said how beautiful I am. Some would add my name to my babajis name and introduce me. The dancer of gods party would offer me nectar to drink. This is how my intoxication grew. Slowly and slowly I forgot sea, earth and other friends. In front of my high flight all that seemed petty. Gods were convinced that I will become the next indra. I got the medical education from ashwani kumar. I was interested in botany science. Brahama gave me the kingdom of botany, medicine, brahaman and water. I won the three lokas kingdom and performed the rajsuya yagna offering one lakh dakshina. Daksha wedded his 27 daughters to me. For some days it went fine but it was difficult to hide that I loved rohini. My wives told this to daksha and asked him that I should live with her only. My father in law first tried to make me understand then he cursed me in anger that I will have tuberculosis. My self confidence was shattered. I went crying to baba (brahama). Catching his feet I accepted my mistake. I asked for the way out of tuberculosis. However big the crime was baba always protected me. He inspired me to do penance in prabhas area and establish a shivlinga there. I did penance. Shivaji was pleased by my hard penance. The curse could not be nullified so he gave me a boon that my tuberculosis would increase and decrease every month. I was saved. Shivaji built a loka for me away from sun god about I lakh mile far away. Slowly slowly I was deep into the pleasures of gods lokas. I was trapped into beautiful women, alcohol, music etc and became attached to the wife of brahaspati, tara.Whenever the god guru would leave I would go to his house. First tara ignored me then she became quiet. Slowly and slowly she also started getting attached to me. Due to the intoxication of pleasures I kidnapped her. I knew it was a mistake. But I was intoxicated at that time. All the gods on one side and I on the other side.My age was such that I would prove my mistake right in my mind. It is not a sin to love somebody? But on the second thought it would come in my mind that if someone does the same thing with my wife then ? Shrugging my shoulders and proving my self right I went into the refuge of devil virochan. The devils were opposed to gods and then I was in their refuge. After some time passed and gods came to know everything. Now it was not possible for me to come in front of them and stand eye to eye to them. Those who used to give my introduction after taking the name of my grandfather what would they be thinking I knew very well. In that confused state of mind babaji gave me darshan. I touched his feet but could not raise my eyes. His love was the same as before. He said-

Forget whatever happened. Return the wife of acharya brahaspati to him. Who does not do a mistake. I could not say any thing that she is pregnant by me. There was such a magic in the words of baba that I returned tara. Devil shukra took tara to brahaspati. This way the fight between the gods and devils was cancelled. I was in my home only. People would behave with me with love. But my mind was wandering this I knew. I was not satisfied even after living with my 27 wives.Then one day I got the news that tara has given birth to a son on the heap of moonj. When I asked brahaspati for my son then he looked at me with astonishmentSuch shamelessness. But I would not miss a chance brahaspati was silent even after knowing everything, why? May be he remembered that he destroyed the pativrat fast of tulsi the wife of Vishnu to defeat jalandhar. Maybe he was thinking that he is paying for that sin only. Brahaspati holding his head sat silent. Brahama asked tara about the name of the father of the child. Tara would never lie so she told the truth and I got my son. Tara was crying because no mother wants to separate from her son. But I snatched my son.As it was a fight between me and gods. I named the son as buddh. I nurtured my son with all my love. Whatever I wanted in life I got. But till today I can not make eye contact with any body. I feel that these thousands of eyes are looking at the scar on my face. This is the black spot of taras kidnapping only. What all did I not have but my intoxication made me do this accident. Shivaji adorns my form on his fore head when it manifests with the two kalas after being in the darkness of amavasya, then there is no black spot on me. As the kalas increase my intoxication also increases and the black spot also increases. On the pooranmasi day some one calls my black spotted face as the old women which is sewing or the deers picture, they console me. I repent on my mistake. Seas love manifests in the form of jwar bhata- but I cannot go with this black spot even there also. I remain in this thought only-sitting on my vehicle deer I lose my way in the darkness but then I feel why should I think about my sin only I also have some duty. It is required for the vanaspati, ayurved, water to be active towards earth. In the krishnapaksha I remain like that in braket=(and in the shukla paksha I am closed like the braket=). This way all my movement remains closed from krishnapaksha to shuklapaksha in the braket. According to astrology I am considered as the planet of mental sicknesses. Takes the moti as my nag and relates to the mental balance and imbalance with my rising and falling. The world says that seeing the moon you get coolness. But I know how sad I am. The one who has had sorrow in his life can only know the sorrow of other. I am smiling with a sad mind till today- only because I want the people to be happythe vegetation should flourish and my beloved sea should think that I am happy.

I remember my childhood days when I see the kids going to school with the bag hanging on their shoulders. How intoxicating were those days. My father kashyap got married to the king dakhas thirteen daughters. Amongst them aditi was my mother. My step mother aditi gave birth to devils and my mother diti gave birth to gods. We 33 brothers were divided based on the qualities and action into three parts : Adityya, vasu and rudra. Adityas were twelve in number. I am one of them. My name is vivasta. People call me sun and by other names. We all (aditya people) used to play together, roam around together and study together. Sometimes it is surprising to think that we never fought with each other. Except for petty fights we did not know of more fights. Adityas, vasus and rudras used to sit in different groups and imagine about the future. Somewhat like this I said one day. I wish that I should spread light to far off places. So that no one gets hurt. I should give so much heat that no one feels the cold. After hearing my planning indra, Vishnu, anshuman, bhag, mitra, varun etc all went into deep thoughts. Indra said : Your imagination is beautiful visvat but will you be able to do it ? Do you see the sky spread to so far off places ? Hey indra ! After all it is the mind, maybe it gets involved in this good deed. What will you do? I will rule. Once I should get the kingdom of all brothers then you see what I will do. Patting my shoulder indra said. And you varun ? I asked. brother ! Do you know that without you I cannot do anything? But I wish that there is water all over the places. I should make the environment attractive with the waves and the sound of water. No! varun how can you live in infinite water? Vishnu said. Cannot say, but my mind always is eager to play with the beautiful waves. What will you do ? Asked varun. I think I should obey all. I will handle the work of gods. You all will be helpful then why should I worry. When we are all together then we will do something for sure. Vishnu said. The talks would have gone far if father kashyap had not come. We all saluted him. Blessing us he said: I was listening to you. I felt nice to hear that you all have some goal in your life. Kids! If you all will have unity then you will surely do something. Be helpful to each other. Dont be jealous of each other and do harm to any one only this is my desire.

