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This man was the father of hadees tales. His real name was Abdulrehaman. The meaning if Abuhuraira is grand father of cat. This nick name was alleged to have been given to him by prophet, he claims. It cannot be believed, because with such noble character, the prophet would never utter such words, especially when it is against quranic-dicum. And to say that the Holy prophet, the messenger of the same Holy Quran, would utter such words, would be hard to swallow. Now, the story reported by Abuhuraira in his tales goes as follows: One day he appeared before the prophet with a round hole on his Kandoor (the local dress). When prophet enquired about it Abuhuraira explained thus: When he wokeup from his sleep, he saw that his cat was sleeping on his kandoor. He did not want to disturb his pet. So he cut his kandoor around the cat with a scissor, without waking it up. The prophet, after hearing this story, Abuhuraira claimed, gave this title to him. Any way, no man with an average commonsense, can believe this story because, the ears and nose of animals like cat, dog etc. are very powerful and hence they are very alert and vigilant and so, it would wakeup very quickly from its sleep. Then another thing to be considered is that no sane person in his place would resort to such action of cutting ones own clothe. Instead, at the most, one may remove the animal and place it somewhere else. So, it is clear that Abuhuraira had some motive in concocting such unreasonable stories. Yet hadees lovers admire this story! They are not able to give any reasonable answer if confronted with inconvenient questions. They will get annoyed. Abuhuraira was born in Yemen as a Jew. In hijra 7th year he migrated to Khiber, the strong hold of Jews, and settled down there. Getting disgusted and disappointed on the attitude of the Jews by repeatedly cheating and continuously breaking peace treaties and spying for the enemies, the prophet at last decided that this focus of troubles would become an extreme risk to the safety of the country. Hence, inorder to eradicate this focus of future danger, Khiber was conquered, and annexed it to the country. Please note, technically this battle would come under the term Fatah. While prophet was distributing the ganeemath property, (Booty) Abuhuraira appeared before the prophet for the first time, begging some thing from the booty. But, prophet refused because he was not a deserving candidate. This incident was reported in Thabakath (4:356) by Ahlul hadees people themselves, which they cannot deny. This is a clear proof against Abuhurairas false claim that he was fighting on the side of prophet and he too got a share from the ganeemath. It is significant that Abuhuraira reported about 5 lack hadees!

Then, the following important questions demands clarification. 1) Was be included among the Ansars who had extremely close contact with the prophet for about 13 years? 2) Was he included among the Muhajirs who had extremely close contact with the prophet for about 50 to 60 years? 3) He was a Jew supposed to have accepted Islam when Khiber was conquered; That war was Fatah type. And he had, at the most, about 4 years contact with the prophet. Within such a very short period, how could he collect lacks of hadees? Where as, the prophets close life time companions like Abubaker, Umer and so on, could not report even a single hadees? 4) When Abuhuraira reported very many vulgar and indecent hadees like prophets toilet and bedroom habits etc., how is it that not even a single hadees scholar did not volunteer to question the vividly evil intention of tarnishing the image of the Holy prophet and Islam? Here, one important point should not be forgotten; Jews were, are, and will be for ever, the arch enemies of Islam and its prophet.