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Islamiat CSS-2012 (objective) time 30 mins marks 20

1) mountain uhad is located in a) macca b) madina c) taif d) tabuk e) none of these 2) the incident of meeraj has been discussed in surah a) baqrah b) isra,a c) tauba d) yunus e) none of these 3) the method of ablution is in surah a) al-baqrah b) al-maidah c) al-noor d) al-nisaa e) none of these 4) how many lashes is the punishment of adultry in quraan is a) 60 b) 50 c) 70 d) 100 e) none of these 5) tafsir bil rai means: A) ijtehad b) copy c) learn d) conveying e) none of these 6) according to nabo akram (pbuh) the most favourite place of allah is a) eidgah b) bazar c) mosque d) home e) none of these 7) after hijrat to madina the 1st mosque constructed by the holly prophet (pbuh) was: A) quba b) nimrah c) nabvi d) zarar e) none of these

8) illat is a part of a) qias b) ijmaa c) hadith d) sunnat e) none of these 9) for ---------------------------- saturday is important a) jews b) muslims c) christ d) zartisht e) none of these 10) which is a religious book of hinduism a) injeel b) taurait c) ramain d) bible e) none of these 11) in which hijra the order of zakaat was revealed a) 12 b) 10 c) 9 d) 7 e) none of these (2) 12) osta is the religious book of a) zartishtianism b) christanity c) buddhism d) hinduism e) none of these 13) who is the writer of fatawa alamgiri a) zafar shah b) babar c) shah jahan d) aurangzaib e) none of these 14) in which place seven small stones are collected to strike jammarats? A) mina b) arafat c) seena d) muzdalfa e) none of these 15) which surah is about oneness of allah? A) al-maoon b) al-kausar

c) al-feel d) al-ikhlas e) none of these 16) fi jeedha -------------------------------- means a) in her hand b) in her head c) in her neck d) in her leg e) none of these 17) -------------------------------------------- atainakka means a) we give you b) he give you c) i give you d) he give them e) none of these 18) ------------------------- hablu means a) knot b) cloth c) rope d) shirt e) none of these 19) ------------------------------------------------- alshaitaa wal saif a) spring and autum b) spring and summer c) winter and spring d) winter and summer e) none of these 20) the 3rd islamic month is a) zoolhaj b) muharram c) safar d) rabiulawal e) none of these

Islamiat CSS-2013 (objective) time 30 mins marks 20

1. The largest Surah of the Quran is: a. Al-Baqrah b. Aali Imran c. Al-Taubah d. Surah Younus e. None of these 2. Fidk Garden was bestowed to the Holy Prophet (SAW) as: a. Fay b. Booty

c. Gift d. Loan e. None of these 3. Arbeen is the book of Hadith in which there are: a. 40 Ahadith b. 50 Ahadith c. 30 Ahadith d. 20 Ahadith e. None of these 4. The heads of Zakat are: a. 8 b. 9 c. 7 d. 5 e. None of these 5. Mauwazatain mean: a. A Collection of Ahadith b. Two specific Surah of Quran c. A book of Jafferi Fiqh d. A book of Hanafi Fiqh e. None of these 6. The numbers of famous months are: a. 4 b. 6 c. 7 d. 2 e. None of these 7. Jabal-e-Noor is situated in: a. Arafat b. Ghar-i-Hira c. Ghar-i-Saur d. Madinah e. None of these 8. Which country is known as the Land of Prophet? a. b. c. d. e. Iraq Saudi Arabia Palestine Syria None of these

9. Zou-Shahadatein is the title of Hazrat: a. Khuzaima Bin Sabit (RA) b. Huzaifa Bin Yaman (RA) c. Ammar Bin Yasir (RA) d. Imam Abu Hanifa e. None of these 10. Sura Saba is: a. Makki b. Madani c. Iraqi d. Makki Madni e. None of these 11. Which Surah of Quran has Bismillah twice? a. Al-Nahal b. Al-Namal c. Al-Ahzab d. Al-Noor e. None of these 12. Imam-e-Darul-Hijra was a title of: a. Imam Ahmad b. Imam Maalik c. Imam Shafai d. Imam Muhammad e. None of these 13. Masjid Qiblatain is situated in: a. Madinah b. Makkah c. Taif d. Jabal e Noor e. None of these 14. Which is a religious book of Hinduism? a. b. c. d. e. Injeel Taurat Ramain Bibel None of these

15. The first Islamic month is: a. Muharram b. Zil Hajjah

c. Safar d. Rajab e. None of these 16. Which was the total number of idols were in the Kaaba? a. 260 b. 360 c. 460 d. 560 e. None of these 17. Batha Valley is situated in: a. Makkah b. Madinah c. Iraq d. Jordan e. None of these 18. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) gave the key of Bait-Ullah permanently to: a. b. c. d. e. Ummrah bin Utba Hanzla bin Abil Amir Usman Bin Talha Abdullah bin Amir None of these

19. AshabusSabt mean: a. Jews b. Christians c. Muslims d. Sabieen e. None of these 20. The word Muhammad (SAW) as a name has been mentioned in Quran only: a. Two time b. Four time c. Six time d. Seven time e. None of these