Never father, we will never be jealous. We will always be helpful to each other. Taking this oath we put the dust of the feet of father on our forehead. That day we all felt a special enthusiasm in each one of us. Father assured us of our future success. With determination I kept on walking on the path of sadhna. Sometimes I used to feel that I am becoming the light. Then I used to feel it is my illusion. I was assured of my success when vasu and rudra also got surrounded. All were saying sun, vishvast what has happened to you ? To see you our eyes get glared. You are burning ? No, my dear brothers ! My penance is becoming successful. When I was deep down in their confusion of thought that whether I am successful or not suddenly I saw my father there. He was overwhelmed to see me and was wiping the tears that were rolling down from his eyes on seeing me. Mother was standing with him and waiting to hug me with love. I reached from the group of brother to them. Father touched my forehead and left me, mother hugged me close to her chest and held my face with her both hands, Son, you have grown now. I should think about you marriage now. I was feeling shy and father went somewhere smiling. In the mean time I got married off to sangya the daughter of vishvakarma. I had two children whose names were yam and yami. I used to give the son the order to take the path of justice. Wife sangya was very nice. She would take full care of me. Some times used to complain also that I do not take out time for us. But my penance was going on incessantly. To take care of the family was the responsibility of sangya. I used to come sometimes and rest of the times I kept myself busy in penance. My power was increasing. Sometimes I used to feel that sangya was hesitant to sit with me. Her request to call me home was also missing.hat she was too busy with the kids and could not take out time for me. Once or twice when I asked she gave a smile. That day I came back home early. Again and again I felt that she has something inside her which she could not express. But no ! when I came home I felt that my thought was baseless. Sangya had that same old carefree attitude. The same beauty and color- that if you touch it would get dirty. We were both enjoying a lot every day. I had three more children. Savarni manu, shani and tapti. This way the whole house would be full of noises made by all the five children. One day when I reached home I was amazed to see. Yamas one leg was dissolved and was falling. My heart was shattered into pieces. I felt that I should take all his pains. True that time only one of the pieces of my heart fell down releasing its energy. It was gathering every drop of the blood from the leg of yama. My that part is stilled called the earth even today people live on that. My son yama one foot is still fixed there. Yami who was standing far away was crying. Children came to know that sangya loved the other children than the yama and yami more. Because of this partial nature she would beat, scold yam yami a lot. That day she hit yam so much that he picked up his leg to hit her and sangya cursed his leg to get dissolved and fall on earth. I was seeing sangya with

deep look holding yama close to my chest. She was not able to see eye to eye with me. I shouted with anger _ Tell me the truth who are you ? Are you that sangya ? Are you their mother ? Which mother can give such a curse to their children- say I was sitting with my head in my hands. Sangya fell into my feet and said Dev ! Forgive me. I am not sangya. I cannot act anymore. What do you mean?I said. Sangya was not able to bear your heat due to the penance. She would cut herself from you. After your asking again and again she gave me her form left me here. My name is chaya. Yama and yami are not my children. Where is sangya? She kept silent. On my asking again and again she replied Dev! She has gone to her fathers house. She asked me not to tell you this. She again kept her head down. yam ! I will come with your mother son. I looked at yami she had become a watery source crying to see the state of her brother. She also reached earth along with the leg of her brother. Her name was thus Yamuna. I felt the guilt of sin to see the bad state of my both the children. How I wish that sangya told me the ugliness of my energy. I would have tried something. Repenting I reached the refuge of vishvakarma. Hey dev ! I want your pardon, give back sangya to me. When I said this then he had worry lines on his face. Son in law ! sun is she not with you ? I had sent her back after consoling her that after marriage her place is in your house not in my house. He replied. I was anxious, Then where did she go ? Poor sangya. I searched for her a lot. In the end I found her. She had taken the form of a female horse and was wandering in the forest. To meet her I also took the form of horse. I gave up some part of my energy with the help of my father in law vishwakarma. The children that I had with sangya in the form of horse were called ashwani kumar. We took our earlier forms and went home. Sangya asked, Your penance is still going ? It is going on but I have stopped conserving energy now. I distribute it far off. But sangya before leaving the house, it would have been better if you had consulted me ?

I wanted to but to see your faith in penance I could not gather courage to talk to you. Do you know what happened with the children after your leaving ? I told all the story with the question. Sangya was feeling guilty and saidI can not remove whatever happed but now I promise that now I will not go away. Chaya acted stupidly I cannot say this because I have been more stupid. Telling our stories we reached home. The children surrounded us with love. Chaya was also happy. Sangya felt like a stranger in the begging in the house. So much had changed in the mean time. My chariot was the center of attraction for her. That chariot was the earning of my penance. I took her and travelled on that chariot. Even today I have that chariot. That nine thousand long chariot. Seven types of colors of horses are tied to it. My companion was at that time also arun the elder brother of garud, till today he is. Sangya was amazed to see the wheel of the chariot. I told her that that is the wheel of time and it will be there till I am alive and the chariot is there. This way again the household started to run smoothly. After taking birth from my boon sughriv and karan were called my sons. Sangya loved all. I was becoming important among the gods. Sanyasis always prayed me. I would light up all the places sitting on my chariot. My light would go from east to west. The only place where my light would not reach was the brahamas palace on the mahameru. That palace was so much lighted that it would return my light from outside. Even today it is that state. I have seen the every corner of my planets- nothing is hidden from me but I do not have the access of brahmas palace even today. I can never forget that incident. One day shiv cut off the head of that brahama only. Brahama cursed shiva that he would beg carrying brahamas head. Shiva was angry. In his anger and irritation as if he had lost his understanding. He would kill any one who came in front of him. In that rage only he held my one hand and started to take me round and round. When I was all over with blood he left me. After falling down I got up, handled myself, then I challenged shiva smilingly. Shiva returned. He gave me such a hand that my teeth were broken. Marut, asti, indra, aditya and all other gods were nervous and they all hid somewhere only prahalad stood with determination. After seeing the three forms of agni shiva destroyed them. In the due time when shivas anger pacified he established me in my chariot. What a horrible day it was. All that ends well is well thinking this I sat peacefully on my chariot. Why this incident happened with me I did not know but one good result did come out if it. Only that that I saved myself from the false ego of my powers. May be shiva wanted to teach me this only. I being myself the form of agni saw the the three forms of agni getting destroyed in front of me. Those days ravana fulled with ego mahameru reached there. He sent prasta named escort to me. My guards pingal and dand brought the message of ravana to me. Ravana had said either I should come to fight against him or I should accept my defeat. I said I am short of time. I can not come to fight. Ravana was

