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To read MCPA temp Cabx (to check RBS status) lhsh 010200/port_0_dev_13 mcpaBoard temp lhsh 010200/port_0_dev_13 help lhsh 010200/port_0_dev_13 restart (if need to restart)

TELNET commands should MOSHELL hang due to GPB telnet IP add cv cu cv ls cv mk cv set restartObj me

To check pm counters for E1 In RXI pr atmport=ms-x-y get <proxy> lpget Subrack=MS,Slot=x,PlugInUnit=1,Etm1=1,E1PhysPathTerm=ppy To check E1-MS port in RXI (add E1 for RBS) In RNC st <sitename>

get <proxy> iub - look for RBS ID

In RXI pr .<rbs ID> eg. pr .0095 lk <proxy> st atmport=ms-x-y bl lget ms-2-2 (then check iub number with STR printout see tally or not) reservedBy Aal2PathVccTp=b0001a2 <----- iub # = 0001 to deblock E1 port in RXI lst slot=12.*31 lst Slot=16.*Vc12Ttp=14 ldeb Slot=16.*Vc12Ttp=14 - (Example MS-16-14)

In RBS (when port is ready but E1 not pull through yet so that no alarm) pr atmport get <proxy> ie. get 1345 lget Subrack=1,Slot=2,PlugInUnit=1,Etm1=1,E1PhysPathTerm=pp2

set <proxy> administrativeState 0 (to lock the 2nd physical port) set 194 administrativeState 0 (to lock the 2nd physical port)

To remove RBS, Utrancell & IubLink in RNC

Site RNCKLCC01IDR1BU already exists remove it from OSSRC site folder Also delete in subnetwork folder
lst <utrancell> lst singmu ldel <utrancell> lst .b<iub-no> ldel .<iub-no> eg. lst raza

eg. lst .b0095 (WARNING : Check other proxys) (WARNING : Exclude other proxys)

ldel tat1bu 22517 RncFunction=1,IubLink=Iub_TAT1BU,NodeSynchTp=1 22518 RncFunction=1,IubLink=Iub_TAT1BU,NodeSynchTp=2 22519 RncFunction=1,IubLink=Iub_TAT1BU,NbapCommon=1 22520 RncFunction=1,IubLink=Iub_TAT1BU,NbapDedicated=1 Second round delete 22516 RncFunction=1,IubLink=Iub_TAT1BU,NodeSynch=1 Third round delete 22515 RncFunction=1,IubLink=Iub_TAT1BU Complete 1st part (then comes the ldel .b322 ldel .vc322)

>>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted

RNCTGEM01> lst .b14 Around 12 MOs for IUB (1E1) 060105-12:32:30 ====================================================================== ============= Proxy Adm State Op. State MO ====================================================================== ============= 3517 1 (ENABLED) TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b14ib 3518 1 (ENABLED) TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b14ia 3586 0 (DISABLED) TransportNetwork=1,Aal5TpVccTp=b14db 3587 0 (DISABLED) TransportNetwork=1,Aal5TpVccTp=b14da 3590 0 (DISABLED) TransportNetwork=1,Aal5TpVccTp=b14cb 3591 0 (DISABLED) TransportNetwork=1,Aal5TpVccTp=b14ca 3751 0 (DISABLED) TransportNetwork=1,Aal0TpVccTp=b14sb1 3761 0 (DISABLED) TransportNetwork=1,Aal0TpVccTp=b14sa1 4314 0 (DISABLED) TransportNetwork=1,UniSaalTp=b14db 4316 0 (DISABLED) TransportNetwork=1,UniSaalTp=b14da 4319 0 (DISABLED) TransportNetwork=1,UniSaalTp=b14cb 4320 0 (DISABLED) TransportNetwork=1,UniSaalTp=b14ca ====================================================================== ============= Total: 12 MOs

Check UniSaal is it is reserved if Reserved (also means that you have not deleted the MOs from EMAS yet): operationalState 1 (ENABLED) reservedBy IubLink=Iub_TAT1BU,NbapDedicated=1 uniSaalProfileId UniSaalProfile=win100 lget unisaal.*b297 if not reserved (also if you have already deleted in EMAS): operationalState 1 (ENABLED) reservedBy uniSaalProfileId UniSaalProfile=win30 if Reserved: operationalState reservedBy uniSaalProfileId 1 (ENABLED) IubLink=Iub_MAJAMU,NbapDedicated=1 UniSaalProfile=win100 eg. lst .vc95 (WARNING : Check other proxys) (WARNING : Exclude other proxys)

lst .vc<iub-no> ldel .vc<iub-no> RNCTGEM01> lst .vc14 Around 10 MOs for IUB (1E1)

060105-12:30:49 ====================================================================== ============= Proxy Adm State Op. State MO

====================================================================== ============= 2972 1 (ENABLED) TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-26-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc1437 2973 1 (ENABLED) TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-26-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc1436 2974 1 (ENABLED) TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-26-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc1435 2975 1 (ENABLED) TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-26-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc1434 2976 1 (ENABLED) TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-26-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc1432 3978 1 (ENABLED) TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-7-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc1432 4187 1 (ENABLED) TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-6-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc1432 4484 1 (ENABLED) TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-27-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc1444 4485 1 (ENABLED) TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-27-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc1443 4487 1 (ENABLED) TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-27-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc1433 ====================================================================== ============= Total: 10 MOs

From RNCs delete external utran relations lpr utranrelation=<sitename> ldel utranrelation=<sitename> when confirmed (undo mode ON) ldel .b297 it will be deleted in 2 stages 8404 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b297ia

>>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted

8405 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b297ib 8406 TransportNetwork=1,Aal0TpVccTp=b297sa1 8407 TransportNetwork=1,Aal0TpVccTp=b297sb1 Followed by ldel .b297

