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Direct speech to Indirect speech 1- Dont call me at 8 am! Im sleeping! she told him. _____________________________

2- Could you give me his number? She asked _____________________________ 3- Well go with you to the doctor He promised. _____________________________ 4- Stop shouting at me! she warned. _____________________________ 5- I was cooking dinner and I realized I had forgotten to buy eggs! David said _____________________________ 6- Is there a post office around here? the tourist asked. _____________________________ 7- Bring me a glass of water, please. She asked him. _____________________________ 8- Will you come to Italy with us? Mark asked. _____________________________ 9- Ive been trying to contact him all morning. She explained. _____________________________ 10Ok. Ill do it. He agreed.

_____________________________ 11What did Carl say about the family meeting? She asked.



Tell me the truth for once in your life! He asked her.

_____________________________ 13I must follow the schedule if I want to finish by Monday. Pat explained _____________________________ 14Id like you to help me with the wedding Her sister said.

_____________________________ 15Did Sue and Josh stay all weekend? Kevin asked.


1- She told him not to call her at 8 am because she was sleeping. 2- She asked if I/you could give her his number. 3- He promised hed go with her/me to the doctor. 4- She warned him not to shout at her. 5- David said he was cooking/had been cooking dinner when he realized/had realized he had forgotten to buy eggs. 6- The tourist asked if there was a post office around there. 7- She asked him to bring her a glass of water. 8- Mark asked if we/I would go to Italy with them. 9- She explained (that) shed been trying to contact him all morning. 10He agreed to do it.


She asked what Carl had said about the family meeting. He asked her to tell him the truth for once in her life.

13- Pat explained she had to follow the schedule if she wanted to finish by (that) Monday. 14- Her sister said shed like her/him/me to help her with the wedding. 15Kevin asked if Sue and Josh had stayed all weekend.