telling everyone that I have accepted defeat in front of him. I only smiled. May be this understanding came in me due to the tandav of shiva. Days passed. The differences between the gods and devils grew. All the sons of mother diti were devils. They had the habit of exhibiting their powers. To make fun of others was their daily routine. On the other hand we all the sons of aditi were always involved in doing some good deeds. To serve others was our basic nature. We all were called gods. We after being the sons of same father and being one family got divided in the group of two. We all the sons of aditi were called gods and they the sons of diti were called devils. Even after trying a lot we could not become one. Once all the two groups churned the sea. The poison that came out of the sea was not accepted by the devils. Shiva took it in his throat that is why he was called neelkanth. When nectar was found then all the devils were dying to have it. Nectar came to us all the gods. We were sharing it. I and moon were surprised to see that devil rahu stole it and had it. We informed to all the other gods then Vishnu cut his head from his sudarshan chakra. But he had the nectar. He was immortal. His body though was in two pieces but he was alive. The head was called rahu and the torso was called ketu and he became immortal. Those two had hatred for me and moon. Whenever they get opportunity they attack us. Rahu swallow me and ketu moon. They both get pleasure from momentary winning. We both get bliss in serving others we search for that bliss. Once brihaspati did not accept the son of air hanuman as his disciple then he came to me hesitatingly. He must have remembered his birth. Soon after taking birth he thought of me as a fruit and held me and started to fly. Indra got angry and attacked him so his face got little crooked. Without any demands I accepted him as my disciple. His pure inner conscious cannot be found in any disciple. This was one such incident in which brihaspati was in loss. Today there is no limit of the temples of my disciples. The name, fame and worship of my disciple make me proud and I cannot express in words. After living such a happening life I am neither unhappy nor tired. I get pleasure in giving happiness after myself getting suffered. The whole night when the darkness gets filled in water then seems red in the morning. I fill light in it whole day then at night the waters of rivers, sea etc seem white. My personality is an open book I am as I am- in front of everyone. Then also all are deluded at one place. I never walk. My chariot is also fixed at one place. Earth, moon, som, mangal etc all take my rounds. May be they are worried about my security and I spread my energy, heat, light on them. But as you see trees running around when you sit in a vehicle so if you see me from other planets you see me roaming around. But I am static- always burning- laughingspreading happiness, health, progress and light to all. My rays are my escorts. They give sunlight to all the planets that pass by me.


Whenever I sit in the meeting of brahama I often think what all I have not done to reach this chair. Today I am one of the nine planets. My color is white and my nag is supposed to be diamond. Leaving dhumketu I am the nearest neighbor of earth. Still I remain more close to sun as compared to earth. That is why my temperature is much higher than the earth. My shape resembles earth a lot. When earth was separated from sun its environment was full of carbon dioxide. People say that my base is also like that. But intellectuals consider my base as water; some people assume a possibility of desert. Why should I tell what I am like? I am mysterious- I will keep my secrets. Tacking memories, I also increase and decrease like moon. I seem brighter as my size changes to small size. Same like my nag diamond. Either people see me in the morning or evening. Actually my beauty is enhanced after five and a half hours of sunset, because I contemplate on self after sunset and repent on the bad works done by me. That is how my beauty is enhanced. Holding my hands at the back I roam from one corner to other corner of space and remain in my old memories. I remember many incidents of childhood. My father was bhrigu. His last name was kavi. That is why some people call me kavya. My name was kept ushna. I was considered the most powerful out of the seven brothers because whatever work I used to take up I never used to live it midway. I dont remember how I got the habit of getting knowledge. Always had the interest to learn something new, hence in the small age I learnt various kinds of knowledge, penance and mantra. My mother loved me a lot. Father bhrigu was so happy that he could not express. Once from hard penance I acquired the mritsanjivini knowledge from shivaji. I never liked gods from childhood. I had many stories of the fight between gods and devils. Rahu ketu were my friends. The form that they reached to see that it was obvious for me to have rage for gods. One day after discussing with both my friends I thought that we should snatch all the money of gods. I quietly entered the kuber god of money and acquired all the money. First kuber was astonished then he went and told everything to shivaji. Shivaji got angry and picked up his trishool. I came to know that he will attack me. So I sat on its edge. Shivaji turned the trishool in the form of a bow and this bow was called pinak. Shivaji picked me up and swallowed me. Shivaji did penance for ages. Here in his stomach my intellect also got purified. Shivaji ended his penance. Then brahama gave darshan. Tell me shiva is everything all right?- Brahama asked. Yes, all is your grace. Shivaji said. Does anything you want but you will remain innocent? Brahama said. Why what is the matter? Do you know that you kept ushna in your stomach and were doing penance? His penance will also be increasing?