8408 8410 8412 8414

TransportNetwork=1,Aal5TpVccTp=b297ca TransportNetwork=1,Aal5TpVccTp=b297cb TransportNetwork=1,Aal5TpVccTp=b297da TransportNetwork=1,Aal5TpVccTp=b297db

>>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted

Then DELETE the VC part ldel .vc297 4307 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-7-1,VplTp=vp101,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc29732

>>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted

4485 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-6-1,VplTp=vp101,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc29732 6375 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-27-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc29733 6376 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-27-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc29735 6377 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-27-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc29743 6378 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-27-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc29744 6855 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-26-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc29732 6856 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-26-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc29734 6857 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-26-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc29736 6858 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-26-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc29737 FINISH RNC part

To remove rbs in RXI pr .b<iub-no> RXIKLCC02> pr .b322 060608-14:35:25 6.1zc MOM-CELLO_4.3.2-3_5_1 ====================================================================== ============= Proxy MO ====================================================================== ============= 1724 TransportNetwork=1,Aal2PathVccTp=b322a1 3268 TransportNetwork=1,Aal2Sp=1,Aal2Ap=b322

3862 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b322ib 3863 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b322ia 3879 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b322db 3880 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b322da 3883 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b322cb 3884 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b322ca 4372 TransportNetwork=1,Aal5TpVccTp=b322qb 4373 TransportNetwork=1,Aal5TpVccTp=b322qa 4513 TransportNetwork=1,UniSaalTp=b322qb 4514 TransportNetwork=1,UniSaalTp=b322qa 4937 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b322sb1 4940 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b322sa1 ====================================================================== ============= Total: 14 MOs lk <proxy> pr aal2routingcase 6012200500<rncid><iub-no> lget TransportNetwork=1,Aal2RoutingCase=601220050010297

RXIKLCC02> lget TransportNetwork=1,Aal2RoutingCase=601220050010297 060608-15:50:01 6.1zc MOM-CELLO_4.3.2-3_5_1 ============================================================================== 3195 TransportNetwork=1,Aal2RoutingCase=601220050010297 del <proxy> >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted

then you can delete 4513 TransportNetwork=1,UniSaalTp=b322qb 4514 TransportNetwork=1,UniSaalTp=b322qa And then 4372 TransportNetwork=1,Aal5TpVccTp=b322qb 4373 TransportNetwork=1,Aal5TpVccTp=b322qa Then DELETE the VC ldel .vc322

Deleting ... ============================================================================== ===== 2172 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-26-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc32237 >>> Mo deleted 2173 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-26-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc32236 >>> Mo deleted 2174 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-26-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc32234 >>> Mo deleted 2175 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-26-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc32232 >>> Mo deleted 5240 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-27-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc32244 >>> Mo deleted 5241 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-27-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc32243 >>> Mo deleted 5244 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-27-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc32235 >>> Mo deleted 5245 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-27-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc32233 >>> Mo deleted ============================================================================== ===== Total: 8 MOs attempted, 8 MOs deleted Then DELETE the .b ldel .b297 10 of 15 will succeed Deleting ... ============================================================================== =====

2302 2307 2463 2464 2476 2477 2483 2484 Total:

TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b297sb1 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b297sa1 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b297ib TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b297ia TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b297db TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b297da TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b297cb TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b297ca 15 MOs attempted, 10 MOs deleted

>>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted >>> Mo deleted

Run again 3278 TransportNetwork=1,Aal2Sp=1,Aal2Ap=b297 >>> Mo deleted 3457 TransportNetwork=1,UniSaalTp=b297qb >>> Mo deleted 3459 TransportNetwork=1,UniSaalTp=b297qa >>> Mo deleted ============================================================================== ===== Total: 5 MOs attempted, 3 MOs deleted Run again Deleting ... ============================================================================== ===== 3094 TransportNetwork=1,Aal5TpVccTp=b297qb >>> Mo deleted 3095 TransportNetwork=1,Aal5TpVccTp=b297qa >>> Mo deleted ============================================================================== ===== Total: 2 MOs attempted, 2 MOs deleted

ATMPORT part (DELET ONLY THE RED PART) MAKE SURE 4354 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5 RXIKLCC02> lpr MS-16-5

- remains

060608-16:28:59 6.1zc MOM-CELLO_4.3.2-3_5_1 ============================================================================== ===== Proxy MO ============================================================================== ===== 2610 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-59 2625 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-58 2627 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-57 2628 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-56 2629 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-55 2630 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-54 2631 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-53 2632 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-52 2633 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-51 2634 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-50 4354 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5 4355 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1 4356 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1 4357 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc45 4358 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc44 4359 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc43 4360 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc39 4361 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc38 4362 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc37 4363 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc36 4364 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc35 4365 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc34 4366 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc33 4367 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc32

============================================================================== ===== Total: 24 MOs

RXIKLCC02> rdel 4355 060608-16:30:00 6.1zc MOM-CELLO_4.3.2-3_5_1 Recursive Delete following MOs ? ============================================================================== 4355 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1 ============================================================================== Are you Sure [y/n] ? y Last MO: 5514. Loaded 12 MOs. Total: 5455 MOs. 060608-16:30:05 6.1zc MOM-CELLO_4.3.2-3_5_1 Recursive Delete following MOs ? ============================================================================== 5504 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc45 5505 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc44 5506 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc43 5507 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc39 5508 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc38 5509 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc37 5510 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc36 5511 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc35 5512 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc34 5513 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc33 5514 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc32 ============================================================================== Are you Sure [y/n] ? --- system will auto YES Deleting ... ============================================================================== ===== 4355 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-16-5,VplTp=vp1 >>> Mo deleted ============================================================================== ===== Total: 1 MOs attempted, 1 MOs deleted FINISH

