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Immigration in the United State Lesson Plan

Name: Alec Heist and Jackie Koch Class/Subject: 7th Grade Social Studies Date: 03-27-2012 Student Objectives/Student Outcomes: 1. Students will recognize the characteristics of old and new immigrants during the 19th and early 20th centuries. 2. Students will understand the impact that immigrants played in the United States during this time period. 3. Students will analyze push/pull factors regarding immigration and emigration of Europe and the United States. Content Standards: NCSS History Standards: Standard 2AThe student understands the sources and experiences of the new immigrants. Distinguish between the Old and New immigration in terms of its volume and the immigrants ethnicity, religion, language, place of origin, and motives for emigrating from their home lands. Assess the challenges, opportunities, and contributions of different immigrant groups. Standard 2CThe student understands how antebellum immigration changed American society. Analyze the push/pull factors which led to increased immigration especially from Ireland and Germany. Assess the connection between industrialization and immigration. Materials/Resources/Technology: PowerPoint Google Earth Worksheet handout Teachers Goals: -To introduce the importance of American immigration in the 19th and early 20th centuries -To connect personal histories to national immigrant origins -To help foster student understanding of the push/pull factors in relation to immigration and emigration

0-5 minutes 5-10 minutes

Start of Class: Students will get settled into their seats. One student will do the current events for the day and we will come prepared to have some as well. Quick Write/Lesson Introduction: Instructors will inform the students to take out their writing materials and spend five minutes writing on the quick write prompt on the board in regards to immigration and personal history. Instructors will then collect these quick writes and introduce todays lesson. Please take out paper and a pencil and spend the next few minutes writing about the following: (We will be collecting this) Where did your family and ancestors come from? Please include any traditions your family might have. Is your ancestry important to you and your identity? Why or why not? If you do not know where your family came from, take a guess at what region of the world they came from and talk about why you might not know.

10-40 minutes

Lesson Presentation/Discussion: Instructors will then begin the PowerPoint presentation on immigration in the United States. This lecture will be an open lecture, allowing for student involvement and discussion throughout the slides. Students should be taking notes on the slides and preparing for the mini assessment at the end of class. Topics being discussed in the PowerPoint: Old immigration, New immigration, Push/Pull factors of immigration and emigration from Europe to the United States. Lesson Discussion/Assessment: After the PowerPoint slides are completed we will hand out the Push/Pull factors T-Chart sheet. Students will be instructed to fill out the sheet as a class. The instructors will present the topics on the board and the students will have to discuss and classify them as Push/Pull factors. Those who participate will be rewarded with candy/gum. The Push/Pull factors sheet will serve as the assessment for this lesson. Conclusion: The instructors will summarize the main ideas in the lesson and if there is still time left, the instructors will go over what the students wrote in their quick write as a class, relating certain personal histories back to the historical information in the lesson.

40-45 minutes

45-50 minutes

Self-Assessment: We will reflect on our teaching by asking ourselves the following questions: 1. How do I know the students achieved the objectives? 2. What alternative strategies do I have at hand for diverse learners, special needs students, including the gifted and second language learners? 3. What conditions contributed to the success or failure of this lesson?