At first shivaji kept quiet and was looking at bhrahama, then he concentrated on me and lost in his thoughts. I was getting burned with the shivaji meditative fire. I prayed to shivaji that he should take me out of his stomach. Shivaji closed all the doors of the stomach and ordered me to get out from shishna. As I came out of that way so I was called shukra. After coming out I immediately saluted parvti as mother. Shivaji wanted to attack me but parvati held his hand and said- what are you doing? He has passed such a long time in your stomach he is like your son. Dear! Slapping is not right to him. I thanked god. As I reached home father was going to do penance. He asked me the reason for not being in the house for such a long time. I went to his feet and said- father what I should tell you. I pleased shivaji to gain a lot of knowledge. Parvati considers me as her son. Fathers eyes sparked with happiness and he said Great son! I expected this only from you. After saying this he went in his penance. I got lost in the beauty of nature. Then I saw a beautiful apsara. What was the beauty! After coming out from the stomach of shiva this was the open environment for me after a long time. I followed the apsara and reached heaven. Indra welcomed me. She was lost in the crowd of other beauties. As I met her again I got everything dark. I and she quietly left the meeting of indra. Till the time father was in his penance I was sexually involved in her. I was awakened when I came to know that I am getting away from doing good actions. If you dont revise the knowledge then it leaves you. As I got this thought I returned to earth quietly. I was roaming around to find a direction. In the mean time I married many times. How to tell all the stories? One day I met king dand. He was the one son among the hundred sons of king ikshvasu, but he formed a beautiful city. He honored me as rajpurohit. My ashram was formed in his city. There people were very nice. One day king dand tried to molest my daughter arja. I was angry. I made the ashram inhabitants run and cursed king that there will be dust stormed in his city. He will be turned into ashes. My dear daughter considered this incident as her previous life karma. That is why she started living at the bank of a river from my permission. I thought I have done a great work by letting the animals of that place live. That whole city turned into dust. Got burned and turned into ashes. The people staying there were destroyed. That place was called dandkaranya. I started cursing myself with the destruction of the city. It was the fault of dand. Why did I destroy the all people staying there? Those were some days when my heart became anxious. I started finding the qualities in every enemy. Those days brihaspatis son accepted me as the guru. He came to me in search of sanjivani vidya. After discussing with him I accepted him as my disciple. Devils started seeing me as their guru. They came together to me Gurudev salutation They said. Tell me, why have you come to me? I asked.

Dev, excuse us. We have come to request you that you dont make kach your disciple. He is the son of acharya brihaspati. I knew everything. What have I got to do with any ones parents? Kach has faith and tolerance then why should I not accept him as my disciple? Dev,We are all devils. You have the sanjivini vidya which the gods dont have. Acharya brihaspati also do not know this vidya. Because of this only we are there, otherwise we would have all been destroyed. If kach also learns it then we will not have any importance in god devils fight. Vatsa! I will not give that knowledge to incapable disciple. Saying this I bid them goodbye. But how could they be convinced. They killed kach. They cut him into pieces and threw him in the sea. I gave him second life with the help of sanjivini. Ignoring the disciples I wanted to give them the teaching of not crossing the limits. After sometimes I came to know that kach was eaten by the wild animals. I again gave him life with sanjivani. Kach kept on saying that he was killed by the devils and cut by them but I did not want to work without having any evidence. This time when kach was brought to life my daughter devyanis eyes were sparkling I thought maybe she is in love with him. But I was sure from the side of kach. He never looked at devyani. His guru devotion was remarkable. It was not the end of all accidents. Once again kach was disappeared. That day devils had invited me for food. I had not rested after taking the food when devyani came with tears in her eyes and said Father! There is no news of Kach ? He will come. Dont be nervous. Kach ! kach ! Where are you? I felt as if in my stomach kachs answer is there. When I looked at the devils that were happy at their win to make him my food this time. That is why neither they were anxious nor worried. Devani on coming to know about this got sad. I could not see her crying. Devils got nervous on my anxiousness. After thinking a lot I could think of one way only. I thought of teaching sanjivini vidya to kach only on the condition that he will come out of my stomach and make me as before. It so happened. Devils got trapped, otherwise this had not happened. On his becoming alive devyani was blooming. She proposed to kach with lot of love. But kach gave the reply Being in the stomach of shukracharya I am like your brother now. Take out such thoughts from your mind. Do you know you have got this life because of me? Sister! I am grateful to you. I have got snajivni vidya also because of you. But morality is also a thing. All right Devyani was red in anger. If you are so angry with me then I will leave your city also. When you have got what you wanted then what will you get by staying here. It is my curse that my vidya will not be useful to you.

I also curse you that you will never be able to marry a brahaman. I was seeing their fight from far off. Their fight will turn out to be like this I never knew. Kach saluted me and bid me goodbye. Devyani was angry with him but at the same time was sad because he was leaving. I was suffocating inside. Kach left us after getting sanjivini vidya from us. Devils request was all right. I remember one incident of childhood very much. Once all the gods got together to get the darshan of shivaji. Shiva was carefree by nature. He got a very ugly form. Gods did not recognize him. Indra attached on his throat from vajra. Indras vajra got burnt and turned to ashes. Fire got manifested from the third eye of shiva. Gods when recognized shiva then brihaspati asked for pardon from the all gods side. Shiva left that fire in the sea. There she appeared as a baby. When brahama lift him in his lap then he pulled the beard of brahama so tightly that tears came down from the eyes of brahama. His name was kept jalandhar. Brahama immediately gave him the boon of becoming a knower of Vedas. Jalandhar was born out of the rage against the gods so he got together with devils. He asked for all the rattans from his home (sea) again. When indra refused to do so then there was a fight between the gods and devils. I kept on giving life to dead devils by the sanjivini vidya. From the one medicine of brihaspati drongiri kept on giving life to gods. All were amazed from the bravery of brihaspati. Vishnu got pleased by him and asked him for a boon then he asked O! God give me the boon that all the gods along with you and my sister laxmi live in my house. After getting this boon he acquired all the kingdom of gods. In that fight brihaspati was pleased with my sanjivani vidya. What greed was in his eyes on the every devils getting reborn. From the medium of kach he acquired that vidhya also. I started loving kach. Tears roll down my eyes even today on remembering him. Let me tell you one more incident. Leaving which my autobiography will be incomplete. Whenever I get anxious and tears roll down from my one eye then I remember that I am one eyed- I have only one eye. Those days the gods and the devils were peaceful. They stopped getting into the fights but still they were keen to defeat each other in policies. I was nervous when devil king bali promised vaman to donate three steps of land. I dont know I felt there is some trick in this. Vaman came from the side of gods. Knowing this I was stopping bali to donate the whole earth . Seeing his determination I got inside the water pot and hid myself there. From my side I was thinking good of bali that he should not lose all the land. I thought Neither the water from the pipe would come out not the donation will happen. But my bad luck! He tried to clean the pipe from the stick and my one eye went blind. From then I have one eye only. People call me one eyed. Although I have got whatever is required for a well to do life. In the kingdom of mahishashur I was the education minister. I used to bring the devils to life from the sanjivani vidya in the fight between the gods and devils and was teaching the mantra to sursa and destroying the enemies. I also got the opportunity to see bhishma on the bed of arrows. The daughter of priyavrat urjsvati was one of