Or the old waynot too sure lst .b<iub-no> ldel .b<iub-no> eg. lst .b0095

lpr atmport=ms-18-1 lget atmport=ms-18-1 del <proxydown>-<proxytop-1> del AtmPort=MS-20-1-* lst Slot=18.*Vc12Ttp=1 lpr vc<iub> ldel vc<iub>

WARNING : Dont remove the MS port lbl Slot=18.*Vc12Ttp=*

(to delete the whole 63 ports of the ETMC41) or to block all ports :

eg. lpr vc95 eg. ldel vc95 (WARNING : Exclude other VCs)

To remove rbs in ATMCC lst .b<iub-no> ldel .b<iub-no> lpr vc<iub> ldel vc<iub> eg. lst .b0095 eg. lpr vc95 eg. ldel vc95 (WARNING : Exclude other VCs)

To check pm (performance) counters in RNC/RXI get 1 ls -l /p001200/pm/ | grep xml pst pmr [-m 5 p 3] (to see the performance directory) (to see the performance files) (list the scanners, status) (get performance report) [for the last 5 hours + 3 ]

To create performance counters scanner pst pgetsn <proxy> pcr <name> <mo-name> <counter-name> pget <mo-name> <counter-name> pbl/pdeb <proxy> pdel <proxy>

eg. pcr <rssi> cellcarrier pmAverageRssi to read the counters to stop/resume scanner to delete scanner

To set SAC in Utrancell pr utrancell=ower serviceAreaRef (then) get utrancell=ower serviceAreaRef set utrancell=AMGMMU servicearearef LocationArea=1,servicearea=12 (SAC defined)

To set Electrical Tilt (RET) pr retdevice get <proxy> set <proxy> electricalAntennaTilt <value> get ret electrical

To set Latitude/Longitude get sector lat set sector latitude <value>

To log alarm in a nice format lgevsm

Sample Scripts in moshell for 10 Enter commmands (one per line), then type "done" > get radiolink num > wait 2 > done To enable E1 supervision set

To create Group (eg. Not reserved VclTp) get vcltp reservedby !.*= lma <group-name> vcltp reservedby !.*=

To create performance counters pst

To check cell state In RBS lst cell get radiolinks (to see how many line/s being used)

In RNC lst utrancell st utrancell 1.*0

(cells Unlocked & Disabled)

To check RBS MO In RBS st plug cabx cab (AuxPlugInUnit=2 is the RET, AuxPlugInUnit=1 is the ASC) (without the external parts)

To change PSC ( In RNC st plug cabx cab (AuxPlugInUnit=2 is the RET, AuxPlugInUnit=1 is the ASC) (without the external parts)

To change SAC (Service Area Code) In RNC Pr cell Get proxy Get set utrancell=KCC1BU servicearearef LocationArea=1,servicearea=284

To change maxtxpowerdl for specific cell (usually to clear CONGESTION alarms) In RNC get CUV1BU_1 maxtxpowerdl --> in EMAS, click Utrancell, Properties, Cell (PCIPCH in Common Channel) set CUV1BU_1 maxtxpowerdl 402 maxtxpowerdl value stated as x10dBm (actual = 0.1x) maxtxpowerdl value usually 0.4 dBm lesser than maxDlPowerCapability (from RBS) thus if maxDlPowerCapability 422, maxtxpowerdl 418 (422 4) in P3 - get SOGXBU_1 maximumtransmissionpower

In RBS determine max capability to transmit SUNWMU> get all xdl get all xdl ---> in EMAS, click RBSLocalCell, Properties, Characteristics, Max & Min value example result printout = maxDlPowerCapability 422

To lock/unlock cells In RNC st utrancell=sunwmu lst sunw lbl sunw (to lock cell & channels) bl sunw (to lock cell only) deb sunw (to unlock)

To check RBS info In RBS Get 0 Get 1 (check ntpServerAddressPrimary)

To check network clock synchronisation In RNC & RBS Read clock (GMT +8) ntpconfig info Check which OMNIFSERVER the node is connected to (i.e ntpServerAddressPrimary) from get 1

To check atmport & pp (physical port) In RBS lpr atmport vc32&33 for signaling lpget 1007 (vc proxy) to see number of ATM traffic cells transferred get atmport=1-2-2 then : lget Subrack=1,Slot=2,PlugInUnit=1,Etm1=1,E1PhysPathTerm=pp2 to un/lock have to set values 1 or 0

To administer state of Mos In RBS St plug Deb proxy Bl proxy No need to use set 1 or set 0 (only for physical ports) otherwise use deb & bl

To autocreateCV In RNC & RBS Get config Cv ls (2 CVs will be used for the autocreate CV function) Set proxy autoCreatedCVIsTurnedOn true/false Set timeForAutoCreatedCV (UTC time) Set timeForAutoCreatedCV 13:00 (cv autocreated at 9pm)

To check SAC corruption In RNC tg | grep -i kcc1bu lh mod1 cell get 1/1/1/1/2/1.44 cellData lookout for , sac int 10 } which states a wrong SAC value for the Utrancell get utrancell=kcc1bu cid (cid = SAC + sector number) get serviceArea=284 to confirm SAC for the cell

To any hanging modules In RNC only stdh

To restart Node In RNC,RXI & RBS acc 0 restart poll (to wait 20seconds until node comes up again)

To create CV In RNC,RXI & RBS cvms CXP9010373%1_R11G_050725_1516 emfauzi change_ntpserver_ip cvms CXP9010373%1_R11G_050725_1516 followed by comments for the CV cvset CXP9010373%1_R11G -- to set the CV startable

