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Page Name Change | April 2013

Signicant Page Name Change

People like Pages on Facebook for lots of dierent reasons for example, to hear latest news, receive oers, and share with their friends that they like a Page. Because choosing to like a Page is part of someones idenCty on Facebook, we noCfy them before a Page signicantly changes its name. How it works
1 2 You request a Signicant Page Name Change through your Facebook account team. People who like your Page receive an email noCfying them that your Pages name will be changed in 14 days. If they doesnt like the new name for the Page, they have Cme to unlike it before the name change is completed.* 14 days later the Pages name is changed on Facebook.

Why are we doing this?

SomeCmes a Pages name no longer reects its intent because it included a date, because youd like to merge a product page with a brand page there are lots of understandable reasons. To protect our users idenCCes, we noCfy them before making this change.

*How we no>fy your audience

What makes a Page name change signicant?

A signicant name change is any change that falls outside of our Page name change guidelines found here. Likely use cases include: product to brand, campaign to brand, event to brand, product to product, locaCon to locaCon, and campaign to product. For example, Facebook Pages Manager (product) to Facebook Pages (dierent but related product) is a signicant name change.

When you choose to change your Pages name, well send an email to everyone who likes your Page that says: A Page you like, Old Page Name, is changing its name to New Page Name on date 14 days in the future. This email also includes a buXon prompCng them to visit your Page. If someone likes the Page during that 14-day window, he or she receives the same email noCcaCon immediately. (See next page for an example email.)

Will lots of people unlike my Page?

Weve seen a very low percentage of users choosing to unlike a Page based on a Signicant Page name change. There may be an iniCal spike in unlikes when the email is delivered (perhaps because some users have forgoXen they liked it in the rst place), but that spike in the unlike rate typically seXles within 2-3 days.

How o9en can I signicantly change my Pages name?

A maximum of one Cme per calendar year.

Signicant Page Name Change | April 2013

Signicant Page Name Change email

The Signicant Page Name Change email is delivered to the main email address associated with a users Facebook account.

If a user has chosen to limit the noCcaCons they receive from Facebook (set via their noCcaCons se^ngs), they may not receive this email.