my wife who gave me devyani like daughter. Today I sit on my vehicle horse and roam around in the sky unattached. I have come to know from the self contemplation that I have lost a lot by indulging in the pleasures of senses. Sexual thoughts, desires, money, fame and proud all these stopped my growth to a certain extent. If these distractions were not there then maybe I would have got that which could have become the matter of alls well being and bliss.

To sit on a high chair is not an easy task. To get to heights you have to leave all your friends- without rooting out the hurdles of the way is it at all possible to go ahead in life? When I also threw out some thorns of my way then I dont know why all became angry with me---to the extent that my wife also cursed me that I will be very cruel. Who does not see the welfare of oneself? Would have I touched the heights without her support? I till today remember that my father sun would be busy in the welfare of others. He would heat far off places with his rays. People shivering of cold, all vegetation, planets would welcome the rays and would believe that father is incessantly trying to keep them alive. He would be so busy that he would not get the time to take care of us. Mother used to love me, my sister Tapti and brother savarni manu(eighth manu) a lot. She did not at all like my elder brother yam and sister yami. Yam brother used to love me a lot. Sometimes he would take me and others to far off places. One day mother got so angry that she scolded my elder brother yam and sister yami a lot. At first brother kept quiet later his lips started to shiver. When mother hit him he also lifted his leg up to hit her. From the curse of mother his leg fell on the ground. We all were seeing all things with holded breath. When father came and came to know everything then he loved brother. Then he saw mother with deep look. Mother was quiet. Father suddenly got angry and said: Tell the truth who are you? You cannot be sangya. You have dissolved the leg of son and thrown it on the ground. No, no mother can curse her son like this. Mother was seeing yam yami with anger. Father again said, Tell me the truth, who are you? Mother told him that my elder sister whose name was sangya has gone to her fathers house because of getting nervous of the heat of the sun and left my mother chaya giving her form. Father went to find her. In that small age I would think- Did mother do something wrong? Why did father get so soon angry, brother will never be able to walk with comfort now? from all this learnet one answer that one should remain self centered. It is important to maintain your happiness- What do we have to do with others? Let anyone live or die it is of no use to us. Father Came back. With him my two brothers were also there who were called ashwanikumar. Sangya mother was also there. I got married. I dont know what kind of nature I had developed that I could never love my wife as a wife.So she cursed me saying that I will become cruel and that if I see any one

fully that person will be destroyed. For some time I felt bad but later thought that any way someone else will be destroyed I will not lose anything. My wifes curse has only increased my power. I kept on roaming around freely. I prayed to shivaji so I got friendly with shukra. We were both young and we had desires to achieve a lot. We were disappointed to see that shivaji was in the form of an old person for his marriage. I expressed my anger in the house of Himalaya. I cried loudly. Reason was the huger of stomach. When Himalaya offered us food then I and shukra finished all the food of the marriage. And when we asked for more Himalaya could not say anything. Shivaji gave one booti to him smilingly. Himalaya gave that to us. Tasting that our huger disappeared. Himalaya food again refilled. Shivaji was smilingly looking at us. I saw Himalaya with pride. He was ashamed. May be that is why shivaji showed him his real form. To see the Himalaya defeated I was very happy. Hope I could give him more trouble. All the gods were amazed. Straightening my neck I left the mandap. To show off had become my nature. Those days ketabh gave birth to two sons. Their names were ashwat and pippal. They both used to participate in the yagna of brahamans. Pippal used to take the form of papal and aswat used to sit as a singer. They both used to eat the brahamans in the yagna. Brahamans used to say it is very difficult to get rid of them. They came in my refuge. One day I thought of an idea. I reached ashwat in the form of brahaman. He swallowed me. I saw his intestines they were burnt. Then I saw pippal he also turned into ashes. My praises were sung amongst the brahamans. I used to pray to brahama since childhood. After this incident brahamans believed me to be a devotee. Days passed and my power increased. When I used to go toward the height of sky I would see people looking at me, as if they are asking for my sympathy. Actually to bear my cruelty was becoming difficult. If I had problems with rohini(wife of moon ) Then the earth would be disturbed. That state is till today. Having fight with anyone what all will be destroyed no one could say. I will never forget one incident. Ganesha took birth from the dust and ubtan of maa parvati. My guru wife parveti was sitting with the invitees. All were seeing child ganesha. Even I went but was not seeing there. Shani son why are you shying away see I have kept his name ganesh. Yes I was standing like before. See son what I am saying. Mother what I should tell you my wife has cursed me that whosoever I see will be destroyed. See what I am saying. Does anything like this happen? As I saw that small child his head was destroyed. To see this mother got angry and forgot that she only insisted to see him. She cursed me that I will be lame and became unconscious.