To change LAC (Location Area Code) In RNC get servicearea=132 get locationarea get routingarea get externalutrancell LAC --> corresponding LAC changed at neighbour RNC (if defined) set ExternalUtranCell=uefaMU_1 lac 12050 -->to change the externalutrancell LAC parameter for the particular cell at another/neighbour RNC get utrancell=uefa lac --> to view externalutrancell LAC parameter at neighbour RNC get utrancell=cinoMU_3

To restart node In RNC & node B acc 0 restart pol - to get moshell connected once node has restarted

To check plugin status In RNC & node B st plugin st plugin 1 0 st plugin 0 1 lst plug 0

To enter Moshell with security enabled In RNC & node B moshell -c host.p12

To block sectors via Moshell In RNC St blip Bl the proxy Deb the proxy (can have multiple proxies for more cells)

To view delay & attenuation parameters within a sector In RBS Get jumper Get feeder Get rbs xdl

To delete something already done with a script In RNC/RXI/RBS First you have to generate the MO Delete script

This is done by ./undomo > [~]$ ./undomo > [~]$ Where is the script which was run earlier And is the Delete Script Modify so that downtime will be less Run to undo the wrongly defined MO Then run the modified/correct

To check E1 state In RXI St ms-20-2 Check whether port locked or not Pr pp2 or pp7 (ETM1) lst Slot=8.*Vc12Ttp=5$ (ETMC41, MS-8-5) Get proxy and view admin state whether locked or not Then do deblocking Deb proxy St proxy Make sure port is deblocked (can also see in EMAS)

pr the port number

pr pp(port#)


St atmport Check port lock state St pp St pp2 st pp3 st pp4

To check locked board in node In all nodes lst plug 0

To restart / reload board In all nodes Acc 000900 restart Acc 001400 reload

GSG get set get In RNC To activate type gsg To deactivate type gsg again

Use run command (not trun)

run and trun In all nodes trun is only for xml scripts

run for scripts such as

set DAGAMU_1 usedFreqThresh2dEcno -12

trun for running the last script : run is for any script (txt for for example) open logfile l+ 20060113_CR003_RNCTGEM01.log cannot have undo mode while having gsg activated run CR003_13012006.txt close logfile

CAB printout 0 = slot 28, 1 = slot 1 In all nodes RXIKPNG02> cab 060206-11:09:22 ....... =========================================================================== ========================== SMN APN BOARD GREEN YELLOW RED PRODUCT NR REV DATE SERIAL NR TEMP COREMGR =========================================================================== ========================== 0 1 SCB2 ON OFF OFF ROJ 119 2108/3 R3D 20050608 TU86364489 0 2 HUB MP ON OFF OFF ROJ 119 2106/40 R5A 20050626 TU86494707 +32C Active 0 3 GPB40 ON OFF OFF ROJ 119 2106/40 R5A 20050626 TU86494699 +31C StandbyReady 0 4 TUB ON OFF OFF ROJ 119 2104/4 R3B 20050620 TU86442436 0 5 TUB ON OFF OFF ROJ 119 2104/4 R3B 20050620 TU86442439 0 8 ET-MC41 ON OFF OFF ROJ 119 2161/1 R3C 20050718 TU86644146 0 10 ET-MC41 ON OFF OFF ROJ 119 2161/1 R3C 20050718 TU86644042 0 12 ET-MC41 ON OFF OFF ROJ 119 2161/1 R3C 20050718 TU86644052 0 14 ET-MC41 ON OFF OFF ROJ 119 2161/1 R3C 20050718 TU86644056 0 16 ET-MC41 ON OFF OFF ROJ 119 2161/1 R3C 20050718 TU86644037 0 18 ET-MC41 ON OFF OFF ROJ 119 2161/1 R3C 20050718 TU86644067 0 20 ET-MC41 ON OFF OFF ROJ 119 2161/1 R3C 20050708 TU86592867 0 24 ET-M4 ON OFF OFF ROJ 119 2102/1 R3G 20050702 TU86545997 0 25 ET-M4 ON OFF OFF ROJ 119 2102/1 R3G 20050702 TU86545998 0 26 ET-M4 ON OFF OFF ROJ 119 2102/1 R3G 20050702 TU86545996 0 27 ET-M4 ON OFF OFF ROJ 119 2102/1 R3G 20050702 TU86546001 0 0 SCB2 ON OFF OFF ROJ 119 2108/3 R3D 20050608 TU86364157 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 is slot 1 0 is slot 28

When lock/unlock from log In RBS

Lgv Lgaevsm rather long

Read VSWR / OUTPUT Power from RBS In RBS lhsh 010900 ps port* lhsh 010600 lhsh port_0_dev_17 asc vswr lhsh 010900 lhsh port_0_dev_19 asc vswr lhsh 010900 lhsh port_0_dev_19 asc vswr lhsh 010600 lhsh port_0_dev_17 asc pow acc 011200 restart - restart AIU - sector 1 - sector 2

primary ScramblingCode In RNC get iska primaryscram

maxDlPowerCapability /maxDl


get local xdl get SOGXBU_1 maximumtransmissionpower

redefine TD in VC

Resources for CELL does not come up apparently TD is defined as U42 lget AtmPort=MS-24-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc39 lrset AtmPort=MS-24-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc39 atmTrafficDescriptorId AtmTrafficDescriptor=C2P4000 Resources for CELL does not come up apparently TD is defined as U42 lget AtmPort=MS-1-2-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc39 lrset AtmPort=MS-1-2-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc39 atmTrafficDescriptorId AtmTrafficDescriptor=C2P4000 pr. Bq - must be win30 pr aal2 then get proxy for TransportNetwork=1,Aal2PathVccTp=ba1 then lpr AtmPort=1-2-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc39 get the proxy look for AtmTrafficDescriptor=C2P4000

