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The Forever Delicious products are increasingly becoming popular in the local market. Bearing in mind the 5Cs principles of effective communication, complete the following parts of the proposal to the General Manager, suggesting for the organization to sponsor a reality show on TV. You are advised to include your own additional information whenever necessary.
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INTRODUCTION Background SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement (SCORE) done by SME Corp Malaysia is to rate and evaluate competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Malaysia shows that Forever Delicious products are increasingly becoming popular in local market. Forever Delicious Sdn. Bhd is among SMEs that shows incredible market products penetration for last six months, from October 2012 to March 2013. Our Sales and Marketing Department records also show that we has generated a tremendous increment of profit of sales for the same period of time. This shows that Forever Delicious products are progressively being more accepted in local market. A market research conducted by our Research and Development Department to evaluate market performance of Forever Delicious products on local market shows that the our products will give positive outcomes in terms of sales and company brand if our company expand marketing strategies by promoting through advertisement in reality TV shows. If this step taken by our company, it will give many beneficial results particularly for our product sales and product brand as well as positive image of this company Data Sources The data used to form this proposal came from SME Corp Malaysia quarterly report in April 2013, records from Sales and Marketing Department and market research reports from Research and Development Department of our company. Moreover, interviews with a group of market strategist from our Sales and Marketing Department are conducted to get reviews about our products promotion in local market.

Problem Inadequate promotion strategy in Forever Delicious products has limit the profit generated from the sales and the image of this company. As an emerging SME food producer in local market, there is a need to expand our market strategy to advertise our products through promotion in mass media. It is evident from our research that our market penetration in local market is still limited and there is a space of improvement to expand our company brand.

Solution Problems with promotion of Forever Delicious products can be solved if we promote our products through sponsorship in a reality show on television (TV). Mass media through television is an applicable strategy to publicize our products as well as our company name. A reality show is suitable to be selected because there is a higher tendency people watching television compared to other kind of program on television. Current trend shows that there is increasing number of reality show broadcasted on local TV station. This is a potential advantage to promote our products and company name. A reality show that we recommend is Maharaja Lawak Mega which is broadcasted in Astro Mustika. This reality shows a great number of people watch during its air. A survey conducted by our Sales and Marketing Department to select the best option of reality shows suggest Maharaja Lawak Mega as our medium to advertise our products. Mahajara Lawak Mega will have 13 episodes altogether for 4 months. It offers the best features for our promotional spots with the appearance at the beginning and end of each show. Each spot is 30 seconds long. The promotional spots will appear a total of 8 times a day. Our advertisement will appear up to 248 times a month.

Objective The purpose of this proposal is to suggest Forever Delicious Sdn. Bhd to sponsor a reality show on TV to advertise our products and company name. A reality show, Maharaja Lawak Mega is recommended to be sponsored to publicize our products and brand name. Furthermore, this will give positive impacts on our sales and market penetration of food production in Malaysia market.

Assessment of cost Programming sponsorship for Maharaja Lawak Mega is only RM2000.00 a month, or RM8000.00 for 4 months. The contribution will help the production to cover its operational costs. Mr. Kassim Selamat director for the Maharaja Lawak show has agreed to provide promotional spots to sponsor for RM1000.00 at sponsor location. Therefore, he will shot in our company and our company will retain all rights to spot. Overall, the total incurred is RM9000.00.

Conclusion If Forever Delicious Sdn. Bhd does not sponsor this good marketing strategy, there will be a limited space of improvement for our expansion of product sales and company name. Sponsorship in Maharaja Lawak Mega will benefit our company extensively. We recommend that RM9000.00 is allocated to sponsor this reality show to advertise our brand name and products. Please consider this suggestion to enhance our company future benefits.