Vishnu took care of the situation and fixed elephants head in place of ganeshas head. The child came into life. It was due to the grace of shiva that he did not face any more trouble. I feel jealous to see in all places ganesha as the destroyer of hurdles. I am no less than others. Till today if I have my eyes set on any zodiac, planet or person that surely gets destroyed. He prays to me. He donates iron and oil and wears neelam on Saturday because that is my nag. I also measure my cruelty by giving them more troubles. I sit and fly on my vehicle giddha and see people on earth praying to me. To maintain fear and discipline is dear to me. That is why no one can snatch my high chair. People say my color is black. People who know astronomy know that hundred rounds like earth can come in me. But my weight is little more than earth. My form is made up of eight thousand mile deep normal solid hydrogens layer. I am beautiful among the griha and planets. Like the colorful bangles on the hands of a beautiful women I only one planet out of all who has rounds all around me. Out of them some sparkle, some are transparent and some are of yellow color. Actually they are my body guards. As I am far away from brihaspati so my base is cool but my sight is destroying. My vehicle is giddha. People are jealous of my beauty. I know whatever people might say for me I look beautiful being surrounded by my dear nine planets and I am different from all.

I am one planet among the nine planets and munga is my nag, one of the days of the week is named after me. Thats all, this is my introduction! ; People take rounds of pundits with the birth charts. In any birth chart if my influence is seenmeaning suppose if someone is manglik then for him or her manglik life partner is searched- otherwise they think that my manglik anger will destroy the life of a normal non manglik person. I agree that I have anger. When I have sympathy in my mind then I protect the land that is the money- when the anger comes I destroy everything. Even though my name is mangal still I have destroyed many lives. But has ever any one tried to understand my problem ? Today my mind is so heavy that I will not be able to remain without telling my problem. May be after telling my mind is light! Just imagine-a child playing in the all over spread space. Whosoever he met till he grew up to be a youth would tell him a new story about his birth. That troubled child was me. Someone would say: satis death in the yagna of daksha made shivaji so sad that he destroyed everything. One drop of sweat from his forehead fell down on earth- then I was born. That is why some people started calling me bhoma. One day I, the space inhabitant, was seeing the far away sparkling earth and was thinking some times my mother must have loved me in her lap- how I must have come so far away playing. One of the older planets which were with me asked me- what are you seeing son?

I am seeing my mother earth- can I not again go back to her ? who told you she is your mother ? my way of living, wandering are all like earth only. Okay, even if I try hard I can not take a complete round in 24 hours. I take 24 hours 37 minutes and 22 and a half seconds to complete one round. When I am her son then I will obviously lag behind her. Mother earth takes approximately 365 days to complete round around sun and I take 687 days to take round of sun. Earth is also close to sunmy distance from the mothers distance is 1 and a half times more.So it will obviously take more time to take rounds.I do agree that I have less power to attract than earth, but my living, face everything is like mother earth, then why am I not the son of my mother ? what did you say everything? On earth billions of living beings human beings live- does anyone live on you also? No one lives on me because I am small right now. I am far from sun, no! That is why I am cold- cannot gather heat. When I will also go close then people will live on me also- will build houses. Dont live in dreams. Neither can you go near sun nor can you become hot. Your red brown color will remain like this only son! Try to know the truth. My body and mind was surrounded by dark clouds. Whenever I become sad then dark clouds come around me. I became red with anger and shame true earth is my mother. I said hitting at them with fists. The green sari clad earth is my mother only. See, how beautiful the flowers on the sari of mother are looking. My mother has high forehead like Himalaya.ganga jamuna and saraswati are the white hair of my old mother only. oh, son dont remain in this illusion. Your mother is not earth. Your father shiva had once married the daughter of hirnaksha, vikeshi. They both were talking to each other when the fire god arrived there. On his calling they were disturbed so shivaji was angry- he was not getting the opportunity to talk to his wife. The tears which rolled down in anger were handled by vikeshi. That vikeshi was your mother. where can I see her? I do not know this. Saying so they left and I got tired asking about vikeshi but could not see her. Those days the astrologers found out because of the light of microscope that some people are living on me- and they have digged rivers for agriculture purpose. I spread a tasteless smile when I came to know about it. The illusion of scientists was removed. So many days passed in excitement. Then one day from the habitants of planets I came to know that my birth was from the drops of blood of shivaji. That night I heard about bhagwats story. In that it was written- during the varaha kalp the narayana in the form of varaha established the earth on water- that is why she was called Dhara. Narayana and earth went

around for one year. In the due time the earth was unconscious and she gave birth to me. Reading this for a moment I became very happy- earth is my mother- but what is this- not shiva but varaha is my father. Oh ! what a strange thing. No one knows about my parents. To be a son of Vishnu or shiva is a matter of pride but whose son am I ? I passed so many years of my life in this confusion only. What a pity I have known such big gods and goddesses still I am like an orphan. All these things trouble the mind- are these the tales to delude my mind? But no, from the time Hanuman ji has announced Tuesday as his day from then on I have seen the ray of hope for me. First time I liked my vehicle mesh very much. I thought what is the point in becoming depressed Who is my mother ? Who is my father?- both are important questions but I cannot give an answer to them. My strength can only tell who am I. That is what can I do or what can I become Whenever this thought comes to my mind I see-Those all devotees who keep Tuesday fast, they take food once in a day, they donate gur, ghee, wheat and clothes and worship me with red flowers. They want to get free from my anger. I for my respect of the self withdraw my cruelty from them.

