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Example sentence : 1. They play football every evening. 2. A frog lives in the water.

bear play bears plays


I , You , We , They begin bring cry copy cut draw dream eat jump keep pay sing run steal sleep tell think write

He , She , It begins brings cries copies cuts draws dreams eats jumps keeps pays sings runs steals sleeps tells thinks writes

PRESENT continuous TENSE

I He She It They We you am is Verb+ing (running,singing, writing)


Example sentence :
1. I am drawing a picture now. 2. She is sleeping now. 3. They are watching television now.

PRESENT continuous TENSE

Present Tense walk run cry jump write buy eat sleep drive jog make put bake laugh bite wash paint leave Regular verbs Present Continuous Tense Walking Running Crying Jumping Writing Buying Eating Sleeping Driving Jogging Making Putting Baking Laughing Bitting Washing Painting Leaving


arrive change kick help play live paint iron watch jump dance cook laugh shout water Example sentence :

arrived changed kicked helped played lived painted ironed watched jumped danced cooked laughed shouted watered

1. Ali played football yesterday. 2. I washed the bicycle last week.


irRegular verbs drink go drank went

swim eat run build buy teach catch cry write drive take say draw Example sentence :

swam ate ran built bought taught caught cried wrote drove took said drew

1. I went to Penang last week. 2. He wrote a letter to newspaper just now.

How to use have / has

Pronouns Present Past

form I You We They He She It have


had has

Example sentence : 1. I have a dress. 2. She has two pairs of shoes. 3. You had a shower just now.

How to use do / does

Pronouns Present Past

form I You We They He She It do


did does

Example sentence : 1. I do my homework everyday. 2. He does not like apples. 3. We did the bookmark.

Articlest (a, an, the)

A. A is used for singular nouns that begin with a consonant sound.

Example : a cat a table B. An is used for singular nouns that begin with a vowel sound ( a,e,i,o,u ). Example : an apple an eel an ice-cream an owl an umbrella

C. The is used (i) when there is only one such thing Example :

the Earth the Sun the Moon (ii) to talk about something that has been mentioned before. Example : I have a dress. The dress coast RM50.00

D. Omission of articles. We dont use an article.

(i) (ii)

before the name of town, state and most countries. before names of games, meals and some diseases.

Example : I live in Malaysia. We play kites. She has measles. He is having breakfast.