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A Co-working Business Community

Is timelywith a continuing, dramatic rise in co-working expectedand its early Is well-researched Units are strategically and conveniently located Meets the needs of the target demographic Offers experienced management Is a low-risk investment Offers a very good ROI
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What Is Co-Working?

Both Companies and Employees Have Changed

The Companies
Downsizing permanent staff Largest non-HR expense is infrastructure

The Employees
More opportunities More freedom More flexibility

The working hours have changed

More flex-time Greater emphasis on results not time spent

The employer-employee relationship is not the same

Different Generations, Changing Expectations

Baby Boomers Generation X Generation Y Digital Natives

All are of working age at this time in history

Companies Have Four Key Workspace Challenges

Reduce the cost of infrastructure Support collaboration Attract and preserve key talent Build a cooperative culture and image

Offices Now Require

A combination of private and collaborative work spaces A secure broadband Internet connection Ergonomic, smart furniture and fixtures Convenient support services Geographic (location) flexibility Flexible hours

Our Market Research

Define the profile of the ideal client Determine ideal geographic locations Define client services desired & profitable

Global Workspace Assn InfoUSA US Census Bureau

Direct research Quantitative and qualitative research

San Antonio 13 Units

Houston 21 Units

Our Market
Population 50-100K within 3-5 mile radius of each location Target SOHO (Small Office Home Office) Target 40 years and younger New, even international businesses Consultants, lawyers, technology

VenturePoint Offers
Practical, convenient space
Minimum total area of 2,000 sq ft Private offices, meeting rooms, social areas Modern layout, contemporary furniture Convenient locations, ample parking

Included and user pays services

Internet Printing Refreshments Lockers

An affordable membership plan for everyone

Diamond, platinum, gold and bronze

Modern Layout

Contemporary Furniture

High End Multimedia Equipment


Modern and Contemporary

Practical Accessories

Social Area and Conference Rooms

Social Area and Workstations

Safe, Secure Working Environment

Personal access card
Access code Management Payments Photo ID Statistics Capacity control

Security cameras Monitoring in all units

VenturePoint Offers Members -

Professional, modern, and secure environment with the most advanced technology Flexible schedule Monday to Friday 8am to 10pm and Saturday 8am to 2pm Drinks and snacks available High speed internet High quality ergonomic furniture Meeting room availability with some of the best high tech audiovisual technology Modern, stylish social area to meet colleagues and other business professionals Private spaces where you can focus on specialized jobs Teamwork stations First level copy center Access to several convenient locations in San Antonio with plenty of parking Security cameras and controlled access to each location

We Are A Community
Shared work spaces with collaborative technologies More open spaces, working tables, sofas, break room, and high quality print services No reservation needed, just sit down and start working Work places for the new millennial, digital natives

Minimum Target Memberships Per Location

6 Executive offices at $699 a month 30 Platinum memberships at $199 a month 50 Gold memberships at $149 a month 75 Bronze memberships at $99 a month

VenturePoint Offers Investors Experienced Management

2007 Huebner Business Center opened 85% average occupancy Accomplished goals despite economic crisis With modest marketing budget

VenturePoint management fee

10% of revenue
3% General Management 3% Branding & Marketing Management 4% Systems & Operations Consulting

VenturePoint Offers Investors Experienced Marketing

Marketing Agency selected and working
Brand, collateral and site development Focused on the American market Modern, online marketing specialists

Marketing objectives
Sell more than 150 memberships per location and 2,000 memberships in total

Marketing Program Overview

Traditional 15%
San Antonio magazines, NSIDE Local newspapers Postcards Database Sales force

Public relations 25%

Chambers and associations Business oriented event sponsors Local networking Hotels and clubs

Internet 60%
Web page Social Media Google Monthly newsletters QR Code

Marketing Program
Prospect Generation
PR Traditional Email marketing Social Media Google Seminars

Our objective is efficiency

Initial Contact Tour Decision Contract Signing

VenturePoint Offers Investors Strategic Alliances


Coca Cola Company Lone Star National Bank

ATM Utility Center Supporting our clients, investors, and suppliers

Texas Wilson
Interior Design and Layout

Nespresso offers an extraordinary coffee experience

VenturePoint Offers Investors USA Immigration Opportunity

Meet requirements 100% Business investment More than 2 employees Type of business

Investment Summary
Initial Set-up Investment $150,000 Initial Working Capital $50,000 Total Investment $200,000 Anticipated Time to Full Payback 2 years Anticipated Annual Revenue $300,000 Anticipated Annual Gross Profit (investor) ~$112,000 Anticipated Average Annual Return on Investment (first 5 years) ~36%

Next Steps
1. Sign NDA 2. Receive
Business plan 5 year financial projections (60 months) P&L

4. Pay Fees 5. Search for suitable location (sale or rent) 6. Start implementation and immigration process

3. Contract of implementation and operation

For More Information, Contact Luis Escobar

(210) 598-5595
16719 Huebner Rd Bldg 5 San Antonio, TX 78248