Check E1 loop
In node

lacc AtmPort=MS-27-1,VplTp=vp5 eteloopback

Check 101 or not

In node RNC & ATMCC only Pr vc21432 Pr vc*RBSID*32

LST carrier

KIRAMU> lst carrier 060303-10:58:44 =========================================================================== ======== Proxy Adm State Op. State MO =========================================================================== ======== 1208 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=3,Carrier=1 1210 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=3,Carrier=1,Ssch=1 1211 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=3,Carrier=1,Psch=1 1212 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=3,Carrier=1,Pcpich=1 1213 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=3,Carrier=1,Pccpch=1 1214 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=3,Carrier=1,Pccpch=1,Bch=1 1215 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=3,Carrier=1,Prach=1 1216 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=3,Carrier=1,Prach=1,Rach=1 1217 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=3,Carrier=1,Aich=1 1218 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=3,Carrier=1,Sccpch=2 1219 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=3,Carrier=1,Sccpch=2,Fach=1 1220 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=3,Carrier=1,Sccpch=2,Fach=2 1221 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=3,Carrier=1,Sccpch=1 1222 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=3,Carrier=1,Sccpch=1,Pch=1 1223 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=3,Carrier=1,Pich=1 1225 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=2,Carrier=1 1227 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=2,Carrier=1,Ssch=1 1228 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=2,Carrier=1,Psch=1 1229 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=2,Carrier=1,Pcpich=1 1230 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=2,Carrier=1,Pccpch=1 1231 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=2,Carrier=1,Pccpch=1,Bch=1 1232 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=2,Carrier=1,Prach=1 1233 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=2,Carrier=1,Prach=1,Rach=1 1234 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=2,Carrier=1,Aich=1 1235 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=2,Carrier=1,Sccpch=2 1236 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=2,Carrier=1,Sccpch=2,Fach=1 1237 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=2,Carrier=1,Sccpch=2,Fach=2 1238 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=2,Carrier=1,Sccpch=1 1239 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=2,Carrier=1,Sccpch=1,Pch=1 1240 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=2,Carrier=1,Pich=1 1242 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=1,Carrier=1 1244 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=1,Carrier=1,Ssch=1 1245 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=1,Carrier=1,Psch=1 1246 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=1,Carrier=1,Pcpich=1

1247 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=1,Carrier=1,Pccpch=1 1248 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=1,Carrier=1,Pccpch=1,Bch=1 1249 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=1,Carrier=1,Sccpch=2 1250 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=1,Carrier=1,Sccpch=2,Fach=1 1251 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=1,Carrier=1,Sccpch=2,Fach=2 1252 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=1,Carrier=1,Sccpch=1 1253 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=1,Carrier=1,Sccpch=1,Pch=1 1254 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=1,Carrier=1,Pich=1 1255 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=1,Carrier=1,Prach=1 1256 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=1,Carrier=1,Prach=1,Rach=1 1257 1 (ENABLED) NodeBFunction=1,Sector=1,Carrier=1,Aich=1 =========================================================================== ======== Total: 45 MOs - for fully operational site

OSSRC IP address telnet the IP address before the main RBS IP

To Check E1 from RNC then RXI

In node RNC

In node

pr iub pot3 to get RBSID or get iublink rbsid 255 Pr iub *RBSID* Get the proxy for the Aal0 - look for the name RNCBESI01> get IubLink rbsid .8 RXI pr .124

Utrancell Relations
In node RNC lpr utrancell=evermu_2 utranrelation

In node RBS Pr iub Get the proxy NodeBFunction=1,Iub=POT3UU RBSID seen In node RNC get iublink userlabel setomu

IUB for utrancell definition

In node RNC st utrancell=MC get 10545 iub

ATM port from RNC

In node RNC Must know the RBS ID 1st get aal2pathvcctp=b0016

Check Error count

In node RXI Pget <proxy>

Check VP1 or VP101

In node RNC Get .vc209 ============================================================================== =================================== 5576 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-7-1,VplTp=vp101,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc20932 ============================================================================== =================================== VclTpId vc20932 atmTrafficDescriptorId AtmTrafficDescriptor=U4 availabilityStatus 0 (NO_STATUS) externalVci 20932 operationalState 1 (ENABLED) reservedBy AtmCrossConnection=b209ib userLabel ============================================================================== =================================== 5848 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-6-1,VplTp=vp101,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc20932 ============================================================================== =================================== VclTpId vc20932 atmTrafficDescriptorId AtmTrafficDescriptor=U4 availabilityStatus 0 (NO_STATUS) externalVci 20932 operationalState 1 (ENABLED) reservedBy AtmCrossConnection=b209ia userLabel ============================================================================== =================================== Total: 10 MOs

Check security turn ON in RBS or NOT

In node RBS Lt manage Lt mana (also can)

1077 ManagedElementData=1 1078 SwManagement=1 get *ManagedElementData=1* proxy look for logonServerAddress if, --- then security OFF if https://ckpgominf2:8443/ericsson/servlet/sls,https://ckpgominf3:8443/ericsson/servlet/sls ---- security ON

Check security turn ON in RBS or NOT

In node RNC Lt manage

To change all gsmrelation in the Node

In node RNC

set GsmRelation qOffset1sn 1 mom gsmrelation qoffset

(1 means 1 db)

To change gsmrelation of only some cells

In node RNC

lset UtranCell=CHERMU_1,GsmRelation=RANEM1_2 qOffset1sn 7 To get current reading at RNC lget UtranCell=PRMAMU qOffset1sn lget UtranCell=PRMAMU qOffset2sn

(7 means 7 db)

To check what is in the RNCMODULE

In node RNC Lt rncmodule Get rncmodule Pr rncmodule (then get proxy oso can)

To check how many HSDPA users in a cell (must know CID)

