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Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader Smart -R400 User friendly Manual

1. Smart-R400 SPEC
- Protocol -Frequency -Max. Tx Power -Power Control -Hopping Channels -Channel Spacing -Channel Dwell time - Modulation Method - Interface EPC Gen2(ISO 18000-6C) 860MHz to 960MHz (Customizable) 27dBm1dBm(0.5W) 5dBm to 27dBm(1dB step) 6 (Korea), 50(USA), 4(EUROPE) 600KHz (Korea, EUROPE), 500KHz(USA) < 0.4 seconds PR-ASK 5pin USB (chargeable thru USB) Bluetooth (SPP Baud rate: 115200bps ) -Battery 850mAh Li-ion Battery (3.7V)

- Dimension
- Storage Temperature - Operating Temperature - Certification

90mm x 45mm x 15mm

20C to 70C -10C to 50C KCC, FCC, CE- on going

2. Component of Smart-R400

RFID Reader

Micro USB 5Pin to USB Cable

Device Manual

3. Appearance of Smart R-400

Necklace hole

Top side

Tag Read Indicator Power button Battery Status LED, Low-battery LED Power LED Bluetooth LED Left side Brand logo Customizable Left side Reset button Bottom/Micro USB Battery Position Right side RFID Ant Position

3. Description
Power ON/OFF
Press more than 2 second, power ON/OFF

Charge Description and Alarmed lack of Bettary LED

Red light on during battery charging, Green light on after Full Charged,

Lack of battery when the blinking Red lights.

Power ON Display and RFID reading Display process LED

When power ON, Green light ON. The Green LED blinking, When activate the RFID Tag Reading.

Bluetooth Connection Display LED

The Blue LED ON, When connect Smart Phone and Bluetooth.

Status display LED of RFID reading

The Green LED blinking, When activate the RFID Tag Reading.

Reset Button

Battery Charge Connector

Micro USB 5PIN connector

4. System Composition Diagram

Bluetooth Mode

4. System Composition Diagram

USB Mode

5. How to use on PC (PC Mode)

Demo Application File Name. - Reader@Express V3.6.3 for Operating System - Window 7 32bit

Windows 7 (32bit)

1. Smart R-400 Device ON

2. Control Panel > Device and Printer > Additional device > Choose the Blue Angel or SmarTerminal Device

Windows 7 (32bit)

3. Pin Number is 0000

4. Check the connection with Bluetooth

Windows 7 (32bit)

5. Check the Port Number (Will need it)

Windows 7 (32bit)

6. Run the Reader@Express V3.6.3 for Windows

Windows 7 (32bit)


6. Choose the Port Number (The Top of the Left side), Confirm the RFID activation. Check the USB Box. And reset R400 device and program.

7. Set up USB Mode (in COM port box) Play reader program

Windows 7 (32bit)

Set POWER level less than 27 from Combo box and use. Please do not assign USB COMport number over comport # 10, the application many not recognize the device if comport number is over 10. (11,12,13,ete..) Theres some USB compatibility issue with Windows XP at the moment, we are working on it now. (Will be revised)

5. How to use on Android (BT Mode)

Demo Application File Name. - 9.4.4 Android(Bluetooth) Host Library SDK for
Operating System - Android

This Application is not on the Android Market because its SDK sample program for developer.

User can install it from PC by following instruction.

1. Smart R-400 Device ON

2. Prepare your Android Smart phone and its USB data cable. Down load USB driver from your Smart phone manufacturer web page and install it on your PC.


3. Connect your Smart Phone to PC thru data cable

4. Makes APK Folder in the Android phone folder, added ReaderApiBlueDemo.apk.


5. File manager > APK Folder

6. Down load apk file.


7. Search and select Bluetooth



8. Pin cord 0000

9. Inventory Click

10. RF Tag Reading > STOP