Enough, enough Rahu brother ! dont talk more. I am as much angry with you as with gods. No one can travel on two boats. You were loyal to them after your head was cut off. Have you forgotten ? Why have you kept your head down ? Do you remember now ! How the gods were anxious on knowing that rahu had nectar so he can not be killed but Vishnu made two parts of it and two devils had it and became immortal. Every one was worried then you only said- Hey gods ! You should cut rahu in two parts and take out the nectar then he will be destroyed. On your saying so I was torn apart and my nectar was taken out. Bhadrakali tried to eat up my whole form. He had the nectar also. But everyone forgot that I had become the nectar and my rest of the nectar had become prachara river that is why I am alive even today. I have enemity with moon because I heard him complaining about me. On getting the opportunity I swallow him. My anger will never pacify. I will disturb my enemy again and again. Whether people call me cruel. I sit on my vehicle pigeon and take flieght to far off places. Along with me rahu is also called a cruel planet. His double policy did not serve him any good. Killing the enemy is our duty. On my chritor horses of smoke are always ready. When ever I get an opportuinity I grab moon. Dhumraketu is also one of my forms. My cruelity is not hidden from any one.

I know, I am not good looking. 1300 forms like earth can come in me- but I am so far away from earth that I seem very small in front of it. My form is absolutely

flat. My mind remains always in some thoughts so my form seems like sea of clouds. I dont look at all hard or strong. Brahma had given birth to angira with the help of fire. That angira is my father. Some people consider me the child of agni. Because my father angira is as enlightened as agnidev. They both are so similar to look at that people get confused about who is my father. My mothers name is vasudha. Many purans call them shraddha also. We are eight brothers : Utheya, me, vyasya, shanty, ghor, virup, samvart and sudhnva. We have a sister also her name is angirasi. We eight brothers when played then we played only. Mother tried to stop many times but who would listen. Our father is angira This had gone so much into our head that we were too proud to do anything. One day mother got angry and asked: If you people dont stand on your feet then who will ask for you? Mother fathers life is separate from yours. Whatever you will get by the name of your father what will it have of yours in it? This had pinched deep into us. Form that day onwards me, sudhanva, vyasya started working hard to become something and show to all. Every ones area was different. I tried to get jnana. It was the start of the universe so we could enter into any thing and grow, there was no competition. Whatever I read , I contemplated on it. In this way I was engaged in intellectual progress. I am regarded as the highest in the area of intellect and jnana. But this work is such that even today I am learning something new. Does it also have any limits! Till the time I had less knowledge I thought I know a lot. As I progressed in this area I came to know that there is still a lot to learn for me. First time when I yawned feeling tired I was shocked to know that my weight is than 317 times more than the earth. Gravitation is also more. That is why mother from childhood gave me the instruction to roam around. Now daily roaming around has become my nature. I go 37 mile per second speed. My temperature never goes higher than 200 feranhite. Mother was on the side of not getting angry from the childhood. Hence I dont like to become hot. We three brothers sudhnva, vyasya and I wanted to attain unity with brahma. That is why we always wanted to show to others by doing something. Probability this was the reason we were close to each other. In the mean time I somehow got attracted to my bhabhi utthyas wife. For that momentary weakness I repent till now. To accept your sin is necessary. The son that came from her was called bharadwaj. I got him the education and gave him to king bharat where he was working as guru. I got married twice. One of my wife is called chandramasi. She gave birth to six agnis and a girl called sulekha. The second wife is called tara. She was irritated of my ugliness. She should have thought before marriage. Slowly slowly she got attracted to moon. She left with him. She gave birth to the moons son buddh. To get angry is not my nature so I tolerated everything quietly. Before I say something to others I should analyze myself. I had done the same kind of ugly deed- So I accepted tara again. To be true for buddh I have adoration only. I do not have anything against him. I remember bharadwaj on seeing him.

When I remember some of the things of life I feel very happy. I feel as if I have done something. Once all the cows of gods disappeared. After searching a lot I came to know that it was the work of shamber devil. So I killed him and liberated the cows. Everything of jnana is strong. Do you know that I made bal devil run by my mantra power. Once ravana got after my daughter sulekha. His conduct was very bad. That is why I cursed ravan to get killed by ram. Once when shukra was marrying the daughter of indra jayanti and was in solitude for ten years, then I became in his place as shukracharya. For ten years I gave the lesson of having good relations with devils to gods. Had shukra not come for ten more years then it would have worked. I had to disappear on his coming. I sat on my vehicle which was running by air elephant. He made me reach the meeting of gods. I had made the devils to a lot extent peaceful but I regret that I could not do what I wanted to. I failed to stop the fight between the gods and devils. I had churned the cow like earth in the kingdom of king pruthu. There is still a part of life which makes me anxious. There was a time when hanuman came to make me guru. To see his monkey form I dont know why I did not accept him as my disciple. He became the disciple of sun. Alas! Only if I had accepted him as my disciple then today I would have been proud that my decuples temples are in every corner of the country. To get such a disciple is a good fortune. My heart is lightened after telling you about my happiness and sorrows. Because of gaining knowledge I shine as a planet. Intellectuals consider me the source of their tradition. Astrologers consider my color yellow and that is why my nag is called as pukhraj. Out of the five fingers of the hand the middle finger is my finger because from that finger the human being gives the instructions of jnana. Today I am not sad because of my ugliness and neither I am proud of my knowledge because I know that even now something is lacking- all the knowledge no one can gather. Roaming around in the sky, thinking about my good and bad actions I often realize that based only on intellect no one can get peace. He should make a balance between intellect and heart. I have reached the fact- that is why the astrologers believe that one who has Jupiter in the center of his birth chart no other planet can do any harm to him.

