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A lightweight, compact, high hit-probability, Fire Control System (FCS) for grenade launcher tubes that provides fast and accurate aiming and firing (LOS/LOF) capabilities. A ballistic computer reconfigurable by means of uploaded firing tables for selected ammunition (HE frag, HEDP , Smoke, etc) provides enhanced hit probability against standing and moving ground targets. Unique solution available on the market Scorpio is a unique solution for the Fire Control of a Grenade Launcher: It is integrated with the weapon and directly measures the quantities that are necessary for a ballistic solution (line of fire attitude, target distance and movement). On this basis and considering the projectile firing tables, it autonomously calculates the ballistic lead angles. Scorpio then guides the soldier to position the weapon line of sight in order to hit the target, taking into account the dynamic conditions. KEY FEATURES Ballistic computer re-configurable by means of uploaded firing tables for selected ammunition Ballistic computation for ground static targets Ballistic computation for ground moving targets by means of cinematic lead angles computation Instinctive aiming by means of the Line of Fire (LOF) implementation in a Colour OLED display Class 3B pocket Laser Range Finder for Line of Sight (LOS) distance measurement Self powered by 3 AA batteries.

SCORPIO - Grenade Launcher Fire Control System

SCORPIO Grenade Launcher mounted on a rifle

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Ballistic Computations Time Reaction Firing Tables Operative Panel Aiming Display Laser Range Finder Wavelength Maximum Range Eye Safety Class 905 nm 600 m (for 40 mm Low velocity Grenade) Class 3B in dynamic mode, IEC 60825 (2001) Static Target < 1 sec. Dynamic Target < 4 sec. Selectable from menu One touch OLED display

30 25 20 altitude (m) 15 10




0 50 150 100 distance (m) 200 250

SCORPIO - Aiming and firing

Orientation Accuracy Resolution in Azimuth Resolution in Elevation Tilt Range Azimuth Range Interfaces Serial Data Power RS232 for uploading new firing tables Standard AA Battery or DC backup power wired through connector Piccatinny Mil-1913 1 0.5 85 360

Mounting Physical Characteristics Length Width Height Weight

160 cm 5 cm (average) 9 cm (average) <500 gr (including batteries)

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