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VIDEO ISSUES Details After launching DRAWings, a large X appears on the display followed by a crash or the application generates an Unhandled exception error then closes. Answer This can occur for one of the following reasons: video card has less than 16MB of RAM outdated video drivers incorrect version of DirectX or not installed properly One thing that you can do to quickly determine if this is the problem is to click: START | All Programs | DRAWings and select Set-up 3D. When the window opens, select Open GL Click Save Settings. Click OK to the next message and then launch DRAWings. If the application does launch, then it more than likely is a video related issue. To verify Video memory and driver version do the following: Click Start, Run. Type dxdiag and click OK. Allow dxdiag to analyze the system Click on the Display tab. Memory Size should read at least 16MB. If it is less than 16MB, you will need to upgrade the video card to meet or exceed the DRAWings system requirements. Updating the Video Driver The two most common video chipsets are ATI and NVIDIA. Please visit one of the following web sites and obtain the latest driver for your card. If your video card does not use either of these chipsets, visit the video card manufacturer's web site for the latest driver. If you are using a notebook computer, you may need to visit the notebook manufacturers website. Installing or updating DirectX DirectX can be downloaded from the Windows Update site, or from After installing DirectX, make sure that acceleration is enabled. To verify this, do the following: Click Start, Run. Type dxdiag and click OK. Click on the Display tab. All three DirectX Features should indicate Enabled beside each feature. If not, click the Enable button beside the ones that are disabled. If the buttons are disabled, there is a problem with DirectX. Consult the Microsoft knowledge base for assistance in troubleshooting DirectX, or click on the More Help tab and click on the Troubleshoot button.

Dongle Issues When launching DRAWings after installation or re-insertion of the USB Dongle, a screen displays for a brief moment, followed by this error message: CBU Failure Error: #80004002 This issue is related to the software not being able to recognize the USB key (dongle) that is attached to the USB port. Here are some questions that you will want to ask 1) On the dongle, there is a very sm all red light (it is on the same side as the their web URL). When the dongle is plugged in, is the light on solid, flashing or not on at all? This little red light should be on solid. 2) Is the Dongle plugged into a hub or extension cable? Try removing any hub or extension cable. 3) Are there other dongles plugged into the system? As a test, unplug all but the DRAW ings dongle. You can also try plugging the dongle into another USB port. 4) Can you try the application on another system ? Do you get the same results? If the status of your computer still shows CBU error, then download and install the latest drivers for the USB key from If after this, the error still exists contact Corel Technical Support. ISSUE
Outlines where there should be none

If an object previously had an outline that was set to scale with image or set to behind fill, this will trick DRAWings into adding an outline This will occasionally happen if the file was originally a bitmap and has been traced. Drawings bases the stitching on the placement of nodes. In a traced file, nodes may be too close together or even on top of each other and this could be the cause. On the DRAW side while in DRAWings, the user does not have access to a Status bar.

Give the object an outline then remove the property of the outline. Next, remove the outline

Objects on the Draw side do not appear on the stitch side of the program

On the draw side of the application, in wire frame, select the object with the shape tool. Nodes will become visible. Double click nodes that are too close together or are on top of each other. Flip over to the stitch side to see the results.

Missing Status Bar

This issue has been addressed with the CorelDRAW service pack for DRAWings. The service pack is only to be installed with the International version installed. Copy WingsImportMacros.gms into:"....\Graphics Suite 13\Draw\GMS" folder.

Message There is a problem with DRAWings Importes Macros Error while switching from the DRAW tab to the Stitch tab

The GMS file could not be located by the application.

The DRAWingsImporer.dll must be registered within the Windows System

Open a Command prompt window and type the following: 1. cd C:\Program Files\drawings\System 2. Press Enter 3. Type regsvr32 DrawingsImporer.dll 4. Press Enter 5. Success message should appear.

Lack of Customizability

Within DRAW, while in DRAWings, the user is not able to customize the DRAW interface

The user can create a workspace with the necessary customization, set as default and launch DRAWings.

Troubleshooting files If you run into a situation where selecting a stitch option causes the application to crash or become unstable, here are a few setting changes that you can test out with the file. In this scenario a different algorithm is used to show the results. These can be used as a work around and do not change the appearance of the final stitch file. 1.) Run DRAWings, Load a design (any design) and click on Tools Options 3D Properties. Then click on Safe button. Close DRAWings. Now launch DRAWings and open the problem file and try the required settings. After the test change the parameters to its original position (Fast button). 2.) Run DRAW ings, and click on Tools Options 3D Properties. Then click on Open GL option of Driver section. Close DRAW ings. Now launch DRAWings and open the problem file and try the required settings. After the test change the parameters to its original position (DirectX). 3.) Run DRAWings, and click on View and switch off the 3D Preview option. Close DRAWings. Now launch DRAWings and open the problem file and try the required settings. After the test switch on the 3D Preview option.

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W ebsites that offer tutorials on CorelDRAW or DRAW ings CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Tutorials - Everything a Corel designer could need all in one place. Corel Tips and Techniques - A resource for Corel Draw Tutorials CorelDraw 101: From Beginner to Expert in 100 Byte-Sized Portions - Finally, you will have all the CorelDraw information you seek in one place. Graphics Unleashed - The Ultimate resource for Graphic users HuntFor - This is probably the most impressive collection of CorelDRAW tutorials on one site. VTC - Interactive course for CorelDraw - either online or on CD DRAWSTITCH.COM - The site for a number of DRAW ings Videos W hat technical support packages are available? Corel is committed to providing you with a full range of technical expertise to help you with your support problems or questions. Below is a chart outlining our technical support options. You can purchase technical support from the Corel Store or by calling Customer Service at 1-800-772-6735. Support Options Priority Single Incident 3 Pack - 3 Single support incidents 5 Pack - 5 Single support incidents Additional inform ation can be found at : ( ) (USD/CAD) $25.00 $69.00 $99.00

W hat is the CASB program ? Corel Authorized Service Bureaus Corel Approved Service Bureaus (CASBs) provide dedicated professional imaging technical support for outputting files created in Corel graphics software. Each company has attained official accreditation as a Corel Approved Service Bureau by Corel Corporation. This comprehensive program is designed specially for organizations that provide professional print or embroidery services to customers who have created files using Corel graphics software. CASB partners are entitled to complimentary software, on-line referral service as well as unlimited toll-free technical support. For more information please visit or call 1-800877-4717.

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