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Nathan Thomas
September 7, 2012 in conversational hypnosis, learn hypnosis, street hypnosis

27 Ways to Hypnotize Others

Here are 27 simple ways to hypnotize others and communicate hypnotically. Think about how you can use these in a range of situations, there are no limits to this! 1: Interrupt a pattern 2: Use the word imagine 3: Describe in multiple sense hear, feel, see, touch, smell 4: Ask higher level questions what does that mean whats important to you about 5: Go there first! 6: Tell a story 7: Speak with authority and confidence 8: Speak to someone in their language 9: Be there to help, not exploit 10: Seek first to understand, then to be understood (the late Stephen Covey) 11: Relax, and project your voice from the belly, not the throat or nose 12: Pause and be comfortable with managing silence 13: Be in the moment and trust your subconscious mind 14: Describe a peaceful and relaxing situation 15: Trigger trance anchors; thoughts, images or memories associated with relaxation or fascination 16: Fascinate the mind and captivate the imagination 17: Utilize ambiguity in the words you use to send subtle messages 18: Vary your tonality as you speak to emphasize messages and speak more dynamically 19: Be aware of the natural rhythms in which you speak and vary this situationally 20: Always be conscious of your hypnotic intent what do you want to achieve? 21: Constantly learn from your interactions and attempts, there is no failure so long as you try! 22: Paint a vivid mental picture and emphasize the imagery you create 23: Be aware of peoples primary modality (what sense they use primarily to interpret the world) but dont exaggerate the importance of this 24: Utilize the awesome power of metaphor 25: Speak to the subconscious mind, be aware that theres more going on than we are consciously aware of

26: Actually listen, be aware of what people mean, not just what they say 27: Use simple, clear language that is easy to understand when giving suggestions. Ok Im on a roll so Ill give you a few more good ones: 28: Think in terms of emotional states, what do you want people to be feeling as you speak to them? 29: Revivify use questions to connect to past experiences when people felt certain emotions 30: Beliefs are powerful but they are not set in stone, question them gently and they may fall apart, challenge them directly and theyll merely strengthen 31: Use presuppositional language- speak in a way which presumes that what you want to accomplish has already happened 32: People care more about themselves than they do about you, say you, not I What other ways to hypnotize and communicate hypnotically can you think of? Share your ideas in the comments section. Cheers! Nathan Thomas Be Sociable, Share!