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Phrase Review- Label each word or phrase in italics using the abbreviations below.

Pr- prepositional I- infinitive P- participial G- Gerund A- appositive 1. Teddy, a professional, was not eligible for the prize. 2. Serving his country bravely, my brother returned home a hero. 3. My friend Kay had several assignments to complete. 4. Running is not necessary, since we have plenty of time. 5. Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, is a popular place to visit. 6. To learn calculus is challenging for me. 7. Dialing is not necessary now that we have a touch-tone telephone. 8. For relaxation, my dad turned to walking. 9. Eating the leftover food, the pilot survived for weeks. 10. Writing several popular books, the author became a celebrity. Double Negative- Circle each phrase containing a double negative. Write C for correct. 1. Football camp is really nothing like summer camp. 2. There arent no activities that are unrelated to the sport of football. 3. You dont have no reason to be there unless you truly want to play. 4. Football camp doesnt leave no opportunity to sleep late. 5. Nobody ever went to football camp to rest! Misplaced/Dangling Modifiers- Circle any misplaced or dangling modifier. Write C for correct. 1. Sleeping soundly, the alarm clock startled me with its harsh ringing. 2. Walking along the beach, a shell cut Harrys foot. 3. Catching sight of our friends, we waved frantically. 4. While mowing the yard, the mail carriers horn announced his presence. 5. Driving along the freeway, the deer ran into the woods. Subject-Verb Agreement and Pronoun-Antecedent- Cross out any incorrect words and write the changes above them. 1. If the teacher call your name, please respond to them. 2. Golden retrievers makes wonderful family pets. It is easy to train, too. 3. No one can register for classes without their advisers signatures.

4. Cassie and Jess often visits Hawaii, where she can enjoy his favorite sport, surfing. 5. Each of the boys folded their sleeping bag. 6. Neither Bob nor Jim make a lot of money. 7. Either Joey or his friends runs every day. Sentence Types- Draw one line under each main clause. Draw two lines under each subordinate clause. ID each sentence by writing simple, compound, complex, or coupound-complex 1. During their sailing adventure last week, the crew survived a sudden storm. 2. The Olympic team felt empowered by the cheers of their fellow countrymen. 3. The artist created miniature figurines, and his friend sold them in his shop. 4. When he fell behind on the trail, Stephen wondered if he would lose sight of his group, but soon caught up with them again. 5. Solada, while mixing up the cookies, began to wonder what she had done wrong because the dough looked strange. 6. At the hospital, the staff disposed of certain materials in a special manner to meet the federal requirements. 7. The director of the play gave the actors advice. 8. Titled How to Survive the Final, the exam review was very long, leaving one page for questions.