In node RNC dyncelldata cid 02301 RNCKPNG01> dyncelldata cid 02301 060425-10:51:23 Trying password from ipdatabase file: /home/emfauzi/moshell/sitefiles/ipdatabase... $ dyncelldata cid 02301 cId: 2301 Cell froId: 65 CC SP: 011000/sp0.lnh/CommonChMainPT rncModuleId: 4 IubLink froId: 22 Total ASE DL: 944 aseDlAdm: 240 beMarginAseDl: 100 Total ASE UL: 16748 aseUlAdm: 500

aseUlAdmOffset: 40 beMarginAseUl: 0 CPM RL Count: 0 compModeAdm: 15 HSDPA UE Count: 5 <------------------------hsdpaUsersAdm: 20 SF8 RL DL Count: 0 sf8Adm: 1 SF16 RL DL Count: 0 sf16Adm: 16 SF32 RL DL Count: 0 sf32Adm: 32 SF4 RL UL Count: 5 sf4AdmUl: 20 DL Code Allocation Level: 40.23 % dlCodeAdm: 80 % beMarginDlCode: 5 UL Interference: -105.2 dBm Filtered DL Power: 23.44 % pwrAdm: 75 % pwrAdmOffset: 10 % beMarginDlPwr: 10 Congestion State: Uncongested $

5 user currently

To check rountingcase at RNC

In node RNC Pr trxi.. (will show you the various modules connected to which RXI)

To check RBSid at RNC

In node RNC

get IubLink=Iub_MRT1BU (will show rbsID) get iublink=iub_airtmu get iublink rbsid (shows you all the RBSids in the RNC) get iublink rbsid 255 if wanna change at RBS, roll back to sitecomplete CV, edit the sitecomplete script (only 2 places to change) rbsId Integer 269 (@ lline 225) & a2ea String "601220050010269" (@ line 241) router no need change at the RBSid should follow suit thus RBS IP may require change

In node RNC Str CD12 at the last colum stands for Common Dedicated NodesynchTP 1 & 2 usually indicates the E1

Change ARFCN freq at RNC & RBS ARFCN 10637 DL Freq (MHz) 2127.4 UL Freq (MHz) 1937.4
In node RNC

get allmmu_1 arf (uarfcnDl 10662 & uarfcnUl 9712 )

typical values In node RBS

get antenna fq typical values (fqBandHighEdge 10712 & fqBandLowEdge 10612) thus if requested value at RNC is 10637 and if the value is between 10612 & 10712 at RBS, change only at RNC

To look for host.p12 in Node B

In node RBS Ls will show you are in drive D To go to C drive: cd /c Go to java folder Ls and you will ftp 10.78..... Pw rbs rbs Bin (make sure in Binary and not ASCII) Cd /c Cd java Put host.p12 (ensure host.p12 file in moshell folder ya) bye

To continuously ping
Ping s

To check CS and PS links

In node RNC lga | grep Mtp3

To check Why cannot PING RBS

In node RXI

pr atmcross.*23 (23 is the RBS ID) 4029 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b23ia 4030 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b23ib 4031 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b23sa1 4032 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b23sb1 4033 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b23ca 4034 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b23cb 4035 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b23da 4036 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b23db lget 4029 AtmCrossConnectionId b23ia operationalState 1 (ENABLED) userLabel vclTpAId AtmPort=MS-26-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc2332 vclTpBId AtmPort=MS-10-4,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc32 acc AtmPort=MS-10-4,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc32 eteloopback 2855 TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-10-4,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc32 acc 2855 eteloopback Are you Sure [y/n] ? y 2855 AtmPort=MS-10-4,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc32 eteLoopBack >>> Return value = true ----- OK

In node RNC

pr atmcross.*23 (23 is the RBS ID) 4029 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b23ia 4030 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b23ib

In node ATMCC

pr atmcross.*friq

(use RBS name)

To check autoCreatedCVIsTurnedOn is TRUE or FALSE

In node RNC,RXI,ATMCC pr configuration 4029 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b23ia 4030 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b23ib

To check IP connectivity
In node RNC,RXI,ATMCC,RBS lacc AtmPort=1-2-1 eteloopback

CREATE ( parent "ManagedElement=1,TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-27-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1" identity "vc12232" moType VclTp exception none nrOfAttributes 3 userLabel String "VclTp vc12232" externalVci Integer 12232 atmTrafficDescriptorId Ref "ManagedElement=1,TransportNetwork=1,AtmTrafficDescriptor=U4" )

CREATE ( parent "ManagedElement=1,TransportNetwork=1" identity "bCSSQBUib" moType AtmCrossConnection exception none nrOfAttributes 3 userLabel String "AtmCrossConnection bCSSQBUib" vclTpAId Ref "ManagedElement=1,TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-271,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc12232" vclTpBId Ref "ManagedElement=1,TransportNetwork=1,AtmPort=MS-252,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc12233" )


----------------------------------------------RBS Creation Details (UNSUCCESSFUL) ----------------------------------------------[creationAttemptTime= 2006-06-09 12:34:55.962] [SubNetwork=MY_R,SubNetwork=RNCKLCC01,MeContext=RNCKLCC01] Unable to create the RBS details of failure during RBS creation: unable to create VP MOs , details : exception when creating VirtualPath MO on, SubNetwork=MY_R,TnApplication=1details Specified object, @MoDName=SubNetwork=MY_R,TnApplication=1,VirtualPath=RXIKLCC02_MS-165_1__TAT1BU_1-2-1_1 is already defined , details:exception when creating VirtualPath MO on, SubNetwork=MY_R,TnApplication=1details Specified object, @MoDName=SubNetwork=MY_R,TnApplication=1,VirtualPath=RXIKLCC02_MS-165_1__TAT1BU_1-2-1_1 is already defined All changes are rolled back Usually something in the LDAP need to be deleted. Make sure RXI / RNC part is ok Lpr vc297 Lst .b297