People say that the memories of childhood are pleasant. I feel suffocated when I remember my childhood days. I never got the opportunity to play in the lap of mother. Everyones uncle Chandra was my father. He took lot of care of me and pampered me a lot. The Jupiter amongst the stas of the space was sometimes called my father then I would get curious to know this mystery from my father moon. My father would take a long breath and make me quiet. The

circumstances forced me to keep me to my boundaries. Cant say whether that was my reservedness or was the habit of keeping myself upto me ! I would run away from the eyes of people. Sometimes I would travel before the sunrise and sometimes after the sunset towards west. The unanis gave me respect by calling me the messanger of god but I knew : how I would cut myself off from the galaxy of stars and would wander around sun. Even today I roam around. With me only my sole vehicle kehari remains. People attracted by his emotion and my pomp and show can not reach the real me. Sometimes on the way I get the darshan of shukra also. Once I came to know from the friends of father how the relation between my mother and father thichkened. Then to avoid the fight between gods and devils father returned my mother to her husband brihaspati. When my mother gave birth to me then there was a fight between my father and brihaspati. Both of them would consider me as their son. Mother did not like to lie. Shachi kept the statement of mother in front of all that I was the son of moon. All the god were astonished. In their anger they told to burn mother the son of moon will go to moon only. Rathvithi and vibhavasu were of the opinion that I should be given to moon only. Hence that was done. Mother told the truth so father named me buddh. There is no life without the mother. The tuants of the society of stars I could understand. Sun would keep silent so I would roam around him. My half body would burn with the rays of sun and I would feel the heat. The remaining half part was always in darkness. May be the same thing happens with everyone but they digest it and dont show it. I am the same from inside and outside. My minds half part burning with the rage goes near sun and half part remains in the contemplation in the darkness. That is the reason that people see me as bany moon. Drowned in the thoughts I am never seen as round shape. Childhood was the first steps of the loosing of the direction of life. Father is the knower of vanaspati and ayurved so remains busy. To see him busy I would often roam around here and there- would contemplate alone in the forests. Mangal dada would roam around solving the puzzle of his mother and I would think about my father and brihaspati, hence we would be seen as roaming around here and there. Sometimes I would sit in forest and think for hours- in this way my intellect got sharp also- the desire to thinks would awaken more. This way one day that incident took place- may be it was the most beautiful day of my life. The youth is already an emotional age-then the solitude of forest and a beauty like Ila. She smiled looking at me- I was excited- I was attracted towards that beauty. I would regularly visit that forest. We were both attracted towards each other- in the end we married. How intoxiucating were those days. Neither day nor night was remembered- we would boith work together always, roam around and have fun. In the due time pururva was born. He was growing slowly. To gather this happiness of life was difficult for me. How should I say how happy I was.But I was feeling that for some days ila was anxious. When I would ask her she would say It is your imagination. I also thought that there is lot of work for her due to small child. That is why she is tired. Days passed and then that sad evening came which made my life sad again. That eveing ila talked with me very peacefully. She said : may be you will

be angery knowing this- but telling is necessary. Dont take me wrong. I love you a lot. Promise me you will not take me wrong. She was looking at me quietly. Why will I take you wrong, you tell me. I want to tell you one thing of the time before marriage. I dont know how you will take it. Tell me what is the matter, say somethingEven if you have made a mistake I dont have to do any thing with it. Your life before the marriage was separate from me. Why are you worried from the incidents then ? The matter is such only. Actually vaivast manu organized yagna with the wish of having a son. But as the result of the yagna manu got a daughter from the grace of mitravarun. Manu wanted to go to his kingdom with the daughter of his- but he was disappointed that he could not get a son. That girl said- Let me take permission from mitravarun before leaving. Afterall my birth is due to him only. After hearing the girl mitravarun became so happy that he gave her the blessing that she will be the son of manu and will be the daughter of the whole family. That mau son enjoyed all the pleasures in the kingdom of father. He got married. To hunt was in the daily routine of the prince. His would enjoy his hunting and remin in forest. He would not feel like coming back home. Once he entered the cave of yaksha. He found that place great. The yaksha and yakshani would ask him to vacate the cave but he would not do so. Then did they not beat him up?Pururva asked sitting with hands on the cheek. I will tell you son. Patting her ila said He would look for some excuse and remain there only. One day the yaksha and yakshi told of the beautiful forest. Price also wanted to see it. Yaksha and yakshi were busy that day so the price went alone and became a lady. That place was called the Ubhavan. That was the wandering place of shiva and parvati. So lord shiva had said : Anyone coming to this forest will become a lady. Because lord shiva did not allow shadow of any other male in it. Poor price was wandering. It was a matter of shame- neither he could go back home not to the cave. Some how he changed his make up and started living in some places. In due time he compromised with the circumstances and married a young man. She was living happily. But after all it is the mind. Sometimes gets anxious to see her father and see her kingdom. In such a state what should she do ? Mother, she can go with her family to the king. You are young son you will not understand. Ila said with a faded smile. Parents are dear to all. She can go and meet them. The trouble is not this much only. She also has the desire to get back her maleness. Can she do this?

Are you the one ? I asked her and was expecting her to say no. Her ears were red. Her eyes were full with tears , looking down quietly she said everything. Ila, you. What was your name earlier? il I was astonished. For sometime I was thinking what should I do ? Then I felt that may be I have more to go through. Then only I will be able to get back the gold like form. My intellect was getting stronger than the heart. Poor ila had no fault. It is better that she should get peace. I patted her nervous hands and saidIlka, you do penance to please lord shiva. This is the only way. If shiva is pleased you will get your male form and your kingdom. but. But what ? You will not loose anything. Purava will remain with me. Whenever you want you can meet him. I said so. Her eyes were sparkling. My heart was down. She did penance at the banks of gomati river on my advice and pleased lord shiva. Shiva made her a male. Afetr returning her acquired songs, dance, beauty from the form of lady to gita, nritya and sobhagya rivers and il returned to his kingdom. In those moments of farewell he was sad. But he had enthusiasm. I was also bidding farewell to purarva by patting on his head. That was the end of the spring of my life. Purarva was crying. I took him in my arms and said I am there I am your mother and father also ! The children have to stand on their feet son ! be alert- move ahead. No one can live in emotions. Learn to fight with the army of emotions. So that evening passed. People worship me with white flowers to please me. They donate and take food only once in a day. They wear ring of panna in their small finger. The astrologers tell a lot about me and consider me the planet of intellect. People consider me impotent, lower and the knower of arthar ved, the transformer of hasti shastra and the knower of arthashastra. My best friends are ravi and shukra. I dont know why I am irritated with father moon. That is how I am fighting with the emotions and remaing around sun. il never remembered me or purarva. This way till today getting together my mental stress and developing intellect I roam around the planets circle.