File import in OSSRC failed

Check the freq for the CELL 1942.4 and 2132.4 ------------ wrong! Correct values are those multiplied with 5 9712 and 10662 CORRECT

To check HSDPA activity

In node RNC

dyncelldata cid 2301

(look for HSDPA UE Count: 2)

dyncelldata cid 2301 | grep hsdpa

To check queueSelectAlgorithm & cqiAdjustmentOn at RBS

In node RBS

UEFAMU> pr carrier que 060615-14:50:24 6.1zc RBS_NODE_MODEL_H_6_2 ====================================================================== ============= Proxy MO ====================================================================== ============= 1381 NodeBFunction=1,Sector=3,Carrier=1 1399 NodeBFunction=1,Sector=2,Carrier=1 1417 NodeBFunction=1,Sector=1,Carrier=1

set 1417 queueSelectAlgorithm 0 UEFAMU> get 1417 que

060615-14:51:08 6.1zc RBS_NODE_MODEL_H_6_2 ============================================================================== MO Attribute Value ============================================================================== Sector=1,Carrier=1 frequencyPlane 1 Sector=1,Carrier=1 queueSelectAlgorithm 1 (PROPORTIONAL_FAIR) ============================================================================== Total: 1 MOs UEFAMU> set 1417 queueSelectAlgorithm 0 060615-14:51:24 6.1zc RBS_NODE_MODEL_H_6_2 Set queueselectalgorithm on following MOs ? ============================================================================== ===== 1417 NodeBFunction=1,Sector=1,Carrier=1 ============================================================================== ===== Are you Sure [y/n] ? y ============================================================================== Id MO queueselectalgorithm Result ============================================================================== 1417 Sector=1,Carrier=1 0 >>> Set. ============================================================================== Total: 1 MOs attempted, 1 MOs set UEFAMU> get 1417 que 060615-14:51:29 6.1zc RBS_NODE_MODEL_H_6_2 ============================================================================== MO Attribute Value ============================================================================== Sector=1,Carrier=1 frequencyPlane 1 Sector=1,Carrier=1 queueSelectAlgorithm 0 (ROUND_ROBIN) ============================================================================== Total: 1 MOs For cqiAdjustmentOn lset carrier cqiAdjustmentOn true --- only can work lset carrier cqiAdjustmentOn 1 -- cannot

To check through logs

In nodes


To check error log info

In node OSSRC

To check RBS ID in RBS

In node RBS


To check cell reserved

In node RNC RNCSHTI01> get tubo cell

060626-18:15:50 6.1zc RNC_NODE_MODEL_F_4_3 ====================================================================== =========================================== MO Attribute Value ====================================================================== =========================================== UtranCell=TUBOMU_3 UtranCellId TUBOMU_3 UtranCell=TUBOMU_3 cellReserved 1 (NOT_RESERVED) UtranCell=TUBOMU_3 localCellId 3 UtranCell=TUBOMU_3 tCell 3 UtranCell=TUBOMU_3 utranCellPosition i[0] = UtranCell=TUBOMU_3,UtranRelation=TUBOMU_2 utranCellRef UtranCell=TUBOMU_2 UtranCell=TUBOMU_3,UtranRelation=TUBOMU_1 utranCellRef UtranCell=TUBOMU_1 UtranCell=TUBOMU_2 UtranCellId TUBOMU_2 UtranCell=TUBOMU_2 cellReserved 1 (NOT_RESERVED) UtranCell=TUBOMU_2 localCellId 2 UtranCell=TUBOMU_2 tCell 2 UtranCell=TUBOMU_2 utranCellPosition i[0] = UtranCell=TUBOMU_2,UtranRelation=TUBOMU_3 utranCellRef UtranCell=TUBOMU_3 UtranCell=TUBOMU_2,UtranRelation=TUBOMU_1 utranCellRef UtranCell=TUBOMU_1 UtranCell=TUBOMU_1 UtranCellId TUBOMU_1 UtranCell=TUBOMU_1 cellReserved 1 (NOT_RESERVED) UtranCell=TUBOMU_1 localCellId 1 UtranCell=TUBOMU_1 tCell 1 UtranCell=TUBOMU_1 utranCellPosition i[0] = UtranCell=TUBOMU_1,UtranRelation=TUBOMU_3 utranCellRef UtranCell=TUBOMU_3 UtranCell=TUBOMU_1,UtranRelation=TUBOMU_2 utranCellRef UtranCell=TUBOMU_2 ====================================================================== =========================================== Total: 9 MOs cellReserved 1 (NOT_RESERVED) ------ can make call RNCSHTI01> get tubo cellReserved 060626-18:25:55 6.1zc RNC_NODE_MODEL_F_4_3 ============================================================================== =================================== MO Attribute Value

============================================================================== =================================== UtranCell=TUBOMU_3 cellReserved 0 (RESERVED) UtranCell=TUBOMU_2 cellReserved 0 (RESERVED) UtranCell=TUBOMU_1 cellReserved 0 (RESERVED) ============================================================================== =================================== Total: 3 MOs NO 3G RF signal on Phone Cannot make call must use specific SIM card

To which E1 Node B is using

In node RNC

get jltg rbsid In node RXI

Lst .b(rbs ID) Get proxy . Can see which MS port lk UniSaalTp=b124qa (124=rbsID) st ms-10-52|ms-10-53 lst slot=10.*53 lst slot=10.*53|slot=10.*52

To check RBS ID
In node RNC

nodesynchTP AAL-0

get IubLink rbsid 267 In node RXI Pr .267

To check antenna Supervision Threshold
In node RBS

get antenna antennaSupervisionThreshold

To check downlink & uplink range

In node RBS

lget antenna low|high The downlink uplink = 190x5=950

To check commands executed within a node

In node Lgo 1 1 for number of days

To check which RXI port from RNC

In node RNC

In node

get iublink=iub_airtmu Will show you the RBSID lpr AtmCrossConnection=b208 get proxy see 1 or 101 - will tell you which RXI to look at RXI get iublink=iub_airtmu

To check whether ExternalGsmCell exist in RNC

In node RNC

get ExternalGsmCell=RNB1B1_0

To check aal2path disabled

In node RXI Lt aal2path (only aal2path dont lt all) Lst all disable

To set Confirmation of bl/deb/set/acc commands = disabled

In node RNC


(just for your moshell session)

To Perform a get before and after set = enabled

In node RNC


Why GPB will not load up when put into Subrack

In node RNC

Stop all java module Pglist e You will get the jvm handler (number) Pgkill [handler] -- restarts the jvm

To add software allocations in the RBS for ETMC1

In node RBS Open EMAS Go to SoftwareAllocation Right click, Add Choose the specific board/ swallocation - fact is it will create a SWallocation ID = 1 in the rbs Use moshell to create an Undo file U+ Then delete the swallocation Lt swalloc Pr swalloc Del proxy UThen edit the undo file

To enable trace
In node RBS te enable bus_send bus_receive NBAP*

te s Ans* (just to look at the last line) te enable bus_send bus_receive Ans_aal2ap_proc te log read | | tee SCO1BU.log | colour to place it in a log --- logs will be at /ethanap te log read | | tee SCO1BU.log | colour

To check which module the card is at

In node RNC get IubLink=Iub_SCO1BU

get RncModule=6 or

-- to see which RBS in module, 6 being module number

get IubLink rncModuleRef RncModule=6 (cekap way) get iublink rncModuleRef RncModule=10 get ReliableProgramUniter=rnc_cell_6 admActiveSlot Subrack=ES-2,Slot=14 admPassiveSlot Subrack=ES-2,Slot=16

In node RXI

In node

get aal2pathvcc. Pathid get aal2pathvcc.*b232 pathid --- cannot use --- can get Aal2PathVccTp.b*232 pathid

RBS N Mon? TargetMonitor on disk: Yes TargetMonitor loaded: No TargetMonitor started: No Mon+ te status Ans* to on NBAP trace te enable bus_send bus_receive NBAP to see if NBAP trace is ON or NOT

te status NBAP $ te status NBAP pid name enabled groups - NBAP check error info bus_send bus_receive interface object To disable --- te disable bus_send bus_receive NBAP Check status again $ te status NBAP pid name enabled groups - NBAP check error info interface object TeraTerm User = eric Pw = ericsson Monitor 10.78.xx.xx

In node

To check and change PathID

In node RXI

To check commands sent in node

In node RNC, RBS, RXI


To check Node IP from OSSRC

In node OSSRC

To set VP from one Trafficdescriptor to another Trafficdescriptor

In node RNC Pr VP

Get proxy for particular VP set 4880 atmTrafficDescriptor AtmTrafficDescriptor= C1P42000

To check which RBS is in the MS at RXI

In node RXI lget Atmport=ms-8.*vc32 reservedBy

then lget .0105

-- userlabel usually empty (not filled)

To check external Open Door alarm in RBS is set to which probable cause
In node RBS Pr almdevice

Get proxy (either 2 / 1 or 9) Usually 9 for RBS door and 2 for BBU door Some put 1 for BBU door Get proxy for parameter check Lock proxy to change probableCause Bl 54 probableCause 522 power supply probableCause 118 enclosure_door_open_m3100

set 54 probableCause 118 then unlock back proxy deb 54

To calibrate RET via moshell

In node RBS Lpr ret Acl proxy 253 Equipment=1,SectorAntenna=3,AuxPlugInUnit=2,RetuDeviceGroup=1,RetDeviceSet=1,RetDevice=1 acc 267 forceCalibration alarm will go away in 2 minutes approx

To check not known yet

In node

lhsh 010200 pboot sh par

To grep from logs

In node MOSHELL terminal

grep \(RESERVED /home/ethanap/moshell_logfiles/logs_moshell/sessionlog/060825-113735_RNCSHTI01.log | tee a_cel0.log grep \(NOT_RESERVED /home/ethanap/20060825rncbesi01 | tee BESI01_Nreserve.log files in a directory : grep productName /home/ethanap/rbs/log/get_0/* | tee rbs_type.log

To check number of ATMcells transferred through ports

In node RXI lpr ms-12-63

lpget AtmPort=MS-12-63,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc32 pr .153

--- RXI to node B (RBS uses MS-12-63)

lpget AtmPort=MS-26-1,VplTp=vp1,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc15332 -- RXI to RNC (RBS ID= 153)

To check loopback on atmport


lacc AtmPort=1-1-1,VplTp=vp2,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc32 eteloopback Yes False fail, true - pass

To check frequencies used for RBS

In node RNC

lget utrancell=fifamu_1 uarfcn In node RBS

get antenna fq

To get Total Commander folders view

In node Total Commander (not to be confused with Wondows Commander)

Ctrl key and Up together

To check space in HD
In node Cabd


To check which RBS is on a certain port

In node RXI lpr AtmPort=MS-17-7

Look out for ---- RBS ID = 93 lpr .b0093 get



To check

2993 TransportNetwork=1,AtmCrossConnection=b0093ca userLabel AtmCrossConnection bISM1BUca

hopefully got userlabel to refer to

In node RNC

To check
In node RNC

To check
In node RNC

To check
In node RNC

To check
In node RNC

To check
In node RNC

To check
In node RNC

To check
In node RNC

To check
In node RNC

To check
In node RNC

To check
In node RNC

To check
In node RNC

To check
In node RNC

To check
In node RNC

To check
In node RNC

To check
In node RNC

To check
In node RNC

To check
In node RNC

To check
In node RNC